yb see ymb

ybilberende see yfelberende

ýcan see íecan

ýcean see íecan

yce see hice

ýce [] f (-an/-an) (poisonous) toad, (poisonous) frog

ýcte past 3rd sing of ýcan

ýdæges see ídæges

ýddisc [] n? (-es/-) household stuff, furniture, possessions

ýde see éode

ýdel see ídel

ydes see ides

ýdisc see ýddisc

ýdl- see ídl-

yel- see iel-

yfæsdrype see yfesdrype

yfel [] 1. adj a. evil, bad, ill (in a moral sense); evil, wicked, wretched (in a moral sense); b. of things, bad, not good of its kind; c. of what is grievous, hurtful, etc.: of animate objects; of things; cmp wiersa worse, spl wierresta, wiersta, weorsta worst; 2. n (-es/-u) evil, ill, wickedness, misery (in a moral sense); what is hurtful, grievous; of disease; of abusive speech (the word often occurs in contrast with gód); moral evil; 3. wv/t3 yfle gehabban afflict, torment

yfeládl [] f (-e/-a) cachexia, consumption

yfelberend [] m (-es/-) bringer of evil tidings

yfelcund [] adj evil, of evil nature, malignant

yfelcweden [] adj accursed

yfelcwedolian [] wv/i2 to speak evil, to speak ill of, curse

yfelcweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres yfelcwiðeð past yfelcwæð/yfelcwǽdon ptp yfelcweden to speak ill of, to abuse, revile, slander, asperse; to curse, utter a curse upon; [maledicere]

yfelcweðende [] adj evil-speaking, foulmouthed, abusive, scurrilous

yfelcweðelgiende [] adj evil-speaking

yfeldǽd [] f (-e/-e) ill deed, injury, misdeed, evil deed, sin; an injurious deed, injury, mischief

yfeldǽda [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer, a person of evil deeds

yfeldǽde [] adj evil-doing, of evil deeds

yfeldéma [] m (-n/-n) wicked judge

yfeldónd [] m (-es/-dénd) evil-doer, malefactor

yfeldónde [] adj evil-doing

yfeldysig [] adj stultomalus

yfele see yfle

yfelful [] adj malicious, wicked, evil

yfelgeornes [] f (-se/-sa) malice, wickedness, evil

yfelhæbbende [] adj sick, ill

yfelian1 [] wv/t2 1. to do evil to, maltreat, afflict, injure, wrong, inflict evil, hurt; to become bad, grow worse, suffer; 2. to get bad, (1) of persons; (2) of things or circumstances

yfelic [] adj evil, bad; poor, mean; foul, ugly; yfelíce adv

yfellǽrende [] adj persuading to evil, inciting to evil

yfellibbende [] adj evil-living, of evil life

yfellic [] adj evil, bad; poor, mean, common of persons, of things; foul, ugly, rotten; yfellíce adv meanly, poorly

yfelmunan [] irreg v/t to consider wickedly

yfelnes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness, depravity, evil, badness; malignity, cruelty; misfortune, ill fortune

yfelonbecweðende [] adj persuading to evil

yfelsacend [] m (-es/-) blasphemer

yfelsacian1 [] wv/t2 to blaspheme, calumniate

yfelsacung [] f (-e/-a) calumny, blasphemy, vituperation

yfelsæc [] n? (-es/-sacu) blasphemy

yfelsian1 [] wv/t2 to blaspheme

yfelsprǽce [] adj evil-speaking, of evil speech

yfelsprecende [] adj evil-speaking

yfelsung [] f (-e/-a) blasphemy (also ebol-, eoful-)

yfeltihtend [] m (-es/-) inciter to evil

yfeltihtende [] adj inciting to evil

yfelweorc [] n (-es/-) work of magic, evil deed

yfelwille [] adj malevolent, spiteful, envious

yfelwillende [] adj vicious, ill-disposed, wicked

yfelwillendnes [] f (-se/-sa) malice, evil, wickedness

yfelwilnian [] wv/i2 to desire evil; [malignari]

yfelwyrcende [] adj evil-doing, wicked of persons; of things, noxious, hurtful, mischievous

yfelwyrde [] adj evil-speaking, given to use bad or abusive language

yfemest [] spl  adj highest, uppermost (spl of ufan), in the highest position or degree

ýfer see ýfre

yfera see yferra

yferdrype see yfesdrype

yferian see geyferian

yferra [] comp. adj after, subsequent, later of time; upper, higher; upmost, highest (cmp of ufan)

yfes see efes f

yfesdrype [] m (-es/-as) eaves-drip

ýfig see ífig

yfle [] adv 1. evilly, badly, ill, wrongly, miserably, hurtfully; (cmp wirs); in a moral sense; 2. badly, imperfectly, improperly; injuriously; 3. where there is hurt or suffering; a. of bodily suffering; 4. marking ill-success; 5. of injurious speaking

yflian see yfelian

yflung [] f (-e/-a) injury, ill-treatment, injuring

yfmest see yfemest

ýfre [] f (-an/-an) escarpment

ýgett see iggað

ýgland see íegland

ýgðelíce see íeðelíce

ýhte see íhte

ýl see íl

ylca see ilca

ylcian see elcian

yld see ield

yle see ile

ylf see ælf

ylfe see ælf

ylfet see ilfetu

ylfetu see ilfetu

ylfette see ilfetu

ylfig [] adj raving, mad

ylful see ieldful

ylp [] m (-es/-as) elephant

ylpen- see elpen(d)-

ylpenbán [] n (-es/-) ivory

ylpenbánen [] adj ivory

ylpenbǽnen [] adj ivory

ylpesbán see elpendbán

yltsta see ieldesta, spl of eald

yltwist [] f? (e-/a) catching of birds

ym- see ymb(e)-

ymb see ymbe

ymb- see imb-

ymbærnan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres ymbærnð past ymbærnde ptp is ymbærned to travel around, to go around

ymbbǽtan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbbǽteð past ymbbǽtede ptp ymbbǽted to put restraint upon, curb

ymbbegang see ymbgang

ymbberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres ymbbirð past ymbbær/ymbbǽron ptp ymbboren to surround

ymbbígnes [] f (-se/-sa) bending around, bend (of a river), circuit, sweep (of a river)

ymbbindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ymbbindeð past ymbband/ymbbundon ptp ymbbunden to bind around, about

ymbcæfod [] adj having embroidered garments

ymbcæfian [] wv/t2 to embroider round, bedeck

ymbceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ymbcierfeð past ymbcearf/ymbcurfon ptp ymbcorfen to circumcise

ymbceorfnes [] f (-se/-sa) circumcision

ymbcerr [] m (-es/-as) turning about, going from one place to another, migration, removal; tergiversation, trickery; turning over, moving, stirring

ymbcerran see ymbcyrran

ymbcierran [] wv/t1a to turn around, turn about, revolve around, go round, make the circuit of; turn oneself around; turn away, avert; overturn, change; turn over, move, stir, overturn; to change

ymbclyccan [] wv/t1a to enclose

ymbclyppan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ymbclypeð past ymbclypte ptp ymbclyped to embrace, clasp; (1) of persons; (2) of things

ymbclypping [] f (-e/-a) embracing, an embrace

ymbcyme [] m (-es/-as) assembly, convention

ymbcyrf [] m (-es/-as) circumcision; cutting off

ymbdón [] irreg v/t 3rd pres ymbdéð past ymbdýde ptp ymbdón to put round, encompass

ymbdringend see ymbhringend

ymbe [] 1. prep w.a. around, about, by; (1) local, about, around, at, upon, near, along; (a) marking an object which forms a center for others; in combination with útan ~ about, by, around; (b) marking an object near to which are others; (b1) about a person, in attendance upon; (c) marking an object which is surrounded or enclosed; (d) marking an object along whose border others are placed; (e) marking an object throughout or along which there is position or movement; (f) marking an object round which anything moves; (2) temporal, (a) about, at; (b) after; ymb twá niht; (b1) where the point from which the time is measured is given by þǽs, (α) preceding; where the point from which time is measured is in the genitive; ymb fiftig wintra; (ß) following; (b2) of recurring periods; (c) of past time, before; ymb þréo niht com héo – three nights ago she came; (3) in figurative senses, causal, etc., about, in regard to, concerning, on account of, owing to; (a) marking approximation; (b) marking the object of speaking, inquiry, telling, etc.;  he lǽrde ymb Godes word – he taught about God’s word; (c) marking the object of thought, feeling, etc.; hé ne cearað ymb his líf – He cares not about his life; (d) marking the object with which an action is concerned; hí sendedon ǽrendracan ymb frið – they sent messengers about a truce; (e) marking the object in relation to which circumstances are related; ic cýðe þé hú hit wæs ymb þæt land – I tell you how it was about that land; 2. prep w.d. (1) local, about, around; him ymb fengon engla þréatas – Crowds of English encountered him; (2) temporal; (a) at; (b) after; (3) figurative; þæs ~ lítel soon after; ~ béon to set about a thing; 3. adv around, about, at, upon, near, along; 4. n (-es/-u) swarm of bees

ymbe- see ymb-

ymbeaht [] m (-es/-as) collatio

ymbeardian [] wv/t2 to dwell around

ymbeardung [] f (-e/-a) dwelling around

ymbebǽtan [] wv/t1b to curb, restrain

ymbebégnes see ymbbígnes

ymbeornan see ymbiernan

ymbesprǽc [] f (-e/-a) talk, remark, criticism

ymbeþanc [] m (-es/-as) thought, reflection; thought about a matter, consideration, attention

ymbeþonc [] m (-es/-as) thought, reflection

ymbeþanca [] m (-n/-n) thought, reflection

ymbeþencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbeþencð past ymbeþóhte ptp ymbeþóht to think about

ymbeþridian [] wv/t2 to think about

ymbfaran [] sv/t6 3rd sing ymbfærð pret ymbfór/ymbfóron ptp is ymbfaren to surround; to travel round

ymbfaru [] f (-e/-a) circuit

ymbfær [] n (-es/-faru) journey round, going about, circuit

ymbfæreld [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) journey round, going around, circuit

ymbfæstnes [] f (-se/-sa) enclosure [circumstantia]

ymbfæstnung [] f (-e/-a) a monument, tomb

ymbfæðmian [] wv/t2 to embrace, clasp

ymbfeng [] 1. m (-es/-as) envelope, cover; 2. past 3rd sing of ymbfón

ymbféran [] wv/t1b to go about, journey round

ymbfón []  sv/t7 3rd sing ymbféhð pret ymbféng/ymbféngon ptp ymbfangen to grasp, clasp, seize; to encompass, surround, comprehend; to comprehend, conceive; to put something round an object, surround, envelope, embrace

ymbfrætewian [] wv/t2 to decorate, deck round, to surround with ornament

ymbgán [] irreg v/i to go round; (1) a circular course; (2) an object; to go about, in the neighborhood of, irreg v/t surround; to go about, through

ymbgangan [] sv/i7 3rd pres ymbgengð past ymbgéong/on ptp is ymbgangen to go round; to go about, in the neighborhood of, sv/t7 surround; to go about, over, through; surround, encompass

ymbgang [] m (-es/-as) going about, going round; of extent traversed or measured, circuit, circumference, surrounding belt; of position, on ~e about, around; a winding course, bend; a going about a business

ymbgearwian [] wv/t2 to clothe, dress

ymbgedelf [] n (-es/-u) digging around, about

ymbgefrætwian see ymbfrætewian

ymbgefretwian see ymbfrætewian

ymbgeong see ymbgang

ymbgéotung [] f (-e/-a) a pouring round or about, purification

ymbgerénian [] wv/t2 to deck round

ymbgesett [] adj neighboring, placed round about

ymbgeseten [] adj neighboring

ymbgesettan see ymbsettan

ymbgirdan see ymbgyrdan

ymbgong see ymbgang

ymbgyrdan [] wv/t1b of clothing, to gird about, encircle, surround; to put a girdle around; to serve as a girdle; surround, encompass, enclose

ymbhabban [] wv/t3 to surround, encompass; to include, contain; detain, hold

ymbhaga [] m (-n/-n) enclosure for bees, enclosure where bees are kept

ymbhaldan see ymbhealdan

ymbhammen [] adj surrounded, covered

ymbhangen ptp of ymbhón

ymbhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd sing ymbhielt pret ymbhéold/on  ptp ymbhealden to encompass

ymbhéapian [] wv/t2 to crowd about, surround in crowds

ymbhédig see ymbhýdig

ymbhegian [] wv/t2 to hedge round, surround

ymbhépan see ymbhýpan

ymbhípan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbhípð past ymbhípde ptp ymbhíped to press round, assail, crowd about, surround in crowds

ymbhíwan see ymbhýpan

ymbhlennan [] wv/t1a to crowd about, surround

ymbhoga [] m (-n/-n) care, anxiety, solicitude, consideration

ymbhogian [] wv/t2 to be anxious about, to be solicitous, exercise the mind

ymbhón [] sv/t7 3rd pres ymbhéhð past ymbhéng/on ptp ymbhangen to surround, drape, deck, clothe; to hang round, with clothing, ornament, etc.

ymbhringan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbhringeð past ymbhringde ptp ymbhringed to surround, ring around, fence round, encompass; wind round, turn round in a ring

ymbhringend [] m (-es/-) attendant member of a retinue, a surrounder, one of a suite

ymbhúung see ymbhýwung

ymbhwearft see ymbhwyrft

ymbhweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ymbhwierfð past ymbhwearf/ymbhwurfon ptp ymbhworfen to turn round, revolve; go round, encompass; to go about, in the neighborhood of; to go about, over, through; fig., to go about a business, be occupied with, attend to, cultivate; tend, cultivate; causative, to turn round

ymbhweorfnes [] f (-se/-sa) change, revolution, alteration

ymbhweorft see ymbhwyrft

ymbhwerf- see ymbhweorf-

ymbhwyrft [] m (-es/-as) rotation, revolution, turn; ring, circle, surrounded space, extent, environment, circuit, circular course, orbit; circuit, surrounding space; circle of the earth, orb, globe, world, earth; region, district, word (= part of the world occupied by a particular people); bend, turn; turn, regular course; attention, cultivation; on ~e around, about

ymbhycgan [] wv/t3 to think about, consider

ymbhýde see ymbhýdig-

ymbhýdi- see ymbhýdig-

ymbhýdig [] adj anxious, feeling anxiety, careful, solicitous, suspicious, attentive; causing anxiety, anxious; to be observed, needing attention; adv -líce

ymbhýdiglic [] adj anxious, careful, suspicious, solicitous, sedulous; adv líce carefully, sedulously

ymbhýdignes [] f (-se/-sa) anxiety, solicitude, care

ymbhygd [] f (-e/-a) anxiety about one’s self, care; care for others

ymbhygdig see ymbhýdig

ymbhýpan [] wv/t1b to press round, assail, crowd about, surround in crowds

ymbhýwung [] f (-e/-a) circumcision

ymbiernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ymbiernð, past ymbarn/ymburnon, ptp is ymburnen to run around, go around; surround, go about

ymblǽdan [] wv/t1b to lead round

ymblǽrgian [] wv/t2 to provide with a rim, surround, encompass

ymblicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ymbligeð past ymblæg/ymblǽgon ptp ymblegen to lie around, surround, encompass, enclose; lie about, along

ymblíðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ymblíðeð past ymbláð/ymblidon ptp is ymbliden to sail round, circumnavigate

ymblócian [] wv/t2 to look round

ymblofian [] wv/t2 to praise

ymblyt [] m (-es/-as) circle, circuit, circumference

Ymbren [] n (-nes/-nu) Ember tide, Ember day, Embren; the name of the four periods of fasting and prayer appointed by the Church to be observed in the four seasons of the year respectively.  Each was a period of three days, a Wednesday and the following Friday and Saturday (1st week of March, 2nd week of June, 3rd week of September, and the last week before Christmas in December).

Ymbrendæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Ember Day

ymbrene see ymbryne

Ymbrenfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) periodical fast (at Ember tide), the fast of the Ember days

Ymbrenwuce [] f (-an/-an) Ember week, a week in which Ember-days fall

Ymbrigdæg see Ymbrendæg

ymbrine see ymbryne

ymbryne [] m (-es/-as) course of a moving body; course of time, revolution, period, circuit, course, anniversary; lapse of time

ymbsǽlan [] wv/t1b to bind round, tie round

ymbsǽtnung [] f (-e/-a) a siege; a sedition

ymbscéawian [] wv/t2 to look round, behold

ymbscéawiendlíce [] adv circumspectly

ymbscéawung [] f (-e/-a) looking round, beholding

ymbscínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ymbscínð past ymbscán/ymbscinon ptp ymbscinen to shine round, surround with brightness

ymbscríðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ymbscríðeð past ymbscráð/ymbscridon ptp ymbscriden to revolve around, go around

ymbscrýdan [] wv/t1b to clothe [from scrúd]

ymbscúwan [] wv/t1b to screen, defend

ymbscýnan see ymbscínan

ymbséan see ymbséon 2

ymbsellan [] irreg wv/t1b past ymbsealde ptp ymbseald to surround, enclose, beset; endue, clothe

ymbséon [] 1. sv/t5 3rd pres ymbsiehð past ymbseah/ymbsáwon ptp ymbsewen to look round, behold, look; 2. f (-e/-a) beholding, regard

ymbset [] n (-es/-u) siege, blockade

ymbsetl [] n (-es/-u) siege, blockade

ymbseten [] f (-ne/-na) a row of vines

ymbsetennes [] f (-se/-sa) siege, besieging

ymbsetnung [] f (-e/-a) sedition; siege

ymbsett [] adj neighboring

ymbsettan [] wv/t1a to set round, put round, surround, beset, encompass; plant with something

ymbsewen [] adj circumspect

ymbsierwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbsireð to design, plot; to lay in wait for

ymbsín [] f (-e/-a) beholding, regard

ymbsirwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbsireð to design, plot; to lay in wait for; to deliberate about an evil deed;

ymbsittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ymbsitteð past ymbsæt/ymbsǽton ptp ymbseten 1. to set round, surround, invest, besiege; sit over, reflect upon; to sit or be around, (1) to sit at a table, meat, etc.; (1a) to sit at council, be engaged about; (2) to be around, be neighboring; 2. to beset; (1) as a term of war, to besiege, invest

ymbsittend [] m (-es/-) one living near, neighbor; one living on the borders of another’s country

ymbsméagung [] f (-e/-a) consideration

ymbsnáð past of ymbsníðan

ymbsniden ptp of ymbsníðan

ymbsnidennes [ümb•snid•den•nes] f (-se/-sa) circumcision

ymbsníðan [ümbsnēthän] sv/t1 3rd pres ymbsníðeð past ymbsnáð/ymbsnidon ptp ymbsniden to circumcise

ymbspænning [ümb•span•ning] f (-e/-a) allurement, enticement

ymbspannan [ümb•spän•nän] sv/t7 3rd pres ymbspenð past ymbspéonn/on ptp ymbspannen to span or clasp round, embrace

ymbsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) conversation, comment, criticism, speech about a subject, talk

ymbsprǽce [] adj spoken about, well known

ymbsprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ymbspricð past ymbspræc/ymbsprǽcon ptp ymbsprecen to speak about something

ymbstandan [] sv/i6 3rd pres ymbstendeð past ymbstód/on ptp ymbstanden to stand about or around, surround

ymbstandend [] m (-es/-) bystander

ymbstandnes [] f (-se/-sa) a surrounding, band, troop [circumstantia]

ymbstandennes [] f (-se/-sa) a surrounding, band, troop [circumstantia]

ymbstocc [] m (-es/-as) stump containing a swarm of bees

ymbstrícan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ymbstrícð past ymbstrác/ymbstricon ptp ymbstricen to smooth round, to rub round so as to smooth

ymbstyrian [] wv/t2 to stir about, overturn

ymbswápan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ymbswǽpð past ymbswéop/ymbswéopon ptp ymbswápen to sweep round, environ; to envelop, clothe

ymbswápe see ymbswǽpe

ymbswǽpe [] f (-an/-an) digression

ymbswífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ymbswífð past ymbswáf/ymbswifon ptp ymbswifen to revolve round

ymbsyllan see ymbsellan

ymbsyrwan see ymbsierwan

ymbtrymian [] wv/t2 to surround; fortify, protect, support

ymbtrymman [] wv/t2 to surround; fortify, protect, support

ymbtrymming [] m (-es/-as) fortification

ymbtýnan [] wv/t1b to hedge round, surround, enclose

ymbtyrnan [] wv/t1b to turn round; surround

ymbþeahtian [] wv/t2 to consider, reflect, deliberate

ymbþencan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbþencan past ymbþóhte ptp ymbþóht to think about, consider, deliberate

ymbþonc see ymbeþanc

ymbþreodian [] wv/t2 to deliberate

ymbþreodung [] f (-e/-a) deliberation, consideration

ymbþringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ymbþringeð past ymbþrang/ymbþrungon ptp ymbþrungen to press round, throng about, throng around, crowd around, surround

ymbþringend see ymbhringend

ymbþrydung see ymbþreodung

ymbútan [] prep w.a. around, about, without, outside, beyond; (1) w.d. local, (2) w.a.; about, concerning; 2. adv alone around, about, outside, beyond; with other adverbs west ~, etc.

ymbwǽfan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbwǽfeð past ymbwǽfde ptp ymbwǽfed to clothe, wrap around

ymbwærian [] wv/r2 3rd pres ymbwærað past ymbwærode ptp ymbwærod to turn (oneself) about, turn towards

ymbweaxan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ymbwiexð past ymbwéox/on ptp ymbweaxen to grow round, surround

ymbwendan [] wv/t1b to turn round; turn away, avert, convert, move, change

ymbwendung [] f (-e/-a) reviving; behavior

ymbweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ymbwierpð  past ymbwearp/ymbwurpon ptp ymbworpen to surround, throw around

ymbwícian [] wv/t2 to encamp about a place

ymbwícgian [] wv/t2 to surround, beleaguer, encamp about a place

ymbwindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ymbwindeð past ymbwand/ymbwundon ptp ymbwunden to clasp round, hold; wind about, wind around; sv/i3 wind round, encompass

ymbwlátend [] m (-es/-) spectator, observer

ymbwlátian [] wv/t2 to contemplate, observe

ymbwlátung [] f (-e/-a) contemplation, look, regard

ymbwrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ymbwríteð past ymbwrát/ymbwriton ptp ymbwriten to score round, cut around, circumscribe

ymbwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ymbwyrcð past ymbworhte ptp ymbworht to hedge in; weave; to surround with works

ymbyran see ymbiernan

ymcyme see ymbcyme

ymel [] m (ymles/ymlas) weevil, mite, beetle, caterpillar, canber worm

ymele [] f (-an/-an) scroll

ymen [] m (-es/-as) hymn, sacred song [L: hymnus]

ymenbóc [] f (-e/-béc) hymn book, a book of hymns

ymener see ymnere

ymensang [] m (-es/-as) hymn

ymeséne [] adj blind, sightless

ymest see yfemest

ymle [] 1. f (-an/-an) scroll; 2. see ymele

ymmon see ymen

ymn see ymen

ymnere [] m (-es/-as) hymn book [L: hymnarium]

ymnyttan see emnettan

ýmon see ýmen

ymryne see ymbryne

yn- see in-

ynce [] m (-es/-as) inch [L: uncia]

yndse [] f (-an/-an) ounce; piece of money, shekel, Jewish money [L: uncia]

yngrian see hyngrian

ynn- see inn-

ynneléac [] n (-es/-) onion

ynse see yndse

yntse see yndse

yplen see ypplen

yppan1 [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ypeð past ypte ptp geyped to bring out, bring up or forth, open, manifest, disclose, display, declare, reveal, betray; come forth, (1) proceed, (2) be disclosed; ge~ to utter

yppe [] 1. f (-an/-an) upper room, the upper part of a home, an upper chamber; raised place, high seat, tribune; a look-out place; stage, platform; a dais, the raised floor in a hall; 2. adj evident, known, open, manifest, brought to light, disclosed

ypping [] f (-e/-a) manifestation; accumulation, extent, expanse ?; what mounts up – applied to the water of the Red Sea had risen up on either side of the track followed by the Israelites

yppingíren [] n (-es/-) crowbar?, the name of some tool

ypplen [] n (-es/-) top, height, summit

ypte past 3rd sg. of yppan

ýr [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as) name of the rune for y; bow?; gold?, horn; 2. n? (-es/-) back of axe

yrcðu see iergðu

yrd see eard

yrd- see yrð-

ýre [] 1. m (-es/-as) a coin of Danish origin; 2. see ýr

ýren see íren

yreðweorh see ierreðweorh

yrf- see ierf-

yrfcwealm [] m (-es/-as) murrain [orf]

yrfe [] n (-es/-u) cattle

yrfebin [] n (-es/-) fodder basket for cattle, iron box

yrfecwealm see ierrfcwealm

yrfeléas [] adj unprovided with cattle

yrfenama see ierfenuma

yrfweard- see ierfeweard-

yrgð see iergðu

yrgðo see iergðu

yrhðu see iergðu

yrm- see eorm, ierm-

yrnan see iernan

yrre see ierre

yrs- see iers-

yrsebin [] f (-e/-a) iron box

yrð [] f (-e/-a) ploughing, tilling; standing corn, crop, produce, produce of arable land; ploughed land

yrðland [] n (-es/-) arable land

yrðling [] m (-es/-as) husbandman, farmer, ploughman; wagtail?, the name of a bird, a cuckoo?

yrðmearc [] f (-e/-a) boundary of ploughed land

yrðtilia see eorðtilia

ys see is, 3rd sing. of wesan

ýs see ís

ysel see esol

ysele see ysle

ýsen see ísen, ísern

ýsern see ísen, ísern

ysl [] f (-e/-a) spark, cinder, ash, ember

ysle [] f (-an/-an) spark, cinder, ash, ember

yslende [] adj glowing, sending forth sparks

ysope [] f (-an/-an) hyssop; indecl, but pl as ysopan

ysopo [] f (indecl.) hyssop; indecl, but pl as ysopon

ýst [] f (-e/-e) storm, tempest, hurricane, whirlwind; rough water, surge

ýstan [] wv/i1b to storm, rage, be stormy

ýstas see éstas, pl of ést

ýstig [] adj stormy, of the storm, tempestuous

yt see itt, pres 3rd sg. of etan

ýtan [] 1. wv/t1b 3rd pres ýteð past ýtede, ýtte ptp geýted to drive out, banish; to put out, (1) to put out a person from a place, expel, (2) to put out a thing from one’s possession, alienate, give away; squander, dissipate; 2. see útan

Ytas see Iotas

ýtemest [] spl adj uttermost, extreme, last; on ~um síðe in extremis; local; marking order or degree, last, lowest

ýtend [] m (-es/-) devastator, waster, destroyer

ýtera [] adj outer, local; marking order or degree, later, lower

yteren [] adj made of otter-skin [otor]

ýterra see úterra

yteð see iteð, pres 3rd sing of etan

ýting [] f (-e/-a) outing, journey

ýmæst see ýtemest

ýtmest see ýtemest

ytst see itst, pres 2nd sing of etan

ytt see itt, pres 3rd sing of etan

ýttera see úter(r)a

ýttra see úter(r)a

ýþ [] 1. f (-e/-a) wave of the sea (lit or fig), billow, flood;2 sea; any liquid, water; in gen pl in phrases with words denoting the movement of the waves forming phrases, ~a geswing/gelac; in a collective sense, the wave, water, sea; applied to a quantity of any liquid, flood as in flood of tears; 2. see íeþ

ýð- see éað-, íeð-

ýðan see íeðan; ýðgian

ýþbord [] n (-es/-) ship?, ship’s side

ýðe [] f (-an/-an) a wave

ýðeg see ýðig

ýðegan see ýðgian

ýþfaru2 [] f (-e/-a) wave-course, waves, flood, sea

ýþgebland [] n (-es/-u) wave-mixture, surge, the tossing waves

ýþgewinn2 [] n (-es/-u) wave-strife, life in the waves

ýðgian [] wv/t2 to fluctuate, flow, surge; roar, rage; wv/i2 to overflow, (1) literal; (2) figurative, to be filled; to move in waves, to toss, roll, (1) of the sea (2) of movement like that of the sea, to wave, (3) figurative, to fluctuate

ýðgung see ýðung

ýþhengest [] m (-es/-as) (wave-horse), ship

ýþhof2 [] n (-es/-u) water-dwelling, ship, wave house, vessel

ýðian see ýðgian

ýðig [] adj billowy, stormy, fluctuating

ýþlád [] f (-e/-a) sea-voyage, a way across the waves

ýþláf2 [] f (-e/-a) sand, shore, beach, the shore left bare by the waves

ýþlid2 [] n (-es/-u) ship, vessel

ýþlida [] m (-n/-n) wave-traverser, ship

ýþmearh2 [] m (-méares/-méaras) sea-horse, wave-steed, ship

ýþmere [] m (-es/-as) ocean of waves, the billowy main

ýðung [] f (-e/-a) agitation, commotion; inundation, overflowing; movement as of waves

ýþwórigende [] adj wandering on the waves

ýwan see íewan

ýwian see íewan