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Discover the fascinating world of the Anglo-Saxons. Read news articles and trivia snippets on Old English linguistics or watch an Anglo-Saxon documentary.

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All the latest news on Old English from around the world. Find information on current developments in the study of the Anglo-Saxon language. Research, publications and events in Old English linguistics and related fields.

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A wealth of information on Old English randomness
Read easily-digestable and entertaining articles about Old English. Small chunks of information about Anglo-Saxon vocabulary, texts, grammar, manuscripts, sound changes, history and much more.

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Old-Engli.sh offers documentaries on a variety of Old English topics. Learn about the Anglo-Saxons, their language, history and culture with entertaining video clips. The best Anglo-Saxon documentary movies ever produced, free of charge, directly available online.

Find here a collection of free, downloadable Old English text editions and translations, including Apollonius of Tyre. Ælfric's Catholic Homilies, Biblical Translations, The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and many other texts. Continue...