o see on

ó see á

ob see of

ob- see of-

obet see ofet

obst see ofost

oc see ac

óc pret. 3rd sing of acan

ócon pret. pl. of acan

ócusta [] m (-n/-n) armpit

óden [] f (-e/-a) threshing-floor

ódencole [] ? (-?/-?) hollow serving as a threshing-floor

oe- see a-, e-, é-

oeht- see éht-

oembeht see ambiht

oemseten [] f (-ne/-na) shoot, slip?, row (of vines)?

oexen see exen, variant of oxa

of [] prep w.d. of, from, out of, off; 1. with the idea of motion, (α) as the opposite of in, into; ástáh of þǽm wætere he climbed out of the water; (β) as the opposite of on; Moises éode niðer of þǽm munte tó þǽm folce Moses went down from the mountain to the people; 2. with the idea of direction from, but at the same time continuous connection with an object from which an act or thing proceeds; of þǽm léoma stód from it stretched a ray; Dryhten lócaþ of heofenum the Lord looks from heaven; 3. with the idea of origin or source; þá menn of Lundenbyrg the men of London; of Séaxum cómon Éast-Séaxan and Súþ-Séaxan and West-Séaxan from Saxony came the East, South, and West Saxons; 3a. denoting cause, reason; hé in iermðum wunode þe of his lufan he dwelled in misery, which is from love of him; 4. denoting the agent from whom an action proceeds, by; Æðelstán wæs gecoren tó cyninge of Miercum Aethelstan was chosen as king by the Mercians; 5. denoting the instrument; Hé of 5 hláfum and of twám fiscum fíf þúsend manna gefylde he filled five thousand men with 5 loaves and 2 fish; 6. denoting material or substance, derived from, made of, belonging to; gyld of golde an idol of gold; 7. denoting removal, separation, or privation; Ne þyncþ mé náwiht óðres of þínum spellum it seems to me nothing different from thy stories; w.i.; of þýs andweardan lífe from this present life; náwiht óðres ~ nothing different from; 8. as regards, about, concerning; Fela spella him sægdon þá Beormas ǽgðer ge of hira ágnum lande ge of þǽm landum þe ymb híe útan wǽron Many stories the Bormes told them either about their own lands or about the lands which they were from outside; 9. partitive; Ic nime of þínum gáste I take of your spirit; héo genam of þæs tréowes wæstme she took from the tree’s fruit; 10. marking time; of þǽm dæge from that day; of sunnan úpgange from sunrise; 11. adverbially, off, away, absent (a) denoting separation, removal, privation; ic þé þíne téþ of ábéate I knock out your teeth for you; búton hé him wille fǽhðe of ácéapian unless he will buy off the feud from himself; (b) denoting motion; man sceolde mid sáre on þás woruld cuman, and mid sáre of gewítan one must come into this world with pain, and go from with pain; (c) denoting direction; þǽre þéode þe hé of cóm the people from which he came; (d) denoting origin or source; on þǽre béc þe wé þás of álesan in that book which we choose those from; settan ~ to displace, depose

of- see æf-

ofácéapian [] wv/t2 to buy off

ofáceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofácierfþ past ofácearf/ofácurfon ptp ofácorfen to cut or prune off

ofádón [] irreg v/t to pull out, tear out; leave out, except

ofádrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofádrincþ past ofádranc/ofádruncon ptp ofádruncen to drain; quench

ofádrýgan [] wv/t1b to dry off, wipe off

ofáhéawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ofáhíewþ past ofáhéow/on ptp ofáhéawen to cut off

ofániman [] sv/t4 3rd pres ofánimþ past ofánóm/on, ofánam/ofánámon ptp ofánumen to take away

ofáscacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofáscæcþ past ofáscóc/on ptp ofáscacen to shake off; excuse

ofáscian [] wv/t2 to find out by asking, be informed, hear of, learn

ofáscieran [] sv/t4 3rd pres ofáscierþ past ofáscear/ofáscéaron ptp ofáscoren to cut off

ofáséoðan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ofásíeðeþ past ofáséað/ofásudon ptp ofásoden to purge, purify

ofásléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofáslíehþ past ofáslóg/on ptp ofáslagen to smite off

ofásnídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ofásnídeþ past ofásnád/ofásnidon ptp ofásniden to cut off

ofátéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres ofátíehþ past ofátéah/ofátugon ptp ofátogen to pull out, withdraw

ofáweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofáwierpþ past ofáwearp/ofáwurpon ptp ofáworpen to cast aside, throw off

ofáxian see ofácsian

ofæt see ofet

ofǽte? [] f (-an/-an) food

ofbéatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ofbíeteþ past ofbéot/on, ofbeoft/on ptp ofbéaten to beat to death, kill

ofblindian [] wv/t2 to blind

ofcalan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofcælþ past ofcól/on ptp ofcalen to chill, make or grow cold

ofclipian [] wv/t2 to obtain by calling, call for

ofcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres ofcymþ past ofcóm/on ptp ofcumen to spring from, be derived from

ofcyrf [] m (-es/-as) a section, cutting; amputation

ofdæl [] adj inclined (downwards)

ofdæle [] n (-es/-u) decline, declivity, descent, abyss

ofdón [] irreg v/t to put out, put off, take off (clothes)

ofdrǽdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ofdrǽdeþ past ofdréd/on, ofdreord/on ptp ofdrǽden to fear, be afraid, terrified [occasional wk past ofdrǽdde]

ofdrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofdrincþ past ofdranc/ofdruncon ptp ofdruncen to intoxicate

ofdruncnian [] wv/t2 to get drunk (on)

ofdúne [] adv down

ofdúneheald [] adv directed downwards

ofdúneonwend [] adv downwards

ofdúnesettan [] wv/t1a to set down

ofdúnestígan [] sv/i1 3rd pres ofdúnestígþ past ofdúnestág/ofdúnestigon ptp is ofdúnestigen to descend

ofdúneweard [] adv downwards

ofdúneweardes [] adv downwards

ofdúnrihte [] adv downwards

ofe- see ufe-

ofearmian [] wv/t2 to be pitiful

ofearmung [] f (-e/-a) compassion

oféhtan [] wv/t1b to persecute

ofeléte see oflǽte

ofen [] m (ofnes/ofnas) furnace; oven

ofenan see ufenan

ofenbacen [] adj baked in an oven

ofenraca [] m (-n/-n) oven-rake

ofenracu [] f (-e/-a) oven-rake

ofer [] 1. prep w.d.a. over, beyond, above, upon, in, across, past; ~ bæc backwards, back; throughout; against, in contravention of, contrary to, beyond; (time) after, through, during, at the end of; more than; in addition to, besides, beyond; (dative for rest, accusative for motion); 2. adv above, on high; to or on the other side; from side to side, across; beyond, above (quantity)

ófer [] m (ófres/ófras) border, margin, edge; brink, river-bank, sea-shore

oferáhebban see oferhebban

oferáwrit- see oferwrit-

oferǽt [] m (-es/-as) gluttony, feasting, excess; feast

oferǽte [] adj gluttonous

oferbæcgetéung [] f (-e/-a) tetanus

oferbebéodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres oferbebíedeþ past oferbebéad/oferbebudon ptp oferbeboden to rule

oferbecuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres oferbecymþ past oferbecóm/on ptp oferbecumen to supervene

oferbéon [] irreg v/t 3rd pres oferbið/ofersind past oferwæs/oferwǽron ptp oferbéon to be over, command

oferbídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferbídeþ past oferbád/oferbidon ptp oferbiden to outlast, outlive

oferbiternes [] f (-se/-sa) excessive bitterness

oferblica [] m (-n/-n) surface

oferblíðe [] adj too light-hearted

oferbráw [] m (-es/-as) eyebrow

oferbrǽdan [] wv/t1b to spread over, suffuse, be spread over, overshadow, cover over

oferbrǽdels [] m (-es/-as) outside, surface, covering; coverlet, veil, garment; cerecloth

oferbrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres oferbricþ past oferbræc/oferbrǽcon ptp oferbrocen to transgress, violate

oferbrédan see oferbregdan

oferbrédels see oferbrǽdels

oferbregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferbrigdeþ past oferbrægd/oferbrugdon ptp oferbrogden to draw over, cover, overspread; be covered over, show a film over

oferbrú [] f (-we/-wa) eyebrow

oferbrycgian [] wv/t2 to span as by a bridge

ofercæfed [] adj overlaid with ornament

oferceald [] adj excessively cold

ofercídan [] wv/t1b to chide sharply

ofercídung [] f (-e/-a) chiding, reproof

ofercierr [] m (-es/-as) passing over

ofercierran [] wv/t1a to cross over

oferclif [] n (-es/-u, cleofu) steep place, overhanging cliff

oferclimban [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferclimbeþ past oferclamb/oferclumbon ptp oferclumben to climb over

oferclipian [] wv/t2 to cry out

ofercostung [] f (-e/-a) great tribulation

ofercræft [] m (-es/-as) fraud

ofercuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres ofercymþ past ofercóm/on ptp ofercumen to overcome, subdue, compel, conquer; obtain, attain, reach, overtake

ofercwealm [] m (-es/-as) great mortality

ofercyme [] m (-es/-as) arrival

ofercymend [] m (-es/-) assailant

ofercýðan [] wv/t1b to outdo by preponderance of oaths

oferdón [] irreg v/t to overdo, do to excess; oferdóne þing excesses

oferdrenc see oferdrync

oferdrencan [] wv/t1b to make drunk; give copiously to drink

oferdrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferdrífþ past oferdráf/oferdrifon ptp oferdrifen to overcome, defeat, dispense; confute; cover (by drifting sand); outvote

oferdrinc see oferdrync

oferdrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferdrincþ past oferdranc/oferdruncon ptp oferdruncen to drink too much, get drink

oferdrincere [] m (-es/-as) drunkard

oferdruncen [] 1. n (-es/-) drunkenness; 2. adj drunk; past participle of oferdrincan

oferdruncennes [] f (-se/-sa) drunkenness

oferdrync [] m (-es/-as) over-drinking, drunkenness; revelry, feasting

oferdyre [] n (-es/-u) lintel

ofere [] adv over, across; from above

oferéaca [] m (-n/-n) surplus, overplus, remainder, addition, increase

ofereald [] adj too old; cmp oferieldra; spl oferieldest

oferealdormann [] m (-es/-menn) chief officer

ofereall [] adv anywhere

oferéca see oferéaca

ofereldu see oferyldu

oferét see oferǽt

ofereotol [] adj gluttonous

oferetol [] adj gluttonous

oferetolnes [] f (-se/-sa) gluttony

oferettol [] adj gluttonous

oferfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres oferfærþ past oferfór/on ptp is oferfaren to pass, cross, go over; sv/t6 to traverse, go through, penetrate; come across, meet with, overtake; pass through, withstand, overcome

oferfær [] n (-es/-faru) passing over

oferfæreld [] n (-es/-) passage, journey over or across

oferfǽt [] adj too fat

oferfæðman2 [] wv/t1b to envelop, overshadow

oferfeallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferfielþ past oferféoll/on ptp oferfeallen to attack

oferfeng [] 1. m (-es/-as) fibula, buckle, clasp; 2. past 3rd sing of oferfón

oferfeohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferfiehteþ past oferfeaht/oferfuhton ptp oferfohten to conquer

oferféran [] wv/t1b to traverse, cross, pass along, over, by, or through; come upon, meet with

oferferian [] wv/t2 to carry over, transport

oferférnes [] f (-se/-sa) fordable place

oferféðre [] adj overloaded

oferfil see oferfyll

oferflédan [] wv/t1b to overflow, flood

oferfléde [] adv? in flood

oferfléwednes see oferflówednes

oferflítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferflíteþ past oferflát/oferfliton ptp oferfliten to overcome, beat, confute

oferflówan [] sv/i7 3rd pres oferfléwþ past oferfléow/on ptp is oferflówen to flow over, run over, overflow

oferflówedlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) excess, superfluity (2)

oferflówednes [] f (-se/-sa) excess, superfluity (1)

oferflówendnes [] f (-se/-sa) excess, superfluity (4)

oferflówennes [] f (-se/-sa) excess, superfluity (3)

oferflówende [] adj superfluous; excessive; adv ~líce

oferflówedlic [] adj superfluous; excessive; adv ~líce

oferflówendlic [] adj superfluous; excessive; adv ~líce

oferflównes [] f (-se/-sa) superfluity

oferfón [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferféhþ past oferféng/on ptp oferfangen to seize, take prisoner

oferfrécednes [] f (-se/-sa) oppression

oferfroren [] adj frozen over

oferfull [] adj too full

oferfunden [] adj tested

oferfundennes [] f (-se/-sa) trial, experiment

oferfylgan [] wv/t1b to pursue, attack

oferfyll [] f (-e/-a) surfeit, gluttony, excess; surplus, overplus, resulting liquor

oferfyllu [] f (-e/-a) surfeit, gluttony, excess; surplus, overplus, resulting liquor

oferfyllan [] wv/t1a to cram

oferfylnes [] f (-se/-sa) surfeit, excess

oferfyrr [] f (-e/-a) excessive distance [feorr]

ofergán [] irreg v/t 3rd pres ofergǽþ past ofereode/on ptp ofergán to pass over, beyond, across, traverse, cross; transgress, overstep; overrun, overcome, overspread, conquer; come upon, overtake, seize, attack; pass off, pass away, end; overreach

ofergang [] m (-es/-as) going across

ofergangan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ofergengþ past ofergéong/on ptp ofergangen to pass over, beyond, across, traverse, cross; transgress, overstep; overrun, overcome, overspread, conquer; come upon, overtake, seize, attack; pass off, pass away, end; overreach

ofergapian [] wv/t2 to be forgetful of, neglect

ofergǽgan [] wv/t1b to transgress

ofergǽgednes [] f (-se/-sa) transgression

ofergǽgend [] m (-es/-) transgressor

ofergéare [] adj old

ofergeatu [] f (-e/-a) oblivion

ofergeatul see ofergitol

ofergedrync [] n (-es/-) excess in drinking

ofergedyre see oferdyre

ofergemet [] 1. n (-es/-u, gemeotu) excess; 2. adj excessive

ofergémnes [] f (-se/-sa) watching for [gíeman]

ofergenga [] m (-n/-n) traveler

ofergenihtsumian [] wv/t2 to superabound

ofergeot- see ofergit-, ofergiet-

ofergéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ofergíeteþ past ofergéat/oferguton ptp ofergoten to pour upon, suffuse, flood, overwhelm

ofergeotende [] adj forgetful [ofergietan]

ofergeotol see ofergitol

ofergeottol see ofergitol

ofergesáwon see ofersáwon

ofergesettan [] wv/t1a to set over

ofergestandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofergestendeþ past ofergestód/on ptp ofergestanden to stand over

ofergetilian [] wv/t2 to overcome

ofergetimbran [] wv/t1b to erect

ofergetol- see ofergitol-

ofergeþyld [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) intolerable state

ofergeweorc [] n (-es/-) superstructure; sepulcher

ofergewrit [] n (-es/-u, gewreotu) superscription, inscription

ofergietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ofergieteþ past ofergeat/ofergéaton ptp ofergieten to forget, disregard, neglect

ofergífre [] adj gluttonous

ofergildan see ofergyldan

ofergíman [] sv/t1 3rd pres ofergímþ past ofergám/ofergimon ptp ofergimen to neglect, disregard

ofergitan see ofergietan

ofergitol [] adj forgetful

ofergittol [] adj forgetful

ofergitolian [] wv/t2 to forget

ofergitolnes [] f (-se/-sa) forgetfulness

oferglenged [] adj over-adorned

oferglésan [] wv/t1b to write glosses over

oferglídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferglídeþ past oferglád/oferglidon ptp ofergliden to glide over, traverse, pass over, overshadow

ofergrǽdig [] adj too covetous

ofergrówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ofergréwþ past ofergréow/on ptp ofergrówen to overgrow, occupy with (its) growth (of a tree)

ofergumian [] wv/t2 to neglect, disregard

ofergyld [] adj gilt

ofergyldan [] wv/t1b to encase, overlay or adorn with gold

ofergylden [] adj overlaid with gold

ofergýman see ofergíman

ofergyrd [] adj girt; past participle

ofergytan see ofergietan

ofergytnes [] f (-se/-sa) oblivion, forgetfulness

oferhacele [] f (-an/-an) hood

oferhangen [] adj covered

oferhát [] adj over-hot

oferhéafod [] adv in each case

oferhéah [] adj very tall, lofty; cmp oferhíerra; spl oferhíehst

oferhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferhieldeþ past oferhéold/on ptp oferhealden to overcome, overtake; supertenere

oferhealfhéafod [] n (-héafdes/-u) crown of the head

oferheargian see oferhergan

oferhebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres oferhefeþ past oferhóf/on ptp oferhafen to pass over, omit, neglect

oferhebbendlic [] adj highly exalted

oferhelian [] wv/t2 to cover over, conceal

oferhelung [] f (-e/-a) covering

oferhelmian [] wv/t2 to overshadow

oferheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) vehemence of feeling

oferhergian [] wv/t2 to overrun, ravage

oferhíd- see oferhygd-

oferhíeran [] wv/t1b to overhear, hear; disobey, disregard, neglect

oferhíere [] adj heedless, neglectful

oferhíernes [] f (-se/-sa) heedlessness, neglect, disobedience

oferhíernes [] f (-se/-sa) neglect, disobedience; fine for transgression of law or legal orders [= superauditio]

oferhigd see oferhygd

oferhige? [] m (-es/-as) pride [hyge]

oferhigendlíce [] adv daringly, presumptuously

oferhigian [] wv/t2 to delude, turn the head of

oferhíran see oferhíeran

oferhíwian [] wv/t2 to transfigure; paint over

oferhlæstan [] wv/t1b to overload

oferhléapan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferhlíepþ past oferhléop/on ptp oferhléapen to jump over, surmount, overcome; pass over

oferhléapend [] m (-es/-) over-leaper

oferhléoþrian [] wv/t2 to surpass in loudness

oferhléoður [] adj failing to hear

oferhlífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferhlífeþ past oferhláf/oferhlifon ptp oferhlifen to tower over, overtop, excel, exceed, surpass

oferhlífian [] wv/t2 to tower over, overtop, excel, exceed, surpass

oferhlífung [] f (-e/-a) loftiness, sublimity

oferhlúd [] adj clamorous, noisy; adv ~e

oferhlýde [] adj clamorous, noisy; adv oferhlúde

oferhlýp [] m (-es/-as) a jump, leap (over something)

oferhlyttrian [] wv/t2 to clarify, strain

oferhoga [] m (-n/-n) despiser, proud man

oferhogian [] wv/t2 to despise

oferhogiend [] m (-es/-) despiser

oferhogodnes [] f (-se/-sa) pride, disdain

oferholt [] n (-es/-) phalanx of shields

oferhrǽgan [] wv/t1b w.d. to tower above?

oferhréfan [] wv/t1b to roof over, cover

oferhréred [] adj overthrown

oferhrops [] m (-es/-as) greediness

oferhrýfan see oferhréfan

oferhrýred see oferhréred

oferhycgan [] wv/t3 to despise

oferhýd see oferhygd

oferhýdlíce [] adv arrogantly

oferhygd [] 1. f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) pride, conceit, arrogance; high-mindedness; 2. adj haughty, proud

oferhygdgian [] wv/i2 to be proud

oferhygdig [] 1. n (-es/-) pride; 2. adj haughty, proud

oferhygdiglíce [] adv arrogantly

oferhygdlíce [] adv arrogantly

oferhygdnes [] f (-se/-sa) excessive pride, arrogance

oferhygdu [] f (-e/-a) see oferhygd 1

oferhylmend [] m (-es/-) dissembler

oferhýran see oferhíeran

oferhyrned [] adj having horns above

oferídyllíce [] adv vainly, emptily

oferieldu [] f (-e/-a) extreme old age

oferiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferiernþ past oferarn/oferurnon ptp oferurnen to go or run over; overrun, cover over, overwhelm; run past, cross

oferlád [] f (-e/-a) a carrying or removing from one place to another, a transporting, transferring; In partic., of plants, a transplanting, ingrafting; A pouring out into another vessel; a transferring, shifting off; Of speech or writing, a version, translation into another language; A transfer to a figurative signification, a trope, metaphor; In gram., a transposition; of letters, metathesis [translatio], solemn removal of the body ore relics of a saint to a shrine

oferlǽdan [] wv/t1b to oppress; translate

oferlǽfan [] wv/t1b to leave over; be left over, remain

oferlagu [] f (-e/-a) cloak

oferlecgan [] wv/t1b to place over; overburden, surfeit

oferléof [] adj very dear

oferléoran [] wv/t1b to pass over, or by; transgress, prevaricate; rare past participle oferloren

oferléornes [] f (-se/-sa) transgression

oferlibban [] wv/t3 to survive

oferlíce [] adv overly

oferlifa [] m (-n/-n) excess

oferlífian see oferhlífian

oferlíhtan [] wv/t1b to light upon; excel in brightness

oferlíðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferlíðeþ past oferláð/oferlidon ptp oferliden to pass over, sail over

oferlufu [] f (-e/-a) too great love

oferlyfa see oferlifa

oferlyftlic [] adj above the air

ofermagan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres ofermæg past ofermeahte ptp overmagen to prevail

ofermáðum [] m (-máðmes/-máðmas) costly treasure

ofermæcga [] m (-n/-n) very illustrious being

ofermægen2 [] n (-es/-) overpowering might

ofermæstan [] wv/t1b to over-fatten

ofermǽte [] adj excessive, immoderate

ofermǽtlic [] adj vast

ofermǽto see oferméttu

ofermearcung [] f (-e/-a) superscription

oferméde [] 1. n (-es/-u) pride; 2. adj proud, arrogant [mód]

ofermédla [] m (-n/-n) haughtiness, pride

ofermédu see oferméttu

ofermete [] m (-es/-mettas) gorging, gluttony

oferméttu [] f (-e/-a) pride (often in pl)

ofermicel [] adj over-much, excessive; cmp ofermára; spl ofermǽst(a)

ofermicelnes [] f (-se/-sa) excess

ofermód [] 1. n (-es/-) pride, insolence; 2. adj proud, overbearing, insolent

ofermódgian [] wv/t2 to be proud, arrogant

ofermódgung [] f (-e/-a) pride

ofermódig [] adj proud, arrogant; adv ~líce

ofermódigian [] wv/t2 to be proud, arrogant

ofermódignes [] f (-se/-sa) pride, haughtiness, arrogance

ofermódlic [] adj proud, haughty, insolent; adv ~líce

ofermódnes see ofermódignes

ofernéod [] 1. f (-e/-a) extreme need; 2. adj very necessary

oferniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres ofernimþ past ofernóm/on, ofernam/ofernámon ptp ofernumen to take away, carry off, seize, ravish; come over

ofernón [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) afternoon (after 3 PM)

oferorn see oferarn, past 3rd sing of oferyrnan

oferprút [] 1. adj over-proud, presumptuous, arrogant, haughty; 2. f (-e/-a) excessive pride

oferranc [] adj too luxurious

oferrǽdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferrǽdeþ past oferréd/on, oferreord/on ptp oferrǽden to read over; consider, infer

oferreccan [] irreg wv/t1b to confute, convince, convict

oferrencu [] f (-e/-a) extravagance

oferrícsian [] wv/t2 to rule over

oferrídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferrídeþ past oferrád/oferridon ptp oferriden to ride across

oferrówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferréwþ past oferréow/on ptp oferrówen to row over

ofersáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ofersǽwþ past oferséow/on ptp ofersáwen to sow (over)

ofersǽlic [] adj on the other side of the sea

ofersǽlig [] adj excessively happy

ofersǽlþ [] f (-e/-a) excessive pleasure

ofersǽwisc [] adj from across the sea, foreign

oferscádan [over*sha*den] sv/t7 3rd pres oferscǽdeþ past oferscéod/on ptp oferscáden to scatter over, sprinkle over

ofersceadian [] wv/t2 to overshadow

ofersceadewian [] wv/t2 to overshadow

ofersceatt [] m (-es/-as) usury, interest

oferscéawian [] wv/t2 to superintend

oferscéawigend [] m (-es/-) overseer, bishop

oferscínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferscínþ past oferscán/oferscinon ptp oferscinen to illuminate; excel (in brightness)

oferscúwian [] wv/t2 to overshadow

oferséam [] m (-es/-as) bag

ofersécan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ofersécþ past ofersóhte ptp ofersóht to overtax

ofersegl [] m (-es/-as) top-sail

oferseglian [] wv/i2 to sail across

oferségon see ofersáwon, past pl of oferséon

ofersendan [] wv/t1b to transmit

oferséocnes [] f (-se/-sa) great illness

oferseolfrian [] wv/t2 to cover over with silver

oferséon [] sv/t5 3rd pres ofersiehþ past oferseah/ofersáwon ptp ofersewen to see over, overlook, survey, observe, see; despise, neglect

ofersettan [] wv/t1a to set over; overcome

ofersittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ofersitteþ past ofersæt/ofersǽton ptp oferseten to occupy, possess; forbear, desist, refrain from

oferslæge see oferslege

ofeslǽp [] m (-es/-as) too much sleep

ofersléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofersliehþ past oferslóg/on ptp oferslagen to subdue, overcome

oferslege [] n (-es/-u) lintel

oferslop [] n (-es/-u) loose upper garment, surplice, stole

oferslype [] m (-es/-as) over-garment, surplice

ofersméaung [] f (-e/-a) too exhaustive consideration

ofersmítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ofersmíteþ past ofersmát/ofersmiton ptp ofersmiten to smear over

ofersprǽc [] f (-e/-a) loquacity

ofersprǽce [] adj talkative, tale-bearing

ofersprǽdan [] wv/t1b to overlay, cover

oferspreca [] m (-n/-n) one who talks too much

ofersprecan [] sv/i5 3rd pres oferspricþ past oferspræc/ofersprǽcon ptp ofersprecen to say too much; be abusive

oferspréce see ofersprǽce

ofersprecol [] adj talking too much, tattling, indiscreet

ofersprecolnes [] f (-se/-sa) talkativeness

oferstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres oferstendeþ past oferstód/on ptp oferstanden to stand over

oferstǽlan [] wv/t1b to confute, convict, convince

oferstæppan see ofersteppan

ofersteall [] m (-es/-as) opposition

oferstealla [] m (-n/-n) survivor

oferstellan [] wv/i1a to jump over

ofersteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres oferstepþ past oferstóp/on ptp oferstapen to overstep, cross; exceed

oferstígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferstígþ past oferstág/oferstigon ptp oferstigen to climb over, mount, scale, surmount, overcome; surpass, excel, exceed

oferstige [] m (-es/-as) astonishment

oferstígendlic [] adj superlative

oferstigennes [] f (-se/-sa) passing over

oferswimman [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferswimþ past oferswamm/oferswummon ptp oferswummen to swim over or across

oferswingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferswingeþ past oferswang/oferswungon ptp oferswungen to strike or beat through, to thrust through, pierce through, transfix [transverberare!]

oferswíðan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres oferswíðeþ past oferswíðde ptp oferswíðed, sv/t1 3rd pres past oferswáð/oferswiðon ptp oferswiðen to overpower, overcome, conquer, vanquish; excel, surpass

oferswíðe [] adv over-much, excessively

oferswíðend [] m (-es/-) vanquisher

oferswíðestre [] f (-an/-an) she that is victorious, a conqueress, victress [victrix]

oferswíðnes [] f (-se/-sa) pressure, distress

oferswíðrian [] wv/t2 to prevail, conquer

oferswíðung [] f (-e/-a) pressure, distress

oferswógan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferswégþ past oferswéog/on ptp oferswógen to cover, choke

oferswýðan see oferswíðan

ofersylfrian see oferseolfrian

ofersýman [] wv/t1b to overload, oppress

ofertalian [] wv/t2 to confute, convince

ofertæl [] n (-es/-talu) odd number

ofertæle [] adj superstitious

oferteldan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofertildeþ past oferteald/ofertuldon ptp ofertolden to cover over

ofertéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres ofertíehþ past ofertéah/ofertugon ptp ofertogen to draw over, cover; finish

ofertogennes [] f (-se/-sa) the condition of being covered

ofertrahtnian [] wv/t2 to treat of

ofertredan [] sv/t5, sv/i5 3rd pres ofertritt, ofertrideþ past ofertræd/ofertrǽdon ptp ofertreden to tread down

ofertrúwa [] m (-n/-n) over-confidence

ofertrúwian [] wv/t2 to trust too much

oferþearf [] f (-e/-a) great need, extreme distress

oferþearfa [] m (-n/-n) one in great need

oferþeccan [] irreg wv/t1b to cover over, hide

oferþencan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres oferþencþ past oferþóhte ptp oferþóht to think over, reflect

oferþéon [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferþíehþ past oferþág/oferþigon ptp oferþigen, sv/t3 3rd pres oferþíehþ past oferþéag/oferþugon ptp oferþogen to excel, surpass

oferþóht [] adj thought over, considered

oferþréawian [] wv/t2 increpare

oferþryccednes [] f (-se/-sa) pressure

oferþrymm [] m (-es/-as) excessive power

oferufa [] adv upon, above

oferung [] f (-e/-a) superabundance

oferwacian [] wv/t2 to watch over

oferwadan [] sv/t6 3rd pres oferwædeþ past oferwód/on ptp oferwaden to wade across

oferwealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferwieldeþ past oferwéold/on ptp oferwealden to get the better of

oferwealdend [] m (-es/-) overlord, ruler

oferweallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferwielþ past oferwéoll/on ptp oferweallen to boil down; boil over

oferweaxan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oferwiexþ past oferwéox/on ptp oferweaxen to overgrow, overspread

oferweder [] n (-es/-) storm, tempest

oferwelig [] adj very rich

oferwenian [] wv/i2 to be proud, become insolent or presumptuous

oferweorc [] n (-es/-) sarcophagus, tomb

oferweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferwierpþ past oferwearp/oferwurpon ptp oferworpen to throw over, overthrow; throw down, assault; cast something over another, sprinkle; stumble?

oferwígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferwígþ past oferwág/oferwigon ptp oferwigen to overcome

oferwinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oferwinþ past oferwann/oferwunnon ptp oferwunnen to contend with, overcome, subdue

oferwintran [] wv/t1b to go through the winter

oferwist [] f (-e/-e) gluttony, excess

oferwistlic [] adj supersubstantial

oferwlencan [] wv/i1b to be very wealthy

oferwlencu [] f (-e/-a) excessive riches

oferwrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres oferwricþ past oferwræc/oferwrǽcon ptp oferwrecen to overwhelm

oferwréon [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferwríehþ past oferwrág/oferwrigon ptp oferwrigen, sv/t2 3rd pres oferwríehþ past oferwréag/oferwrugon ptp oferwrogen to cover over, conceal, hide; clothe

oferwrigels [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) covering

oferwrit [] n (-es/-u, -wreotu) epistle; superscription

oferwriten [] adj superscription

oferwríðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oferwríðeþ past oferwráð/oferwriðon ptp oferwriðen to wrap around

oferwyllan see oferwiellan

oferwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres oferwyrcþ past oferworhte ptp oferworht to cover over, overlay

oferwyrðe [] adj very worthy

oferyld see oferyldu

oferýþ [] f (-e/-a) overwhelming wave

ofesc [] f (-e/-a) border?

ofést [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) envy, hatred, malice, spite, enmity; zeal, rivalry, emulation; [without favor or good-will, hence, envy]

ofest see efest, ofost

ofestan [] wv/t1b to hasten

oféstful [ov·est·ful] adj full of envy

oféstian1 [ov·est·i·an] wv/t2 to be or become envious, to envy, be envious of or at

oféstig [ov·es·ty] adj envious, emulous, jealous; zealous

oféstigian1 [] wv/t2 to be or become envious, to envy, be envious of or at

oféstnes [ov·est·nes] f (-se/-sa) envy, spite

ofetrip? [] n (-es/-u, -treopu) harvest

ofett [] n (-es/-) fruit, legume

ofeweard see ufeweard

offǽran see áfǽran

offaran [] sv/t6 3rd pres offærþ past offór/on ptp offaren to intercept, overtake, fall upon, attack; hindan ~ to intercept from behind, cut off retreat

offeallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres offielþ past offéoll/on ptp offeallen to fall upon, cut off, kill, destroy, end; fall away from, be lost to; hine offéol committed suicide

offellan see offyllan

offéran [] wv/t1b to overtake (an enemy)

offerenda [] m (-n/-n) psalm or anthem sung during the offertory

offerian [] wv/t2 to carry off

offéstre [] f (-an/-an) nurse not living in the house?, foster-mother?

offléogan [] sv/i2 3rd pres offlíegþ past offléag/offlugon ptp is offlogen to fly away

offrian1 [] wv/t2 to offer, sacrifice, bring an oblation [L offerre]

offrung [] f (-e/-a) presenting to God, oblation, sacrifice; thing presented, offering

offrungcláþ [] m (-es/-as) offering cloth

offrungdagas [] m pl offering days

offrungdisc [] m (-es/-as) offering-dish, paten

offrunghláf [] m (-es/-as) shew-bread

offrunghús [] n (-es/-) house of sacrifice

offrungsang [] m (-es/-as) hymn while an offering is made

offrungsceat [] m (-es/-as) offering-napkin

offrungspic [] n (-es/-u) sacrificial bacon

offylgian [] wv/t1b to follow up

offyllan [] wv/t1a to strike down, destroy, kill

ofgán [] irreg v/t 3rd pres ofgǽþ past oféode ptp ofgán to demand, require, exact, extort; attain, obtain, acquire, gain; start from, begin

ofgangan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ofgengþ past ofgéong/on ptp ofgangen to demand, require, exact, extort; attain, obtain, acquire, gain; start from, begin

ofgangende [] adj derivative

ofgangendlic [] adj derivative

ofgefen see ofgifen, past participle of ofgiefan

ofgeorn [] adj elated

ofgéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ofgíeteþ past ofgéat/ofguton ptp ofgoten to moisten, soak, steep; quench; pour out

ofgestígnes [] f (-se/-sa) descent

ofgiefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ofgiefþ past ofgeaf/ofgéafon ptp ofgiefen to give up, resign, leave, quit, desert [giefan]

ofhabban [] wv/t3 to hold back

ofhagian [] wv/i2 to be inconvenient

ofhæccan [] wv/t1a to hack off

ofhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ofhieldeþ past ofhéold/on ptp ofhealden to withhold, retain

ofhearmian [] wv/t2 impersonal to cause grief

ofhende [] adj lost, absent

ofheran see ofhieran

ofhnítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ofhníteþ past ofhnát/ofhniton ptp ofhniten to gore to death

ofhréosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ofhríesþ past ofhréas/ofhruron ptp ofhroren to overwhelm, cover over; fall down, fall headlong

ofhréowan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ofhríewþ past ofhréaw/ofhruwon ptp ofhrowen to cause or feel pity

ofhwylfan [] wv/t1b to roll away

ofhyngrian [] wv/i1a to be hungry

ofhyrian [] wv/t2 to imitate

ofiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofiernþ past ofarn/ofurnon ptp ofurnen to overtake; to tire with running

oflangian [] wv/t2 to long

oflást [] m (-es/-as) a wandering from the way?

ofláte see oflǽte

oflǽtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oflǽteþ past oflét/on, ofleort/on ptp oflǽten to let go, lay aside, leave behind; let flow

oflǽte [] f (-an/-an) oblation, offering; sacramental wafer [L oblate]

oflǽthláf [] m (-es/-as) bread used for the sacrament

oflecgan [] wv/t1b to lay down

ofléogan [] sv/i2 3rd pres oflíegþ past ofléag/oflugon ptp oflogen to lie, be false

ofléte see oflǽte

oflicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ofligeþ past oflæg/oflǽgon ptp oflegen to overlay (a child)

oflícian [] wv/t2 w.d. to displease, be displeasing to

oflinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oflinþ past oflann/oflunnon ptp oflunnen to cease, stop; desist (from)

oflongian see oflangian

oflyst [] adj w.d. desirous of, pleased with

oflystan [] wv/t1b to fill with desire, please; pp oflysted, oflyst desirous of, pleased with

oflysted [] adj w.d. desirous of, pleased with

ofmanian [] wv/t2 to exact (a fine)

ofmunan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres ofman/ofmunon past ofmunde ptp ofmunen to remember, recollect

ofmyrðrian [] wv/t2 to murder

ofn see ofen

ofnéadian [] wv/t2 to obtain by force, extort

ofnet [] n? (-es/-u) closed vessel?, small vessel?

ofniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres ofnimþ past ofnóm/on, ofnam/ofnámon ptp ofnumen to fail

ofor [] 1. see eofor; 2. see ufor; 3. see ofer

ófor see ófer

ofost [] f (-e/-a) haste, speed, zeal; adv ~líce; on ~e/ofestum/ofstum speedily, hastily

ofr see hofer

ofrǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to reach, obtain

ófres genitive singular of ófer

ofrian see offrian

ofrung see offrung

ofrídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ofrídeþ past ofrád/ofridon ptp ofriden to overtake by riding, overtake

ofsacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofsæcþ past ofsóc/on ptp ofsacen to shudder

ofsceamian [] wv/t2 to put to shame

ofscéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ofscíeteþ past ofscéat/ofscuton ptp ofscoten to shoot down, hit, kill; pp ofscoten elf-struck (of cattle seized with sudden disease)

ofscleacnes see ofslegennes

ofscoten [] adj elf-struck (of cattle seized with sudden disease)

ofscotian [] wv/t2 to shoot down; spear

ofsendan [] wv/t1b to summon

ofséon [] sv/t5 3rd pres ofsiehþ past ofseah/ofsáwon ptp ofsewen to see, behold

ofsetenes [] f (-se/-sa) siege; sitting down

ofsetnian [] wvt/2 to besiege

ofsettan [] wv/t1a to beset, oppress, afflict

ofsettung [] f (-e/-a) pressure

ofsittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ofsitteþ past ofsæt/ofsǽton ptp ofseten to press down, repress, oppress; occupy; hedge in, compass about, besiege

ofsléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofsliehþ past ofslóg/on ptp ofslagen to strike off or out, cut off, destroy; strike down, kill

ofslegennes [] f (-se/-sa) slaughter

ofslítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ofslíteþ past ofslát/ofsliton ptp ofsliten to bite (of a serpent)

ofsmorian [] wv/t2 to suffocate, strangle

ofsníðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ofsníðeþ past ofsnáð/ofsnidon ptp ofsniden to cut off, kill

ofsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) locution, utterance

ofspring [] m (-es/-as) offspring, descendants, posterity

ofspyrian [] wv/t2 to trace out

ofst see ofost

ofstan see ofestan

ofstandan [] sv/i6 3rd pres ofstendeþ past ofstód/on ptp is ofstanden to remain, persist, continue; restore, make restitution

ofstæppan see ofsteppan

ofstǽnan [] wv/t1b to stone, kill

ofstede [] adv immediately

ofstende [] adj hastening

ofsteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofstepeþ past ofstóp/on ptp ofstapen to trample upon

ofstician [] wv/t2 to pierce, stab (to death), transfix

ofstig [] adj swift

ofstígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ofstígþ past ofstág/ofstigon ptp ofstigen to descend; ascend; depart

ofstingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofstingeþ past ofstang/ofstungon ptp ofstungen to pierce, stab (to death)

ofstint see ofstent pres 3rd sing of ofstandan

ofstlíce see ofostlíce

ofstofen [] adj impelled

ofstum see ofost

ofswelgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofswilgþ past ofswealg/ofswulgon ptp ofswulgen to swallow up

ofswerian [] sv/t6 3rd pres ofswereþ past ofswór/on ptp ofsworen to abjure, deny on oath

ofswingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofswingeþ past ofswang/ofswungon ptp ofswungen to scourge (to death)

ofswýðan [] wv/t1b to overcome

oft [oft] adv often, frequently; cmp oftor; spl oftost; ~ost symle continually; ~ and gelome diligently

oftacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres oftæcþ past oftóc/on ptp oftacen to overtake

oftalu [ov-ta-lu] f (-e/-a) rejoinder, verdict against a claim

oftéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres oftíehþ past oftéah/oftugon ptp oftogen to withhold, take away, withdraw

oftféðre [] adj requiring many journeys to carry

ofthrǽd- see ofthrǽd-

oftige [] m (-es/-as) withholding

oftorfian [] wv/t2 to stone to death

oftrǽde [] adj often or always available; frequent

oftrǽdlic [] adj frequent; adv ~líce

oftredan [] sv/t5 3rd pres oftritt, oftrideþ past oftræd/oftrǽdon ptp oftreden to tread down, trample on

oftreddan [] wv/t1a to tread to death

oftsíþ [] m (-es/-as) frequent occasion; on ~as frequently

oftþwéal [] n (-es/-) frequent washing

oftyrfan [] wv/t1b to stone

ofþǽnan [] wv/i1b to be too moist

ofþe [] conj or

ofþecgan [] wv/t1b to destroy

ofþefian [] wv/t2 to dry up?

ofþencan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ofþencþ past ofþóhte ptp ofþóht to recall to mind

ofþennan see ofþǽnan

ofþíestrian [] wv/t2 to obscure [þéostrian]

ofþínan [] sv/i1 3rd pres ofþínþ past ofþán/ofþinon ptp is ofþinen to be too moist

ofþincþ pres 3rd sing of ofþyncan

ofþreccan see ofþryccan

ofþriccan see ofþryccan

ofþringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofþringeþ past ofþrang/ofþrungon ptp ofþrungen to throng, press upon

ofþryccan [] wv/t1a to press, squeeze; oppress, afflict, repress, destroy; occupy forcibly

ofþryccednes [] f (-se/-sa) trouble, oppression

ofþrycnes [] f (-se/-sa) trouble, oppression

ofþryscan [] wv/t1b to repress, subdue

ofþrysman [] wv/t1b to choke, stifle [þrosm]

ofþrysmian [] wv/t2 to choke, stifle [þrosm]

ofþylman [] wv/t1b to choke, suffocate

ofþyncan [] irreg wv/t1b impersonal 3rd pres ofþyncþ past ofþúhte ptp ofþúht to give offence, insult, vex, displease, weary, grieve

ofþyrstan [] wv/t1b to suffer from thirst, be thirsty, thirst (for)

ofþýstrian [] wv/t2 to obscure [þéostrian]

ofunnan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres ofann/ofunnon past ofúðe ptp ofunnen to begrudge, deny, envy

ofweard see æfweard

ofweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ofwierpþ past ofwearp/ofwurpon ptp ofworpen to stone (to death), kill by a missile

ofworpian [] wv/t2 to kill (by stoning)

ofwundrian [] wv/i2 to be astonished

ófýrit see áfýred past participle of áfýran

óga [] m (-n/-n) fear, terror, dread; terrible object [ege]

ógengel [] m (ógengles/ógenglas) bar, bolt

óheald [] adj sloping, inclined (2)

óhilde [] adj sloping, inclined (1)

óhsta see ócusta

óht [] 1. f (-e/-a) persecution, enmity; ~e grettan to profane; 2. see áwuht

ohtrip see ofetrip

óhwǽr see áhwǽr

óhwæðer see áhwæðer

óhwanon see áhwonan

óhylde see óhilde

ól past 3rd sing of alan

Olaníge [] f (-e/-a) Olney

ólǽc- see ólecc-

ólǽcung [] f (-e/-a) conspiratio

olbend see olfend

óleccan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to soothe, caress, flatter; please, charm, propitiate [leccan]

óleccere [] m (-es/-as) flatterer

ólecere [] m (-es/-as) flatterer

óleccung [] f (-e/-a) an allurement, blandishment

ólectend [] m (-es/-) flatterer

ólehtung [] f (-e/-a) flattery; indulgence

ólfæt see álfæt

olfend [] m (-es/-) camel [L elephantem]

olfenda [] m (-n/-n) camel [L elephantem]

olfende [] f (-an/-an) camel [L elephantem]

olfendmyre [] f (-an/-an) she-camel [L elephantem]

ólicc- see ólecc-

oll [] n (-es/-) contumely, contempt, scorn, insult; on ~ nequicquam

ollonc see andlang

ollunc see andlang

ollung see andlang

ólþwong [] m (-es/-as) strap

ólyhtword [] n (-es/-) flattering speech

óm [] m (-es/-as) rust

om- see am-

oma [] m (-n/-n) a liquid measure [L ama, hama]

ome [] f (-an/-an) a liquid measure [L ama, hama]

óman [] f pl eruptions of the skin, erysipelas [cp healsóme]

omb- see amb-

ómcynn [] n (-es/-) corrupt humor

omer [] ? (-?/-?) a bird, scorellus

ómian [] wv/i2 to become rusty

ómiddan see onmiddan

ómig [] adj rusty, rust-eaten, rust-colored; inflammatory

ómihte [] adj inflammatory

ompella see ampella

ompre see ampre 1

on [] 1. prep w.d.i.a. (local) on, upon, on to (but ofer is more common); up to, among; in, into, within; (temporal) in, during, at, on, about; against, towards; according to, in accordance with, in respect to; for, in exchange for; ~ gehwæðere hand on both sides; ~ hand gán irreg v/i to yield; áswengan ~ cast upon; ~ sittan1 (1) to assail, attack; (2) to press on, weigh down; ~ winnan to attack; 2. adv on; forward, onward; continuously, forþ ~; ~ riht rightly; ~ ǽr adv formerly; ~ án continuously, in concert; at once, forthwith; ~ tíde at the proper time; ~ bæcling/bæclinga/bæclinge gewend having one’s back turned; ~ secgan to bring a charge against; 3. pres 3rd sing of unnan; 4. see ond, and

on- [] 1. often meaningless, and only rarely = preposition on; 2. see an-; 3. see un-; 4. see in-

onemn [] 1. prep w.d. abreast of, alongside of, by, near, during; 2. adv together, exactly, directly; ~ þǽm at the same time

onádón [] irreg v/t to put on

onáfæstnian [] wv/t2 to make fast, bind

onáhebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres onáhefeþ past onáhóf/on ptp onáhafen to lift up, exalt

onál [] n (-es/-) burning; incense, what is burnt

onárísan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onárísþ past onárás/onárison ptp onárisen to rise up (against)

onarn [] past 3rd sing of oniernan

onásáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onásǽwþ past onáséow/on ptp onásáwen to implant, instill

onáscunung see onscunung

onásendan [] wv/t1b to send into, implant in, impart to

onásendednes [] f (-se/-sa) immissio

onásetednes [] f (-se/-sa) a laying on (of hands)

onásettan [] wv/t1a to set upon, place on, impress upon

onáslagen [] adj beaten (of metal)

onáswégan [] wv/t1b to sound forth

onáwinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onáwinþ past onáwann/onáwunnon ptp onáwunnen to fight against

onǽht [] f (-e/-e) possession

onǽlan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres onǽleþ past onǽlde ptp onǽled/onǽld  to set fire to, ignite, heat, inspire, incite, kindle, inflame, enlighten, burn, consume

onǽlend [] m (-es/-) incensor

onǽlet [] n (-es/-u) lightning

onǽr [] adv formerly [on, ǽr]; cmp onǽror; spl onǽrost, onǽrst, onǽrest

onæðele [] adj w.d. natural to

onbásnung [] f (-e/-a) expectation

onbæc [] adv backwards, back, behind

onbæcling [] adv backward, behind; ~ gewend having one’s back turned

onbærnan [] wv/t1b to kindle, ignite, heat, excite, inspire, inflame, burn

onbærnnes [] f (-se/-sa) incense, frankincense

onbærnung [] f (-e/-a) incense

onbǽru [] f (-e/-a) self-restraint?

onbebláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onbeblǽwþ past onbebléow/on ptp onbebláwen to blow upon

onbecling see onbæcling

onbecuman see oncuman

onbecyme [] m (-es/-as) approach

onbégan see onbígan

onbégnes [] f (-se/-sa) bending, curvature

onbeht see ambiht

onbelǽdan [] wv/t1b to inflict upon

onbén [] f (-e/-e) imprecation

onbéodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres onbíedeþ past onbéad/onbudon ptp onboden to command, order; announce, proclaim

onbéotende [] adj threatening, impending

onberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres onbirþ past onbær/onbǽron ptp onboren 1. to carry off, plunder; diminish, weaken; 2. to be situated?

onbergan see onbyrgan

onbescéawung [] f (-e/-a) inspection, examination

onbescéofan [] sv/t2 3rd pres onbescíefþ past onbescéaf/onbescufon ptp onbescofen to thrust out

onbeslagen [] adj inflicted

onbestǽlan [] wv/t1b to convict of a crime

onbestingan see inbestingan

onbid see anbid

onbídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onbídeþ past onbád/onbidon ptp onbiden to remain, wait; w.g. to wait for, await, expect; attend upon, wait on

onbiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onbiernþ past onbarn/onburnon ptp onburnen to set fire to; inflame; to burn, be on fire

onbígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onbígþ past onbág/onbigon ptp onbigen to subdue, subjugate

onbiht see ambiht

onbindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onbindeþ past onband/onbundon ptp onbunden to unbind, untie, loosen; release; disclose

onbirgan see onbyrgan

onbirgan see onbyrgan

onbítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onbíteþ past onbát/onbiton ptp onbiten w.g. to taste of, partake of, feed upon

onblandan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onblendeþ past onblénd/on ptp onblanden to mingle

onbláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onblǽwþ past onbléow/on ptp onbláwen to blow on or into, inspire, breathe; puff up

onbláwung [] f (-e/-a) breathing upon

onbláwnes [] f (-se/-sa) inspiration

onblæst [] m (-es/-as) onrush, attack

onblæstan [] wv/t1b to break in

onblinnan see áblinnan

onblótan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onbléteþ past onbléot/on ptp onblóten to sacrifice, kill a victim

onborgian [] wv/t2 to borrow

onbran see onbærn, past 3rd sing of onbeornan

onbregdan [] sv/t3, sv/i3 3rd pres onbrigdeþ past onbrægd/onbrugdon ptp onbrogden to move, start up; burst open

onbrédan see onbregdan

onbring [] m (-es/-as) instigation

onbringelle [] f (-an/-an) instigation

onbrosnung [] f (-e/-a) decay, corruption

onbryce [] m (-es/-as) inroad

onbryrd [] adj excited, fired, ardent; contrite

onbryrdan1 [] wv/t1b to excite, inspire, incite, encourage, animate; stimulate, instigate; prick, goad, vex; onbryrd excited, fired, ardent; contrite [brord]

onbryrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) inspiration, incitement, ardor, animation, compunction, feeling; remorse, compunction, contrition

onbryrdung [] f (-e/-a) incitement

onbúgan [] sv/i2 3rd pres onbýgþ past onbéag/onbugon ptp onbogen to bend; w.d. bow, bend or bow one’s self in, submit, submit to anyone, yield to, agree with; bend aside, deviate

onbútan [] prep w.d.a. about, round about; round, around; adv; adv phrase west ~ faran to go west about

onbyhtscealc see ambihtscealc

onbyrdan see anbyrdan

onbyrgan [] wv/t1b 1. to taste, eat; 2. to be surety

onbyrging [] f (-e/-a) tasting

onbyrhtan [] wv/t1b to illuminate

onbyrignes [] f (-se/-sa) tasting

onceig- see oncíg-

oncennan [] wv/t1a to bear, bring forth

oncer see ancor

oncíegan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres oncíegeþ past oncíegde ptp oncíeged onto call upon, invoke

oncierran [] wv/t1a to turn, alter, change, transform; turn off or away, avert, prevent; turn oneself, go

oncígnes [] f (-se/-sa) invocation

oncígung [] f (-e/-a) invocation

oncléow see ancléow

onclifian [] wv/t2 to adhere, stick to, persist in

onclyfiende [] adj sticking to, tenacious

onclypian [] wv/t2 to call upon

oncnáwe [] adj known, recognized

oncnáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oncnǽwþ past oncnéow/on ptp oncnáwen to understand, know, perceive, observe; recognize; acknowledge, confess, disclose

oncnáwednes see oncnáwennes

oncnáwend [] m (-es/-) one who knows

oncnáwennes [] f (-se/-sa) acknowledgment, knowledge

oncnáwnes [] f (-se/-sa) acknowledgment, knowledge

oncnáwung [] f (-e/-a) acknowledgment, knowledge

oncnǽwe [] adj known, recognized

oncnyssan [] wv/t1a to cast down, afflict

oncnyttan see uncnyttan

oncor see ancor

óncra see áncra

oncunnan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres oncann/oncunnon past oncúðe ptp oncunnen to know; reproach, blame, accuse

oncunnes [] f (-se/-sa) accusation

oncunning [] f (-e/-a) accusation

oncwealdan [] wv/t1b to slay

oncweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres oncwiðeþ past oncwæð/oncwǽdon ptp oncweden to answer, resound, echo; protest

oncyrran see oncierran

oncyrráp see ancorráp

oncýðan [] wv/t1b to make known

oncýðdǽd [] f (-e/-e) hurtful deed

oncýðig [] adj conscious, understanding; known

oncýðð2 [] f (-e/-a) pain, distress in mind

ond see and

ondǽlan [] wv/t1b to infuse

ondǽlend [] m (-es/-) one who imparts, infuser

onde- see ande-

onder- see under-

onderslic see ondrysenlic

ondeslic see ondrysenlic

ondesn [] f (-e/-a) fear

ondesnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear

ondgit see andgiet

ondléan see andléan

ondliota see onwleota, andwlita

ondlong see andlang

ondo see anda

ondón [] irreg v/t 1. to undo, open; 2. to put on (clothes)

ondóung [] f (-e/-a) injection

ondrǽdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ondrǽdeþ past ondréd/on, ondreord/on ptp ondrǽden to dread, fear; sv/r7 be afraid

ondrǽdendlic [] adj fearful, terrible

ondrǽding [] f (-e/-a) dread, fear, terror

ondrencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ondrenceþ past ondrencte ptp ondrenced to intoxicate; fill with water

ondresn see ondrysnu

ondrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ondrincþ past ondranc/ondruncon ptp ondruncen w.g. to drink

ondrislic see ondrysenlic

ondruncnian [] wv/i2 to become intoxicated

ondrysenlic [] adj terrible; adv ~líce reverently, with fear

ondryslic [] adj terrible; adv ~líce reverently, with fear

ondrysne [] adj terrible, fearful, dreadful; as causing fear, feared, venerated, venerable

ondrysnlic [] adj terrible; adv ~líce reverently, with fear

ondrysnlic see ondrysenlic

ondrysnu [] f (-e/-a) fear; respect, reverence, awe; etiquette

ondrystlic see ondrysenlic

onds- see ands-

ondúne [] adv down

ondw- see andw-

one see ono

onealdian [] wv/i2 to grow old

oneardian [] wv/t2 to inhabit

oneardiend [] m (-es/-) inhabitant, indweller

onefen see onemn

onefn see onemn

onégan [] wv/t1b to fear, dread [óga]

onégnan [] wv/t1b to fear, dread [óga]

onéhtung [] f (-e/-a) persecution

onemn [] 1. prep w.d. abreast of, alongside of, by, near, during; 2. adv together, exactly, directly; ~ þǽm at the same time

onemnþrówigian [] wv/t2 to sympathize

onerian [] wv/t1a to plough up

onerning [] f (-e/-a) attack [iernan]

ónettan [] wv/t1a to hasten, hurry forward, be quick; be busy, brisk; anticipate; ge~ get quickly, seize, occupy

ónettung [] f (-e/-a) precipitation

oneða2 see anda

onéðgung [] f (-e/-a) breathing on

onfangen [] adj received; ptp of anfón

onfangend [] m (-es/-) receiver

onfangennes [] f (-se/-sa) reception, acceptance, a receiving, receptacle

onfægnian [] wv/t2 to fawn on

onfæreld [] n (-es/-) going on, progress, journey; going in, entrance; attack, assault

onfæstan [] wv/t1b to make fast

onfæstnian [] wv/t2 to pierce

onfæðmnes [] f (-se/-sa) embrace

onfealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onfieldeþ past onféold/on ptp onfealden to unfold

onfeall [] m (-es/-as) swelling

onfeallende [] adj rushing on, overwhelming

onfehtan see onfeohtan

onfell see onfeal

onfeng [] 1. see andfeng; 2. past 3rd sing of onfón

onfeohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onfiehteþ past onfeaht/onfuhton ptp onfohten to attack, assault, fight with

onfillende see onfeallende

onfilte see anfilte

onfindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onfindeþ past onfand/onfundon ptp onfunden to find out, learn, perceive, feel, notice, observe, discover; experience, suffer

onfindend [] m (-es/-) discoverer

onflǽscnes [] f (-se/-sa) incarnation

onflyge [] m (-es/-as) infectious disease

onflygen [] n (-es/-) infectious disease

onfón [] sv/t7 3rd pres onféhþ past onféng/on ptp onfangen to take, receive, perceive, comprehend, accept, take to one’s self; stand sponsor; harbor, favor unrighteously; take hold of; undertake (a duty), undergo ( a rite); begin; conceive; ~ w.a. æt w.d. to receive s.t. from s.o.; onfangenum gebede after engaging in prayer

onfónd [] m (-es/-) undertaker, supporter

onfóndlic [] adj to be received

onfongenes see onfangennes

onforan [] 1. prep w.d. before (time), at the beginning of; 2. adv before, in front of

onfordón [] adj destroyed

onforeweardan [] adv in front, in the first line, in the fore part, above all (2)

onforeweardum [] adv in front, in the first line, in the fore part, above all (1)

onforht see anforht

onforhtian [] wv/i2 to be afraid, fear

onforwyrd [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-e) destruction

onfundelnes [] f (-se/-sa) experience

onfunden [] adj experienced

onfundennes [] f (-se/-sa) explanation; trial, experiment, experience [onfindan]

onga see anga

ongægn see ongéan

ongǽn see ongéan

ongalan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ongælþ past ongól/on ptp ongalen to recite (a charm)

ongalend [] m (-es/-) enchanter

ongalnes [] f (-se/-sa) song

ongán [] 1. see ongéan; 2. irreg v/t to approach, enter into; attack

ongang [] m (-es/-as) entrance, incursion, assault, attack; worship

ongangan see ongán

onge see enge

ongéan [] 1. prep w.d.a. towards, against, opposite to, contrary to; against, in exchange for; 2. adv opposite, back; again, anew, also; eft ~ back again; ~ þæt on the other hand, on the contrary; ~ healdan to resist; settan1 ~ to compare

ongéancyme [] m (-es/-as) return

ongéancyrrendlic [] adj relative

ongéanfealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ongéanfieldeþ past ongéanféold/on ptp ongéanfealden to fold or roll back

ongéanféran [] wv/t1b to return

ongéanflówende [] adj ebbing and flowing

ongéanhweorf [] m (-es/-as) return

ongéanhweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ongéanhwierfþ past ongéanhwearf/ongéanhwurfon ptp ongéanhworfen to turn again, return

ongéanhworfennes [] f (-se/-sa) obstacle

ongéanlecgan [] wv/t1b to lay up, store up

ongéansprecend [] m (-es/-) one who reproaches

ongéanweard [] adj going back or towards; near; adv ~es

ongéanweardlic [] adj adversative; adv ~líce

ongéanwerian [] wv/t2 to revile in return

ongéanwinnende [] adj resisting

ongéanwiðerian [] wv/t2 to oppose

ongéanwyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) opposition

ongeagn [] 1. prep w.d.a. towards, against, opposite to, contrary to; against, in exchange for; 2. adv opposite, back; again; eft ~ back again; ~ þæt on the other hand, on the contrary; ~ healdan to resist

ongeboren [] adj inborn

ongebringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ongebringþ past ongebróhte ptp ongebróht to bring upon; impose; enjoin; incline, invoke

ongebyrigean see onbyrgan 1

ongecíegan [] wv/t1b to call upon, invoke

ongecígung [] f (-e/-a) invocation

ongecoplíce see ungecoplíce

ongefæstnian see onfæstnian

ongefestnian see onfæstnian

ongefeoht [] n (-es/-) attack [feoht] [listed ~gefeht]

ongeflogen [] adj attacked by disease [cp onflygen]

ongegen see ongéan

ongegn see ongéan

ongehréosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ongehríesþ past ongehréas/ongehruron ptp ongehroren to rush upon, fall upon

ongehýðnes [] f (-se/-sa) advantage, profit

ongel see angel 1

Ongel see Angel

ongelǽdan see ingelǽdan

ongelic [] 1. adj like; 2. n (-es/-u) likeness; 3. adv ~líce

ongelícnes [] f (-se/-sa) form, pattern

ongelihtan see onlihtan

ongemang [] 1. prep w.d. among, during; meanwhile; 2. adv among, during; meanwhile; ~ þisum, ~ þǽm meanwhile

ongemong [] 1. prep w.d. among, during; meanwhile; 2. adv among, during; meanwhile; ~ þisum, ~ þǽm meanwhile

ongemet see ungemet

ongén see ongéan

ongend see ongéan

ongenǽman [] wv/t1b to take away (from)

ongeotan see ongietan

ongéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ongíeteþ past ongéat/onguton ptp ongoten to infuse, impregnate

ongéotung [] f (-e/-a) pouring in

ongerwan [] past part ongered; see ongierwan

ongeséon see onséon

ongesetenes [] f (-se/-sa) knowledge

ongesléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ongesliehþ past ongeslóg/on ptp ongeslagen to slay

ongespanan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ongespenþ past ongespéon/on ptp ongespanen to draw on, allure

onget- see ongiet-

ongetǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to enjoin

ongetimbran [] wv/t1b to build up

ongeþwǽre see ungeþwǽre

ongewinn [] n (-es/-) assault

ongewiss see ungewiss

ongewrigennes see onwrigennes

ongiefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ongiefþ past ongeaf/ongéafon ptp ongiefen to give back; forgive

ongieldan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ongieldeþ past ongeald/onguldon ptp ongolden to atone for, be punished for, pay (the penalty) for; pay for, repay, atone for; pay, offer (gifts, sacrifice) [Ger entgelten]

ongien see onginn

ongierwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ongiereþ past ongierede ptp ongiered 1. to unclothe, divest, strip [=un-]; 2. to clothe

ongietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ongieteþ past ongeat/ongéaton ptp ongieten to grasp, get, lay hold of, seize; understand, learn, recognize, know, distinguish, judge, consider; see, perceive; discover, hear; feel, experience; know carnally

ongietenes [] f (-se/-sa) knowledge, understanding; meaning

ongildan see ongieldan

onginn see anginn

onginnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onginþ past ongann/ongunnon ptp ongunnen to begin, attempt, endeavor, try hard, set upon, undertake, take in hand; (This verb is often used periphrastically with another verb in the infinitive, to denote the simple action of the latter. The compound is best translated by the historical aorist of the second verb; hé onginnþ ofgiefan he gave up; hé onginnþ 2 géarum gelifd he lived 2 years there); attack, assail; act

onginnendlic [] adj inchoative

onginnes [] f (-se/-sa) undertaking

ongirwan see ongierwan

ongit see andgiet

ongit- see ongiet-

Ongle see Angle

Onglisc see Englisc

ongnora? see angnere

ongnere see angnere

Ongol see Angel

ongolden [] adj repaid, requited; ptp of ongieldan

ongong see ongang

ongratian [] wv/t2 to laugh at or with, to smile at or upon, especially approvingly; Subject., to be favorable, kindly disposed to one; Object. (i. e. in reference to the effect produced), to be pleasing to, to please [ongrataþ – arridet]

ongris- see angris-

ongrys- see angris-

ongryndan [] wv/t1b to laugh at or with, to smile at or upon, especially approvingly; Subject., to be favorable, kindly disposed to one; Object. (i. e. in reference to the effect produced), to be pleasing to, to please [ongrynt? – arridet]

ongrype [] m (-es/-as) attack

ongryrelic [] adj horrible

ongseta see angeta

ongunnenes see onginnes

ongy- see ongi-

ongyrdan [] wv/t1b to unbuckle, unfasten

ongyrnan [] wv/t1b In law, to propose in opposition; To impose, appoint, ordain, inflict [ongyrnþ – inrogat]

ongytan see ongietan

ongyte [] m (-es/-as) in-pouring

onhádian see unhádian

onhafen [] adj lifted up, exalted; ptp of onhebban

onhagian [] impersonal wv/t2 to be possible or convenient, be fitting, suit, please; be at leisure

onhátan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres onhǽteþ past onhét/on, onheht/on ptp onháten to promise

onhátian [] wv/i2 to become hot

onháwian [] wv/t2 to behold

onhǽldan see onhieldan

onhǽle [] adj secret, concealed, hidden

onhǽtan [] wv/t1b to heat, inflame

onhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onhieldeþ past onhéold/on ptp onhealden to hold, keep (peace)

onhéaw [] m (-es/-as) trunk of tree, block of wood for hewing on

onhebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres onhefeþ past onhóf/on ptp onhafen to raise up, heave up, erect, lift up, exalt; leaven; begin; take away, remove

onhefednes [] f (-se/-sa) exaltation

onheld- see onhield-

onhergian [] wv/t2 to harass

onheri- see onhyri-

onhettung [] f (-e/-a) persecution

onhicgan see onhycgan

onhieldan [] wv/i1b to bend, bend down, lean, recline, incline; decline, sink; fall away

onhieldednes [] f (-se/-sa) declining

onhígian [] wv/t2 to attack, despoil

onhindan [] adv behind, backward

onhinder [] adv behind, backward

onhinderling [] adv back

onhiscan see onhyscan

onhlídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onhlídeþ past onhlád/onhlidon ptp onhliden to open, reveal, unclose; appear

onhlinian [] wv/t2 to lean on

onhnígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onhnígeþ past onhnág/onhnigon ptp onhnigen to bend down, bow, worship

onhnigenes [] f (-se/-sa) adoration

onhóhsian [] wv/t2 to detest?; put an end to?

onhón [] sv/t7 3rd pres onhéhþ past onhéng/on ptp onhangen to hang, crucify

onhrǽran see onhréran

onhrǽs see onrǽs

onhréodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres onhríedeþ past onhréad/onhrudon ptp onhroden to adorn (or onréodan redden?)

onhréosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres onhríesþ past onhréas/onhruron ptp onhroren to fall upon, rush upon

onhréran [] wv/t1b to move, disturb, arouse, excite

onhrínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onhrínþ past onhrán/onhrinon ptp onhrinen w.g. or w.d. to touch, lay hold of

onhrine [] m (-es/-as) touch, contact

onhróp [] m (-es/-as) importunity; reproach

onhryre [] m (-es/-as) attack

onhupian [] wv/t2 to step back, retire

onhwelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres onhwilþ past onhwæl/onhwǽlon ptp onhwolen to bellow back, resound

onhweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onhwierfþ past onhwearf/onhwurfon ptp onhworfen to change, turn, reverse

onhwierfan [] wv/t1b to turn, change, turn round

onhwerfednes [] f (-se/-sa) change

onhycgan [] wv/t3 to consider

onhyldan see onhieldan

onhyrdan2 [] wv/t1b to strengthen, encourage [heard]

onhyrenes [] f (-se/-sa) imitation

onhyrgend [] m (-es/-) emulator, imitator

onhyriend [] m (-es/-) emulator, imitator

onhyrian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres onhyreþ past onhyrede ptp onhyred to emulate, imitate

onhyring [] f (-e/-a) imitation, zeal

onhýrsumian [] wv/t2 to be busied with

onhyscan [] wv/t1b to mock at, vilify, reproach; detest; deceive [husc]

oniernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres oniernþ past onarn/onurnon ptp is onurnen to give way, open (of a door); to run, to move quickly (on foot, on a horse, ship, etc.), to hasten, fly [currere]; to run into or towards, run upon, fall in with, to rush at, assail, attack; Milit., to make an inroad or irruption, to invade; to border on; To run against, strike against, offend; To commit a fault; To rush upon, assault carnally; Of events, to befall, happen, occur to [incurrere]; pour forth

oninnan [] 1. prep w.d. within, into, among; 2. adv within, into, among

onlang see andlang

onlǽc see onléac, past 3rd sing of onlúcan

onlæccan [] wv/t1a to reproach

onlǽdan see inlǽdan

onlǽnan [] wv/t1b to lend, grant, let, lease

onlǽpnes see ánlípnes

onlǽtan [] wv/t1b to relax, permit

onléc see anléc

onlecgende [] adj (salve) to be applied

onlegen [] f (-e/-a) poultice

onléoht- see onlíht-

onléon2 [] sv/t1 3rd pres onlíehþ past onlág/onligon ptp onligen to lend, grant, give

onléoðian see onlíðigian

onlés- see onlíes-

onlíc [] adj like, resembling, similar; adv ~líce

onlícnes [] f (-se/-sa) resemblance, likeness, similitude; picture, image, idol; parable; stature, form

onlíesan [] wv/t1b to loosen, set free, release

onlíesednes [] f (-se/-sa) remission (of sins)

onlíesend [] m (-es/-) liberator; redeemer

onlíesendlic [] adj absolvable

onlíesnes [] f (-se/-sa) deliverance

onlígian [] wv/t2 to inflame

onlíhtan [] wv/t1b to illuminate, give light to, enlighten; restore to sight; shine

onlíhtednes see onlíhtnes

onlíhtend [] m (-es/-) enlightener

onlíhting [] f (-e/-a) illumination, enlightenment

onlíhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) illumination

onliðian [] wv/t2 to loosen, relax

onlíðigian [] wv/i2 to become pliant, yield

onlócian [] wv/t2 to look on, behold

onlóciend [] m (-es/-) onlooker, spectator

onlong see andlang

onlúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres onlýcþ past onléac/onlucon ptp onlocen to unlock, open, unfold, reveal, disclose

onlútan [] sv/i2 3rd pres onlýtþ past onléat/onluton ptp is onloten to bow, incline, bend down

onlútung [] f (-e/-a) involucrum

onlý- see onlí-

onlýs- see onlíes-

onmǽdla see onmédla

onmǽlan [] wv/t1b to speak to

onman see onmunan

onmang see ongemang

onmearca [] m (-n/-n) inscription

onmearcung [] f (-e/-a) inscription

onmédan [] wv/t1b to presume, take upon oneself?

onmédla see anmédla

onmeltan? [] sv/t3 3rd pres onmilteþ past onmealt/onmulton ptp onmolten to soften

onmétan [] wv/t1b 1. to paint, cover over?; 2. to come upon, find out

onmiddan [] 1. prep w.d. amid, in the midst, at the middle of; 2. adv in the middle, into the midst

onmitta see anmitta

onmód see anmód

onmunan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres onman/onmunon past onmunde ptp onmunen to esteem, think worthy of, consider entitled to; v/r care for, wish; remember; remind

onmyrran [] wv/t1a to mar, disturb

onn see ann, pres 3rd sing of unnan

onnhígan see onhnígan

onniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres onnimþ past onnóm/on, onnam/onnámon ptp onnumen to receive, take

onnytt see unnytt

ono see heonu

onoeðung see oneðung

onórettan2 [] wv/t1b to perform with effort, accomplish

onorðung [] f (-e/-a) inspiration, inbreathing

onoða see anda

onpennian [] wv/t2 to open

onrád [] f (-e/-a) riding on horseback

onræfniendlic see unræfniendlic

onrǽs [] m (-es/-as) onrush, assault, attack

onrǽsan [] 1. wv/t1b to rush (on); 2. nom/acc pl of wk noun irruptions

onrǽsend [] m (-es/-) attacker

onréafian [] wv/t2 to strip (of)

onred [] m (-es/-as) name of a plant

onréodan see onhréodan

onrettan see orrettan

onrid [] n (-es/-u, -reodu) riding horse

onrídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onrídeþ past onrád/onridon ptp onriden to ride (on a raid, etc.)

onriht [] adj right, lawful, proper; owned by?; adv aright; adv ~líce

onrihtwísnes see unrihtwísnes

onríptíd [] f (-e/-e) harvest time

onrísan see árísan

onryne [] m (-es/-as) course; incursion, assault

onsacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres onsæcþ past onsóc/on ptp onsacen to contest, dispute, strive against, resist, repel; 2 attack; refuse, deny, contradict, refute; exculpate, excuse oneself; renounce

onsagu [] f (-e/-a) affirmation, accusation, reproach

onsand [] f (-e/-a) sending against

onsang [] m (-es/-as) incantation

onsáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onsǽwþ past onséow/on ptp onsáwen to sow; introduce into, implant

onsæc [] 1. adj denying; denied; excused; 2. see andsæc

onsǽgan2 [] wv/t1b to prostrate

onsægd- see onsæged-

onsǽge [] adj assailing, attacking [sígan]

onsægednes [] f (-se/-sa) sacrifice, offering; oblation, (sacrificial) victim

onsægnes [] f (-se/-sa) holocaust, sacrifice

onsægung [] f (-e/-a) sacrifice

onsǽlan [] wv/t1b to untie, loosen; [= unsǽlan]

onsæt [] 1. past 3rd sing of onsittan; 2. see onset

onsǽtnes [] f (-se/-sa) snare

onsǽtnung [] f (-e/-a) snare

onscacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres onscæcþ past onscóc/on ptp onscacen to shake, shake off, remove

onsceacan see onscacan

onsceacnes [] f (-se/-sa) excuse [= onsacnes]

onsceamian see ofsceamian

onscendan [] wv/t1b to confound, put to shame

onsceon- see onscun-

onsceortian [] wv/i2 to grow short

onscéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres onscíeteþ past onscéat/onscuton ptp onscoten to open

onscillan [] wv/i1a to give back a sound, resound

onscógan [] wv/t1b to unshoe; pp onscód

onscrýdan [] wv/t1b to clothe

onscunian [] wv/t2 to shun, avoid, fear, detest, hate; put away, reject, despise; irritate

onscuniendlic [] adj hateful, detestable

onscunigendlic [] adj hateful, detestable

onscunigend [] m (-es/-) hater

onscunung [] f (-e/-a) execration, abomination; exasperation

onscynian see onscunian

onscyte [] m (-es/-as) attack, assault

onseacan see onsceacan

onsécan [] irreg wv/t1b to require, exact

onsecgan [] wv/t3 to renounce, deny; offer sacrifice; impute; inform

onsecgend [] m (-es/-) sacrificer

onségednes see onsǽgednes

onsén see ansíen

onsendan [] wv/t1b to send out, send forth, transmit, yield up; offer to

onséon [] 1. sv/t5 3rd pres onsiehþ past onseah/onsáwon ptp onsewen to see, look on, behold, regard, take notice of; 2. see ansíen

onset [] m (-es/-as) a sitting on, riding on

onsetl [] m (-es/-as) a sitting on, riding on

onsetenes [] f (-se/-sa) laying on (of hands); constitution, founding

onsetnes [] f (-se/-sa) laying on (of hands); constitution, founding

onsettan [] wv/t1a to impose; oppress, bear down

onsícan [] sv/i1 3rd pres onsícþ past onsác/onsicon ptp onsicen to sigh, groan

onsíen [] 1. 2 f (-e/-a) lack, want; 2. see ansíen

onsígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onsígþ past onság/onsigon ptp onsigen to sink, decline, descend; approach, impend; assail

onsit see onset

onsittan [] 1. sv/t5 3rd pres onsitteþ past onsæt/onsǽton ptp onseten to seat oneself in, occupy; oppress; 2. sv/t5 3rd pres onsitteþ past onsæt/onsǽton ptp onseten to fear, dread

onsittend [] m (-es/-) rider

onslápan see onslǽpan

onslæge [] m (-es/-as) blow

onslǽpan [] sv/i7 3rd pres onslǽpþ past onsléop/on ptp onslǽpen, wv/t1b to go to sleep, sleep

onslúpan [] sv/t2 3rd pres onslýpþ past onsléap/onslupon ptp onslopen to unloose

onsmyrung [] f (-e/-a) anointing

onsnǽsan see snǽsan

onsníðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onsníðeþ past onsnáð/onsnidon ptp onsniden to cut up

onsond see onsand

onspannan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onspenþ past onspéon/on ptp onspannen to unfasten, unbind, unloose, open, disclose, release [=un-]

onspǽc [] f (-e/-a) imputation, charge, claim

onspeca [] m (-n/-n) accuser; claimant

onspecend [] m (-es/-) accuser, plaintiff

onspillend [] m (-es/-) player

onspornan see onspurnan

onspornende [] adj not stumbling [=un-]

onsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) speech, discourse [an-]

onspreccan [] wv/t1a to enliven

onsprecend see onspecend

onspringan [] sv/i3 3rd pres onspringþ past onsprang/onsprungon ptp is onsprungen to spring forth, originate, rise, burst forth, burst asunder

onsprungennes [] f (-se/-sa) eclipse

onspurnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onspyrnþ past onspearn/onspurnon ptp onspornen to strike against, stumble

onstal [] m (-es/-as) provision, supply

onstál [] m? (-es/-as) charge, reproof

onstandende [] adj urgent, persistent

onstæl [] m (-es/-stalas) order, arrangement

onstǽlan [] wv/t1b to impute to, accuse of

onstæpe [] m (-es/-as) ingress [=in-]

onstede see unstede

onstellan [] wv/t1a to institute, create, originate, establish, give the example of

onstépan [] wv/t1b to raise

onsteppan [] sv/i6 3rd pres onstepeþ past onstóp/on ptp is onstapen to walk, go [=in-]

onstígend [] m (-es/-) mounted man

onsting [] m (-es/-as) claim, authority, jurisdiction, right of intervention

onstingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onstingeþ past onstang/onstungon ptp onstungen to be angry (with)?

onstíðian [] wv/t2 to harden

onstregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onstrigdeþ past onstrægd/onstrugdon ptp onstrogden to sprinkle; wv/t1b

onstydfullnes [] f (-se/-sa) instability

onstýran [] wv/t1b to govern

onstyrednes [] f (-se/-sa) movement

onstyrenes [] f (-se/-sa) movement

onstyrian [] wv/t2 to move, rouse, disturb, stir, agitate, excite

onsund see ansund

onsundran [] adv singly, separately, apart; privately; especially

onsundrian see ásyndrian

onsundron [] adv singly, separately, apart; privately; especially

onsundrum [] adv singly, separately, apart; privately; especially

onswápan [] sv/t7 3rd pres onswǽpþ past onswéop/on ptp onswápen to sweep on, blow on; sweep away, banish

onswarian see andswarian

onswebban [] wv/t1a to put to sleep, bury

onswíðlic [] adj mighty, loud

onswífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onswífeþ past onswáf/onswifon ptp onswifen to swing forward, turn against; push off, put aside, turn away

onswógan see inswógan

onswornod [] adj confused

onsymbelnes [] f (-se/-sa) celebration (of mass)

onsýn see ansíen, onsíen 1

onsyngian see ontýnan

ontalu [] f (-e/-a) claim at law

onténan see ontýnan

ontendan [] wv/t1b to kindle, set fire to, inflame

ontendnes [] f (-se/-sa) burning, fire; inflammation; incitement, fuel; passion

ontéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres ontíehþ past ontéah/ontugon ptp ontogen to draw to oneself, assume, undertake; pull, pull out; untie

ontéona [] m (-n/-n) injury, oppression

ontige [] m (-es/-as) claim, usurpation

ontiht- see ontyht-

ontimber [] n (timbres/-) matter, material, substance, a theme; cause, occasion

ontimbernes [] f (-se/-sa) material; teaching, edification

ontimbran [] wv/t1b to instruct

ontimbrian [] wv/t2 to instruct

ontre see antre

ontréowan [] wv/t1b to entrust, confide

ontrymian [] wv/t2 To grow strong or powerful; To increase, prevail, predominate; To come into use [invalescere]

ontrymman [] wv/t1a To grow strong or powerful; To increase, prevail, predominate; To come into use [invalescere]

ontýdran [] wv/t1b to nourish, foster

ontýdre [] adj sine foetu, effete

ontygnes [] f (-se/-sa) accusation

ontyhtan [] wv/t1b to urge on, incite; be intent on

ontyhtung [] f (-e/-a) attention, application, aim, intention, instigation

ontýnan [] wv/t1b tóðum ~ to utter

ontyndnes see ontendnes

ontýnnes [] f (-se/-sa) opening

onþæslic see unþæslic

onþenian [] wv/t2 to stretch

onþéon2 [] sv/i1 3rd pres onþíehþ past onþáh/onþigon ptp is onþigen, sv/i2 3rd pres onþíehþ past onþéah/onþugon ptp onþogen to be useful, succeed, prosper

onþéowian [] wv/t2 to serve

onþicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres onþigeþ past onþeah/onþǽgon ptp onþegen to eat of, partake of

onþracian1 [] wv/t2 to fear, dread

onþracung [] f (-e/-a) fear, awe

onþræce [] adj formidable, dreadful

onþræclic [] adj formidable, dreadful

onþréagung [] f (-e/-a) reproach

onþrecan [] sv/r5 3rd pres onþricþ past onþræc/onþrǽcon ptp onþrecen to fear

onþringan [] sv/i3 3rd pres onþringeþ past onþrang/onþrungon ptp onþrungen to press on or forward; move, be moved?

onþunian [] wv/i2 to swell up?, move round?; exceed bounds

onþwægennes [] f (-se/-sa) washing

onþwéan [] sv/t6 3rd pres onþwíehþ past onþwóg/on ptp onþwagen to wash

onu see heonu

onufan [] 1. prep w.d. above, upon, on; beyond, after; 2. adv above, upon, on; beyond, after

onunder [] adv under

onuppan [] 1. prep w.d. upon, on; 2. adv in addition, besides

onútan [] adv out of doors

onwacan [] sv/i6 3rd pres onwæcþ past onwéoc/on ptp is onwacen to awake; arise, be born

onwaccan [] f (-e/-a) incitement, arousing

onwacnian see onwæcnian

onwadan [] sv/t6 3rd pres onwædeþ past onwód/on ptp onwaden to penetrate into, attack, seize, occupy

onwald see onweald

onwalh see onwealg

onwarian [] wv/t2 to guard oneself against

onwǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to weaken, shake (a resolution), soften, mollify [wác]

onwæcenes [] f (-se/-sa) arousing

onwæcnan [] wv/i1b to awake; arise, spring, be born [=áwæcnan]

onwæcnian [] wv/i2 to awake; arise, spring, be born [=áwæcnan]

onwǽld see onweald

onwæmme see unwemme

onwær- see unwær-

onwæstm [] m (-es/-as) increase; branch

onwæterig see unwæterig

onwealcan [] sv/i7 3rd pres onwielcþ past onwéolc/on ptp is onwealcen to roll, roll around

onweald [] 1. m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) authority, power, rule, sway, command; power, right or title to anything; jurisdiction, territory; power, empire, dominion; 2. adj mighty, powerful

onwealda [] m (-n/-n) ruler, governor, sovereign; the Lord, God

onwealdig [] adj powerful

onwealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) power, possession

onwealg [] adj whole, sound, entire, uninjured, safe

onwealh [] adj whole, sound, entire, uninjured, safe

onwealglíce [] adv wholly, completely

onwealhnes [] f (-se/-sa) soundness, wholeness, purity, modesty, chastity

onweard [] adj acting against, opposed to

onwecnian see onwæcnian

onweg [] adv away, forth, out, off, onward, along

onwegácyrnes [] f (-se/-sa) apostasy

onwegácyrrednes [] f (-se/-sa) apostasy

onwegádrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onwegádrífeþ past onwegádráf/onwegádrifon ptp onwegádrifen to drive away

onwegádrifennes [] f (-se/-sa) a driving away

onwegáfierran [] wv/t1a to remove away

onwegálǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) removal

onwegáscúfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres onwegáscýfþ past onwegáscéaf/onwegáscufon ptp onwegáscofen to push away

onwegáwendan [] wv/t1b to remove

onwegfæreld [] n (-es/-) departure

onweggewit [] n (-es/-u, -geweotu) mental aberration

onweggewitennes [] f (-se/-sa) departure

onwegoncernes see onwegácyrrednes

onwegpullian [] wv/t2 to pull away

onwemme see unwemme

onwendan [] wv/t1b to change, exchange; upset, end, overturn, turn aside, avert; change for the worse, pervert; transgress; deprive; return

onwendedlic [] adj changeable

onwendednes [] f (-se/-sa) movement, change, a changing, alteration

onwendnes [] f (-se/-sa) movement, change, a changing, alteration

onweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onwierpþ past onwearp/onwurpon ptp onworpen to cast in one’s teeth, accuse; turn or throw aside; begin the web

onweorpnes [] f (-se/-sa) on-pouring

onwéstan see áwéstan

onwícan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onwícþ past onwác/onwicon ptp onwicen to yield, give way

onwille [] adj wished for, agreeable

onwindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onwindeþ past onwand/onwundon ptp onwunden to unwind, loosen; retreat

onwinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres onwinþ past onwann/onwunnon ptp onwunnen to attack, assail

onwist [] f (-e/-e) habitation

onwlite see andwlite

onworpennes [] f (-se/-sa) enticement, allurement, inspiration

onwrecan see áwrecan

onwréon [] sv/t1 3rd pres onwríehþ past onwráh/onwrigon ptp onwrigen, sv/t2 3rd pres onwríehþ past onwréah/onwrugon ptp onwrogen to uncover, unfold, display, explain, reveal

onwrignes [] f (-se/-sa) revelation, exposure, exposition

onwrigennes [] f (-se/-sa) revelation, exposure, exposition

onwrihnes [] f (-se/-sa) revelation, exposure, exposition

onwrítung [] f (-e/-a) inscription

onwrítung see onwríðung

onwríðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres onwríðeþ past onwráð/onwriðon ptp onwriðen to unbind, unwrap [= unwríðan]

onwríðod [] adj supported; past part of onwríðan

onwríðung [] f (-e/-a) ligament, bandage

onwunian [] wv/t2 to inhabit, remain

onwunung [] f (-e/-a) dwelling-place; assiduity

onwurpan see onweorpan

onwyllan [] wv/t1a to cause to boil, inflame

onwylwan [] wv/t1b to roll up, roll together

onýðan [] wv/t1b to pour in

onýwan [] wv/t1b to show, manifest; wv/r1b to appear

open [] adj open, exposed; evident, well-known, public, manifest, plain, clear; open to re-trial

openærs [] m (-es/-as) medlar

openere [] m (-es/-as) opener

openian1 [] wv/t2 to open, open up, disclose, declare, reveal, expound; wv/i2 ge~ to become manifest; ge~ to be open to, exposed to

openlic [] adj open, public; adv ~líce openly, manifestly, plainly, clearly, unreservedly

opennes [] f (-se/-sa) openness, publicity; manifestation

openung1 [] f (-e/-a) opening, disclosure, manifestation

oportanie see aprótane

ór2 [] n (-es/-) beginning, origin; front; [ord]

or- [] prefix out of, =L ex-; is privative, as in orsorg, orwéna; or denites origin, antiquity, as in oreald; [Ger ur-]

óra [] 1. m (-n/-n) border, bank, shore; 2. m (-n/-n) ore, unwrought metal; brass; 3. a coin of Danish origin

oraþ see oroð

orbléde [] adj bloodless [blód]

orc [] 1. m (-es/-as) pitcher, crock, cup; [Late L orca; L urceus]; 2. m (-es/-as) demon [L orcus]

orcéape [] adv gratis, without cause (1)

orcéapes [] adv gratis, without cause (2)

orcéapunga [] adv gratis, without cause (3)

orcéapungum [] adv gratis, without cause (4)

orcéasnes [] f (-se/-sa) immunity, purity

orcerd see ortgeard

orcerd see ortgeard

orcerdléh [] f (-e/-a) orchard [ortgeard, léah]

orcerdweard [] m (-es/-as) gardener

orcgeard see ortgeard

orcird see ortgeard

orcnǽwe [] adj evident, well-know

orcnéas [] m pl monsters [L Orcus]

orcþyrs [] m (-es/-as) monster of hell, Orcus

orcyrd see ortgeard

ord [] m (-es/-as) point, spear-point, spear; source, beginning; front, vanguard; chief; pl first men, the flower

ordǽle [] adj not participating, free from

ordál [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) ordeal [Ger urteil]

ordálísen [] n (-es/-) iron used in an ordeal

ordbana [] m (-n/-n) murderer

ordceard see ortgeard

ordél see ordál

ordfruma [] m (-n/-n) fount, source; author, creator, instigator; 2 chief, prince

ordfrymm [] adj original

ordstæpe [] m (-es/-as) spear-stab, wound

ordwyga [] m (-n/-n) warrior

óre see ísen~

oreald [] adj very old [Ger uralt]; cmp orieldra; spl orielest

óred- see óret-

orel [] n (orles/-) robe, garment, mantle, veil [L orarium]

oreldo see oreieldu

orene [] 1. adj excessive; harmful; 2. n (-es/-u) excess; injury? [orne]

orenlíce [] adv excessively

óret2 [] m (-es/-as) contest, battle

óret- see orret-, orrett-

óretfeld [] m (-a/-a) place of contest

óretla [] m (-n/-n) contumely, insult

óretlof [] n (-es/-u) triumph

óretmæcg2 [] m (-es/-as) champion, warrior

óretmæcga2 [] m (-n/-n) champion, warrior

óretstów [] f (-e/-a) wrestling place, place of contest

órett- see óret-

óretta2 [] m (-n/-n) champion, warrior, hero

oreþ see oroð

oreðian see orðian

orf [] n (-es/-) cattle, livestock

orfcwealm [] m (-es/-as) cattle-plague, murrain

orfcynn [] n (-es/-) cattle

orfeorme [] adj 2 destitute of, lacking; 2 empty, useless; squalid, filthy

orfeormnes [] f (-se/-sa) squalor, filthiness

orfgebitt [] n (-es/-) grazing

orfiermu [] f (-e/-a) squalor

orfyrme see orfeorme

orfyrmþ [] ? (-?/-?) refuse

organ [] m (-es/-as) canticle, song, voice

organa? [] m (-n/-n) musical instrument [L organum]

organe? [] f (-an/-an) musical instrument [L organum]

organdréam see orgeldréam

organe [] f (-an/-an) marjoram [origanum]

organestre [] f (-an/-an) player on an instrument

organian see orgnian

orgeate see orgyte

orgel [] ? (-?/-?) pride

orgeldréam [] m (-es/-as) sound of a musical instrument

orgellic [] adj ignominious; adv ~líce proudly, insolently, scornfully

orgello see orgel

orgelnes [] f (-se/-sa) pride

orgelword [] n (-es/-) arrogant speech

orgete see orgyte

orgilde [] adj not having discharged a payment (of ‘wergeld’)

orglíce see orgellíce

orgnian [] wv/t2 to sing to an instrumental accompaniment

orgol see orgel

orgyte [] adj well-known, manifest

orh- see org-

orhlættre see orleahtre

orhlýte [] adj without lot or share in, destitute of

oríege [] adj out of sight, not visible

orieldu [] f (-e/-a) great age [ieldo]

orl [] m see orel n

orlæg2 [] n (-es/-lagu) fate

orleahter [] m (-es/-as) that which separates or divides two things from each other; an intervening space, interval, distance, division, separation; In gen., a distinction, difference; With respect to disputed matters, which are to be distinguished between, and thus decided upon, the decisive point, turning-point, critical moment, determination, decision; a dangerous, decisive moment, crisis, dangerous condition; risk, danger, hazard [discrimen], lack of vice or defect; danger

orleahtre [] adj blameless

orleg see orlæg

orlegcéap [] m (-es/-as) battle-booty?

orlege [] 1. n (-es/-u) strife, war; 2. adj hostile

orlegfrom [] adj keen in battle

orleggífre [] adj fond of strife

orleghwíl2 [] f (-e/-a) war-time

orlegníð2 [] m (-es/-as) war, hostility

orlegsceaft [] f (-e/-a) In relig. lang., humiliation, a public prayer or supplication, an act of worship; Esp., a sacrificing, offering; out of the relig. sphere, an humble entreaty or petition, a supplication in gen.; To receive punishment; hence, punishment, penalty, torture, torment, pain, distress, suffering (class. and freq.; usu. of the penalty of death; syn. poena).;[supplicium?]

orlegstund [] f (-e/-a) time of adversity

orlegweorc [] n (-es/-) battle

ormǽte [] 1. adj boundless, huge, excessive, intense; 2. adv [metan]

ormǽtlic [] adj excessive; tremendous; adv ~líce

ormǽtnes [] f (-se/-sa) excess, immensity

orméte see ormǽte

ormette see ormǽte

ormód [] adj despondent, despairing, hopeless

ormódnes [] f (-se/-sa) desperation, despair

orn see arn past 3rd sing of iernan

orn- see oren-

ornest [] n (-es/-) trial by battle

oroþ [] n (-es/-) breath, breathing, snorting

orped [] adj adult, active; adv ~líce boldly; clearly, definitely

orrest [] f (-e/-a) battle, combat [ON orrusta]

orretscipe [] m (-es/-as) infamy

orrettan1 [] wv/t1a to put to confusion, disgrace

orsáwle [] adj lifeless, dead

orsceattinga [] adv gratuitously

orsorg [] adj w.g. unconcerned, without care or anxiety, safe [OHG ursorg]

orsorglic [] 1. adj w.g. secure; 2. adv ~líce carelessly, rashly; without anxiety or hindrance; securely, safely

orsorgnes [] f (-se/-sa) security, prosperity; carelessness

ortgeard [] m (-es/-as) garden, orchard

ortgeardléah [] m (-es/-as) orchard

ortgeardweard [] m (-es/-as) gardener

ortgeard- see orcerd-

ortréowe see ortríewe

ortréownes [] f (-se/-sa) diffidence, mistrust

ortríewan [] wv/t1b to despair (of); ge~ doubt, disbelieve

ortríewe [] adj despairing, hopeless; treacherous, faithless

ortrúwian [] wv/t2 w.g. to despair, doubt

ortrúwung [] f (-e/-a) despair

ortrýw- see ortríew-

ortýdre [] adj barren

orþ see oroð

orþanc [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) intelligence, understanding, mind; cleverness, skill; skillful work, mechanical art; [OHG urdank]; 2. adj ingenious, skillful

orþancbend [] f (-e/-a) cunning band

orþances [] adv thoughtlessly

orþanclic [] adj ingenious

orþancpíl [] m (-es/-as) ploughshare?

orþancscipe [] m (-es/-as) mechanical art

orþancum [] adv skillfully

orðian [] wv/t2 to breathe, gasp; long for, aspire to [oroð]

orþonc see orþanc

orðung [] f (-e/-a) breathing, breath; pore

oruþ see oroð

orwearde [] adv unguarded

orweg [] adj trackless?

orwegnes [] f (-se/-sa) inaccessibility

orwegstíg [] f (-e/-a) out-of-the-way track

orwéna [] indecl adj see orwéne

orwéne [] adj w.g. 1. not having ground for hope, without hope, hopeless, despairing, despairing of; 2. not giving ground for hope, desparate, despaired of;

orwénnes [] f (-se/-sa) despair, hopelessness

orwíge [] adj not fighting, unwarlike, cowardly; not liable to the legal consequences (of homicide)

orwíte see orwíge

orwurþ [] n (-es/-) ignominy

orwyrþ [] f (-e/-a) shame, dishonor

orwyrðu [] f (-e/-a) shame, dishonor

orwyrðlic [] adj shameful

ós [] m (-es/-as) a divinity, god; name of the rune for o

oser [] ? (-?/-?) a pliant twig, a switch, withe, osier [vimen], osier

ósle [] f (-an/-an) merle [merula], ouzel, blackbird

ósogen see ásogen past participle of ásúgan

óst [] m (-es/-as) protuberance, knot, lump

osterhláf [] m (-es/-as) oyster-patty

ostersciell [] f (-e-/-a) oyster-shell

Óst-Gótan [] m pl the Ostrogoths

óstig [] adj knotty, rough, scaly

óstiht [] adj knotty, rough, scaly

ostor- see oster-

ostre [] f (-an/-an) oyster [L ostrea]

Óstsǽ [] m (-s/-s) the Baltic with the Cattegat, the water east of Denmark and of the Scandinavian peninsula as that on the western coast is called Westsǽ;

ot [] 1. see æt; 2. see

oter see otor

oterhola [] m (-n/-n) otter’s hole

otor [] m (-es/-as) otter

otr [] m (-es/-as) otter

ottor [] m (-es/-as) otter

otsperning see ætspornung

oþ [] prep w.a., rarely w.d. 1.w.a. (1) local, marking a point reached, to, up to, as far as; fram éastdǽle oþ westdǽle from east quarter to west quarter; of a point reached in a discourse, narrative, etc.; from orde oþ ende; (1a) in phrases marking extent, degree, or measure; oþ mannes bréost up to a man’s chest; (1b) with another preposition; oþ tó stæðe lǽdan to lead up to shore; (2) temporal, until, to, unto; on þǽre hwíle óþ þæt up to the present time; (α) with a time word; oþ dómes dæg until judgment day; (β) with a pronoun; he wæs winnende oþ þe him se mǽsta dǽl wearþ underþéoded he was fighting until the most part was subjugated to him; (αβ) with a word and a pronoun; þu bist dumb oþ þone dæg oþ þæt hé þis biþ thou wilt be silent until the day to which he will be this; (γ) where date is fixed by an event; oþ hǽles cyme until a hero’s coming; (2a) with other prepositions; oþ in ældu unto in an age; ~ þissum up to now; (3) marking stage reached; nú hit is ágán oþ on þíne hand now it is gone up to thy hand; (4) marking limit of number, weight, etc.; Þéofas wé hátaþ oþ 7 menn, from 7 hlóþ oþ 35, siþþan here we call 7 men thieves, from 7 to 35 a troop, from 35 an army;

oþ [] conj until

oþ- [] prefix as prefix, usually denotes departure, separation, as in oþfeallan, oþwendan

oþberan2 [] sv/t4 3rd pres oþbirþ past oþbær/oþbǽron ptp oþboren to bear away, carry off; bring

oþberstan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oþbirsteþ past oþbærst/oþburston ptp oþborsten to break away, escape

oþbrédan see oþbregdan

oþbregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oþbrigdeþ past oþbrægd/oþbrugdon ptp oþbrogden to snatch away, carry off, rescue, remove, withdraw

oþclífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oþclífþ past oþcláf/oþclifon ptp oþclifen to cleave to, stick, adhere

oþcwelan [] sv/i4 3rd pres oþcwilþ past oþcwæl/oþcwǽlon ptp is oþcwolen to die

oþcierran [] wv/i1b to be perverted

oþdón [] irreg v/t to put out (eyes)

oþéawan see oþíewan

oþéhtian [] wv/t2 to drive away?, dispossess?

oðel see éðel

Óðen [] m (-es/-as) Odin (the Scandinavian form of the word which appears in Anglo-Saxon as Woden)

oþéowan see oþíewan

óðer [] 1. pron, noun, adj (always strong) one of two; second; other; something else, anything else; alternate, next; remaining, rest; further, existing besides; another; in pl the rest, the others; ~…óðer the one…the other; other…than; ~ oððe…oððe either…or; ~ healf one and a half; 2. see áhwǽðer; 3. comp adj óðerlícor otherwise; 4. ? (-?/-?) word, speech; [ON óðr]

óðergéara [] adv next year

óðerhwíle [] adv sometimes

óðerlucor see óðerlícor

oðéwan see oþíewan

oþfaran [] sv/t6 3rd pres oþfærþ past oþfór/on ptp oþfaren w.d. to flee from

oþfæstan2 [] wv/t1b to inflict upon; set to (a task), entrust, commit

oþfeallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oþfielþ past oþféoll/on ptp oþfeallen to fall off, decline, decay; fall away from, be lost to, be wanting, fail; cease to concern

oþféolan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oþfíelþ past oþfealh/oþfulgon ptp oþfolgen to cleave, adhere

oþfeorrian [] wv/t2 to take away

oþferian [] wv/t1a to take away, bear off; save (life)

oþfléogan [] sv/i2 3rd pres oþflíehþ past oþfléag/oþflugon ptp oþflogen to fly away

oþfléon [] sv/t2 3rd pres oþflíehþ past oþfléah/oþflugon ptp oþflogen w.d. to flee away, escape

oþflítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oþflíteþ past oþflát/oþfliton ptp oþfliten to gain by legal process

oþgán [] irreg v/i to go away, escape

oþglídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oþglídeþ past oþglád/oþglidon ptp oþgliden to glide away, escape

oþgrípan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oþgrípþ past oþgráp/oþgripon ptp oþgripen to rescue

oþhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oþhieldeþ past oþhéold/on ptp oþhealden to keep back

oþhebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres oþhefeþ past oþhóf/on ptp oþhafen to raise, exalt, lift up

oþhelde see oþhylde

oþhléapan [] sv/i7 3rd pres oþhlíepþ past oþhléop/on ptp is oþhléapen to escape

oþhrínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oþhrínþ past oþhrán/oþhrinon ptp oþhrinen to touch

oþhýdan [] wv/t1b to hide from

oþhylde [] adj contented

óðian see éðian

oþíecan [] wv/t1b to add to [éac]

oþiernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres oþiernþ past oþarn/oþurnon ptp is oþurnen to run away

oþíewan [] wv/t1b to show; show oneself, appear

oþíewodnes [] f (-se/-sa) manifestation

oþlǽdan [] wv/t1b to lead away, carry off, snatch from, withdraw

oþlengan [] wv/t1b to belong, pertain

oþrán see oþhrán past 3rd sing of oþhrínan

oþrídan [] sv/i1 3rd pres oþrídeþ past oþrád/oþridon ptp is oþriden to ride, proceed

oþrinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oþrinþ past oþrann/oþrunnon ptp oþrunnen to run off, escape

oþrówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres oþréwþ past oþréow/on ptp oþrówen to escape by rowing

oþsacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres oþsæcþ past oþsóc/on ptp oþsacen w.g. to deny abjure

oþscacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres oþscæcþ past oþscóc/on ptp oþscacen to escape

oþscéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres oþscíeteþ past oþscéat/oþscuton ptp oþscoten to escape, slip off, turn aside

oþscúfan [] sv/i2 3rd pres oþscýfþ past oþscéaf/oþscufon ptp oþscofen to move off

oþspernung [] f (-e/-a) stumbling-block

oþspurnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oþspyrnþ past oþspearn/oþspurnon ptp oþspornen to dash against

oþstandan [] sv/i6 3rd pres oþstendeþ past oþstód/on ptp is oþstanden to stand fixed, remain, cease; stand behind; sv/t6 perplex, hinder

oþstillan [] wv/t1a to stop

oþswerian [] sv/t6 3rd pres oþswereþ past oþswór/on ptp oþsworen to abjure, deny on oath

oþswígan [] sv/i1 3rd pres oþswígþ past oþswág/oþswigon ptp is oþswigen to become silent

oþswimman [] sv/i3 3rd pres oþswimþ past oþswamm/oþswummon ptp is oþswummen to escape by swimming

oþtéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres oþtíehþ past oþtéah/oþtugon ptp oþtogen to take away

oþþæt [] conj until [or 2 words]

oþþe [] conj or; and; ~…oþþe either…or; [=oþ ðe] until

oþþéodan [] wv/t1b to sever, dismember

oþþet see oþþæt

oþþicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres oþþigeþ past oþþeah/oþþǽgon ptp oþþegen to take away

oþþingian [] wv/t2 to obtain by unfair means, usurp

oþþo [] conj or [= oþþe] (1)

oþþon [] conj or [= oþþe] (2)

oþþringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oþþringeþ past oþþrang/oþþrungon ptp oþþrungen to deprive of; drive out

oþwendan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres oþwendeþ past oþwendede ptp oþwended to turn away, divert, deprive of

oþwindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres oþwindeþ past oþwand/oþwundon ptp oþwunden to escape, get away

oþwítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres oþwíteþ past oþwát/oþwiton ptp oþwiten to charge with, blame, reproach with, taunt

oþwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres oþwyrcþ past oþworhte ptp oþworht to harm

oþýwan see oþíewan

ówana see áhwonan

ówæstm [] m (-es/-as) shoot, branch, twig

óweb [] n (-es/-u) woof, weft

ówef [] n (-es/-u) woof, weft

ówér see áhwǽr

ówern see áhwǽr

ówiht see áwiht

ówisc [] f (-e/-a) edge

ówðer see áhwæðer

ówul see áwel

oxa [] m (-n/-n) ox; nom/acc pl also exen, œxen; dat pl oxnum, oxum

oxancealf [] n (-es/-ru) ox-calf

oxangang [] m (-es/-as) an eighth of a ‘plough-land,’ hide

oxanhyrde [] m (-es/-as) herdsman

oxanxlyppe [] f (-an/-an) oxlip

óxn [] f (-e/-a) armpit

oxnahyrde see oxanhyrde

oxnalybb [] n (-es/-) ox-heal (plant)

óxta see ócusta

oxum see oxa