[] 1. adv more, rather, longer, hereafter, further; þe ~ þe more than; 2. indecl. noun more; 3. adj more; 4. see man 1

mabuldor see mapuldor

maca see gemæcca

macalic [] adj convenient

macian [] wv/t2 to make, form, construct, do; prepare, arrange, cause; use; behave, fare; compare; transform; ~ úp to put up

mácræftig2 [] adj mighty

macung [] f (-e/-a) making, doing

mádm see máðm

máfealdra [] adj comparative of manigfeald

maffian [] wv/t2 to go astray, wax wanton

mag- see mæg-

maga [] 1. m (-n/-n) maw, stomach; 2. adj powerful, strong; able, competent, having means

mága [] 1. 2 m (-n/-n) son, descendant, young man, man; 2. gen pl of mǽg

magan [] modal aux v/t 3rd pres mæg past meaht/on ptp gemagen to be able + infin.; to have permission or power to, be allowed to, may + infin.; v/t to be strong, competent, avail, prevail; ~ wiþ (+ acc) avails against, cures; ~ wiþ (+ acc) to have influence with

mágas see mǽg

mágatoga? [] m (-n/-n) pedagogue

magaðe see mageðe

magaþiht [] adj strong of stomach

magdalatréow [] n (-treowes/-) almond-tree [L. amygdala]

mage f see maga

máge [] f (-an/-an) female relative

mágeéct [] adj augmented; ptp of íecan

mageðe [] f (-an/-an) chamomile, mayweed

magian [] wv/t2 to prevail; ge~ recover (health)

magister [] m (-es/-as) leader, chief, master, teacher [L: magister]

magisterdóm [] m (-es/-as) office of a master or teacher

mago see magu

magodryht [] f (-e/-e) band of warriors

magogeoguþ [] f (-e/-a) youth

magorǽdend [] m (-es/-) counselor of men

magorǽswa2 [] m (-n/-n) chief, prince

magorinc2 [] m (-es/-as) youth, man, warrior

magotimber2 [] n (-timbres/-) child, son; increase of family, progeny

magotúdor2 [] n (-túdres/-) descendant, offspring

magoþ see mageðe

magðe see mageðe

magoþegn2 [] m (-es/-as) vassal, retainer, warrior, man, servant, minister

magu2 [] m (-a/-a) male kinsman, son, descendant; young man, servant; man, warrior [also mago]

magudryht [] f (-e/-e) band of warriors

magugeoguþ [] f (-e/-a) youth

magurǽdend [] m (-es/-) counselor of men

magurǽswa2 [] m (-n/-n) chief, prince

magurinc2 [] m (-es/-as) youth, man, warrior

magutimber2 [] n (-timbres/-) child, son; increase of family, progeny

magutúdor2 [] n (-túdres/-) descendant, offspring

maguþegn2 [] m (-es/-as) vassal, retainer, warrior, man, servant, minister

mágwlite see mǽgwlite

máh1 [] adj bad, wanton, shameless, importunate

mahan see magon pres pl of magan

máhling [] m (-es/-as) parent, kinsman

maht see miht

Mailrosisc [] adj of Melrose

Máius [] m (-es/-as) May

mál [] 1. n (-es/-) suit, case, action, terms, agreement, covenanted pay; hé scylode 9 scypa of ~e he paid 9 ships out of commission; scylian tó ~e to pay off, discharge; 2. n (-es/-) spot, mark, blemish; 3. see mǽl n

mál- see mǽl-, see máhl-

malscrung [] f (-e/-a) enchantment, charm

málswyrd [] n (-es/-) sword with inlaid ornament [mǽl]

malt see mealt

malwe see mealwe

mamera [] m (-n/-n) lethargy, heavy sleep (2)

mamme [] f (-an/-an) teat [L mamma]

mamor [] m (-n/-n) lethargy, heavy sleep (1)

mamra [] m (-n/-n) lethargy, heavy sleep (3)

mamrian [] wv/t2 to think out, design

man [] 1. indef pron one, people, they; 2. see mann; 3. pres 3rd sing of munan

mán [] 1. n (-es/-) evil deed, crime, wickedness, guilt, sin; false oath; 2. adj bad, criminal, false

man- see mann-

manaþ pres 3rd sing of manian

mánáþ [] m (-es/-as) false oath, perjury

mánáþswaru [] f (-e/-a) perjury

mánbealu [] n (-wes/-) crime, cruelty

manbót [] f (-e/-a) fine paid to the lord of a man slain

mánbryne [] m (-es/-as) fatal, destructive fire

mancgere see mangere

mancian see be~

mancas [] m (-es/-as) a mancus, thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound (2)

mancos [] m (-es/-as) a mancus, thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound (3)

mancs [] m (-es/-as) a mancus, thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound (4)

mancus [] m (-es/-as) a mancus, thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound (1)

mancwealm [] m (-es/-as) mortality, pestilence, destruction

mancwealmnes [] f (-se/-sa) manslaughter

mancwyld [] f (-e/-a) mortality, pestilence

mancynn [] n (-es/-) mankind; inhabitants, people, men; bergu ~es God

mancyst [] f (-e/-e) human virtue

mand [] f (-e/-a) basket

mándǽd [] f (-e/-e) sin, crime

mándǽda [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer

mándǽde [] adj evil-doing, wicked

mándeorf [] adj laboring to do evil, wicked; bold in evil?

mandréam2 [] m (-es/-as) revelry, festivity

mándrinc [] m (-es/-as) poison

mandryhten2 [] m (-dryhtnes/-dryhtnas) lord, master

maneg see manig

manfaru [] f (-e/-a) host, troop

mánfǽhðu [] f (-e/-a) wickedness

mánfeld [] m (-a/-a) field of crime

mánfolm [] f (-e/-a) evil-doer, hand

mánfordǽdla [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer

mánforwyrht [] n (-es/-) evil deed, sin

mánfréa2 [] m (-n/-n) lord of evil

mánfremmende2 [] adj sinning, vicious

mánful [] adj wicked, evil, infamous, degraded; fearful, dire

mánfullic [] adj infamous, evil, sinful; adv ~líce

mánfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness

manfultum [] m (-es/-as) military force

mángenga [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer

mángeníðla [] m (-n/-n) evil persecutor

mangere [] m (-es/-as) trader, merchant, broker

mángewyrhta [] m (-n/-n) sinner

mangian1 [] wv/t2 to trade, traffic, act as a monger, gain by trading

mangung [] f (-e/-a) trade, traffic, business, commerce, dealing; also merchandise

mangunghús [] n (-es/-) house of merchandise, house for traffic

mánhús [] n (-es/-) home of wickedness, hell

manian1 [] wv/t2 1. to bring to mind what ought to be done, to urge upon one what ought to be done, to admonish, warn, exhort, instigate; 2. to bring to mind what should not be forgotten, to admonish, remind, suggest, prompt; ic manie éow þæt I remind you of that; 3. to tell what ought to be done, to teach, instruct, advise; 4. to claim, demand, ask of a person (acc.) what is due (gen.); hwone manaþ God máran gafoles þonne þone biscop? Of whom will God demand more tribute, than the biscop?; 5. ge~ to admonish, exhort, prompt, remind, remember; 6. ge~ to be restored to health?

mánídel [] adj vain and bad (words)

maniend [] m (-es/-) admonisher; collector; creditor

manif- see manigf-

manig [] adj (pl manega) many, many a, much

manigbrǽde [] adj relating to many things

manigean see manian

manigeo see menigu

manigfeald [] adj manifold, various, varied, complicated; numerous, abundant; plural; adv ~e

manigfealdan1 [] wv/t1b to multiply, abound, increase, extend; reward

manigfealdian1 [] wv/t2 to multiply, abound, increase, extend; reward

manigfealdlic [] adj manifold; adv ~líce in various ways; (gram.) in the plural number

manigfealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) multiplicity, abundance, complexity

manighéowlic [] adj multifarious

manighíwe [] adj multiform

manigsíðes [] adv many times, often

manigtéaw [] adj skillful, dexterous (1)

manigtéawnes [] f (-se/-sa) skill, dexterity [also mænitýw~]

manigtíwe [] adj skillful, dexterous (2)

manigtýwe [] adj skillful, dexterous (3)

manléas [] adj uninhabited

mánlic [] adj infamous, nefarious; adv ~líce falsely, wickedly

manlíca [] m (-n/-n) effigy, image, statue

manlíce [] adv manfully, nobly

manlufu [] f (-e/-a) love for men

manm- see mannm-

mann [] m (-es/menn) person (male or female); man; mankind; brave man, hero; vassal, servant; name of the rune for m; used indefinitely as ‘one’; ǽhte ~ a husbandman, farmer, plough-man; forworht ~ criminal

mann- see also man-

manna [] 1. m (-n/-n) man; 2. manna [listed as n]

mannbǽre [] adj producing men

mannéaca [] m (-n/-n) progeny

mannhata [] m (-n/-n) man-hater

mannian [] wv/t2 to man, garrison

mannmægen [] n (-es/-) troop, force, cohort

mannmenigu [] f (-e/-a) multitude

mannmyrring [] f (-e/-a) destruction of men

mannmyrðra [] m (-n/-n) destruction of men

mannselen [] f (-ne/-na) traffic in men, sale of men unlawfully as slaves

manrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) dependence, homage, service, tribute, due

manrím2 [] n (-es/-) number of men

mánsceatt [] m (-es/-as) usury

mánsceaða2 [] m (-n/-n) enemy, sinner

mánscild [] f (-e/-a) crime, fault, sin

manscipe [] m (-es/-as) humanity, courtesy

mánscyldig2 [] adj criminal, guilty

mansilen see mannsylen

manslæht see manslieht

manslaga [] m (-n/-n) man-slayer, murderer

mánslagu [] f (-e/-a) cruel blow

mansléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres mansliehþ past manslóg/on ptp manslagen to kill, murder [or 2 words?]

manslege [] m (-es/-as) manslaughter, homicide

manslieht [] m (-es/-as) manslaughter, murder

manslot [] n? (-es/-u) share in ownership of land?, measure of land? [ON mannshlutr]

mánsumian see á~

mánsumung see á~

mánswara [] m (-n/-n) perjurer

mánswaru [] f (-e/-a) perjury [swerian]

manswǽs [] adj meek

mánswerian [] sv/t6 3rd pres mánswereþ past mánswór/on ptp mánsworen to forswear, perjure oneself

mánswica [] m (-n/-n) deceiver, traitor

manselen [] f (-ne/-na) traffic in men, act of selling men as slaves [sellan]

manþéaw2 [] m (-es/-as) habit, custom (? sometimes mánþéaw sinful custom)

manþéof [] m (-es/-as) man-stealer

manþrymm [] m (-es/-as) troop of men

manþwǽre [] adj gentle, kind, humane, mild, meek [OHG mandwári]

manþwǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) gentleness, courtesy, weakness

manu [] f (-e/-a) mane

manung [] f (-e/-a) admonition; claim; place of toll; district for purposes of tribute or taxation; residents in a taxing district

mánwamm [] m (-es/-as) guilty stain

mánweorc [] 1. n (-es/-) crime, sin; 2. adj sinful

manwerod [] m (-es/-as) collection of men, troop, congregation, assembly

manweorþ [] n (-es/-) value or price of a man

manweorðung [] f (-e/-a) adoration of human beings

manwíse2 [] f (-an/-an) manner or custom of men

mánword [] n (-es/-) wicked word

mánwrǽce [] adj wicked

mánwyrhta2 [] m (-n/-n) evil-doer, sinner

mapulder [] m (mapuldres/mapuldras) maple tree

mapuldern [] f see mapulder

mapuldor [] f see mapulder

mapuldre [] f see mapulder

mapuldur [] f see mapulder

mapultréow [] m see mapulder

mára [] masc adj greater, more, stronger, mightier; fem, neut máre; cmp of micel; spl mǽst; adv in addition;

máran see mǽran

márbéam see mórbéam

marc [] n (-es/-) a denomination of weight (usu. half a pound), mark (money of account)

marcian see mearcian

mare [] f (-an/-an) nightmare, monster

máre see mára

márels see mǽrelsráp

marenis see mearuwnes

margen- see morgen-

market [] n (-es/-) market [L mercatum]; market rights

marma [] m (-n/-n) marble [L marmor]

marmanstán [] m (-es/-as) marble, piece of marble

marmstángedelf [] n (-es/-) quarrying of marble

marod see á~

martir [] m (-es/-as) martyr [L]

martirlogium [] m (-es/-as) martyrology

martr- see martyr-

martyr [] m (-es/-as) martyr [L]

martyrcynn [] n (-es/-) race of martyrs

martyrdóm [] m (-es/-as) martyrdom

martyrhád [] m (-a/-a) martyrdom

martyrracu [] f (-e/-a) martyrology

martyrung [] f (-e/-a) passion (of Christ)

masc see max

masc [] n (-es/-) mash

máse [] f (-an/-an) name of a small bird [Ger meise]

masian see á~

massere [] m (-es/-as) merchant; moneylender

mást see mǽst

Mathusal [] m (-es/-as) Methuselah

matt see meatte

matte see meatte

mattuc [] m (-es/-as) mattock; fork, trident

máþ past 3rd sing of míðan

maða [] m (-n/-n) maggot, worm, grub

maðal- see maðel-

maðelere [] m (-es/-as) speaker, haranguer

maðelian1 [] wv/t2 to harangue, make a speech, speak

maðelig [] adj talkative, noisy

maðelung [] f (-e/-a) loquacity

máðm see máðum

máðm- see also máþþum

máðmǽht2 [] f (-e/-e) valuable thing, treasure

máðmcist [] f (-e/-a) treasure-chest

máðmcleofa [] m (-n/-n) treasure-chamber

máðmgestréon [] n (-es/-) treasure

máðmhord [] n (-es/-) treasure-hord

máðmhús [] n (-es/-) treasure-house, treasury

máðmhyrde [] m (-es/-as) treasurer

maðolian see maðelian

máþþum see máðum, máðm

máþþumfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) precious vessel

máþþumgesteald [] n (-es/-) treasure

máþþumgifu [] f (-e/-a) gift of treasure

máþþumgiefa [] m (-n/-n) giver of treasure, prince, king

máþþumsele [] m (-es/-as) hall of treasure

máþþumsigle [] n (-es/-u) costly ornament

máþþumsweord [] n (-es/-) costly sword

máþþumwela [] m (-n/-n) valuables

maðu [] f see maða

máðum [] m (máðmes/máðmas) treasure, object of value, jewel, ornament, gift

máðum- see máðm-, máþþum-

máwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres mǽwþ past mów/on ptp gemáwen to mow

máwpul see mǽwpul

max [] n (-es/-u) net

máxwyrt [] f (-e/-e) mash-wort (malt soaked in boiling water)


mæc1 [] adj well-suited, companionable; similar, equal

mæcan see mecgan, mengan

mǽcefisc see mécefisc

mæcg2 [] m (-es/-as) man, disciple; son

mæcga [] m (-n/-n) man

mæcian see mecgan, mengan

mǽd [] f (-we/-wa) mead, meadow, pasture [dat sing also méda; pl also ~a, ~e]

mǽdæcer [] m (-es/-as) a meadow

mǽddíc [] f (-e/-a) a dike in a meadow

mæddre [] f (-an/-an) madder

mǽden see mægden

mǽdencild [] n (-es/-ru) female child, girl

mǽdenhéap [] m (-es/-as) band of virgins

mǽdenlic [] adj maidenly, virgin

mædere see mæddre

mæderecíþ [] m (-es/-as) sprig of madder

mǽdlacu [] f (-e/-a) meadow-stream

mǽdland [] n (-es/-) meadow-land

mǽdmann [] m (-es/-menn) mower

mǽdmǽwect [] ? (-?/-?) mowing of a meadow

Mǽdmónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) July

mǽdrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) mowing, tact of mown grass

mǽdsplott [] m (-es/-as) plot of meadow-land

mǽdwa [] m see mǽd

mǽdwe [] f see mǽd

mǽdweland see mǽdland

mæg [] 1. pres 3rd sing of magan; 2. see mægen

mǽg [] 1. m (-es/-mágas) male kinsman, parent, son, brother, nephew, cousin; compatriot; 2. 2 f (-e/-a) female relation, wife, woman, maiden

mǽgbana [] m (-n/-n) destroyer of kinsfolk

mǽgbót [] f (-e/-a) compensation paid to the relatives of a murdered man

mǽgburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) family, tribe, race, people, nation; genealogy; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

mǽgcild [] n (-es/-ru) young kinsman

mǽgcnafa [] m (-n/-n) youthful kinsman

mǽgcúþ [] adj related

mǽgcwealm [] m (-es/-as) murder of a relation

mægden [] n (mægdnes, -nes/-u, -nu) maiden, virgin; girl; maid, servant

mægden- see also mǽden-

mægdenǽw [] f (-e/-a) marriage with a virgin

mægdeneorðe [] f (-an/-an) virgin soil

mægdenhád [] m (-a/-a) maidenhood

mægdenmann [] m (-es/-menn) maid, virgin

mǽge see máge

mægen [] 1. n (-es/-) bodily strength, might, main, force, power, vigor, valor; virtue, efficacy, efficiency; good deed; picked men of a nation, host, troop, army; miracle [magan]; 2. subj pl of magan

mægenágende [] adj mighty

mægenbyrðen2 [] f (-ne/-na) huge burden

mægencorðor [] n (-corðres/-as) strong troop

mægencræft2 [] m (-es/-as) main force, great strength, might

mægencyning2 [] m (-es/-as) mighty king

mægendǽd [] f (-e/-e) mighty deed

mægenéaca [] m (-n/-n) succor

mægenéacen2 [] adj mighty, vigorous

mægenearfeðe2 [] n (-es/-u) great misery or trial

mægenellen [] n (-es/-) mighty valor

mægenfæst [] adj vigorous, strong, steadfast

mægenfolc [] n (-es/-) mighty company

mægenfultum [] m (-es/-as) mighty help

mægenhéap [] m (-es/-as) powerful band

mægenheard [] adj very strong

mægenian [] wv/t2 to gain strength; ge~ establish, confirm

mægenig [] adj strong

mægenléas [] adj powerless, feeble, helpless; adv ~líce

mægenléast [] f (-e/-a) weakness, feebleness; inability

mægenrǽs [] m (-es/-as) mighty onslaught

mægenróf2 [] adj powerful

mægenscipe [] m (-es/-as) might, power

mægensibb [] f (-e/-a) great love

mægenspéd2 [] f (-e/-e) power, virtue

mægenstán [] m (-es/-as) huge stone

mægenstrang2 [] adj of great virtue or strength; cmp ~strengra; spl ~strengest

mægenstrengðu [] f (-a/-a) great might

mægenstrengu [] f (-e/-a) great might

mægenþegen [] m (-es/-as) mighty minister

mægenþise [] f (-an/-an) violence, force

mægenþréat2 [] m (-es/-as) mighty host

mægenþrymm [] m (-es/-as) power, might, majesty, greatness, glory; virtue; heavenly host; 2 Christ; 2 heaven

mægenþrymnes [] f (-se/-sa) great glory, majesty

mægenweorc2 [] n (-es/-) mighty work

mægenwísa [] m (-n/-n) general

mægenwudu [] m (-a/-a) strong spear

mægenwundor [] n (-wundres/-) striking wonder

mæger [] adj meager, lean

mægerian [] wv/t2 to macerate, make lean [Ger magern]

mǽggemót [] n (-es/-) meeting of kinsmen

mǽggewrit [] n (-es/-u, -gewreotu) genealogy, pedigree

mǽggieldan? [] sv/t3 3rd pres mǽggieldeþ past mǽggeald/mǽgguldon ptp mæggolden to contribute towards the fine for manslaughter by a kinsman

mǽghǽmed [] n (-es/-) incest

mǽghand [] f (-a/-a) natural heir, relative

mægister see magister

mǽglagu [] f (-e/-a) law as to relatives

mǽgléas [] adj without relatives

mǽgléast see mægenléast

mǽglic [] adj belonging to a kinsman

mǽglufu [] f (-e/-a) love

mǽgmorðor [] n (-es/-) murder of a relative

mǽgmyrðra [] m (-n/-n) murderer of a relative, parricide

mægn see mægen

mægnan see mengan

mægon see magon pres pl of magan

mǽgracu [] f (-e/-a) generation, genealogy

mǽgrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) relationship

mǽgrǽs [] m (-es/-as) attack on relatives

mǽgscír [] f (-e/-a) division of a people containing the kinsmen of a particular family

mǽgsibb [] f (-e/-a) relationship; affection of relatives

mǽgsibbung [] f (-e/-a) reconciliation, peace-making

mǽgsiblic [] adj related

mǽgslaga [] m (-n/-n) slayer of a relative, parricide, fratricide

mǽgslieht [] m (-es/-as) murder of a relative

mægster see magister

mægþ2 [] f (-/-) maiden, virgin, girl, woman, wife [Goth magaðs]; gen pl ~a; dat pl ~um

mǽgþ1 [] 1. f (-e/-a) family group, clan, tribe, generation, stock, race, people; province, country; 2. longing, ambition; greed

mægða [] m (-n/-n) mayweed

mægþblǽd [] n (-es/-) glory of virginity [pudendum muliebre]

mægþbót [] f (-e/-a) fine for assault on an unmarried woman?

mǽgþegesa? [] m (-n/-n) viking

mægþhád [] m (-a/-a) virginity, chastity, purity; band of young persons; relationship

mægþhádlic [] adj maidenly

mægþlagu see mæglagu

mǽgþléas [] adj not of noble birth

mægþmann [] m (-es/-menn) maiden, virgin

mǽgþmorðor [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) murder of kin

mǽgþmyrðra [] m (-n/-n) murderer of kin

mǽgþrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) friendship, relationship

mǽgþsibb [] f (-e/-a) kindred

mǽgþwine2 [] m (-es/-as) friendly relative, clansman

mǽgþwlite [] m (-es/-as) aspect, species, form

mǽgþwlitian [] wv/t2 to fashion

mǽgþwlitlíce [] adv figuratively

mæht see meaht, miht

mǽhþ see mǽgþ 2

mǽl [] 1. n (-es/-) mark, sign, ornament; cross, crucifix; armor, harness, sword; measure; 2 time, point of time, occasion, season; time for eating, meal, meals; 2. f (-e/-a) 2 talk, conversation; contest, battle; [mæðel]; 3. see mál

mǽlan12 [] wv/t1b to speak, talk; [mæðlan]

mǽlcearu [] f (-e/-a) trouble of the time

mæld- see meld-

mǽldæg2 [] m (-es/-dagas) appointed time, day

mǽldropa [] m (-n/-n) phlegm, saliva, mucus

mǽldropiende [] adj running with mucus

mǽle [] 1. m (-es/-as) cup, bowl, bucket; 2. adj marked

mǽlgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) fate

mǽlsceafa [] m (-n/-n) canker, caterpillar

mæltan see meltan

mǽltang [] m (-es/-as) pair of compasses

mǽltange [] f (-an/-an) pair of compasses

mǽltíd [] f (-e/-e) meal-time

mǽltíma [] m (-n/-n) meal-time

mæn see menn, nom/acc pl of man

mæn- see man-, men-

mǽnan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to mean, signify, intend; consider; 2. to tell; mention, relate, declare, communicate to, speak of; speak (a language); 3. to complain of, lament, bewail, sorrow, grieve

mǽne [] 1. adj (1, usu ge~) common, public, general, universal; owned in common; catholic; lower (clergy); mutual; habban ge~ to have or hold in common; 2. ge~ n (-es/-u) fellowship, intercourse; 3. adj false, mean, wicked; [mán]; 4. ge~ adj subdued, overpowered

mǽnelic1 [] adj common, ordinary; mutual; public, general, universal; adv ~líce

mænibrǽde [] adj relating to many things

mænihíwe [] adj multiform

mǽnlic see mǽnelic

mǽnsumian1 [] wv/t2 to impart; partake of, participate in, have fellowship with; live with, marry; communicate; administer Eucharist

mǽnsumung [] f (-e/-a) fellowship, participation; ge~ administration of the Eucharist

mænu see menigu

mǽrác [] f (-ǽc/-ǽc) boundary-oak

mǽran [] wv/t1b 1. 1 to declare, proclaim, celebrate, glorify, honor; 2. ge~ to determine, fix limits

mǽrapeldre [] f (-an/-an) apple-tree on a boundary

mǽrbróc [] m (-es/-as) boundary-brook

mærc [] 1. see mearc; 2. see mearg

mǽrcnoll [] n (-es/-) boundary-knoll

mǽrcumb [] m (-es/-as) border valley

mǽrdíc [] f (-e/-a) boundary-dike

mǽre [] 1. adj famous, great, excellent, sublime, splendid; 2. adj pure, sterling (of money); 2. 1 n (-es/-u) boundary, border; balk of a plough-land; end; 4. n (-es/-u) declaration

mære [] 1. see mare; 2. see mere 1

mǽrehwít [] adj pure white, sterling (of silver)

mǽrelsráp [] m (-es/-as) ship’s rope, cable

mæretorht see meretorht

mǽrflóde [] f (-an/-an) border channel

mǽrford [] m (-a/-a) border ford

mǽrfurh [] f (-fyrh/-fyrh) border furrow [dat ~fyrh, gen ~fúre; gen pl fúra]

mǽrgeard [] m (-es/-as) border fence

mærgen see morgen

mærh see mearg

mærh- see mearh-

mǽrhege [] m (-es/-as) boundary-hedge

mǽrhlinc [] m (-es/-as) border ridge

mǽrhlísa [] m (-n/-n) notoriety

mǽrian [] wv/t2 to be distinguished

mæringcwudu [] n (-wes/-) mastic of sweet basil?

mǽrlic [] adj great, splendid, glorious, famous; adv ~líce

mǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) greatness, honor, fame

mǽrpól [] m (-es/-as) boundary-pool

mǽrpúl [] m (-es/-as) boundary-pool

mǽrpytt [] m (-es/-as) pit on a boundary

mærsc see mersc

mǽrsere [] m (-es/-as) herald

mǽrsian1 [] wv/t2 1. to make or become famous, proclaim, declare, announce; celebrate; glorify, honor, exalt, praise; spread (fame); enlarge; 2. to mark out, bound, limit

mǽrsíc [] n (-es/-) border rivulet

mǽrstán [] m (-es/-as) boundary-stone

mǽrsung [] f (-e/-a) fame, report, renown; celebration, festival; exalting, magnifying; 1 magnificence, celebrity

mǽrsungtíma [] m (-n/-n) time of glorifying

mærþ see mearþ

mǽrþ [] f (-e/-a) glory, fame; famous exploit

mǽrþorn1 [] m (-es/-as) boundary-hawthorn

mǽrþyrne1 [] f (-an/-an) boundary-hawthorn

mǽrðu see mǽrþ

mæru see mearu

mærw- see mearu-

mǽrweg1 [] m (-es/-as) boundary-road

mǽrweorc [] n (-es/-) noble work

mæscre [] f (-an/-an) mesh

mæsen [] adj brazen; of maple

mæslere [] m (-es/-as) sacristan

mæsling see mæstling

mæslen see mæstling

mæssanhacele see mæssehacele

mæsse [] f (-an/-an) mass, Eucharist, celebration of Eucharist; special mass-day, festival of the church [L missa]

mæsseǽfen [] m (-ǽfnes/-ǽfnas) eve of a festival

mæssebóc [] f (-béc/-béc) mass-book, missal

mæssecapitol [] m (-es/-as) chapter of the mass

mæssecréda [] m (-n/-n) creed said at mass, Nicene creed

mæssedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) mass-day, festival

mæssegierela [] m (-n/-n) mass-vestment, surplice

mæssehacele [] f (-an/-an) mass-vestment, cope, chasuble

mæssehrægl [] n (-es/-) vestment, surplice

mæsselác [] n (-es/-) mass offering, host

mæsseniht [] f (-e/-) eve of a festival; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

mæssepréost [] m (-es/-as) mass-priest, clergyman, high-priest

mæssepréosthád [] m (-a/-a) office or orders of a mass-priest

mæssepréostscír [] f (-e/-a) district for which a mass-priest officiated

mæsserbana [] m (-n/-n) murderer of a priest

mæssere [] m (-es/-as) priest who celebrates mass

mæsseréaf [] n (-es/-) mass-vestments

mæssesang [] m (-es/-as) office of mass

mæssesteall [] m (-es/-as) seat in a church choir, place from which the priest said mass?

mæssetíd [] f (-e/-e) time of saying mass

mæsseþegn [] m (-es/-as) mass-priest

mæsseþénung [] f (-e/-a) service of the mass, celebration of mass

mæsseúhta [] m (-n/-n) hour, or service, of matins on feast-day

mæssewín [] n (-es/-) wine used at mass

mæssian1 [] wv/t2 to celebrate mass; ge~ to attend mass

mæssung [] f (-e/-a) office of mass

mæst [] 1. m (-es/-as) (ship’s) mast; 2. m (-es/-as) mast, food of swine, acorns, beech-nuts

mǽst [] 1. adj most; spl of micel; 2. adv mostly, for the most part, in the greatest degree, chiefly, especially, very much; eal ~, ~ eal almost, nearly; ~ ǽlc nearly every one; 3. n (-es/-) most

mæstan1 [] wv/t1b to feed with mast, fatten; anoint

mæstcyst [] f (-e/-e) mast-socket

mæstelberg [] m (-es/-as) fattened hog [bearg]

mæsten [] n (mæstnes/-) mast, pasture for swine

mæstenrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) right of feeding swine in mast-pastures

mæstentréow [] n (-es/-) tree yielding mast

mæstland [] n (-es/-) land yielding mast

mǽstlícost [] spl adv particularly

mæstling [] 1. m (-es/-as) brass; brazen vessel; [listed as n]; 2. fatling

mæstlingsmiþ [] m (-es/-as) brass-worker

mæstlón [] noun pl pulleys at the top of a mast

mæstrǽden see mæstenrǽden

mæstráp [] m (-es/-as) mast-rope

mæsttwist [] m (-es/-as) rope supporting a mast

mæt [] 1. past 3rd sing of metan; 2. see mete m

mǽte [] adj mean, moderate, poor, inferior, small, bad; adv ~

mætfæst- see metfæst-

mǽting [] f (-e/-a) dream

mǽton past pl of metan

mǽþ [] 1. f (-e/-a) measure, degree, proportion, rate; honor, respect, reverence; what is meet, right, fitness, ability, virtue, goodness; lot, state, rank; 2. n (-es/maðu) cutting of grass

mǽþ- see mǽgþ-

Mǽðas [] m pl the Medes; also Mǽðe, Méðas, Médas

mǽðegian1 [] wv/t2 to honor, respect, spare

mæðel [] n (-es/-) council, meeting, popular assembly; 2 speech, interview

mæðelcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) discourse

mæðelern [] n (-es/-) council-house, praetorium

mæðelfriþ [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) security (friþ) enjoyed by public assemblies

mæðelhégende2 [] adj holding conclave, deliberating

mæðelhergende2 [] adj holding conclave, deliberating

mæðelstede [] m (-es/-as) place of assembly; battlefield

mæðelword [] n (-es/-) address, speech

mǽðere [] m (-es/-as) mower

mǽþful [] adj humane

Mǽþhild [] f (-e/-a) Matilda, a woman’s name

mǽðian see mǽðegian

Mǽðisc [] adj of the Medes; also Méðisc

mæðl see mæðel

mǽþléas [] adj rapacious

mǽþlic [] adj moderate, proportioned, befitting; adv ~líce humanely, courteously

mǽþméd [] f (-e/-a) pay for homemaking

mǽðre [] m (-es/-as) mower

mǽðre see mǽðere

mǽðrian1 [] wv/t2 to honor

mǽðung [] f (-e/-a) measuring, adjudication

mǽw [] m (-es/-as) mew, sea-gull

mǽwpul [] m (-es/-as) seagulls’ pool

me [] 1. pron me; dative of ic; 2. see menn

meagol [] adj mighty, strong, firm, emphatic, impressive [magan]

meagollíce [] adv earnestly

meagolmód [] adj earnest, strenuous

meagolmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) earnestness

meagolnes [] f (-se/-sa) earnestness, strength of will

meaht [] 1. see miht; 2. present 2nd person singular of magan

meahte [] past 3rd person singular of magan

mealc past tense of melcan

mealclíðe see meolclíðe

mealehús see meluhús

mealewe see mealwe

mealm see mealmstán

meallian see ámeallian

mealmeht [] adj sandy?, chalky? [malm]

mealmstán [] m (-es/-as) soft stone, sandstone, limestone? [malm]

mealt [] 1. n (-es/-) steeped grain, malt; 2. adj sour; 3. past of meltan

mealtealoþ [] n (-es/-) malt-ale

mealtgescot [] n (-es/-u) payment in malt

mealthús [] n (-es/-) malt-house

mealtwyrt [] f (-e/-e) malt-wort

mealu see melu

mealwe [] f (-an/-an) mallow [L: malva]

mear see mearh

mearc [] f (-e/-a) 1 mark, sign, line of division; standard; 1 boundary, limit, term, border; defined area, district, province; tó þæs ge~es þe in the direction that

mearca [] m (-n/-n) space marked out

mearcdíc [] f (-e/-a) boundary-ditch

mearcere [] m (-es/-as) writer, notary

mearcford [] m (-a/-a) boundary-ford

mearcgemot [] n (-es/-u) court for settling boundaries of properties?

mearcgrǽfa [] m (-n/-n) boundary-thicket

mearchlinc [] m (-es/-as) boundary-ridge

mearchof [] n (-es/-u) dwelling

mearcian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres mearcaþ past mearcode ptp gemearcod to mark, stain, brand, seal; mark a boundary, measure, define, describe, designate; mark out, design; create; note, observe; gemearcod baptized

mearcísern [] n (-es/-) branding iron

mearcísen [] n (-ísnes/-) branding iron

mearcland [] n (-es/-) border-land, march, moor; 2 province, country, district; sea-coast

mearcpæþ2 [] m (-es/-paðas) road, path

mearcstapa2 [] m (-n/-n) march-hunter

mearcstede [] m (-es/-as) border-land, desolate district

mearcþréat [] m (-es/-as) army, troop

mearcung [] f (-e/-a) marking, branding; mark, characteristic; 1 description, arrangement; constellation; title, chapter

mearcweard [] m (-es/-as) wolf

mearcweg [] m (-es/-as) border-road

mearcwill [] m (-es/-as) boundary-spring

meard [] 1. see meord, méd; 2. see mearþ

méares [] see mearh 1.

mearg [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) 1. marrow, pith; 2. sausage (see mærg); 3. see mearh 1.

méargealla [] m (-es/-as) gentian [mearh]

mearglic [] adj marrowy, fat

mearh [] 1. 2 m (méares/méaras) horse, steed; 2. see mearg

mearhæccel [] n (-hæccles/-) sausage-meat

mearhcofa [] m (-n/-n) bone

mearhgehæc [] n (-es/-gehacu) sausage-meat

mearmstán see marmanstán

mearn [] past 3rd singular of murnan

mearrian [] wv/t2 to err

mearþ [] m (-es/-as) marten

mearu [] adj (mearw- in other cases) tender, soft; callow; delicate; frail

mearulic [] adj frivolous, delicate, luxurious; adv ~líce

mearuwnes [] f (-se/-sa) tenderness, frailty

méast see mǽst

meatte [] f (-an/-an) mat, mattress [L]

méaw see mǽw

mec [] 1. pron me; 2. accusative singular of ic

méce [] m (-es/-as) sword, blade [Goth mékeis]

mécefisc [] m (-es/-as) mullet

mecg see mæcg

mecgan [] wv/t1b to mix, stir

mech see mec

mechanisc [] adj mechanical [L]

méd [] 1. f (-e/-a) meed, reward, pay, price, compensation, bribe; gen médes; 2. see mǽd

med- [] prefix in compounds, principally indicates mediocrity, but often comes to have a distinct negative value; see medtrum, medwís, etc. [midde]

méda see mǽd

médan see on~

medder see mér

médder- see médr-

méddr- see médr-

meddrosna [] f pl dregs of mead

medel see mæðel

medema [] m (-n/-n) treadle

medeme [] adj middling, average, mean, little; sufficient, considerable, respectable, proper, fit, worthy, trustworthy, perfect

medemian1 [] wv/t2 to mete out, allot, assign, place; moderate; ge~ humble; respect, honor; ge~ condescend; ge~ advance, promote, deem worthy

medemlic [] adj moderate, mediocre; intermediate; simple; worthy; adv ~líce slightly, moderately, incompletely; suitably, worthily, kindly

medemlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) mediocrity

medemmicel see medmicel

medemnes [] f (-se/-sa) dignity, worth; benignity, condescension

medemung [] f (-e/-a) measuring, measure

méden see mægden

méder dat sing and late WS gen sing of módor

méderce see mýderce

medere see mæddre

méderen see médren

médern see médren

méderwyrhta see méterwyrhta

medewyrt see meduwyrt

médgilda [] m (-n/-n) pensioner, hireling

median [] wv/t2 to reward

médl- see mǽðl-

médla see an~, ofer~

medlen see midlen

medm- see medem-

medmicel [] 1. adj moderate-sized, short, small, limited, unimportant, slight, mean, poor; 2. n (-micles/-) a little

medmicelnes [] f (-se/-sa) smallness (of mind)

medmicle [] adv humbly, meanly, slightly; cmp medmáre; spl medmǽste

medo see medu

medom- see medem-

médren [] 1. adj maternal, of a mother; 2. n (-es/-u) the mother’s side (by descent)

médrencynn [] n (-es/-) mother’s kindred

médrengecynd [] n (-es/-) mother’s nature

médrenmǽg [] m (-es/-mágas) maternal kinsman

médrenmǽgþ [] f (-e/-a) maternal kindred

medríce [] adj of low rank

médsceatt [] m (-es/-as) payment, fee, reward, bribe, gift

medsélþ [] f (-e/-a) ill-fortune

medspédig [] adj poor

medstrang [] adj of middle rank; cmp medstrengra; spl medstrengest

medtrum [] adj weak, infirm, sickly, ill; of lower rank [compare medmicel]

medtrumnes [] f (-se/-sa) weakness, infirmity, sickness, illness, disease

medu [] m (-a/-a) mead (drink)

meduærn [] n (-es/-) mead-hall, banqueting-house

medubenc2 [] f (-e/-a) bench in a mead-hall

meduburg2 [] f (-byrg/-byrg) mead-city, rejoicing-city; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

medudréam2 [] m (-es/-as) mead-joy, jollity

medudrenc [] m (-es/-as) mead

medudrinc [] m (-es/-as) mead-drinking

meduful2 [] n (-es/-u) mead-cup

medugál2 [] adj mead-excited, drunk

meduheall2 [] f (-e/-a) mead-hall

medum- see medem-

medurǽdan [] f (-ne/-na) strong drink?, dealing out of mead?

meduscenc [] m (-es/-as) mead-cup

meduscerwen [] f (-ne/-na) deprival of (mead-) joy, distress, mortal panic?

meduseld [] n (-es/-) mead-hall

medusetl [] n (-es/-) mead-seat

medustíg [] f (-e/-a) path to the mead-hall

meduwérig2 [] adj overpowered with mead, drunk

meduwang [] m (-es/-as) field (where the mead-hall stood)

meduwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) brewer [or =médwyrhta]

meduwyrt [] f (-e/-e) meadow-sweet; rubia, madder

medwís [] adj dull, stupid, foolish; [compare medmicel]

médwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) a hireling

meg see mæg

még [] 1. see mǽw; 2. see mǽg

még- see mǽg-

megol see meago

meh see mec, me, acc, dat sing of ic

meht see meaht, miht

méi see mǽg

méig see mǽg

meige see mæge pres 3rd subj of magan

meiþhád see mægþhád

mél see mǽl n

mela see melu

melcan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres milcþ past mealc/mulcon ptp gemolcen to milk

melcingfæt see meolcfæt

meld [] f (-e/-a) proclamation

melda [] m (-n/-n) reporter, informer, betrayer

meldan see meldian

melde [] f (-an/-an) orache (plant)

meldfeoh [] n (-féos/-) informer’s reward

meldian1 [] wv/t2 to announce, declare, tell, proclaim, reveal; inform against, accuse

meldung [] f (-e/-a) betrayal

méle see mǽle

meledéaw [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) honeydew, nectar [mild-]

melewes see melwes genitive singular of melu

melle see ǽ~

melnes see ǽ~

melo see melu

melsc see milisc

meltan1 [] 1. sv/t3 3rd pres milteþ past mealt/multon ptp gemolten to consume by fire, melt, burn up; dissolve, digest; 2. see mieltan

meltestre see myltestre

meltung [] f (-e/-a) digestion

melu [] n (-wes/-) meal, flour

melugescot [] n (-es/-u) payment in meal

meluhúdern [] n (-es/-) meal-house

meluhús [] n (-es/-) meal-house

meluw see melu

Memfitisc [] adj of Memphis

men nom/acc pl of mann

ménan see mǽnan

mend- see mynd-

mene [] m (-es/-as) necklace, collar, ornament, jewel

menegian see myndgian

menego see menigu

menen see mennen

menescilling [] m (-es/-as) moon-shaped ornament, coin worn as ornament

mengan1 [] wv/t1b, wv/i1b to mix, combine, unite; 1 associate with, consort, cohabit with; disturb; 2 converse

mengeo see menigu

mengo see menigu

mengu see menigu

mengung [] f (-e/-a) mixture, composition; fellowship; ge~ confusion

meni see manig [late WS]

menian see mynian

menig see manig [late WS]

ménig see mægenig

menigdu [] f (-e/-a) band of people

menigu [] f (-e/-a) company, multitude, host [manig]; usu indeclined in sing

menio see menigu

meniu see menigu

menisc see mennisc

menn nom/acc pl of mann

mennen [] n (-nes/-nu), f (-ne/-na) handmaiden, slave

mennenu [] n (-wes/-), f (-e/-a) handmaiden, slave

mennesc see mennisc

mennisc [] 1. adj human, natural; 2. n (-es/-) mankind, folk, race, people

mennisclic [] adj human; humane; adv ~líce

mennisclicnes [] f (-se/-sa) state of man, human nature, incarnation; humaneness, humanity

menniscnes [] f (-se/-sa) state of man, human nature, incarnation; humaneness, humanity

menniscu [] f (-e/-a) humanity, human state

mentel [] m (mentles/mentlas) mantle, cloak [L mantellum]

mentelpréon [] m (-es/-as) mantle-pin, brooch

menung see mynung, mynegung

méo [] m? (-n/-n), f? (-n/-n) shoe-sole, sock?, sandal?

meocs see meox

meodo see medu

meodom- see medem-

meodoma see medema

méodren see médren

meodu [] m (-a/-a) mead (drink)

meodu see medu

meodum- see medem-

meolc [] 1. adj giving milk, milch; 2. f (mielc/mielc) milk; [gen sing mielc, meolce; dat sing mielc; nom/acc pl mielc; gen pl meolca; dat pl meolcum]

meolcdéond [] m (-es/-) suckling

meolcen [] adj of milk

meolcfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) milk-pail

meolchwít [] adj milk-white

meolcian [] wv/t2 to milk; 1 give milk, suckle

meolclíðe [] adj soft as milk

meolcsúcend [] m (-es/-) suckling

meolctéond [] m (-es/-) suckling

meolo see melu

meoluc see meolc

méon see méo

meord [] f (-e/-a) reward, pay; [Goth mizdó]

meorung [] f (-e/-a) hindrance?; danger?

meorþ see meord

méos [] 1. m (-es/-as) moss; 2. adj mossy

méose see mése

meotod see metod

meotud see metod

meottoc see mattuc

meotud- see metod-

meoðon see miðon past pl of míðan

méowle2 [] f (-an/-an) maiden, virgin; woman [Goth mawiló]

meox [] n (-es/-) filth, dirt, dung

meoxbearwe [] f  (-an/-an) dung-barrow

meoxen see mixen

meoxforce [] f (-an/-an) dung-fork

meoxscofl [] f (-e/-a) dung-shovel

meoxwilie [] f (-an/-an) dung-basket

mér- see mǽr-

mera [] m (-n/-n) incubus

merc see mearc

merce see merece

mercels see mircels

Mercisc see Miercisc

mercong see mearcung

mere [] 1. m (-es/-as) 1 sea, ocean; lake, pond, pool, cistern; 2. see mare; 3. see miere

mére see mǽre 1

merebát [] m (-es/-as) sea-boat, vessel

merecandel [] f (-le/-la) sun; [syncopates?]

merece [] m (-es/-as) smallage, wild celery

mereciest [] f (-e/-a) sea-chest, ark

meredéaþ2 [] m (-es/-as) death at sea

meredéor [] n (-es/-) sea-animal

merefara [] m (-n/-n) sailor

merefaroþ2 [] m (-es/-as) surging of the waves

merefisc [] m (-es/-as) sea-fish

mereflód2 [] m (-es/-as) sea, body of water, deluge

meregrot [] n (-es/-u) pearl

meregrota [] m (-n/-n) pearl

meregrund2 [] m (-es/-as) lake-bottom, depths of the sea

merehengest2 [] m (-es/-as) sea-horse, ship

merehrægl [] n (-es/-) sail

merehús2 [] n (-es/-) sea-house, the ark

merehwearf [] m (-es/-as) sea-shore

merelád [] f (-e/-a) sea-way

merelíðend2 [] m (-es/-) seafaring (man), sailor

meremenn [] n (-es/-) mermaid, siren

meremennen [] f (-ne/-na), n (-nes/-nu) mermaid, siren

meremenin [] n (-es/-) mermaid, siren

merenǽddra [] m (-n/-n) The murena, a fish of which the ancients were very fond; a black stripe in the shape of this fish, a black vein in the table-tops of citron-wood [murena], sea-adder, lamprey

merenǽddre [] f (-an/-an) The murena, a fish of which the ancients were very fond; a black stripe in the shape of this fish, a black vein in the table-tops of citron-wood [murena], sea-adder, lamprey

merenǽdre [] f (-an/-an) The murena, a fish of which the ancients were very fond; a black stripe in the shape of this fish, a black vein in the table-tops of citron-wood [murena], sea-adder, lamprey

meresmylte [] adj quiet as the sea, calm

meresteall [] m (-es/-as) stagnant water

merestrǽt2 [] f (-e/-a) sea-path

merestréam2 [] m (-es/-as) sea-water

merestrengu [] f (-e/-a) strength in swimming

mereswín [] m (-es/-as) porpoise, dolphin

meretorht2 [] adj (rising) bright from the sea

meretorr [] m (-es/-as) towering wall of the (Red) sea

mereþyssa2 [] m (-n/-n) ship

mereweard [] m (-es/-as) sea-warden

merewérig [] adj sea-weary

merewíf [] n (-es/-) water-witch

Merewíoing [] m? (-es/-as) the Merovingian

merg see mearg

merg- see mearg-, meri-, morg-, myrg-

merian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres mereþ past merede ptp gemered to purify, cleanse; test

merice see merce

merien see morgen

merig [] 1. see myrge; 2. see mearg

merig- see myrg-

merigen see morgen

merisc see mersc

merne see mergenne dat sing of mergen

merr- see mierr-

mérs- see mǽrs-

mersc [] m (-es/-as) marsh, swamp

merschófe [] m (-es/-as) marsh-hove

merschop [] n (-es/-u) high ground in fenny country

merscland [] n (-es/-) marshland

merscmealwe [] f (-an/-an) marshmallow

merscmeargealla [] m (-n/-n) gentiana pneumonanthe

merscmylen [] f (-e/-a) mill in a fen

merscware [] m pl inhabitants of marshes; 1. Romney marsh; 2. the fens?

mertze [] f (-an/-an) merchandise; trading dues [L mercem]

merþ see mearþ

merðern [] adj made of skins of martens

mérðu see mǽrþ

meru see mearu

meruw- see mearu-, mearuw-

merwe- see mearu-, mearuw-

més see mýs, nom/acc pl of mús

mesa [] f pl dung

mésan [] wv/t1b to eat [mós]

mése [] f (-an/-an) table; what is placed on a table [L]

méshrægel [] n (-es/-) napkin

mess- see mæss-

mésta see mǽsta, spl of micel

met1 [] n (-es/-u) measure (vessel or amount); act of measuring, appointed share, quantity; space, distance; boundary, limit; manner, degree, way; ability, adequacy, capacity; rule, law; mood (gram); meter; moderation; ealle ge~te in all respects; on ge~ in vain; nánum ge~ by no means, on no account

mét see wéa~

meta see mete

metærn see meteærn

metan1 [] sv/t5 3rd pres miteþ past mæt/mǽton ptp gemeten to measure, mete out, mark off; compare; estimate; pass over, traverse

métan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to meet, find, find out, fall in with, encounter; obtain; 2. to paint, design

metbelg [] m (-es/-as) wallet

metcund [] adj metrical

metcundlic [] adj metrical

mete [] m (-es/mettas) meat, food

méte see mǽte

meteáflíung [] f (-e/-a) atrophy

meteawel [] m (-awles/-awlas) meat-hook?

meteærn [] n (-es/-) refectory

meteclyfa [] m (-n/-n) food-store, pantry

metecorn [] n (-es/-) allowance of corn to dependants

metecú [] f (-cý/-cý) cow for killing

metecweorra [] m (-n/-n) surfeit, indigestion

metefæt [] n (-es/-fatu) dish

metefǽtels [] m (-es/-as) cupboard for food

meteg- see metg-

metegafol [] n (-gafles/-) payment in food

metegearwa [] f pl preparations of food

metegyrd see metgeard

meteláf [] f (-e/-a) leavings of a meal

metelǽst see metelíest

meteléas [] adj without food

meteléast [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (3)

metelést [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (2)

metelíest [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (1)

metelíst [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (4)

metelýst [] f (-e/-a) lack of food, starvation (5)

metend [] m (-es/-) measurer; God

metenéad [] f (-e/-a) requisites in the way of food

meteníðing [] m (-es/-as) food niggard

méter [] n (métres/-) meter, versification [L]

meterǽdere [] m (-es/-as) reader at meal-times

métercræft [] m (-es/-as) art of versifying

métercund [] adj relating to meter

métere [] m (-es/-as) painter

méterfers [] n (-es/-) hexameter verse

métergeweorc [] n (-es/-) verse

méterlic [] adj metrical

metern see meteærn

méterwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) metrician, poet

metesócn [] f (-e/-a) craving, appetite

metesticca [] m (-n/-n) spoon

meteswamm [] m (-es/-as) edible mushroom

metetíd [] f (-e/-e) meal-time

meteþearfende2 [] adj needing food, destitute

meteþegn [] m (-es/-as) seneschal, steward

meteþiht [] adj well-nourished

meteþing [] n (-es/-) operation connected with cooking

meteútsiht [] f (-e/-a) dysentery

metfæt see metefæt

metgeard [] f (-e/-a) measuring-stick, rod, pole, perch

metgian1 [] wv/t2 to moderate, control, govern; weigh in mind, consider; assign due measure to; prepare; regulate

metgung1 [] f (-e/-a) moderation, temperance; reflection, meditation; rule, regulation

metgyrd see metgeard

metian [] 1. wv/t2 to provision; 2. see metgian

méting see métung

métung [] 1. 1 f (-e/-a) meeting (friendly or hostile); assembly, congregation; finding, discovery; agreement; 2. painting, picture

metod2 [] m (-es/metedas) fate; Creator, God, Christ

metodsceaft2 [] f (-e/-a) Decree of fate, doom, death; gewítan ~ séon, tó ~e to die

metodwang [] m (-es/-as) battlefield

metráp [] m (-es/-as) measuring-rope, sounding-line

métsceat see médsceatt

metscipe [] m (-es/-as) feeding, meal

metseax [] n (-es/-) meat-knife

metsian1 [] wv/t2 to supply with food

metsung [] f (-e/-a) feeding, provisioning

mettac see mattuc

mettas see mete

mette- see mete-

métte past 3rd sing of métan

metten [] f (-e/-a) one of the Fates

mettian see métan 1

métto see wéa~

mettoc see mattoc

mettrum see medtrum

metud see metod

méðe [] adj 2 tired, worn out, dejected, sad; troublesome [Ger müde]

meðel see mæðel

meðema see medema

méðian [] wv/i2 to grow weary

méðig [] adj tired, weary

meðl see mæðl, mæðel

meðl- see mæðl-, maðel-

méðnes [] f (-se/-sa) fatigue

méw see mǽw

mixscofl see meoxscofl

miccl- see micel-, micl-

micel [] 1. adj great, intense, much, many; (of time) long; loud; cmp mára; spl mǽst, mǽsta; 2. noun w.g. much; 3. adv greatly, much

micelǽte [] adj greedy

miceldóende [] adj doing great things

micelhéafdede [] adj big-headed

micelian see miclian

micellic [] adj great, splendid, magnificent; adv ~líce grandly; very, exceedingly

micelmód [] adj magnanimous

micelnes [] f (-se/-sa) greatness, size; mass; quantity; multitude, abundance; magnificence; great deed

micelsprecende [] adj boasting

micelu [] f (-e/-a) largeness, size

micg see mycg

micga [] m (-n/-n) urine

micge [] f (-an/-an) urine

micgern [] ? (-?/-?) internal fat, suet

micgða see migoða

micl- see micel-

micle [] adv much, very, greatly (oblique cases of micel)

micles [] adv much, very, greatly (oblique cases of micel)

miclian1 [] wv/i2 to become great, increase; make great, make larger, magnify, extol

miclum [] adv much, very, greatly (oblique cases of micel)

miclung1 [] f (-e/-a) the doing of great things, great deeds, greatness

micul see micel

mid [] 1. prep w.d.i. with, in conjunction with, in company with, together with; into the presence of; through, by means of, by; among, in; at (time); in the sight of, opinion of; ~ ealle, ~ eallum altogether, completely, entirely; ~ þám with that, thereupon; ~ þám þe when; ~ þám þæt through that, on that account, because, when; ~ þý (þe) when, while; ~ him selfum by himself; 2. adv at the same time, together, simultaneously, likewise; 3. see midd; 4. licgan ~ sv/i5 to cohabit with; þencan1 ~ to remember someone with (a gift)

midd [] adj mid, middle, midway; [spl midmest, midemest]; tó ~es adv in the midst

middæg [] m (-es/-dagas) mid-day, noon; one of the canonical hours, sext; fram ~e oþ nón from noon to 3 pm

middæglic [] adj mid-day, meridian

middægsang [] m (-es/-as) mid-day service, sext

middægtíd [] f (-e/-e) noon

middægþénung [] f (-e/-a) dinner

middan see onmiddan

middandæglic see middæglic

middaneard [] m (-a/-a) the globe, world, earth; mankind (1)

middanearden [] adj worldly (1)

middangeard [] m (-es/-as) the globe, world, earth; mankind (2)

middangearden [] adj worldly (2)

middangeardlic [] adj earthly

middangeardtódǽlend [] m (-es/-) cosmographer

middansumer [] m (-a/-a) midsummer (June 24th)

middanwinter [] m (-a/-a) midwinter, Christmas

midde [] 1. adj mid, middle; 2. f (-an/-an) middle, center (only in the phrase on ~an)

middel [] 1. n (middles/-) middle, center; waist; 2. adj middle, intermediate; spl midlest

middelǽdre [] f (-an/-an) median vein

middeldæg [] m (-es/-dagas) midday, noon

middeldǽl [] m (-es/-as) middle

middelfinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) middle finger

middelfléra [] m (-n/-n) partition, septum; the part of the nose between the flaring sides at the end

middelflére [] f (-an/-an) partition, septum; the part of the nose between the flaring sides at the end

middelfót [] m (-es/-fét) instep; dat -fét

middelgemǽru [] n pl central region

middelgesculdru [] n pl part of the body between the shoulders

middelhrycg [] m (-es/-as) middle ridge

middelniht2 [] f (-e/-a) midnight

middelríce [] n (-es/-u) the middle kingdom

middelsǽ [] m (-/-) middle sea; [gen sing also ~s; gen pl also ~wa; n/a pl also ~s, dat pl also ~m]

Middel-Seaxan [] m pl the Middle Saxons; the Saxons who settled in the district west of London , and whose name is preserved in the present Middlesex

Middel-Seaxe [] m pl the Middle Saxons; the Saxons who settled in the district west of London , and whose name is preserved in the present Middlesex

midden- see middan-

middeneaht [] f (-e/-a) midnight (2)

middeniht [] f (-e/-) midnight (1); [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

midderneaht [] f (-nieht/-nieht) midnight (3); [gen sing ~nieht, ~e; dat sing ~e; nom/acc pl ~nieht; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

middesumer see middansumer

middeweard [] 1. adv in the middle of, through the midst; 2. adj middle; 3. noun middle

middewinter see middanwinter

middun- see middan-

mideard see middangeard

midel see middel

midemest see midd

midfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) mid-Lent

midfeorh [] 1. m (-féores/-féoras), n (-es/-) youth, middle age; 2. adj middle aged

midfeorwe [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) youth, middle age

midferh [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) youth, middle age

midferhþ [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) youth, middle age

midfyrhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) middle age

midgearwung [] f (-e/-a) preparation

midgesíþ [] n (-es/-) companion

midgetellan [] irreg wv/t1b to count, include

midhelp [] f (-e/-a) help, assistance

midhilte [] f (-an/-an) middle of the hilt [2 words?]

midhlýt [] m (-es/-as) fellowship

midhrif [] n (-es/-u, -hreofu), m (-es/-as) midriff, diaphragm

midhriðre [] n (-es/-u) diaphragm

midian see á~

mídl [] n (-es/-) bit (of a bridle); oar-thong

midle see middele, dat sing of middel

midlen [] 1. n (-es/-) middle, center, midst; 2. adj midmost

midlencten [] n (-es/-) mid-Lent

midlest [] adj middlemost, most intermediate

mídlhring [] m (-es/-as) ring of a bit

mídlian1 [] wv/t2 to bridle, curb; muzzle

midligend [] m (-es/-) mediator

midlung [] f (-e/-a) middle, midst; adv ~a to a moderate extent

midmest see midd

midmycel see medmicel

midnedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) midday

midnes [] f (-se/-sa) middle, midst

midniht [] f (-e/-) midnight; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

midor [] adj more middle; comparative of midd, adj

midrád [] f (-e/-a) riding in company

mídrece see mýderce

midrif see midhrif

midsingend [] m (-es/-) one who sings with another

midsíðegian1 [] wv/t2 to accompany, associate with (2)

midsíðian1 [] wv/t2 to accompany, associate with (1)

midspeca [] m (-n/-n) advocate; liberator, excuser

midspecend [] m (-es/-) interlocutor, advocate

midspreca [] m (-n/-n) advocate; liberator, excuser

midsprecend [] m (-es/-) interlocutor, advocate

midsprecende [] adj speaking for

midstréam [] m (-es/-as) midstream

midsumer [] m (-a/-a) midsummer

Midsumermónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) June

midswégan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres midswégþ past midswégde ptp midswéged to sing, play, or sound together, in concert or harmoniously; to agree together, harmonize, accord; to cause to sound together, in concert or harmoniously, to make concordant sounds, to sound, sing of, celebrate in song, magnify, etc.; to sing prophetically, prophesy (very rare); [concinere]

midþám see mid þam

midþy see mid þý

midþeahtian [] wv/t2 to consent

midþolian [] wv/t2 to sympathize

midþrówung [] f (-e/-a) compassion

midweg [] m (-es/-as) midway

midwinter [] m (-es/-as) midwinter, Christmas

Midwintermónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) December

midwist [] f (-e/-e) presence, society; cooperation, participation

midwunung [] f (-e/-a) living in company, fellowship

midwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) cooperator

midyrfenuma [] m (-n/-n) coheir

mieht see miht

mieltan1 [] wv/t1b, wv/i1b to melt; digest; refine, purge; exhaust

Mierce [] m pl Mercians; Mercia; [lit. borders; compare mearc]

Miercan [] m pl Mercians; Mercia; [lit. borders; compare mearc]

Miercisc [] adj Mercian

miere [] f (-an/-an) mare [mearh]

mierra [] m (-n/-n) deceiver

mierran1 [] wv/t1a 3rd pres miereþ past mierede ptp gemiered to mar, disturb, confuse; scatter, squander, waste; upset, hinder, obstruct; err

mierrelse [] f (-an/-an) cause of offence

mierrend [] m (-es/-) prodigal, wasteful

mierrung [] f (-e/-a) hindering; squandering, waste

mígan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres mígþ past mág/migon ptp gemigen to make water

migeða see migoða

migga see micga

miggung see micgung

míging [] f (-e/-a) making water

migol [] adj diuretic

migoða [] m (-n/-n) urine

miht [] 1. f (-e/-e) might, bodily strength; power, authority, ability; virtue; mighty work, miracle; pl Gods; angels; 2. adj 2 mighty, powerful; possible

mihte past singular of magan

mihteléas see mihtléas

mihtelic [] adj possible; adv ~líce mightily, powerfully, by might, miraculously

mihtesetl [] n (-es/-) seat of power

mihtful [] adj powerful

mihtig [] adj mighty, important; able, effective; possible; adv ~líce

mihtléas [] adj powerless, weak, exhausted

mihtlic [] adj possible; adv ~líce mightily, powerfully, by might, miraculously

mihtloc [] n (-es/-u) belt of might

mihtmód [] n (-es/-) violent temper, passion

mihtu see miht þu

míl [] 1. f (-e/-a) mile [L]; 2. n (-es/-) millet

milc see meolc

milcan see melcan

milde [] 1. adj mild, merciful, kind, generous, gentle, meek; 2. adv mercifully, graciously

mildéaw see meledéaw

mildelic [] adj propitious; adv graciously, affably, kindly

mildheort [] adj merciful, clement, compassionate; adv ~líce

mildheortlic [] adj merciful, clement, compassionate; adv ~líce

mildheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) loving-kindness, mercy, pity

mildian [] wv/i2 to become mild

mildnes [] f (-se/-sa) mildness, mercy

milds see milts

milescian [] wv/i2 to become mellow

mílgemæt [] m (-es/-gematas) mile-measure, milestone?

mílgemearc [] n (-es/-) measure by miles

mílgetæl [] n (-es/-getalu) mile

milisc [] adj sweet, mild, mulled

mílite [] m pl soldiers

mílitisc [] adj military [L miles]

mílpæþ2 [] m (-es/-paðas) distance reckoned by miles?, road with milestones on it?

milscapuldor [] f (-e/-a) sweet apple tree

milt [] m see milte

milt- see mild-, milte-

miltcoðe [] f (-an/-an) disease of the spleen

miltcoðu [] f (-e/-a) disease of the spleen

milte [] m (-es/-as), f (-an/-an) milt, spleen

milteséoc [] adj splenetic

miltestre see myltestre

miltewærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the spleen

milts [] f (-e/-a) mercy, compassion, benevolence, kindness, favor; 2 joy

miltsian1 [] wv/t2 w.d. to compassionate, pity, show mercy; soften, make merciful

miltsiend1 [] m (-es/-) pitier

miltsigend1 [] m (-es/-) pitier

miltsigendlic [] adj pardonable, venial

miltsung [] f (-e/-a) 1 mercy, sympathy, pity, indulgence, pardon; moderation, reduction (of punishment)

miltwræc see miltewærc

milz see milts

míma [] m (-n/-n) mime

min2? [] adj evil, harmful

mín [] 1. possessive 1st pers  pron my, mine; ~es þances by my will; 2. genitive singular of ic of me

mind [] 1. ? (-?/-?) diadem; 2. see mynd

mindóm? [] m (-es/-as) pusillanimity; state of exile

mine see myne

minet- see mynet-

minlic [] adj petty

mínlic [] adj in my manner; adv ~líce in my manner

minne [] 1. nom/acc pl of min?; 2. see myne

minnen see menen

minsian1 [] wv/t2 to diminish

minsung [] f (-e/-a) parsimony

mint? [] f (-e/-a) mint [L]

minte [] f (-an/-an) mint [L]

minthamm [] m (-es/-as) field of mist

mio- see meo-

mircapuldur see milscapuldor?

Mirce see Mierce

Mircan see Mierce

mirce [] 1. adj murky, dark, black, uncanny, evil; 2. adv? murkily, darkly, blackly, uncannily, evilly; 3. n (-es/-u) murkiness, darkness

mircels [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) sign, token, seal, signet; mark, marked place; trophy [mearc]

mire see miere

míre see mínre, genitive, dative feminine singular of mín

mirg- see myrg-

mírig- see myrg-

mirgþ see myrgþ

mirhþ see myrgþ

mirr- see mierr-

misbegán [] irreg v/t to disfigure

misbéodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres misbíedeþ past misbéad/misbudon ptp misboden w.d. to ill-use, injure, do wrong to; to announce wrongly

misboren [] adj abortive; degenerate

misbregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres misbrigdeþ past misbrægd/misbrugdon ptp misbrogden to change

misbróden [] adj drawn aside

misbyrd [] f (-e/-a) abortion

misbyrdu [] f (-e/-a) malformation

misbysnian [] wv/t2 to set a bad example

miscalfian [] wv/t2 to cast a calf

miscennung [] f (-e/-a) a mistake or variation in pleading before a court; a fine exacted for this

miscian [] wv/t2 to mix, apportion [L]

miscierran [] wv/t1b to pervert

miscrócettan [] wv/t1b to croak or shriek horribly [crácettan]

miscwéman [] wv/t1b to displease

miscweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres miscwiðeþ past miscwæþ/miscwǽdon ptp miscweden to speak ill, curse; speak incorrectly

misdǽd [] f (-e/-e) misdeed, evil deed, sin

misdón [] irreg v/t to do evil, transgress, do amiss, err

míse see mése

misefesian [] wv/t2 to cut the hair amiss

misendebyrdan [] wv/t1b to arrange amiss

misenlic see missenlic

misendlic see missenlic

misfadian [] wv/t2 to order amiss

misfadung [] f (-e/-a) misconduct, irregularity

misfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres misfærþ past misfór/on ptp misfaren to go awry, go wrong, err, transgress; fare ill, fare badly, have ill success

misfédan [] wv/t1b to nourish ill [fœdan]

misfeng [] m (-es/-as) misdeed, sin

misféran [] wv/t1b to do wrong, err

misfón [] sv/t7 3rd pres misféhþ past misféng/on ptp misfangen to make a mistake, be deceived; fail to get

misgedwield [] n (-es/-) error, perversion

misgehygd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) evil thought

misgelimp [] n (-es/-) misfortune

misgemynd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) evil memory

misgewidere [] n (-es/-u) bad weather, storm [listed as m]

misgrétan [] wv/t1b to greet amiss, insult

misgýman [] wv/t1b to neglect

mishæbbende [] adj having ill

mishealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres mishieldeþ past mishéold/on ptp mishealden not to keep, to neglect

mishealdsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) carelessness

mishérnes [] f (-se/-sa) act of disobedience

mishíeran [] wv/t1b to hear amiss, not to listen to, disobey

mishweorfed [] adj perverted, inverted (1)

mishworfen [] adj perverted, inverted (3)

mishwyrfed [] adj perverted, inverted (2)

mislár [] f (-e/-a) ill teaching, evil suggestion

mislǽdan [] wv/t1b to mislead

mislǽran [] wv/t1b to teach amiss, give bad advice to

misléc- see mislíc-

mislibban [] wv/t3 to lead a bad life [listed as lybban]

mislic [] adj unlike, various, manifold; wandering, erratic; adv ~líce in various ways, diversely, aimlessly

mislícian [] wv/t2 w.d. to displease, disquiet

mislícnes [] f (-se/-sa) variety, diversity

mislícum [] adv variously

mislimp [] n (-es/-) misfortune, mishap

mislimpan [] impersonal sv/i3 3rd pres mislimpþ past mislamp/mislumpon ptp is mislumpen w.d. to go wrong, turn out badly, to turn out unfortunately

mismacian [] wv/t2 to mar

mismicel [] adj of varying sizes?; cmp ~mára; spl ~mǽst

misrǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to abuse

misrǽd [] m (-es/-as) misguidance; misconduct

misrǽdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres misrǽdeþ past misreord/on, misréd/on ptp misrǽden to advise wrongly; read wrongly

miss [] n (-es/-) absence, loss

miss- see mis-

missan [] wv/t1a w.g. to miss (a mark); w.d. to escape the notice of a person

missare see missere

misscrence [] adj distorted, shriveled

misscrýdan [] wv/t1b to clothe amiss

misse- see mis-

missenlic [] adj various, manifold, different, diverse; adv ~líce

missenlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) variety, diversity; qualitas?

missere2 [] n (-es/-u) half-year, year

misspówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres misspéwþ past mispéow/on ptp misspówen to fare badly

missprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres misspricþ past misspræc/missprǽcon ptp misprecen to grumble, murmur

mist [] m (-es/-as) mist; dimness (of eyesight)

mist- see mis-

mistǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to teach amiss

mistel [] m (mistles/mistlas) mistletoe; basil

mistellám [] n (-es/-) birdlime

misteltán [] m (-es/-as) mistletoe

mistglóm [] m? (-es/-as) misty gloom

misthelm [] m (-es/-as) covering of mist

misthliþ2 [] n (-es/-u, -hleoðu) misty cliff, cloud-capped slope

mistian [] wv/t2 to be or grow misty

mistíd [] f (-e/-e) evil time

mistídan [] impersonal wv/t1b to miscarry, fail

mistig [] adj misty

mistihtan [] wv/t1b to lead astray, dissuade

mistihtendlic [] adj dehortative

mistil- see mistel-

mistímian [] impersonal wv/t2 w.d. to happen amiss

mistlic see mislic

mistran [] wv/t1b to grow dim

mistríwan [] wv/t1b to mistrust

mistúcian [] wv/t2 to ill-treat

misþéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres misþíegþ past misþéag/misþugon ptp misþogen to mis-thrive, degenerate

misþyncan [] impersonal irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres misþyncþ past misþúhte ptp misþúht to be mistaken

misweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres miswiexþ past miswéox/on ptp is misweaxen to grow improperly

miswendan [] wv/t1b to pervert, abuse; be perverted, err

miswende [] adj erring, ill-behaving

miswenian [] wv/t2 to misuse, abuse [?= miswerian]

misweorc [] n (-es/-) misdeed

misweorðan [] sv/i3 3rd pres miswierþ past miswearþ/miswurdon ptp is misworden to turn out amiss

miswidere see misgewidere

miswidere [] n (-es/-u) bad weather, storm [listed as m]

miswissian [] wv/t2 to mislead

miswrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres miswríteþ past miswrát/miswriton ptp miswriten to write incorrectly

miswurðian [] wv/t2 to dishonor, ill-treat

miswyssigan see miswissian

míte [] f (-an/-an) mite (small insect)

mitta [] m (-n/-n) a measure, bushel; [metan]

mittan1 [] wv/t1a to meet, meet with, find

mitte [] f (-an/-an) a measure, bushel; [metan]

mitte see mitta

mittung [] f (-e/-a) meeting, convention

mittý see mid þý

miþ see mid

míðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres míðeþ past máþ/miðon ptp gemiðen to hide, conceal (sv/t1, sv/i1), keep to oneself, dissemble; conceal oneself, remain concealed; 2 to avoid, shun, refrain from

miþgehlyttu [] f (-e/-a) fellowship

miðgian [] wv/t2 to conceal

míðl see mídl

mix see meox

mixen [] f (-ne/-na) dung-heap, dung

mixendynge [] f (-an/-an) dung

mixenplante [] f (-an/-an) nightshade (plant)

mixian see miscian

mód [] n (-es/-) 1 heart, mind, spirit, mood, temper; courage; arrogance, pride; power, violence; forweorðan on ~e sv/t3 be grieved; ~es brecða sorrow of heart

módblind2 [] adj blind, undiscerning

módblissiende [] adj exulting

módbysgung [] f (-e/-a) anxiety

módcearig [] adj sorrowful of heart

módcearu2 [] f (-e/-a) sorrow, grief

módcræft2 [] m (-es/-as) intelligence

módcræftig [] adj intelligent

móddor see módor

móddren [] adj of mothers

móddrie see módrige

móddrige see módrige

móde- see módig-

módearfoþ [] n (-es/-) grief of mind

módeg see módig

móder see módor

módercynd see médrengecynd

móderge see módrige

módful [] adj proud, haughty

módgehygd2 [] n (-es/-) thought

módgemynd2 [] n (-es/-u) mind, thought

módgéomor [] adj sad, dejected

módgeþanc [] m (-es/-as) thought, understanding, mind

módgeþóht [] m (-es/-as) thought, understanding, mind

módgeþyldig [] adj patient

módgewinna [] m (-n/-n) care

módgian see módigian

módgidanc see módgeþanc

módglæd [] adj joyous

módgléaw [] adj wise

módhéap [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) bold host

módhete [] m (-es/-as) hatred

módhord [] n (-es/-) secret thoughts

módhwæt2 [] adj brave, bold

módig [] adj spirited, daring, bold, brave, high-souled, magnanimous; impetuous, headstrong; arrogant, proud

módigan [] wv/i2 to grow proud or overbearing, be high-minded, glory, exult, show bravery; take offence through pride

módigian [] wv/i2 to grow proud or overbearing, be high-minded, glory, exult, show bravery; take offence through pride

módiglic [] adj high-souled, lofty, proud; brave, bold; splendid, magnificent; adv ~líce

módignes [] f (-se/-sa) greatness of soul; pride, arrogance, haughtiness

módilic see módiglic

módléas [] adj spiritless; senseless

módléast [] f (-e/-a) want of courage, despondency

módléof [] adj dear, precious

módlufu2 [] f (-e/-a) heart’s affection, love

módnes see módignes

módor [] f (-/módru) mother; mother (of animals) [dat méder; pl also módor, módra]

módorcild [] n (-es/-ru) a child of one’s (own) mother

módorcynn [] n (-es/-) maternal descent

módorhealf [] f (-e/-a) mother’s side

módorhrif [] n (-es/-u) womb

módorléas [] adj motherless

módorlic [] adj maternal; adv ~líce

módorlufu [] f (-e/-a) love for a mother

módorslaga [] m (-n/-n) matricide

módrie [] f (-an/-an) mother’s sister, maternal aunt; cousin

módrige [] f (-an/-an) mother’s sister, maternal aunt; cousin

módróf [] adj valiant

módsefa2 [] m (-n/-n) heart, mind, spirit, soul; thought, imagination, purpose, character

módséoc [] adj sick at heart

módséocnes [] f (-se/-sa) fright, sadness; disease of the heart

módsnotor2 [] adj wise

módsorg2 [] f (-e/-a) heart-sorrow

módstaðol [] m (-es/-staðelas) principle, character

módstaðolnes [] f (-se/-sa) firmness of mind

módstaðolfæstnes [] f (-se/-sa) firmness of mind

módswíþ [] adj resolute

módþracu [] f (-þræce/-a) courage

módþréa [] m (-n/-n) anguish

módþrýðu? [] f (-e/-a) arrogance

módþwǽre [] adj meek

módþwǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) patience, meekness

módur see módor

módwǽg [] m (-es/-as) proud wave

módwelig [] adj gifted, talented, wise

módwlanc2 [] adj stout-hearted; haughty

módwyn [] f (-e/-a) heart’s joy, property

moetan see métan

mohða see moþþe

mohðe see moþþe

molcen [] n (-es/-) coagulated or curdled milk [Ger molke]

molda? [] m variant of molde 2

moldærn2 [] n (-es/-) grave

moldcorn [] n (-es/-) granular tuber of saxifraga granulata, and the plant itself

molde [] 1. f (-an/-an) sand, mould, dust, soil; land, country; world; 2.? f  (-an/-an) top of the head [or molda?]

moldern see moldærn

moldgewind [] n (-es/-) top of the head

moldgræf2 [] n (-es/-grafu) grave

moldhrérende [] adj moving upon earth

moldhýpe [] f (-an/-an) heap of dust

moldstów [] f (-e/-a) site, sepulcher

moldweg2 [] m (-es/-as) earth

moldwyrm [] m (-es/-as) earth-worm

molegn [] n (-es/-) curds

molegnstycce [] n (-es/-u) piece of curd

moling see molegn

molsn [] n? (-es/-) decay

molsnian1 [] wv/t2 to moulder, decay

molten past participle of meltan

momra see mamera, mamor

mon see man

móna [] m (-n/-n) moon

mónanǽfen [] m (-ǽfnes/-ǽfnas) Sunday evening

mónandæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Monday

mónanniht [] f (-e/-) Monday eve, i.e. Sunday evening; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

mónaþ [] m (mónþes/mónþas) month [móna]

mónaþádl [] f (-e/-a) monthly sickness, disease, disorder, distemper, ailment, illness, malady, of body or mind; menstrual sickness, disease, disorder, distemper, ailment, illness, malady, of body or mind [morbus menstrualis]

mónaþádlig [] adj menstruous

mónaþblód [] n (-es/-) menstruum

mónaþbót [] f (-e/-a) penance for a month

mónaþfylen [] f (-ne/-na) time of full moon

mónaþgecynd [] f (-e/-a) menstruum

mónaþlic [] adj monthly, lunar; as noun, = mónaþádl

mónaþséoc [] 1. adj menstruous; 2. see mónséoc

mónaþséocnes [] f (-se/-sa) lunacy

moncus see mancus

mond see mand

móndæg see mónandæg

móne [] f see móna

mónelic [] adj lunar

monig see manig

mónlic see mónelic

monn see mann

mónoþ see mónaþ

mónséoc [] adj moon-sick, lunatic, epileptic

mont see munt

mónþ see mónaþ

monuc see munuc

mór [] m (-es/-as) moor, morass, swamp; hill, mountain

moraþ [] n (-es/-) sweet boiled wine with herbs [L moratum]

mórbéam [] m (-es/-as) mulberry tree, bramble

mórberie [] f (-an/-an) mulberry (fruit)

more [] f (-an/-an) carrot, parsnip

moreþ see moraþ

mórfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) moor-fastness

mórfléoge [] f (-an/-an) cariscus, a kind of fly

morgen [] m (-es/-as) morn, morning, forenoon; sunrise; morrow; on ~ne/morne in the morning; on ~ne/morne tomorrow

morgenceald [] n (-es/-) chill at morn

morgencolla [] m (-n/-n) morning terror

morgendæg [] m (-es/-dagas) morrow

morgendlic see morgenlic

morgendrenc [] m (-es/-as) morning drink

morgengebedtíd [] f (-e/-e) morning prayer

morgengifu [] f (-e/-a) gift by a husband to his wife the morning after teh wedding

morgenléoht [] n (-es/-) dawn, morning

morgenlic [] adj matutinal, morning; of the morrow; ~a dæg tomorrow

morgenlang [] adj lasting a morning; cmp ~lengra; spl ~lengest

morgenmæsse [] f (-an/-an) morning mass, first mass

morgenmete [] m (-es/-mettas) morning meal

morgenrén [] m (-es/-as) morning rain

morgenséoc [] adj sad at morn

morgensprǽc [] f (-e/-a) regular meeting of a guild on the morrow after the guild-feast [listed as ~spǽc]

morgenspell [] n (-es/-) news published at morn

morgensteorra [] m (-n/-n) morning star

morgenswég [] m (-es/-as) cry at morn

morgentíd [] f (-e/-e) morning

morgentídlic [] adj matutinal

morgentorht [] adj bright at morn

morgenwacian [] wv/t2 to rise early

morgenwlǽtung [] f (-e/-a) morning sickness

mórhǽþ [] f (-e/-a) mountain-heath

mórheald [] adj heathy, marshy?

mórhop [] n (-es/-u) a hollow in the moor; moor-swamp

mórig [] adj marshy

mórlǽs [] f (-we/-wa) marshy pasture

mórland [] n (-es/-) moor-land, mountain-waste

morne dative singular of morgen

mornes genitive singular of morgen

morod see moraþ

moroþ see moraþ

mórsceaða [] m (-n/-n) robber

mórsecg [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) sedge

mórseohtre  [] f (-an/-an) marshy ditch

mórslǽd [] n (-es/-) marshy valley

mórstapa [] m (-n/-n) traverser of moors

mortere [] m (-es/-as) a mortar [L mortarium]

morþ [] n (-e/s-), m (-es/-as) death, destruction, homicide, murder; deadly sin

morð- see morðor-

morþcrundel [] m (-crundles/-crundlas), n (-crundles/-) barrow raised over a dead body?, deadly pool?, corpse-pit?

morðcwalu see morðorcwalu

morþdǽd [] f (-e/-e) murder, deadly sin, crime

morðor [] n (morðres/-), m (morðres/morðras) deed of violence, murder, homocide, manslaughter; mortal sin, crime; injury, punishment, torment, misery

morðorbealu2 [] n (-wes/-) violent death, murder

morðorbedd [] n (-es/-) bed of death (by violence)

morðorcofa [] m (-n/-n) prison

morðorcræft [] m (-es/-as) murderous crime

morðorcwalu [] f (-e/-a) murder

morðorcwealm [] m (-es/-as) murder, death

morðorhete [] m (-es/-as) blood-feud

morðorhof [] n (-es/-u) place of torment

morðorhús [] n (-es/-) house of torment

morðorhycgende [] adj with murderous thoughts

morðorléan [] n (-es/-) retribution for sin

morðorscyldig [] adj guilty

morðorslaga [] m (-n/-n) homicide, murderer

morðorslagu [] f (-e/-a) homicide, murder

morðorslege [] m (-es/-as) homicide, murder

morðorslieht [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, murder

morðorwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) murderer

morþslaga see morðorslaga

morþslieht [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, murder

morþsliht see morðorslieht

morður see morðor

morþweorc [] n (-es/-) deadly work, act which causes death, murder

morþwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) murderer

morþwyrhta see morðorwyrhta

moru [] f (-e/-a) parsnip, carrot [= more]

mórwyrt [] f (-e/-e) moor-wort

mós [] 1. n (-es/-) bog, marsh; 2. n (-es/-) food, victuals [Ger mus]

móst 2nd pers pres of mótan

móste past of mótan

mot [] n (-es/-u) mote, speck, atom

mót [] 1. 1 (usu ge~) n (-es/-) moot (gemot), society, assembly, court, council, synod; ge~ wyrcan to take counsel; litigation; ge~ conflict, encounter; 2. f (-e/-a) toll, tribute; [Ger maut]; 3. pres sing of mótan

mótærn1 [] n (-es/-) courthouse

mótan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres mót/móton 2nd pres móst past móste ptp gemóten (may), to be allowed, be able to, have the opportunity to, be compelled to, must; móste ic would that I might!

mótbell [] f (-e/-a) bell for summoning a moot

mótbeorh1 [] m (-béores/-béoras) hill of meeting

mótere [] m (-es/-as) public speaker

mótern see mótærn

mótgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) moot-reeve, chairman of a moot

móthús1 [] n (-es/-) moot-hall, place of assembly

mótian1 [] wv/t2 to speak to or about, converse with, address, harangue; argue, plead, discuss, dispute

mótlǽðu [] noun pl courts, assemblies?

mótstów [] f (-e/-a) place of meeting, forum

mótung [] f (-e/-a) conversation, discussion

mótweorþ [] adj qualified to attend the moot

moþfreten [] adj moth-eaten

móðor see módor

moþþe [] f (-an/-an) moth [mohðe]

mucgwyrt [] f (-e/-e) Artemisia, mugwort

mucxle see muscelle

múdrica see mýderce

múga [] m (-n/-n) mow, heap of corn

mugan see magan

mugwyrt see mucgwyrt

múha see muga

múl [] m (-es/-as) mule [L mulus]

múlhyrde [] m (-es/-as) mule-keeper

multon past pl of meltan

munan1 [] irreg v/t 3rd pres man/munon past munde ptp gemunen to think about, be mindful of, remember, mention; consider; ~ in móde keep in mind

mund [] 1. 2f (-e/-a) hand; palm (of the hand, as a measure); trust, security, protection, guardianship; protector, guardian; the king’s peace; fine for breach of the laws of protection or guardianship of the king’s peace; [Ger vormund]; 2. m (-es/-as) money paid by bridegroom to bride’s father, bridegroom’s gift to bride; 3. see mynd

mundbeorg [] m (-es/-as) protecting hill

mundberd see mundbyrd

mundbora [] m (-n/-n) protector, preserver, guardian, advocate; prefect

mundbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of the laws of protection or guardianship; fine for the breach of such laws

mundbyrd [] f (-e/-a) protection, patronage, help; fine for a breach of the peace

mundbyrdan1 [] wv/t1b to protect

mundbyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) protection; security, independence; protector, guardian, advocate

mundbyre see mundbyrde dat sing of mundbyrd

mundcræft [] m (-es/-as) protecting power

munde see munan

mundgripe2 [] m (-es/-as) hand-grasp

mundian1 [] wv/t2 to protect, watch over, act as guardian of

mundiend [] m (-es/-) protector

mundléow [] f (-e/-a) wash-hand basin [ON munnlaug]

mundléu [] f (-e/-a) wash-hand basin [ON munnlaug]

mundláu [] f (-e/-a) wash-hand basin [ON munnlaug]

mundróf [] adj strong with the hands

mundwist [] f (-e/-e) guardianship, protection

munec see munuc

munetere see mynetere

mungung see mynegung

munt [] m (-es/-as) mountain, hill [L]

muntælfen [] f (-e/-a) mountain nymph

muntclýse [] f (-an/-an) mountain prison

muntgíu [] f (-e/-a) the Alps

munuc [] m (-es/-as) monk; (used also of women) [L monachus]

munucbehát [] n (-es/-) monastic vow

munuccild [] n (-es/-ru) child intended for monastic life

munuccnapa [] m (-n/-n) young monk

munucgegyrela [] m (-n/-n) monastic garb

munuchád [] m (-a/-a) monastic orders, the monastic life

munuchéap [] m (-es/-as) company of monks

munucian [] wv/t2 to make a monk of

munuclic [] adj monkish, monastic; adv ~líce

munuclíf [] n (-es/-) monastic life; cloister, monastery

munucréaf [] n (-es/-) monk’s garb

munucregol [] m (-regles/-reglas) monastic rule, mode of life; a body of monks under a certain rule

munucscrúd [] n (-es/-) monk’s garb [dat ~scrýd]

munucstów [] f (-e/-a) place of monks

munucþéaw [] m (-es/-as) monastic rule

munucwíse [] f (-an/-an) fashion of a monk

múr [] m (-es/-as) wall [L murus]

múrbéam see mórbéam

múrberie see mórberie

murc [] adj dismal, wretched [myrce]

murcian [] wv/t2 to complain, repine, grieve

murcnere [] m (-es/-as) complainer

murcnian see murcian

murcung [] f (-e/-a) complaint, sorrow

murge see myrge

murnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres myrnþ past mearn/murnon ptp gemornen (also wv/t1b) to care, be anxious or fearful about; hesitate; mourn, sorrow, bemoan; long after

murnung [] f (-e/-a) complaint, grief

murra see myrra

murre see myrre

mús [] f (mýs/mýs) mouse; muscle (of the arm)

muscelle [] f (-an/-an) shell-fish, mussel

muscule [] f (-an/-an) shell-fish, mussel

muscle see muscelle

músepise [] f (-an/-an) mouse-pea, vetch

músere [] m (-es/-as) mouse-hawk

músfealle [] f (-an/-an) mouse-trap

músfealu [] adj mouse-colored

múshafoc [] m (-es/-hafecas) mouse-hawk, buzzard

musle see muscelle

musscel see muscelle

must [] m (-es/-as) must, new wine [L]

mustfléote [] f? (-an/-an) a small fly found in wine

músþéof [] m (-es/-as) a thieving mouse

mútian see be~

mútung [] f (-e/-a) lending [mutuum], loan

múþ [] m (-es/-as) mouth, opening, door, gate

múða [] m (-n/-n) mouth (of a river), estuary; 2 entrance to a house, door

múþádl [] f (-e/-a) mouth-disease

múþberstung [] f (-e/-a) eruption of the mouth

múþbona [] m (-n/-n) devourer

múþcoðu [] f (-e/-a) mouth-disease

múðettan [] wv/t1b to blab out, let out

múþfréo [] adj free to speak

múþhǽl [] f (-e/-a) wholesome speech

múþhróf [] m (-es/-as) palate

múþléas [] adj mouthless

múþsár [] n (-es/-) pain in the mouth

múþsealf [] f (-e/-a) mouth-salve

múwa see múga

muxle see muscelle

myce? see micel

mycel see micel

mycg [] m (-es/-as) midge

mycgern see micgern

mycgnett [] n (-es/-) mosquito net

mycl- see micl-

myd- see mid-

mydd [] n (-es/-) bushel [L modius]

mýderce [] f (-an/-an) money storing place, chest

mygg see mycg

mýgþ see mǽgþ

myhtig see mihtig

mýhþ pres 3rd sing of mígan

myl [] n (-es/-u) dust [Ger müll]

mylc see meolc

myldan see miltan

myldan see be~

myle- see mylen-

mylen [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) mill

mylendíc [] f (-e/-a) mill-dike

mylenfeld [] m (-a/-a) mill-field

mylengafol [] n (-gafles/-) mill-tax, mill-rent?

mylengear [] m (-es/-as) mill-yair

mylenhwéol [] n (-es/-) mill-wheel

mylenoxa [] m (-n/-n) a mill-ox

mylenpull [] m (-es/-as) mill-pool

mylenscearp [] adj sharpened on a grindstone

mylenstán [] m (-es/-as) grindstone

mylensteall [] m (-es/-as) mill

mylenstede [] m (-es/-as) mill

mylenstíg [] f (-e/-a) path to a mill

mylentroh [] n (-trós/-) mill-trough, mill-conduit

mylenwaru [] f (-e/-a) mill-weir

mylenweg [] m (-es/-as) road to a mill

mylenwer [] m (-es/-as) mill-weir, mill-dam (2)

mylenwyrd [] m (-es/-as) tenant of a (manorial) mill, miller (1)

mylestréam [] m (-es/-as) mill-stream

myleweard [] m (-es/-as) tenant of a (manorial) mill, miller (2)

mylewer [] m (-es/-as) mill-weir, mill-dam (1)

myller see mylewer?, mylenwer?

mylisc see milisc

mylsc see milisc

myln see mylen

myltan [] 1. see meltan; 2. see mieltan

myltenhús [] n (-es/-) brothel

myltestre [] f (-an/-an) prostitute [L meretricem]

myltestrehús [] n (-es/-) brothel

myltestrern? [] n (-es/-) brothel [= ærn]

myltestreærn? [] n (-es/-) brothel

mymerian [] wv/t2 to remember

mynd1 [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) memory, remembrance; memorial, record; act of commemoration; thought, purpose; consciousness, mind, intellect; on ge~ niman to recollect; [usually ge~]

myndgian1 [] wv/t2 to remember, be mindful of; w.g. remind; intend; commemorate, mention; exhort, impel, warn; demand payment; gemyndgod aforesaid

myndgiend [] m (-es/-) one who reminds

myndgung1 [] f (-e/-a) admonition; remembrance, memorandum; memorial

myndig1 [] adj mindful, recollecting; memorable; thoughtful, wise; se ge~a the aforesaid

myndléas1 [] adj foolish, senseless

myne [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as) memory, remembrance; feeling, affection, love, favor; purpose, desire, wish; memorial; ~ witan to love; 2. m (-es/-as) minnow; 3. see mene

mynecen [] f (-ne/-na) female monk, nun [munuc]

mynecenu [] f (-e/-a) female monk, nun [munuc]

mynegian see myndgian

mynegiendlic [] adj hortatory

mynegung1 [] f (-e/-a) warning, admonition, exhortation; claim [= gemyndgung]

mynelic [] adj desirable

mynescilling see menescilling

mynet [] n (-es/-) coin, money [L moneta]

mynetcýpa [] m (-n/-n) money-changer

mynetere [] m (-es/-as) minter, coiner; money-changer

mynetian1 [] wv/t2 to coin

mynetísen [] n (-es/-) coinage?, die for stamping coin?

mynetslege [] m (-es/-as) minting, coinage

mynetsmiþþe [] f (-an/-an) mint

myng- see myneg-, myndg-

mynian [] wv/t2 to intend, be impelled; direct oneself towards an object

mynig- see myneg-

mynit see mynet

mynle [] f (-an/-an) desire

mynna [] m (-n/-n) intention

mynnan see mynian

mynster [] n (-es/-) monastery, nunnery; mother-church, minster, cathedral

mynsterbóc [] f (-bóce/-béc) minster-book

mynsterclǽnsung [] f (-e/-a) purification of a minster

mynsterclúse [] f (-an/-an) monastic enclosure, stall, cell, monastery

mynsterfæder [] m (-es/-as) abbot

mynsterfǽmne [] f (-an/-an) nun

mynstergang [] m (-es/-as) act of joining an order of monks

mynstergéat [] n (-es/-gatu) monastery gate

mynsterhám [] m (-es/-as) monastery

mynsterhata [] m (-n/-n) persecutor of monasteries

mynsterland [] n (-es/-) land owned by a monastery

mynsterlic [] adj monastic; adv ~líce

mynsterlíf [] n (-es/-) monastic life; monastery

mynstermann [] m (-es/-menn) monk

mynstermunuc [] m (-es/-as) monk who lives in a monastery (i.e. not an anchorite)

mynsterprafost [] m (-es/-as) provost of a monastery

mynsterpréost [] m (-es/-as) priest of a church or minster

mynsterscír [] f (-e/-a) control of a monastery

mynsterstede [] m (-es/-as) monastic buildings

mynsterstów [] f (-e/-a) place of a minster, town

mynstertimbrung [] f (-e/-a) building of a monastery

mynsterþéaw [] f (-e/-a) monastic custom

mynsterþegnung [] f (-e/-a) monastic service

mynsterþing [] n (-es/-) property of the monestary

mynsterwíse [] f (-an/-an) monastic custom

myntan1 [] wv/t1b to intend, determine, resolve; destine; think; bring forth; give up to

myranhéafod [] n (-héafdes/-) mare’s head (a nickname)

Myrce see Mierce

Myrcan see Mierce

myrce see mirce

myre see miere

myrenæddra see merenæddra

myrgan [] wv/i1b to be merry, rejoice

myrge [] adj pleasing, agreeable; pleasant, sweet [merry]; adv ~, ~líce pleasantly, melodiously

myrgeléoþ [] n (-es/-) epitaph?

myrgen [] 1. f (-e/-a) joy, pleasure; 2. see morgen

myrgnes [] f (-se/-sa) melody

myrgþ [] f (-e/-a) mirth, joy, pleasure, sweetness (of sound)

myrhþ [] f (-e/-a) mirth, joy, pleasure, sweetness (of sound)

myrig- see myrg-

mýrlic see mǽrlic

myrr- see mierr-

myrra [] m (-n/-n) myrrh

myrre [] f (-an/-an) myrrh

myrrelse [] f (-an/-an) offence, scandal, stumbling-block

myrten [] 1. n (-es/-) flesh of an animal which has died of itself, carrion; 2. adj dead (of animals which have not been killed)

myrþ see myrgþ, also myrðu

myrðe? [] adj murderous

myrðra [] m (-n/-n) homicide, murder

myrðran see á~, for~, of~

myrðrian see á~, for~, of~

myrðrung [] f (-e/-a) parricide, murder

myrðu [] 1. f (-e/-a) mischief, trouble; 2. adj murderous

myrw- see mearuw-, (var of mearu)

mýs nom/acc pl of mús

myscan1 [] wv/t1b to injure, afflict; offend

myscl [] noun pl flies

mýse see mése

mytting see mitting

myx see meox

myx- see mix-