[] m (-n/-n) roe, roebuck

rabbian [] wv/i2 to rage

raca [] m (-n/-n) 1. rake; 2. a rake, a hollow path, bed of a stream

racca [] m (-n/-n) a cord, which forms part of the rigging of a ship

racente [] f (-an/-an) chain, fetter

racentéage [] f (-an/-an) a chain, fetter

racentéah [] f (-téage/-téaga) chain, fetter

racete see racente

racetéage see racentéah

Rachel [] f (-e/-a) Rachel

racian [] 1. wv/i2 w.d. to direct, rule, govern, control; 2. wv/i2 to take a course or direction, go forward, move, run; run, hasten

raciend [] m (-es/-) speaker, orator, one who addresses an assembly

racing see rǽcing

racsan [] wv/r1b to stretch one’s self after sleep

racu [] 1. f (-e/-a) exposition, explanation, observation; 1a. reason, reasoning, argument; 2. account, narrative, orderly account; account, reckoning; 3. rhetoric, the art of exposition; 4. comedy [reccan]; 5. reason; 5a. reason personified; 6. f see raca

Raculf [] m (-es/-as) Reculver in Kent

rád [] f (-e/-a) 1. ride, riding, expedition, journey; [rídan]; 1a. riding, going on horseback or in a carriage, a ride on horseback; 1b. going in a ship; 1c. raid; 2. an expedition on horseback; 3. a road; 4. the name of the rune for r; 5. modulation; 6. past 3rd sing of rídan; 7. m see rǽd

rád [] f (-e/-a) furniture (of a house), harness (of a horse)

rád see brand~

rádcniht [] m (-es/-as) tenant holding subject to service on horseback; title equivalent to that of a sixhynde mann

rade see hraðe

rádehere see rǽdehere

rádhere see rǽdehere

radelod [] adj having straight branches?

rádhors [] n (-es/-) riding-horse, a horse for riding, saddle-horse

radian see hradian

rador see rodor

radost see hraðost, hraðe

rádpytt [] m (-es/-as) draw-well?

rádstefn [] f (-e/-a) message taken by a mounted man, a summons carried by a mounted person; a term of service performed by a mounted person? [i.e., rádcniht]

rádumbel see ráradumbla

rádwérig [] adj weary of traveling, weary with riding or journeying

ráfian see á~

ráfian [] wv/t2 to involve, wrap up

ráge see rǽge

raggig [] adj shaggy, bristly, rough, ragged as applied to the rough coat of a horse;

ragofinc see ragufinc

ragu [] f (-e/-a) lichen

ragufinc [] m (-es/-as) name of a bird, kind of a finch

ráha see

ráhdéor [] n (-es/-) roebuck

ráhhege [] m (-es/-as) deer-fence

ráhte see rǽhte, past sing of rǽcan

ram see ramm

ramesa see hramsa

ramgealla [] m (-n/-n) ram-gall (plant)

ramm [] m (-es/-as) 1. ram (sheep); 2. ram, an instrument for pounding or battering, (engine of war); 3. ram (zodiacal sign)

ran past 3rd sing of rinnan

rán [] 1. n (-es/-) open robbery, rapine [ON]; 2. past 3rd sing of rínan; 3. nom/acc pl of

ranc [] adj 1. proud, haughty, arrogant, insolent; the word remains with a somewhat different meaning in rank, used of coarse but fertile growth; forward, proud, overbearing; 2. applied to dress, showy, ostentatious; 2a. showy in appearance, splendid in dress?; 3. bold, valiant; 4. noble, brave, strong; 5. full-grown, mature

ranclíce [] adv 1. showily, ostentatiously; 2. boldly, confidently;

rancstrǽt [] f (-e/-a) a road in which bravery is displayed?; straight road?, splendid road?

rand [] m (-es/-as) 1. a brink, edge, margin, shore; 2. 2 the word however is used generally of a shield, denoting the whole or part of it; (1) denoting a part, the boss of a round shield, the rim of a shield; (2) denoting the whole, a shield, buckler; hand and ~ hebban to bear arms; scieldes ~ shield’s disk

randbéag [] m (-es/-as) boss (of a shield), shield

randbéah [] m (-es/-as) boss (of a shield), shield

randburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a town that acts as a shield?, a fortified city, fortified town, a frontier town?; shield-wall of waves (in the Red Sea); [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

randgebeorh [] n (-béores/-) a protection such as that afforded by a shield; protecting shield of waves (in the Red Sea)

randhæbbend [] m (-es/-) shield-bearer, a warrior with a shield, warrior

randwiga2 [] m (-n/-n) shield-warrior, a warrior with a shield, man at arms

randwígend2 [] m (-es/-) shield-warrior, a warrior with a shield, man at arms

randwíggend2 [] m (-es/-) shield-warrior, a warrior with a shield, man at arms

ránn see rán 3

ráp [] 1. m (-es/-as) rope, cord, cable; 2. past 3rd sing of rípan

rápgang [] m (-es/-as) rope-dancing

rápgenga [] m (-n/-n) rope-dancer

rápgewealc? [] n (-es/-) a coil of rope?, cord

rápincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) (small rope), cord, string

ráplic [] adj of rope

ráradumbla [] m (-n/-n) bittern [Ger rohrdommel]

ráradumla [] m (-n/-n) bittern [Ger rohrdommel]

ráredumle [] f (-an/-an) bittern [Ger rohrdommel]

rárian [] wv/i2 1. of human beings, to wail, cry, lament, lament loudly, mourn; 2. of other than human beings, to roar, bellow

rárung [] f (-e/-a) roaring, howling, bellowing, loud cry

rás past 3rd sing of rísan

rásettan1 [] wv/t1b to move impetuously, rage (of fire) [rǽsan]

rásian [] wv/t2 to explore

ratian see hratian

raðe see hraðe

ráw see rǽw

raxan see racsan

ræc see rec

ræcan see reccan

ræccan see reccan

rǽcan [] 1. irreg wv/i1b to reach, extend, stretch forth; 2. irreg wv/t1b to reach out, stretch out; reach, hold forth, offer, present, give, grant; procure?; 3. see hrǽcan

ræcc [] m (-es/-as) setter (dog), a dog that hunts by scent

ræce [] f (-an/-an) see raca

ræced see reced

rǽcung [] f (-e/-a) reaching, holding out, offering, presenting, extending; seizing, seizure, capture

ræd see hræd

rǽd [] m (-es/-as) 1. counsel, advice; 2. counsel, prudence, wisdom, sense, reason, intelligence, intelligence; 3. counsel, course of action that results from deliberation, plan, resolution, a resolution taken after deliberation, way, design, ordinance, decree; 3a. with negative (no) plan to help oneself; 4. what is advisable, benefit, advantage, gain, profit, good fortune, remedy; tó ~e w.d. to the advantage of; help; 5. a council; council, conspiracy; 5a. the act of taking counsel together; 6. as a part of proper names, generally under the form réd; 7. rule, direction, decree, ordinance; 8. power, might; tó ~e geniman to resolve; tó ~e þyncan to seem advisable; 9. adj see réad; 10. n (-es/-) reading lesson

rǽdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres rǽdeð past reord/on, réd/on ptp gerǽden 1. to counsel, give advice, persuade; 2. to ask advice, consult a person; 2a. to consult, deliberate, take counsel upon a matter (acc) with (wiþ) a person, plot, design; 2b. to debate, speak in council, to say in consultation; 2c. to deliberate for the good of anyone, look to, provide for, to consult the interests of; 3. to resolve after deliberation, to determine, decide, decree; 3a. ~ on to proceed against, take action against a person; 4. to rule, govern, have control over, guide, direct, possess w.d., or w.i.; 5. to have the disposal of, have possession of; 6. to read (a) as in to read a riddle, to explain, (b) to read a book; 6a. (1) trans., (a) to have an idea, suppose (α) w.a.; (β) with clause; (aa) to guess, tell by conjecture; (b) to make out the meaning of a riddle, dream, etc. ; (c) to peruse without uttering in speech, to read to oneself; (d) to learn by perusal, find a statement recorded; (da) to find a subject mentioned, read of; (e) to read aloud; (2) intrans or absolute, (a) to read to oneself, (b) to read aloud, read to others; 7. to prepare, put in order, dress, trim, set in order; 8. to arrange; 9. to equip, provide for; 10. bring, deliver (goods); 11. have an idea, guess, forebode; 12. to learn by reading

rǽdbana [] m (-n/-n) accessory to a murder

rǽdbora [] m (-n/-n) advisor, counselor; (Roman) consul

rǽdda [] m (-n/-n) robin [réad]

rǽdde [] weak 3rd past of rǽdan

rǽde [] 1. adj 1 prepared, prompt, ready, ready for riding (horse); mounted (on a horse); skilled, simple; 2. n (-es/-u) ge~ trappings, armor, accoutrements, ornaments; 3. f (-an/-an) a reading, lesson; 4. ? (-?/-?) design, device?

rǽdecempa [] m (-n/-n) horse-soldier, a mounted-soldier

rǽdefæsting [] f (-e/-a) entertainment of the king’s visitors, or of his messengers when riding on his business, or to those strangers who were coming to the king

rǽdegafol [] n (-es/-) rent paid in one payment (in money or in kind), rent that can be paid all at once, as opposed to rent that is discharged by service rendered, and consequently takes time for its payment

rǽdehere [] m (-es/-as) mounted troop, mounted force, cavalry

rǽdelle see rǽdelse

rǽdels [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) 1. counsel, consideration; 2. debate, speech in council; 3. conjecture, imagination, interpretation; 3a. the imaginative faculty; 4. a dark saying, enigma, riddle

rǽdelse [] f (-an/-an) 1. counsel, consideration; 2. debate, speech in council; 3. conjecture, imagination, interpretation; 3a. the imaginative faculty; 4. a dark saying, enigma, riddle

rǽdemann [] m (-es/-menn) horseman

rǽden [] f (-ne/-na) 1. condition, terms, stipulation; 2. rule, government, direction; 3. a reckoning, estimation

rǽdend1 [] m (-es/-) controller, disposer, ruler, one who possesses control over anything; diviner

rǽdendlic [] adj relating to a decree or statute, pertaining to a decree or statute

rǽdengewrit [] n (-es/-u) written agreement, a writing containing a condition or stipulation, a note of hand

rǽdere [] m (-es/-as) 1. a reader, one who reads; 2. a reader, scholar; expounder, interpreter; 3. a reader, lector (ecclesiastical order), the second of seven orders; 4. a reader of riddles, a diviner

rǽdescamol see rǽdungscamol

rǽdesmann [] m (-es/-menn) 1. counselor, advisor, councilor; 2. a steward, manager

rǽdestre [] f (-an/-an) female reader

rǽdewiga [] m (-n/-n) horse-soldier

rǽdfæst [] adj resolute, wise, prudent, of good counsel

rǽdfæstnes [] f (-se/-sa) reasonableness, readiness to follow good counsel, adherence to right courses

rǽdfindende [] adj giving counsel, furnishing counsel, advising

rǽdgeþeaht [] n (-es/-) deliberation, counsel

rǽdgiefa [] m (-n/-n) counselor, councilor, adviser, one who gives counsel

rǽdgift [] f (-e/-a) the office of consul, the consulate or consulship [consulatus], the council of the elders, the Senate, council of state,  body of senators [senatus]

rǽdhors [] n (-es/-) riding-horse

rǽdhycgende [] adj knowing, wise, having wise counsel in the mind, prudent, sagacious

rædic [] m (-es/-as) radish [L radicem]

rǽdin see rǽden

rǽdléas [] adj 1. without counsel, unwise, inconsiderate, rash, ill-advised; 2. without wise-direction, in confusion, in disorder, helpless; 3. lacking what is advantageous or beneficial, wretched, bad, miserable, desolate

rǽdlic [] 1. adj expedient, advisable, wise; 2. adv ~líce wisely, prudently, skillfully, cunningly, cleverly; 3. adv ~líce advisedly, deliberately, designedly, on purpose; fully, explicitly

rædlíce see hrædlíce

rǽdmægen [] n (-es/-) productive force, beneficial force?, force that is productive of good or abundant good?

rædnes see hrædnes

rǽdnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) 1. readiness, promptness; 2. an arrangement, agreement, condition; 3. definition, decision; 4. decree

rǽdu [] f (-e/-a) see rǽd 3

rædrípe see hrædrípe

rǽdsnotor [] adj clever, sage, wise in counsel, prudent, sagacious

rǽdþeahtende2 [] adj taking counsel, consulting, deliberating

rǽdþeahtere [] m (-es/-as) counselor, adviser

rǽdþeahtung [] f (-e/-a) counsel, advice

rǽdung [] f (-e/-a) 1. reading; 1a. a reading, a single act of reading; 2.  what is read, reading, a passage in a book, a lesson; 3. rule, government; 4. consideration, consultation, deliberation, counseling

rǽdungbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) lectionary, book of the lessons, a book containing the lessons

rǽdunggewrit see rǽdengewrit

rǽdunggrád [] m (-es/-as) steps to lectern

rǽdungscamol [] m (-es/-as) ambo, rostrum, lectern, reading-desk

rædwǽn see hrædwǽn

rǽdwita [] m (-n/-n) counselor, adviser, one wise in counsel

rǽdystre see rǽdestre

rǽf see réaf

rǽfan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rǽfneþ past rǽfnede ptp gerǽfned to involve, wrap

ræfen see hræfn

ræfnan [] wv/t1b 1. to endure, suffer, undergo; 2. to do, perform, accomplish, carry out

ræfnian [] wv/t2 1. to endure, suffer, undergo; 2. to do, perform, accomplish, carry out

ræfs- see reps-

ræfter [] m (-es/-as) rafter, beam

rǽge [] f (-an/-an) roe, a wild she-goat

rægel see hrægl

rǽgeréose [] f (-an/-an) spinal muscles, a ridge of muscles at the side of the spine running up the back

rǽghár [] adj grey (with lichen), grey like the goat

rægl see hrægl

rægn see régn

rægolfæst see regolfæst

rægu see ragu

rǽhte past 3rd sing of rǽcan

ræm see hræfn

rǽman see á~

rænc see rencu

ræng- see reng-

ræp past 3rd sing of repan

rǽpan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rǽpð past rǽpte ptp gerǽped 1 to bind with rope, fetter, capture, enslave, make captive; yoke together

rǽping see rǽpling

rǽpling [] m (-es/-as) one bound, captive, prisoner, criminal; [rǽpan]

rǽplingweard [] m (-es/-as) warder, a keeper of prisoners

ræps see reps

rǽran [] wv/t1b to cause to rise, to rear, raise, build, create; 1. to lift up, move from a lower to a higher position, elevate, promote; 2. to raise (a building), build, create; 3. to set up, establish (a law, institution, etc.), begin, commit, do; 4. to raise, offer (a prayer); 5. to raise, begin, give rise to, excite (ill-feeling); 6. to rouse, arouse, excite, stir up; 7. to raise, elevate, exalt, promote; [rísan]; reliquias ~ to carry relics in procession

rǽs [] m (-es/-as) 1. a race, swift or violent running, rush; rush, leap, jump, running; 2. an onset, onrush, storm, attack

rǽs [] f (-we/-wa) counsel, deliberation

rǽsan [] wv/t1b to rush, move violently or impetuously; 1. of actual movement; se stranga wind þǽr on rǽsde; 2. of violent action, to proceed against with violence, to rush upon, assault, attack; 3. of precipitate action, to rush (into anything), enter on rashly

rǽsbora2 [] m (-n/-n) counselor, leader, guide, chief, one who takes thought for the public good

ræsc [] m (-es/-as) shower, a heavy shower

ræscan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ræsceð past ræscte ptp geræsced to vibrate, quiver (of light), to glitter, to move quickly

ræscettan [] wv/t1b to crackle, creak, coruscate, make a crackling noise as fire does, to sparkle

ræscettung [] f (-e/-a) sparkling, gleaming, coruscation

rǽsele [] f (-an/-an) a conjecture, solution of a riddle

rǽsian see rǽswian

ræsn [] n (-es/-) plank, beam, wall-plate, raising piece, ceiling

ræst see rest

rǽsu? [] f? (-we/-wa) suggestion, deliberation, counsel

rǽswa2 [] m (-n/-n) 1. counselor, guide; 2. one who takes thought (for the public good), (a) a prince, king, ruler; (b) a leading man, chief person, leader

rǽswan [] wv/t1b to think, suppose, suspect, consider, conjecture

rǽswian [] wv/t2 to think, suppose, suspect, consider, conjecture

rǽswung [] f (-e/-a) reasoning, conjecture, supposition

ræt [] m (-es/-as) rat

rǽt pres 3rd sing of rǽdan

ræð- see hræð-

ræðe see hraðe

rǽðe see réðe

rǽw [] 1. f (-e/-a) row, line; succession; hedgerow; 2. see hrǽw

réac past 3rd sing of réocan

réad [] 1. adj red; (a) of plants or fruit; ~e wínberige red grapes; (b) of gold; (c) of fire, sky; (d) of blood; séo réade ród the blood-stained cross; 2. past 3rd sing of réodan

réada [] f pl tonsil

réadbasu [] adj reddish purple

réadda [] m (-n/-n) the robin redbreast

réade [] adv red, in red, with red color

réadfáh [] adj red of hue, red-stained, having patches of red color

réadgoldlæfer [] f (-e/-a) plating of (red) gold

réadian [] wv/i2 to be or become red

réadléaf [] adj red-leaved, having red leaves

réadlesc [] adj colored red [rubricata] (a skin, hide (of a beast), whether on the body or taken off; a felt, pelt, [pellis])

Réadlingas [] m pl the Ethiopians

réadnes [] f (-se/-sa) redness

réadstalede [] adj red-stalked, having a red stale or stalk

réaf [] n (-es/-) 1. plunder, spoil, booty; 2. raiment, a garment, robe, vestment; armor

réafere [] m (-es/-as) reaver, robber, plunderer, spoiler

réafetian see wín~, wính~

réafian1 [] wv/t2 1. to plunder, rifle, spoil, ravage, waste, rob, take by force, (1) a person; (1a) to rob a person of something (α) w.g.; hé wile réafian hine his ánwealdes; (β) with prep; æt w.d.; gif man réafie óðerne æt his dehter; (2) a place; 2. to seize, take as a robber takes, carry off, remove, transport; ge~ strip; absolute, or with accusative of thing taken, (1) absolute; (2) w.a.; (2a) to take something from a person; sé þe hit on óðrum réafaþ; 3. to robe

réafigend [] m (-es/-) robber, spoiler, plunderer

réafigende [] adj rapacious, ravening

réaflác [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) 1. rapine, robbery, spoliation, plundering; 2. what is taken, spoil, booty, plunder

réafol [] adj rapacious

réafolnes [] f (-se/-sa) rapacity

reafter see ræfter

réafung [] f (-e/-a) spoliation, plundering, spoiling

reagufinc see ragufinc

reahte past 3rd sing of reccan

reahtigan [] wv/t2? to dispute, discuss

réam [] 1. m (-es/-as) cream; 2. see hréam

réama see réoma

réamwín? [] n (-es/-) thick wine, wine with a froth on it, a kind of wine

réat past 3rd sing of réotan

réaðe see réðe

réaw see rǽw

réawde see hréawde, past of hréawan

réc [] m (-es/-as) reek, smoke

recan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ricð past ræc/rǽcon ptp gerecen 1. to go, proceed hastily, run; ge~ go, move, rush; 2. to bring, carry, convey

récan1 [] 1. irreg wv/t1b 3rd sing récð past réhte ptp geréht to smoke, steam; to fumigate, expose to smoke or steam; 2. to cause to emit smoke, burn incense; 3. see reccan 2

récan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres réceð past róhte ptp geróht to care, reck, (1) w.g.; ne can ic éow and ne réce ic éower I know you not and I care not for you; (1a) used impersonally w.a. person; hine þæs metes ne récþ he cares not about the food; (2) with a preposition; þu ne récst be ǽnigum menn thou carest not about any man; (3) with a clause; gé ne récaþ hwǽðer gé áwiht tó góde dón ye care not whether ye make something good; 2. to take care of, be interested in; care for; care, desire (to do something)

reccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres receð past reahte ptp gereaht 1. to stretch, extend, go; 2. to hold out to another, extend, to give; 3. to stretch one’s steps, to tend, to go, stray; 4. to unfold a tale, to narrate, recite, tell, say; 4a. to quote, to cite an instance; 5. 1 to unfold the meaning of anything, to instruct, explain, interpret, expound; hér began se déofol tó reccenne háige gewritu and hé léah mid þǽre race here the devil began to expound holy writ, and he was false in his exposition; 6. to unravel a difficult case, give a solution of a difficult question; 7. to rule, direct, guide; 7a. to correct, reprove; 8. ge~ to wield (authority), give judgment, decide, direct, control; 9. ge~ prove; 10. ge~ count, reckon

recce- see réce-

recci- see réce-

recce see earfoð~

réccelíest [] f (-e/-a) carelessness, negligence, heedlessness

reccend [] m (-es/-) ruler, guide, governor; (1) applied to the Deity; (2) used of earthly rulers

reccenddóm [] m (-es/-as) governance, oversight, ruling, directing

reccenes see gerecenes

reccere [] m (-es/-as) speaker, rhetorician; teacher, ruler, director; interpreter

reccung [] f (-e/-a) narrative, narration, tale, story

reced [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) building, house, palace, hall; a couch running round three sides of a table for reclining on at meals, an eating-couch, table-couch [triclinium]

recedlic [] adj palatial

recednes1 [] f (-se/-sa) a story, narrative, history; interpretation; direction, correction; ánfeald ge~ prose

recedóm see reccenddóm

récel see récels

réceléas [] adj reckless, careless, negligent

réceléasian [] wv/t2 to neglect; wv/i2 to be negligent or careless

réceléaslíce [] adv heedlessly, carelessly, inattentively, negligently, without attention

réceléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) recklessness, carelessness, negligence

réceléast see réccelíest

récelíestu see réccelíest

récels [] m (-es/-as) incense, frankincense; [réc]

récelsbúc [] m (-es/-as) censer, a vessel for holding incense

récelsfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) censer, a vessel for holding incense

récelsian [] wv/t2 to perfume with incense, to cense with incense

récelsréoce [] f (-an/-an) burning of incense

recen [] adj 1. ready, prompt, quick; 2. swift, quick; 3. coming swiftly and so causing terror, rapid, violent

recendóm see reccenddóm

recene [] adv instantly, quickly, straightaway, at once

recenian [] wv/t2 to pay; to arrange, dispose, reckon; ge~ to explain, recount, relate

recenlíce [] adv quickly, immediately, at once, forthwith, straightaway

recennes [] f (-se/-sa) a narrative, history; coming together?; going?

récetung see hrǽcetung

recnian see recenian

recondlic [] adj Consisting of a great number, numerous, manifold; Full of rhythm or harmony, according to rhythm, measured, rhythmical, harmonious, melodious [numerosus]

recu [] f (-e/-a) guidance, direction, correction

recse see risce

recyd see reced

réd [] 1. see rǽd; 2. past 3rd sing of rǽdan

red- see ræd-

réd- see rǽd-

réde see réðe

rédestán [] m (-es/-as) synophites, red ochre; sinopis

rédian [] wv/t2 to furnish, provide

rédon past pl of rǽdan

réfa1 [] m (-n/-n) high official, reeve, steward, sheriff, count (comes), prefect, consul

refsan see repsan

refter see ræfter

regellic see regollic

regen- see regn-, rén-

regn [] m (-es/-as) rain; showers of rain; in the compounds ~heard, ~meld, ~þéof, ~weard has an intensive force, implies greatness, might

regn- see rén-

regnan see rínan

regnboga [] m (-n/-n) a rainbow

regndropa [] m (-n/-n) a raindrop

regnheard [] adj very hard, exceedingly hard, wondrous hard

regnian [] wv/t2 1. to rain, cause rain to fall; 2. see rénian

regnig [] adj rainy

regnlic [] adj rainy

regnmeld [] f (-e/-a) a mighty, solemn announcement

regnscúr [] m (-es/-as) rain-shower, a shower of rain

regnsnægl [] m (-es/-as) snail

regnþéof2 [] m (-es/-as) downright thief, an arch-thief

regnwæter [] n (-es/-) rain-water

regnweard [] m (-es/-as) a mighty guardian, house-guardian [ærn)

regnwyrm [] m (-es/-as) earthworm

regol [] m (-es/-as) 1. a rule, regulation, law; 2. a rule, pattern, standard, norm; 3. as an ecclesiastical term, (a) a single rule or prescript, a canon, law; (b) monastic code of rules, the body of rules which guide a particular order of ecclesiastics, a rule, e.g. the Benedictine rule; 4. a ruler for drawing lines, ruler (instrument); 5. a tabular arrangement, list given in tabular form; [L regol]

regolbryce [] m (-es/-as) breech of rule(s)

regolfæst [] adj observing a rule, rigid, strict, regular (of ecclesiastics), adhering to monastic rules

regolian [] wv/t2 to draw lines with a ruler

regollagu [] f (-e/-a) monastic law, the law to which the member of a monastic body is subject

regollic [] adj as an ecclesiastical term 1. regular, according to rules, in accordance with monastic rules; 2. in accordance with the canons of the church, canonical; 3. adv ~líce regularly, in accordance with rule

regollíf [] n (-es/-) life according to ecclesiastical rules

regolsticca [] m (-n/-n) rule, ruler (instrument)

regolþéaw [] m (-es/-as) discipline of (monastic) rule, a custom of ecclesiastical rule

regolweard [] m (-es/-as) regulator, director, ruler; the guardian of a rule, (1) an authority in the matter of the observance of a rule; (2) one who sees that a rule is observed, provost, abbot; (3) a ruler, director

regul see regol

regulares [] m pl regular days in computation

reht see riht

rehte past 3rd sing of reccan

réhte past 3rd sing of récan 2

relicgang [] m (-es/-as) visiting of relics, a going to visit relics

reliquias [] m pl relics of Saints (gen. –a, dat. –um); sing reliquium; ~ rǽran to carry relics in processions

réman see rýman

remian [] wv/t2 to mend

Rémisc [] adj Roman

remm- see hremm-

remn see hræfn

rempan [] wv/i1b to be hasty, precipitate; to go headlong (like an animal butting with its horns), be precipitate

rén see regn

rén- see regn-

renc [] f (-e/-a) pride, pomp, vanity, bravery, display, ostentation

rencu [] f (-e/-a) pride, pomp, vanity, bravery, display, ostentation

rendan [] wv/t1b to rend, tear, cut, cut down

rendegn see ærnþegn

rene see ryne

renel see rynel

reng see regn

renge [] f (-an/-an) spider, spider’s web [L aranea]

rengwyrm [] m (-es/-as) intestinal worm, a maw-worm

rénian1 [] wv/t2 to prepare; ge~ arrange, set in order, dispose, regulate, mend, set (trap); ge~ adorn; ge~ tó bismere humiliate, degrade; [regnian; Goth raginón]

réniend [] m (-es/-) one who arranges

renweard [] m (-es/-as) house-guardian [ærn)

réo [] 1. see réowe; 2. see hréoh

réoc [] adj fierce, savage, furious

réocan [] 1. sv/i2 3rd pres ríecð past réac/rucon ptp gerocen to emit vapor, steam or smoke, send forth steam or smoke; reek; 2. see récan

réocende [] adj smoking, steaming

réod [] 1. adj red, ruddy; 2. n (-es/-) red color; 3. see hréod

réodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ríedeð past réad/rudon ptp geroden 1. to redden, stain with blood; 2. 2to redden a person by causing blood to flow from a wound, to wound, kill; 2 kill?

reodian [] wv/t2 to sift?, search out?

réodian see réadian

réodmúða [] m (-n/-n) parrot, faseacus (bird)

réodnæsc see réadlesc

réofan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ríefð past réaf/rufon ptp gerofen to rend, break, rive

reogol see regol

reohhe [] f (-an/-an) ray, thornback?

reoht see riht

réol see hréol

reoma see rima

réoma [] m (-n/-n) membrane, ligament

réon [] 1. see réowon, past pl of  rówan; 2. wv/t1b? to lament

réone acc sing masc of réo(we)

réonian1 [] wv/t2 to conspire, plot; to whisper, mutter

réonig2 [] adj mournful, sad, gloomy, weary

réonigmód2 [] adj mournful, weary, sad at heart

réonung1 [] f (-e/-a) whispering, muttering, conspiracy; astrology; [rún]

reopa [] m (-n/-n) bundle of corn, sheaf

reopan see repan

reopian see ripian

reord2 [] 1. f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) voice; language, speech, tongue; 2. f (-e/-a) sustenance, food, reflection; meal, feast; 3. past 3rd sing of rǽdan

reordan see reordian 2

reordberend2 [] m (-es/-) man, one gifted with speech

reordhús [] n (-es/-) eating room, refectory, a house or room where meals are taken

reordian [] wv/t2 1. to speak, say, talk, discourse; 2. read; 3. 1 to feed, refresh, entertain, feast

reordung1 [] f (-e/-a) refection, meal, taking food

reosan [] ? (-?/-?) pissli, name of a plant?

réose see rǽge~

réost [] ? (-?/-?) rest (part of a plough)

réotan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres ríeteð past réat/ruton ptp geroten 1. to make a noise; 2. to make a noise in grief, weep, mourn, lament, wail; 3. to weep, shed tears;

réote see rétu

réotig [] adj mournful, sad, tearful

réow [] 1. see hréoh; 2. past 3rd sing of rówan

réowe [] f (-an/-an) covering, rug, blanket, mantle [= rýhe]

réowlic see hréowlic

réowot see réwet

rep- see hrep-

repan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ripð past ræp/rǽpon ptp gerepen to reap

repel [] m (-es/-as) staff, rod

reps [] m (-es/-as) response (in a church service) [L responsorium]

repsan [] wv/t1b to reprove, blame; seize

repsung [] f (-e/-a) 1. a division of the night, an interval, evening; 2. a seizing, reproving

repung see hrepung

réran see rǽran

resce see risce

résele [] f (-an/-an) answer, solution

résian see rǽswian

respons [] ? (-?/-?) response

rest [] f (-e/-a) 1. rest, quiet, freedom from toil; 2. rest, repose, sleep; 3. 1 a place of rest, resting-place; 4. 1 a bed, couch; 5. grave

resta1 [] m (-n/-n) bedfellow, consort, wife

restan [] wv/i1b to rest; 1. wv/i1b (a) of persons, (1) to cease from toil, be at rest, (2) to rest on a couch, to sleep, (3) to rest in death, lie dead, lie in the grave; (b) of things, to remain unmoved or undisturbed, be still; 2. wv/r1b w. reflexive acc. to rest one’s self, (1) of cessation from toil, (2) of rest on a couch or in sleep; ic mec mæg restan on þissum racentum; þu restest þec; on six dagum God geworhte heofon and eorþan and on þǽm seofoþan hé hine reste; 3. wv/t1b ge~ to give rest to, lodge; 4. w.g. to rest from, remain, lie

restbedd [] n (-es/-) bed, couch

restdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of rest, a day when no work is to be done, Sabbath day (1)

restedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of rest, a day when no work is to be done, Sabbath day (2)

restendæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of rest, a day when no work is to be done, Sabbath day (3); þæt þridda bebod is, “Béo þu gemyndig þæt þu þone restendæg gehálgige”;

restengéar [] n (-es/-) year of rest from work, a year in which work is not done

restgemána [] m (-n/-n) cohabitation, conjugal intercourse

resthús [] n (-es/-) sleeping-chamber

restléas [] adj restless, without rest, disturbed

résung see rǽswung

rétan1 [] wv/t1b to delight, cheer, comfort, gladden [rót]

rétend [] m (-es/-) comforter, cheerer, one who cheers or comforts

rétu [] f (-e/-a) joy [dat reote]

reðe [] adj righteous, right, just

réðe [] adj fierce, cruel, savage; 1. applied to persons, (a) in a bad sense; (b) of justifiable severity, severe, stern, austere, zealous; 2. applied to animals, wild, savage, fierce; 3. applied to things (punishment, calamity, etc.) severe, cruel fierce, dire

réðegian see réðian

reðehygdig [] adj right-minded

reðemann [] m (-es/-menn) usurer [Goth raðjo?]

réðemód2 [] adj 1. in a bad sense, of fierce or savage mind, savage, cruel, fierce, indignant; 2. of justifiable severity or anger, of stern or severe mind, wroth, indignant;

réðen [] adj wild

réðian [] wv/i2 3rd pres réðað past réðode ptp geréðod to rage, be fierce

réðigian [] wv/i2 3rd pres réðigað past réðigode ptp geréðigod to rage, be fierce

réðig [] adj fierce, savage, cruel

réðigmód [] adj savage, fierce, of fierce or savage mind

réðlic [] adj fierce, cruel, deadly; adv ~líce violently, fiercely, furiously

réðnes [] f (-se/-sa) fierceness, rage, cruelty, severity, zeal; 1. applied to persons, (a) in a bad sense; (b) of justifiable severity; 2. applied to animals, savageness, fierceness, ferocity; 3. applied to things (reproof, calamity, etc.), harshness, severity; storminess

réðra1 [] m (-n/-n) an oarsman, rower, sailor

réðru1 [] n pl oars

réðscipe [] m (-es/-as) fury, anger, rage, fierceness

réwet [] n (-tes/-tu) 1. rowing; 2. a ship, rowing-boat, vessel [rowan]

réwut see réwet

riaht see riht 1

ribb [] n (-es/-) rib

ribbe [] f (-an/-an) hound’s-tongue, ribwort [an herb]

ribbspáca [] n pl rib-spokes, the brisket?

ríca [] m (-n/-n) influential man, powerful person, ruler

rícan see récan

rícceter see ríceter

ríccetere see ríceter

ríce [] adj 1. of persons, (a) powerful, mighty, great, possessed of power, of high rank; (b) rich, possessed of wealth; 2. of things, strong, powerful, mighty, potent

ríce [] n (-es/-u) 1. power, authority, might, dominion, rule, empire, reign, (a) referring to sovereigns or nations; tó ~ fón to become king, ascend the throne, assume the royal authority; reign (period of time); (b) referring to others in authority (bishops, consuls, etc.); 2. the district in which power is exercised, a kingdom, realm, diocese; 2a. the people inhabiting a district, a nation

rícedóm [] m (-es/-as) kingly rule, power, rule, dominion

rícels see récels

rícehealdend [] m (-es/-) guardian of the kingdom

ricen- see recen-

rícen [] f (-ne/-na) a female endowed with power, a goddess

ríceter [] n (-es/-) 1. power, force, might, dominion, rule, greatness, glory; ambition; 2. power improperly used, violence, force, tyranny, oppression; undue display of power, arrogance

rícetere [] n (-es/-) 1. power, force, might, dominion, rule, greatness, glory; ambition; 2. power improperly used, violence, force, tyranny, oppression; undue display of power, arrogance

ricg see hrycg

ricig see hrycg

ríclic [] adj sumptuous; adv ~líce powerfully, with power, as one possessing power; splendidly, sumptuously

ricone see recene

rics see risc

rícsere [] m (-es/-as) ruler

rícsian [] wv/t2 1. to exercise or have power, to rule, bear rule, govern, reign; 2. with the idea of supremacy secured by, or exercised with, force or violence, to domineer, dominate, tyrannize, exercise violence; 2a. of things, to prevail

rícsiend [] m (-es/-) ruler

rícsung [] f (-e/-a) rule, dominion, domination

rída see brand~, tot~

rídan [] sv/i1 3rd pres rídeð past rád/ridon ptp is geriden 1. to ride on horseback; (1) where going on horseback is expressed or may be certainly inferred; (2) where the word is used as expressing the most usual method of locomotion, but does not exclude other forms; ríde hé tó þǽm ealdormenn; (3) to ride in a carriage; ~ on crætwægnum to ride in carriages; 2. to ride (of other modes of transportation as a vessel rides on the waves); float, sail; 3. without the idea of progress, to ride (as in to ride at anchor), move about, swing, rock, ride at anchor, float, sail; chafe (of fetters); ge~ ride over, occupy (a country), seize; ge~ ride up to; tó handa ge~ to bring into a person’s power or possession; on ancre ~ to ride at anchor

ridda [] m (-n/-n) 1. rider, horseman, horse-soldier; 2. mounted soldier

rídel see for(e)~

rídehere [] m (-es/-as) mounted force, cavalry

rídend [] m (-es/-) rider, cavalier, horseman, knight

rídere [] m (-es/-as) rider, trooper, knight

ridesoht [] f? (-e/-a) fever [hrið?, suht?]

rídusende [] adj swinging, swaying

rídwiga [] m (-n/-n) a mounted soldier, horse-soldier

ríece see ríce

rieht see riht

rif see hrif

ríf [] adj violent, fierce, ravenous, noxious

rife see hege~

rífe [] adj rife, abundant

rifelede [] adj wrinkled

rifeling [] m (-es/-as) shoe or sandal of raw hide, a kind of shoe or sandal

rifelung [] f (-e/-a) wrinkle

rífnes [] f (-se/-sa) fierceness

rift [] n (-es/-) cloak, veil, curtain

rifte [] n (-es/-u) cloak, veil, curtain

rifter [] m (riftres/riftras) reaping-hook, sickle, scythe

riftre [] m (-es/-as) reaper

riftere [] m (-es/-as) reaper

rige see ryge

Rigindún [] m (-es/-as) Rigdon

rignan see rínan

rignan [] wv/t1b 1. to rain, to cause rain to fall, (a) to cause to fall like rain; with the agent expressed; he rignde ofer synfullan grin; (b) with the agent not expressed; hit rignde 40 daga; 2. to rain, fall (of rain); rigneð blódig regn æt æfen a bloody rain shall fall at even;

ríhsian see rícsian

riht1 [] n (-es/-) 1. that which is straight or erect, a plumb line; 2. that which is straight in a metaphorical sense, right, law, canon, rule; 3. what is in accordance with the law, human or divine, what is just or proper, right, justice, equity, privilege; cause, legal action; on ~e, mid ~e a-right, by rights, according to what is just or proper; 3a. what is just in the case of a criminal, just punishment, justice; 4. what properly belongs to a person, what may be justly claimed, a right, due; 4a. what is proper for a thing with regard to use or appreciation; 5. what is due from a person, duty, obligation; 6. what agrees with a proper standard, what is correct or exact, the rights of a case, the truth, correctness; on ~e, mid ~e a-right, correctly, properly; 7. an account, reckoning; mostly in such phrases as ~ ágieldan to render an account

riht1 [] adj 1. of direction, (a) literally, straight, erect, direct; (b) metaphorically, right, straight; 2. agreeable to the spirit of the law, human or divine just, equitable; 3. satisfying the requirements of a law or regulation, legitimate, lawful, regular; on ~re ǽwe in lawful marriage; ~ þéodscipe regular discipline; 4. satisfying the demands of conduct, right, proper, fitting; 4a. of persons, upright, righteous; 5. satisfying the requirements of a standard, right, correct, true, orthodox; ~ gewrit orthography

rihtan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rihteð past rihtede ptp gerihted 1. to right, to restore to a proper position that which is displaced, put right, put in a proper condition, make straight, erect, direct, set up; 2. to right a person, to replace a person in the rights of which he is wrongfully deprived, restore, replace; 3. to make right that which is faulty, set right, rectify, correct, amend, rebuke; 4. to keep right, direct, rule, guide, govern

rihtándaga [] m (-n/-n) proper (fixed) day, the right term or time

rihtandswaru [] f (-e/-a) retort, reproof, rebuke, an answer that corrects

rihtæðelcwén [] f (-e/-e) lawful wife

rihtæðelu [] n pl true nobility

rihtǽw [] f (-e/-a) 1. lawful wedlock, legitimate matrimony; 2. lawful wife, legitimate wife

rihtcynecynn [] n (-es/-) legitimate royal family

rihtcyning [] m (-es/-as) lawful king

rihtcynn [] n (-es/-) true stock, a genuine stock, a race really derived from a particular source

rihtdóm [] m (-es/-as) just judgment

rihtdónde [] adj doing what is right, right-doing

rihte [] adv 1. of direction, right, due, directly, straight (of direction, as in right on, due east), outright; þǽr ~ thereupon, straightaway; 2. of time, directly, straightaway, immediately; 3. in accordance with justice or equity, justly, rightly, duly; 4. rightly, well, in a manner suited to the circumstances of a case, fittingly, properly, fairly, justly, duly, correctly, truly; 5. correctly, in the proper manner, exactly, accurately, precisely, truly, just; swilce híe wǽron rihte…swilce híe nú sind they were exactly such then as they are now; 6. rightly, with undisputed title

rihtebred [] n (-es/-u) measure, rule, square, an instrument for measuring

rihtend [] m (-es/-as) 1. ruler, leader; 2. director, guide, one who arranges matters

rihtendebyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) right order

rihtere [] m (-es/-as) director, ruler

rihtes [] adv right, straight

rihtéðel [] m (-éðles/-éðlas), n (-éðles/-) a true native country

rihtfædrencynn [] n (-es/-) direct paternal descent or pedigree

rihtfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) duly ordained fast, a lawfully appointed fast

rihtfæstendæg [] m (-es/-dagas) duly appointed fast-day, a regularly appointed fasting day

rihtfæstentíd [] f (-e/-e) duly appointed time of fasting, a regularly appointed time of fasting

rihtfremmend [] m (-es/-) one acting rightly

rihtfremmende2 [] adj acting rightly

rihtful [] adj rightful, honorable, good, virtuous

rihtgebroðru [] m pl brethren

rihtgefég [] n (-es/-u) proper joint, a proper joining

rihtgefremed [] adj catholic, orthodox, rightly constituted

rihtgegilda [] m (-n/-n) duly appointed member of a guild, one who is legally a member of a guild

rihtgehátan [] sv/t7 3rd pres rihtgehǽteð past rihtgehét/on, rihtgeheht/on ptp rihtgeháten to pledge oneself, swear

rihtgehíwan [] noun pl lawfully married persons

rihtgeléafful [] adj orthodox, holding a true belief

rihtgeléaffulnes [] f (-se/-sa) right belief, true belief, orthodoxy

rihtgeléaflíce [] adv in an orthodox manner

rihtgelíefed [] adj orthodox, catholic, possessed of a true belief

rihtgelíefende [] adj believing rightly, having a true belief, faithful

rihtgemæcca [] m (-n/-n) lawful husband

rihtgemǽre see rihtlandgemǽre

rihtgemǽre [] n (-es/-u) lawful boundary

rihtgemet [] n (-es/-u, -meotu) proper measure, correct measure

rihtgesamhíwan [] noun pl lawfully married persons

rihtgescéad [] n (-es/-) right understanding, right reason, reason

rihtgeset [] adj duly appointed, canonical

rihtgesetednes [] f (-se/-sa) right ordinance, regular ordinance, right rule

rihtgesetnes [] f (-se/-sa) rightful office, right institution

rihtgesinscipe [] m (-es/-as) lawful wedlock, lawful matrimony

rihtgeþancod [] adj right-minded, having right thoughts

rihtgewitt [] n (-es/-) right mind

rihtgewittelic [] adj rational

rihtgewittig [] adj in one’s right mind, of right wit, reasonable

rihtgifu [] f (-e/-a) irrevocable gift, a lawful gift, a gift that is rightfully made

rihthámscyld [] f (-e/-e), m (-es/-as) legal means of protection to a homestead?

rihthámsócn [] f (-e/-a) actual offence of attacking a man in his own house; housebreaking which is such in the eye of the law, housebreaking which has actually been committed; the actual franchise of holding pleas of this offence and receiving the penalties for it; the actual penalty itself;

rihthand [] f (-a/-a) right hand

rihthanddǽda [] m (-n/-n) actual perpetrator of a crime

rihthǽmed [] n (-es/-) lawful wedlock, legitimate matrimony

rihtheort [] adj righteous, just, upright in heart

rihthíwa [] m (-n/-n) lawful consort, legitimate consort

rihthláford [] m (-es/-as) rightful lord

rihthláforddóm [] m (-es/-as) lawful authority, legitimate lordship condition of rightful lord

rihthláfordhyldu [] f (-e/-a) loyalty, fidelity justly due to a lord

rihtlagu [] f (-e/-a) regular legal ordinance, right or just law, equity

rihtlandgemǽre [] n (-es/-u) lawful boundary (of land)

rihtlǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to make straight, make right, put right, rectify, correct, amend, set in order; direct; wv/i1b ? to agree, be fitting

rihtlǽce [] m (-es/-as) duly qualified physician, a genuine physician, one who is really a doctor

rihtlǽcung [] f (-e/-a) criticism, correction, making right

rihtlic [] adj 1. right, just; 2. right, fitting, proper, adapted to due requirements; 2a. adapted, fitted, entitled; 3. right, in accordance with reason; 4. right as regards to conduct, righteous;

rihtlíce [] adv 1. rightly, justly, uprightly, virtuously, with justice or equity; 2. rightly, properly, in a manner which suits the circumstances of a case; 3. rightly, correctly, precisely, in accordance with rules or regulations, regularly; 4. rightly as regards to conduct, properly; 5. of direction, directly

rihtlícettere [] m (-es/-as) downright hypocrite, a thorough hypocrite

rihtlíf [] n (-es/-) right life, regular union (of married people), a life of lawful matrimony

rihtlíflád [] f (-e/-a) right way of life, right conduct

rihtliðlic [] adj articulate

rihtmédrencynn [] n (-es/-) direct mother’s line, direct maternal descent or pedigree

rihtméterfers [] n (-es/-) correct hexameter verse

rihtmunuc [] m (-es/-as) true monk

rihtnama [] m (-n/-n) correct name, right name, name correctly given

rihtnes [] f (-se/-sa) 1. rightness, straightness, perpendicularity; 2. rightness, rectitude, justice, equity; 3. reckoning, account; 4. ge~ correction

rihtnorðanwind [] m (-es/-as) a due north wind

rihtraciend [] m (-es/-) expounder of righteousness (the preacher, Ecclesiastes), an expounder of right

rihtracu [] f (-e/-a) reason, correct account

rihtregol [] m (-es/-as) right rule, correct rule, canon, a lawful rule of life

rihtryne [] m (-es/-as) right or straight course

rihtscilling [] m (-es/-as) shilling of sterling money, a lawful shilling

rihtscír see rihtscriftscír

rihtscrífend [] m (-es/-) one skilled in the law, one who declares the sentence of the law, a lawyer [jurisconsult], lawyer

rihtscriftscír [] f (-e/-a) properly assigned district of a confessor, parish, a district the extent of which is determined by law

rihtscytte [] adj sure of aim

rihtsinscipe [] m (-es/-as) lawful wedlock, lawful matrimony

rihtsméaung [] f (-e/-a) right reasoning or argument

rihtspell [] n (-es/-) true discourse, a noble discourse

rihtstefn [] f (-e/-a) ordinary voice, a properly pronounced word, properly modulated sound

rihttíd [] f (-e/-e) proper time

rihttima [] m (-n/-n) proper time

rihtþéow [] m (-es/-as) lawful slave

rihtþéowa [] m (-n/-n) lawful slave

rihtung [] f (-e/-a) 1. direction, guidance, action of guiding aright, order, rule; 2. correction, setting right; 3. correction, reproof; 4. a direction, rule; 5. regularis (in computation)

rihtungþrǽd [] m (-es/-as) plumb-line

rihtweg [] m (-es/-as) right way

rihtwer [] m (-es/-as) lawful husband, legitimate husband; legally correct ‘wergild’

rihtwestende [] m (-es/-as) extreme western limit

rihtwíf [] n (-es/-) lawful wife

rihtwillend [] m (-es/-) one whose desires are right

rihtwillende [] adj wishing to do right

rihtwís [] adj righteous, just; right, justifiable; 1. of persons; 1a. absolute; 1b. absolute with pronoun, the righteous (man or men); ic séo þone rihtwísan I see the righteous one; 2. of things;

rihtwíse [] f (-an/-an) righteousness, justice

rihtwísend [] m (-es/-) Sadducee

rihtwísian1 [] wv/t2 1. to make righteous, justify; 2. direct aright, rule; [riht, wísian]

rihtwíslic [] adj righteous, just, rational; adv ~líce rightly, reasonably; rationally, justly

rihtwísnes [] f (-se/-sa) 1. righteousness, justice ; 2. righteousness, reasonableness, rightness, reason; 3. righteous acts

rihtwrítere [] m (-es/-as) correct writer, one who writes correctly

rihtwuldriende [] adj orthodox

rihtwyrðe [] adj proper, fitting

rihtymbren [] n (-es/-) duly appointed Embertide

rihtymbrendagas [] m pl duly appointed Ember days

rím- see hrím-

rím1 [] n (-es/-) number, counting, reckoning; calendar, numeral; 1. the precise sum or aggregate of any collection of individual things or persons; 2. a particular sum or aggregate of units, of a kind specified or implied in the context; 3. the particular mark or symbol, having an arithmetical value, by which anything has a place assigned to it in a series; 4. the full tale or count of a collection, company, or class of persons; 5. a (large or small) collection of persons or things; 6. that aspect of things which is involved in considering them as separate units of which one or more may be taken or distinguished, (1) in oblique cases or prepositional phrases with adverbial force; féowertig wintra ~es for forty years in number; (2) in phrases denoting that persons, things, etc., have not been, or cannot be, counted; 7. reckoning, calculation

rima [] m (-n/-n) rim, verge, border, bank, coast

ríman [] wv/t1b 1. 1 to count, number, reckon; 2. to enumerate, recount, describe in succession, tell; 3. to calculate, compute, count up; 4. to account, esteem as

rímáð [] m (-es/-as) oath by a number of persons, an oath taken by a person and by the number of persons he brings with him as compurgators

rímcræft1 [] m (-es/-as) arithmetic, reckoning, computation, the science of numbers; calendar

rímcræftig [] adj skillful in computation

rímcræftiga [] m (-n/-n) one skillful at figures, computation

ríme see earfoð~

rímere [] m (-es/-as) a computer, reckoner,calculator

rímforst see hrímforst

rímgetæl2 [] n (-es/-getalu) number

rímgetel2 [] n (-es/-u, geteolu) number

rimpan see hrimpan

rímre see rímere

rímtalu [] f (-e/-a) number

Rín [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) the river Rhine

rínan [] sv/i1, sv/t1 3rd pres rínð  past rán/rinon ptp gerinen  or wv/t1b, wv/i1b impersonal to rain; to send down, or fall, like rain; ge~ to wet with rain

rinc2 [] m (-es/-as) man, warrior, hero

rincgetæl [] n (-es/-talu) a number of men, host

rincsetl see hringsetl

rind [] f (-e/-a) rind, bark, outside; 1. of a tree, the bark; 1a. metaphorically; 2. of other things, crust, rind, outside

rinde [] f (-an/-an) rind, bark, outside; 1. of a tree, the bark; 1a. metaphorically; 2. of other things, crust, rind, outside

rindan see be~

rindran see be~

rindeclifer [] f (-e/-a) woodpecker?, nut-hatch?, a bird that sticks to, or scratches the bark of trees?

rinden [] adj of bark

rindléas [] adj having no bark, without bark

ríne see rýne

ring see hring

ríning see hríning

rinnan1 [] sv/i3 3rd pres rinð past rann/runnon ptp is gerunnen to run, flow; ge~ run together, blend, coagulate

rinnelle [] f (-an/-an) runnel, rivulet, stream [= rynele]

rinnung [] f (-e/-a) rennet; ge~ coagulation

ríp1 [] n (-es/-) 1. reaping, harvest; 2. what is reaped or gathered in, cut corn, sheaf; 2. ripeness, maturity

ripa [] m (-n/-n) see ríp 2

rípan [] 1. sv/t1 3rd pres rípð past ráp/ripon ptp geripen 1 to reap, cut corn; metaphorically, to derive advantage; 2. see rípian

rípan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rípð past rípte ptp geríped to spoil, plunder

rípe [] adj ripe, mature

rípe [] n (-es/-u) ripeness, maturity; also f indecl rípu

rípemann [] m (-es/-menn) reaper

rípere [] m (-es/-as) 1. reaper; 2. a robber, plunderer, spoiler

rípian [] wv/i2 to become ripe, ripen, to grow ripe, to mature

rípísern [] n (-es/-) sickle, an instrument for reaping

rípnes [] f (-se/-sa) ripeness, maturity, season of ripeness, harvest

rippel? [] ? (-?/-?) a coppice?

riptere see riftere

ríptíma [] m (-n/-n) time of harvest, harvest-time

rípð [] f (-e/-a) harvest

rípung [] f (-e/-a) 1. ripening; 2. ripeness, maturity

rípung [] f (-e/-a) spoliation, plundering

rísan1 [] sv/i1 3rd pres rísð past rás/rison ptp is gerisen 1. to rise, stand up; rise together; 2. to be fit, be fitting, be becoming, be proper (usually ge~); [see also stígan, which can be used of upward or downward motion]

rísan [] sv/t1 3rd pres rísð past rás/rison ptp gerisen to seize, carry off

risc [] f (-e/-a) rush [L]

risce [] f (-an/-an) rush [L]

riscbedd [] n (-es/-) bed of rushes

riscen [] adj made of rushes

rischealh [] m (-es/-halas) rushy corner?, rushy slope?

risciht [] adj rushy, full of rushes

riscléac [] n (-es/-) rush leak, rush garlic

riscpytt [] m (-es/-as) a pit or pool in which rushes grow

riscríðig [] n (-es/-) rushy stream, a stream in which rushes grow

riscsteort [] m (-es/-as) a promontory where rushes grow

riscþýfel [] m (-es/-as) rush-bed, bed of rushes

risen- see risn-

rísende? [] adj rapacious

risenlic see risnelic

risiendum [] adv? odorato? participle of hrisian

risne1 [] 1. adj fit, fitting, meet, becoming, suitable, proper, convenient; 2. n (-es/-u) (usu pl) what is fitting or suitable, dignity, honor

risoda [] m (-n/-n) rheum

rít pres 3rd sing of rídan

ríþ1 [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) rithe, small stream, rivulet, stream

ríðe1 [] f (-an/-an) rithe, small stream, rivulet, stream

ríþfald [] m (-es/-as) cattle-pen, cow-shed [hríð-]

ríðig [] n (-es/-) streamlet

riþþa see ryþþa

rix see risc

see rów 2

rocc [] m (-es/-as) over-garment, rochet

roccettan [] wv/t1b to eructate, belch forth, utter

roccettung [] f (-e/-a) eructation

roccian [] wv/t2 to rock (a child)

rocettan [] wv/t1b to eructate, belch forth, utter

rocettung [] f (-e/-a) eructation

ród [] f (-e/-a) 1. a rod, pole; 2. rood (land measure); plot of land of a square rod; 3. a cross, rood (as in Holy-rood), gallows; (1) a cross on which a person is executed; (1a) the cross on which Christ suffered; (2) the cross as a form of punishment, death on a cross; (3) the cross as a Christian symbol; (3a) the cross as representing the ecclesiastical office; 4. crucifix; (1) in a church; (2) out-of-doors; (3) one that could be worn; 5. of cleared land;

ródbígenga [] m (-n/-n) worshipper of the cross, one who worships a cross

ródbora [] m (-n/-n) cross-bearer

rodd [] m? (-es/-as) rod, stick (to beat with)

ródehengen [] f (-ne/-na) hanging, crucifixion; a cross, crucifixion

roden past part of réodan

roder see rodor

ródetácen [] n (-tácnes/-) sign of the cross; crucifix

ródewyrðe [] adj deserving hanging

rodor [] m (-es/roderas) 1. as a technical term, the firmament, the heaven of the fixed stars, ether; 2. mostly as a poetical term, the heavens, sky, upper regions

rodorbeorht [] adj heaven-bright, heavenly bright

rodorcyning2 [] m (-es/-as) king of heaven, Christ

rodorlic [] adj of the heavens, heavenly, celestial; of the firmament

rodorlíhtung [] f (-e/-a) dawn, the illumination of the heavens

rodorstól [] m (-es/-as) heavenly throne, a celestial throne

rodortorht [] adj heavenly-bright

rodortungol [] n (-tungles/-) star of heaven

ródstybb [] m (-es/-as) a stump left in the clearing

ródweorðiend [] m (-es/-) cross-worshipper

ródwurðiend see ródweorðiend

roeðe see réðe

róf [] 1. adj 2 vigorous, strong, brave, valiant, stout, noble, renowned; 2. ? (-?/-?) array, number

rofen past part of réofan

rófléas see hrófléas

rogian [] wv/t2 to flourish

róhte past 3rd sing of récan

rom see ramm

Róm [] f (-e/-a) Rome

Rómánan [] m pl Romans

Rómáne [] m pl Romans

rómánisc [] adj Roman

Rómeburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) Rome; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

romél [] adj sooty

Rómfeoh [] n (-féos/-) Rome-penny, Romescot, Peter’s pence; [William of Malmesbury attributes to Ethelwulf the institution of this tax: Ethelwulf went to Rome and there offered to St. Peter that tribute which England pays to this day]

Rómgesceot [] n (-es/-u) Rome-penny, Romescot, Peter’s pence

rómian [] wv/t2 w.g. try to obtain, to strive after

rómig [] adj blackened, sooty

romm see ramm

Rómpening [] m (-es/-as) Rome-penny, Romescot, Peter’s pence, a penny paid to Rome

Rómwaran [] m pl inhabitants of Rome, the people of Rome, Romans

Rómware [] m pl inhabitants of Rome, the people of Rome, Romans

Rómwealh [] m (-wéales/-wéalas) a Roman [wealh]

rond see rand

rop [] 1. ? (-?/-?) broth; 2. see ropp

róp [] adj liberal, bountiful

rópnes [] f (-se/-sa) liberality

ropp [] m (-es/-as) an intestine, colon

ropwærc [] m (-es/-as) colic

rórend see rówend

rósbedd [] n (-es/-) rose-bed

róscian see róstian

róse [] f (-an/-an) rose [L rosa]

rósen [] adj made of roses; rose-colored, rosy

rósig [] adj rosy

róst see rúst

róstian [] wv/t2 to roast, dry by a fire;

rot see hrot

rót [] adj glad, cheerful, bright; noble, excellent

rót? [] ? (-?/-?) root

rote? [] ? (-?/-?) root

rótfæst [] adj (root-fast), firmly established

róthwíl [] f (-e/-a) time of refreshing

rotian1 [] wv/t2 to rot, get corrupt, ulcerate, putrefy

rótlíce [] adv gladly, cheerfully

rótnes [] f (-se/-sa) gladness, cheerfulness; refuge, comfort, protection

rótsung [] f (-e/-a) refuge, protection, comfort, cheering

rotung [] f (-e/-a) 1. corruption, putrefaction; 2. a sore accompanied with putrefaction, ulcer [rotian]

róðer [] 1. m (róðres/róðras) rower, sailor; [rówan]; 2. see róðor

roðhund [] m (-es/-as) mastiff, a large dog [ryðða]

róðor [] n (róðres/-) oar, rudder, scull (i.e. a rudder for steering)

róðra see réðra

rów [] 1. adj quiet, calm, gentle, soft, mild; 2. f (-e/-a) quietness, quiet, rest

rówan1 [] sv/i7 3rd pres réwð past réow/on ptp is gerówen to go by water, row, sail, swim

rówend [] m (-es/-) rower; sailor

rówett see réwet

równes [] f (-se/-sa) rowing

rówung [] f (-e/-a) rowing

rudduc [] m (-es/-as) ruddock, robin red-breast

rúde [] 1. m (-es/-as) scabbiness, scab, roughness of the skin; 2. f (-an/-an) rue [L ruta]

rudian [] wv/i2 to be ruddy

rudig [] adj rubicund, ruddy

rudon past pl of réodan

rudu [] f (-e/-a) red color, red, redness; redness of the cheeks, ruddy complexion, the countenance; red cosmetic

rues see ryges, gen sing of ryge

rúg see rúh

Rugern [] m (-es/-as) rye-harvest, month of rye-harvest, August ?

rúh [] adj 1. rough, hairy, shaggy; 2. rough, untrimmed, uncultivated; 3. rough, knotty; 4. rough, undressed; untanned; 5. rough, coarse (of cloth); [gen sing rúwes]

ruhha? [] m (-n/-n) ray (fish)

rúm [] m (-es/-as) 1 1. local, room, space; 2. temporal, space of time; 3. time which allows unhindered or unhurried action, opportunity, scope; on ge~ at large, apart

rúm [] adj 1. 1 local, roomy, spacious, ample, extensive, large; 1a. roomy, open, unencumbered, unoccupied; 1b. of degree; 2. temporal, long, extended; 3. of mental qualities, ample, great, liberal; 4. unrestricted, unfettered, unrestricted, open, clear, loose, free from conditions, free from occupation; 5. not restrained within due limits, lax; 6. wide, ample, far-reaching; 6a. of material things, ample, abundant; 7. liberal; 8. great, noble, august

rúma [] m (-n/-n) separation

rúman see rýman

rúme [] adv 1. local, widely, spaciously, roomily, far and wide, so as to extend over a wide space; 2. liberally, extensively, amply, abundantly, in a high degree; 3. without restriction or encumbrance, without the pressure of care, light-heartedly; 4. without obstruction, plainly, clearly, in detail

rúmed- see rúmmód-

rúmgál [] adj reveling in release from confinement (Noah’s dove), rejoicing in ample space in which to move (applied to the dove when sent from the ark); adv ~líce widely

rúmgiefa [] m (-n/-n) bountiful giver

rúmgifol [] adj liberal, bountiful, munificent; of things, liberal, abundant

rúmgifolnes [] f (-se/-sa) 1. liberality, bounty, profusion, munificence; 2. abundance of a thing, (1) material; (2) non-material; of þǽre miclan rúmgifolnesse his mildheortnesse of the great abundance of his mercy;

rúmheort [] adj 1. of liberal heart, liberal, munificent; large-hearted, generous; 2. with mind free from oppression, untroubled, free from care; adv ~líce

rúmheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) liberality, munificence

rúmian [] wv/t2 to become clear of obstructions, to get free from encumbrance

rúmlic [] adj 1. gracious, liberal, benign; 2. liberal, abundant, plentiful;

rúmlíce [] adv 1 1.largely, fully, at large, at length; 2. liberally, abundantly; 3. graciously, kindly, benignly

rúmmód [] adj 1. of liberal mind, liberal in giving w.g. of what is given; 1a. too liberal, profuse, lavish; 1b. of things, liberal, abundant; 2. benignant, gracious, kind

rúmmódlic [] adj ample, large, full, liberal, gracious; adv ~líce liberally; at large, fully; graciously, favorably

rúmmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) large-heartedness, liberality, kindness

rúmnes [] f (-se/-sa) 1. breadth, a broad space; 2. breadth, amplitude, abundance

rúmód see rúmmód

rúmor [] adv comp still further

rúmwelle [] adj spacious

rún [] f (-e/-a) 1. a whisper, hence speech not intended to be overheard, confidence, counsel, consultation; (secret) council; secrecy; 2. a mystery; 3. a secret; 4. of that which is written, with the idea of mystery or magic; 5. a rune, runic character, letter; 6. writing

rúncofa [] m (-n/-n) the chamber of secret counsel, chamber of secrets, the mind, breast, bosom

rúncræftig [] adj skilled in explaining mysteries

rúnere [] m (-es/-as) whisperer, tale-bearer

rúnian [] wv/t2 to whisper, murmur, talk low, talk secrets, conspire, to talk secretly against a person;

rúniende [] adj whispering

rúnlic [] adj mystical

runn see cýsge~

runol [] adj foul?, running? [?= hrunol]

rúnstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) letter, runic letter, rune

rúnung [] f (-e/-a) whispering, soft speech, wheedling, secret talking

rúnwita2 [] m (-n/-n) adviser, counselor, wise man; a privy councilor, one acquainted with a person’s secrets; one acquainted with mysteries, a sage

rúst [] m (-es/-as) rust; moral canker

rústig [] adj rusty

rúte see rúde

rúwa [] m (-n/-n) covering, tapestry

rúwe [] f (-an/-an) covering, tapestry

rúwes see rúh

rúxian see hrúxlian

rýan see rýn

ryc- see rec-

rýc- see réc-

rýcð pres 3rd sing of réocan

rýd see rád 1

ryden [] n (-es/-) name of a plant

rýderian see á~

rýe see rýhe

rýfe [] adj rife, frequent

ryft [] n (-es/-) covering, veil, curtain, cloak

ryge [] m (-es/-as) rye

rygen [] adj made of rye, rye

rýhe [] f (-an/-an) rug, blanket, rough covering

ryht see riht

rým- see rím-

rýman1 [] wv/t1b 1. to make roomy, extend, widen, spread, enlarge, amplify, prolong; 2. to clear, open up, make clear by removing obstructions, to clear a way (lit. and metaph.); (1) to make way for a person (dat); him man sóna rýmde one immediately made way for him; (2) place to (tó) which given; úrum féondum rýmde tó lande he made way for our enemies to the land; 3. to make room by removing one’s self, make room, yield, give place, retire; [rúm]

rýmet [] n (-tes/-tu) 1. space, extent; 2. clear space, room; 3. extension, clearance; 4. extension of a person’s well-being, comfort, benefit, easy circumstances, prosperity

rýmetléast [] f (-e/-a) want of room

rýmð [] f (-e/-a) amplitude, great extent

rýn [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rýð past rýde ptp gerýd to roar, rage

rýnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres rýnð past rýnede ptp gerýned to roar, rage; variant of rýn

ryne [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) a course, run, running, onward course, both in the sense of motion and in that of the path in which motion takes place, the course, movement, or path of a living creature; 1. of a ship; 2. of other things, of the heavenly bodies, an orbit; 2. metaphorically, course, uninterrupted progress; 3. of fluids, a course, water-course, a flow, flux of blood; 4. of time, period of time, course, cycle, luster; 5. course of life; 6. expanse, extent; 7. to translate Latin currus;

rýne1 [] n (-es/-u) mystery, mysterious saying, dark saying; mystic rite; sacrament; sacramental elements

rynegiest [] m (-es/-as) a guest or foe that comes swiftly?; running spirit (= lightning)?, rain-foe?; [a term used for lightning]

rýnegu see hel-

rynel [] 1. m (rynles/rynlas) runnel, stream; 2. runner, messenger, courier

rynele [] f (-an/-an) see rynel 1

rýnelic1 [] adj secret, mystical; figurative, sacramental; adv ~líce mystically

rýnlic1 [] adj secret, mystical; figurative, sacramental; adv ~líce mystically

rynelíce [] adv quickly, swiftly, hastily, speedily [cursim]

rýnemann [] m (-es/-menn) one skilled in explaining mysteries

rynestrang [] adj strong in running, strong for the course

ryneswift2 [] adj swift in running, swift in its course

ryneþrág [] f (-e/-a) space of time

rynewǽn2 [] m (-es/-as) swift vehicle, chariot

ryng- see reng-

rýnig1 [] adj good in counsel?

rynig [] adj good at running

ryniga [] m (-n/-n) liquid that runs off?

rynnung [] f (-e/-a) rennet

rýnstæf see rúnstæf

rýp see ríp

rýpere [] m (-es/-as) robber, plunderer

rýping [] m (-es/-as) plunder, spoliation

ryplen [] adj made of broom?

ryps see reps

rýric see ~

rysc- see risc-

rysel [] m (rysles/ryslas) lard, fat; resin; abdomen (1)

rysele [] m (-es/-as) lard, fat; resin; abdomen (4)

rysl [] m (-es/-as) lard, fat; resin; abdomen (2)

rysle [] m (-es/-as) lard, fat; resin; abdomen (3)

ryselwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the stomach

rýsig see hrísig

ryt [] ? (-?/-?) rubbish for burning, underwood

rýð [] 1. see ríð; 2. pres 3rd sing of rýn

rýðer see hríðer

ryðða [] m (-n/-n) a species of dog, large dog, mastiff, blood-hound [Ger rüde]

rýung [] f (-e/-a) roaring, groaning, grunting