tá [] 1. f (-n/-n) toe; 2. f see tán m

tabele f see tabule

tablu f see tabule

tabul f see tabule

tabula m see tabule

tabule [] f (-an/-an) table; a wooden hammer, or piece of wood struck as a signal for assembling monks; writing tablet; gaming table; table of the law [L]

tacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres tæcð past tóc/on ptp getacen to take, seize; ~ on to touch

tácen [] n (tácnes/-) token, symbol, sign, signal, mark, indication, suggestion; portent, marvel, wonder, miracle; evidence, proof; standard, banner

tácn [] n (-es/-u) token, symbol, sign, signal, mark, indication, suggestion; portent, marvel, wonder, miracle; evidence, proof; standard, banner

tácen- see tácn-

tácencircol [] m (-es/-as) indiction

tácnan see tǽcnan

tácnberend [] m (-es/-) standard-bearer

tácnbora [] m (-n/-n) standard-bearer; guide

tácnian1 [] wv/t2 to mark, indicate; betoken, denote, signify, represent; symbolize; portend; demonstrate, express

tácnung1 [] f (-e/-a) sign, presage, token, signal; manifestation, signification, type; indication, symptom, proof; dispensation; phase (of moon), zodiacal sign

tácon see tácen

tácun see tácen

tácor [] m (-es/-as) brother-in-law

tácur [] m (-es/-as) brother-in-law

táde [] f (-an/-an) toad

tádie [] f (-an/-an) toad

tádige [] f (-an/-an) toad

táh past 3rd sing of téon 2

táhe see

táhspura [] m (-n/-n) spur, tip of toe?

táhte see tǽhte past 3rd sing of tǽcan

tal see talu

tál see tǽl

tala see tela, talu

tald see teald past part of tellan

talente [] f (-an/-an) talent (money of account) [L]

talian1 [] wv/t2 to count, calculate, reckon, account, consider, think, esteem, value; argue; tell, relate; impute, assign [see tellan]

talt- see tealt-

talu [] f (-e/-a) tale, series, calculation; list; statement, deposition, relation, communication, narrative; fable, tale, story; accusation, action at law

tálwyrð see tǽlwierð

tam [] adj tame; tractable, gentle; mild

tama [] m (-n/-n) tameness

tamcol see un~

tán [] 1. m (-es/-as) twig, rod, switch, branch; rod of divination; 2. shooting?, spreading?; 3. pl of

tánede [] adj diseased of the toes?

tang1 [] f (-e/-a) pincers, tongs, forceps [used in sing, and pl]

tange [] f (-an/-an) pincers, tongs, forceps [used in sing, and pl]

tánhlyta [] m (-n/-n) soothsayer, augur, diviner [tán, hlot]

tánhlytere [] m (-es/-as) soothsayer, diviner

tannere [] m (-es/-as) tanner

taper see tapor

taperæx [] f (-e/-a) small axe [ON taperöx]

tapor [] m (-es/-as) lamp-wick, taper, candle; a feeble light [Keltic]

taporberend [] m (-es/-) acolyte

taran see teoru

targa? [] m (-n/-n) small shield, buckler

targe? [] f (-an/-an) small shield, buckler

taru? [] f (-e/-a) tear, rent [teran]

tasol see teosel

tasul see teosel

táwere see flæsc~

táwian1 [] wv/t2 to prepare, make ready, make; till, cultivate; harass, afflict, insult; ~ tó bysmore outrage, profane

tæbere [] m? (-es/-as) a weaving tool?, tenterhook?

tæcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres tæcð past tǽhte ptp getǽht to transfer, translate

tǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres tǽcð past tǽhte, táhte ptp getǽht, getáht to show, declare, demonstrate; teach, instruct, train; assign, prescribe, direct; warn; persuade; ge~ fram dismiss

tǽcing [] f (-e/-a) teaching, instruction; doctrine; direction, injunction, command, rule

tǽcnan [] wv/t1b to mark by a token, denote, designate, mark out [Ger zeichnen]

tǽcne see earfoð~

tǽcnend [] m (-es/-) index-finger

tǽcnian see tácnian

tǽcning [] f (-e/-a) demonstration, proof

tæfl [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) cube, die, game with dice or tables [L tabula]

tæfel [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) cube, die, game with dice or tables [L tabula]

tæflan [] wv/t1b to gamble

tæflian [] wv/t2 to gamble

tæfle [] adj given to dice-playing

tæflere [] m (-es/-as) gambler

tæflstán [] m (-es/-as) gambling-stone

tæflung [] f (-e/-a) gaming, playing at dice

tǽg see téag

tæg tæg [] interj tee-hee

tægel [] m (tægles/tæglas) tail

tægl [] m (-es/-as) tail

tæglhǽr [] n (-es/-) hair of the tail

tægðian see teogoðian

tæherian see téarian

tæhher see téar

tǽhte past 3rd sing of tǽcan

tæl [] n (-es/talu) number

tǽl [] f (-e/-a) blame, reproach, calumny, abuse; blasphemy; disgrace

tæla see tela

tǽlan1 [] wv/t1b to blame, censure, scold, reprove, reproach, accuse; speak ill of, slander, insult, deride; despise, maltreat; dispute

tælberend see telgberend

tǽle see léof~, un~

tǽlend [] m (-es/-) slanderer, backbiter; mocker, scoffer; reprover

tǽlende [] adj censorious, slanderous

tǽlere [] m (-es/-as) derider, scoffer

tælfers [] n (-es/-) versus catalecticus [a verse in which a syllable is wanting at the end]

tǽman see tíeman

tæmespíle [] f (-an/-an) sieve-frame, sieve-stand?, sieve-stake

tæmian see temian

tǽnen [] adj made of twigs

tæng- see teng-

tǽnil see tǽnel

tæppa [] m (-n/-n) tap, spigot

tæppe [] f? (-an/-an) strip of stuff or cloth, tape

tæpped [] n (-es/-) figured cloth, tapestry, carpet

tæppet [] n (-es/-) figured cloth, tapestry, carpet

tæppelbred [] n (-es/-u) footstool

tæppere [] m (-es/-as) tapster, tavern-keeper

tæppestre [] f (-an/-an) tapstress, female tavern-keeper

tæppet see tæpped

tæppian [] wv/t2 to open (a cask)?, furnish it with a tap or spout?

tæppilbred see tæppelbred

tær past 3rd sing of teran

tǽr see téar

tǽsan [] wv/t1b 1 to pull, tear, comb, card; 2 wound, injure, assault; ge~ influence

tǽse1 [] 1. adj pleasant; convenient, suitable; 2. ge~ n (-es/-u) advantage, convenience; useful thing, implement

tǽsel [] f (tǽsle/tǽsla) teasel (plant)

tæslíce see þæslíce

tæsu see teosu

tǽtan [] wv/t1b to gladden, cheer

tætteca [] m? (-n/-n) rag, tatter, shred?

tǽð see téð, pl of tóð

tǽwe see æl~

te- see -

téa see tíen

téafor [] 1. n (-es/-) red, red lead, vermilion, purple; pigment, salve; 2. ? or see téaforgéap

téag [] 1. f (-e/-a) cord, band, thong, fetter; 2. case, chest; enclosure

teagor see téar

téah [] 1. past 3rd sing of téon 1, 2; 2. see téag

teal- see tal-, tæl-, tel-

téal- see tǽl-

tealde past 3rd sing of tellan

tealgor see telgor

tealt [] adj unstable, precarious

tealtian [] wv/t2 to totter, shake, stumble, waver; be untrustworthy; amble [Ger zelter]

tealtrian [] wv/t2 to totter, shake, stumble, waver; be untrustworthy; amble [Ger zelter]

téam [] m (-es/-as) descendant, family, race, line; child-bearing; brood; company, band; team (of horses, oxen, etc.); vouching to warranty, right of jurisdiction in matters of warranty

téaman see tíeman

téamful [] adj fruitful

téamian see tíeman

téampól [] m (-es/-as) breeding pool

téan- see téon-

teaper see tapor

téapor see téafor

téar [] m (-es/-as) drop; tear; what is distilled from anything in drops, nectar

tearflian [] wv/i2 3rd pres téarflað past téarflode ptp is getéarflod to turn, roll, wallow

téargéotende [] adj tear-shedding, tearful

téarian [] wv/i2 3rd pres téarað past téarode ptp getéarod to weep

téarig [] adj tearful; watery

téarighléor [] adj with tearful cheeks

tearn see stearn

tearos see teoru

teart [] adj sharp, rough, severe [tær, past of teran]

teartlic [] adj sharp, rough; adv ~líce

teartnes [] f (-se/-sa) sharpness, roughness, hardness

teartnumol [] adj biting, effectual

teaslíce see þæslíce

téað see téoð, pres pl of téon 1, 2

tebl see tæfl

tebl- see tæfl-

tebil- see tæfl-

téc- see tǽc-

téd- see tíed-

téde past of téagan

téder see týder

tédr- see tíed(e)r-, týdr-

tefel see tæfl

tefil see tæfl

téfrung [] f (-e/-a) picture

tég see téag

tégan [] 1. see tíegan; 2. see téagan

tége see tíge

tegl see tægl

tégð- see téoð-

téh see téah, past 3rd sing of téon

teherian see téarian

tehher see téar

teher see téar

teissu see teosu

tél- see tǽl-

tela [] 1. adv well, fitly, properly, rightly, very, good; prosperously, beneficially; 2. interj well!, good!

teld1 [] n (-es/-) tent, pavilion, tabernacle

teldian [] wv/t2 to spread (net), set (trap); entrap

teldsticca [] m (-n/-n) tent-peg

teldtréow [] n (-es/-) tent-peg

teldwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) tent-maker

telede see tealde, past 3rd sing of tellan

telg [] m (-es/-as) dye, color, tincture

telga [] m (-n/-n) twig, branch, bough, shoot; pole, stock

telge f see telga

telgestre [] f (-an/-an) dyer [listed as m]

telgian [] 1. wv/t2 to put forth branches; 2. see talian; 3. see telgan

telgor [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) twig, branch, shoot

telgra [] m (-n/-n) twig, branch, shoot

telgre [] f (-an/-an) twig, branch, shoot

telgung [] f (-e/-a) dye, purple dye

telian see tilian

tellan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to tell, reckon, count, number, compute, calculate; account, estimate, consider, think, esteem, believe; charge against, impute to; assign; state, recount, enumerate, announce, relate ~ gelíc compare [talu]

tellendlic see un~

teltré [] n (-wes/-) weaving-tool?, tenterhook?, tent-peg?; see teldtréow, tent-peg

teltréo [] n (-wes/-) weaving-tool?, tenterhook?, tent-peg?

tém see téam

tema see tama

téman see tíeman

témbyrst [] m (-es/-as) failure to secure a voucher [téam]

Temes [] f (-se/-sa) river Thames [L Tamisia]

Temese [] f (-an/-an) river Thames [L Tamisia]

temesian1 [] wv/t2 to sift

temian1 [] wv/t2 to tame, subdue; ge~ suffer, permit

tempel [] n (-es/-u) temple [L templum]

templ [] n (-es/-) temple [L templum]

tempelgeat [] n (-es/-gatu) temple-door

tempelhús [] n (-es/-) temple

templgeweorc [] n (-es/-) structure of the temple

templhálgung [] f (-e/-a) dedication of the temple

templic [] adj of a temple

temprian1 [] wv/t2 to temper, moderate; cure, heal; control, curb [L]

temprung [] f (-e/-a) tempering, moderation

tén see tíen

ténan see týnan

tendan see á~, for~, on~

tender see tynder

tending [] f (-e/-a) burning, stinging

tendling [] f (-e/-a) burning, stinging

téne see tíen

ténel see tǽnel

tengan1 [] wv/t1b to press towards, hasten; áweg ~ get away, get off; ge~ on assail

ténil see tǽnel

tennan [] wv/t1a to lure, coax?

téo pres 1st sing of téon 1, 2

teochian see teohhian

téode past of téon 3, téogan, teohhian

teofenian2 [] wv/t2 to join, put together

téofor see téafor

téofrian [] wv/t2 to appoint?

téogan see teohhian

teogeða see téoða

teogoða see téoða

teogoðian [] wv/t2 to tithe, grant or pay tithes; divide by ten

teoh [] f (-e/-a), m (téos/téos) race; band, troop, company, society [Ger zeche]

teohhe see teoh

teohhian1 [] wv/t2 to determine, intend, propose; consider, think, judge, estimate [OHG gizehón]

teohian see teohhian

teol- see tel-, til-

teolþyrl [] n (-es/-) foramen, fenestra; an opening in a beehive, service entrance

teom see tam

téon [] 1. 1 sv/t2 3rd pres tíehð past téah/tugon ptp getogen to pull, tug, draw, drag, row (boat); draw together; withdraw, take; entice, allure, induce, lead, bring; bring up, educate; bring to, attract; arrogate; bring forth, produce; restrain; betake oneself to, go, roam; ge~ dispute; ge~ string up, play (instrument); getogen lengthened, long (of vowels); 2. sv/t1 3rd pres tíehð past táh/tigon ptp getigen accuse, censure; proceed against successfully; 3. wv/t3? 3rd pres téoð past téode ptp getéod 1 to prepare, furnish forth, arrange, adorn, deck; produce, work, do, create, make; settle, fix, establish, constitute, ordain [= teohhian]; 4. num see tíen; 5. n see téona; 6. see déon

téona [] m (-n/-n) injury, hurt, wrong; accusation, reproach, insult, contumely; anger, grief; malice; enmity, hostility

téoncwide2 [] m (-es/-as) hurtful speech; blasphemy

téoncwidian [] wv/t2 to slander, calumniate

téond [] 1. m (-es/-) accuser; 2. drawer

téone f see téona

téonere [] m (-es/-as) slanderer

téonful [] adj slanderous, evil, rebellious, painful

téonhete2 [] m (-es/-as) malicious hate

téonian [] wv/t2 to injure, irritate; slander

téonléas [] adj free from suffering

téonlég2 [] m (-es/-as) destroying flame

téonlic [] adj destructive, shameful, hurtful; adv ~líce

téonrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) abuse, wrong, injury, humiliation

téonsmið [] m (-es/-as) evil-doer

téontig see hundtéontig

téonword [] n (-es/-) reproach, abuse, calumny

téorian1 [] wv/t2 to fail, cease, become weary, be tired, exhausted; tire, weary, exhaust [teran]

téorigendlic1 [] adj failing, defective

teoro see teoru

teors [] m (-es/-as) calamus, veretrum

teoru [] n (-wes/-) tar, bitumen, distillation from a tree, resin, gum, balsam; wax from the ear

téorung1 [] f (-e/-a) exhaustion, weariness

teosel [] m (teosles/teoslas) die (tessera) [L]

teosu [] f (-e/-a) harm, injury, ruin, wrong

teosusprǽc [] f (-e/-a) harmful speech

teosuword [] n (-es/-) calumny, harmful speech

teoswian [] wv/t2 to injure, harm

téoð pres pl of téon 1, 2

téoða [] num adj tenth; ~an dǽl tenth part

téoðe [] adv tenthly

téoðian1 [] wv/t2 to divide by ten, tithe; take a tenth, give tithes

téoðing see téoðung

téoðingdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) tithing day, tenth day

téoðingealdor [] m (-ealdres/-ealdras) ruler over ten, dean, captain of ten

téoðingmann [] m (-es/-menn) tithing-man, headborough; captain of ten

téoðung [] f (-e/-a) division into ten, decimation, tenth part, tithe, tithing; band of ten men

téoðungcéap [] m (-es/-as) tithe

téoðunggeorn [] adj diligent in paying tithes

téoðungland [] n (-es/-) land set apart for tithes

téoðungsceatt [] m (-es/-as) tithing-money, tithes

téowlic see tówlic

teped see tæpped

tepet see tæpped

tér see téar

teran1 [] sv/t4 3rd pres tirð past tær/tǽron ptp getoren to tear, lacerate

terdnes see teartnes

tergan see tirgan

termen [] m (-es/-as) term, end [L]

tero see teoru

teru see teoru

tes- see teos-

teter [] m (-es/-as) tetter, skin eruption, eczema, ringworm

teting see tyhting

téð see tóð (pl form)

téða see téoða

tewestre see wull~

Thomas [] m (-es/-as) Thomas

Thráceas [] m pl the Thracians

see Tíw

tían see téon 3

tíber2 [] n (tíbres/-) offering, sacrifice, victim

tíbernes [] f (-se/-sa) sacrificing, destruction

ticcen [] n (-nes/-nu) kid

ticgen see ticcen

ticgende [] adj proudly adorned

ticia [] m (-n/-n) tick (insect)

tictator [] m (-es/-as) dictator [L]

tíd [] f (-e/-e) time, period, season, while; hour; feast-day, festal-tide; canonical hour or service; on ~e at the proper time; forðgewiten tíd/tíma past tense

tídan [] wv/t1b 1 to betide, happen; fall to (one’s lot)

tídanþénung see tídþénung

tidd- see tíd-, týd-

tíddæg2 [] m (-es/-dagas) lifetime

tídelíce see tídlíce

tídembwlátend see tídymbwlátend

tíder see tíedre

tídfara [] m (-n/-n) one who travels at his own convenience?, one who goes at his own time?

Tídfrið [] m (-es/-as) Tidfrith, a bishop who succeeded Alfhun after Alfhun’s death

tídgenge [] adj having a monthly course, periodical

tídlic [] adj timely, seasonable, opportune; temporal; temporary; adv ~líce

tídlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) opportunity, fit time

tídran see týdran

tídre see tíedre

tídrén [] m (-es/-as) timely rain

tídrian1 [] wv/i2 to become feeble, weak; decay

tídsang [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) canonical hours, lauds

tídscéawere [] m (-es/-as) astrologer

tídscriptor [] m (-es/-as) chronographer, chronicler [hybrid word]

tídþénung [] f (-e/-a) service at one of the canonical hours

tídum [] adv at times, occasionally

tídung [] f (-e/-a) event, tidings, news [usu in pl]

tídwrítere [] m (-es/-as) chronicler

tídwurdung [] f (-e/-a) service at one of the canonical hours

tídymbwlátend [] m (-es/-) astrologer

tíeder see tíedre

tíederlic [] adj weak

tíedernes [] f (-se/-sa) frailty (of body or soul)

tíedran see týdran

tíedre [] adj weak, frail, infirm; faint-hearted; fleeting

tíegan1 [] wv/t1b to tie, bind; join, connect [téag]

tiegle see tigle

tieht- see tyht-

tíehð pres 3rd sing of téon 1 and 2

tiel- see til-

tíema see tíma

tíeman [] wv/t1b to bring forth, engender, beget, propagate; make answerable for another person, call as witness; 1 vouch to warranty [téam]

tíen [] num ten; ordinal téoða

tíenambre [] adj holding ten ambers

tíenbebod [] n (-es/-u) Decalogue

tíenfeald [] adj ten-fold

tíengewintred [] adj ten years old

tíennihte [] adj ten days old

tíenstrenge [] adj ten-stringed

tíenwintre [] adj ten years old; ten years long

tíer [] ? (-?/-?) heap?, drop?

tife [] f (-an/-an) bitch

tífer see tíber

tíg see fore~, forð~

Tíg see Tíw

tígan see tíegan

tige see tyge

tigel [] f (-e/-a) earthen vessel, crock, pot, potsherd; tile, brick; slabs for roofing

tigele [] f (-an/-an) earthen vessel, crock, pot, potsherd; tile, brick; slabs for roofing

tigelærne [] f (-an/-an) tile kiln?, house of brick?

tigelen [] adj made of pot, earthenware

tigelfág [] adj tile-adorned

tigelgetel [] n (-es/-u) tale of bricks

tigelgeweorc [] n (-es/-) brick-making

tigelléah [] m (-léas/-léas) brick-field

tigelstán [] m (-es/-as) tile

tigelwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) brick-maker, potter

tigen past part. of téon 2

tiger [] m (tigres/tigras) tiger

tígung [] f (-e/-a) tie, connection [tígan]

tigl [] 1. see tigel; 2. see tygel

tigle [] f (-an/-an) muraenula, sea-mullet?

tigle see tigel, tigele

tigol see tigel, tigele

tigole see tigel, tigele

tigon past pl of téon 2

tígrisc [] adj of a tiger

tigðian see tíðian

tigu see efeðge~ [egðe]

tigule see tigele

tihian see teohhian

tiht [] m (-es/-as) charge, crime [téon 1]

tihtan [] 1. wv/t1b to accuse; 2. see tyhtan

tihtbysig [] adj involved in accusations, of bad reputation

tihtle [] f (-an/-an) accusation, suit, charge

tihtlian [] wv/t2 to accuse, charge

tíhð pres 3rd sing of téon 2

til [] 1. adj good, apt, suitable, useful, profitable; excellent; brave; abounding; 2. 2 n (-es/-u) goodness, fitness; 3. n see till; 4. prep w.d.? to [‘till’]

tila see tela

tilen [] f (-ne/-na) endeavor

tilfremmende [] adj well-doing

tilgan see tilian

tili see twilic

tilia [] m (-n/-n) tiller, workman, hind, laborer, farmer, husbandman

tiliga [] m (-n/-n) tiller, workman, hind, laborer, farmer, husbandman

tiligea [] m (-n/-n) tiller, workman, hind, laborer, farmer, husbandman

tilian [] wv/t2 to aim at, aspire to, strive after, try, endeavor; 1 procure, obtain, gain, provide; exert oneself, work, make, generate; tend, cherish, cultivate, till, plough; trade, traffic; 1 treat, cure

tiligea see tilia

tiling see tilung

till2 [] n (-es/-) station, standing-place

till- see til-, tyll-

tillic2 [] adj fit, good; adv ~líce

tilmódig2 [] adj well-disposed, kind, good

tilð1 [] f (-e/-a) tilth, labor, husbandry; crop, harvest; gain, profit

tilðe [] f (-an/-an) tilth, labor, husbandry; crop, harvest; gain, profit

tilung [] f (-e/-a) acquisition, procuring; care, solicitude; occupation, work, performance; tending, culture, husbandry; produce, gain, income

tíma [] m (-n/-n) time, period, space of time; lifetime; fixed time; favorable time, opportunity; a metrical unit; forðgewiten tíd/tíma past tense

tíman see tíeman

timber [] n (timbres/-) timber, building material; act of building; building, structure; trees, woods

timbergeweorc [] n (-es/-) cutting timber

timbor [] 1. ? (-?/-?) a revolving borer, auger?; 2. see timber

timbran [] wv/t1b to build, construct, erect; effect, do; edify, instruct; cut ‘timber’

timbrian [] wv/t2 to build, construct, erect; effect, do; edify, instruct; cut ‘timber’

timbrend [] m (-es/-), f (-e/-a) builder

timbriend [] m (-es/-), f (-e/-a) builder

timbrung1 [] f (-e/-a) act of building; structure; edification

tímlic [] adj suitable, of proper age

timpana [] m (-n/-n) timbrel

timpestre [] f (-an/-an) female timbrel-player

timple [] f (-an/-an) a weaver’s instrument [see átimplian]

tin [] 1. n (-es/-u) tin; 2. f (-e/-a) beam, rafter; 3. see tinen

tín [] num see tíen

tinclian [] wv/t2 to tickle

tind [] m (-es/-as) spike, beak, prong, tooth of a fork

tindig [] adj spiked

tindiht [] adj forked, jagged, beaked

tinder see tyndre

tinen [] adj made of tin

tínung see gafol~

tinn [] ? (-?/-?) beam

tinnan [] wv/t1a to stretch; desire, long for?, burn?

tinnen see tinen

tínstrenge see tíenstrenge

tinterg see tintreg

tinterþegn see tintregþegn

tintreg [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) torture, torment, punishment

tingtreganlic see tintreglic

tintregend [] m (-es/-) torturer

tintregian1 [] wv/t2 to torment, torture, punish

tintreglic [] adj full of torment, infernal

tintregstów [] f (-e/-a) place of torment

tintregþegn [] m (-es/-as) torturer, executioner

tintregung [] f (-e/-a) torture, punishment

tintrian see tintregian

tio- see teo-

tiol- see tel-, til-

tír [] m (-es/-as) 2 fame, glory, honor, ornament; name of the rune for t; name of a planet and a god (Mars)

tíréadig2 [] adj glorious, famous

tírfæst2 [] adj glorious, famous

tírfruma [] m (-n/-n) prince of glory

tirgan [] wv/t1b to worry, exasperate, pain, provoke, excite

tirging [] f (-e/-a) zeal, emulation; jealousy, provocation [zelus]

Tirisc [] adj of Tyre

tírléas [] adj inglorious, infamous

tírmeahtig2 [] adj of glorious might

tirð pres 3rd sing of teran

tírwine [] m (-es/-as) (famous) follower, retainer

tit see titt

tite see titt

títelian1 [] wv/t2 to indicate by a written mark, entitle, ascribe; appoint [L]

títelung [] f (-e/-a) recapitulation, a giving of titles or headings

titolose [] f? (-an/-an) tidulosa (plant)

titt [] m (-es/-as) teat, nipple, breast

tittstrycel [] m (-strycles/-stryclas) teat

títul [] m (-es/-as) title, superscription [L]

tíð [] 1. f (-e/-a) assent, permission; giving, grant, boon, favor, concession [tigð]; ~e fremian to grant; 2. pres 3rd sing of téon 1 and 2

tíða [] m (-n/-n) sharer in, receiver, grantee [only in phrases ~ béon, weorðan]

tíðe [] f (-an/-an) sharer in, receiver, grantee [only in phrases ~ béon, weorðan]

tíðian1 [] wv/t2 w.g. thing, w.d. person to give, bestow, grant, permit [tithe]

tíðing see téoðung

tíðrian [] wv/t2 to be favorable (to)

tíurung see téorung

Tíw [] m (-es/-as) Tiw (northern god of war); name of the rune for T

Tíwesdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Tuesday

Tíwesniht [] f (-e/-) Monday night; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

tó [] 1. prep a. w.d. (motion) to, into; ~ emnes abreast of; (rest) at; (figurative direction, object of verb) conducing to, to; fón ~ ríce to ascend the throne; (definition, destination) for, as a; wyrcan ~ wíte contrive as a punishment; in accordance with, according to; (time) at; ~ midre niht at midnight; ~ dæg today; ~ langum fyrste for a long time; (with gerunds) to express purpose, etc.; b. w.g. (of time) at; 2. adv besides, also; too, excessively; thereto; towards, in the direction of; in addition, besides; (adverbial phrases) ~ þám, ~ þæs (1) so (adeo), to such an extent; (2) to that end; (3) moreover, however; ~ hwǽm wherefore; ~ hwæs whither; ~ þám þæt, ~ þý þæt in order that; ~ þon þæt until; ~ þæs þe when, where; ~ hwon, ~ hwý for what, wherefore; ~ sóðum truly; ~ þearfe according to what is needed; þǽr ~ éacan in addition thereto; ne ~ wuhte by no means; ~ him next or nearest to him

tó- [] prefix 1. with accent (stress) it has the meaning of adv tó (as in tócweðan, tóbringan, tócuman) [Ger zu-]; 2. with out accent = asunder (as in tóbrecan) [Ger zer-]

tóámearcian [] wv/t2 to mark out, assign

tóátéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres tóátíehð past tóátéah/tóátugon ptp tóátogen to draw in

tóáwrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tóáwríteð past tóáwrát/tóáwriton ptp tóáwriten to write together, write in a roll, enroll, enlist, levy; To put together in writing, to draw up, compose, write; Esp., of physicians, to prescribe;  [conscribere]

tóǽtéacnes [] f (-se/-sa) increase

tóǽtéacnian [] wv/t2 to increase

tóætíecan [] wv/t1b to increase [éac]

tóætíecnes [] f (-se/-sa) increase

tóætýcan see tóætíecan

tóætýcnes see tóætíecnes

tóbǽdan [] wv/t1b to elevate, exalt

tóbéatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tóbíeteð past tóbéot/on, tóbeoft/on  ptp tóbéaten to beat severely, destroy by beating

tóbefealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tóbefieldeð past tóbeféold/on ptp tóbefealden to fold together

tóbeflówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tóbefléwð past tóbefléow/on ptp tóbeflówen to flow up to

tóbegietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres tóbegieteð past tógeat/tógéaton ptp tógieten to acquire, purchase

tóbelimpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóbelimpð past tóbelamp/tóbelumpon ptp tóbelumpen impersonal it belongs, behooves

tóberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres tóbirð past tóbær/tóbǽron ptp tóboren to carry, remove, carry off, purloin; scatter, dissipate, distract, destroy; swell; separate

tóberennes [] f (-se/-sa) difference

tóberstan [] sv/i3 3rd pres tóbirsteð past tóbærst/tóburston ptp tóborsten to burst apart, go to pieces; sv/t3 to cause to burst apart, shatter

tóberstung [] f (-e/-a) bursting

tóbesettan [] wv/t1a to put to

tóbígend [] 1. ~e adj bowing down, tottering; 2. m (-es/-) bowing down, tottering

tóbláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tóblǽwð past tóbléow/on ptp tóbláwen to blow to pieces, blast, scatter; puff up, inflate, distend

tóbláwennes [] f (-se/-sa) inflation

tóblǽdan [] wv/t1b to inflate, puff up; dilate, enlarge

tóborstennes [] f (-se/-sa) abscess

tóbrǽdan [] wv/t1b to spread abroad, disperse, scatter; spread out, extend; open, dilate; multiply

tóbrǽdednes [] f (-se/-sa) broadness, breadth

tóbrǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) broadness, breadth

tóbrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres tóbricð past tóbræc/tóbrǽcon ptp tóbrocen to break in pieces, break up, shatter, destroy, ruin, wreck, overthrow, annul; diffuse; break through, violate, force; interrupt

tóbrédan [] 1. see tóbregdan; 2. see tóbrǽdan

tóbregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóbrigdeð past tóbrægd/tóbrugdon ptp tóbrogden to tear in pieces, wrench apart, rend, lacerate; distract; cast off, shake off; turn to, turn about; slǽpe ~ awake, wake up

tóbrengnes [] f (-se/-sa) oblation, offering

tóbringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres tóbringð past tóbróhte ptp tóbróht to bring to

tóbrittian see tóbrýtan

tóbrocenlic [] adj brittle, fragile

tóbrýsan [] wv/t1b to bruise, shatter, crush, break to pieces

tóbrýsian [] wvt/2 to bruise, shatter, crush, break to pieces

tóbrýtan [] wv/t1b to break in pieces, destroy; be repentant

tóbrýtednes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition, sorrow

tóbrýtendlic [] adj brittle, fragile

tóbryting [] f (-e/-a) crushing, contrition

tóbryttian see tóbrýtan

tóc past 3rd sing of tacan

tóceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tócierfð past tócearf/tócurfon ptp tócorfen to cut, cut in pieces, cut off, cut away

tócéowan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tócíewð past tócéaw/tócuwon ptp tócowen to bite to pieces, chew, eat

tóch see tóh

tócígan [] wv/t1b to call to

tócime see tócyme

tócínan [] sv/i1 3rd pres tócínð past tócán/tócinon ptp tócinen to break into chinks, split open, cleave asunder, splinter, crack

tócirhús [] n (-es/-) lodging-house, inn

tóclǽfan [] wv/t1b to split, cleave

tócléofan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tóclíefð past tócléaf/tóclufon ptp tóclofen to cleave asunder, split, divide

tócleofian see tóclifian

tóclifian [] wv/t2 to cleave to, adhere, stick to

tóclifrian [] wv/i2 to be torn in pieces, scratched about

tóclip- see tóclyp-

tóclypigendlic [] adj vocative, used in calling

tóclypung [] f (-e/-a) calling upon, invocation

tócnáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tócnǽwð past tócnéow/on ptp tócnáwen to know, acknowledge, recognize, distinguish, discern, know the difference between, understand; (a) w.a.; (b) w.a. and appositive adjective; (c) w.clause.;

tócnáwennes [] f (-se/-sa) understanding, discernment

tócnáwnes [] f (-se/-sa) understanding, discernment

tócnyssan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres tócnyseð past tócnyste ptp tócnysed to shake, crush to pieces, smash, shatter

tócuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres tócymð past tócóm/on ptp is tócumen to come, arrive

tócwæscednes [] f (-se/-sa) trembling, shaking, shattering

tócwæstednes [] f (-se/-sa) trembling, shaking, shattering

tócweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres tócwiðeð past tócwæð/tócwǽdon ptp tócweden to forbid, interdict, prohibit

tócwísan see tócwýsan

tócwylman [] wv/t1b to torment

tócwýsan [] wv/t1b to crush utterly, grind to pieces, bruise, destroy; be crushed

tócwýsednes [] f (-se/-sa) crushed condition; contrition

tócyme [] m (-es/-as) coming, advent, arrival

tócyrcanwerd [] adv towards church [~weard?]

tócyrran [] wv/i1a to part, separate

tódál [] n (-es/-) partition, division, separation; difference, distinction, discretion; dispersion; comma, dividing point, clause, section, period

tódæg [] adv today

tódæge [] adv today

tódǽl see tódál

tódǽlednes [] f (-se/-sa) division; severance, separation; difference, intermission, respite, cessation

tódǽlendlic [] adj separable, distinct; adv ~líce

tódǽlnes [] f (-se/-sa) division, separation

tódélan see tódǽlan

tódéman [] wv/t1b to decide, judge, sentence, determine

tódihtnian [] wv/t2 to dispose, arrange

tódón [] irreg v/t to apply, put to, add; divide, separate, distinguish; undo, open, unbind

tódrǽfan [] wv/t1b to scatter, disperse, separate, drive out or apart

tódrǽfednes [] f (-se/-sa) dispersion, scattering

tódrǽfnes [] f (-se/-sa) dispersion, scattering

tódréosan [] sv/i2 3rd pres tódríesð past tódréas/tódruron ptp is tódroren to be destroyed, perish, decay

tódrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tódrífð past tódráf/tódrifon ptp tódrifen to scatter, disperse, drive away; destroy, repel

tódwǽscan2 [] wv/t1b to put out, extinguish

tóéacen [] prep and adv besides, moreover, also

tóécan see tóéacen

tóécnes see tóíecnes

tóefenes [] prep w.d. alongside

tóemnes [] prep w.d. alongside

tóendebyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) order, series

toeð see téð

tóéðian [] wv/t2 to inspire

tófaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres tófærð past tófór/on ptp is tófaren to be scattered, disperse, separate, disappear

tófæng see tófeng

tófær [] n (-es/-faru) departure, decease

tófealdan [] sv/i7 3rd pres tófieldeð past tóféold/on ptp is tófealden to come to land [translation of L: applicare]

tófeallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres tófielð past tóféoll/on ptp is tófeallen to fall down, collapse; fall apart, fall off, fall to pieces

Tófeceaster [] f (-e/-a) Towcester; [from Tófi, Tófa, Scandinavian proper names]

tófeng [] 1. m (-es/-as) grip, seizure; 2. past 3rd sing of tófón

tóféran [] wv/i1b to go in different directions, separate, disperse; deal out, distribute

tóferian [] wv/t2 to scatter, disperse, get rid of; put off; digest

tófésian [] wv/t2 to drive away, rout

tófléam [] m (-es/-as) refuge

tófléogan [] sv/i2 3rd pres tóflíehð past tófléag/tóflugon ptp tóflogen to be dispersed, fly apart, burst

tófléon [] sv/i2 3rd pres tóflíehð past tófléah/tóflugon ptp tóflogen to be dispersed, fly apart, burst

tófléotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tóflíeteð past tófléat/tófluton ptp tófloten to carry away by a flood

tóflówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tófléwð past tófléow/on ptp tóflówen to flow down or apart, be split, melt; flow away, ebb; flow to, pour in, distract

tóflówednes [] f (-se/-sa) flowing, flux; diffusion (2)

tóflówendnes [] f (-se/-sa) flowing, flux; diffusion (4)

tóflówennes [] f (-se/-sa) flowing, flux; diffusion (3)

tóflównes [] f (-se/-sa) flowing, flux; diffusion (1)

tóforan [] prep w.d. (time and place) before; (superiority) above, over, beyond; besides

tóforlǽtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tóforlǽteð past tóforlét/on, tóforleort/on ptp tóforlǽten to dismiss, to leave to

tóforlǽtennes [] f (-se/-sa) intermission

toft [] m (-es/-as) homestead, site of a house

tófyllan [] wv/t1a to smite in pieces

tógadere [] adv together; ~ gán, fón, cuman to engage in battle [gaderian] (3)

tógán [] irreg v/t to go to or into; impers w.g. come to pass, happen; separate, part, depart

tógang [] m (-es/-as) approach, access, attack

tógangan [] sv/i7 3rd pres tógengð past tógéong/on ptp is tógangen to go away, pass away

tógædere [] adv together; ~ gán, fón, cuman to engage in battle [gaderian] (2)

tógædereweard [] adv towards one another

tógædre [] adv together; ~ gán, fón, cuman to engage in battle [gaderian] (1)

tógægnes see tógegnes, tógéanes

tógǽlan [] wv/t1b to profane, defile

tógǽnan [] wv/t1b to say, affirm

tógéan [] prep w.d. towards

tógéanes [] prep w.d.a.; adv in opposition to, against; towards, to; before; in return, in reply; him ~ to meet him

tógéare [] adv in this year

tógeclifian see tóclifian

tógecorennes [] f (-se/-sa) adoption

tógeécan see tógeíecan

tógeefnan? [] wv/t1b to associate with, join oneself to?

tógegearwian [] wv/t2 to prepare

tógegnes see tógéanes

tógehlyttu [] f (-e/-a) fellowship, union

tógeíecan [] wv/t1b to add to, increase

tógeíecendlic [] adj added to, adjectival, adjective

tógeíht past part of tógeíecan

tógeíhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) addition, increment

tógeladung [] f (-e/-a) assembly

tógelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres tógilð past tógæl/tógǽlon ptp tógolen to diffuse

tógelaðian [] wv/t2 to invite along

tógelaðung [] f (-e/-a) concourse

tógelǽdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tógelǽdeð past tógeléd/on ptp tógelǽden to lead to, to bring or convey to, draw to any place or to one's self; To bring a thing to a destined place by drawing or pulling, to draw or pull to one's self; Of the skin or a part of the body, to draw up, wrinkle, contract; To bring a person or thing into a certain condition (with preposition in?); To bring or lead one to a certain act, feeling, or opinion; to prompt, induce, prevail upon, persuade, move, incite to it; (with preposition in, út, ?) [adducere]

tógelǽstan [] wv/t1b to accompany

tógeléstan see tógelǽstan

tógelicgende [] adj belonging

togen past part of téon 1

tógenéalǽcan see tónealǽcan

tógénes see tógéanes

tógengan [] wv/t1b to separate

tógennes see ofer~, þurh~

tógéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tógíeteð past tógéat/tóguton ptp tógoten to pour away, spill; spread; exhaust

tógescéadan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tógescíedeð past tógescéod/on ptp tógescéaden to expound, interpret

tógescofen past part of tóscúfan

tógesettan [] wv/t1a to put to

tógeteohhian [] wv/t2 to place, put, or lay at, near or by the side of a thing; to apply to, add, unite, etc.; Of the mind, to apply [apponere]

tógetéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres tógetíehð past tógetéah/tógetugon ptp tógetogen, sv/t1 3rd pres tógetíehð past tógetáh/tógetigon ptp tógetigen to draw towards, attract, to draw in

tógettan [] wv/t1a impers. to twitch, be spasmodic; [togian]

tógeþéodan [] wv/t1b to adhere, cling to; adjoin

tógewegen [] adj applied

tógewunod [] adj accustomed

tógeýcan see tógeíecan

togian [] wv/t2 to draw, drag

tógife [] adv freely, gratis

tógifes [] adv freely, gratis

tógínan [] sv/i1 3rd pres tógínð past tógán/tóginon ptp is tóginen to be opened, split, gape, yawn [Ger gähnen]

tóglídan [] sv/i1 3rd pres tóglídeð past tóglád/tóglidon ptp is tógliden to glide away, split, slip, fall asunder, vanish

tógolen past part of tógelan

tógotennes [] f (-se/-sa) pouring out, effusion, shedding, spreading

togung [] f (-e/-a) tugging, twitch, spasm

tóh [] adj tough; tenacious, sticky

tóhaccian [] wv/t2 to hack to pieces

tóháwiend [] m (-es/-) spectator

tóhǽlan [] wv/t1b to emasculate, weaken

tóheald [] adj, adv inclined, forward, in advance

tóhéawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tóhíewð past tóhéow/on ptp tóhéawen to hew in pieces

tóhelpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóhilpð past tóhealp/tóhulpon ptp tóholpen w.d. or g. to help

tóhígung [] f (-e/-a) result, effect

tóhiht see tóhyht

tohl see tól

tóhladan [] sv/t6 3rd pres tóhlædeð past tóhlód/on ptp tóhladen to scatter, disperse, destroy

tóhléotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tóhlíeteð past tóhléat/tóhluton ptp tóhloten to divide by lot

tóhlic [] adj tough, tenacious; adv ~líce

tóhlídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tóhlídeð past tóhlád/tóhlidon ptp tóhliden to split, open, spring apart, burst, gape, break

tohlíne [] f (-an/-an) towline [togian]

tóhlocen see tólocen, past part of tólúcan

tolcettende [] adj talking vainly?

tólihtan [] wv/t1b to illuminate

toln [] f (-e/-a) toll, custom, duty

tolnere [] m (-es/-as) tax-gatherer

tólócian [] wv/t2 to belong to

tolsetl [] n (-es/-) place of toll or custom

tólúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tólýcð past tóléac/tólucon ptp tólocen to pull apart, dislocate, destroy

tólútan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tólýteð past tóléat/tóluton ptp tóloten to incline to

tólynnan [] wv/t1a to take away

tólýsan [] wv/t1b to dissolve, loosen, relax; unhinge, separate, break open

tólýsednes [] f (-se/-sa) loosing, dissolution, dispersion, destruction, release, dismissal; desolation; death (1)

tólýsnes [] f (-se/-sa) loosing, dissolution, dispersion, destruction, release, dismissal; desolation; death (2)

tólýsend [] m (-es/-) destroyer

tólýsendlic [] adj destructive

tólýsing [] f (-e/-a) loosing, release, redemption; destruction

tom see tam

tóm [] adj w.g. free from

tómældan [] wv/t1b to hinder by speech [meldian]

tómearcian [] wv/t2 to distinguish, describe, note down, enroll

tómearcodnes [] f (-se/-sa) enumeration, census, enrolment

tómergen see tómorgen

tómerigen see tómorgen

tómetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres tómiteð past tómæt/tómǽton ptp tómeten to mete out

tómiddes [] prep w.d. amidst, among, in the midst of; adv into the midst

tómorgen [] adv tomorrow

tón dat sing masc, neut of tóh

tónama [] m (-n/-n) surname

tónéalǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to approach

tónemnan [] wv/t1b to distinguish by name, name

tónéolícan see tónéalǽcan

tong see tang

tonge see tange

tonian [] wv/i2 to thunder

tonice see tunece

tóniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres tónimð past tónóm/on, tónam/tónámon ptp tónumen to separate, take apart; take away

tónom- see tónam-

top [] 1. m (-es/-as) top (highest part); tassel, tuft; 2. top (plaything)?, ball?

toppa [] m (-n/-n) thread, tuft?

tor see torr

toranéage see toreníge

tórǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres tórǽceð past tórǽhte ptp tórǽht to join, put together; to proffer; to apply (fire in torture)

tórændan see tórendan

tórbegete [] adj hard to get

torcht see torht

torct- see torht-

torcul [] n (-es/-) wine-press [L]

torcyrre [] adj hard to convert

tord [] n (-es/-) piece of excrement, dung, filth

tordwifel [] m (-wifles/-wiflas) dung beetle

toren past part of teran

tórendan [] wv/t1b to rend apart, tear in pieces

torenéage [] adj blear-eyed (1)

toreníge [] adj blear-eyed (2)

torenígge [] adj blear-eyed (3)

toreníege [] adj blear-eyed (4)

tóréosan see tóhréosan

torfian1 [] wv/t2 to throw, cast missiles, shoot, stone; be tossed

torfung [] f (-e/-a) throwing, casting (of stones)

torht [] 1. n (-es/-) clearness, brightness; 2. adj bright, radiant, beautiful, splendid, noble, illustrious; adv ~e brightly, clearly; beautifully, splendidly

torhtian [] wv/t2 to show

torhtlic2 [] adj bright, clear, radiant, glorious; adv ~líce

torhtmód2 [] adj glorious, noble

torhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) radiance, splendor

tórinnan see tóiernan

torn [] 1. n (-es/-) anger, indignation; grief, misery, suffering, pain [Ger zorn]; 2. adj bitter, cruel, grievous

torncwide2 [] m (-es/-as) offensive speech

torne2 [] adv indignantly, insultingly, bitterly, grievously

torngemót [] n (-es/-) battle

torngeníðla2 [] m (-n/-n) angry opponent

torníge see toreníge

tornlic [] adj sorrowful, grievous

tornmód [] adj angry

tornsorg [] f (-e/-a) sorrow, care

tornword [] n (-es/-) offensive expression

tornwracu [] f (-e/-a) revenge

tornwyrdan [] wv/t1b to be incensed?

toroc [] ? (-?/-?) grub, weevil? [Celtic]

tóroren see tóhroren, past part of tóhréosan

torr [] 1. m (-es/-as) tower, watch-tower [L turris]; 2. m (-es/-as) rock, crag;

torrian [] wv/t2 to tower

tóryne [] m (-es/-as) running together, concourse

tórýpan [] wv/t1b to scratch

tósamne see tósomne

tósamnian [] wv/t2 to assemble, collect

tósáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tósǽwð past tóséow/on ptp tósáwen to strew, scatter, spread, scatter seed; (a) of concrete objects; (b) of abstract objects, to disseminate opinions, distribute favors, sow dissension

tósǽlan [] wv/t1b impers w.d. person, w.g. thing to be unsuccessful, fail; lack, want

tosca [] m (-n/-n) frog, toad

tóscacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres tóscæcð past tóscóc/on ptp tóscacen to shake in pieces; drive asunder, drive away, shake off

tóscád- see tóscéad-

tóscarian see tóscearian

tóscægde see tóscecgan

tóscǽnan [] wv/t1b to break in pieces, break

tósceacan see tóscacan

tóscéacerian [] wv/t2 to scatter, waste, devastate

tóscéad [] n (-es/-) distinction, difference

tóscéadan [] sv/t7 3rd pres tóscíedeð past tóscéod/on ptp tóscéaden to part, separate, scatter, divide; set at variance; discern, discriminate, distinguish, decide; differ; express

tóscéadednes [] f (-se/-sa) separation

tóscéadend [] m (-es/-) divider, separator

tóscéadenes [] f (-se/-sa) separation, distinction

tóscearian [] wv/t1a to scatter

tóscecgan [] wv/i1b to be separate, differ

tóscelian see tóscylian

tóscendan [] wv/t1b to destroy

tóscéotan [] sv/i2 3rd pres tóscíeteð past tóscéat/tóscuton ptp is tóscoten to spring apart, disperse

tóscerian see tóscirian

tóscirian [] wv/t1a to divide, distribute; detach, separate; distinguish

tóscríðan [] sv/i1 3rd pres tóscríðeð past tóscráð/tóscridon ptp tóscriden to flow apart, disperse

tóscúfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tóscýfð past tóscéaf/tóscufon ptp tóscofen to push apart, scatter; impel, incite; do away, remove

tóscyftan [] wv/t1b to divide, distribute

tóscyllan [] wv/t1a, wv/i1a to separate, divide (1)

tóscylian [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to separate, divide (2)

tóscyrian see tóscirian

tósendan [] wv/t1b to send to; send apart, send out, disperse

tóséoðan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tósíeðeð past tóséað/tósudon ptp tósoden to boil thoroughly

tósetednes [] f (-se/-sa) disposition

tósettan [] wv/t1a to put to; to clamp; to dispose;

tósittan [] sv/i5 3rd pres tósitteð past tósæt/tósǽton ptp is tóseten to be separated

tóslacian [] wv/t2 to slacken, relax

tóslǽfan [] wv/t1b to cut up

tósléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres tósliehð past tóslóg/on ptp tóslagen to strike in pieces, destroy; drive away

tóslífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tóslífeð past tósláf/tóslifon ptp tóslifen to split

tóslítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tóslíteð past tóslát/tósliton ptp tósliten to tear asunder, rend, wound, break open, open; interrupt; separate, scatter, destroy; distract; be different

tóslitnes [] f (-se/-sa) laceration; division

tóslopen [] adj relaxed, loose, dissolute; past part of tóslúpan

tóslúpan [] sv/t2 3rd pres tóslýpð past tósléap/tóslupon ptp tóslopen to slip away, be relaxed, fall to pieces, open, dissolve; melt (with fear); be paralyzed; tóslopen relaxed, loose, dissolute

tóslúping [] f (-e/-a) dissolving, dissolution

tósméagan [] wv/t1b to inquire into, consider

tósnǽdan [] wv/t1b to cut up

tósníðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tósníðeð past tósnáð/tósnidon ptp tósniden to cut asunder, cut up; cut off, amputate

tósócn [] f (-e/-a) visiting

tósócnes [] f (-se/-sa) pursuit

tósócnung [] f (-se/-sa) pursuit

tósomne [] adv together; ~ cuman to engage in battle

tósomnian [] wv/t2 to collect together, bring together

tósóðan [] adv in sooth, in truth

tóspillan [] wv/t1a to destroy

tósprǽc [] f (-e/-a) speaking to (another), conversation

tósprǽdan [] wv/t1b to spread out

tóspringan [] sv/i3 3rd pres tóspringeð past tósprang/tósprungon ptp is tósprungen to spring apart, fly asunder, crack

tósprytting [] f (-e/-a) inciting

tosta see tosca

tóstæncan see tóstencan

tóstandan [] sv/i6 3rd pres tóstendeð past tóstód/on ptp is tóstanden to be put off, not to occur; stand apart, differ from, be discordant

tóstencan [] wv/t1b to scatter, disperse, drive apart, drag along; nullify, destroy; perish

tóstencend [] m (-es/-) prodigal

tóstencennes [] f (-se/-sa) dispersion, dissolution, destruction (2)

tóstencnes [] f (-se/-sa) dispersion, dissolution, destruction (3)

tóstendecnes [] f (-se/-sa) dispersion, dissolution, destruction (1)

tósteng- see tóstenc-

tóstician [] wv/t2 to pierce

tóstihtan [] wv/t1b to order, arrange

tóstincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóstincð past tóstanc/tóstuncon ptp tóstuncen to distinguish by smell

tóstingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóstingeð past tóstang/tóstungon ptp tóstungen to thrust in, pierce

tóstrédan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóstrídeð past tóstrǽd/tóstrúdon ptp tóstróden to scatter, dissipate, disperse; distract; destroy

tóstregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóstrigdeð past tóstrægd/tóstrugdon ptp tóstrogden to scatter, dissipate, disperse; distract; destroy

tóstrét past 3rd sing of tóstregdan

tósundrian [] wv/t2 to separate

tóswápan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres tóswǽpð past tóswéop/on ptp tóswápen to disperse

tóswellan [] sv/i3 3rd pres tóswilð past tósweall/tóswullon ptp is tóswollen to swell out

tóswengan [] wv/t1b to drive asunder, destroy [swingan]

tósweorcan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóswiercð past tóswearc/tóswurcon ptp tósworcen to obscure

tóswífan [] sv/i1 3rd pres tóswífeð past tóswáf/tóswifon ptp is tóswifen to separate

tósyndrian [] wv/t2 to sunder, separate, divide; discriminate

tótalu [] f (-e/-a) reputation

tótellan [] wv/t1a to distinguish

tótéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres tótíehð past tótéah/tótugon ptp tótogen, sv/t1 3rd pres tótíehð past tótáh/tótigon ptp tótigen to draw asunder, pull apart, rend, destroy; take to oneself, claim for oneself

tóteran [] sv/t4 3rd pres tótirð past tótær/tótǽron ptp tótoren to tear in pieces, bite, lacerate, cut out; destroy; harass (mind)

tótian [] wv/t2 to peep out, stick out

tótihting [] f (-e/-a) instigation

tótorfian [] wv/t2 to cast about, toss

tótræglian [] wv/t2 to pull to pieces, strip

tótredan [] sv/t5 3rd pres tótritt past tótræd/tótrǽdon ptp tótreden to tread to pieces?

totrida [] m (-n/-n) swing

tótwǽman [] wv/t1b to separate, divide, dissever; distinguish; break up, break in pieces, dissolve; scatter; defer, postpone; divorce

tótwǽmednes [] f (-se/-sa) separation, distinction

tótwéaman see tótwǽman

tótwéman see tótwǽman

tótwýman see tótwǽman

tóð [] m (-es/téð) tooth; tusk; ~um ontýnan to utter

tóðece [] m (-es/-as) toothache

tóþenednes [] f (-se/-sa) stretching, distension

tóþénian [] wv/t2 to attend upon, serve

tóþening [] f (-e/-a) distension

tóþerscan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóþirsceð past tóþærsc/tóþurscon ptp tóþorscen to dash in pieces, to knock to pieces

tóðgár [] m (-a/-a) tooth-pick

tóþindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóþindeð past tóþand/tóþundon ptp tóþunden to swell up, inflate, puff up; be arrogant

tóðléas [] adj toothless

tóðmægen [] n (-es/-) strength of tusks

tóþrǽstan [] wv/t1b to crush, destroy

tóðreoma see tóðrima

tóþrescan see tóþerscan

tóðrima [] m (-n/-n) enclosure of teeth, gums

tóþringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tóþringeð past tóþrang/tóþrungon ptp tóþrungen to drive asunder, to press asunder, scatter by pressure

tóðsealf [] f (-e/-a) tooth-salve

tóðsticca [] m (-n/-n) tooth-pick

tóþunden past part of tóþindan

tóþundenes [] f (-se/-sa) the state of being puffed up, arrogance

tóþundenlic [] adj arrogant; adv. ~líce

tóþunian [] wv/t2 to astonish

tóðwærc [] m (-es/-as) toothache

tóþwínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tóþwínð past tóþwán/tóþwinon ptp tóþwinen to disappear [dwínan]

tóðwyrm [] m (-es/-as) a worm in the teeth

tówælede past 3rd sing of tówieltan to roll to

tóward see tóweard

tówardes see tóweardes

tówcræft [] m (-es/-as) spinning

tóweard [] 1. adj facing, approaching, impending; future; 2. prep w.d., g. towards; 3. adv towards, forwards

tóweardes see tóweard 2, 3

tóweardlic [] adj in the future; adv ~líc

tóweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) future, time to come

tóweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres tówiexð past tówéox/on ptp is tóweaxen to grow apart

tóweccan [] wv/t1a to arouse, excite

tówegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres tówigð past tówæg/tówǽgon ptp tówegen to disperse, scatter

tówendan [] wv/t1b to overthrow, subvert, destroy

tóweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tówierpð past tówearp/tówurpon ptp tóworpen to cast down, break in pieces, dissipate, blot out, destroy; throw out

tówerd see tóweard

tówerpan see tóweorpan

tówesnes [] f (-se/-sa) dissolution; separation, discord, dissension (1)

tówesenes [] f (-se/-sa) dissolution; separation, discord, dissension (2)

tówestnes [] f (-se/-sa) dissolution; separation, discord, dissension (3)

tówettan [] wv/t1a to associate with

tówhús [] n (-es/-) tow-house, spinning-house or chamber

tówieltan see tówælede

tówítan [] sv/i1 3rd pres tówíteð past tówát/tówiton ptp is tówiten to depart, pass away

tówiðere [] prep w.d., occl. a. against; in answer to

tówiðre [] prep w.d., occl. a. against; in answer to

towlic [] adj belonging to thread; ~ weorc material for spinning

towmýderce [] f (-an/-an) tow-chest?, work-box?

tóword see tóweard

tóworpednes see tóworpennes

tóworpennes [] f (-se/-sa) subversion, destruction, desolation; dispersion; expulsion

tóworpnes [] f (-se/-sa) subversion, destruction, desolation; dispersion; expulsion

tówrecan2 [] sv/t5 3rd pres tówricð past tówræc/tówrǽcon ptp tówrecen to drive asunder, scatter, dissipate

tówrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tówríteð past tówrát/tówriton ptp tówriten to describe

tówritennes [] f (-se/-sa) writing down, description

tówríðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres tówríðeð past tówráð/tówriðon ptp tówriðen to twist apart, distort

towtól [] n (-es/-) spinning implement

tówunderlic [] adj worthy of admiration, admirable, wonderful; That produces wonder, wonderful, astonishing, strange, rare, paradoxical [admirabilis]

tówurpan see tóweorpan

tówyrd [] 1. f (-e/-e) opportunity; 2. see tóweard

tówyrpan see tóweorpan

tówyrpendlic [] adj destructible

tówyrpnes see tóworpennes

toxa see tosca

tóýcan see tóíecan

tóyrnan see tóiernan

tracter [] ? (-?/-?) funnel [L trajectorium]

trafu see træf

trág [] 1. 2 adj evil, mean, bad; 2. f (-e/-a) evil, affliction

tráge [] adv evilly, cruelly

tráglíce see un~

traht [] m (-es/-as) text, passage; exposition, treatise, commentary [L tractus]

trahtað [] m (-es/-as) commentary [L]

trahtbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) (religious) treatise, commentary [trahtian]

trahtere [] m (-es/-as) expounder, commentator, expositor (1)

trahtian1 [] wv/t2 to treat, comment on, expound, consider; interpret, translate (1)

trahtnere [] m (-es/-as) expounder, commentator, expositor (2)

trahtnian1 [] wv/t2 to treat, comment on, expound, consider; interpret, translate (2)

trahtnung [] f (-e/-a) explanation, exposition, commentary (1)

trahtung [] f (-e/-a) explanation, exposition, commentary (2)

tráisc [] adj tragic

tramet [] m (-es/-as) page (of a book)

trandende [] adj precipitous, steep

trappe see treppe

tratung see trahtung

træd past 3rd sing of tredan

trǽdon past pl of tredan

træf [] n (-es/-trafu) tent, pavilion; dwelling, building

træglian [] wv/t2 to pluck, pull

trændel see trendel

træppe see treppe

tré see tréow 1

tréa see tréow 1

treaflíce [] adv grievously

treafu see træf

tréagian1 [] wv/t2 to sew together, mend

treaht- see traht-

tréawa see tréowa

tredan1 [] sv/t5 3rd pres tritt past træd/trǽdon ptp getreden, sv/i5 to tread, step on, trample; traverse, pass over, enter upon, roam through

treddan [] wv/t1a to tread on, trample; investigate

tredde [] f (-an/-an) press (for wine, etc.)

treddian2 [] wv/t2 to tread, step, walk

trede [] adj fit to tread on, firm

tredel [] m (tredles/tredlas) step; sole of foot

tredend [] m (-es/-) treader

trefet [] ? (-?/-?) trivet, tripod

trég see tríg

trega [] m (-n/-n) misfortune, misery, trouble, grief, pain

tregian [] wv/t2 to trouble, harass, vex

treht- see traht-

trem see trym

tremegan see trymian, trymman

tremes see trymes

tremm- see trymm-

tremman see wið~

trendan [] wv/t1b to turn around, revolve, roll

trendel [] n (trendles/-) sphere, circle, ring, orb; circus

trendeled [] adj made round

trendelnes [] f (-se/-sa) circuit, surrounding space

trendlian see á~

tréo see tréow

treodan see tredan

tréoð see tréowð

tréow [] 1. n (-es/-u, -) tree; wood, timber; beam, log, stake, stick; wood, grove; tree of the cross, cross, Rood; 2. f (-e/-a) truth, fidelity, faith, trust, belief; pledge, promise, agreement, treaty; favor, grace, kindness [Ger Treue]; on ~e gelǽtan sv/t7 to entrust; 2. see tréowe

tréowa see trúwa

tréowan see tríewan

tréowan [] wv/t1b w.d. to believe, trust in, hope, be confident, rely (on); wv/i1b to trust; wv/r1b exculpate oneself; ge~ persuade, suggest; make true or credible; be faithful (to); confederate (with)

tréowcynn [] n (-es/-) species of tree

tréowe [] 1. adj true, faithful, honest, trustworthy; genuine; 2. see tréow 2

tréowen [] adj of a tree, of wood, wooden

tréowfæst1 [] adj true, faithful

tréowféging [] f (-e/-a) joining together (of boards)

tréowfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) forest bird

tréowful1 [] adj faithful, trusty, true; adv ~líce

tréowgeþofta2 [] m (-n/-n) faithful comrade

tréowgeweorc [] n (-es/-) woodwork, a structure of timber

tréowgewrid [] n (-es/-u, wreodu) thicket of trees

tréowian see tréowan

tréowléas1 [] adj faithless, treacherous, false; unbelieving

tréowléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) treachery, faithlessness; unbelief, heresy

tréowlic [] adj true, faithful, trusty; safe; adv ~líce confidently

tréowloga [] m (-n/-n) pledge-breaker

tréowlufu [] f (-e/-a) true love

tréownes1 [] f (-se/-sa) object of trust; faithfulness

tréowrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) state of fidelity

tréowsian1 [] wv/t2 to plight one’s faith; exculpate oneself

tréowsteall [] n (-es/-) grove, plantation

tréowstede [] m (-es/-as) grove

tréowteru [] n (-wes/-) tree-tar, resin

tréowð1 [] f (-e/-a) truth, veracity; truth, faith, fidelity; pledge, covenant

tréowþrág [] f (-e/-a) time for faithfulness, fidelity

tréowufæst see tréowfæst

tréowwæstm [] m (-es/-as) produce of trees

tréowweorðung [] f (-e/-a) tree-worshipping

tréowwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) wood-worker, carpenter

tréowwyrm [] m (-es/-as) cankerworm, caterpillar

treppan [] wv/i1a to tread

treppe [] f (-an/-an) trap, snare

tret pres 3rd sing of tredan

tréu see tréo, tréow

tréw see tréow-

tribulian see trifulian

trideð see tredeð, tritt pres 3rd sing of tredan

triedeð see tredeð, tritt pres 3rd sing of tredan

tríew- see tréow-

trifelung [] f (-e/-a) grinding, pounding, stamping

trifet [] noun (-?/-?) tribute [L tributum]

trifot [] noun (-?/-?) tribute [L tributum]

trifulian1 [] wv/t2 to break, bruise, stamp [L tribulare]

trig [] n (-es/-u) wooden board, tray

trilidi see þrilíðe

trim- see trym-

trimilchi see þrimeolce

trinda? [] m (-n/-n) round lump, ball

trinde? [] f (-an/-an) round lump, ball

trindhyrst [] m (-es/-as) circular copse?

tringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres tringeð past trang/trungon ptp getrungen to press

trío- see tréo-, tréow-

trit pres 3rd sing of tredan

tritt pres 3rd sing of tredan

tríw see tréow

trochscip see trogscip

trod [] n (-es/-u) track, trace [tredan]

trodu [] f (-e/-a) track, trace [tredan]

trog [] m (-es/-as) hollow vessel, trough, tray; canoe, boat

tróg see dróg, past 3rd sing of dragan

troghrycg [] m (-es/-as) ridge where there is a water-trough?

trogscip [] n (-es/-u) boat made from a hollow log

troh see trog

tróh see þróh

trondende [] adj precipitous, steep

tropere [] m (-es/-as) a book containing verses sung at certain festivals before the Introit [Late L troparium]

trúa see trúwa, tréowa

trucian1 [] wv/t2 to fail, run short; deceive, disappoint

trúg- see trúw-

trúgon see drógon, past pl of dragan

trúht [] ? (-?/-?) trout [L tructa]

trum [] adj firm, fixed, secure, strong, sound, vigorous, active; trustworthy

truma [] m (-n/-n) 1 legion, troop; regular order, array

trumian1 [] wv/t2 to grow strong, recover health, amend; make strong

truming see trymming

trumlic [] adj firm, durable, substantial, sound; confirming, exhorting; adv ~líce considerably

trumnað [] m (-es/-as) confirmation

trumnes [] f (-se/-sa) soundness, health; firmness, strength, stability; sureness, reliability; the firmament, heavens; confirmation, support

trundulnes see trendelnes

trús [] m (-es/-as) brushwood (for fuel)

trúð [] m (-es/-as) trumpeter, buffoon, actor

trúðhorn [] m (-es/-as) trumpet, clarion

trúw see tréow

trúwa1 [] m (-n/-n) fidelity, faith, confidence, trust, belief; pledge, promise, agreement, covenant; protection

trúwian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres trúwað past trúwode (occl trúwde) ptp getrúwod to trust; inspire with trust; persuade; exculpate oneself

tryddian see treddian

trydeð see tredeð, tritt, pres 3rd sing of tredan

trym2 [] n (-es/-u) small piece, short length; fótes ~ a foot’s length; adv ǽnge trym step-by-step

trymes [] m (-es/-as), f (-se/-sa) a drachm weight; an English coin; a Roman coin (tremissis = 3 denarii)

trymmesse [] f (-an/-an) a drachm weight; an English coin; a Roman coin (tremissis = 3 denarii)

trymessa [] m (-n/-n) a drachm weight; an English coin; a Roman coin (tremissis = 3 denarii)

trymian [] wv/t2 to strengthen, fortify, confirm, comfort, exhort, incite; set in order, arrange, prepare, array, arm; become strong; be arrayed; give (hostages); testify, attest

trymman [] wv/t1a to strengthen, fortify, confirm, comfort, exhort, incite; set in order, arrange, prepare, array, arm; become strong; be arrayed; give (hostages); testify, attest

trymig see un~

trymmig see un~

trymmend [] m (-es/-) supporter; one who makes an agreement

trymmendlic [] adj hortatory, encouraging

trymming1 [] f (-e/-a) confirmation, strengthening, encouragement; support, prop; edification; ordinance; ge~ fortress

trymnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) firmness, solidity; firmament, prop, support; confirmation, strengthening, encouragement; exhortation, instruction; arrangement, setting in order [trumnes]

tryms see trymes

trymð [] f (-e/-a) strength, support, staff, prop

tryndel see trendel

trýw see tréow

trýw- see tréow-

tu see þu

see Tíw

see twá

túcian1 [] wv/t2 to disturb, ill-treat, torment, punish; ge~ bedeck

tudu [] f? (-e/-a) shield

túdder see túdor

túddor see túdor

túddorfóster [] m (-fóstres/-fóstras) nourishment of offspring

túddorful [] adj prolific, fruitful

túddorspéd [] f (-e/-e) offspring

túddortéonde2 [] adj begetting issue

túddres gen sing of túddor

tudenard [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) shield

túdor [] n (túdres/-) offspring, descendant, issue; fruit

túdorfæst [] adj fertile

túdornes [] f (-se/-sa) offspring

tugon past pl of téon

tui- see twi-

tulge [] adv strongly, firmly, well; cmp tylg; spl tylgest

tumbere [] m (-es/-as) tumbler, dancer, player

tumbian [] wv/t2 to tumble, leap, dance

tumbing [] f (-e/-a) dancing

tún [] m (-es/-as) enclosure, garden, field, yard; farm, manor; homestead, dwelling, house, mansion; group of houses, village, town; on ~ gán to appear to men

túncerse [] f (-an/-an) garden-cress, nasturtium (1)

túncressa [] m (-n/-n) garden-cress, nasturtium (2)

túncirce [] f (-an/-an) church in a ‘tún’

tunder see tynder

tunece [] f (-an/-an) under-garment, tunic, coat, toga [L tunica]

túnesmann see túnmann

tunge [] f (-an/-an) tongue; speech, language; on halre ~ unequivocally?, viva voce?

túngebúr [] m (-es/-as) inhabitant, resident

tungel see tungol

túngeréfa [] m (-n/-n) town-reeve, bailiff; prætor

tungeþrum [] ? (-?/-?) tongue-ligament

tungful [] adj talkative

tunggelælle [] adj verbose, talkative

tungilsinwyrt see tunsingwyrt

tungle dat sing of tungol

tunglen [] adj starry [tungol]

tunglere [] m (-es/-as) astrologer

tungol [] n (tungles/-) luminary, star, planet, constellation

tungolǽ [] f (-/-) astronomy

tungolbǽre [] adj covered with stars

tungolcræft [] m (-es/-as) star-craft, astronomy

tungolcræftga [] m (-n/-n) magician, astrologer

tungolcræftiga [] m (-n/-n) magician, astrologer

tungolcræftwíse [] f (-an/-an) astronomy

tungolgescéad [] n (-es/-) astrology

tungolgim [] m (-es/-as) (bright) star

tungolsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) astrology

tungolwítega [] m (-n/-n) star prophet, astrologer

tungul see tungol

tungwód [] adj sharp-tongued

túnhófe [] f (-an/-an) ground ivy

tunice see tunece

túnincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) small property, small farm

tuningwyrt see tunsingwyrt

túnland [] n (-es/-) land forming a ‘tún’ or manor

túnlic [] adj rustic

túnmann [] m (-es/-menn) villager, rustic, villein

túnmelde [] f (-an/-an) orache (plant)

tunne [] f (-an/-an) tun, cask, barrel

tunnebotm [] m (-es/-as) bottom of a cask, drum?

túnpréost [] m (-es/-as) village priest

túnrǽd [] m (-es/-as) town council

túnscipe [] m (-es/-as) township, population of a village

túnscír [] f (-e/-a) administration of an estate, stewardship

tunsingwyrt [] f (-e/-e) white hellebore

túnsócn [] f (-e/-a) [villarum jura regalia], legal jurisdiction over a village

túnsteall [] m (-es/-as) farm-stead, farm-yard?

túnstede [] m (-es/-as) farm-stead?; (based on loca inter agros)

tunuce see tunece

túnweg [] m (-es/-as) private way, in the most general sense (for men, beasts, or carriages, within or without a city), private highway, road, path, street. [privata via], by-road

túnyncel see túnincel

túr [] m (-es/-as) tower, fortress

turf [] f (tyrf/tyrf) turf, sod, soil; greensward; [gen/dat sing, nom/acc pl tyrf]

turfgret [] ? (-?/-?) turfpit

turfhaga [] m (-n/-n) grassy plot

turfhléow [] n (-es/-)covering of turf

turfian see torfian

turl [] ? (-?/-?) small ladle, dipper, or scoop (esp. for dipping wine from the crater into the drinking-cups); a scoop-shaped fire-pan; mason's trowel; basin, wash-basin [L trulla]

turnian [] wv/i2 to turn, revolve

turnigendlic [] adj revolving

turning [] f (-e/-a) rotation

turtla [] m (-n/-n) turtle-dove

turtle [] f (-an/-an) turtle-dove

turtur [] m (-es/-as) turtle-dove

túsc [] m (-es/-as) grinder, canine tooth, tusk

tuu see

tuwa [] adv twice

tuwwa [] adv twice

túx see túsc

túxel [] m (-es/-as) tusk, canine or molar tooth (1)

túxl [] m (-es/-as) tusk, canine or molar tooth (2)

twá [] 1. see , twégen; 2. adv twice; tú swá lange twice as long

twa- see twi-

twaddung [] f (-e/-a) adulation (1)

twám see twégen

twánihte [] adj two days old

twǽde [] num two parts out of three, two-thirds [twá]

twædding [] f (-e/-a) adulation (2)

twǽgen see twégen

twælf see twelf

twǽm see twégen

twǽman1 [] wv/t1b to divide in two, separate; cause to cease, adjust, settle; defer, postpone

twǽmendlíce [] adv alternately, separately

twǽming [] f (-e/-a) parting, division, separation; distinction

twǽonung see twéonung

twe- see twi-

twégen [] num m (fem twá; neut tú, twá) two; ~ swá lang twice as long; ~ and ~, twám and twám in parties of two each; [gen twég(e)a, twégra; dat twǽm, twám]

twégentig see twéntig

twelf [] num twelve

twelffeald [] adj twelve-fold

twelfgylde [] adj twelve-fold

twelfhund [] num twelve-hundred

twelfhynde [] adj belonging to the class whose ‘wergild’ was 1200 shillings

twelfmónð [] adj twelvemonth

twelfnihte [] adj twelve days old

twelfta [] 1. adj twelfth; 2. see Twelftadæg

Twelftadæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Twelfth day

Twelftamæssǽfen [] m (-ǽfnes/-ǽfnas) Eve of the Epiphany

twelfte [] adv twelfthly, in the twelfth place

twelftig see hundtwelftig

twelfwintre [] adj twelve years old

twéman see twǽman

twengan [] wv/t1b to pinch

twéntig [] num twenty; ordinal twéntigoða

twéntigesnihte [] adj twenty nights old

twéntigfeald [] adj twenty-fold

twéntiggéare [] adj twenty years old

twéntigoða [] adj twentieth

twéntigwintre [] adj twenty years old

twéo1 [] m (-n/-n) doubt, ambiguity

tweo- see twi-, twy-

twéogan see twéon

twéogende [] adj doubting

twéogendlic [] adj doubtful, uncertain; adv ~líce

tweolf see twelf

twéolic [] adj doubtful, ambiguous, equivocal; adv ~líce

twéon1 [] 1. wv/t3? 3rd pres twéoð past twéode ptp getwéod to doubt, hesitate; impersonal, w.a. person seem doubtful; 2. m (-es/-as) doubt

twéona [] m (-n/-n) doubt

twéoneléoht [] n (-es/-) twilight

twéonian1 [] personal, impersonal wv/t2 to doubt, be uncertain, hesitate

twéonigend [] adj doubtful, expressing doubt; adv ~líce perhaps

twéoniendlic [] adj doubtful, expressing doubt; adv ~líce perhaps

twéonul [] adj doubtful

twéontig see twéntig

twéonulléoht see twéoneléoht

twéonum [] adv in phrase “be (sǽm, etc.) ~” between (the seas, etc.)

twéonung [] f (-e/-a) doubt, scruple

twéoung see twéonung

tweowa see tuwa

twi see tuwa

twia see tuwa

twí see twig n

twi- [] prefix two, double [Ger zwie-]

twibéte [] adj subject to double compensation

twibill [] n (-es/-) (two-edged) axe

twibille  [] adj double-edged

twibléoh [] adj twice-dyed, double-dyed; bi-form

twibóte [] adj, adv see twibéte

twibrowen [] adj twice-brewed

twicce see angel~

twiccen see twicen

twiccere [] m (-es/-as) one who divided up the food in a monastery

twiccian [] wv/t2 to pluck, gather; catch hold of

twicen [] f (-e/-a) junction of two roads

twicene [] f (-an/-an) junction of two roads

twicere see twiccere

twicyne [] f (-an/-an) junction of two roads

twidæglic [] adj lasting two days

twidǽl [] m (-es/-as) two-thirds

twidǽlan [] wv/t1b to divide in two; differ

twidéagod [] adj twice-dyed

twidig see lang~

twie- see twi-

twiecge [] adj two-edged

twiecgede [] adj two-edged

twíendlíce [] adv doubtingly

twifald1 [] adj two-fold, double; adv ~líce

twifeald1 [] adj two-fold, double; adv ~líce

twifealdan1 [] wv/t2 to double

twifealdian1 [] wv/t2 to double

twifealdlic [] adj two-fold, double; adv ~líce

twifealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) duplicity; irresolution; duplication

twifére [] adj accessible by two ways

twiferlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to dissociate

twiféte [] adj two-footed

twifeðerede [] adj as if with two wings, forked

twifingre [] adj two fingers thick (of fat on a swine)

twifyldan see twifealdan

twifyrclian [] wv/t2 to branch off, deviate from; split into two

twifyrede [] adj two-furrowed

twig [] n (-es/-u, tweogu) twig, branch, shoot, small tree

twig- see twi-

twiga [] 1. see twig; 2. see tuwa

twigǽrede [] adj cloven

twigea see tuwa

twigedéagod see twidéagod

twigilde [] adj, adv, noun paying double, liable to a double fine

twíh [] num + acc only in phrase mid unc ~ between us two

twihǽmed [] n (-es/-ru) one who marries twice

twihéafdede [] adj double-headed

twiheolor [] f (-e/-a) balance

twihinde see twihynde

twihíwe [] adj of two colors or shapes

twihíwede [] adj of two colors or shapes

twihíwian [] wv/t2 to dissimulate

twihlidede [] adj having two openings

twihwéole [] adj two-wheeled

twihwyrft [] m (-es/-as) double period

twihynde [] 1. adj having ‘wergild’ of 200 shillings; 2. ? (-?/-?) a ‘wergild’ of 200 shillings

twihyndemann [] m (-es/-menn) man of the ‘twihynde’ class

twiicce see twiecge

twilæpped [] adj with two lappets

twiláste [] adj two-edged

twilíbrocen [] adj woven of threads of two colors? [twilic]

twilic [] adj double, woven of double thread

twílic see twéolic

twimann [] m (-es/-menn) moving in two directions alternately, vibrating to and fro, fluctuating man; vacillating in mind, uncertain man; wavering in opinion, doubting, doubtful, dubious, uncertain man; wavering in resolution, irresolute, undecided man; that is doubted of, uncertain, doubtful, dubious, undetermined man; [homo dubius]

twimylte [] adj twice-melted

twín [] 1. n (-es/-) double thread, twist, twine, linen-thread, linen, (byssus); 2. see twéon 2

twinclian [] wv/i2 to twinkle, wink

twinebbe [] adj having two faces

twínen [] adj of linen

twingan see tringan

twínigend- see twéonigend-

twinihte [] adj two days old

twinn [] adj twin, two-fold, double, two by two

twínung see twéonung

twinwyrm [] m (-es/-as) buprestis, small insect

twio see tweo

twirǽde [] adj uncertain; disagreeing

twirǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) disagreement, discord, sedition

twisceatte [] adv to the extent of a double payment

twiscyldig [] adj liable to a double penalty

twiseht [] adj disunited, discordant

twisehtan [] wv/t1b to disagree

twisehtnes [] f (-se/-sa) dissension, disagreement

twiseltóð [] adj with two protruding front teeth, with forked teeth

twisestre [] adj containing two sesters

twisla [] m (-n/-n) confluence, junction

twislian [] wv/t2 to fork, divide into two

twislieht [] adj forked, branched

twislung [] f (-e/-a) division, partition; difference

twisnæcce [] adj double-pointed, cloven

twisnése [] adj double-pointed, cloven

twisprǽc [] f (-e/-a) double speech, deceit, distraction

twisprǽce [] adj double-tongued, deceitful, detracting

twisprǽcnes [] f (-se/-sa) double speech, detraction

twisprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres twispricð past twispræc/twisprǽcon ptp twisprecen to murmur

twispunnen [] adj twice-spun

twist see candel~, mæst~

twistrenge [] adj two-stringed

twitælged [] adj double-dyed

twiþráwen [] adj twice thrown or twisted, twice woven (1)

twiþrǽwen [] adj twice thrown or twisted, twice woven (2)

twiwa see tuwa

twiwǽg [] f (-e/-a) pair of scales

twiweg [] m (-es/-as) junction of two roads

twiwintre [] adj two years old

twiwinter [] adj two years old

twiwyrdig [] adj ambiguous

twoelf see twelf

twógon see þwógon past pl of þwéan

twuga see tuwa

twuwa see tuwa

twuwu see tuwa

twux see tusc

twy- see twi-

twý see twéo

twýgean see twéogan, twéon 1

twýlic see twéolic

twýn see twéon

twynihte see twinihte

twyspécnes see twisprǽcnes

pres 1st sing of týn

tyccen see ticcen

tycht- see tyht-

tyct- see tyht-

týd [] 1. see tíd; 2. past part of týn

tydd [] adj skilled, learned

tydd- see tíd-, túd-, týd-

týdde [] 1. past 3rd sing of týn; 2. see tíðde, past 3rd sing of tíðian

týde past sing of týn

týdernes [] f (-se/-sa) branch

týdran1 [] wv/t1b to bring forth, produce, beget, propogate; be prolific [túdor]

týdred [] adj provided with offspring

týdrian [] 1. see tídrian; 2. see týdran

týdriend [] m (-es/-) propagator

týdrung [] f (-e/-a) weakness, sterility; propagation, production; branch [túdor]

tyg- see tig-

týg see téag

tyge [] m (-es/-as) drawing together, pulling, tug, pull; leading (water); draught (of water); inference, statement [téag, tíegan]

tygehóc [] m (-es/-as) hook for pulling

tygehorn [] m (-es/-as) cupping-horn

tygel [] m (tygles/tyglas) pulling-rope, rein

tygele [] f (-an/-an) murenula, lamprey?

tygðian see tíðian

tyhhian see teohhian

týhst pres 2nd sing of téon

tyht [] 1. m (-es/-as) instruction, training, habit; going, course, motion, progress; region; 2. see tiht

tyht- see tiht-

tyhtan1 [] wv/t1b 1. ge~ to stretch, draw, pull; invite, incite, instigate, provoke, talk over, persuade, attract, lead astray, seduce; ge~ teach, train [téon 1]; 2. see tihtan

tyhten [] f (-ne/-na) incitement, excitement [téon 1]

tyhtend [] m (-es/-) inciter, instigator

tyhtendlic [] adj persuading, hortatory

tyhtere [] m (-es/-as) inciter, enticer

tyhting [] f (-e/-a) incitement, impulse, instigation, exhortation, suggestion, instruction, advice; enticement, allurement

tyhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) inward impulse, instinct, conviction

týhð pres 3rd sing of téon

tyl see til

tyldsyle [] f (-an/-an) tent [teld]

tylg see tulge

tylgest see tulge

tyllan see for~

see téam

tým- see téam-, tím-

tyma see tama

týman see tíeman

tymb- see timb-

týn1 [] 1. wv/t1b 3rd pres týð past týde ptp getýd to instruct, teach; 2. see tíen

týn- see tíen-

týnan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to hedge in, fence, enclose, shut; 2. to irritate, vex, trouble; insult, revile

tyncen [] n (-nes/-nu) little tub

tynder [] f (-e/-a) tinder, fuel; cautery [tyndan]

tyndercynn [] n (-es/-) combustible

tyndig see tindig

tyndre see tynder

tyndren see tynder

tynge [] 1. adj fluent, eloquent; skillful; 2. adv courteously [also as ~líce]

týning see æcer~, gafol~

tyntreg see tintreg

tyr- see tir-

týr- see tír-

tyran see be~

týran [] wv/t1b to shed tears; run with water (eyes)

tyrdelu [] m pl droppings, small pieces of excrement

tyrdlu [] m pl droppings, small pieces of excrement

týrende [] adj having watery eyes

tyrewa see tyrwa

tyrf see turf

tyrfhaga [] m (-n/-n) hoe, mattock

týrgan see téorian

týrian see téorian

tyrnan [] wv/t1b to turn, move around, revolve [L tornare]

tyrngeat [] n (-es/-gatu) turnstile

tyrning [] f (-e/-a) turning around, rotation; rotundity, roundness; crookedness, deceit

tyro see teoru

tyrð pres 3rd sign of teran

tyrwa [] m (-n/-n) tar, resin [see teoru]

tyrwe [] f (-an/-an) tar, resin [see teoru]

tyrwan [] wv/t1b 1. to harass, vex; 2. to tar; to make like tar

tyrwian [] wv/t2 1. to harass, vex; 2. to tar; to make like tar

tysca [] m (-n/-n) buzzard

tyslian [] wv/t2 to put on

tyslung [] f (-e/-a) dressing

tysse [] f (-an/-an) coarse cloth [Ger zussa]

týtan [] wv/t1b to sparkle, shine

tytt see titt

týð see tíð

týw- see tíw-