[] 1. m (-n/-n) woe, affliction, misery, evil; 2. interj (occ. w.d.) woe!, alas!; ~ lá, ~ lá , wei lá wei ah!, oh!, alas!

wác [] 1. adj weak, soft, feeble, effeminate, cowardly, timid, pliant; slender, frail; insignificant, mean, poor; bad, vile; 2. n (-es/-) weakness; 3. past 3rd sing of wícan

wac- see wæc-

wacan2 [] sv/i6 3rd pres wæcþ past wóc/on ptp is gewacen to awake, arise, be born, originate

waccor see wacor

wáce [] adv weakly, slowly, negligently

wacel see wacol

wacen [] f (-e/-a) wakefulness, sleeplessness; watching, vigil, watch; watch, division of the night; incentive; a watch, guard; a rousing, incitement

wacian [] wv/i2 to be awake, or active, keep awake, watch

wácian [] wv/i2 to become weak, languish; 1 waver, be cowardly, flinch

waciende [] adj watching, vigilant

wáclic [] adj weakly, mean, vile, insignificant, trifling; adv ~líce

wácmód [] adj faint-hearted, cowardly; weak-minded, irresolute

wácmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) weakness (of mind or body), cowardice

wácnes [] f (-se/-sa) weakness, insignificance

wacnian see wæcnan

wacol [] adj awake, vigilant, watchful, attentive; adv ~líce

wacon see wacen

wacor [] adj watchful, vigilant; adv ~líce

wacsan see wascan

wácscipe [] m (-es/-as) weakness, slackness

wacu see niht~

wacul see wacol

wácung [] f (-e/-a) vigilance

wád [] 1. n (-es/-) woad; 2. ? (-?/-?) drag-net

wad- see wæd-

wadan [] sv/i6 3rd pres wædeþ past wód/on ptp is gewaden to go, move, stride, advance; wade; ge~ traverse, pervade

wadom see waðum

wádsǽd [] n (-es/-) woad-seed

wádspitl [] m (-es/-as) woad-dibble

wadu see wád 2.

wadung [] f (-e/-a) traveling, going

wafian [] wv/t2 to wave

wáfian [] wv/i2 to be agitated, astonished, amazed, wv/t2 gaze at, wonder at, admire; hesitate

wáfiende [] adj of or belonging to the theatre, theatrical [theatralis], Pass., that may be seen, visible; Act., that can see, seeing [visibilis]

wáforlic see wǽferlic

wáfung [] f (-e/-a) spectacle, display, pageantry, sight; astonishment; [wáfian]

wáfungstede [] m (-es/-as) place for shows, theater

wáfungstów [] f (-e/-a) place for shows, theater

wág [] 1. m (-es/-as) wall; 2. see wǽg 1

wághrægel [] n (-es/-) tapestry, vail

wagian [] wv/t2 to move, shake, swing, totter

wagn see wægn

wágon see wǽgon, past pl of wegan

wágrift [] n (-es/-) tapestry, vail, curtain

wágþeorl [] n (-es/-?) doorway?, a break in a wall [þyrel]; [þyrelung þæs wages]

wágþyling [] f (-e/-a) wainscoting

wagung [] f (-e/-a) moving, shaking

wáh [] 1. adj fine; 2. see wág

wáh- see wág-

wahsan see wascan

wal see wæl 1

wal- see wæl-, weal-

wala see wela 1

wálá! [] interj w.g. see

wáláwálá! [] interj w.g. see

walan see walu 1

Wálas see Wéalas

walc- see wealc-

walcrigge see wælcyrige

walcyrge see wælcyrige

walcspinl [] f (-e/-a) curling-iron, crisping-pin

wald see weald

wald- see weald-

walde see wolde

waldeníge [] adj blue or grey-eyed, wall-eyed

waldmora see wéalhmora

Wále [] f (-an/-an) Welshwoman, female slave

waled [] adj striped, ridged

waler see weler

walh see wealh

wálic [] adj woeful, lamentable

wall see weall

walu [] 1. f (-e/-a) ridge, bank; rib, comb (of helmet); metal ridge on top of helmet, like that on Sutton Hoo helmet; weal, mark of a blow; 2. see wæl 1

wálwyrt see wéalwyrt

wam see wamm

wamb [] f (-e/-a) belly, stomach; bowels; heart; womb; hollow

wambádl [] f (-e/-a) stomach-ache

wambcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) shameful speech, curse, blasphemy

wambecoðu [] f (-e/-a) stomach trouble

wambegicða [] m (-n/-n) itching of the stomach

wambewyrm [] m (-es/-as) intestinal worm

wambhord [] n (-es/-) contents of the belly

wambséoc [] adj having pain in the stomach

wamdǽd2 [] f (-e/-e) deed of shame, crime

wamfreht [] n (-es/-) sinful divination

wamful2 [] adj impure, shameful, sinful, bad

wamlust [] m (-es/-as) allurement, enticement

wamm [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) stain, spot, scar; disgrace, defect, defilement, sin, evil, crime; injury, loss, hurt, misfortune; 2. adj shameful, bad

wamsceaða2 [] m (-n/-n) sin-stained foe, devil

wamscyldig [] adj sinful, criminal

wamwlite [] m (-es/-as) wound in the face

wamwyrcend [] m (-es/-) worker of sin [listed as ~e]

wan [] 1. adj wanting, deficient, lacking, absent; (usu indecl. and used predicatively); ánes ~ þe þritig or ánes ~a þrittigum twenty-nine; 2. past 3rd sing of winnan; 3. see wann

wan- [] prefix expresses privation or negation

wana [] 1. m (-n/-n) lack, want, deficiency; ~ béon to lack, fail; 2. see wan 1

wananbéam [] m (-es/-as) spindle-tree

wanǽht [] f (-e/-a) want, poverty

wancian [] wv/i2 to waver

wancol [] adj unstable, unsteady, tottering, vacillating, weak

wand [] 1. past 3rd sing of windan; 2. f? (-e/-a) mole (animal)

Wandale [] m pl the Vandals

wandeweorpe [] f (-an/-an) mole (animal)

wandian [] wv/t2 to hesitate, flinch, desist from, omit, neglect; fear, stand in awe; have regard to, care for

wandlung [] f (-e/-a) changeableness

wandodlíce see unfor~

wandrian [] wv/i2 3rd pres wandraþ past wandrode ptp is gewandrod to wander, roam, fly around, hover; change; stray, err

wandung [] f (-e/-a) 1. feeling of respect; 2. turning aside

wandwurp see wandeweorpe

wandwyrp see wandeweorpe

wanfáh [] adj dark-hued

wanfeax [] adj dark-haired

wanfóta [] m (-n/-n) pelican

wanfýr [] n (-es/-) lurid flame

wang [] 1. m (-es/-as) plain, mead, field, place; world; 2. m (-es/-as) see wange

wangbeard [] m (-es/-as) whisker

wange [] n (-an/-an) jaw, cheek

wangendlic [] adj diminutive (2)

wangere [] m (-es/-as) pillow, bolster

wangstede2 [] m (-es/-as) place, locality

wangtóþ [] m (-es/-téþ) molar, grinder

wangturf [] f (-tyrf/-tyrf) meadow-turf

wanhafa [] m (-n/-n) poor man

wanhafol [] adj needy

wanhafolnes [] f (-se/-sa) want, hunger

wanhafnes [] f (-se/-sa) want, hunger

wanhafenes [] f (-se/-sa) want, hunger

wanhál [] adj unsound, weak, ill, maimed

wanhálnes [] f (-se/-sa) weakness, ill-health

wanhæf- see wanhaf-

wanhǽlþ [] f (-e/-a) weakness, sickness

wanhǽw [] adj bluish

wanhlýte [] adj having no share in, free from

wanhoga [] m (-n/-n) thoughtless one, fool

wanhygd2 [] f (-e/-a) carelessness, recklessness, daring

wanhýd2 [] f (-e/-a) carelessness, recklessness, daring

wanhygdig2 [] adj careless, rash

wanian1 [] wv/t2 to diminish, lessen, curtail, injure, impair, take from; infringe, annul; wv/i2 to diminish, dwindle, decline, fade, decay; wane

wánian [] wv/t2 to complain, bewail, lament, bemoan

waniendlic [] adj diminutive (1)

wann [] 1. adj dark, dusky, lurid; 2. past 3rd sing of winnan

wannhál see wanhál

wannian [] wv/i2 to become dark-colored, turn black; become discolored?

wanniht [] adj wan, pale, livid

wansǽlig2 [] adj unhappy

wansceaft2 [] f (-e/-a) misery, misfortune

wansceafta [] m (-n/-n) a disease

wansceafte [] f (-an/-an) a disease

wanscrýd [] adj poorly clad

wanséoc [] adj melancholic [commitialis?]

wansian [] wv/t2 to diminish

wanspéd [] f (-e/-e) poverty, want

wanspédig [] adj poor, indigent

wanung [] f (-e/-a) waning, decrease, deprivation, diminution, loss, injury, weakening

wánung [] f (-e/-a) howling, lamentation

wanwegende [] adj waning (moon)

wápe [] ? (-?/-?) napkin, towel?

wapelian [] wv/t2 to bubble, froth, exhale, emit, pour forth

wapolian [] wv/t2 to bubble, froth, exhale, emit, pour forth

wapul [] m? (-es/-as) bubble, froth

war see wearr

wár [] 1. n (-es/-) sea-weed; sand; 2. see wǽr

wara gen sing of waru

waran see burg~, ceaster~, eorð~

waras see weras, pl of wer 1

waras see burg~, eorð~

waraþ see waroþ

ward [] 1. see weard; 2. wearþ (weorðan)

ware see burg~, eorð~, ceaster~

waren- see warn-

warht see worht

warian [] wv/t2 1. to be wary, beware; 1 guard, protect, defend; warn; 2 hold, possess, attend; 2 inhabit; 2. to make a treaty (with)

wárig [] adj weedy, dirty

wáriht [] adj full of sea-weed

waritréo see weargtréow

warnian [] wv/t2 1 to warn, caution; 1 take warning, take heed, guard oneself against; deny (oneself, etc.) [wearn]

warnung [] f (-e/-a) warning; foresight, caution

waroþ [] n (-es/-) shore, strand, beach

wároþ [] n (-es/-) alga, sea-weed

waroþfaroþ [] m (-es/-as) surf

waroþgewinn [] n (-es/-) surf

warp see wearp 1

warr see wearr

warpenig see weardpening

warscipe see wærscipe

warþ [] 1. see waroþ; 2. see wearþ, past 3rd sing of weorðan

waru [] 1. f (-e/-a) ware, article of merchandise; 2. f (-e/-a) shelter, protection, care, custody, guard, defense, vindication

waru see burg~, ciric~, eorð~

waruþ see waroþ

wáruþ see wároþ

was see wæs

wása see wudu~

wascan [] sv/t6 3rd pres wæscþ past wósc/on ptp gewascen to wash, cleanse; bathe, lave

Wascan [] m pl the Gascons

wáse [] f (-an/-an) mire, marsh

wásend [] m (-es/-) weasand, windpipe, gullet

wásescite [] f (-an/-an) cuttlefish [wáse, sceotan]

wassen [] m? (-es/-as) vassal; [Celtic]

wást pres 2nd sing of witan

wát [] 1. pres 3rd sing of witan; 2. past 3rd sing of witan; 3. see wǽt

watel [] m (watles/watlas) wattle, hurdle, covering; pl thatching

water see wæter

watol see watel

watr- see wætr-, wæter-

watul see watel

wáþ2 [] f (-e/-a) wandering, journey; pursuit, hunt, hunting, chase

wáðan? [] wv/i1b to wander, flee

waðema see waðuma

wáðol [] adj wandering? or m full moon?

waðum [] m (-es/-as) wave, flood, stream, sea

waðuma [] m (-n/-n) wave, flood, stream, sea

wáwa see wéa

wáwan [] sv/i7 3rd pres wǽwþ past wéow/on ptp gewáwen to blow (of wind)

waxan [] 1. see wascan; 2. see weaxan

waxgeorn see weaxgeorn


wæarhród see weargród

wæb see webb

wæbb see webb

wǽc- see wác-

wǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to weaken, oppress, trouble [wác]

wæccan1 [] wv/t1a to watch, wake [see wacian]

wæcc [] f (-e/-a) watch, vigil, wakefulness

wæcce [] f (-an/-an) watch, vigil, wakefulness

wæccen see wacen

wæccende [] adj watchful, awake

wæccendlíce [] adv watchfully

wæccer see wacor

wæcen see wacen

wæcg see wecg

wæcian see wacian

wæcnan [] wv/i1b to come into being, awake, come forth, spring from, arise, be born

wæcnian [] wv/i2 to come into being, awake, come forth, spring from, arise, be born

wæd1 [] n (-es/wadu) ford, water, sea, ocean (usually pl)

wǽd [] f (-e/-e) robe, dress, apparel, clothing, garment, covering; sail; brýdes ~e wedding garment

wǽd- see wéd-

wǽdbréc [] f pl breeches

wædd see wedd

wǽde1 n see wǽd f

wǽdelnes [] f (-se/-sa) poverty

wæden see waden, ptp of wadan

wǽden [] adj of woad, bluish, purple [wád]

wæder see weder

wǽderáp [] m (-es/-as) syat, halyard; pl rigging

wǽdl [] f (-e/-a) poverty; barrenness

wǽdla [] adj poor, destitute; noun beggar, poor man

wǽdle see wǽdl

wǽdlian [] wv/i2 to be poor, destitute, wv/t2 beg

wǽdlig [] adj poor

wǽdligend [] adj poor

wǽdling [] m (-es/-as) poor person

wǽdlnes see wǽdelnes

wǽdlung [] f (-e/-a) poverty, want; begging

wǽdo see wǽd

wæf past 3rd sing of wefan

wǽfan [] wv/t1b to clothe

wǽfels [] m (-es/-as) covering, mantle, cloak, dress, clothing, garment

wæfergange [] f (-an/-an) spider [wefan]

wǽferhús [] n (-es/-) amphitheatre

wǽferlic [] adj of a theatre, theatrical

wǽfernes [] f (-se/-sa) show, pomp, pageant

wǽfersén see wǽfersýn

wǽferséon see wǽfersýn

wǽfersolor [] m (-es/-soleras) pulpitum, stage

wǽferstów [] f (-e/-a) stage

wǽfersýn [] f (-e/-a) spectacle, sight, show, display [wáfian]

wæflian [] wv/t2 to speak foolishly

wǽfon past pl of wefan

wǽfre [] adj unstable, unsteady, wavering, wandering, restless; flickering, expiring

wæfs see wæps

wæft [] f (-e/-a) show, spectacle

wæfþ [] f (-e/-a) show, spectacle

wǽfung see wáfung

wæg [] 1. see weg; 2. past 3rd sing of wegan

wǽg [] 1. m (-es/-as) motion; water; wave, billow, flood, sea; 2. 1 see wǽge

wægan see wegan

wǽgan1 [] wv/t1b to trouble, afflict; deceive, falsify; ge~ frustrate

wǽgbora [] m (-n/-n) child of the waves?, wave-bearer?

wǽgbord [] n (-es/-) ship, vessel

wǽgdéor [] n (-es/-) sea-animal

wǽgdropa [] m (-n/-n) water-drop, tear

wǽge [] 1. f (-an/-an) weight, scales, balance; wey (of cheese, wool, etc.); pensum, burden; 2. 2 n (-es/-u) cup, chalice

wægel see pægel

wægen see wægn

wægenþíxl see wægneþíxl

wǽgescalu see wǽgscalu

wǽgetunge [] f (-an/-an) tongue of a balance

wǽgfaru [] f (-e/-a) track in the sea

wǽgfær [] n (-es/-faru) sea-voyage

wǽgfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) water-vessel, clouds

wǽgflota2 [] m (-n/-n) (wave-floater), ship

wǽghengest2 [] m (-es/-as) ship

wǽgholm [] m (-es/-as) sea, ocean

wǽglǽst see wegléast

wǽglíðend2 [] m (-es/-) sea-farer, sailor

wǽglíðende2 [] adj seafaring

wægn [] m (-es/-as) carriage, wain, wagon, chariot, cart, vehicle; Carles ~; ~es þíxl the constellation of the Great Bear

wægnan see be~

wægnere [] m (-es/-as) wagoner

wǽgnere [] m (-es/-as) enticer [wǽgnian]

wægnest see wegnest

wægnfaru [] f (-e/-a) chariot-journey

wægngehradu [] f (-e/-a) wagon-plank

wægngeféra [] m (-n/-n) wagon-companion [carpentarius], [collegiatus]

wægngewǽde [] n (-es/-u) wagon-cover

wægnscilling [] m (-es/-as) tax on wagons

wægntréow [] n (-es/-) log given to the carter of a load of wood

wægnþol see wǽhþoll

wægnweg [] m (-es/-as) cart-road

wægnwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) a wagon- or carriage-maker [carpentarius], cart-wright

wǽgon past pl of wegan

wǽgpundern [] n (-es/-) weighing-machine

wǽgráp? [] m (-es/-as) wave-rope, wave-bond (ice)

wǽgryft see wágrift

wǽgscalu [] f (-e/-a) scale of a balance; [scealu; Ger wagschale]

wǽgstæþ [] n (-es/-staðu) sea-shore

wǽgstréam [] m (-es/-as) current

wǽgsweord [] n (-es/-) sword with wavy pattern

wǽgðel2 [] n (-es/-) ship, vessel

wǽgþréa [] n (-n/-n) peril of the sea

wǽgþréat [] m (-es/-as) deluge

wǽhþoll [] m (-es/-as) battering ram

wæl [] 1. n (-es/walu) slaughter, carnage; ~ gesléan to slaughter; field of battle; usu in pl dead bodies; 2. m see wiell; 3. see wel

wǽl [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) whirlpool, eddy, pool; ocean, sea, river, flood

wæl- see wel-

wǽl- see wéal-

wæla see wela

wǽlan1 [] wv/t1b to afflict, vex, torment

wælbedd2 [] n (-es/-) slaughter-bed

wælbend [] f (-e/-a) band of destruction

wælbenn [] f (-e/-a) deadly wound

wælbléat [] adj deadly; deadly-pale?

wælceald [] adj deadly-cold

wælcéasega [] m (-n/-n) carrion-picker (raven)

wælclomm [] m (-es/-as) deadly fetter

wælcræft [] m (-es/-as) deadly power

wælcwealm [] m (-es/-as) violent death

wælcyrge [] f (-an/-an) (chooser of the slain), witch, sorcerer [Valkyrie] (1); According to the mythology, as seen in its Northern form, the Val-kyrjur were the goddesses who chose the slain that were to be conducted by them to Odin’s hall – Val-halla

wælcyrging [] m (-es/-as) one that belongs to the race of the wælcyrgan [gorgoneus]

wælcyrie [] f (-an/-an) (chooser of the slain), witch, sorcerer [Valkyrie] (3); According to the mythology, as seen in its Northern form, the Val-kyrjur were the goddesses who chose the slain that were to be conducted by them to Odin’s hall – Val-halla

wælcyrige [] f (-an/-an) (chooser of the slain), witch, sorcerer [Valkyrie] (2); According to the mythology, as seen in its Northern form, the Val-kyrjur were the goddesses who chose the slain that were to be conducted by them to Odin’s hall – Val-halla

wældéaþ [] m (-es/-as) death in battle, violent death

wældréor2 [] n (-es/-) blood of battle, battle-gore

wælegian see weligian

wæler see weler

wælfág [] adj blood-stained

wælfǽhþ [] f (-e/-a) deadly feud

wælfæðm [] m (-es/-as) deadly embrace

wælfeall see wælfill

wælfel [] adj greedy for corpses, ghoulish

wælfeld [] m (-a/-a) battlefield

wælfill [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, death, destruction

wælfús [] adj awaiting death

wælfyll see wælfill

wælfyllu [] f (-e/-a) fill of slaughter

wælfýr2 [] n (-es/-) deadly fire; funeral pyre

wælgǽst2 [] m (-es/-as) murderous sprite

wælgár2 [] m (-a/-a) deadly spear

wǽlgenga [] m (-n/-n) sea-monster

wælgífre2 [] adj bloodthirsty, murderous

wælgimm [] m (-es/-as) death-bringing gem?

wælgrǽdig [] adj flesh-eating, cannibal

wælgrim [] adj fierce, violent, bloody, cruel; fateful, dire; adv ~líce

wægrimnes [] f (-se/-sa) cruelty, terror

wælgryre [] m (-es/-as) deadly horror

wælhere [] m (-es/-as) slaughtering army

wælhelm [] m (-es/-as) death-stroke

wælhlence2 [] f (-an/-an) coat of mail

wælhréow [] adj cruel, fierce, savage, bloodthirsty

wælhréowlic [] adj cruel; adv ~líce

wælhréownes [] f (-se/-sa) cruelty, ferocity, atrocity, slaughter

wælhwelp [] m (-es/-as) destroying hound

wǽlic see wíelisc

wælig see welig

wæll- see wæl-

wæll see weall

wælla see willa 2

wællan see willan

wælle see wille

wælm see wielm

wælmist2 [] m (-es/-as) mist of death

wælnett [] n (-es/-) death-net

wælníþ [] m (-es/-as) deadly hostility, war

wælnot [] m (-es/-as) baleful inscription

wælpíl [] m (-es/-as) deadly arrow, dart

wǽlráp? [] m (-es/-as) flood-fetter (ice)

wælræs [] m (-es/-rasas) deadly onslaught

wælræst see wælrest

wælrǽw see wælhréow

wælréaf [] n (-es/-) spoil from the slain; act of spoiling the slain

wælréc [] m (-es/-as) deadly reek

wælregn [] m (-es/-as) deluge

wælréow see wælhréow

wælrest2 [] f (-e/-a) bed of slaughter, grave

wælrún [] f (-e/-a) murderous song?

wǽlsc see wíelisc

wælsceaft [] m (-es/-as) deadly spear

wælscel [] n? (-es/-u) carnage

wælseax [] n (-es/-) dagger

wælslieht [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, carnage; 2 combat

wælsliehta [] m (-n/-n) murderer, slayer

wælsliht see wælslieht

wælslihta see wælsliehta

wælslítende [] adj corpse-biting; deadly-biting

wælspere [] n (-es/-u) deadly spear

wælsteng [] m (-es/-as) spear-shaft

wælstów [] f (-e/-a) place of slaughter, battlefield; ágan ~e geweald to obtain possession of the battlefield, conquer

wælstrǽl [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) deadly shaft

wælstréam [] m (-es/-as) deadly flood

wælsweng [] m (-es/-as) deadly thrust

wælt [] ? (-?/-?) part of thigh, sinew [weald]

wæltan see wyltan

wælwang [] m (-es/-as) field of the slain

wælweg see hwælweg

wælwulf2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior; cannibal

wǽlwyrt see wéalwyrt

wæm [] 1. see wamm; 2. see hwamm

wæm- see wem-

wæmbede [] adj big-bellied [wamb]

wæmman see wemman

wǽmn see wǽpen

wǽmnian see wǽpnian

wæmst- see wæstm-

wæn see wenn

wæn- see wen-

wǽn see wægn

wǽnan see wénan

wǽnes [] 1. see wácnes; 2. see wóhnes

wæng see wang

wænge see wange

Wænle [] m pl the Vandals

wǽnunga see wénunga

wǽpan see wépan

wǽpen [] n (wǽpnes/-) weapon, sword; pl arms; penis [membrum virile]

wǽpenbǽre [] adj weapon-bearing

wǽpenbora [] m (-n/-n) weapon-bearer, warrior, knight

wǽpend see wǽpned

wǽpened see wǽpned

wǽpengetæc [] n (-es/-tacu) wapentake (subdivision of a riding)

wǽpengeþræc [] n (-es/-þracu) clash of spears?

wǽpengewrixl [] n (-es/-) hostile encounter

wǽpengewrixle [] n (-es/-) hostile encounter

wǽpenhád see wǽpnedhád

wǽpenhete [] m (-es/-as) armed hate

wǽpenhús [] n (-es/-) armory

wǽpenléas [] adj unarmed

wǽpenlic [] adj male

wǽpenstrǽl [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) arrow

wǽpentæc see wǽpengetæc

wǽpenþracu2 [] f (-e/-a) storm of weapons

wǽpenþrǽge [] ? (-?/-?) weapon, equipment?

wǽpenwífestre see wǽpnedwífestre

wǽpenwiga [] m (-n/-n) armed warrior

wǽpmann see wǽpnedmann

wǽpn see wǽpen

wǽpnahús see wǽpenhús

wǽpned [] 1. adj child; 2. m (-es/-as) male person

wǽpnedbearn [] n (-es/-) male child

wǽpnedcild [] n (-es/-ru) male child

wǽpnedcynn [] n (-es/-) male sex

wǽpnedhád [] m (-a/-a) male sex; sexual power

wǽpnedhand [] f (-a/-a) male line

wǽpnedhealf [] f (-e/-a) male line

wǽpnedmann [] m (-es/-menn) male, man

wǽpnedwífestre [] f (-an/-an) hermaphrodite

wǽpnian1 [] wv/t2 to arm

wǽpnmann see wǽpnedmann

wǽpnung1 [] f (-e/-a) armor; army

wæps [] m (-es/-as) wasp [L vespa]

wær [] 1. adj wary, cautious, prudent; w.g. aware of; ready, prepared, attentive; nom/acc pl masc ware; 2. 2 n (-es/waru) sea, ocean [ON verr]; 3. see wer; 4. see wearr

wǽr [] 1. adj true, correct; 2. f (-e/-a) faith, fidelity; keeping, protection; agreement, treaty, compact, pledge, covenant; bond (of friendship)

wær- see war-, wear-, wer-, wier-, wyr-

wæran see werian

wærc [] m (-es/-as) pain, suffering, anguish; also wræc

wærcan [] wv/i1b to be in pain

wærcsár [] n (-es/-) pain

wære see wer 2

wǽre [] 1. see wǽr 2; 2. past 2nd sing of wesan

wǽrfæst2 [] adj honorable, faithful, trusty

wǽrg see wérig

wǽrganga2 [] m (-n/-n) one seeking protection, stranger (2)

wǽrgenga2 [] m (-n/-n) one seeking protection, stranger (1)

wǽrigian see wérgian

wærian1 [] wv/t2 to go, pass by

wǽrléas2 [] adj faithless, perfidious

wærlic [] 1. adj careful, wary, circumspect; adv ~líce; 2. see werlic

wǽrlíce [] adv truly

wærlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) wariness

wǽrloga2 [] m (-n/-n) troth-breaker, traitor, liar, devil; [warlock; léogan]

wærlot [] n (-es/-u) craftiness, deceit

wærna see wrenna

wærnes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) wariness, caution; 2. see weargnes

wǽron past pl of wesan

wærnung see wiernung

wærsagol [] adj cautious in speech

wærscipe [] m (-es/-as) cunning, caution, prudence

wǽrstlic see wrǽstlic

wærword [] n (-es/-) word of warning

wærwyrde [] adj cautious in speech

wæs past 1st, 3rd sing of wesan

wæsc [] n (-es/-) ablution, washing

wæsce see scéap~

wæscen see wascen, past part of wascan

wæscern [] n (-es/-) washing-place

wæscestre [] f (-an/-an) washer, house-keeper, presbytera

wæschús [] n (-es/-) wash-house, bath-house

wæscing [] m (-es/-as) washing, ablution

wǽsend see wásend

wæsma see here~

wæsp see wæps

wæst see west

wǽst- see wést-

wæstem- see wæstm-

wæstling [] m (-es/-as) sheet, blanket

wæstm [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) growth, increase; plant, produce, offspring, fruit; result, benefit, product; interest, usury; abundance; stature, form, figure

wæstmaseten [] f (-ne/-na) planting

wæstmbǽre [] adj fruitful

wæstmbǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) fruitfulness

wæstmbǽru [] f (-e/-a) fruitfulness

wæstmberende [] adj fertile

wæstmberendnes [] f (-se/-sa) fertility

wæstme f see wæstm

wæstmfæst [] adj fruitful

wæstmian [] wv/i2 to grow, increase, bear fruit

wæstmléas [] adj unfruitful

wæstmlic [] adj fruitful

wæstmsceatt [] m (-es/-as) interest, usury

wæsþm see wæstm

wǽt [] 1. adj wet, moist, rainy; 2. n (-es/-) moisture; liquid, drink; ǽt and ~ food and drink

wǽta [] m (-n/-n) wetness, moisture, humors, fluid, water; drink; sap; urine

wǽtan1 [] wv/t1b to wet, moisten, water; become wet; bedew

wǽte [] f see wǽta m

wæter [] n (-es/-) water; sea

wæterádl [] f (-e/-a) dropsy

wæterǽdre [] f (-an/-an) spring of water, source

wæterǽddre [] f (-an/-an) spring of water, source

wæterælfádl [] f (-e/-a) a disease

wæterælfen [] f (-e/-a) water-elf

wæterberend [] m (-es/-) water-bearer, sutler, camp-follower

wæterberere [] m (-es/-as) water-bearer, sutler, camp-follower

wæterbóh [] m (-bós/-bós) succulent shoot, sprig

wæterbolla [] m (-n/-n) dropsy

wæterbróga [] m (-n/-n) frightful flood

wæterbúc [] m (-es/-as) water-pot, pitcher

wæterbucca [] m (-n/-n) water-spider

wæterburne [] f (-an/-an) water-stream

wæterbyden [] f (-e/-a) bucket, cask

wætercláþ [] m (-es/-as) towel

wætercróg [] m (-es/-as) water-pot

wætercrúce [] f (-an/-an) water-pot

wætercynn [] n (-es/-) water, form or kind of water

wæterdrinc [] m (-es/-as) a drink of water

wæteregsa2 [] m (-n/-n) water-terror (1)

wæteregesa2 [] m (-n/-n) water-terror (2)

wæterelfen see wæterælfen

wæterfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) water-fastness, place protected by water

wæterfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) water-pot, flagon

wæterflaxe [] f (-an/-an) water-pitcher

wæterflód [] m (-es/-as) water-flood, inundation, deluge

wæterfrocga [] m (-n/-n) water-frog

wæterful [] adj dropsical

wæterfyrhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) hydrophobia

wætergát [] f (-gǽt/-gǽt) water-spider

wætergeblǽd [] n (-es/-) watery pustule?

wætergefeall [] n (-es/-) waterfall

wætergelád [] n (-es/-) conduit

wætergelæt [] n (-es/-gelatu) aqueduct

wætergesceaft [] f (-e/-a) nature of water

wætergewæsc [] n (-es/-) alluvium

wætergrund [] m (-es/-as) sea-bottom, depth

wætergyte [] m (-es/-as) Aquarius (sign of the zodiac)

wæterhæfern [] m (-es/-as) crab

wæterhálgung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of water

wæterhelm [] m (-es/-as) covering of ice

wæterian1 [] wv/t2 to water, moisten, irrigate, supply water (to); lead (cattle) to water

wæterig [] adj watery, watered

wæterléas [] adj waterless

wæterléast [] f (-e/-a) want of water

wæterléod [] m (-es/-as) fish

wæterlic [] adj aquatic

wæterméle [] m (-es/-as) bowl, basin

wæternǽdre [] f (-an/-an) water-snake

wæterordál [] n (-es/-) water-ordeal

wæterpund [] n (-es/-) a square, employed by carpenters, masons, etc., for making right angles (cf. regula) [norma], An instrument for detecting any variation from a perfectly horizontal surface, a level, water-level, plummetline [libella aquatica]

wæterpytt [] m (-es/-as) water-pit, well

wæterríðe [] f (-an/-an) conduit

wæterscéat [] m (-es/-as) napkin, towel

wæterscipe [] m (-es/-as) sheet of water, waters; conduit (1)

wæterscype [] m (-es/-as) sheet of water, waters; conduit (2)

wæterscýte [] f (-an/-an) towel, napkin

wæterséaþ [] m (-a/-a) cistern; pool, lake

wæterséoc [] adj dropsical

wæterséocnes [] f (-se/-sa) dropsy

wæterslæd [] n (-es/-sladu) watery glade

wætersol [] n (-es/-u) pool

wæterspryng [] m (-es/-as) water-spring

wætersteall [] m (-es/-as) standing water, pond

wæterstefn [] f (-e/-a) voice of waters

wæterstoppa [] m (-n/-n) bucket

wæterstréam [] m (-es/-as) river

wætertíge [] m (-es/-as) canal, aqueduct

wæterþéote [] f (-an/-an) conduit, flood-gate, torrent, cataract

wæterþísa [] m (-n/-n) whale; ship

wæterþissa [] m (-n/-n) whale; ship

wæterþrúh [] f (-e/-þrýh) water-pipe, conduit; [dat þrúm]

wæterþrýþ [] f (-e/-e) rush of waters

wæterung [] f (-e/-a) watering, providing with water, carriage of water

wæterwǽdlnes [] f (-se/-sa) dearth of water

wæterweg [] m (-es/-as) watercourse

wæterwiell [] m (-es/-as) spring, fountain

wæterwríte [] f (-an/-an) clepsydra, water-clock

wæterwyll see wæterwiell

wæterwyrt [] f (-e/-e) water star-wort

wæterýþ [] f (-e/-a) billow

wǽtian [] wv/i2 to be wet

wætig see pætig

wætla [] m (-n/-n) swathe, bandage

wǽtnes [] f (-se/-sa) moisture

wætrian see wæterian

wætter see wæter

wǽtung [] f (-e/-a) wetting, moisture

wæþ [] n (-es/waðu) ford [ON vað]

wǽða see here~

wǽðan [] wv/t1b to wander, roam about; hunt [wáþ]

wǽðeburne [] f (-an/-an) fishing stream?

wǽðelnes see wǽdelnes

wǽðl see wǽdl

wǽwærðlic [] adj serious?; adv ~líce confidently?, plausibly?

wæx see weax

wǽx see wéox, past 3rd sing of weaxan

wæxþ pres 3rd sing of wascan

we [] pron we; gen user, ure; dat ús; acc úsic

wéa [] m (-n/-n) misfortune, evil, harm, trouble; grief, woe, misery; sin, wickedness

weacen see wacen

wéacwánian [] wv/t2 to lament

wéadǽd2 [] f (-e/-e) evil deed

wéadhóc see wéodhóc

weadu see wudu

wéafod see wéofod

weag see weg

wéagesíþ [] m (-es/-as) companion in trouble, companion in crime

weagian see wagian

weahte past 3rd sing of weccan

weahxan see weaxan

weal [] 1. see weall; 2. see wæl

weal see wealh

weal- see weall-, wel-

wéaláf2 [] f (-e/-a) wretched remnant

wéaland see wéalland

Wéalas [] m pl the Welsh (pl of wealh); Wales; West ~ West-Welsh, Cornish

wealca [] m (-n/-n) 2 billow, rolling wave; light floating garment

wealcan [] sv/i7 3rd pres wielcþ past wéolc/on ptp is gewealcen 1 to move round, revolve, roll, toss; fluctuate; revolve in one’s mind, discuss, scheme, reflect; roll together; ge~ go, traverse

wealcere [] m (-es/-as) fuller

wealcian1 [] wv/t2 to curl; roll up

wealcol [] adj mobile, not firmly fixed; rolling in the waves

wealcspinl [] f (-e/-a) crisping-pin

Wéalcynn [] n (-es/-) the Welsh kin

weald [] 1. m (-a/-a) forest, weald, wood, grove; bushes, foliage; 2. m (-a/-a) power, dominion, mastery (usu. ge~); groin; 3. adj powerful; 4. conj in case; ~ þeah perhaps, possibly

wealdan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres wieldeþ past wéold/on ptp gewealden w.g.d.i.a. to rule, control, determine, direct, command, govern, possess; wield (a weapon), exercise; cause, bring about

wealdbǽr [] f (-e/-a) place affording mast for swine

wealdend [] 1. m (-es/-) leader, controller, ruler, lord, king (often of God); 2. f (-e/-a) female ruler

wealdende1 [] adj ruling, powerful

Wealdengod [] m (-es/-as) Lord God

wealdendras [] late m pl of wealdend

wealdes [] adv of one’s own accord, voluntarily

wealdgenga [] m (-n/-n) robber, thief

wealdleðer1 [] n (-es/-) rein, bridle

wealdmoru see wéalhmoru

wealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) rule

wealdswaðu [] f (-e/-a) forest-track

wealdweaxe [] f (-an/-an) sinew

weale see wale

wéales gen sing of wealh

wealfæsten see weallfæsten

wealg [] adj nauseous?

wealgat see weallgeat

wealh [] m (wéales/wéalas) foreigner, stranger, slave; Briton, Welshman; shameless person

wealhát [] adj boiling hot, red-hot

wealhbasu [] f (-e/-a) foreign red, vermilion

Wealhcynn [] n (-es/-) men of Wales, Britons

wealhen see wíelen

wealhfæreld [] n (-es/-) a force which patrolled the Welsh border?

wealhgeféra [] m (-n/-n) commander of the ‘wealhfæreld’

wealhgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) commander of the ‘wealhfæreld’

wealhháfoc [] m (-es/-as) foreign hawk, falcon

wealhhnutu [] f (-e/-hnyte) walnut [gen ~hnute; dat ~hnyte; pl nom/acc ~hnyte]

wealhisc see wíelisc

wealhmora [] m (-n/-n) carrot, parsnip

wealhmore [] f (-an/-an) carrot, parsnip

wealhmoru [] f (-e/-a) carrot, parsnip

wealhstod [] m (-es/-as) interpreter, translator; mediator

Wealhþéod [] f (-e/-a) Welsh nation

wealhwyrt [] f (-e/-e) elecampane

wealhwyrt see wéalwyrt

wealian [] wv/i2 to be defiant

wéalic [] adj woeful, sorrowful

weall [] 1. m (-es/-as) wall, dike, earthwork, rampart, dam; 2 rocky shore, cliff; 2. f (-e/-a) fervor; 3. see wæl; 4. see wiell

weallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres wielþ past wéoll/on ptp is geweallen 1 to be agitated, rage, toss, well, bubble, seethe, foam, be hot, boil; swarm; flow; úp ~ to rise (of a river)

wéalland [] n (-es/-) foreign country; Normandy [wealh]

Wéallas see Wéalas

weallclif [] n (-es/-u, -cleofu) sea-cliff

wealldíc [] f (-e/-a) a walled ditch?

wealldor [] n (-es/-u) door in a wall

weallende [] adj boiling, raging; fervid, ardent, energetic, fiery; swarming (with vermin)

weallfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) walled place, rampart, fortification, fortress

weallgeat2 [] n (-es/-gatu) rampart-gate, postern

weallgebrec [] n (-es/-u, -gebreocu) wall-breaking, act of making a breach

weallgeweorc [] n (-es/-) building of a wall; destruction of walls

weallian [] wv/i2 to go abroad, travel, wander; go as pilgrim

weallím [] m (-es/-as) cement, mortar

wéallisc see wíellisc

weallstán2 [] m (-es/-as) stone used in building

weallstaðol [] m (-staðles/-staðlas) interpreter, translator

weallsteall [] m (-es/-as) wall-place, foundation?

weallstéap2 [] adj steep as a wall

weallstilling [] m (-es/-as) repair of walls

weallstów see wælstów

weallþrǽd [] m (-es/-as) plumb-line

weallung [] f (-e/-a) agitation, fervor, zeal

weallwala2 [] m (-n/-n) part of a house-wall?, wall-paneling?, foundation?

weallweg [] m (-es/-as) walled road?

weallwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) mason

weallwyrt see wealwyrt

wéalmora see wealhmoru

wéalmore see wealhmoru

wealnes see wealdnes

wealowian see wealwian

wealsáda [] m (-n/-n) cord (for binding captives)?

wealstilling see weallstilling

wealstod see wealhstod

wealt see wielt, pres 3rd sing of wealdan

wealte [] f (-an/-an) a ring, a snare

wealweorc [] n (-es/-) masonry

wealwian [] 1. wv/i2 to roll; wv/t2 to roll; 2. wv/i2 to dry up, shrivel, wither, decay

wealword [] n (-es/-) defiant word [wealh]

wealwyrt [] f (-e/-e) dwarf elder

wéamét [] f (-e/-a) passion, anger

wéaméttu [] f (-e/-a) passion, anger

wéamód [] adj ill-humored, angry

wéamódnes [] f (-se/-sa) anger, impatience

weaps see wæps

wear [] 1. see wearr; 2. see hwer

wear- see wær-

wearas see weras, pl of wer

wearc see wærc

weard [] 1. f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) watching, ward, protection, guardianship; advance post; waiting for, lurking, ambuscade; 2. m (-es/-as) keeper, watchman, guard, guardian, protector; 2 lord, king; 2 possessor; 3. adv towards, to; wiþ…weard towards; 4. see wearþ; 5. ? (-?/-?) vermilion or a color like vermilion [sandix]

weardian [] wv/t2 3rd pres weardaþ past weardode ptp geweardod to watch, guard, keep, protect, preserve; hold, possess, occupy, inhabit; rule, govern; lást ~ keep the track of, follow closely; swaðe ~ remain behind; leger ~ keep one’s bed

weardmann [] m (-es/-menn) watchman, guard, patrol

weardpening? [] m (-es/-as) rent paid in lieu of military service

weardseld [] n (-es/-) guardhouse, watchtower

weardsetl [] n (-es/-) guardhouse, watchtower

weardsteall [] m (-es/-as) watchtower

weardstów [] f (-e/-a) watchtower

weardwíte [] n (-es/-u) penalty for not keeping guard

wearf [] 1. see wearp, past 3rd sing of weorpan; 2. see hwearf

wearg [] 1. m (-es/-as) (wolf), accursed one, outlaw, felon, criminal, Rood; 2. adj wicked, cursed, wretched [ON vargr];

weargberende [] adj villainous

weargbrǽde [] f (-an/-an) a warty eruption, impetigo, sty in the eye, tetter, ringworm, mole, freckle

wearglic [] adj wretched; adv ~líce

weargnes [] f (-se/-sa) evil

weargród [] f (-e/-a) scaffold, gallows

weargtreafu [] n pl hell

weargtréow [] n (-es/-) gallows

weargung [] f (-e/-a) misery

wearh [] 1. see wearg; 2. see wearr

wéariht see wearriht

wearm [] adj warm; adv ~e

wearmelle see wurmille

wearmian1 [] wv/t2 to become or make warm

wearmlic [] adj warm

wearmnes [] f (-se/-sa) warmth

wearn [] 1. f (-e/-a) reluctance, repugnance, refusal, denial; resistance; reproaches, abuse; [waru]; 2. see worn

wearn- see warn-, wearrn-

wearnmǽlum [] adv in troops

wearnwíslíce [] adv obstinately

wearod see waroþ

wearoþ see waroþ

wearp [] 1. m (-es/-as) warp, threads stretched lengthwise in a loom; twig, osier; 2. past 3rd sing of weorpan

wearpfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) basket

wearr [] (-es/-as) callosity

wearrig [] adj warty, knotty

wearriht [] adj warty, knotty

wearrihtnes [] f (-se/-sa) roughness (of skin)

wearrnes [] f (-se/-sa) knottiness

wearscipe see wærscipe?

weart [] f (-e/-a) wart

wearte [] f (-an/-an) wart

weartere [] m (-es/-as) occupier, dweller

wearþ [] 1. n see weorþ; 2. past 3rd sing of weorðan; 3. see waroþ

wearð- see weorð-

wéas [] adv by chance, accidentally; mid ~ by chance

weasc- see wæsc-

wéasgelimp [] n (-es/-) chance occurrence

wéaspell [] n (-es/-) evil tidings

weastern see western

weastm see wæstm

wéatácen2 [] n (-tácnes/-) sign of grief

wéaþearf [] f (-e/-a) woeful need

weax [] n (-es/-) wax

weaxæppel [] m (-apples/-applas) ball of wax

weaxan1 [] 1. sv/i7 3rd pres wiexþ past wéox/on ptp is geweaxen to wax, grow, be fruitful, increase, become powerful, flourish; 2. see wascan

weaxberend [] m (-es/-) candle-bearer, acolyte

weaxbred [] n (-es/-u) 1. a table, tablet for writing on, writing-tablet; 2. a table, list, diagram

weaxcandel [] f (-le/-la) wax candle

weaxen [] 1. adj waxen, made of wax?; 2. past part of weaxan

weaxgeorn [] adj very greedy

weaxgesceot [] n (-es/-) payment in wax

weaxhláf [] m (-es/-as) wax tablet

weaxhláfsealf [] f (-e/-a) wax salve

weaxnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) increase, growth; interest, usury

weaxscot see weaxgesceot

weaxsealf [] f (-e/-a) wax, salve

weaxung [] f (-e/-a) growth, increase

webb [] n (-es/-) web, weft; woven work, tapestry [wefan]

webba [] m (-n/-n) weaver

webbéam [] m (-es/-as) weaver’s beam; treadle of a loom

webbestre [] f (-an/-an) female weaver

webbgeweorc [] n (-es/-) weaving

webbian [] wv/t2 to contrive, devise

webbung [] f (-e/-a) plotting, conspiracy

webgeréðru [] n pl weaver’s tool

webgerod [] n (-es/-u) weaver’s implement

webhóc [] m (-es/-as) weaver’s comb, reed?

weblic [] adj pertaining to a weaver

websceaft [] m (-es/-as) weaver’s beam

webtáwa [] m (-n/-n) thread, line

webtéag [] f (-e/-a) weaving-thread

wébung see wáfung

webwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) fuller

wecca see wéoca

weccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres wecþ past weahte ptp geweaht to awaken, arouse; call up, bring forth, produce; recall; exhort, encourage; move, set in motion; kindle; ǽled ~ to kindle a fire

weccend [] m (-es/-) instigator

wéce see wác 1

wecedrenc [] m (-es/-as) emetic

wecg [] m (-es/-as) wedge; mass of metal, lump; piece of money

wecgan [] wv/i1b to move, agitate, drive hither and thither; be moved

wecian see wacian

wecnian see wæcnian

wed see wedd

wéd see wǽd

wédan1 [] wv/i1b to be or become mad, rage

wédbeorge see wédeberge

wédberge see wédeberge

wedbrice see wedbryce

wedbryce [] m (-es/-as) treachery

wedd [] n (-es/-) pledge, agreement, covenant, security; dowry

weddung [] f (-e/-a) pledging, betrothal

wéde [] 1. adj raging, mad; [wód]; 2. see wǽde

wédeberge [] f (-an/-an) hellebore

wédehund [] m (-es/-as) mad dog

wédelnes see wǽdelnes

wéden see wǽden

wédend [] m (-es/-) raving

wédende [] adj raving

wédendséoc [] adj mad

wédenséoc [] adj mad

wédenheort [] 1. adj mad, insane; 2. n (-es/-) madness

wédenheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) madness, fury

weder [] 1. n (-es/-) weather, air; sky, firmament; breeze, storm, tempest; 2. see weðer

wederáwendednes [] f (-se/-sa) variation of weather

wederblác [] adj bleached by the weather

wederburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) exposed town

wedercandel [] f (-le/-la) sun

wederdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of fine weather

wederfest [] adj weather-bound

wederian [] wv/i2 to exhibit a change of weather

wedertácen [] n (-tácnes/-) sun

wederung [] f (-e/-a) (bad) weather

wederwolcen [] n (-wolcnes/-) cloud

wedewe see wuduwe

wéding [] f (-e/-a) madness

wédl- see wǽdl-

wedlác [] n (-es/-) pledge, plighted troth, wedlock

wedloga [] m (-n/-n) violator of agreement, traitor

wéf- see wáf-, wǽf-, wéof-

wefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wifþ past wæf/wǽfon ptp gewefen 1 to weave; devise, contrive, arrange

wefl [] 1. f (-e/-a) woof, warp; an implement for weaving, shuttle?; 2. see wifel

weft [] m (-es/-as) weft

wefta [] m (-n/-n) weft

weg [] 1. m (-es/-as) way, direction; path, road, highway; journey; course of action; ealne ~, ealneg adv always; on~, á~ adv away; be…wege on the way (to); 2. see wæg 2

wég [] 1. see wǽge; 2. see wíg

weg- see onweg-

wég- see wǽg-

wegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wigþ past wæg/wǽgon ptp gewegen 1 to carry; support, sustain, bear, bring; move; wear; 1 weigh, measure

wegbráde [] f (-an/-an) way-bread, plantain, dock

wegbrǽde [] f (-an/-an) way-bread, plantain, dock

wegend? [] m (-es/-) a bearer

wegfarende [] adj wayfaring

wegférend [] m (-es/-) wayfarer, traveler

wegférende [] adj wayfaring

wegfór [] f (-e/-a) travel, journey

wegg see wecg

weggedál [] n (-es/-) road-dividing, cross-way

weggelǽte [] f (-an/-an), n (-es/-u) junction of roads

weggésíþ [] m (-es/-as) traveling companion

weggésíða [] m (-n/-n) traveling companion

weglá [] interj euge!

wegléas [] adj out of the way, erroneous; without a road

wegléast [] f (-e/-a) trackless place, wilderness

wegnest [] n (-es/-) food for a journey; traveling money, provision for a journey [viaticum]

wegréaf [] n (-es/-) highway robbery

wegtwiflung [] f (-e/-a) branching of roads

wegu [] f (-e/-a) vehicle

wegur see wígár

wehsan see weaxan

wehte past 3rd sing of weccan

wei see

weig see weg

wel [] 1. adv well, abundantly; very, very easily, very much; fully, quite; nearly; pleonastic (as in éac ~, = also), sometimes = indeed, to be sure; ~ too well; ~ néah nearly, almost; ~ hwǽr/gehwǽr for the most part, nearly everywhere; ~ on handa favorably; ~la alas! (see ); 2. see wæl; 3. see wiell; 4. see wiel

wel- see hwel-, wæl-, weal-, wiel-

wela [] m (-n/-n) weal, prosperity, happiness, riches (often in pl)

Wéland [] m (-es/-as) the Smith-God, Northern Vulcan

welbescéawod [] adj discreet, considerate

welboren [] adj well-born, noble

welcn see wolcen

weldǽd [] f (-e/-e) good deed, benefit, kindness

weldón [] irreg v/t to do well; benefit, satisfy, please

weldónd [] m (-es/-dénd) benefactor

weldónnes [] f (-se/-sa) well-doing, kindness

weleg see welg

welena gen pl of wela

weler [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) lip

weleðig [] adj rich

welfremming [] f (-e/-a) good deed, benefit

welfremnes [] f (-se/-sa) benefit

welg see welig

welga see weliga, wk masc of welig, adj

welgá [] interj hail!

welgeboren see welboren

welgecwéme [] adj well-pleasing

welgecwémedlic [] adj well-pleasing

welgecwémnes [] f (-se/-sa) favor

wegedón [] adj well-done, good, beneficent

welgehwǽr see welhwǽr

welgelícian [] wv/t2 to please well; be well pleased

welgelícwirðe [] adj well pleased, acceptable

welgelícwirðnes [] f (-se/-sa) good pleasure

welgespring see wyllspring

welgestemned [] adj having a good voice

welgetýd [] adj well-instructed

welgewende [] adj thriving

welgian see weligian

welhǽwen [] adj beautifully colored

welhréowlíce see wælhréowlíce

welhwá2 [] pron each, every

welhwǽr1 [] adv (nearly) everywhere

welhwilc12 [] pron each, any, nearly every

welig [] 1. adj well-to-do, rich, prosperous; 2. m (-es/-as) willow

weligian1 [] wv/i2 to be prosperous, abound; enrich

weligstedende [] adj making rich

well [] 1. see will; 2. see wel

wella see wiella

wellá see

welle see wille

wellende see willende, pres part of willan

wellere [] m (-es/-as) bosom, fold, hollow; [= wellyrgae, valkyrie?]

wellibbende [] adj living well, well conducted, reputable

wellícian [] wv/t2 to please well

wellícung [] f (-e/-a) agreeableness

wellícwyrðe [] adj well-pleasing

wellwill [] m (-es/-as) a spring

wellyrge see wælcyrige

welm see fót~

welm see wielm

welma see wielma

Wélond see Wéland

welor see weler

welp see hwelp

welréab see wælréaf

welrúmlíce [] adv graciously

welrúmmód [] adj gracious

welspring see wyllspring, wyllgespring

welsprynge see wyllspring, wyllgespring

welstincende [] adj fragrant

welswégende [] adj melodious

welt see wielt pres 3rd sing of wealdan, weallan

welþ see wielt pres 3rd sing of wealdan, weallan

welþungen2 [] adj honored, in high repute

weluc see weoloc

welung [] f (-e/-a) revolution (of a wheel) [wielwan]

welweorðe [] adj of high esteem

welwilled- see welwillend-

welwillende [] adj well-wishing, benevolent, kindly, good

welwillendlíce [] adv benevolently, lovingly, kindly

welwillednes [] f (-se/-sa) benevolence, good-will, kindness (1)

welwillendnes [] f (-se/-sa) benevolence, good-will, kindness (2)

welwilnes [] f (-se/-sa) benevolence, good-will, kindness (3)

welwyll- see welwillend-

welwylled- see welwillend-

welwyllend- see welwillend-

welwyrcend [] m (-es/-) well-doer

welwyrcende [] adj well-doing

wem see wamm

wéman [] wv/t1b to sound, be heard; announce; 1 persuade, convince, lead astray

wémend [] m (-es/-) herald, declarer

wémere [] m (-es/-as) procurer

wemman1 [] wv/t1a to defile, besmirch, profane, injure, ill-treat, destroy; abuse, revile

wemmend1 [] m (-es/-) adulterer, fornicator

wemming1 [] m (-es/-as) defilement, blemishing, spoiling; ge~ profanation

wemnes see wemmednes

wen [] 1. see wynn; 2. see wenn

wén [] 1. f (-e/-e), m (-es/-as) belief, hope, opinion, expectation, supposition; probability; estimation; ~ is þæt perhaps; name of the rune for w; 2. see wægn

wéna [] m (-n/-n) hope, opinion, expectation, idea, fancy

wénan [] wv/t1b w.g. or w.a. to ween, fancy, imagine, believe, think; expect, hope; fear (for), despair (of); esteem; wonder

wenbýl [] m (-es/-as) boil, carbuncle

wencel [] 1. n (wencles/-) child; 2. see wancol

wend [] m (-es/-as) what turns up, an event

wendan1 [] wv/t1b to turn, direct; wend one’s way, go; return; change, alter, vary, restore; happen; convert; translate; ~ on to turn against [windan]

wénde past 3rd sing of wénan

Wendelsǽ [] m (-s/-s), f (-/-) Mediterranean Sea

wenden see ed~

wendend [] m (-es/-) that which turns around

wendende [] adj movable, revolving

wendere [] m (-es/-as) translator, interpreter

Wendle2 [] m pl Vandals

wendung [] f (-e/-a) change, turning, rotation

wénendlic [] adj to be hoped for

wénere see wægnere

wénestu see wénstu

weng see wang

wenian1 [] wv/t2 to accustom, habituate, inure, train; entertain, treat; ge~ tame; break off, wean from; ~ mid wynnum treat kindly; ~ tó wiste to feast, entertain

wéninga see wénunga

wénlic [] adj comely; agreeing, consistent, accordant, harmonious; fitting to something, appropriate to, meet, fit, suitable [conveniens]; adv ~líce handsomely

wenn [] 1. m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) wen, tumour; 2. see wynn

wennan see wenian

wenncícen [] n (-nes/-nu) little wen

wennsealf [] f (-e/-a) wen-salve, ointment for a tumor

wenspryng [] m (-es/-as) a birth-mark, mole, wart [naevus], mole

wénstu see wénst þu, pres 2nd sing of wénan

wensum see wynsum

went pres 3rd sing of wendan

Wentas [] m pl people of Gwent (roughly = Monmouthshire)

Wente [] m pl people of Gwent (roughly = Monmouthshire)

Went-Sæte [] m pl people of Gwent (roughly = Monmouthshire)

Went-Sætas [] m pl people of Gwent (roughly = Monmouthshire)

wénþ pres 3rd sing of wénan

wénung [] f (-e/-a) expectation, hope; doubt

wénunga [] adv possibly, perhaps, by chance

wénunge [] adv possibly, perhaps, by chance

wenwyrt [] f (-e/-e) crowfoot?, lesser celandine?, darnel?

wéo see wóh?, or wéa?

wéobed see wéofod

wéobud see wéofod

wéoce [] f (-an/-an) lamp or candle-wick

wéocs see wéox past 3rd sing of weaxan

wéocson past pl of wacsan (= wascan)

wéocsteall see wéohsteall

weocu see wucu

wéod [] n (-es/-) herb, grass; weed

weodewe see wuduwe

wéodhóc [] m (-es/-as) weed-hook, hoe

wéodian [] wv/t2 to weed

Wéodmónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) August

weodo see wudu

weodu see wudu

weoduma see weotuma

wéodung [] f (-e/-a) weeding

weofan see wefan

wéofod [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) altar

wéofodbót [] f (-e/-a) fine for injuring a priest, which was applied in support of the altar

wéofodheorþ [] m (-es/-as) altar-hearth

wéofodhrægl [] n (-es/-) altar-cover

wéofodscéat [] m (-es/-as) altar-cloth

wéofodscéata [] m (-n/-n) altar-cloth

wéofodsteall [] m (-es/-as) place of the altar

wéofodþegn [] m (-es/-as) altar-attendant, priest

wéofodþén [] m (-es/-as) altar-attendant, priest

wéofodþénung [] f (-e/-a) altar-service

wéofodwiglere [] m (-es/-as) soothsayer

wéofud see wéofod

weofung [] f (-e/-a) weaving

wéog see wíg

weogas see wegas, pl of weg

wéoh see wíg

wéohse see wéox, past 3rd sing of weaxan

wéohsteall [] m (-es/-as) place of the altar, sanctuary, choir

weol see weoll

weol- see wel-

weolc [] 1. past 3rd sing of wealcan; 2. see weoloc

weolcn see wolcen

weolcréad see weolocréad

weolcenréad see weolocréad

weold past 3rd sing of wealdan

weoll past 3rd sing of weallan

weolm see wielm

weolme [] f (-an/-an) choice, pick of one’s fellow-creatures

weoloc [] m (-es/-as) whelk, cockle, murex; (purple) dye from the murex

weolocbasu [] adj purple

weolocréad [] adj shell-fish red, scarlet, purple

weolocscyll [] f (-e/-a) whelk, cockle, shell-fish

weoloctælg [] m (-es/-as) purple dye [telg]

weolt past 3rd sing of wealtan

weoning see meoning, wining

wéop past 3rd sing of wéopan

wéop- see wép-

weor see wer 1

weorad see werod

weorc [] n (-es/-) work, labor, action, deed; exercise; 2 affliction, suffering pain, trouble, distress; fortification; ~um with difficulty; towlic ~ material for spinning

weorc- see wyrc-

weorccræft [] m (-es/-as) mechanics

weorcdǽd [] f (-e/-e) action, operation

weorcdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) workday

weorce [] 1. 2 adj painful, bitter, difficult, hard; 2. adv hardly, with difficulty

weorcful [] adj active; industrious

weorcgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) foreman, overseer

weorcheard see un~

weorclic see un~

weorchús [] n (-es/-) workshop

weorcland [] n (-es/-) land subject to labor services

weorcmann [] m (-es/-menn) workman

weorcníeten [] n (-níetnes/-u) working cattle

weorcrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) corvée-work

weorcsige [] m (-es/-as) success in work

weorcstán [] m (-es/-as) hewn stone

weorcsum [] adj painful

weorcþéow2 [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) servant, slave

weorcuhta [] m (-n/-n) hour of matins on a non-festival day [cp. mæsseuhta]

weorcum see weorc

weorcwyrðe [] adj fit for work, able-bodied

weord see wyrd

weordungdæg see weorðungdæg

weored see werod 1

weoreld see woruld

weoren past part of weorsan

weorf [] n (-es/-) beast of burden, cattle

weorf- see hweorf-, hwýorf-

weorfemeoluc? [] f (-e/-a) milk from wild cattle?

weorftord [] m (-es/-as) dung of cattle

weorht see worht past part of wyrcan

weorian see werian

weorld see woruld

weorm see wyrm

weormian see wearmian

weorn see worn

weornan see wiernan

weornian1 [] wv/t2 to pine away, become weak, fade, wither, destroy

weorod see werod 1, 2

weorold see woruld

weorpan1 [] 1. sv/t3 3rd pres wierpþ past wearp/wurpon ptp geworpen to throw, cast, cast down, cast away; throw off, out, expel; throw upon; open; drive away; sprinkle; hit; ge~ reach by throwing; ~ tó handa to hand over; ~ handa on to lay hands on (a person); hlot ~ to cast lots; w.d. person to charge with, accuse of; 2. see wierpan

weorpendlic [] adj suitable for throwing

weorpere [] m (-es/-as) thrower, caster

weorpian [] wv/t2 to pine away

weorras see wearras, nom/acc pl of wearr

weort see wyrt

weorteard see ortgeard

weorþ [] 1. n (-es/-) worth, value, amount, price, purchase-money, ransom; 2. adj worth; worthy, honored, noble, honorable, of high rank; valued, dear, precious; fit, capable; 3. see worþ 1

weorðan [] sv/i3 3rd pres wíerþ past wearþ/wurdon ptp is geworden 1. absolute, (1) to come to be to be made, to arise, come, be; (2) to come to pass, to be done, to happen, to take place, befall, come, be; þá wearþ micel gefeoht then much fighting took place; (2a) when the object affected by what happens is given; 2. to become, be made, be, (1) with predicative substantive; (2) with predicative adjective, to get, grow; þá wearþ hé druncen then he got drunk; (3) with prepositional phrase; héo wearþ mid cilde she was made with child; (4) with adverb, (a) where the subject is given; (b) with impersonal construction; wearþ mé on hige léohte it was made light for me on hay; 3. with prepositions (see 4 also), (a) ~ of w.d., to come from, be caused by, be produced from or by; hwý þæt ís mæge weorþan of wætere why that ice may be produced from water; (b) ~ on w.a., (1) to get into a state of being, feeling, to become the adjective connected with the noun, get; gif hé wierþ on ungeþylde if he gets impatient; þá wearþ Holofernus on gytesálum he grew merry; (2) to get into a state of action, to come to be doing something, to fall to an action, to take to; þonne hit on ryne wierþ when it gets running; híe weorðaþ on murcnunga they fall grumbling; (3) to come to be something, become, turn into; mé is geworden on hǽlu he turned into my salvation; (c) ~ tó w.d., (1) of change in material condition, to become, turn to; þu eart dúst, and tó dúste wierst thou art dust, and will turn to dust; (2) of the state or condition to which things come, of the event of matters, to become, have as issue, come to; ǽlc þing wierþ tó náhte each thing comes to naught; tó hwon sculon wit weorðan what is to become of us?; (3) where a character or function is taken by anything, to become, turn, turn to; mé tó ealdorbanan weorðeþ wráðra sum some fell one will become the destroyer of my life; ic tó meldan wearþ I turned informer; (4) where a result is brought about, to become, prove a source of; séo oferung þé wearþ tó sáre the superabundance proved a source of sorrow; (5) to become, be an object of; ic eom geworden mannum tó leahtrunge and tó forsewennesse I was an object of derogation and contempt for men; (d) ~ æt to be at something; þá wurdon híe æt sprǽce they were at speaking; 4. implying movement, change of position, (1) literal, to come, get (a) with prepositions; þonne hé betwux ús and hire wierþ then he comes between us and her; gif híe on þǽm wuda weorðaþ if they get in the wood; hé wearþ him on ánum scipe he got him (reflex) on board a ship; (b) with adverbs; gif éage of weorþ if an eye comes out; gif fót of weorþ if a foot comes off; hé wearþ him áwege he went away, got off; híe sume inne wurdon some of them got inside; (2) figurative; Adames cynn onféhþ flǽsce, weorðeþ foldræste æt ende Adam’s race shall receive flesh shall come to the end of its rest on Earth; 5. as an auxiliary with participles, (1) present; ic wurðe siþþan geómriende I was then mourning; (2) past, (a) of transitive verbs, forming a passive voice; éow weorðaþ forgiefen, hwæt gé sprecaþ to you is forgiven what ye speak; (b) of intransitive verbs; þé sunu weorðeþ cumen for thee is a son come; 6. on fléam ~ to flee; ástýred ~ to be or become anxious; ætgrǽpe ~ to seize; tíða/tíðe ~ to become a sharer in, receiver, grantee

weorðe see weorþ, wierðe

weorþegend [] m (-es/-) worshipper

weorðere [] m (-es/-as) worshipper

weorþful [] adj worthy, honorable, honored, glorious, good

weorþfullic [] adj worthy, honored, honorable, distinguished; adv ~líce

weorþfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) dignity, honor

weorþgeorn [] adj desirous of honor, high-souled

weorðian1 [] wv/t2 to esteem, honor, worship, distinguish, celebrate, exalt, praise; adorn, deck; enrich, reward

weorðiend see ród~

weorðig see worðig

weorþléas [] adj worthless

weorþlic [] adj important, valuable, splendid; worthy, estimable, honorable, distinguished, exalted; fit, becoming; adv ~líce

weorþlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) worthiness, honor, estimation

weorþmetednes [] f (-se/-sa) invention [adinventio]

weorþmynd [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) honor, dignity, glory; mark of distinction

weorþmynt [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) honor, dignity, glory; mark of distinction

weorþnes [] f (-se/-sa) worth, estimation; splendor, rank, honor; integrity

weorþscipe [] m (-es/-as) worth, respect, honor, dignity, glory; advantage, good; distinction (in behavior)

weorðung [] f (-e/-a) honoring, distinction, honor, glory; celebration, worship; excellence; ornament

weorðungdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day for bestowal of honors or offices, festival

weorðungstów [] f (-e/-a) place of worship, the Tabernacle

weoruc see weorc

weorud see werod

weoruf see weorf

weoruld see woruld

wéos gen sing & nom/acc pl of wéoh

weos- see wes-

weosnian see wisnian

weosule [] f (-an/-an) weasel (2)

weot- see wit-

weotod see witod

wéoðel see wéðel, wǽdl

weoðerweard see wiðerweard

weoðo- see wiðo-

wéoðo- see wíðo-

wéox past 3rd sing of weaxan

weoxian [] wv/t2 to cleanse?

wépan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres wépeþ past wéop/on ptp gewópen to weep, complain, bewail, mourn over, deplore

wépen see wǽpn, wǽpen

wépende [] adj weeping

wépendlic [] adj deplorable, mournful; adv ~líce

wépman see wǽpnedmann

wépn see wǽpen

wépned see wǽpned

wépnian see wǽpnian

wer [] 1. m (-es/-as) male being; man; husband; 2 hero; 2. m (-es/-as) the legal money-equivalent of a person’s life, a man’s legal value (=wergild); 3. m (-es/-as) weir, dam, fish-trap; catch, draught; [werian]; 4. m (-es/-as) troop, band

wér see wǽr 2

weran see werian

werbǽr [] f (-e/-a) pasture land near a weir

werbéam [] m (-es/-as) warrior; see wǽrbéam? protecting pillar

werborg [] m (-es/-as) pledge for the payment of ‘wergild’

werborh [] m (-es/-as) pledge for the payment of ‘wergild’

werc see weorc

wercan see wyrcan

wercynn [] n (-es/-) human race, tribe

werdan see wierdan

were see wer

wére see wǽre 2

wered see werod

wéreg see wérig

weregan see wiergan

werfan see hwierfan

werfǽhþ [] f (-e/-a) feud by which ‘wer’ is incurred, breach of the peace

werg [] 1. see wearg; 2. see wyrg, wyrig

wergan [] (Anglian) 1. see wiergan; 2. see werian 1

wérgan weak dative sing of wérig

wergild see wergild

wergend see weriend

wérgenga see wǽrgenga

wergian see wiergan

wérgian1 [] wv/i2 to weary, exhaust, be or become tired

wergild [] n (-es/-) compensation, value of a man’s life

wergildþéof [] m (-es/-as) thief who might be redeemed by payment of his ‘wergild’

wergnes see weargnes

wergulu [] f (-e/-a) crab-apple

wérgum dat masc, neut sing of wérig

wergyld see wergild

werhád [] m (-a/-a) male sex, virility, manhood

werhbrǽde see weargbrǽde

werhta see wyrhta

wérig see wérig

werian1 [] wv/t1a 3rd pres wereþ past werede ptp gewered 1. to guard, keep, defend; ward off, hinder, prevent, forbid; restrain; occupy, inhabit; dam up; discharge obligations on (land); 2. to clothe, cover over; put on, wear, use; stock (land); 3. ge~ to make an alliance

wérian see wérgian

weriend [] m (-es/-) defender

werig see wearg, wyrig

wérig [] adj weary, tired, exhausted, miserable, sad; unfortunate; [wór]

werigcweðan see wyrgcweðan

werigen see werian

werigend see weriend

wérigferhþ2 [] adj weary, cast down

wérigian see wérgian

wérigmód2 [] adj weary, cast down

werignes see wyrignes

wérignes [] f (-se/-sa) weariness

werilic see werlic

wérines see wérignes

wering [] f (-e/-a) weir, dam

werlád [] f (-e/-a) clearing by the oaths of a number of men according to a man’s ‘wer’

werléas [] adj without a husband

werlic [] adj male, masculine; manly; marital; adv ~líce

wérloga see wǽrloga

werm- see wearm-

wermǽgþ2 [] f (-e/-a) tribe, nation

wermet [] n (-es/-u, -meotu) man’s measure, stature

wermód [] m (-es/-as) wormwood, absinthe

wern- see wearn-, wiern-

werna see wrenna

wernægel [] m (-es/-as) (man’s nail?), wart, tumor

wernægl [] m (-es/-as) (man’s nail?), wart, tumor

werod [] 1. n (-es/-, -u) throng, company, band, multitude; host, army, troop, legion; 2. adj sweet; 3. 2 n (-es/-, -u) sweet drink, mead

werodian [] wv/i2 to grow sweet

werodlést [] f (-e/-a) lack of fighters

werodlíce [] adv sweetly

werodnes [] f (-se/-sa) sweetness, pleasantness

werold see woruld

wéron see wǽron past pl of wesan

weroþ see waroþ

werp [] f (-e/-a) recovery (from sickness); [= wyrpe]

werpan see weorpan

werping [] m (-es/-as) loss?; [iactura]

werréaf [] n (-es/-) civil clothing

werrest see wierrest

werscipe see wærscipe

werse see wierse

werst see wierrest

werstede [] m (-es/-as) place of a weir

wert see wyrt

werte see wearte

wertihtle [] f (-an/-an) charge involving the penalty of ‘wer,’ homicide (1)

wertyhtle [] f (-an/-an) charge involving the penalty of ‘wer,’ homicide (2)

werþ see wierþ pres 3rd sing of weorðan

werþéod2 [] f (-e/-a) folk, people, nation

werþnes see weorþnes

werud see werod

weruld see woruld

wérun see wǽron

werwulf [] m (-es/-as) werewolf, fiend

wes see wæs, past 3rd sing of wesan

wésa [] m (-n/-n) drunkard

wesan [] irreg v/i 3rd pres is past wæs/wǽron ptp is gewesen to be; happen

wésan1 [] wv/t1b to soak, macerate; ooze; dye

wesand see wesend

wesc see wæsc

wése [] adj moist, macerated; [wós]

wesend [] m (-es/-) bison

wesendhorn [] m (-es/-as) bison’s horn

wesendlíce [] adv essentially

wesle [] f (-an/-an) weasel (1)

wesp see wæps

west [] adv westwards, west, in a westerly direction

westan [] 1. adv from the west; 2. be ~ prep w.d. west of

westane [] 1. adv from the west; 2. be ~ prep w.d. west of

wéstan1 [] wv/t1b to lay waste, ravage

westanhealf see westhealf

westannorðan [] adj north-west (wind); adv

westansúðan [] adj southwest; adv

westansúðanwind [] m (-es/-as) south-west wind

westanweard [] adj westward

westanwind [] m (-es/-as) west wind

West-Centingas [] m pl people of West Kent

westdǽl [] m (-es/-as) west-quarter, western part

West-Dene [] m pl West Danes

wéste [] adj waste, barren, desolate, deserted, uninhabited, empty; ~ land waste land, desert

westem see wæstm

westema see westerne

wésten [] 1. n (-nes/-nu), m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) waste, wilderness, desert; 2. adj waste, desolate

westende [] m (-es/-as) west end

wéstengryre [] m (-es/-as) terror of the desert

wéstenlic [] adj eremitic

wéstensetla [] m (-n/-n) hermit, anchorite

wéstenstaðol [] m (-es/-as) waste place

westenwind see westanwind

wéstern see wésten

westerne [] adj western, westerly; cmp westera, westerra more westerly; spl westema, westmest most westerly

westeweard see westweard

westhealf [] f (-e/-a) west side

wéstig [] adj waste, deserted, desert

westlang [] adv extending westward; cmp westleng, westlenge; spl westlengest

westm see wæstm

westmearc [] f (-e/-a) western boundary

westmest spl of westerne

wéstnes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation; desert place

westnorþlang [] adv extending north-westwards; cmp ~leng, ~lenge; spl ~lengest

westnorþwind [] m (-es/-as) north-west wind

westra see westerra, cmp of westerne

westríce [] n (-es/-u) western kingdom

westrihte [] adj?, adv? westward

westrihtes [] adv due west, westwards

westrodor2 [] m (-es/-roderes) western (= evening) sky

westsǽ [] f (-/-) western sea

West-Seaxan [] m pl West Saxons; Wessex

West-Seaxe [] m pl West Saxons; Wessex

westsúþende [] m (-es/-as) southwest extremity

westsúþwind [] m (-es/-as) southwest wind

westu see wes þu pres 2nd imperative of wesan

West-Wéalas [] m pl Cornishmen

westweard [] 1. adv westwards; 2. adj westerly

westwerd [] 1. adv westwards; 2. adj westerly

westweg [] m (-es/-as) western way

westwind [] m (-es/-as) west wind

wesule see wesle

wesung [] f (-e/-a) A making, preparing, producing, arranging, composing, completing; concr., that which is prepared, made; A diminishing, destroying [confectio], a laming, maiming; weakness [debilitatio]

wét [] 1. pres 3rd sing of wédan; 2. adj see wǽt

wet- see wæt-

wét- see wǽt-

weterédre see wæterǽdre

wetma see wituma

wéðan [] wv/t1b to assuage, make calm

wéðe [] adj sweet, mild, pleasant

wéðel see wéðl, wǽdl

wéðelnes see wǽdelnes

weðer [] 1. m (-es/-as) wether, sheep, ram; 2. see weder 1

weðerwynde see wiðewinde

wéðl see wǽdl

wéðnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) suavity, mildness

wex see weax

wexe see weax

wéxon see wéoxon past pl of weaxan

wh- see hw-

[] 1. see wíg; 2. see weg; (Kentish)

wiaht see wiht (Kentish)

wiarald (Kentish) see woruld

wiaruld (Kentish) see woruld

wibba [] m (-n/-n) crawling thing, beetle

wíbed see wéofod

wiber see wifer

wibil see wifel

wíbora see wígbora

wíc [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) dwelling-place, lodging, habitation, house, mansion; village, town; pl entrenchments, camp, castle, fortress; street, lane; bay, creek

wic- see wuc-

wícan1 [] sv/i1 3rd pres wícþ past wác/wicon ptp is gewicen to yield, give way, fall down

wícbora see wígbora

wicca [] 1. m (-n/-n) wizard, magician, soothsayer, astrologer; 2. see wicga

wicce [] f (-an/-an) witch

wiccecræft [] m (-es/-as) witchcraft, magic

wiccedóm [] m (-es/-as) witchcraft

wiccian [] wv/t2 to use witchcraft

wiccræft see wiccecræft?

wiccung [] f (-e/-a) enchantment

wiccungdóm [] m (-es/-as) witchcraft

wicdæg see wucdæg

wice [] 1. m (-es/-as), f (-an/-an) wych-elm; 2. see wuce; 3. see weoce

wíce [] f (-an/-an) office, function; officer

wíceard [] m (-a/-a) dwelling-place

wíceng see wícing

wícfreoðu [] f (-e/-a) protection of a dwelling

wicg [] n (-es/-) horse; [rare in prose]

wícgeféra see wícgeréfa

wícgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) bailiff, reeve of a ‘wíc’ or vill; In gen., a tax-gatherer, publican; A farmer-general of the Roman revenues, usually from the equestrian order [publicanus], tax-gatherer

wicgung see wiccung

wícherpæþ [] m (-es/-paðas) a public road to a ‘wíc’

wícian1 [] wv/t2 to dwell, lodge, rest in; encamp, bivouac; harbor, anchor

wícing [] m (-es/-as) pirate, viking

wícingsceaðe [] f (-an/-an) piracy

wícnera [] m (-n/-n) steward, bailiff

wícnere [] m (-es/-as) steward, bailiff

wícnian [] wv/t2 to attend upon

wícscéawere [] m (-es/-as) provider of a home

wícsteall [] m (-es/-as) camping-place

wícstede2 [] m (-es/-as) dwelling

wícstów [] f (-e/-a) dwelling-place, residence; camp, encampment

wicþén see wucþegn

wicþénestre [] f (-an/-an) weekly servant

wíctún [] m (-es/-as) vestibule, court

wicu see wucu

wicudæg [] m (-es/-dagas) weekday (3)

wícung [] f (-e/-a) lodging

wid see wiþ

wíd [] adj wide, vast, broad, long; ~ and síd far and wide; tó ~an ealdre, tó ~an féore, ~an fyrhþ for ever; ~e dréogan1 to wander

wídan [] adv from far

wídbrád [] adj wide-spreading

wídcúþ [] adj widely known, celebrated

wíde [] adv widely, afar, far and wide; síde and ~ far and wide

wídefeorh2 see wídeferþ

wídefeorlic [] adj eternal; [=wide-?]

wídeferhþ2 [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) (long life), long duration, long time; 2. adv always

wídefyrhþ2 [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) (long life), long duration, long time; 2. adv always

wider- see wiðer-

wíderfeorlic [] adj eternal

widewe see wuduwe

wídfarend [] m (-es/-) wanderer

wídfæðme2 [] adj ample, extensive

wídfeorh see wídeferhþ

wídférende2 [] adj coming from afar

wídferhþ see wídeferhþ

wídfloga2 [] m (-n/-n) wide-flier (of a dragon)

wídfolc [] n (-es/-) great nation

wídgal see wídgil

wídgangol [] adj wandering, roving

wídgenge [] adj wandering (monk)

wídgil [] adj widespread, broad, extensive; wandering

wídgill [] adj widespread, broad, extensive; wandering

wídgilnes [] f (-se/-sa) amplitude, spaciousness

wídgongel see wídgangel

wídgyl see wídgil

wídhergan [] wv/t1b to extol

wídian [] wv/i2 to become wider

wídl [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) impurity, filth, defilement

wídland2 [] n (-es/-) extensive country

wídlást2 [] 1. adj far-wandering; 2. m (-es/-as) long wandering, long way or road

wídlian1 [] wv/t2 to defile, pollute, profane

wídmǽran1 see wídmǽrsian1

wídmǽre [] adj celebrated, well-known

wídmǽrsian1 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to spread abroad, divulge; celebrate

wídmǽrsung [] f (-e/-a) proclamation

wídmérsian see wídmǽrsian

wídnes [] f (-se/-sa) width

wídobán see wiðobán

widor see weder

widor- see wider-

wídor cmp of wíd

wídrynig [] adj far-flowing

wídsǽ [] m (-s/-s), f (-/-) open sea, ocean

wídsceop [] adj widely distributed

wídscofen [] adj scattered far and wide

wídscríðol [] adj erratic, wandering

wídsíþ2 [] m (-es/-as) long journey; far-traveler

wídþil see wídl

widu see wudu

wídu [] f (-e/-a) width

widuw- see wuduw-

widw- see wuduw-

wídwegas2 [] m pl distant regions

wíebed see wéofod

wiebel see wifel

wiece see wuce

Wieht see Wiht

wiel [] m (-es/-as) slave, servant

wiel- see also wil-, wyl-

wieldan1 [] wv/t1b to have power over, control; tame, subdue, conquer, seize; ge~ compel; ge~ temper

wielde [] 1. 1 adj powerful, victorious; 2. adj? in the power of, under the control of

wieldung [] f (-e/-a) domination, rule

wielede past 3rd sing of wielwan

wielen [] f (-ne/-na) foreign woman, female slave

wielisc [] adj foreign; British (not Anglo-Saxon); Welsh; not free, servile; [wealh]

wiell [] m (-es/-as) well, fountain, spring; [weallan] (1)

wiella [] m (-n/-n) well, fountain, spring; [weallan] (2)

wiellan [] wv/t1a to boil

wielle [] f (-an/-an) well, fountain, spring; [weallan] (3)

wielle see wille pres 3rd sing of willan

wielleburne2 [] f (-an/-an) spring

wiellecærse [] f (-an/-an) watercress

wiellestréam [] m (-es/-as) running water

wiellewæter [] n (-es/-) spring water

wielleweg [] m (-es/-as) road to a well or spring

wiellflód [] m (-es/-as) flood

wiellgespring [] n (-es/-) spring

wiellspring [] m (-es/-as) spring

wiellspringe [] m (-es/-as) spring

wielm [] m (-es/-as) boiling, swelling, sur, billow, current, stream; burning, flame, inflammation; fervor, ardor, zeal; [weallan]

wielma [] m (-n/-n) inflammation

wielmfýr [] n (-es/-) blazing fire

wielmhát [] adj burning hot

wieln- see wiln-

wielt [] 1. pres 3rd sing of wealdan; 2. see wielþ

wielþ pres 3rd sing of weallan

wielwan [] wv/t1b to roll, roll together; compound, join

wielwian [] wv/t2 to roll, roll together; compound, join

wien- see win-

wieoldon see weoldon past pl of wealdan

wierdan1 [] wv/t1b to spoil, injure, destroy, violate, obstruct

wierding see wierdung

wierdnes [] f (-se/-sa) injury, vice

wierdung [] f (-e/-a) bodily injury; blemish

wiergan [] wv/t1b to abuse, outlaw, condemn, curse, proscribe; blaspheme; do evil; [compounds wyrg-, wyrig-]

wiergen [] f (-ne/-na) she-wolf

wiergen see grund~

wiernan [] wv/t1b w.g. thing and w.d. person to withhold, be sparing of, deny, refuse, reject, decline; forbid, prevent from

wiernung [] f (-e/-a) refusal

wierp [] m (-es/-as) cast, throw, shot, blow

wierpan1 [] wv/i1b to recover from illness, get better

wierpþ pres 3rd sing of weorpan

wierrest [] adj worst; spl of yfel

wiers [] adv worse; cmp of yfle

wiersa [] m adj worse; cmp of yfel

wierse [] f, n adj worse; cmp of yfel

wierst see wierrest

wierþ pres 3rd sing of weorðan

wierðe see weorþ

wíese see wíse pl of wís

wieste see wiste past tense of witan

wiet- see wit-

wíet- see wít-

wiexþ pres 3rd sing of weaxan

wíf [] n (-es/-) woman, female, lady; wife; ~ lǽdan take a wife, carry

wífcild [] n (-es/-ru) female child

wífcynn [] n (-es/-) womankind, female sex

wífcýþþu [] f (-e/-a) company of a woman?, intercourse of a woman?

wifel [] 1. m (wifles/wiflas) weevil, beetle; 2. see wifer

wifer [] m (wifres/wifras) missile, arrow, dart

wíférend see wegférend

wíffæst [] adj bound to a wife, married

wíffeax [] n (-es/-u) woman’s hair

wíffréond [] m (-es/-fríend) female friend

wífgál [] adj licentious, unchaste

wífgemǽdla [] m (-n/-n) woman’s fury

wífgemána [] m (-n/-n) intercourse with a woman

wífgeornes [] f (-se/-sa) adultery

wífgifta [] f pl dowry, outfit?, marriage?

wífhád [] m (-a/-a) womanhood; female sex

wífhand [] f (-a/-a) female inheritor, female side

wífhealf [] f (-e/-a) woman’s (i.e. mother’s) side

wífhearpe [] f (-an/-an) timbrel

wífhíred [] n (-hírdes/-) nunnery

wífhrægel [] n (-es/-) woman’s clothing

wífian1 [] wv/t2 to take a wife, marry (of the man)

wíflác [] n (-es/-) cohabitation, fornication

wífléas [] adj unmarried

wífléast [] f (-e/-a) lack of women

wíflic [] 1. adj womanly, feminine, female; 2. adv ~líce

wíflufu2 [] f (-e/-a) love for a woman

wífmann [] m (-es/-menn) woman; female servant

wífmyne [] m (-es/-as) love for a woman

wifre see gangewifre

wifrian [] wv/t2 to shake (a weapon)

wífscrúd [] n (-es/-) woman’s clothing [dat –scrýd]

wift see weft

wífþegn [] m (-es/-as) procurer

wífþing [] n (-es/-) marriage, cohabitation

wífung1 [] f (-e/-a) marrying (of the man), wedlock

wig see weg

wíg [] 1. n (-es/-) strife, contest, war, battle; valor; military force, army; 2. 2 n (-es/-) idol, image; [wíh, wéoh]

wiga [] m (-n/-n) fighter; man; the Holy Spirit?

wígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres wígþ past wág/wigon ptp gewigen to fight, make war

wígár [] m (-a/-a) spear, lance; [wíg, gár]

wígbǽre [] adj warlike

wígbealu [] n (-wes/-) war-bale

wígbed see wéofod

wígbill [] n (-es/-) sword

wígblác [] adj bravely caparisoned

wígbléd? [] m (-es/-as) luck in war

wigg [] 1. see wíg 1; 2. see wicg

wigga see wicga

wíggeatwe [] f pl war-gear; [wíg, geatwe]

wíggebed see wéofod

wíggend see wígend

wíggetáwe see wíggeatwe

wíggield [] n (-es/-) idol

wíggryre [] m (-es/-as) war-terror

wíghaga2 [] m (-n/-n) war-hedge, phalanx

wígheafola [] m (-n/-n) helmet

wíghéap [] m (-es/-as) troop of warriors

wígheard [] adj brave in battle

wíghete [] m (-es/-as) hostility

wíghryre [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, defeat

wíghús [] n (-es/-) battlement, tower; turret (on an elephant’s back)

wíghyrst [] f (-e/-a) war-gear, accoutrements

wígian [] wv/t2 to fight

wigle [] n (-es/-u) divination

wígléoþ [] n (-es/-) war-cry, battle-signal

wiglere [] m (-es/-as) soothsayer, wizard

wiglian [] wv/t2 to take auspices, divine

wíglic [] adj warlike; adv ~líce

wiglung1 [] f (-e/-a) soothsaying, augury, witchcraft, sorcery

wígmann [] m (-es/-menn) warrior

wígnett? [] n (-es/-) gladiator’s net

wígnoþ [] m (-es/-as) warfare, war

wigol [] adj divining, foreboding

wígplega2 [] m (-n/-n) war-play, battle

wígrád [] f (-e/-a) war-path

wígrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) state of war, battle

wígsigor2 [] m (-es/-as) victory in a battle

wígsíþ [] m (-es/-as) military expedition

wígsmiþ [] 1. m (-es/-as) maker of idols; 2. 2 m (-es/-as) warrior

wígspéd2 [] f (-e/-e) success in war

wígspere [] n (-es/-u) war-spear, dart

wígsteall [] n (-es/-) rampart, entrenchment

wígstrang [] adj mighty in war; cmp ~strengra; spl ~strengest

wígtrod [] n (-es/-u) path of an army; [or ?wigrod battle-pole]

wígþracu2 [] f (-e/-a) onslaught in battle, attack; [dat sing ~þræce]

wígþríst [] adj bold in battle

wígwægn [] m (-es/-as) war chariot

wígwǽpen [] n (-wǽpnes/-) weapon of war

wígweorðung2 [] f (-e/-a) idol-worship

wíh see wíg

wíhaga see wíghaga

wíhian see wóhhian

wihst pres 2nd sing of weaxan

wiht [] 1. f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) wight, person, creature, being; whit, thing, something, anything; 2. adv at all; ne ~, nǽnig ~ not at all; nán ~ no whit; 3. ge~ f (-e/-a) weighing, weight

Wiht [] f (-e/-a) Isle of Wight; [L Vectis]

wihte [] adv at all; dat, instr of wiht

wihte1 [] n (-es/-u) weight

wihtga see wítega

Wihtland [] n (-es/-) Isle of Wight

wihtmearc [] f (-e/-a) plumb-line

Wihtsǽtan [] m pl inhabitants of the Isle of Wight (1)

Wihtsǽte [] m pl inhabitants of the Isle of Wight (2)

Wihtware [] m pl inhabitants of the Isle of Wight

wíhús see wíghús

wil see wiell

wíl [] n (-es/-) wile, trick

wil- see wiel-, wigl-, will-, wyll-

wila [] m (-n/-n) a wooden bracket, brace, etc., for holding two beams together; A chain, used as a fetter, shackle, etc., of a chain stopping the entrance of a harbor; a constraint, fetter, barrier, bond; a chain of gold or silver worn by women as an ornament; A series of things connected together, a chain, series [catenarum]

wíláwel see wá lá wá

wílbec [] m (-es/-as) stream of tears; [or ?winbrec (war’s alarms)]

wilboda [] m (-n/-n) messenger of joy, angel

wilcuma [] 1. m (-n/-n) welcome, guest; 2. see wilcume

wilcume [] interj welcome!

wilcumian1 [] wv/t2 to welcome, greet

wild? [] adj wild

wild- see wield-

wildæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of joy

wilddéor [] n (-es/-) wild beast; deer, reindeer; [occl dat pl wildrum]

wilddéorcynn [] n (-es/-) species of wild beasts

wilddéoren [] adj like wild beasts, fierce

wilddéorlic [] adj savage; adv ~líce

wilde [] 1. adj wild, untamed, uncontrolled; uncultivated, desert; 2. adv

wildéar see wilddéor

wildéor see wilddéor

wildedéor see wilddéor

wilder see wilddéor

wildor see wilddéor

wildefýr [] n (-es/-) lightning; erysipelas

wildeswín [] m (-es/-as) wild boar

wildgós [] f (-gés/-gés) wild goose; [gen sing gés, góse; dat sing gés; nom/acc pl gés; gen pl gósa; dat pl gósum]

wildian see á~

wildrum see wilddéor

wileg see wilige

wilege see wilige

wilewíse see wiligwíse

wilfægen [] adj fain, glad

wilfullíce [] adv willingly

wilgæst see wilgiest

wilgiest [] m (-es/-as) welcome guest

wilgedryht2 [] f (-e/-a) willing band

wilgehléða [] m (-n/-n) intimate companion

wilgeofa see wilgiefa

wilgesíþ2 [] m (-es/-as) willing companion

wilgest see wilgæst

wilgestealla see willgestealla

wilgiefa2 [] m (-n/-n) gracious giver, king

wilhrémig [] adj rejoicing in satisfied desire

wilhréðig [] adj exultant

wilia see wiliga

wilian see wylwan

wilian1 [] wv/t2 to connect, bind

wilie [] 1. see wilige; 2. see wielle

wiliga [] m (-n/-n) basket

wilige [] f (-an/-an) basket

wiligwíse [] f (-an/-an) basket-wise

wiliht [] adj full of willows

wílisc see wíelisc

will [] 1. n see willa m; 2. see wiell

will- see wiell-, wyll-

willa [] m (-n/-n) 1. mind, will, determination, purpose; selfes ~um of one’s own accord; desire, wish, request; joy, delight, pleasure; desirable thing, valuable; 2. fountain, spring

willan [] modal v/i 3rd pres wille past wolde ptp gewoled to will, be willing, wish, desire; (denoting habit, repetition) to be used to; to be about to; (sign of the future tense) shall, will

willcuma see wilcuma

willen [] 1. adj willing, desirous; 2. see wyllen

willen see dol~

wíllendlic see hwílwendlic

willendlíce [] adv willingly

willes [] adv willingly, voluntarily

willfægen see wilfægen

willgebróðor [] m pl brothers

willgesíþ see wilgesíþ

willgesteald [] n (-es/-) riches, wealth; [or ?willgestealla m willing companion]

willgesteall [] n (-es/-) riches, wealth; [or ?willgestealla m willing companion]

willgesweostor [] f pl sisters

willgeþofta [] m (-n/-n) pleasant companion

willian1 [] wv/t2 to wish, desire

willic [] adj from a fountain; [wiell]

willíce [] adv willingly, voluntarily

willnung see wilnung

willodlíce [] adv willingly

willsele [] m (-es/-as) pleasant dwelling

willsíþ see wilsíþ

willspell2 [] n (-es/-) good tidings

willsum see wilsum

willung [] f (-e/-a) desire

willwang [] m (-es/-as) pleasant plain

willwyrdan [] wv/i1b to be complaisant

wilm see wielm

wiln see wielen

wilnian1 [] wv/t2 w.g. or w.a. to wish, long for, desire, will; beg for, supplicate, entreat, petition for; tend towards

wilniendlic [] adj desirable; capable of desire; ge~ unbridled

wilnincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) a little female servant

wilnung1 [] f (-e/-a) desire, longing (good or bad)

wiloc see weoloc

wilsǽtan [] m pl people of Wilts; Wiltshire (2)

wilsǽte [] m pl people of Wilts; Wiltshire (1)

wilsc see wielisc

wilsíþ [] m (-es/-as) desired journey

wilsum [] adj desirable, delightful; ready, willing, voluntary, spontaneous; devoted; adv ~líce

wilsumlic [] adj desirable, delightful; ready, willing, voluntary, spontaneous; devoted; adv ~líce

wilþ pres 3rd sing of weallan

wilsumnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) willingness, devotion; free-will offering

wilt [] 1. pres 2nd sing of willan; 2. pres 3rd sing of wealdan

wiltíðe [] adj having obtained one’s wish, glad

wilþegu [] f (-e/-a) agreeable food

wiluc- see weoloc-

wiluncel see wielincel

wilweg [] m (-es/-as) desired way

wílwendlic see hwílwendlic

wíman see wífman

wimman see wífman

wimpel [] m (wimples/wimplas) wimple, covering for the neck, cloak

win see winn

wín [] n (-es/-) wine [L]

wínærn [] n (-es/-) tavern, cellar; drinking hall, wine hall

wínbælg see wínbelg

wínbéam [] m (-es/-as) vine

wínbeger [] n (-es/-) grape

wínbelg [] m (-es/-as) (leather) bottle for wine

wínberge [] f (-an/-an) whortle-berry; wine-berry (whimberry), grape

wínberie [] f (-an/-an) whortle-berry; wine-berry (whimberry), grape

wínberige [] f (-an/-an) whortle-berry; wine-berry (whimberry), grape

wínbóg [] m (-bóges/-bógass) vine-shoot, vine

wínbrytta [] m (-n/-n) wine-seller, inn-keeper

wínburg2 [] f (-byrg/-byrg) festive city; walled vineyard, castle; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

wínbyrele [] m (-es/-as) inn-keeper

wincan see wincian

wince [] f (-an/-an) winch, pulley

wincel [] 1. m (wincles/winclas) corner; [Ger winkel]; 2. see wencel

wincettan [] wv/t1b to wink

winclian? [] wv/i2 to wink

winclo see wenclu nom/acc pl of wencel

wínclyster [] n (-es/-) cluster of grapes, bunch of grapes; a row of vines

wíncolc [] f (-e/-a) wine vat, a tub into which the juice pressed from the grapes runs

wíncynn [] n (-es/-) wine

wind [] m (-es/-as) wind

windǽddre [] f (-an/-an) windpipe

windæg12 [] m (-es/-dagas) day of strife or toil

windan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres windeþ past wand/wundon ptp gewunden to wind, plait, curl, twist; unwind; whirl, brandish, swing; sv/i3 to turn, fly, leap, start, roll, slip, go; busy oneself with; delay, hesitate; roll up; repair

windbǽre [] adj windy

windlband [] n (-es/-) blast of wind

winde see ed~, næddre~, wudu~

windecræft see wyndecræft

windel [] m (windles/windlas) basket

windelocc [] m (-es/-as) curly lock

windelstán [] m (-es/-as) tower with a winding staircase

windelstréaw [] n (-es/-) windle-straw

windeltréow [] n (-es/-) oleaster, willow

windfona [] m (-n/-n) winnowing fan

windfylled [] adj blown down

windgeard [] m (-es/-as) home of the winds, sea

windgefonna [] m (-n/-n) winnowing fan

windgereste [] f (-an/-an) resting-place of the winds

windhladen [] adj windy

windig [] adj windy, breezy

windil see windel

windluscoful see windscofl

windles gen sing of windel

windong see windung

windrǽs [] m (-es/-as) storm of wind

wíndrinc [] m (-es/-as) wine-drink, wine

wíndruncen [] adj elate, intoxicated with wine

windscofl [] f (-e/-a) fan

windsele [] m (-es/-as) 2 (windy hall), hell

windswingel [] f (-e/-a) (wind-whip), fan

windumǽr [] f (-e/-a) echo

windung [] 1. f (-e/-a) winnowing, chaff, tares, straw; 2. f (-e/-a) something woven, hurdle

windwian [] wv/t2 to fan, winnow

windwig see windig

windwigceaf [] n (-es/-) chaff

windwigsife [] n (-es/-u) winnowing-sieve, fan

wine2 [] m (-es/-as) friend, protector, lord; retainer; [occl gen pl winiga, winigea]

wíneard see wíngeard

winedryhten [] m (-dryhtnes/-dryhtnas) friendly lord, lord and friend

wínegeard see wíngeard

winegéomor [] adj mourning for friends

wineléas2 [] adj friendless

winemǽg2 [] m (-es/-as, -mágas) dear kinsman

wínern see wínærn

winescipe [] m (-es/-as) friendship

winestre see winstre

winetréow [] f (-e/-a) conjugal fidelity

wineþearfende2 [] adj friendless

winewincle [] f (-an/-an) periwinkle (shell-fish)

wínfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) wine-vessel, wine-vat

wíngál2 [] adj flushed or intoxicated with wine

wíngeard [] m (-es/-as) vineyard; vine

wíngeardbóg [] m (-es/-as) vine-tendril

wíngeardhóc [] m (-es/-as) vine-tendril

wíngeardhring [] m (-es/-as) cluster of fruit; vine tendrils

wíngeardseax [] n (-es/-) vine pruning-knife

wíngeardwealh [] m (-wéales/-wéalas) worker in a vineyard

wíngedrinc [] n (-es/-) 2 wine-drinking, drinking bout; wine

wíngerd see wíngeard

wíngetredde see wíntredde

wíngyrd see wíngeard

wínháte [] f (-an/-an) invitation to wine

wínhréafetian [] wv/t2 to gather grapes

wínhús [] n (-es/-) wine-house, tavern

wínian [] wv/t2 to pluck (grapes)

winiga see wine

winigea see wine

wining [] m (-es/-as) leg-band, garter

wínland [] n (-es/-) wine-growing country

wínléaf [] n (-es/-) vine-leaf

wínlic [] adj vinous, like wine

wínmere [] m (-es/-as) wine-vat

winn1 [] n (-es/-) toil, labor, trouble, hardship; profit, gain; conflict, strife, war

winna1 [] m (-n/-n) enemy, adversary

winnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres winþ past wann/wunnon ptp gewunnen to labor, toil, trouble oneself; resist, oppose, contradict; fight, strive, struggle, rage; on ~ attack; ge~ conquer, obtain, gain; endure, bear, suffer; be ill

winnend [] m (-es/-) fighter

winnendlic [] adj fighting

winnstów1 [] f (-e/-a) wrestling place

winnung see windung

winpel see wimpel

wínréafetian [] wv/t2 to gather grapes

wínreced2 [] n (-es/-) wine hall

wínrepan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wínripþ past wínræp/wínrǽpon ptp wínrepen to gather in the vintage

wínsæd [] adj satiated with ‘wine’

wínsæl [] n (-es/-salu) wine-hall

wínsele2 [] m (-es/-as) wine-hall

wínsester [] m (-es/-as) wine-vessel [L]

winstów see winnstów

winstre [] 1. adj left; ~ hand left hand; 2. f (-an/-an) left hand

winsum see wynsum

wint pres 3rd sing of windan

Wintanceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Winchester

wíntæppere [] m (-es/-as) wine-tapster, tavern-keeper

winter [] m (-a/-a), n (-es/-u, -) winter; pl years (in computing time) [number + wintre]

winterbiter2 [] adj bitterly cold

winterburna [] m (-n/-n) winter-torrent

winterceald2 [] adj wintry-cold

wintercearig [] adj winter-sad, sad with years?

winterdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) winter day

winterdún [] f (-e/-a) hill on which sheep were kept in winter?

winterfeorm [] f (-e/-a) Christmas feast

Winterfylleþ [] m (-es/-as) October

wintergegang [] m (-es/-as) fate

wintergerím2 [] n (-es/-) number of years

wintergetæl [] n (-es/-u, -teolu) number of years

wintergewǽde [] n (-es/-u) garment of winter, snow

wintergeweorp [] n (-es/-) snowstorm

wintergeworp [] n (-es/-) snowstorm

winterhús [] n (-es/-) winter-house

winterig see wintrig

winterlǽcan [] irreg wv/i1b to grow wintry

winterlic [] adj wintry, winter

winterrǽdingbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) lectionary for the winter; [gen ~béc/~bóce; dat ~béc; acc ~bóc; nom/acc pl ~béc; gen pl ~bóca; dat pl ~bócum]

winterrím see wintergerím

wintersæt see wintersetl

winterscúr [] m (-es/-as) winter-shower

winterseld see wintersetl

wintersetl [] n (-es/-) winter-quarters

wintersteal [] m (-es/-as) stallion a year old

winterstund [] f (-e/-a) winter-hour, short time, year?

wintersufel [] n (-es/-) food for winter

wintertíd [] f (-e/-e) winter-time

wíntíber [] n (-tíbres/-) wine-offering, libation

wintra see winter

wintre see án~, twi~, etc

wíntredde [] f (-an/-an) winepress

wintreg see wintrig

wíntréow [] n (-es/-) vine

wintrig [] adj wintry

wíntrog [] m (-es/-as) wine-vessel

wíntunne [] f (-an/-an) wine-cask; [or ? wíntún wine-house]

wíntwig [] n (-es/-u, -tweogu) vine-twig

winþ pres 3rd sing of winnan

wínþegu2 [] f (-e/-a) banquet of wine

wínwyrcend [] m (-es/-) vine-dresser

wínwringe [] f (-an/-an) winepress

wiorþegend [] m (-es/-) worshipper

wio- see weo-, wi-, wu-

wíohbed see wéofod

wípian [] wv/t2 to wipe, cleanse

wír [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as) wire, metal thread, wire-ornament; 2. m (-es/-as) myrtle

wir- see wear-, wier-, wyr-

wírboga [] m (-n/-n) twisted wire?

wirc- see weorc-, wyrc-

wird- see wierd-

wirg- see wierg-, wyrg-, wyrig-

wírgrǽfe? [] f (-an/-an) myrtle-grove

wirian see wiergan

wirig- see wierg-, wyrg-, wyrig-

wirman see wyrman

wirpþ pres 3rd sing of weorpan

wírtréow [] n (-es/-) myrtle

wírtréowen [] adj myrtle

wirtruma see wyrtruma

wirþ [] 1. see weorþ 1; 2. see wierþ pres 3rd sing of weorðan

wirðe see worþ 1

wís [] 1. adj wise, learned; sagacious, cunning; sane; prudent, discreet, experienced; noun wise man; 2. see wíse 1

wísa2 [] m (-n/-n) leader, director

wisan see wesan

wísan see wísian

wísbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) book of wisdom, instructive book?; [gen ~béc/~bóce; dat ~béc; acc ~bóc; nom/acc pl ~béc; gen pl ~bóca; dat pl ~bócum]

wísc- see wýsc-

wisce [] n (-es/-u) meadow liable to floods

wischere [] m (-es/-as) diviner?

wísdóm [] m (-es/-as) wisdom, knowledge, learning; experience

wíse [] 1. f (-an/-an) wise, way, fashion, custom, habit, manner; testamentary disposition; business, affair, thing, matter; condition, state, circumstance; reason, cause; direction; melody; idiom; 2. adv wisely; 3. f (-an/-an) sprout, stalk

wísfæst [] adj wise, sagacious, discreet, learned, intelligent

wísfæstlic [] adj wise, sagacious, discreet, learned, intelligent

wíshycgende [] adj wise, sagacious

wíshýdig2 [] adj wise, discreet, sagacious

wísian1 [] wv/t2 w.d. or w.a. to direct, instruct, guide, lead; point out, show

wislic [] adj certain, sure, true; adv ~líce1 certainly, truly; moreover

wíslic [] adj wise, sagacious, prudent; adv ~líce

wisligan see hwistlian

wísnes [] f (-se/-sa) teaching, wisdom; ge~ understanding

wisnian [] wv/t2 to dry up, wither, waste away; [weornian]

wiss- see wis-

wisse see wiste past 3rd sing of witan

wíssefa [] m (-n/-n) wise-souled man

wissian see wísian

wissian1 [] wv/t2 to direct, instruct, guide; point out, show

wissiend [] m (-es/-) governor, director; driver (of chariot)

wissigend [] m (-es/-) governor, director; driver (of chariot)

wisste see wiste past 3rd sing of witan

wissum [] adv altogether, completely; tó ~

wissung1 [] f (-e/-a) showing, instruction, guidance; certainty; rule, regulation, government

wist [] f (-e/-e) being, existence; well-being, abundance, plenty; provision, nourishment, subsistence, food, meal, feast, delicacy; wenian1 tó ~e to feast, entertain

wiste past 3rd sing of witan

wístfæstlic see wísfæstlic

wistful [] adj productive

wistfulgend1 [] m (-es/-) banqueter

wistfullian [] wv/t2 to feast

wistfullíce [] adv luxuriously

wistfullnes [] f (-se/-sa) good cheer

wistfullung1 [] f (-e/-a) feasting

wistfyllu [] f (-e/-a) fill of food

wistgiefende [] adj fertile

wistl- see hwistl-

wistmete [] m (-mettes/-mettas) sustenance

wiston past pl of witan

wisþlung see hwistlung

wíswielle [] adj wise in purpose

wíswyrdan [] wv/i1b to be wise in speech

wíswyrde [] adj prudent in speech

wit [] 1. dual 1st pers pron we two; gen uncer; dat unc; acc uncit; ~ Æthered Æthered and I; 2. ~1 see witt

wita1 [] m (-n/-n) sage, philosopher, wise man, adviser, councilor, elder, senator; witness; accomplice; [witan]

witan [] irreg v/t to be aware of or conscious of, know, understand; observe, perceive; ge~ ascertain, learn; andan ~ dislike; incan ~ () to have a grudge (against); ege ~ to fear; dón tó ~ne to cause to know, inform; myne ~ to love

wítan1 [] 1. sv/i1 3rd pres wíteþ past wát/witon ptp gewiten to guard, keep; look after; 2. to impute or ascribe to, accuse, reproach, blame; 3. ptp is gewiten to depart, go, go out; leave off; pass away, die (oft forþ~)

wíte [] n (-es/-u) punishment, torture, plague, injury; penalty, fine; contribution, in money or food, to sustenance of king or his officers; woe, misery, distress; wyrcan tó ~ to contrive as a punishment

wítebend2 [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) bonds of torture or punishment

wítebróga [] m (-n/-n) tormenting dread

wítecyll [] f (-e/-a) sack in which parricides were put to death

witedlíce see witodlíce

wítedóm see wítegdóm

wítedómlic [] adj prophetic

wítefæst [] adj penally enslaved

wítega [] m (-n/-n) wise man; lawyer; prophet, soothsayer; prophecy; [witan] (1)

wítegdóm [] m (-es/-as) prophecy, prediction; divination

wítegeard? [] m (-es/-as) amphitheater

wítegestre [] f (-an/-an) prophetess

wítegian1 [] wv/t2 to prophecy, predict

wítegung [] f (-e/-a) prophecy, divination

wítegungbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) book of prophecy; [gen ~béc/~bóce; dat ~béc; acc ~bóc; nom/acc pl ~béc; gen pl ~bóca; dat pl ~bócum]

wítehrægl [] n (-es/-) penitential garb, sackcloth

wítehús [] n (-es/-) torture-house, prison, hell; amphitheater (as a place of torture and martyrdom)

wítel see hwítel

wítelác2 [] n (-es/-) punishment

wíteléas [] adj without punishment or fine; adv ~líce with impunity

wíteléast [] f (-e/-a) freedom from punishment or fine

wítelic [] adj toilsome, carking; penal

witelíce see witodlíce

witenagemót [] n (-es/-) meeting of the wise men, national council; [wita]

wítendlic see wítigendlic

witendlíce see witodlíce

wíterǽden [] f (-ne/-na) punishment, fine

wítern [] n (-es/-) prison; [ærn]

wítescræf [] n (-es/-scrafu) pit of torment, hell

wítesteng [] m (-es/-as) pole used for torture

wítestów [] f (-e/-a) place of torment or execution

wíteswinge [] f (-an/-an) scourging, punishment

wíteþéow [] adj, m (-es/-as) man reduced to slavery by the law

wítewyrðe [] adj punishable

wítg- see wíteg-

wítga [] m (-n/-n) wise man; lawyer; prophet, soothsayer; prophecy; [witan] (2)

witian see be~, ~

wítiendlic see wítigendlic

wítig- see wíteg-

witig see wittig

wítiga [] m (-n/-n) wise man; lawyer; prophet, soothsayer; prophecy; [witan] (3)

wítigende see gewítende

wítigendlic [] adj prophetic

wítiglic [] adj punitive, of punishment

wítingstów see wítnungstów

witléas1 [] adj foolish, mad

witléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) want of intelligence, folly

witléast1 [] f (-e/-a) folly, madness; [witt]

witmæreswyrt [] f (-e/-e) spoonwort?

wítnere [] m (-es/-as) tormenter, torturer

witnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) knowledge, witness, testimony; a witness; níwa ge~ the New Testament

witnesmann [] m (-es/-menn) witness

wítnian1 [] wv/t2 to punish, chastise, torture, afflict

wítnigend [] m (-es/-) punisher

wítnung [] f (-e/-a) torment, torture, punishment, purgatory

wítnungstów [] f (-e/-a) place of punishment, purgatory

witod see witodlíce

witodlic [] adj certain, sure; adv, conj ~líce, ge~líce truly, for, verily, certainly, undoubtedly, indeed, thus, but, and, therefore, wherefore; [witan]

witol see fore~

witolnes [] f (-se/-sa) wisdom; [witan]

witon [] 1. pres pl of witan; 2. see wuton

wítrod see wígtrod

witséoc1 [] adj possessed, insane

wítsteng [] m (-es/-as) pole used for torture

witt1 [] n (-es/-) understanding, intellect, sense; knowledge, consciousness; conscience

wíttendlic [] adj prophetic

witter [] adj wise, prudent; [ON vitr]

wíttiendlic [] adj prophetic

wittig12 [] adj wise; sagacious, reasonable; skillful; conscious, in one’s right mind

wittignes [] f (-se/-sa) intelligence

wittol see witol

wítu nom/acc pl of wíte

witud see witod

wituma [] m (-n/-n) dowry

witumbora [] m (-n/-n) bridesman, paranymph

wítungstów see wítnungstów

wítword [] n (-es/-) written evidence, will, covenant

wiþ [] 1. prep w.a. with, by, near, against, beside, at, through; w.d. from (separation), with (opposition), for, in return for, on condition of, beside, near, opposite; w.g. towards, to, at, against; ~ éastan a. adv to the east; b. prep w.d.a. east of; ~ úp upwards, above; ~ þán þe because, in consideration of, provided that; ~…weard prep w.a. towards; 2. conj until; átellan ~ balance against; settan1 ~ to compare

wiþæftan [] 1. adv from behind, behind, after; 2. prep w.d. behind, at

wiþbláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres wiþblǽwþ past wiþbléow/on ptp wiþbláwen to blow away

wiþbregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wiþbrigdeþ past wiþbrægd/wiþbrugdon ptp wiþbrogden to withhold, retrain, withstand, oppose; take away

wiþbrédan see wiþbregdan [3rd pres wiþbrídeþ past wiþbrǽd/wiþbrúdon ptp wiþbróden]

wiþcéosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres wiþcíesþ past wiþcéas/wiþcuron ptp wiþcoren to reject; past participle wiþcoren rejected, reprobate, outcast

wiþcoren [] adj rejected, reprobate, outcast

wiþcostian [] wv/t2 to disapprove, reject, condemn [reprobare]

wiþcwædenes see wiþcwedennes

wiþcwedennes [] f (-se/-sa) contradiction

wiþcwedolnes see wiðercwedolnes

wiþcweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wiþcwiðeþ past wiþcwæþ/wiþcwǽdon ptp wiþcweden to speak against, contradict, gainsay, oppose, resist; forbid, refuse, deny; reject, renounce

wiþcweðenes see wiþcwedennes

wiþdrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres wiþdrífþ past wiþdráf/wiþdrifon ptp wiþdrifen to repel, drive off

wiðe- see wiðig-

wiþéadon (North) see wiþéodon, past pl of wiþgán

wiþéastan [] adv eastward, eastwards

wiþeftan see wiþæftan

wiðer [] 1. prep w.d., adv against; 2. adj hostile

wiðerbersta [] m (-n/-n) adversary

wiðerbreca [] m (-n/-n) adversary; the devil, Satan

wiðerbrocian [] wv/t2 to oppose

wiðerbróga [] m (-n/-n) adversary, the devil

wiðerbruca see wiðerbreca

wiðercierran [] wv/t1a to turn against, prance; [compare to wiðercyr]

wiðercorra [] m (-n/-n) adversary, rebel, apostate, sinner

wiðercoren [] adj rejected, reprobate, wicked

wiðercorennes [] f (-se/-sa) reprobation

wiðercwednes see wiðercwidennes

wiðercwedol [] adj opposing, contradicting

wiðercwedolnes [] f (-se/-sa) contradiction

wiðercwedung [] f (-e/-a) contradiction

wiðercweð- see wiðercwed-

wiðercweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wiðercwiðeþ past wiðercwæþ/wiðercwǽdon ptp wiðercweden to withstand

wiðercwida [] m (-n/-n) contradictor; opposer, rebel

wiðercwiddian [] wv/t2 to murmur

wiðercwide [] m (-es/-as) contradiction; opposition, resistance

wiðercwidel- see wiðercwedol-

wiðercwidennes [] f (-se/-sa) contradiction

wiðercwyd- see wiðercwed-, wiðercwid-

wiðercierr [] m (-es/-as) rearing (of a horse)

wiðerdúne [] adj narrow?, uphill?, steep?

wiðere see ~

wiðerfeoht- see wiðfeoht-

wiðerflita [] m (-n/-n) opponent, adversary

wiðerhabban [] wv/t3 to resist

wiðerhlinian [] wv/t2 to lean against

wiðerhycgende [] adj refractory, perverse, antagonistic, hostile; noun rival, adversary

wiðerhýdig [] adj refractory, perverse, antagonistic, hostile; noun rival, adversary

wiðerian [] wv/t2 to resist, oppose, struggle against; irritate, provoke; be provoked

wiðerlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to deprive

wiðerléan2 [] n (-es/-) requital; compensation

wiðerling [] m (-es/-as) opponent, adversary

wiðermál [] n (-es/-) counter-plan, defense

wiðerméde [] adj perverse, antagonistic

wiðermédnes [] f (-se/-sa) perversity; adversity

wiðermédu [] f (-e/-a) antagonism; perversity; adversity

wiðermetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wiðermiteþ past wiðermæt/wiðermǽton ptp wiðermeten to compare

wiðermód [] adj unwilling, contrary

wiðermódnes [] f (-se/-sa) adversity

wiðermoednes see wiðermédnes

wiðerrǽde [] adj contrary, opposed, adverse, perverse, rebellious; disadvantageous; disagreeable, unpleasant

wiðerrǽdlic [] adj contrary, adverse

wiðerrǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) opposition, discord, variance, disadvantage, adversity

wiðerræhtes [] adv opposite; [= ~rihtes]

wiðerrihtes [] adj opposite

wiðerriht [] n (-es/-) recompense

wiðersaca [] m (-n/-n) adversary, enemy; betrayer; apostate

wiðersacian [] wv/t2 to renounce, become apostate; blaspheme

wiðersacung [] f (-e/-a) apostasy; blasphemy

wiðersæc [] 1. n (-es/-sacu) contradiction, hostility, opposition; apostacy; [sacan]; 2. adj unfavorable

wiðersprecend [] m (-es/-) a contradictor

wiðerstǽger [] adj steep

wiðerstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres wiðerstendeþ past wiðerstód/on ptp wiðerstanden to resist

wiðersteall [] m (-es/-as) resistance, opposition

wiðerstede [] m (-es/-as) substitution

wiðersíenes [] adv backwards, withershins

wiðertalu [] f (-e/-a) defense

wiðertihtle [] f (-an/-an) countercharge

wiðertrod2 [] n (-es/-u) return, retreat

wiðerung [] f (-e/-a) obstinacy

wiðerweard [] adj contrary, perverse, adverse; rebellious, hostile; inconsistent; unfavorable, noxious, bad

wiðerwearda [] m (-n/-n) adversary

wiðerweardian [] wv/t2 to oppose

wiðerweardlic [] adj contrary, inimical, perverse; adv ~líce

wiðerweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) opposition, perversity, arrogance, enmity; adversity, calamity, trouble

wiðerwengel [] m (-wengles/-wenglas) adversary

wiðerwennung [] f (-e/-a) controversy; [winnan]

wiðerwerd- see wiðerweard-

wiðerwird- see wiðerweard-

wiðerwierd- see wiðerweard-

wiðerwinn [] n (-es/-) contest

wiðerwinna [] m (-n/-n) opponent, rival, adversary, enemy

wiðerwinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wiðerwinþ past wiðerwann/wiðerwunnon ptp wiðerwunnen to revolt

wiðerwyrd see wiðerweard

wiðewinde see wiðowinde

wiþfaran [] sv/t6 3rd pres wiþfærþ past wiþfór/on ptp wiþfaren to come off, escape

wiþfeohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wiþfiehteþ past wiþfeaht/wiþfuhton ptp wiþfohten to fight against, rebel

wiþfeohtend [] m (-es/-) adversary

wiþféolan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wiþfíelþ past wiþfealh/wiþfulgon ptp wiþfolgen to apply oneself to

wiþferian2 [] wv/t2 to rescue, redeem

wiþflita see wiðerflita

wiþfón [] sv/t7 3rd pres wiþféhþ past wiþféng/on ptp wiþfangen w.d. to grasp at, clutch

wiþforan [] 1. prep w.d. before, in the presence of; 2. adv before, previously

wiþgán [] irreg v/t to go against, oppose; v/i pass away, vanish, disappear

wiþgangan [] sv/t7 3rd pres wiþgengþ past wiþgéong/on ptp wiþgangen to go against, oppose; sv/i7 pass away, vanish, disappear

wiþgehæftan [] wv/t1b to fight against

wiþgemetnes [] f (-se/-sa) comparison

wiþgeondan [] prep w.d. beyond

wiþgínan [] wv/t1b to reject

wiþgrípan [] sv/t1 3rd pres wiþgrípþ past wiþgráp/wiþgripon ptp wiþgripen to grapple with

wiþhabban [] wv/t3 w.d. to oppose, resist, restrain, hold out

wiþhæftan [] wv/t1b to restrain

wiþheardian [] wv/t2 to harden

wiþhindan [] adv behind

wiþhogian [] wv/t2 w.g. to disregard, reject

wiþhycgan2 [] wv/t3 to reject, despise, scorn

wíði- see wíðig-

wíðie [] m (-es/-as) withe, withy, willow; band, fetter, fillet, garland (2); compounds with bed~, bróc~, ford~, gráf~, léah~, mǽd~, mere~, mór~, pól~, pytt~, slǽd~, þýfel~

wíðig [] m (-es/-as) withe, withy, willow; band, fetter, fillet, garland (1); compounds with bed~, bróc~, ford~, gráf~, léah~, mǽd~, mere~, mór~, pól~, pytt~, slǽd~, þýfel~

wíðige [] m (-es/-as) withe, withy, willow; band, fetter, fillet, garland (3); compounds with bed~, bróc~, ford~, gráf~, léah~, mǽd~, mere~, mór~, pól~, pytt~, slǽd~, þýfel~

wíðigrǽw [] f (-e/-a) hedgerow

wíðigrind [] f (-e/-a) willow bark

wíðing- see wíðig-

wiþinnan [] 1. adv within, from within; 2. prep w.d.a. within

wiþinne see wiþinnan 1

wiþinnen see wiþinnan 1

wiþinnon see wiþinnan 1

wiðir- see wiðer-

wíðl see wídl

wiþlǽdan [] wv/t1b to lead away, remove, rescue

wiþlǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa/-) abduction

wíðlan see wídlian

wiþlicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wiþligeþ past wiþlæg/wiþlǽgon ptp wiþlegen to oppose, resist

wiþmetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wiþmiteþ past wiþmæt/wiþmǽton ptp wiþmeten to compare with, liken to

wiþmétednes [] f (-se/-sa) invention, device

wiþmetenlic [] adj comparative (in grammar)

wiþmetendlic [] adj comparative (in grammar)

wiþmetennes [] f (-se/-sa) comparison

wiþmetung [] f (-e/-a) comparison

wiþneoðan [] adv below, underneath, beneath (1)

wiþniðan [] adv below, underneath, beneath (2)

wiþnyðan [] adv below, underneath, beneath (3)

wiðobán [] n (-es/-) collarbone

wiðobend [] f (-e/-a) woodbine

wiðone see wiþ þone

wiðor- see wiðer-

wiðowinde [] f (-an/-an) A plant, bind-weed [convolvulus], woodbine

wiþrǽde see wiðerrǽde

wiðre2 [] n (-es/-u) resistance, opposition

wiþréotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres wiþríeteþ past wiþréat/wiþruton ptp wiþroten to abhor?, resist?

wiðrian see wiðerian

wiþsacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres wiþsæcþ past wiþsóc/on ptp wiþsacen to forsake, abandon, renounce, refuse, deny; oppose, drive against

wiþsacendlic [] adj used in negotiations

wiþsacung [] f (-e/-a) denial, renunciation

wiþsceorian [] wv/t2 to refuse

wiþscríðel see wídscríðol

wiþscúfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres wiþscýfþ past wiþscéaf/wiþscufon ptp wiþscofen to thrust back, refute, repel

wiþsecgan [] wv/t3 to renounce

wiþséon [] sv/t5 3rd pres wiþsiehþ past wiþseah/wiþsáwon ptp wiþsewen to rebel, rise against

wiþsetnes [] f (-se/-sa) opposition

wiþsettan [] wv/t1a to withstand, resist; condemn

wiþsléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres wiþsliehþ past wiþslóg/on ptp wiþslagen to oppose, bring to naught

wiþsprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wiþspricþ past wiþspræc/wiþsprǽcon ptp wiþsprecen to contradict, gainsay; converse; revile; speak with

wiþspurnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wiþspyrnþ past wiþspearn/wiþspurnon ptp wiþspornen to hit against

wiþstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres wiþstendeþ past wiþstód/on ptp wiþstanden w.d. to withstand, resist, oppose; be lacking

wiþstæppan see wiþsteppan

wiþsteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres wiþstepeþ past wiþstóp/on ptp wiþstapen to step or go out of

wiþsteall see wiðersteall

wiþstond- see wiþstand-

wiþstunian [] wv/t2 to dash against

wiþstyllan [] wv/t1a to retreat

wiþstyltan [] wv/i1b to hesitate, doubt

wiþtéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres wiþtíehþ past wiþtéah/wiþtugon ptp wiþtogen to take away; restrain

wiþtremman [] wv/i1a to step back

wiþþe [] f (-an/-an) cord, band, thong, fetter; [variant also of wíðig]

wiþþer- see wiðer-

wiþþingian [] wv/t2 to be reconciled to; to talk against, contradict

wiþþir see wiðer

wiþþyddan [] wv/t1a to blunt

wiþufan [] 1. prep w.a. above; 2. adv before, previously

wiþuppan [] adv above

wiþuppon [] adv above

wiþútan [] 1. prep w.d. outside of; except; without (opposite of with); prep w.a. without, to the outside of; 2. adv from outside, outside

wiþweorpan2 [] sv/t3 3rd pres wiþwierpþ past wiþwearp/wiþwurpon ptp wiþworpen to reject, repudiate

wiþwestan [] prep w.d. to the west of

wiþwinde see wiðowinde

wiþwinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wiþwinþ past wiþwann/wiþwunnon ptp wiþwunnen to fight against, oppose

wiþwinnend [] m (-es/-) opponent

wiþwiðerian [] wv/t2 to resist, withstand

wixlan (North) see wrixlan

wixþ see wiexþ pres 3rd sing of weaxan

wlacian1 [] wv/i2 to become lukewarm, be tepid

wlacu [] adj tepid, lukewarm, cool

wlacunes see wlæcnes

wlanc [] adj stately, splendid, lofty, magnificent, rich; boastful, arrogant, proud

wlancian [] wv/t2 to become proud or boastful, exult

wlanclic [] adj proud, arrogant; adv ~líce

wlát past 3rd sing of wlítan

wlátere [] m (-es/-as) spectator

wlátful see neb~

wlátian [] wv/t2 1. 2 to gaze, look upon, behold; [wlítan]; 2. impersonal to loathe, to cause a person loathing

wlátung [] 1. f (-e/-a) sight, spectacle; 2. see wlǽtung, wlǽttung

wlæc [] adj tepid, lukewarm, cool

wlæc see wlacu

wlæce [] n (-es/-u) tepidity; [=wlæc?]

wlæclic [] adj lukewarm; adv ~líce

wlǽclíce see wrǽclíce

wlæcnes [] f (-se/-sa) lukewarmness

wlæffetere [] m (-es/-as) stammerer

wlæffian [] wv/i2 to stammer, speak indistinctly

wlænc see wlanc, wlenc

wlænco see wlencu

wlæncu see wlenc

wlǽta see wlǽtta

wlǽtlic [] adj foul

wlætlíce see wlæclíce

wlǽtta [] m (-n/-n) loathing, nauseas, eructation, heartburn; an object of loathing; disfigurement

wlǽtung [] f (-e/-a) nausea; disfigurement

wleaffian see wlæffian

wleccan1 [] irreg wv/t1b, wv/t1a to make tepid; [wlæc]

wlencan1 [] wv/t1b to enrich, exalt

wlenc [] f (-e/-a) pride, arrogance, haughtiness; glory, pomp, splendor; 2 bravado; prosperity, riches, wealth; [wlanc]

wlencu [] f (-e/-a) pride, arrogance, haughtiness; glory, pomp, splendor; 2 bravado; prosperity, riches, wealth; [wlanc]

wléttung see wlǽtung

wlisp [] adj lisping, speaking inarticulately, stuttering, stammering (1)

wlips [] adj lisping, speaking inarticulately, stuttering, stammering (2)

wlispian see á~

wlita [] m (-n/-n) face, countenance; beauty

wlítan2 [] sv/t1 3rd pres wlíteþ past wlát/wliton ptp gewliten to gaze, look, observe

wlite [] m (-es/-as) brightness; appearance, form, aspect, look, countenance; beauty, splendor; adornment

wliteandet [] n (-tes/-tu) confession of splendor

wlitebeorht2 [] adj beauteous

wliteful [] adj beautiful

wliteg- see wlitig-

wliteléas [] adj ugly

wlitelíce [] adv handsomely

wlitescéawung [] f (-e/-a) Sion

wlitescíne2 [] adj lovely, beautiful

wliteséon [] f (-e/-a) sight, spectacle

wlitetorht2 [] adj brilliant, lovely

wlitewamm [] m (-es/-as) disfigurement of the face

wliteweorþ [] n (-es/-) legal value of a man’s life, ransom

wlitig [] adj radiant, beautiful, fair, comely; adv ~e, ~líce

wlitigfæst [] adj of enduring beauty

wlitigian1 [] wv/t2 to beautify, adorn; become beautiful; form, fashion

wlitignes [] f (-se/-sa) beauty, splendor

wlitu see wlite

wló see wlóh

wlóh [] f (-e/-a) fringe, ornament, tuft; bit; [gen wléh?]

wlonc see wlanc

wlott [] ? (-?/-?) spot, blemish

wlóum dat pl of wlóh

wlyt- see wlit-

see wóc

wóc past of wacan

Wocensǽtan [] m pl the inhabitants of some district in England

Wocensǽte [] m pl the inhabitants of some district in England

wócer see wócor

wócie [] f (-an/-an) noose

wócige [] f (-an/-an) noose

wóclic see wóhlic

wócor2 [] f (wócre/wócra) increase, usury

wocorlíce see wacorlíce

wód [] 1. adj senseless, mad, raging; blasphemous; 2. past 3rd sing of wadan

wóda [] 1. m (-n/-n) madman; 2. m (-n/-n) storm, flood?, danger?

wodawistle see wodewistle

woddor [] n (-es/-) throat, gullet?

wóddréam [] m (-es/-as) A lesser divinity, a little spirit; An evil spirit, demon [daemonium]

wódelic see wódlic

Wóden [] m (Wódnes/Wódnas) Woden; Mercury

Wódendréam [] m (-es/-as) madness

Wódenesdæg see Wódnesdæg

wódewistle [] f (-an/-an) hemlock

wódfræc [] adj madly ravenous

wódfrec [] adj madly ravenous

wódheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) madness

wódian see wédan

wódlic [] adj foolish, mad, furious; adv ~líce madly, furiously; blasphemously

wódnes [] f (-se/-sa) madness, frenzy, folly

Wódnes gen sing of Wóden

Wódnesdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Woden’s day, Wednesday

Wódnesniht [] f (-e/-) Tuesday night; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

wódóm see wóhdóm

wódon past pl of wadan

wódscinn [] n (-es/-) madness, folly, mad trickery?

wódscipe [] m (-es/-as) insanity

wódséoc [] adj mad

wódþrág [] f (-e/-a) paroxysm, madness, fury

woecan see wæccan

woerc- see weorc-

woerd- see wird-

woffian [] wv/t2 to shout, rave, blaspheme

woffung [] f (-e/-a) madness, raving; blasphemy

wóg see wóh

wógere [] m (-es/-as) wooer, suitor, sweetheart

wógerlic [] adj amorous

wógian [] wv/t2 to woo, court, marry

wógung [] f (-e/-a) wooing

wóh [] 1. n (-es/-) bending, crookedness; error, mistake; perversity, wrong, iniquity, depravity; on ~ wrongly, wickedly; 2. adj bent, awry, twisted, crooked; uneven, rough; wrong, perverse, evil, depraved, bad, unjust; false (weight); on wón wrongfully, in error

wóhbogen2 [] adj bent, crooked

wóhcéapung [] f (-e/-a) fine for illegal trafficking

wóhdǽd [] f (-e/-e) wrong deed, crime

wóhdóm [] m (-es/-as) unjust judgment

wóhfóted [] adj having deformed feet

wóhfremmend [] m (-es/-) evildoer

wóhful [] adj wicked

wóhfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness

wóhgeorn [] adj inclined to evil

wóhgestréon [] n (-es/-) ill-gotten property

wóhgod [] n (-es/-u) false god, idol

wóhhandede [] adj maimed (of the hands)

wóhhǽmed [] n (-es/-) fornication, adultery

wóhhǽmend [] m (-es/-) fornicator, adulterer

wóhhǽmere [] m (-es/-as) fornicator, adulterer

wóhhian? [] wv/t2 to speak wildly, rave?

wóhlic [] adj perverse, wrong, unjust, evil; adv ~líce

wóhs see wósc past 3rd sing of wascan

wóhson see wóscon past pl of wascan

wóhsum [] adj evil; [wóg-]

wól [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) pestilence, mortality, disease

wólbǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) calamity, pest

wólberende [] adj pestilential, pernicious

wólberendlic [] adj pestilential

wólbryne [] m (-es/-as) pestilence

wolc see wolcen

wolc- see walc-, wolcen-

wolcen [] n (wolcnes/-) convolutio, ball, lump; cloud; sky, heavens

wolcenfaru2 [] f (-e/-a) scudding of clouds

wolcengehnást [] n (-es/-) meeting of clouds (in a storm)

wolcenréad see weolocréad

wolcenwyrcende? [] adj cloud-making (Centaurs)

wolcn see wolcen

wolcréad see weolocréad

wolcspinl see walcspinl

wolcyrge see wælcyrige

wolcyrige see wælcyrige

wold see weald

wóldæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of pestilence

wóldberendlic see wólberendlic

wolde past 3rd sing of willan

woldon past pl of willan

wólgewinn [] n (-es/-) calamitous war

wólic see wóhlic

wollentéare [] adj streaming with tears

wolma see fót~

wom see wam, wamm

wóm [] 1. see wógum, dative pl of wóh, adj; 2. see wóma

wóma [] m (-n/-n) noise, howling, tumult; terror, alarm; swefnes ~ dream-tumult, vision; eloquence?

woman [] wv/t1b to infringe; ge~ w.d. person, w.g. thing to deprive of; [wamm]

won [] 1. see wan, wann; 2. past 3rd sing of winnan

wón [] 1. weak genitive, dative neuter, dative masc/neut pl of wóh; 2. see hwón

won- see wan-

wóna genitive pl of wóh 2

wondor see wundor

wónes see wóhnes

wong see wang

wóp [] 1. m (-es/-as) cry, shrieking, weeping, lamentation; 2. see wéop past 3rd sing of wépan

wópdropa [] m (-n/-n) tear

wópen past participle of wépan

wóperian [] wv/i2 to weep

wópig [] adj sad, lamenting

wópléoþ [] n (-es/-) dirge, elegy

wóplic [] adj tearful, sad; adv ~líce

wópstów [] f (-e/-a) place of mourning

wór see wós, wáse

wóra genitive pl of wóh

worc see weorc

word [] 1. n (-es/-) word, speech, sentence, statement; command, order; subject of talk, story, news, report; fame; promise; verb; (incarnate) Word; ~um wrixlan to converse; 2. rod; (gooseberry) bush?; 3. see werod

wordbebod [] n (-es/-u) command

wordbéot2 [] n (-es/-) promise

wordbéotung2 [] f (-e/-a) promise

wordcærse see worðigcærse?

wordcennend [] m (-es/-) the begetter of the Word

wordclipiende [] adj able to speak

wordcræft2 [] m (-es/-as) poetic art, eloquence

wordcwide [] m (-es/-as) words, speech, language, utterance; a saying, words

wordcwyðe see wordcwide

worden past participle of weorðan

wordes [] adv with words, verbally, orally

wordfæst [] adj true to one’s word, true

wordful [] f (-e/-a) talkative, verbose, fluent

wordgebéot see wordbéot

wordgecwide [] n (-es/-u, -gecweodu) verbal agreement

wordgemearc [] n (-es/-) definition or limitation by words

wordgerýne2 [] n (-es/-u) dark saying

wordgiedd [] m (-es/-as) lay, dirge

wordgléaw [] adj skillful in words

wordhléoðor2 [] n (-es/-) voice, speech

wordhord2 [] n (-es/-) treasury of words

wordig [] adj wordy, verbose

wordlác [] n (-es/-) speech

wordlár [] f (-e/-a) (verbal) teaching

wordlatu [] f (-e/-a) delay in speech?

wordlaðu2 [] f (-e/-a) conversation, speech

wordléan [] n (-es/-) reward for song

wordlian [] wv/t2 to talk, commune; conspire

wordliend [] m (-es/-) speaker

wordloc [] n (-es/-u) art of logic

wordloca [] m (-n/-n) (word-hord), speech

wordloga [] m (-n/-n) deceiver, liar

wordlung [] f (-e/-a) in a good sense, talk, discourse, conversation; in a bad sense, idle talk, empty talk, babbling, chattering

wordmittung [] f (-e/-a) a bringing together, collecting; A comparison, similitude; In gram.: oðere ~, the comparative; The comparison, collation of texts, manuscripts, etc; a union, combination; Prop., of the standards in war for battle, a hostile meeting [collatio]

wordpredicung [] f (-e/-a) preaching

wordrian see wordlian

wordriht [] n (-es/-) suitable word; spoken law; statement of what is right according to law or custom

wordsáwere [] m (-es/-as) rhetorician

wordsige [] m (-es/-as) success in speech

wordsnoter [] adj eloquent, wise in words

wordsnoterlic [] adj philosophical, learned

wordsnoterung [] f (-e/-a) sophism

wordsomnere [] m (-es/-as) enumeration, catalog

wordsomnung [] f (-e/-a) a bringing together, collecting; A comparison, similitude; In gram.: oðere ~, the comparative; The comparison, collation of texts, manuscripts, etc; a union, combination; Prop., of the standards in war for battle, a hostile meeting [collatio]

wordsprecende [] adj able to speak

wordwísa [] m (-n/-n) sophist

wordwrítere see wyrdwrítere

wordwynsum [] adj affable

wóre dative feminine singular of wóh

worf see weorf

worfian see woffian

wórhana [] m (-n/-n) moor-cock, cock-pheasant

wórhenn [] f (-e/-a) hen pheasant

wórhona see wórhana

worht past participle of wyrcan

worhte past tense of wyrcan

wórht- see wróht-

wórian [] wv/i2 to roam, wander, wander about; (1) literal, to wander about, ramble, be a vagabond; (1a) of the movements of the planets; (2) figurative in various senses; move round, totter, crumble to pieces; [wór, wérig] [listed as wórigan]

wóriend [] m (-es/-) vagabond

world see woruld

worm see wyrm

wormód see wermód

worms [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) matter, pus, virus; [also worsm]

worn [] m (-es/-as) large amount, number; troop, company, multitude, crowd; progeny

worngehát [] n (-es/-) promise of numerous offspring

wornlust see wamlust

worod see werod

woroht see wróht

worold see woruld

worpan see weorpan

worpen past participle of weorpan

worpian [] wv/t2 to cast, throw, pelt

worsm see worms

wort see wyrt

worþ [] 1. n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) court, courtyard, curtilage, farm; street; 2. see waroþ

worð- see weorð-

worðig [] m (-es/-as) enclosed homestead, curtilage, farm; street

worðigcærse [] f (-an/-an) name of a plant

worðignetele [] f (-an/-an) nettle

worþscipe see weorþscipe

worud see werod 1

woruftord see weorftord

woruld [] f (-e/-a) world, age; men, humanity; way of life, life; long period of time, cycle, eternity; tó ~e, á on ~a woruld, in ~ worulde world without end, for ever

woruldafol [] n (-es/-) secular or worldly power

woruldár [] f (-e/-a) worldly honor; secular property

woruldǽht [] f (-e/-a) worldly possessions

woruldbearn [] n (-es/-) man

woruldbebod [] n (-es/-u) universal command, edict, secular edict

woruldbisgu [] f (-e/-a) worldly occupation

woruldbisgung [] f (-e/-a) worldly business; worldly misery, trouble

woruldbismer [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) worldly reproach

woruldbliss [] f (-e/-a) worldly bliss

woruldbót [] f (-e/-a) compensation prescribed by the secular power

woruldbroc [] n (-es/-u) worldly trouble; use for secular purposes

woruldbryce [] m (-es/-as) worldly trouble; use for secular purposes

woruldbúend2 [] m (-es/-) world-dweller

woruldcamp [] m (-es/-as) secular warfare

woruldcandel [] f (-le/-la) sun

woruldcearu [] f (-e/-a) worldly care

woruldcempa [] m (-n/-n) earthly soldier

woruldcræft [] m (-es/-as) secular art; in pl world’s hosts

woruldcræftig [] adj skilled in secular arts

woruldcræfta [] m (-n/-n) secular artificer

woruldcræftiga [] m (-n/-n) secular artificer

woruldcund [] adj worldly, secular; adv ~líce

woruldcyning2 [] m (-es/-as) earthly king

worulddǽd [] f (-e/-e) worldly business

worulddéad [] adj dead

worulddéma [] m (-n/-n) secular judge

worulddóm [] m (-es/-as) secular judgment

worulddréam2 [] m (-es/-as) earthly joy

worulddryhten [] m (-dryhtnes/-dryhtnas) world’s lord, God

woruldduguþ2 [] f (-e/-a) worldly riches

worulddearfoþ2 [] n (-es/-) earthly misery

woruldege [] m (-es/-as) earthly fear

woruldende [] m (-es/-as) end of the world

woruldfægernes [] f (-se/-sa) earthly beauty

woruldfeoh [] n (-féos/-) earthly goods, wealth

woruldfolgaþ [] m (-es/-as) worldly occupation

woruldfrætwung [] f (-e/-a) worldly ornament

woruldfréond [] m (-es/-fríend) friend in this world

woruldfriþ [] m (-es/-as) worldly peace

woruldfruma [] m (-n/-n) primeval man, patriarch

woruldgálnes [] f (-se/-sa) lust of pleasure

woruldgebyrd [] n (-es/-u) worldly origin

woruldgedál [] n (-es/-) death

woruldgefeoht [] n (-es/-) earthly fight

woruldgeflit [] n (-es/-u, -fleotu) dispute, lawsuit

woruldgerǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) secular ordinance

woruldgeriht [] n (-es/-) worldly justice, secular right or due

woruldgerýsnu [] n pl secular customs

woruldgesǽlig [] adj prosperous

woruldgesǽlða [] f pl worldly fortune

woruldgesceaft2 [] f (-e/-a) creature of this world; world

woruldgestréon2 [] n (-es/-) worldly riches

woruldgeswinc [] n (-es/-u) earthly toil, misery

woruldgeþincþ [] f (-e/-a) worldly honor, dignity

woruldgeþingu [] n pl earthly things

woruldgeþóht [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) worldly thought

woruldgewinn [] n (-es/-) earthly war

woruldgewritu [] n pl secular writings

woruldgewuna [] m (-n/-n) customary law

woruldgielp [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) pride of this world

woruldgifu [] f (-e/-a) worldly gift

woruldgítsere [] m (-es/-as) coveter of worldly things

woruldgítsung [] f (-e/-a) covetousness

woruldglenge [] m (-es/-as) worldly pomp

woruldgód [] n (-es/-) worldly good

woruldgylp see woruldgielp

woruldgyrla [] m (-n/-n) secular garment

woruldhád [] m (-a/-a) secular state

woruldhláford [] m (-es/-as) secular lord

woruldhlísa [] m (-n/-n) worldly fame

woruldhogu [] f (-e/-a) worldly care

woruldhremming [] f (-e/-a) worldly hindrance

woruldhyht [] m (-es/-as) earthly joy

woruldlaga [] m (-n/-n) civil law

woruldlagu [] f (-e/-a) civil law

woruldlǽce [] m (-es/-as) earthly physician

woruldléan [] n (-es/-) earthly reward

woruldlic [] adj earthly; worldly, secular; adv ~líce temporally

woruldlíf [] n (-es/-) life in this world; secular life

woruldlufu [] f (-e/-a) love of this world

woruldlust [] m (-es/-as) worldly pleasure

woruldmann [] m (-es/-menn) human being, man of the world, layman

woruldmǽg [] m (-es/-as, -mágas) earthly kinsman

woruldméd [] f (-e/-a) earthly reward

woruldnéod [] f (-e/-a) temporal need

woruldnytt [] f (-e/-a) worldly use or profit

woruldprýdu [] f (-e/-a) worldly pride

woruldrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) way of the world

woruldríca [] m (-n/-n) great man

woruldríce [] 1. n (-es/-u) earthly kingdom; world-realm, world; 2. adj having worldly power or riches

woruldrícetere [] n (-es/-u) worldly power

woruldriht [] n (-es/-) secular or civil law; God’s law for the world

woruldsacu [] f (-e/-a) worldly strife

woruldsǽlða [] f pl earthly blessings

woruldscamu [] f (-e/-a) public disgrace

woruldsceaft2 [] f (-e/-a) earthly creature

woruldscéat [] m (-es/-as) part of the world, region

woruldscéawung [] f (-e/-a) worldly sight

woruldscipe [] m (-es/-as) worldly matter

woruldscír [] f (-e/-a) life in the world (i.e., not monastic), worldly affairs

woruldscrift [] m (-es/-as) confessor

woruldsnotor [] adj world-wise; scientific

woruldsorg [] f (-e/-a) earthly care

woruldspéd [] f (-e/-e) worldly wealth, success in the world

woruldspédig [] adj rich in this world

woruldsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) worldly talk

woruldstéor [] f (-e/-a) secular penalty

woruldstrang [] adj having worldly power; cmp ~strengra; spl ~strengest

woruldstrengu [] f (-e/-a) physical strength

woruldstrúdere [] m (-es/-as) spoliator, robber

woruldstund [] f (-e/-a) sojourn upon the earth

woruldþearf [] f (-e/-a) this world’s needs

woruldþearfa [] m (-n/-n) poor man

woruldþearfende [] adj poor in worldly goods

woruldþéaw [] m (-es/-as) worldly affair

woruldþegen [] m (-es/-as) earthly or secular servant (1)

woruldþegn [] m (-es/-as) earthly or secular servant (2)

woruldþén [] m (-es/-as) earthly or secular servant (3)

woruldþénung [] f (-e/-a) secular office

woruldþéowdóm [] m (-es/-as) secular service

woruldþing [] n (-es/-) worldly affair, thing; earthly riches

woruldþrymm [] m (-es/-as) worldly glory

woruldwǽpn [] n (-es/-) earthly weapon

woruldwæter [] n (-es/-) ocean, sea

woruldwela [] m (-n/-n) worldly wealth

woruldwelig [] adj rich in worldly goods

woruldweorc [] n (-es/-) secular work; mechanics

woruldweorþscipe [] m (-es/-as) worldly honor

woruldwídl [] n (-es/-) world-filth

woruldwíg [] n (-es/-) worldly contest

woruldwilla [] m (-n/-n) earthly good

woruldwilnung [] f (-e/-a) earthly desire

woruldwís [] adj worldly-wise; learned

woruldwísdóm [] m (-es/-as) worldly wisdom, science

woruldwíse [] f (-an/-an) custom of the world

woruldwita [] m (-n/-n) learned layman, sage

woruldwíte [] n (-es/-u) punishment, fine

woruldwlencu [] f (-e/-a) magnificence, ostentation

woruldwrenc [] m (-es/-as) worldly cunning

woruldwuldor [] n (-wuldres/-) worldly glory

woruldwuniende [] adj dwelling

woruldyrmðu [] f (-e/-a) earthly wretchedness

wórung [] f (-e/-a) wandering, roving

wós [] 1. n (-es/-) sap, juice; 2. genitive singular of wóh

wósan see wésan

wósc past 3rd sing of wascan

wóscon past pl of wascan

wóse see wáse

wósig [] adj juicy, moist

wost see fore~

wóþ2 [] f (-e/-a) sound, noise; voice, song, poetry; eloquence

wóþbora2 [] m (-n/-n) orator, speaker, seer, prophet, poet, singer

wóþcræft2 [] m (-es/-as) art of speech or song

woþe see got~

wóþgiefu [] f (-e/-a) gift of song

wóþsang [] m (-es/-as) song

wóum dative pl of wóh, adj

wóx [] 1. past 3rd sing of weaxan; 2. see wósc

wracian [] 1. wv/i2 to be in exile, wander, travel; 2. wv/t2 to carry on, prosecute

wraclíce see wræclíce

wracnian [] wv/i2 to be a wanderer, traveler, pilgrim

wraco see wracu

wracu [] f (wræce/-a) revenge, vengeance, persecution, enmity; punishment, penalty; cruelty, misery, distress, torture, pain; on þá ~e in retaliation

wráh past 3rd sing of wréon

wrang [] 1. n (-es/-) wrong, injustice; 2. adj rough, uneven; 3. past 3rd sing of wringan

wranga [] m (-n/-n) hold of a ship

wrangwís [] adj rough, uneven

wrásen [] f (-e/-a) band, tie, chain

wrást see wrǽst

wrát past 3rd sing of wrítan

wráþ [] 1. adj wroth, furious, angry, hostile; terrible, horrible; grievous, harsh, bitter, malignant, evil, cruel; adv ~e; 2. f (-e/-a) cruelty; hardship; [wríðan]; 3. see wrǽd; 4. past 3rd sing of wríðan

wráþlic2 [] adj grievous, severe, bitter; adv ~líce

wráþmód2 [] adj angry

wraðo see wraðu?

wráþscræf [] n (-es/-scrafu) pit of misery, hell

wráþþo see wrǽþþu

wraðu2 [] f (-e/-a) prop, help, support, maintenance

wraxlere [] m (-es/-as) wrestler

wraxlian [] wv/t2 to wrestle

wraxliende [] adj wrestling, contending, striving

wraxlung [] f (-e/-a) wrestling

wræc [] 1. n (-es/wracu), f? (-e/-a) misery; vengeance, persecution; exile; 2. ? (-?/-?) what is driven; 3. past 3rd sing of wrecan; 4. see wærc

wræca see wræcca

wræcan see wrecan

wræcca [] m (-n/-n) wretch; fugitive, outcast, exile; adventurer, stranger; sojourner

wræccan see wrecan

wræce genitive singular of wracu

wræcend see wrecend

wræcfæc [] n (-es/-facu) time of exile, banishment, misery

wræcful [] adj wretched, miserable

wræchwíl [] f (-e/-a) time of exile or distress

wræclást2 [] m (-es/-as) path of exile

wræclástian [] wv/t2 to banish

wræclic [] adj foreign; strange, unfamiliar, extraordinary; wretched, exiled; adv ~líce

wrǽclic see wrǽtlic

wræcmæcg2 [] m (-es/-as) exile, outcast, miserable man

wræcmæcga2 [] m (-n/-n) exile, outcast, miserable man

wræcmann [] m (-es/-menn) fugitive

wræcnes see wrecnes

wræcnian see wracnian

wrǽcon past pl of wrecan

wræcscipe [] m (-es/-as) exile

wræcsetl [] n (-es/-) place of exile

wræcsíþ [] m (-es/-as) journey of exile or peril, pilgrimage; exile, persecution; misery

wræcsíðian [] wv/i2 to wander, travel abroad, be in exile

wræcstów [] f (-e/-a) place of exile or punishment

wræcwíte [] n (-es/-u) punishment

wræcworuld [] f (-e/-a) miserable world

wrǽd [] f (-e/-a) band, bandage, wreath; bundle; band, flock; [wríðan]

wrǽdmǽlum [] adv in companies

wrǽg- see wrég-

wrænna see wrenna

wrǽnnes [] f (-se/-sa) luxury, lust, wantonness

wrǽnsa [] m (-n/-n) wantonness

wrǽnscipe [] m (-es/-as) wantonness

wrǽnsian [] wv/i2 to be wanton

wrǽsnan [] wv/t1b to alter, change, modulate

wrǽst [] adj firm, able, strong, excellent; delicate; adv ~e

wrǽstan [] wv/t1b 1. 1 to wrest, bend, twist, twang; 2. to be or make elegant?

wrǽstlere [] m (-es/-as) wrestler

wrǽstlic [] 1. adj pertaining to wrestling; 2. adj delicate, elegant

wrǽstliend [] m (-es/-) wrestler; [wrǽstan]

wrǽstlung [] f (-e/-a) wrestling, struggling

wræt see wrætt

wrǽt see wrǽtt

wrætbasu [] adj red; [wrætte]

wræteréad [] adj red

wrǽtlic [] adj artistic, ornamental; curious, wondrous, rare; adv ~líce [wrǽtt]

wrætt [] m (-es/-as) rubea tinctoria?, crossword?, hellebore?

wrǽtt2 [] f (-e/-a) ornament, work of art, jewel

wrætte [] f (-an/-an) rubea tinctoria?, crossword?, hellebore?

wrǽþ [] 1. see wrǽd; 2. see wrǽþþu

wrǽðan1 [] wv/t1b to anger; get angry, be angry; resist violently

wræðian see wreðian

wrǽðo see wrǽþþu

wræþstudu [] f (-styde/-styde) column, pillar, support

wræþstuðu [] f (-styðe/-styðe) column, pillar, support

wrǽðu [] f (-e/-a) wrath, anger, indignation

wrǽþþu [] f (-e/-a) wrath, anger, indignation

wræxlian see wraxlian

wréah past 3rd sing of wréon

wrec see wræc

wrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres wricþ past wræc/wrǽcon ptp gewrecen to drive, impel, push; press forward, advance; fulfill, accomplish; utter, deliver, pronounce; expel, banish, persecute; 1 wreak, revenge, avenge, punish

wreccan [] 1. irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres wrecceþ past wreahte ptp gewreaht to awake, arouse; 2. see wrecan

wrecel see spor~

wrecend [] m (-es/-) avenger

wrecnes [] f (-se/-sa) vengeance; wickedness

wrecscip [] ? (-?/-?) actuaria?

wrecu see wracu

wrégan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to excite, stir up; 2. to accuse, impeach

wrégend [] m (-es/-) accuser

wrégendlic [] adj accusative

wrégere [] m (-es/-as) accuser, informer

wrégestre [] f (-an/-an) female accuser

wrégung [] f (-e/-a) accusation

wréhte past 3rd sing of wrégan

wrehtend [] m (-es/-) instigator

wréhtend [] m (-es/-) accuser

wrén- see wrǽn-

wrenc [] m (-es/-as) wile, stratagem, trick, deceit; 2 modulation, melody, song

wrencan [] wv/t1b to twist; spin intrigues, devise plots

wrenna [] m (-n/-n) wren

wrenne [] f (-an/-an) wren

wreocan see wrecan

wreogan (Mercian) see wrigon past pl of wréon

wréon1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres wríehþ past wráh/wrigon ptp gewrigen, sv/t2 3rd pres wríehþ past wréah/wrugon ptp gewrogen to cover, clothe, envelop, conceal, hide; protect, defend

wréotan see réotan

wreotian see writian

wreotu nom/acc pl of writ

wréoþ [] 1. see wrǽd; 2. see wrǽþþu

wreoðenhilt [] adj with twisted hilt; [= *wriðenhilt]

wreoðian see wreðian

wréoðian see wrídian

wretbasu see wrætbasu

wreðian1 [] wv/t2 to support, sustain, uphold

wreþstudu see wræþstudu

wríanne (North) see wréonne gerund of wréon 1

wricþ pres 3rd sing of wrecan

wriceþ pres 3rd sing of wrecan

wrid [] m (-es/-as) shoot, plant, bush

wrídan [] sv/i1 3rd pres wrídeþ past wrád/wridon ptp is gewriden to grow, thrive, flourish

wriden [] 1. past participle of wrídan; 2. past participle of wríðan

wrídian2 [] wv/i2 to grow, flourish, spring up

wriecþ see wricþ pres 3rd sing of wrecan

wriexl see wrixl

wrigelnes [] f (-se/-sa) covering

wrigels [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) covering, cloak, veil

wrigen past participle of wréon

wrigennes [] f (-se/-sa) a covering

wrigian [] wv/t2 to go, turn, twist, bend; strive, struggle, press forward, endeavor, venture

wrigon past pl of wréon

wríhst pres 2nd sing of wréon

wríhþ pres 3rd sing of wréon

wringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres wringeþ past wrang/wrungon ptp gewrungen to wring, twist; 1 squeeze, press out

wringe [] f (-an/-an) (oil-) press

wringhwǽg [] n? (-es/-) strained whey

wrislan see wrixlan

wríst [] f (-e/-a) wrist

writ1 [] n (-es/-u, wriotu) letter, book, treatise; scripture, writing; writ, charter, document, deed

wrítan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres wríteþ past wrát/writon ptp gewriten to incise, engrave, write, draw; bestow by writing

writbred [] n (-es/-u, -breodu) writing tablet

wríte see wæter~

writennes see ~

wrítere1 [] m (-es/-as) writer, scribe, author, portrayer, painter; secretary

writeýren see writíren

writian [] wv/t2 1. to chirp, chatter; 2. to cut?, draw a figure?

wrítung [] f (-e/-a) writing

wrítungfeðer [] f (-e/-a) pen

wrítungísen [] n (-es/-) style, pen

writíren [] n (-es/-) writing instrument, style

writseax [] n (-es/-) style, pen

writt- see wrít-

wriða [] m (-n/-n) band, thong, bridle; collar, ring

wríðan1 [] 1. sv/t1 3rd pres wríðeþ past wráþ/wriðon ptp gewriðen to twist; wrap, bind up, tie, fasten, fetter, check; vex, torture; 2. see wrídan

wriðels [] m (-es/-as) band, fillet, bandage

wríðian see wrídian

wrixendlic [] adj mutual; adv ~líce turn about, one by one, by turns, in turn (1)

wrixiendlic [] adj mutual; adv ~líce turn about, one by one, by turns, in turn (2)

wrixl [] f (-e/-a) change, exchange, barter

wrixla [] m (-n/-n) change, exchange, barter

wrixlan [] wv/t1b 1 to change, barter, exchange, reciprocate, lend; wordum ~ converse; ge~ to recompense, requite; ge~ obtain

wrixlian see wrixlan

wrixlung1 [] f (-e/-a) change; loan

wroegan see wrégan

wrogen past participle of wréon

wroht see worht past participle of wréon

wróht [] 1. f (-e/-a) blame, reproach, accusation, slander; fault, crime, sin, injustice; strife, enmity, anger, contention, dispute; hurt, injury, calamity, misery; [wrégan]; 2. m (-es/-as) tale-bearer

wróhtberend [] m (-es/-) accuser

wróhtbora [] m (-n/-n) accuser; the devil

wróhtdropa [] m (-n/-n) criminal bloodshed

wróhtgeorn [] adj contentious

wróhtgetéme [] n (-es/-u) series of crimes?

wróhtian [] wv/t2 to do harm?

wróhtlác [] n (-es/-) calumny

wróhtsáwere [] m (-es/-as) sower of strife

wróhtscipe [] m (-es/-as) crime

wróhtsmiþ2 [] m (-es/-as) worker of evil, evildoer

wróhtspitel [] adj slanderous; [spittan]

wróhtstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) accusation; injury

wrong see wrang 2

wrót [] m (-es/-as) snout, elephant’s trunk

wrótan [] sv/t7 3rd pres wréteþ past wréot/on ptp gewróten to root up

wrugon past pl of wréon

wrungen past participle of wringan

wrycþ pres 3rd sing of wrecan

wryhta see wyrhta

wrýhþ see wríþ pres 3rd sing of wréon

wrýt- see wrít-

wrýte see prýte

wrýðan see wríðan

wucaþén see wucþegn

wucdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) weekday (1)

wuce see wucu

wucedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) weekday (2)

wucþegn [] m (-es/-as) monk or priest appointed for a week’s duty, weekly servant

wucþénung [] f (-e/-a) service for a week

wucu [] f (-e/-a) week

wucubót [] f (-e/-a) penance lasting a week

wucweorc [] n (-es/-) (compulsory) work for a week, by a tenant

wude see wudu

wudere [] m (-es/-as) woodman, wood-carrier

wudewe see wuduwe

wudian [] wv/t2 to cut wood

wudiere see wudere

wudig [] adj wooded, having trees

wudigere see wudere

wudiht [] adj thick (with trees), forest-like

wudo- see wudu-

wudu [] m (-a/-a) wood, forest, grove; tree; the Cross, Rood; wood, timber; 2 ship; spear-shaft

wuduælfen [] f (-ne/-na) wood-elf, dryad

wuduæppel [] m (-æpples/-æpplas) wild apple, crab (listed f)

wudubǽr [] f (-e/-a) woodland pasture

wudubǽre [] adj wood-bearing

wudubærnett [] n (-es/-u) burning of wood

wudubát [] n (-es/-) wooden boat

wudubéam2 [] m (-es/-as) forest tree

wudubearu [] m (-wes/-was) forest, grove

wudubend see wudubinde

wudubind see wudubinde

wudubill [] n (-es/-) hatchet

wudubinde [] 1. f (-an/-an) woodbine, convolvulus; 2. f (-an/-an) bundle of sticks

wudubior [] m (-es/-as) wood-carrier

wudublǽd2 [] f (-e/-a) forest blossom

wudubucca [] m (-n/-n) wild buck, wild goat

wudubyrðra [] m (-n/-n) wood-carrier, camp-follower

wuducerfille [] f (-an/-an) wood-chervil, cow-parsley

wuducláte [] f (-an/-an) a plant, aristolochia

wuducocc [] m (-es/-as) woodcock

wuducroft [] m (-es/-as) a croft with trees on it?

wuduculfre [] m (-es/-as) wood-pigeon

wuducúnelle [] f (-an/-an) wild thyme

wuducynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of tree, an aromatic (?) wood

wududocce [] f (-an/-an) wild dock, sorrel

wuduelfen see wuduælfen

wudufald [] n (-es/-) a fold in a wood

wudufæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) place protected by woods, woodfastness; ship

wudufeald [] n (-es/-) a fold in a wood

wudufeld [] m (-a/-a) wooded plain

wudufeoh [] n (-féos/-) forest-tax

wudufille see wuducerfille

wudufín [] f (-e/-a) pile of wood

wudufugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) forest bird, wild fowl

wudugát [] f (-gǽt/-gǽt) wild goat; [gen sing -gǽt, -gáte; dat sing ~gǽt; nom/acc pl ~gǽt; gen pl ~gáta; dat pl ~gátum]

wudugehæg [] n (-es/-hagu) woodland pasture

wuduhéawere [] m (-es/-as) woodcutter

wuduhæt [] m (-es/-hatas) leafy top

wuduherpæþ [] m (-es/-paðas) public path through a wood

wuduhíewet [] n (-tes/-tu) illegal cutting of wood

wuduholt [] n (-es/-) forest, wood, grove

wuduhona [] m (-n/-n) woodcock

wuduhrofe see wudurofe

wuduhunig [] adj wild honey

wudulád [] f (-e/-a) carting wood

wuduland [] n (-es/-) woodland

wudulǽs [] f (-we/-wa) wood-pasture, run (for cattle) in a wood

wuduleahtric [] m (-es/-as) wood-lettuce, wild sleepwort (1)

wudulectric [] m (-es/-as) wood-lettuce, wild sleepwort (2)

wuduléswe see wudulǽswe

wudulic [] adj woody, wooded, wild

wudumann [] m (-es/-menn) woodman

wudumǽr [] f (-e/-a) wood-nymph, echo

wudumerce [] m (-es/-as) wild parsley, wood-mint

wudung [] f (-e/-a) getting of wood; right of estovers

wudurǽden [] f (-ne/-na) wood-regulation, right of estovers

wuduréc [] m (-es/-as) smoke from a funeral pyre

wudurima [] m (-n/-n) border of a wood

wudurofe [] f (-an/-an) woodruff

wudurose [] f (-an/-an) wild rose

wudusníte [] f (-an/-an) wood-snipe

wudusúræppel [] m (-a/-a) crab-apple?

wudutelga [] m (-n/-n) branch of a tree

wudutréow [] n (-es/-) forest tree

wuduþistle [] m (-es/-as) wood-thistle

wuduwa [] m (-n/-n) widower

wuduwald [] m (-es/-as) forest

wuduwanhád [] f (-a/-a) state of a woman who has not a husband, chastity, widowhood

wuduweald [] m (-es/-as) forest

wuduwása [] m (-n/-n) faun, satyr

wuduwe [] f (-an/-an) widow

wuduweard [] m (-es/-as) forester

wuduweax [] n (-es/-) wood-waxen, genista tinctoria

wuduweaxe [] f (-an/-an) wood-waxen, genista tinctoria

wuduwésten [] m (-es/-as), n (-nes/-nu) wild forest

wuduwinde [] f (-an/-an) woodbine

wuduwyrt [] f (-e/-e) plant which grows in woods

wudwe see wuduwe

wuhhung [] f (-e/-a) rage, fury, madness; pl the Furies

wuht see wiht

wuhung see wuhhung

wul see wull

wulder see wuldor

wuldor [] n (wuldres/-) glory, splendor, honor; praise, thanks; heaven

wuldorbéacn [] n (-es/-) sign of glory

wuldorbéag [] m (-es/-as) crown of glory; iris of the eye

wuldorbéagian1 [] wv/t2 to crown

wuldorblǽd [] m (-es/-as) glorious success

wuldorcyning2 [] m (-es/-as) King of Glory, God

wuldordréam [] m (-es/-as) heavenly rapture

Wuldorfæder2 [] m (-/-) Glorious Father

wuldorfæst [] adj glorious; adv ~e, ~líce

wuldorfæstlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) glory

wuldorful [] adj glorious; vainglorious

wuldorfullian1 [] wv/t2 to glorify

wuldorfullíce [] adv gloriously

wuldorgást [] m (-es/-as) angel

wuldorgeflogena [] m (-n/-n) one who has fled from glory, devil

wuldorgesteald2 [] n pl glorious possessions, realms of glory

wuldorgeweorc [] n (-es/-) wondrous work

wuldorgifu2 [] f (-e/-a) glorious gift, grace

wuldorgim [] m (-es/-as) glorious jewel, sun

Wuldorgod [] m (-es/-as) Glorious God

wuldorhama2 [] m (-n/-n) garb of glory

wuldorhéap [] m? (-es/-as) glorious troop

wuldorhelm [] m (-es/-as) crown of glory

wuldorléan2 [] n (-es/-) glorious reward

wuldorlic2 [] adj glorious; adv ~líce

wuldormága [] m (-n/-n) heir of heaven

wuldormagu [] m (-a/-a) heir of heaven

wuldormicel [] adj gloriously great; cmp ~mára; spl ~mǽst

wuldornyttung [] f (-e/-a) glorious service

wuldorsang [] adj glorious song

wuldorspéd [] f (-e/-e) glorious wealth

wuldorspédig [] adj glorious

wuldortán [] m (-es/-as) plant with medicinal virtues?

wuldortorht2 [] adj gloriously bright, clear, brilliant, illustrious

wuldorþrymm [] m (-es/-as) heavenly glory

wuldorwerod [] n (-es/-, -u) heavenly host

wuldorword [] n (-es/-) glorious word

wuldrian [] wv/t2 1 to glorify, praise, extol; boast, brag; live in glory

wuldrig [] adj glorious

wuldrung [] f (-e/-a) glorying, boasting

wuldur see wuldor

wulf [] m (-es/-as) (he-) wolf; wolfish person, devil

wulfescamb [] m (-es/-as) wild teasel

wulfeshéafod [] n (-héafdes/-u) head of a wolf; outlaw

wulfestǽsel [] f (-e/-a) (wolf’s) teasel

wulfhaga [] m (-n/-n) shelter from wolves?

wulfhéafodtréo [] m (-wes/-was) cross, gallows?

wulfheort2 [] adj wolf-hearted, cruel

wulfhliþ [] n (-es/-u) hillside inhabited by wolves

wulfhol [] n (-es/-u) wolf’s hole

wulflíes [] n (-es/-u) fleece of wool

wulfmod see wullmod

wulfpytt [] m (-es/-as) wolf’s hole?

wulfséaþ [] m (-es/-as) wolf’s hole, pit in which wolves were trapped

wulfslæd [] n (-es/-sladu) valley of wolves

wull [] f (-e/-a) wool

wullcamb [] m (-es/-as) comb for wool

wullcnoppa [] m (-n/-n) tuft of wool

wulle see wull

wullen see wyllen

wullian [] wv/t2 to wipe with wool

wullmod [] m? (-es/-as) distaff

wulltewestre [] f (-an/-an) wool-carder

wulluc [] ? (-?/-?) cover, wrapper

wullwǽga [] f pl scales for wool

wuna1 [] 1. m (-n/-n) habit, custom, practice, rite (usu ge~); on ge~ habban to be accustomed to; 2. adj ge~ wonted, customary, usual

wund [] 1. f (-e/-a) wound, sore, ulcer; wounding, injury; 2. adj wounded, sore

wundel [] f (-e/-a) wound

wundelíce see wundorlíce

wunden past part of windan

wundenfeax [] adj with twisted mane

wundenhals [] adj with twisted prow

wundenlocc2 [] adj with braided locks

wundenmǽl [] adj etched, damascened (of a sword)

wundenstefna [] m (-n/-n) ship with curved or wreathed prow

wunder see wundor

wundian1 [] wv/t2 to wound

wundiend [] m (-es/-) vulnerator

wundig [] adj ulcerous, full of sores (2)

wundiht [] adj ulcerous, full of sores (1)

wundle see wundel

wundlic [] adj wounding, wound-inflicting

wundon past pl of windan

wundor [] n (wundres/-) wonder, miracle, marvel, portent, horror; wondrous thing, monster; ~ cýðan1 perform a miracle

wundorágræfen [] adj wondrously graven

wundorbéacen [] n (-béacnes/-) strange sign

wundorbebod [] n (-es/-u, -bebeodu) strange order

wundorbléo [] n (-wes/-) wondrous hue

wundorclam [] n (-es/-u) strange bond

wundorcræft2 [] m (-es/-as) miraculous power

wundorcræftiglíce [] adv with wondrous skill

wundordǽd [] f (-e/-e) wondrous deed

wundordéaþ [] m (-es/-as) wondrous death

wundoreardung [] f (-e/-a) wondrous dwelling

wundorfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) wondrous vessel

wundorful [] adj wonderful; adv ~líce

wundorgehwyrft [] m (-es/-as) wondrous turn

wundorgeweorc see wundorweorc

wundorgiefu [] f (-e/-a) wondrous endowment

wundorhǽlu [] f (-e/-a) wondrous healing

wundorhús? [] n (-es/-) solarium, upper room

wundorlic [] adj wonderful, remarkable, strange; adv ~líce

wundormáðm [] m (-es/-as) wonderful treasure

wundorséon [] f (-e/-a) wonderful sight

wundorsmiþ [] m (-es/-as) skilled smith

wundortácen [] n (-tácnes/-) miracle

wundorweorc [] n (-es/-) wonder-work, miracle

wundorworuld [] f (-e/-a) wonderful world

wundorwyrd [] f (-e/-e) wonderful event

wundres see wundor

wundrian [] wv/t2 w.g. to wonder, be astonished (at); admire; make wonderful, magnify

wundrigendlic [] adj expressing wonder

wundrum [] adv wonderfully, strangely, terribly

wundrung [] f (-e/-a) wonder, astonishment, admiration; spectacle

wundspring [] m (-es/-as) ulcerous wound

wundswaðu [] f (-e/-a) scar

wundur see wundor

wundwíte [] n (-es/-u) compensation for wounding

wunenes [] f (-se/-sa) dwelling, habitation; perseverance [wunian]

wungynde see wuniende pres part of wunian

wunian [] wv/t2 1 to inhabit, dwell, abide, exist; ge~ remain, continue, stand; 1 be used to, be wont to; ge~ habituate oneself to

wuniendlic [] adj perpetually

wunigend [] m (-es/-) inhabitant

wunn see wynn

wunnen past participle of winnan

wunnon past pl of winnan

wunones see wunenes

wunsum see wynsum

wununes see wunenes

wunung [] f (-e/-a) act of dwelling, living; dwelling, habitation

wunungstów [] f (-e/-a) abiding-place

wuraðo see wrǽþþu

wurcan see wyrcan

wurd [] 1. see wyrd; 2. see word

wurdon past pl of weorðan

wurhte see worhte past sing of wyrcan

wurhton see worhton past pl of wyrcan

wurm see wyrm

wurma [] m (-n/-n) murex, purple-fish; any dye, woad, purple; a plant used for dyeing

wurme [] f (-an/-an) murex, purple-fish; any dye, woad, purple; a plant used for dyeing

wurmille [] f (-an/-an) wild marjoram (1)

wurmele [] f (-an/-an) wild marjoram (2)

wurms see worms

wurst see wierrest

wurt see wyrt

wurþ see weorþ

wurðe see weorþ, weorðe, wierðe

wurðig see worðig

wurðung see weorðung

wúscbearn [] n (-es/-) (dear) little child [wýscan]

wúso see wúscbearn

wussung see wissung

wuta see wita

wutan see wuton

wutedlíce see witodlíce

wutodlíce see witodlíce

wuton [] 1st person pl subj of witan to go; Used to introduce an imperative or hortatory clause let us…!, come!

wutu see wuton

wutum see wuton

wutun see wuton

wutudlíce see witodlíce

wúþwuta see úþwita

wýc see wíc

wyc- see wic-

wýd see wíd

wyd- see wud-

wyder- see wiðer-

wýf- see wíf-

wyglere see wiglere

wyht see wiht

wyl- see weal-, wel-, wiel-, wil-

wýl- see wíel-

wylcþ pres 3rd sing of wealcan

wylf [] f (-e/-a) she-wolf

wylfen [] 1. adj wolfish; 2. f (-ne/-na) she-wolf, fury

wylian see wylwan

wýliscmoru see wéalmoru

wyll [] 1. f (-e/-a) wool; 2. see wiell

wyllan see wiellan

wylleburne2 see wielleburne

wyllecærse see wiellecærse

wyllen [] adj made of wool, woolen

wyllestréam see wiellestréam

wyllewæter see wiellewæter

wylleweg see wielleweg

wyllflód see wiellflód

wyllgespring see wiellgespring

wyllspring see wiellspring

wyllspringe see wiellspringe

wyloc see weoloc

wyn see wynn

wyltan1 [] wv/t1b to roll

wylwan see wielwan

wylwian see wielwian

wyn- see win-, winn-

wýn- see wín-

wynbéam [] m (-es/-as) tree of gladness, holy cross

wynburh [] f (-byrh/-byrh) delightful town

wyncandel [] f (-le/-la) pleasant light, sun

wyndæg2 [] m (-es/-dagas) day of gladness

wyndecræft [] m (-es/-as) art of embroidery

wyndle [] f (-an/-an) wound

wyndréam [] m (-es/-as) jubilation, joyful sound

wyndréamnes [] f (-se/-sa) jubilation

wyndrian see wundrian

wyne see wine

wynele [] m (-es/-as) gladdening oil

wynfæst [] adj joyful

wyngesíþ [] m (-es/-as) pleasant companion

wyngráf [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) delightful grove

wynigaþ see wunigaþ pres pl of wunian

wynland2 [] n (-es/-) land of delight

wynléas2 [] adj joyless

wynlic [] adj pleasant, beautiful, joyful; adv ~líce

wynlust [] m (-es/-as) sensual pleasure

wynmǽg [] f (-e/-a) winsome maiden

wynn [] f (-e/-a) joy, rapture, pleasure, delight, gladness [late OE wyn]

wynn- see wyn-, win-, winn-

wynnum2 [] adv joyfully, beautifully; wenian1 mid ~ to treat kindly

wynpsalterium [] n (-es/-) psalm of joy

wynród [] f (-e/-a) blessed cross

wynsang [] m (-es/-as) joyful song

wynstaðol [] m (-es/-as) joyous foundation

wynsum [] adj winsome, pleasant, delightful, joyful, merry; kindly

wynsumlic1 [] adj pleasant, delightful; adv ~líce pleasantly, happily

wynsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) loveliness, pleasantness, rejoicing

wynwerod [] n (-es/-) chorus, joyous band

wynwyrt [] f (-e/-e) pleasant plant

wynyng see wining

wyorþmynd see weorþmynd

wýr see wír

wyrc see weorc

wyrcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres wyrcþ past worhte ptp geworht to prepare, perform, do, make, work, construct, produce, effect; use (tools); dispose, constitute; amount to; w.g. to strive after; deserve, gain, win, acquire; Crístesmǽl/Crístesmél ~ to make the sign of the cross; Éastron ~ to keep Easter, eat the Passover; gemót ~ to take counsel; ~ wíte to contrive as a punishment

wyrcend [] m (-es/-) worker, doer

wyrcnes [] f (-se/-sa) work, operation

wyrcta see wyrhta

wyrcung [] f (-e/-a) working, work

wyrd1 [] 1. f (-e/-e), n (-es/-) fate, chance, fortune, destiny; Fate, the Fates, Providence; event, phenomenon, transaction, fact; deed; ge~ condition; pleasure; [weorðan]; 2. f (-e/-e) verbosity

wyrdan see wierdan

wyrdgesceapum [] adv by chance

wyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) condition, state

wyrdstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) decree of fate

wyrdwrítere [] m (-es/-as) historian, chronicler

wyred see werod

wyregung see wyrgung

wyrest see wierrest

wyrfan see hwierfan

wyrg see wearg

wyrgan [] 1. wv/t1b to strangle; 2. see wiergan

wyrgcwedol [] adj ill-tongued, given to cursing

wyrgcwedolian [] wv/t2 to curse

wyrgcwedolnes [] f (-se/-sa) cursing

wyrged [] ? (-?/-?) the devil

wyrgednes see á~

wyrgels see wrigels

wyrgelnes see wyrgnes

wyrgend [] m (-es/-) reviler, evildoer

wyrgende [] adj given to cursing

wyrgnes [] f (-se/-sa) abuse, cursing

wyrgðu2 [] f (-e/-a) curse, condemnation, punishment; evil, wickedness

wyrgung [] f (-e/-a) curse, cursing, condemnation, banishment

wyrhta [] m (-n/-n) wright, artist, laborer, worker, maker, creator; ge~ fellow-worker; ge~ accomplice

wyri- see wearg-

wyrian see wiergan

wyricean see wyrcan

wyrig see werig

wyrig- see wearg-, wyrg-

wyrld see woruld

wyrm [] 1. m (-es/-as) reptile, serpent, snake, dragon; worm, insect, mite; poor creature; [wurma]; 2. see wearm

wyrma see wurma

wyrmǽt see wyrmǽte 1

wyrmǽte [] 1. f (-an/-an) attack of worms, worm-eaten state; 2. adj worm-eaten

wyrman1 [] wv/t1b to warm, make warm

wyrmbasu [] adj red, scarlet

wyrmcynn [] n (-es/-) serpent-kind, sort of serpent

wyrmella see wurmille

wyrmfáh [] adj adorned with figures of snakes, damascened?

wyrmgaldere [] m (-es/-as) snake-charmer

wyrmgalere [] m (-es/-as) snake-charmer

wyrmgealdor [] n (-gealdres/-) charm against snakes

wyrmgeard [] m (-es/-as) abode of serpents

wyrmgeblǽd [] n (-es/-) swelling from snake-bite?, (or insect-bite?)

wyrmhǽlsere [] m (-es/-as) diviner by serpents

wyrmhíw [] n (-es/-) likeness of a serpent

wyrmhord [] n (-es/-) dragon’s hoard

wyrming [] f (-e/-a) warming; [wearm]

wyrmlíc [] n (-es/-) form of a serpent

wyrmmelu [] n (-wes/-) worm-meal, ‘pulvis et vermibus confectus’

wyrmréad [] adj purple, scarlet

wyrms [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) virus, corrupt matter

wyrmsan1 [] wv/t1b to fester

wyrmsele [] m (-es/-as) hall of serpents, hell

wyrmshrǽcing [] f (-e/-a) spitting up of matter

wyrmsig1 [] adj purulent

wyrmslite [] m (-es/-as) snake-bite

wyrmsspíung [] f (-e/-a) spitting up of matter

wyrmwyrt [] f (-e/-e) worm-wort

wyrn see wearn

wyrnan see wiernan

wyrp [] m (-es/-as) a throw, cast

wyrpan see wierpan

wyrpe [] f (-an/-an) revolution, change, recovery, relief, improvement [weorpan]

wyrpel [] m (wyrples/wyrplas) jess (in falconry)

wyrpendlic [] adj suitable for throwing

wyrplic see scort~

wyrpst pres 2nd sing of weorpan and wyrpan

wyrpþ pres 3rd sing of weorpan and wyrpan

wyrrest see wierrest

wyrs see wiers

wyrshrǽcung see wyrmshrǽcing

wyrsian [] wv/i2 to get worse

wyrslic [] adj bad, vile, mean

wyrsm- see wyrms-

wyrst [] 1. see wrist; 2. see wierrest

wyrt [] f (-e/-e) 1. herb, vegetable, plant, spice; crop; root; 2. wort (brewing)

wyrtbedd [] n (-es/-) bed of herbs

wyrtbrǽþ [] m (-es/-as) fragrance

wyrtcynn [] n (-es/-) species of plant

wyrtcynren [] n (-es/-) the vegetable world

wyrtdrenc [] m (-es/-as) herbal drink, medicine

wyrteceddrenc [] m (-es/-as) herbal acid drink

wyrtfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) scent-bottle

wyrtforbor [] n (-es/-u) restraint from action by the operation of herbs

wyrtgælstre [] f (-an/-an) witch who works with herbs

wyrtgeard [] m (-es/-as) (kitchen) garden

wyrtgemang [] n (-es/-) mixture of herbs, spices, perfume

wyrtgemangnes [] f (-se/-sa) mixture of herbs, spices, perfume

wyrtgyrd see wyrtgeard

wyrtian1 [] wv/t2 to season, spice, perfume

wyrtig [] adj garden-like?, full of herbs?

wyrtmete [] m (-es/-as) dish of herbs, pottage

wyrtrum [] m (-es/-as) root, root-stock; origin, beginning, stock (1)

wyrtruma [] m (-n/-n) root, root-stock; origin, beginning, stock (2)

wyrtrume [] f (-an/-an) root, root-stock; origin, beginning, stock (4)

wyrtrumian1 [] wv/t2 to take root; establish; root out (1)

wyrttruma [] m (-n/-n) root, root-stock; origin, beginning, stock (3)

wyrttrumian1 [] wv/t2 to take root; establish; root out (2)

wyrttún1 [] m (-es/-as) garden (1)

wyrttúnhege [] f (-an/-an) garden enclosure

wyrtún1 [] m (-es/-as) garden (2)

wyrtung [] f (-e/-a) a preparation of herbs

wyrtwala [] m (-n/-n) root, stock; base, lower part

wyrtwalian [] wv/t2 to set, plant, root; root up

wyrtwalu see wyrtwala

wyrtweard [] m (-es/-as) gardener

wyrtwela see wyrtwala

wyrþ see weorþ

wyrðan [] wv/t1b to irrigate with manure

wyrðe see weorþ

wyrðeland see yrþland

wyrðig [] 1. adj fitting, deserved; 2. see worðig

wyrðing [] m (-es/-as) fallow land?, cultivated land?

wyruld- see woruld-

wys- see wis-, wiss-

wýscan1 [] wv/t1b w.d. person, w.g. thing to wish; ge~ adopt

wýsdóm see wísdóm

wyt see wit pron

wyt- see wit-

wýt- see wít-

wytt see wit pron

wytuma [] m (-n/-n) paranymph

wyð- see wið-

wyxþ pres 3rd sing. of weaxan