[] interj lo!, behold!, oh!, ah!; ~ léof O Lord!, O sir!; indeed, verily; hwæt ~ what!; wá ~ wá alas!

label see læfel

laber see lǽfer

lác [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) play, sport; 2 strife, battle; sacrifice, offering; gift, present; booty; 2 message

lácan [] sv/t7 3rd pres lǽcð past leolc/on, léc/on ptp gelácen to move up and down, leap, jump, swing, fly; play (instrument); play upon, delude; 2 fight, contend

lácdǽd [] f (-e/-e) munificence

lacen? [] f (-e/-a) a cloak [Ger. laken?]

lácfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) the offering of a fast

lácgeofa [] m (-n/-n) generous giver

lácnian1 [] wv/t2 to heal, cure, treat, look after; foment, dress (a wound)

lácnigendlic [] adj surgical

lácnimende [] adj only in béon ~ munerari

lácnung [] f (-e/-a) healing, cure; medicament, remedy

lácnestre [] f (-an/-an) physician

lácsang [] m (-es/-as) offertory hymn

lactuc [] m (-es/-as) lettuce [L]

lactuce [] m see lactuc

lactuca [] f see lactuc

lacu [] f (-e/-a) stream; pool, pond

lád [] 1. f (-e/-a) course, journey; 1 way, street, waterway; leading, carrying; maintenance, support; 2. f (-e/-a) clearing from blame or accusation, purgation, exculpation

ladan see hladan

ládian1 [] wv/t2 to exculpate oneself; let off, excuse

ládiendlic [] adj excusable

ládmann [] m (-es/-menn) leader, guide

ládrinc? [] m (-es/-as) conductor, escort

ládrincman [] m (-es/-menn) conductor, escort

ladsar see laser

ládscipe [] m (-es/-as) leadership

ládtéow see láttéow

ládðéow see láttéow

ládung [] f (-e/-a) exculpation, excuse, defense, apology

láf [] f (-e/-a) what is left, remnant, legacy, relic, remains, rest; relict, widow; tó ~e alone; tó ~e béon to remain over; wǽpna/daroða ~ survivors of battle; hamora ~a results of forging, swords

láferce see láwerce

lafian1 [] wv/t2 to pour water on, wash, lave, bathe; ladle out

lafor [] m (-es/-as) leopard

lag- see lah-

laga see lund~

laga [] m (-n/-n) law

lage- see lagu-

lagen ptp of léan 2

lagian1 [] wv/t2 to ordain

lago- see lagu-

lagol see ǽ~

lágon see lǽgon, pret pl of licgan

lagu [] 1. f  (-e/-a) law, ordinance, rule, regulation; right, legal privilege; district governed by the same laws; 2. m (-a/-a) sea, flood, water, ocean; name of rune for L

lagucræftig [] adj skilled in seafaring

lagufæsten2 [] n (-es/-) sea, ocean

lagufæðm [] m (-es/-as) enveloping waves

laguflód [] m (-es/-as) wave, stream, waters, flood, sea, ocean

lagulád2 [] f (-e/-a) water-way, sea

lagumearg [] m (-es/-as) sea-horse, ship

lagusíð2 [] m (-es/-as) sea-journey

lagustrǽt [] f (-e/-a) sea-path

lagustréam2 [] m (-es/-as) water, sea, ocean

laguswimmend [] m (-es/-) swimming in the sea

láh [] past 3rd sing of léon

lah- see lag-

lahbreca [] m (-n/-n) law-breaker, impious man

lahbrecende [] adj impious, profane

lahbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of the law

lahcéap [] m (-es/-as) money paid (by an outlaw) for restitution of legal rights

lahcóp [] m (-es/-as) money paid (by an outlaw) for restitution of legal rights

lahgewrit [] n (-es/-u) rule

lahlic [] adj lawful, legal; adv ~líce

lahmann [] m (-es/-menn) an official declarer of the law

lámen see lǽmen

lahriht [] n (-es/-) legal right

lahslitt [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) fine for breach of the (Danish) law

lahslite [] m (-es/-as) fine for breach of the (Danish) law

lahwita [] m (-n/-n) lawyer

lám [] n (-es/-) loom, clay, earth

lama [] wk adj crippled, lame, paralytic, weak; m (-n/-n) crippled, lame, paralytic, weak

lamb [] n (-es/-ru) lamb

lambyrd [] f (-e/-a) imperfect birth

lámfæt2 [] n (-es/-fatu) vessel of clay (the body)

lamp [] 1. past 3rd sing of limpan; 2. see lamb

lamrede [] f (-an/-an) lamprey [L]

lámpytt [] m (-es/-as) loam pit

lámsceall [] ? (-?/-?) tile

lámséað [] m (-a/-a) loam pit

lámwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) potter

lán see lǽn

lanan inflected cases of lanu

land [] n (-es/-) earth, land, soil; territory, realm, province, district; landed property; country (not town); ridge in a ploughed field; ǽhte ~ landed property; gelǽtan néah ~ approach the shore?; wéste ~ waste land, desert

landádl see hlandádl?

landágend [] m (-es/-) native

landágende [] adj owning land

landbegenga [] m (-n/-n) husbandman, peasant

landbegengnes [] f (-se/-sa) habitation

landbigong [] m (-es/-as) dwelling in a country

landbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) land-book, written grant of land

landbrǽce [] m (-es/-as) first ploughing (after land has lain fallow)

landbúend [] 1. m (-es/-), f (-e/-a) inhabitant, native; husbandman; 2. f (-e/-a) colony

landbúende [] adj dwelling on the land

landbúnes [] f (-se/-sa) colony, settlement

landcéap [] m (-es/-as) fine paid to the lord on the alienation of land

landcóp [] m (-es/-as) fine paid to the lord on the alienation of land

landcofa [] m (-n/-n) land, district

landefn [] n (-es/-) the resources of the land, measure or proportion of land

landefne [] n (-es/-u) the resources of the land, measure or proportion of land

landesmann see landmann

landfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) natural fortress

landfeoh [] n (-féos/-) recognitory rent for land

landfolc [] n (-es/-) land-folk, natives

landfruma [] m (-n/-n) ruler, prince

landfyrd [] f (-e/-a) army

landfyrding [] f (-e/-a) military operations on land

landgafol [] n (-gafles/-) land-tax, tribute

landgehwerf [] n (-es/-) exchange of land

landgemaca [] m (-n/-n) neighbor

landgemǽre [] n (-es/-u) boundary, limit, frontier

landgemirce [] n (-es/-u) boundary, limit, frontier

landgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) earthly creature

landgeweorc [] n (-es/-) fortified place

landgewyrpe [] n (-es/-u) heap of earth?

landhæbbende [] adj owning or ruling land

landhæfen [] f (-ne/-na) real property

landhere [] m (-es/-as) native force; land force (as opposed to naval force)

landhláford [] m (-es/-as) lord of a country, lord of a manor, landlord

landhredding [] f (-e/-a) redemption of land

landlagu [] f (-e/-a) local law

landléas [] adj not owning land

landléod [] m (-es/-e) inhabitant of a country, native [pl also –a, -an]

landlyre [] m (-es/-as) loss of territory

landmann [] m (-es/-menn) inhabitant of a country, native

landmearc [] n (-es/-) boundary

landmearca [] m (-n/-n) land, country

landopenung [] f (-e/-a) first ploughing of land

landrǽden see ealdlandrǽden

landrest [] f (-e/-a) grave

landríca [] m (-n/-n) landed proprietor

landríce [] n (-es/-u) territory

landriht [] n (-es/-) land right, right to own or occupy land or connected with its occupation; that which is due from land or estates

landscearu [] f (-e/-a) tract of land, province, country; boundary, landmark

landscipe [] m (-es/-as) region

landscoru see landscearu

landséta [] m (-n/-n) settler [sǽta]

landseten [] f (-e/-a) occupation of land; occupied land, estate

landseðla [] m (-n/-n) occupier of land

landsidu [] m (-a/-a) custom of a country

landsittende [] adj occupying land

landsócn2 [] f (-e/-a) search for land to settle on

landspéd [] f (-e/-e) landed property

landspédig [] adj rich in land

landsplott [] m (-es/-as) plot of land

landstede [] m (-es/-as) region

landstycce [] n(-es/-as) small plot of ground

landwaru [] f (-e/-a) inhabitants, population

landweard [] m (-es/-as) coast-warden

landwela [] m (-n/-n) earthly possessions

lane see lanu

lang [] adj long, tall; lasting (cmp lengra, spl longest)

Langafrígedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Good Friday

langað see langoð

langbolster [] m (-bolstres/-bolstras), n (-bolstres/-) feather-bed

lange [] adv long, a long time (cmp leng/lenge, spl lengest)

langfǽre [] adj lasting, protracted

langférnes [] f (-se/-sa) length, long duration

langfirst [] m (-es/-as) long space of time

langgestréon [] n (-es/-) old store of wealth

langian [] wv/t2 1. impersonal w.a. person to long for, yearn after, grieve for, be pained; lengthen, grow longer; summon; 2. to belong

langieldu [] f (-e/-a) advanced age

langlíce [] adv for a long time, long, at length

langlíf [] adj long-lived

langlífe [] adj long-lived

langmód [] adj constant, patient; adv ~líce

langmódig [] adj long-suffering

langmódlíce [] adv patiently

langmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) long-suffering

langnes [] f (-se/-sa) length

langoð2 [] m (-es/-as) longing, discontent

langsceaft [] adj having a long shaft

langscip [] n (-es/-u) man of war

langstrang [] adj long-suffering, patient

langsum [] adj long, lasting, tedious, protracted

langsumlic [] adj tedious; adv ~líce long; patiently

langsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) length; patience

langswéorod [] adj long-necked

langtog [] adj prolix [cmp lengtogra, spl lengtogest]

langtwidig [] adj lasting, assured

langung [] f (-e/-a) longing; weariness, sadness, dejection; delay [langian]

langunghwíl [] f (-e/-a) time of weariness

langweb [] n (-bes/-) warp (in weaving)

langwege [] adv peregre

langwyrpe [] adj oblong

lánland see lǽnland

lann1 [] f (-e/-a) chain, fetter

lanu [] f (-e/-a) lane, street

lapian [] wv/t2 to lap up, drink

lappa see læppa

lár [] f (-e/-a) lore, learning, science, art of teaching, preaching, doctrine; study; precept, exhortation, advice, instigation; history, story; cunning

lárbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) book containing instruction (used of St. Paul’s Epistles, and Bede’s Works)

lárbodung [] f (-e/-a) teaching, preaching

lárbysn [] f (-e/-a) example

lárcniht [] m (-es/-as) disciple

lárcræft [] m (-es/-as) knowledge; erudition

lárcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) teaching, precept

lárdóm [] m (-es/-as) teaching, instruction

láréow [] m (-es/-as) teacher, master, preacher [also as lárow, láruw, láruwa]

láréowdóm [] m (-es/-as) function of teacher, instruction; ecclesiastical authority

láréowlic [] adj like a teacher

láréowsetl [] n (-es/-) teacher’s seat, pulpit

láréwes see láréowes, gen sing of láréow

lárfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) prescribed fast

lárhlystend [] m (-es/-) catechumen

lárhús [] n (-es/-) school

lárléast [] f (-e/-a) want of instruction, ignorance

lárlic [] adj of or conducive to learning, instructive; learned; doctrinal; persuasive; betwux ~um gefylcum amongst soldiers in training

lársmið2 [] m (-es/-smeoðas) teacher, counselor

lárspell [] n (-es/-) homily, treatise

lársum [] adj teachable

lárswice [] m (-es/-as) trickery

lárþéaw see láréow

lárþéow see láréow

lárþegn [] m (-es/-as) teacher

láruw(a) see láreow

lárwita [] m (-n/-n) learned man

láser [] m? (lásres/lásras) weed, tare

lást [] m (-es/-as) sole of foot; spoor, footprint, track, trace; gait, step; on ~(e) behind, after, in pursuit of; on ~ lecgan to follow; ~as lecgan to go, journey; ~ weardian keep the track of, follow closely

lást1 [] n (-es/-) accomplishment, observance; duty, due, obligation, vow

lástweard [] m (-es/-as) successor, heir, follower; pursuer

lástword [] n (-es/-) fame after death

lasur see laser

lat- see læt-

lát see lád

lata [] m (-n/-n) slow person

late [] adv late; slowly; at last; lately [cmp lator, spl latost]

latemest see lætemest 2

látéow see láttéow

latian1 [] wv/t2 to be slow, indolent; linger, delay, hesitate

latimer [] m (-es/-as) interpreter

lator [] adv slower, later [cmp of late; spl latost]

latt see lætt

lattéh [] f (-e/-a) guiding rein [lád]

láttéow [] m (-es/-as) leader, guide, general

láttéowa [] m (-n/-n) leader, guide, general

láttéowdóm [] m (-es/-as) leadership, guidance, instruction

látþéow see láttéow

látuw see láttéow

latu [] f (-e/-a) delay; ge~ hindrance

latung [] f (-e/-a) delay, hindrance

láð [] 1. 1 adj hated, hateful, hostile, malignant, evil; loathsome, noxious, unpleasant; 2. n (-es/-) pain, harm, injury, misfortune; insult, annoyance, harmful thing

láðbite [] m (-es/-as) wound

láðe [] adv inimically, in detestation

láðéow see láttéow

láðettan [] wv/t1b to hate, loathe; make hateful or repulsive

láðgeníðla2 [] m (-n/-n) persecutor, foe

láðgetéona2 [] m (-n/-n) enemy

láðgewinna [] m (-n/-n) enemy

laðian [] wv/t2 to invite, summon, call upon, ask [Ger laden]

láðian [] wv/t2 to hate, be hated

láðléas [] adj inoffensive, innocent

láðlic [] adj loathly, hateful, horrible, repulsive, unpleasant; adv ~líce

láðscipe [] m (-es/-as) misfortune

láðsearu [] n ? (-wes/-) hateful contrivance

láðsíð [] m (-es/-as) painful journey, death

láðspell [] n (-es/-) sad tidings

láðþéow see láttéow

laðung1 [] f (-e/-a) calling, invitation; assembly, congregation, church

láðwende2 [] adj hateful, hostile, bad

láðwendemód [] adj hostile-minded

láðwendnes [] f (-se/-sa) hostility

láðweorc [] n (-es/-) evil deed

laur [] m (-es/-as) laurel, bay, laver

laurbéam [] m (-es/-as) laurel

laurberige [] f (-an/-an) laurel-berry

laurice see láwerce

laurisc [] adj of laurel

laurtréow [] n (-treowes/-) laurel-tree

lauwer see laur

lawer see laur

láwerce [] f (-an/-an) lark

lawernbéam [] m (-es/-as) laurel

[] ? (-?/-?) hair of the head

lǽc [] 1. see léac; 2. see lác

lǽca see lǽce

lǽca see ág~, ellen~

lǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to spring up, rise, flare up

læccan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres læcð past lǽhte ptp gelǽht to seize, grasp, comprehend; capture, catch; take, receive

læccung [] f (-e/-a) reproach

lǽce [] m (-es/-as) physician, doctor; leech

lǽcebóc [] f (-béc/-béc) book of prescriptions

lǽcecræft [] m (-es/-as) leech-craft, art of healing; remedy, prescription

lǽcecræftig [] adj skilled in medicine

lǽcecynn [] n (-es/-) race of physicians

lǽcecyst [] f (-e/-e) medicine chest

lǽcedóm [] m (-es/-as) medicament, medicine; healing, salvation

lǽcedómlíc [] adj salutary

lǽcedómnes [] f (-se/-sa) cataplasm

lǽcefeoh [] n (-féos/-) doctor’s fee

lǽcefinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) (leech-finger), fourth finger

lǽcegeatwa? [] f pl medical apparatus

lǽcehús [] n (-es/-) hostelry, hospital

lǽceíren [] n (-es/-) surgeon’s knife, lancet

lǽcesealf [] f (-e/-a) medicinal ointment

lǽceseax [] n (-es/-) lancet

lǽcewyrt [] f (-e/-e) medicinal herb, drug; ribwort; medical treatment

lǽcnian see lácnian

lǽdan [] wv/t1b 1 to lead, guide, conduct, carry, lift, take, bring; 1 produce, bring forth; pass, lead (life); to mark or beat the bounds of land; do; place, lay; sprout forth, grow, spread; wíf ~ take a wife, carry

lǽde see lǽwede

lǽden [] 1. n (lǽdnes/-) Latin; any foreign language; 2. adj Latin

lǽdenbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) Latin book

lǽdend [] 1. m (-es/-) bringer; 2. m (-es/-) excuser, apologist [lǽden]

lǽdendlic1 [] adj ductile, malleable

lǽdengereord [] n (-es/-) Latin language

lǽdengeþéode [] n (-es/-u) Latin language

lǽdenisc [] adj Latin

lǽdenlár [] f (-e/-a) knowledge of Latin

Lǽdenlic [] adj Latin

lǽdennama [] m (-n/-n) Latin noun

lǽdensprǽc [] f (-e/-a) Latin language

lǽdenstæfum [] adv in Latin

lǽdenware [] m pl  Latin people, Romans

lǽdenword [] n (-es/-) Latin word

lǽdere [] m (-es/-as) leader

lǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) bringing forth

lǽdtéow see láttéow

lǽf- see láf, léaf

lǽfan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to leave, bequeath; spare, leave behind, have left; remain; [láf]; 2. see líefan

læfel [] m (-es/-as) spoon, basin, vessel, bowl, cup [Ger löffel; L labellum]

lǽfend see lǽwend

læfer [] f (-e/-a) rush, reed, iris, gladiolus; metal plate

læfebed [] n (-es/-) reed-bed

lǽfnes see léafnes

læfðe [] ? (-an/-an) a sprinkling

læg past 3rd sing of licgan

lǽg see léag; líeg

lægde see legde, past sing of lecgan

lǽgon past pl of licgan

lǽgt see líegt

læht past participle of læccan

læhte past of læccan

lǽl [] f (-e/-a) rod, whip, switch; bruise, weal, stripe

lǽla [] m (-n/-n) rod, whip, switch; bruise, weal, stripe

lǽlan? [] wv/i1b to be bruised

lǽlian [] wv/t2 1. to become black and blue; 2. to level, aim at

lǽmen [] adj of clay, earthen [lám]

lǽmian see lémian

lǽn [] 1. n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) loan, borrowing, lease, grant, gift, present, benefit; 2. see lǽnland

lǽnan1 [] wv/t1b to lend; give, grant, lease

lǽndagas2 [] m pl loan-days, transitory days, days of a man’s life

lænde- see lenden-

lænden- see lenden-

lǽne [] adj lent, temporary, inconstant, transitory; perishable, frail, poor; weak, sinful [lǽn]

lǽnelic [] adj passing, transitory

lǽnend [] m (-es/-) lender

lǽnendlic see lǽnelic

lǽnere [] m (-es/-as) lender

læng see leng

længten- see lencten-

lǽnian see léanian

lǽnland [] n (-es/-) leased land

lǽnlic see lǽnelic

lǽnung see féoh~

læpeldre [] f (-an/-an) dish [lapian]

læpewince [] f (-an/-an) lapwing

læppa [] m (-n/-n) lappet, piece, section, lobe, portion, district

læppede see fif~

lǽran1 [] wv/t1b to teach, instruct, guide; to enjoin, advise, persuade, urge, preach; ge~ convert; 2 ge~ recall; ~ forð to hand down (to others);

lǽred1 [] adj learned (as opposed to lǽwed); clerical (as opposed to lay), spiritual (as opposed to temporal); ptp of lǽran

lǽrend [] m (-es/-) misleader, instigator

lǽrest see lǽst

lǽrestre [] f (-an/-an) instructress

lǽrgedéfe [] adj adapted for instruction?

lǽrig [] m (-es/-as) border?, cover? (of a shield)

lǽrigian see ymb~

lǽringmǽden [] n (-nes, -mǽdnes/-nu, -u) female pupil

lǽringmann [] m (-es/-menn) disciple

lǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) emptiness

læs past 3rd sing of lesan

lǽs [] 1. adv, noun less, lest; þý ~ (þe) conj w.subj. lest; 2. f (-we/-wa) pasture; 3. f (-we/-wa) (blood)-letting

lǽsboren [] adj of lower birth

lǽsest see lǽst 1

lǽsian see lǽswian

lǽson past pl of lesan

lǽssa [] adj less, smaller, fewer; inferior; [cmp of lýtel]; adv

læst [] f (-e/-a) fault, sin [ON]

lǽst [] 1. adj least; [spl of lýtel]; þe ~e lest; 2. f (-e/-a) performance, fulfillment; 3. see lást

lǽstan1 [] wv/t1b to follow, help, serve; perform, do, carry out, accomplish; endure, last, continue; furnish, pay, grant

lǽste [] f (-an/-an) last (for the foot)

lǽstend [] m (-es/-) doer, performer

lǽstwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) shoemaker

lǽswe see lǽs 3

lǽswian1 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to depasture, graze, feed

læt [] 1. adj slow; slack, lax, negligent; late; oblique lat- cmp lætra, spl lætest, lætemest; 2. m (-es/latas) man of the class between the slave and the ceorl

lǽt past 3rd sing of lǽdan

lǽtan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres lǽtt past lét/on, leort/on ptp gelǽtan to allow to remain, leave behind, depart from, let alone; leave undone; bequeath; allow; cause to do; regard as, consider; suppose; conduct oneself; behave towards, treat; allow to escape, emit, let out, set free; let (on lease); assert, pretend; allot, assign; ~ from refrain from; ~ út to put to sea; ge~ néah land approach the shore?; on bæc ~ leave behind; ~ for to take (one) for; on tréowe ge~ to entrust; tó handa ~ to hand over (to)

lǽtania see létanía

lætbyrd [] f (-e/-a) slow birth

lætcumen [] adj late

lætemest [] 1. adv lastly, finally; 2. see læt

læthýdig [] adj slow-minded, dull

lætlíce [] adv slowly

lætmest see lætemest

lætnes [] f (-se/-sa) slowness; sloth

lætra see læt

lætrǽde [] adj slow, deliberate

lætsum [] adj backward

lætt [] f (-e/latta) beam, lath

lǽttéow see láttéow

lǽttewestre [] f (-an/-an) guide [láttéow]

lætting see letting

lǽttu see un~

lǽð [] n (-es/-) a division of a county containing several hundreds, lathe; landed property?, (meadow) land?

lǽð- see láð-

lǽðan [] wv/t1b to abuse, revile, hate; cause to shun [láð]

lǽðð [] f (-e/-a) wrong, injury; hatred, malice [láð]

lǽððu [] f (-e/-a) wrong, injury; hatred, malice [láð]

lǽuw see léow

lǽw [] f (-e/-a) injury

lǽwan1 [] wv/t1b to betray [Goth léwjan]

lǽwe see druncen~, hunger~

lǽwede [] adj lay, laic, unlearned; noun layman

læwel see læfel

lǽwend [] m (-es/-) betrayer, suitor

lǽwerce see láwerce

læwil see læfel

læx see leax

léa [] 1. see léo; 2. gen, dat, acc sing of léah

léac [] 1. n (-es/-) leek, onion, garlic, garden-herb; 2. past 3rd sing of lúcan

léac- see léah-

léacblæd [] n (-es/-bladu) leak leaf

léaccærse [] f (-an/-an) cress, nasturtium

léactroc [] m (-es/-as) a bunch of berries [2nd most common]

léactrog [] m (-es/-as) a bunch of berries [1st common]

léactún [] m (-es/-as) kitchen-garden, garden of herbs

léactúnweard [] m (-es/-as) gardener

léacweard [] m (-es/-as) gardener

léad [] n (-es/-) lead; leaden vessel, cauldron; an instrument of torture

léaden [] adj leaden, of lead

léadgedelf [] n (-es/-) lead-mine

léadgewiht [] n (-es/-u) lead-weight, a scale of weight

léadgota [] m (-n/-n) plumber

léadstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) loaded stick

léaf [] 1. 1 f (-e/-a) leave, permission, privilege; 2. n (-es/-) leaf, shoot; pl foliage; sheet of paper; 3. adj ge~ leafy

léafa1 [] m (-n/-n) belief, faith; creed

léafe1 [] f (-an/-an) leave, permission, license

léafful1 [] adj believing; orthodox (Christian); faithful, trustworthy; adv ~líce

léafhelmig [] adj leafy at the top

léafhlystend [] m (-es/-) catechumen

léafléoht [] adj easy to believe?

léafnes [] f (-se/-sa) leave, permission

léafscead [] n (-es/-u) leafy shade

léafsele [] m (-es/-, -as) place for shade, booth

léafwyrm [] m (-es/-as) caterpillar

léag [] 1. f (-e/-a) lye, alkalized water; 2. see léah 1; 3. past 3rd sing of léogan, léon

léah [] 1. m (léas/léas) piece of ground, lea, meadow; 2. see léag 1, 3

leahte past 3rd sing of leccan

leahter see leahtor

leahtor [] m (leahtres/leahtras) vice, sin, offence, crime, fault; reproach; disease, injury

leahtor- see hleahtor-

leahtorcwide [] m (-es/-as) opprobrious speech

leahtorful [] adj vicious, seductive

leahtorléas [] adj faultless, blameless

leahtorlic [] adj vicious, faulty; adv ~líce foully, wickedly

leahtorwyrðe see un~

leahtras pl of leahtor

leahtrian1 [] wv/t2 to accuse, revile, reprove, blame; corrupt

leahtric [] m (-es/-as) lettuce [L lactuca]

léahtrog see léactrog

léahtrung [] f (-e/-a) derogation

léahtún see léactún

léan [] n (-es/-) reward, gift, loan, compensation, remuneration, retribution

léan [] sv/t6 3rd pres líehð past lóg/on, lóg/on ptp gelagen to blame, reproach [also wv/t1b 3rd pres léað past léade ptp geléad]

léangyfa [] m (-n/-n) rewarder

léanian1 [] wv/t2 to reward, recompense, repay, requite [Ger lohnen]

léap [] m (-es/-as) basket; basket for catching or keeping fish; measure; trunk (body)

léas [] 1. adj w.g. without, free from, devoid of, bereft of; 1 false, faithless; untruthful, deceitful; lax; vain, worthless; 2. n (-es/-) falsehood, lying; untruth, mistake

léasbregd [] 1. adj lying, false, deceitful; 2. m (-es/-as) cheating, trickery

léasbregda [] m (-n/-n) trickster

léasbregden [] f (-e/-a) falsehood

léasbregdende [] adj wily, deceitful

léasbregdnes [] f (-se/-sa) deception, falsehood

léasbregd see léasbréd

léascræft [] m (-es/-as) false art

léase [] adv falsely

léasere [] m (-es/-as) liar, hypocrite; buffoon, mime, jester, fool

léasest see lǽst 1

léasettan [] wv/t1b to pretend

léasferhð [] adj false

léasfyrhð [] adj false

léasferðnes [] f (-se/-sa) levity, folly

léasfyrhte see léasferhð

léasgespeca [] m (-n/-n) a falsifier

léasgewita [] m (-n/-n) a false witness

léasgewitnes [] f (-se/-sa) false witness

léasgielp [] m (-es/-as) vainglory

léasian [] wv/i2 to lie

léaslic [] adj false, deceitful, sham, empty; adv ~líce

léaslícettan [] wv/t1b to dissemble

léaslícettung [] f (-e/-a) dissimulation

léasmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) instability

léasnes [] f (-se/-sa) lying; levity

léasólæccere [] m (-es/-as) false flatterer

léasóleccan [] irreg wv/t1b to blandish, flatter

léasólecung [] f (-e/-a) empty flattery

léassagol [] adj lying, false

léasscéawere [] m (-es/-as) spy

léasspell [] n (-es/-) lie, fiction, fable

léasspellung [] f (-e/-a) empty or false talk

léassponung [] f (-e/-a) allurement

least see lást

least- see læst-

léastyhtan [] wv/t1b to cajole

léastyhtung [] f (-e/-a) cajolery

léasuht [] ? (-?/-?) enticer, seducer

léasung [] 1. f (-e/-a) leasing, lying, false witness, deceit, hypocrisy, artifice; a lie; empty talk, frivolity, laxity; 2. f (-e/-a) indemnity?

léasungspell [] n (-es/-) idle tale

léaswyrcend [] m (-es/-) deceiver

léat past 3rd sing of lútan

leatian see latian

léaðor [] n (-es/-) soap, soda

léaðorwyrt [] f (-e/-e) soap-wort?

léawede see lǽwede

léawfinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) index-finger, forefinger

leax [] m (-es/-as) salmon

leb- see lef-, læf-

lec see hlec

léc [] 1. m (-es/-as) look, regard; 2. see léac 1, 2

leccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres lecð past leahte, lehte, leohte ptp geleaht to water, irrigate, wet, moisten, slake [Ger lechzen]

leccing [] f (-e/-a) irrigation, watering

léce see lǽce

lécetere see lícettere

lecg [] f (-e/-a) part of a weapon?, sheath?

lecgan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres legð past legde ptp gelegd to lay, put, place, deposit, set; dispose, arrange; attach; bury; put before, submit; betake oneself, go; lay (egg); prostrate, cast down, lay low, kill; ~ on w.d. put upon, charge with; lástas ~ go, journey; on lást ~ follow [causative of licgan]; on lást ~ to follow

léciwyrt see lǽcewyrt

lécnian see lácnian

lectric see leahtric

léctún- see léactún-

lecða [] m (-n/-n) ship’s bottom or hold

léd see léad

lédan see lǽdan

léden see lǽden, léaden

léf [] 1. adj feeble, infirm, weak, injured; 2. see léaf

léf- see leaf-

léfan see líefan; lǽfan

lefel see læfel

lefil see læfel

léfmann [] m (-es/-menn) sick person

léfung [] f (-e/-a) paralysis

leg see læg, past 3rd sing of licgan

lég see 1. líeg; 2. léah

lég- see líg-, léog-

léga see lǽwa

legde past part of lecgan

légeléoht [] n (-es/-) light (of flame)

legen past part of licgan

leger [] n (-es/-) lying, illness; lair, couch, bed; grave; clǽne ~e consecrated grave; on lífe ge on ~e in life and in death [licgan]; ~ weardian keep one’s bed

légeræsc see lígetræsc

legerbǽre [] adj sick, ill

legerbedd [] n (-es/-) bed, sick bed; grave

legerfæst [] adj sick, ill

legerstów [] f (-e/-a) burial place

legertéam [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation, marriage

legerwíte [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) fine for unlawful cohabitation

léges see léages, gen sing of léah

legeð pres 3rd sing of lecgan

legie [] f (-an/-an) legion [L]

legu see ealdor~

leh- see leah-

léh see léah

léh- see léac-

léhnan see lýgnian

léht see léoht

léhtan see líhtan

lehte past 3rd sing of leccan

lehtor see leahtor

lél see lǽl

leloðre [] f (-an/-an) silverweed?

lemb see lamb

léman see lǽman

lemian1 [] wv/t2 to subdue; lame, disable

lempedu [] f (-e/-a) lamprey [L lampreda]

lemphealt [] adj limping

lempit [] f (-e/-a) dish, basin

lénan see lǽnan

lencten [] 1. m (-es/-as) springtime; the fast of Lent; 2. adj pertaining to Lent

lenctenádl [] f (-e/-a) spring fever, tertian ague, dysentery

lenctenbere [] m (-es/-as) Lent barley

lenctenbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of the Lenten fast

lenctendæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of Lent

lenctenerðe [] f (-an/-an) land ploughed in spring

lenctenfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) Lent

lenctenhǽtu [] f (-e/-a) heat of  spring

lenctenlic [] adj of spring, vernal; Lenten

lenctenlifen [] f (-e/-a) Lenten fare

lenctenmónað [] m (-mónðes/-mónðas) a spring month

lenctensufel [] n (-es/-) Lent food

lenctentíd [] f (-e/-e) spring, Lent

lenctentíma [] m (-n/-n) spring; Lent

lenctenwuce [] f (-an/-an) a week in Lent (rubric)

lenctin- see lencten-

lendan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres lendeð past lende ptp gelend aux wesan to land, arrive; go; ge~ to endow with land

lende- see lenden-

lendenádl [] f (-e/-a) disease of the loins

lendenbán [] n (-es/-) loin-bone

lendenbrǽde [] f (-an/-an) loin

lendenbréde see lendenbrǽde

lendenece [] m (-es/-as) pain in the loins

lendenséoc [] adj diseased in the loins

lendensíd [] adj reaching to the loins

lendenu [] n pl loins

lendenwyrc [] m (-es/-as) a disease of the kidneys

lendisc see dún~, up~, úre~, ut~

léne see lǽne

leng [] 1. f (-e/-a) length, height; 2. adv longer (cmp of lange)

lengan [] wv/t1b 1. 1 to lengthen, prolong, protract, delay; extend, reach, attain; belong; on hornum gelengdum tubis ductilibus; 2. ge~ to call for

lengcten- see lencten-

lenge [] 1. adj 1 belonging, related; near (of time); 2. see lange; 3. see lengu

lengest [] adj longest spl of lang

lengfære [] adj more durable

lengian [] impersonal wv/t2 w.a. to long [deleted]

lenglífra [] cmp of langlífe

lengo see lengu

lengra [] cmp of lang

lengten see lencten

lengtogra [] cmp adj more prolix; cmp of langtog

lengðu [] f (-e/-a) length; on ~e at length, finally

lengu [] f (-e/-a) length; height

lent [] f (-e/-a) lentil [L lentem]

lenten see lencten

léo [] m (-n/-n), f (-n/-n) lion, lioness [L]

léoc see léac

léod [] 1. m (-es/-as) man; ‘wergeld’ for manslaughter; ge~ fellow-countryman, compatriot; 2 chief, prince, king; 2. f (-e/-a) people, nation [usu in pl léode]

léoda [] 1. see geléod; 2. see léode

léodan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres líedeð past léad/ludon ptp geloden to spring up, grow; spring from

léodbealu2 [] n (-wes/-) calamity to a people

léodbiscop [] m (-es/-as) suffragan bishop, provincial

léodburg2 [] f (-byrg/-byrg) town; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

léodbygen [] f (-e/-a) sale of one’s compatriots, slave-traffic

léodcyning [] m (-es/-as) king, ruler

léode [] f pl men, people, country

léoden see lǽden

léodfruma2 [] m (-n/-n) prince, patriarch, chief

léodgeard2 [] m (-es/-as) country

léodgebyrga2 [] m (-n/-n) lord, protector, prince, king

léodgeld [] n (-es/-) ‘wergeld’ for manslaughter

léodgeþincð [] f (-e/-a) order, rank

léodgewinn [] n (-es/-) strife

léodgota see léadgota

léodgryre [] m (-es/-as) general terror

léodhata [] m (-n/-n) persecutor, tyrant

léodhete2 [] m (-es/-as) popular hatred, hostility

léodhryre [] m (-es/-as) fall of a prince (or nation?)

léodhwæt [] adj very valiant

léodisc see þider~

léodmǽg2 [] m (-es/-mágas) relative, comrade

léodmægen2 [] n (-es/-) might of the people, host

léodmearc2 [] f (-e/-a) domain, country

léodrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) country, region

léodriht [] n (-es/-) law of the land

léodrúne [] f (-an/-an) pythoness, sorceress

léodscearu [] f (-e/-a) tribe, nation

léodsceaða2 [] m (-n/-n) public enemy

léodscipe [] m (-es/-as) nation, people; country, region

léodstefn [] m (-es/-as) assembly

léodþéaw [] m (-es/-as) popular usage

léodweard2 [] f (-e/-a) government

léodweras2 [] m pl men, human beings

léodwerod [] n (-es/-) host of people

léodwita [] m (-n/-n) wise man, elder, chief

léodwynn [] f (-e/-a) home joy

léof [] 1. 1 adj dear, valued, beloved, pleasant, agreeable; 2. m (-es/-as) beloved one, friend; (in addressing persons) sir!, sire!; impure companion

leofen see lifen

leofian see libban

léoffæst [] adj dear, precious

léofian [] wv/i2 to be or become dear

léoflic [] adj dear, lovable, pleasant, beautiful, delightful; precious, valued; adv ~líce lovingly, kindly, gladly, willingly

léofspell [] n (-es/-) good news

léoftǽl [] adj kind, lovable, loving, dear, grateful, agreeable

léoftǽle [] adj kind, lovable, loving, dear, grateful, agreeable

léofwende [] adj kind, loving, gracious, acceptable, estimable, agreeable

léofwendum [] adv ardently

léogan1 [] sv/i2 3rd pres líegð past léag/lugon ptp gelogen to lie; deceive, belie, betray; be in error; ~ on to charge falsely

léogere [] m (-es/-as) liar, false witness; hypocrite

léoht [] 1. adj light, not heavy; slight, easy, trifling, inconsiderable; quick, agile; gentle; 2. n (-es/-) light, daylight; power of vision; luminary; world; 3. adj luminous, bright, light, clear, resplendent, renowned, beautiful

léohtan see líhtan

léohtbǽre [] adj brilliant, luminous

léohtbéamede [] adj bright-shining

léohtberend [] m (-es/-) light-bearer, Lucifer

léohtberende [] adj light-bearing, luminous

léohtbora [] m (-n/-n) light-bearer

léohtbrǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) levity, frivolity, wantonness

leohte see lehte, past 3rd sing of leccan

léohte [] 1. adv lightly, easily, comfortably; 2. adv brightly, clearly, brilliantly

léohtfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) lantern, torch, lamp, light

léohtfætels [] m (-es/-as) lamp

léohtfruma2 [] m (-n/-n) source of light

léohtgesceot [] n (-es/-u) payment for providing lights in church

léohtgescot [] n (-es/-u) payment for providing lights in church

léohtian [] wv/t2 1. to be lightened, relieved; 2. to become light, dawn; give light, illuminate

léohting see líhting

léohtísern [] n (-es/-) candlestick

léohtléas [] adj dark

léohtlic [] 1. adj light, of little weight or importance; adv ~líce lightly, slightly; inconsiderately; easily, quickly; gently, softly, slowly; 2. adj bright, radiant

léohtmód [] adj easy-going

léohtmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) inconstancy, frivolity

léohtsáwend [] m (-es/-) author of light

léohtscéawigend [] m (-es/-) light-seeing

léohtsceot see léohtgesceot

léohtwyrhta see léoðwyrhta

leolc past 3rd sing of lácan

léoma1 [] m (-n/-n) ray of light, beam, radiance, gleam, glare; lightning

leomu pl of lim

léon1 [] 1. sv/t1 3rd pres líehð past láh/ligon ptp geligen to lend, give, grant [Ger leihen]; 2. gen, dat, acc sing of léo

léona [] m (-n/-n), f (-n/-n) lion, lioness

léones? [] f (-se/-sa) league

léoneséað [] m (-a/-a) lion’s den

léonflǽsc [] n (-es/-u) lion’s flesh

léonfót [] m (-fét/-fét) lion’s foot (plant)

léonhwelp [] m (-es/-as) lion’s club

léoran1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres léorð past léorde ptp geléored (rarely geloren) to go, depart, vanish, die

léorednes1 [] f (-se/-sa) departure, transmigration; death; anniversary of a death; vision

léorende [] adj transitory

léorendnes see léorednes

léorian see léoran

leornan see leornian

leornere [] m (-es/-as) learner, disciple; scholar; reader

leornes [] f (-se/-sa) learning

léornes see léorednes

leornestre [] f (-an/-an) student

leornian1 [] wv/t2 to learn, read, study, think about

leorningcild [] n (-es/-ru) student, disciple

leorningcniht [] m (-es/-as) student, disciple

leorningende [] adj teachable

leorninghús [] n (-es/-) school

leornung [] f (-e/-a) learning, reading, study, meditation; discipleship [dat sing leornunga]

leornungcræft [] m (-es/-as) learning

leornungmann [] m (-es/-menn) learner, disciple (used even of women)

leornungscól [leor•nuŋg•skōl] f (-e/-a) school

leort past 3rd sing of lǽtan

léosan see be~, for~

leoð see leoðu, lið

leoð- see lið-

léoð [] n (-es/-) song, lay, poem

léoðcræft [] m (-es/-as) poetic art; poem, poetry

léoðcræftig [] adj skilled in song

léoðcwide [] m (-es/-as) lay, poem

leoðe- see leoðu-

léoðgidding [] f (-e/-a) lay, song, poem

leoðian2 see liðian

léoðlic [] adj versified

leoðo- see leoðu-

léoðorún [] f (-e/-a) wise counsel given in song

léoðowyrt see léaðorwyrt?

léoðr- see hléoðr-

léoðsang [] m (-es/-as) song, poem, poetry

leoðu [] 1. f (-e/-a) retinue, following?; 2. see líð

léoðbend2 [] m (-es/-), f (-e/-a) chain, fetter, bond

leoðubíge [] adj flexible, yielding

leoðubígnes [] f (-se/-sa) flexibility of limbs

leoðucǽga [] m (-n/-n) limbs serving as a key

leoðucræft2 [] m (-es/-as) skill of hand

leoðucræftig [] adj agile

leoðufæst [] adj fast, able

leoðulic [] adj appertaining to the limbs, bodily

leoðusár [] n (-es/-) pain in the limbs

leoðusyrce2 [] f (-an/-an) corselet

leoðuwác [] adj with supple limbs, flexible, pliant

leoðuwǽcan1 [] wv/i1b to be or become calm or pliant; appease, mitigate; revive; soften; adapt?

léoðweorc [] n (-es/-) poetry

léoðwíse [] f (-an/-an) verse, poetry

léoðword [] n (-es/-) a word in a poem

léoðwrenc [] m (-es/-as) trick in a poem?, spurious passage?

léoðwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) poet

léow [] n (-es/-er) ham, thigh

léow see mund~

leowe [] f (-an/-an) league (distance)

léower pl of léow

léowð see hléowð

lépene [] f? (-an/-an) a basket

lepewince see læpewince

leppan [] wv/t1a to feed (hawks)

léran see lǽran

lere see lyre

léréow- see láréow-

lés- see lies-

lesan [] sv/t5 3rd pres lisð past læs/lǽson ptp gelesen to collect, pick, select, gather, glean

lesca [] m (-n/-n) groin

lesende see ed~

lesendlic see ed~

lesung see ed~

lest see lást

lesu see lysu

lésw- see lǽsw-

lét [] 1. past 3rd sing of lǽtan; 2. see lǽt, pres 3rd sing of lǽdan; 3. see léat past of lútan

létan see lǽtan

létanía [] m (-n/-n) litany [L litany]

letig see lytig

lettan1 [] wv/t1b to let, hinder, delay, impede, oppress

lettend [] m (-es/-) hinderer

letting [] f (-e/-a) letting, hindrance, delay

léð see lǽð

leðer see heals~, weald~

leðercodd [] m (-es/-as) leather bag

leðeren see leðren

leðerhelm [] m (-es/-as) leathern helmet

leðerhosu [] f (-e/-a) leathern gaiter

leðern see leðren

leðerwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) tanner, currier

léðr-  see lýðr-

leðren [] adj leathern

léud see 1. léod; 2. lǽwede

léw [] f (-e/-a) see lǽw

léwend see lǽwend

léwer see léower

léwsa [] m (-n/-n) weakness, misery

lex see leax

léxnian see lácnian

Lia [] f (-e/-a) Lia

lib- see lif-

Libanisc [] adj of Lebanon

libb- see lyb-

libban [] wv/t3 3rd pres leofað past lifde ptp gelifd to live, experience, be, exist

libr- see lifer-

líc [] n (-es/-) body; corpse

líce1 [] adv as, like, equally, similarly (usu ge~); gelíce and like as if

lícam- see lícham-

lícbeorg [] f (-e/-a) coffin, sarcophagus

lícburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) cemetery; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

líccere see lícettere

líccetere see lícettere

líccettan see lícettan

liccian [] wv/t2 to lick; lap, lick up

liccing [] f (-e/-a) licking

lícema see líchama

lícendlic see líciendlic

lícettan [] wv/t1b to feign, dissimulate; flatter

lícettere [] m (-es/-as) deceiver, hypocrite

lícettung [] f (-e/-a) feigning, deceit, hypocrisy, flattery

lícetung [] f (-e/-a) feigning, deceit, hypocrisy, flattery

lícewyrðe see lícwyrðe

lícfæt2 [] n (-es/-fatu) body

licgan1 [] sv/i5 3rd pres ligeð past læg/lǽgon ptp is gelegen to lie, be situated, be at rest, remain, be; lie down, lie low, yield, subside, fall, lie prostrate, fail, lie dead; lead, extend to; flow, go, run; belong to; lie along, border?; ~ for take the part of; ~ mid cohabit with; ~ on cnéowum to kneel; wið licgendum féo for ready money

líchama [] m (-n/-n) body, corpse; trunk

líchamléas [] adj incorporeal

líchamlic [] adj bodily, carnal, physical, material; adv ~líce bodily, personally, in the flesh

líchamung see in~

líchom- see lícham-

líchanga [] m (-n/-n) gibbet?

líchord2 [] n (-es/-) interior of the body

líchrægel [] n (-es/-) winding-sheet

líchryre [] m (-es/-as) bodily decay, death

líchryst see lícrest

líchwamlic see líchamlic

lícian [] 1. wv/t2 1 w.d. or impersonal to please; be sufficient; 2. ge~ to be or make like; seem likely

líciendlic [] adj agreeable, pleasant; adv ~líce

lícléoþ [] n (-es/-) dirge

líclic [] adj relating to the dead, funeral

lícmann [] m (-es/-menn) bearer, pall-bearer

lícnes [] f (-se/-sa) 1 likeness, similarity; figure, stature, image; ge~ parable

lícpytt [] m (-es/-as) grave

lícrest [] f (-e/-a) sepulcher, tomb; hearse; cemetery

lícs- see líx-

lícsang [] m (-es/-as) dirge

lícsár2 [] n (-es/-) wound

lícstów [] f (-e/-a) place of burial

lícsyrce [] f (-an/-an) corselet

líctún [] m (-es/-as) burial-ground

lícþénung [] f (-e/-a) obsequies, funeral; laying out (of a corpse)

lícþéote [] f (-an/-an) pore

lícþrówere [] m (-es/-as) leper

lícþrúh [] f (-þrýh/-þrýh) sepulcher [dat pl ~þrúm]

lícum- see lícham-

lícung1 [] f (-e/-a) pleasure

lícwíglung [] f (-e/-a) necromancy

lícwund [] f (-e/-a) wound

lícwyrðe1 [] adj pleasing, acceptable; estimable, praiseworthy; accepted, recognized, sterling

lícwyrðlíce [] adv pleasingly

lícwyrðnes [] f (-se/-sa) good pleasure

lid2 [] n (-es/-u) ship, vessel [líðan]

lida [] m (-n/-n) sailor

Lída see Líða

liden past part of líðan

lídeð pres 3rd sing of léodan

lidmann2 [] m (-es/-menn) seafarer, sailor, pirate

lidrin see leðren

lidweard [] m (-es/-as) shipmaster

lidwérig [] adj weary of sea-voyages

Lidwiccas [] m pl the people of Brittany, (or using the name of the people for the country) Brittany; [The word seems to contain the British word for Amoricea, Llydaw]

Lidwícingas [] m pl the people of Brittany, (or using the name of the people for the country) Brittany; [The word seems to contain the British word for Amoricea, Llydaw]

líefan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to allow, grant, concede; 2. wv/t1b, wv/i1b to believe, trust, confide in; 3. ge~ to be dear to

líeffæstan see líffæstan

líeg [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) fire, flame, lightning

líeg- see líg-

líeget see líget

liegeð [] 1. see legeð pres 3rd sing of lecgan; 2. pres 3rd sing of licgan

líeht- see léoht-, líht-

líehð pres 3rd sing of léogan

líesan1 [] wv/t1b to loosen, release, redeem, deliver, liberate

líesing [] 1. m (-es/-as) freedman; 2. f (-e/-a) deliverance, release

líeð- see líð-

líexan see líxan

líf [] 1. n (-es/-) life, existence; life-time; on ~e, tó ~e, ~es alive; way of life (e.g. monastic); place where the life is according to rule, monastery; 2. see léf; 3. see leaf 1

líf- see líef-

lífbrycgung [] f (-e/-a) way of life

lífbysig [] adj struggling for life

lífcearu2 [] f (-e/-a) care about life

lífdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) life day, lifetime (usu in pl)

lifde past sing of libban

lifede past sing of libban

lifen [] f (-e/-a) sustenance

lifer [] 1. f (lifre/lifra) liver; 2. f (-e/-a) a weight [L libra?]

liferádl [] f (-e/-a) liver complaint

liferbýl [] m (-es/-as) protuberance of the liver

liferhol [] n (-es/-u) hollow in the liver

liferlæppa [] m (-n/-n) lobe of the liver

liferséoc [] adj ill in the liver

liferséocnes [] f (-se/-sa) disease of the liver

liferwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the liver

liferwyrt [] f (-e/-e) liverwort [listed as n]

lifesn see lybesn

líffadung [] f (-e/-a) regulation of life

líffæc [] n (-es/-facu) lifetime, life

líffæst1 [] adj living, quickened, full of life, vigorous; life-giving; settled

líffæstan1 [] wv/t1b to quicken, endow with life

liffet- see lyffet-

líffréa2 [] m (-n/-n) Lord of life, God

líffruma2 [] m (-n/-n) source of life (God)

lifgan see libban

lífgedál [] n (-es/-) death

lífgesceaft2 [] f (-e/-a) life’s conditions or record

lífgetwinnan [] m pl twins

lifian see libban

lifiende [] adj that lives or has life; when alive; noun the living

líflád [] f (-e/-a) course of life, conduct

líflǽst see lífléast

lífléas [] adj not endowed with life, lifeless, inanimate; dead

lífléast [] f (-e/-a) loss of life, death

líflic [] adj living; lively; long-lived; necessary to life, vital; adv ~líce vitally, so as to impart life

lífflyre [] m (-es/-as) loss of life

lífneru [] f (-e/-a) food, sustenance

lifnes see lybesn

lifre gen sing of lifer 1

lift see lyft

lífweard [] m (-es/-as) guardian of life

lífweg [] m (-es/-as) way of life, way in life

lífwela2 [] m (-n/-n) riches

lífwelle [] adj living (water)

lífwraðu2 [] f (-e/-a) protection of life

lífwynn2 [] f (-e/-a) enjoyment of life

líg see líeg

lig- see lyg-

lígbǽre [] adj flaming

lígberende [] adj flaming

lígbryne2 [] m (-es/-as) burning, fire

lígbysig [] adj busy with fire

lígcwalu [] f (-e/-a) fiery torment

lígdraca2 [] m (-n/-n) fiery dragon

lígegesa [] m (-n/-n) flaming terror

lígen [] 1. adj flaming, fiery; 2. past part of léon

ligenword see lyfeword

líget [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) lightning, flash of lightning [líeg]

lígetu [] f (-e/-a) lightning, flash of lightning [líeg]

lígetræsc [] m (-es/-as) lightning, flash of light, coruscation [líget]

lígetslieht [] m (-es/-as) lightning-stroke, thunderbolt

lígetung [] f (-e/-a) lightning

ligeð pres 3rd sing of licgan

lígfǽmende [] adj vomiting fire

lígfámbláwende [] adj vomiting fire

lígfýr [] n (-es/-) fire

ligge see líege, dat sing of líeg

lígit see líget

líglic [] adj fiery

líglocc [] adj having flaming locks

líglocced [] adj having flaming locks

lígnan2 [] wv/t1b to deny

ligrægel [] ? (-?/-?) a garment of varied hues

lígræsc see lígetræsc

lígræscetung [] f (-e/-a) lightning

lígræscung [] f (-e/-a) lightning

lígspíwel [] adj vomiting flame

ligð pres 3rd sing of licgan

lígþracu2 [] f (-e/-a) fiery onset, violence of flames [dat sing ~þræce]

lígýð [] f (-e/-a) wave of fire

líh imper sing of léon

líht see léoht

líhtan [] 1. wv/t1b 1 to make light, easy, relieve, alleviate; dismount, alight; 2. to lighten, illuminate, give light, shine; grow light, dawn; light, kindle

líhtian see líhtan

líhting [] 1. f (-e/-a) relief, alleviation, release; 2. f (-e/-a) shining, illumination, light; dawn; lightning

líhtingnes [] f (-se/-sa) lightness of taxation

líhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) brightness

líhð pres 3rd sing of léogan

lilie [] f (-an/-an) lily [L lilium]

lim [] n (-es/leomu) limb, member; branch; agent, offspring?; bone?

lím [] m (-es/-as) anything sticky, lime, mortar, cement, gluten; bird-lime, snare

límfín [] f (-e/-a) lime-heap

limgelecg [] n (-es/-) shape

limgesíð [] f (-e/-a) body

limhál [] adj sound of limb

líming [] f (-e/-a) smearing, plastering

limlǽw [] f (-e/-a) injury to limbs, mutilation

limlǽweo [] adj maimed

limléas [] adj without limbs

limmǽlum [] adv limb by limb

limmlama [] wk adj, masc. noun crippled

limnacod [] adj stark naked

limpan1 [] sv/i3 3rd pres limpð past lamp/lumpon ptp is gelumpen to happen, occur, exist; belong to, suit, befit; concern

limpful1 [] adj fitting, convenient

limplǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to unite, connect

limséoc2 [] adj lame, paralytic

limwǽde [] n (-es/-u) clothing

limwæstm [] m (-es/-as) stature

limwérig [] adj weary of limb

lín [] n (-es/-) flax, linen, cloth, napkin, towel

línæcer [] m (-es/-as) flax-field

lind [lind] 1. f (-e/-a) lime-tree, linden; 2 shield (of wood); 2. see lynd

lindcroda [] m (-n/-n) crash of shields, battle

linde see lind 1

linden [] adj made of linden-wood

lindgecrod [] n (-es/-u) shield-bearing troop

lindgelác [] n (-es/-) battle

lindgestealla2 [] m (-n/-n) companion in war

lindhæbbende [] m (-es/-) shield-bearer, warrior

lindplega2 [] m (-n/-n) shield-play, battle

lindrycg [] m (-es/-as) ridge where limes grow

lindwered [] n (-es/-) troop armed with shields

lindwiga [] m (-n/-n) warrior

lindwígend2 [] m (-es/-) shielded warrior

lindwíggend2 [] m (-es/-) shielded warrior

líne [] f (-an/-an) line, cable, rope; series, row; rule, direction

línece see línete

linen [] adj linen, made of flax

línenhrægl [] n (-es/-) linen cloth

línenweard [] adj clad in linen

línete [] f (-an/-an) linnet

línetwige [] f (-an/-an) linnet

línetwigle [] f (-an/-an) linnet

ling [] suffix 1. for forming personal nouns (déorling, rǽpling); 2. for forming adverbs (hinderling)

línhǽwen [] adj flax-colored

línland [] n (-es/-) land in flax

línléag [] m (-es/-as) flax ground

linnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres linð past lann/lunnon ptp gelunnen w.i. or w.g. to cease from, desist, lose, yield up (life)

línsǽd [] n (-es/-) linseed

línsétcorn [] n (-es/-) a grain of linseed

línwǽd [] f (-e/-e) linen cloth or garment

línwyrt [] f (-e/-e) flax

lío see léo

lippa [] m (-n/-n) lip

lippe? [] f (-an/-an) lip

líra [] m (-n/-n) any fleshy part of the body, muscle, calf of the leg

líreht [] adj fleshy

lís see liss

lís- see líes-

lisan see lesan

lisnian see be~

listnian see be~

liss [] f (-e/-a) grace, favor, love, kindness, mercy; joy, peace, rest; remission, forgiveness; alleviation; saving (of life); [formerly líðs] [líðe]

lissan [] wv/t1a to subdue

list [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) art, cleverness, cunning, experience, skill, craft; ~um cunningly, skillfully

listan see lystan

líste [] f (-an/-an) list, fringe, border

listelíce [] adv carefully

listhendig [] adj skillful

listum see list

listwrenc [] m (-es/-as) deception

lisð [] pres 3rd sing of lesan

lit [] ? (-?/-?) color, dye

lít see lýt

lítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres líteð past lát/liton ptp geliten to cause to bow, bend, incline; [from lútan as bíegan is from búgan]

lite- see lytig-

lítel see lýtel

litig see lytig


lítl- see lýtl-

litsmann see liðsmann

lið [] 1. n (-es/-u, leoðu), m (-es/-as) limb, member; joint; tip (of finger), point; 2. n (-es/-u, leoðu) fleet [ON lið]

líð [] 1. n (-es/-) cider, native wine, fermented drink; beaker, cup; 2. mercy; 3. pres 3rd sing of licgan; 4. adj see líðe; 5. see líhð

Líða [] m (-n/-n) name of the months June (ǽrra ~), and July (æftera ~)

liðádl [] f (-e/-a) gout

líðan [] sv/i1 3rd pres líðeð past láð/lidon ptp is geliden 1. 1 to go, travel, sail; ge~ arrive; 2. to be bereft of; 3. see líðigian

líðe [] adj lithe, soft, gentle, meek, mild, serene, benign, gracious, pleasant, sweet [cmp lýðre]

liðe- see leoðu-

líðeg see líðig

líðeléaf [] n (-es/-) camomile

líðelic [] adj gentle, soft, mild; adv ~líce

liðera [] m (-n/-n) sling, slinging pouch (2)

liðercian [] wv/t2 to smooth down, flatter

liðere [] f (-an/-an) sling, slinging pouch (1)

liðeren see leðren

liðerlic [] adj of a sling

liðewácung [] f (-e/-a) mitigation; [compeditorium] [pl as leoðuwácunga]

liðgeat see hlidgeat

líðian see líðigian

liðian1 [] wv/t2 to unloose, release

líðig [] adj lithe, flexible, bending, yielding

líðigian [] wv/t2 1 to soften, calm, mitigate, assuage, appease; be mild

liðincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) little joint

líðlic see líðelic

liðmann see lidmann

líðnes [] f (-se/-sa) mildness, softness, gentleness, kindness

liðo- see leoðu-

liðre see liðere

líðre see lýðre

liðrin see leðren

líðs see liss

liðséaw [] n (-es/-) synovia

liðsmann [] m (-es/-menn) seafarer, pirate

liðu see lið

liðule [] m (-es/-as) synovia [lið, ele]

líðung [] f (-e/-a) alleviation, relief; complaisance, indulgence, kindness, obliging disposition or conduct, mercy, grace, favor; Permission to do any thing; forbearance in view of any wrong that has been done, forgiveness, pardon, remission [venia], a pitying, pity, compassion, commiseration; rhetor., a pathetic speech [miseratio]

líðwǽge [] n (-es/-u) drinking-cup

liðwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the limbs

líðwyrde [] adj mild of speech

líðwyrt [] f (-e/-e) dwarf elder

líxan [] wv/i1b to shine, flash, glitter, gleam

líxende [] adj splendidly

líxung [] f (-e/-a) brilliance, brightness

[] ? (pl ~lón) see mæst~, sceaft~

lob see lof

lobbe [] f (-an/-an) spider

loc [] 1. n (-es/-u) lock, bolt, bar; enclosure, fold, prison, stronghold; bargain, agreement, settlement, conclusion; clause; [lúcan]; 2. see locc 1

lóc [] interj look, see, look you; ~ hú however; whatever; ~ hwænne/hwonne whenever; spel ~ hwænne mann wille a discourse for any occasion you please; ~ hwǽr wherever; ~ hwǽðer whichever; ~ hwá whoever, ~ hwæt whatever; ~ hwylc whichever; ~ nu observe, note, behold

lóca see lóc

loca [] 1. m (-n/-n) enclosure, stronghold; 2. m (-n/-n) lock (of wool)

lócahú see lóc interj

locbore [] f (-an/-an) one who wears long hair, free woman

locc [] 1. m (-es/-as) lock (of hair), hair, curl; 2. see loc 1

loccetan see rocettan

loccian1 [] wv/t2 to attract, entice, soothe

loccod [] adj hairy, shaggy

locen [] 1. past part of lúcan; 2. see loc

locer see locor

locfeax [] n (-es/-u) hair

locgewind [] m (-es/-as) hair

lóchú see lóc hú

lochwænne see lóc hwænne

lochyrdel [] m (-es/-as) hurdle for sheepfolds

lócian [] wv/t2 1 to see, behold, look, gaze; observe, notice, take heed; belong, pertain; ~ tó regard with favor

locor [] m (-es/-as) plane (tool)

locstán [] m (-es/-as) stone closing an entrance

lócung see þurh~

loddere [] m (-es/-as) beggar [lýðre]

loerge [] n pl of lorg

lof [] 1. n (-es/-u) praise, glory, repute; song of praise, hymn; 2. n (-es/-u) protection, help?

lóf [] ? (-?/-?) band, fillet; [redimicula]

lofbǽre [] adj praising, giving praise

lofdǽd [] f (-e/-e) praiseworthy deed

lofgeorn [] adj eager for praise; lavish?, ostentatious?

lofherung [] f (-e/-a) praising

lofian [] wv/t2 to praise, exalt; 1 appraise, value

loflác [] n (-es/-) offering in honor of any one

loflǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to praise

loflic [] adj laudable; adv ~líce gloriously

lofmægen [] n (-es/-) praise

lofsang [] m (-es/-as) song of praise, canticle, hymn, psalm; lauds

lofsealm [] m (-es/-as) the 148th Psalm, lauds

lofsingende [] adj singing hymns of praise

lofsum [] adj praiseworthy

lofte [] adv phr ~ (on) in the air, aloft

lofung [] f (-e/-a) praising, laudation; appraising

lóg [] past 3rd sing of léan 1

lóges see lóh

logeðer see logðer

lógian1 [] wv/t2 to lodge, place, put by; put in order, arrange, collect, settle; discourse; divide, portion out; ge~ úp lay by, deposit; gelógod interpolated; gelógod spræc (well)-ordered speech

logðer [] adj cunning, artful

lóh [] 1. n (lóges/-) place, stead (only in phr on his ~); 2. past 3rd sing of lean 2

lóhsceaft [] m (-es/-as) bolt, bar?, stick with a strap to it?

loma see lama

lóma1 [] m (-n/-n) tool, utensil, article of furniture

lomb see lamb

lombor see lamb

lóme1 [] 1. adj frequent; 2. adv often, frequently; oft (and) ge~ constantly, diligently

lómelic see lómlic

lómlǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to frequent; be frequent

lomp [] past 3rd sing of limpan

lond see land

londádl [] f (-e/-a) strangury? [hland]

lone see lange

long see lang

Longbeardan [] m pl Lombards

Longbeardas [] m pl Lombards

lonn see lank

lonu see lanu

loppe [] f (-an/-an) spider

loppestre [] f (-an/-an) lobster; locust

lopust see loppestre

lopystre see loppestre

lor [] n (-es/-u) loss, destruction (in phr tó ~e/lóse)

lora see hléow~

loren [] past part of léoran

lorg [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) pole, distaff, weaver’s beam

lorh [] f (-e/-a), m (lóres/lóras) pole, distaff, weaver’s beam

los see lor

lóse see hlóse

losewist see loswist

losian [] wv/t2 1 to be lost, fail, perish; 1 escape, get away; lose; destroy

losigendlic [] adj ready to perish

losing [] f (-e/-a) loss, destruction

loswist [] f (-e/-e) loss, destruction

lot [] n (-es/-u) fraud, guile

loten [] past part of lútan

lotwrenc [] m (-es/-as) deception, deceit, cunning, artifice, trick

lotwrencceast [] f (-e/-a) cunning

loða [] m (-n/-n) upper garment, mantle, cloak

loðrung [] f (-e/-a) delusion; rubbish, nonsense

lox [] m (-es/-as) lynx [Ger luchs]

luba- see lufe-

lube- see lufe-

lúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres lýcð past léac/lucon ptp gelocen 1. 1 to lock, close, enclose, fasten, shut up; intr to close up, form one mass; interlock, intertwine, twist, wind; conclude; 2. pluck out, pull up

lucor see ??

ludgæt [] n (-es/-gatu) side-gate, postern gate

ludon [] past pl of léodan

lufe [] f (-an/-an) loved home

lufelic see luflic

lufen [] f (-e/-a) hope?

lufestice [] f (-an/-an) lovage (plant) [L levisticum]

lufestre [] f (-an/-an) female lover

luffendlic see lufiendlic

luffeorm [] f (-e/-a) hospitality

lufian1 [] wv/t2 to love, cherish, sow love to; fondle, caress; delight in, approve, practice

lufiend [] m (-es/-) lover

lufiende [] adj affectionate

lufiendlic [] adj lovely, beautiful; lovable

lufigendlic [] adj lovely, beautiful; lovable

luflic [] adj amiable, loving; lovable; adv ~líce kindly; willingly, gladly

lufrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) love

lufsum [] adj loving, lovable, pleasant

lufsumlic [] adj gracious; adv ~líce

lufsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) pleasantness, kindness

luftácen [] n (-tácnes/-) love-token

luftéme [] adj pleasant, sweet, grateful, benevolent

luftýme [] adj pleasant, sweet, grateful, benevolent

luftýmlic [] adj pleasant

lufu [] f (-e/-a) love, strong liking, affection, favor; desire; kind action; love (of God); amicable settlement

lufung [] f (-e/-a) action of loving

lufwende [] adj lovable, pleasant

lufwendlic [] adj friendly; adv ~líce gently

lugon past pl of léogan

luh [] n (-es/-u) loch, pond [Keltic]

lumpon past pl of limpan

luncian? [] wv/t2 to limp [Norw. lunke?]

lundlaga [] m (-n/-n) kidney

Lundonisc [] adj of London

lungen [] f (-ne/-na) lung

lungenádl [] f (-e/-a) lung-disease

lungenǽder [] f (-e/-a) vein of the lungs

lungencoðu [] f (-e/-a) lung disease

lungensealf [] f (-e/-a) lung-salve

lungenwyrt [] f (-e/-e) lungwort

lunger see céas~

lungre2 [] adv soon, forthwith, suddenly, quickly

lunnon past pl of linnan

lús [] f (lýs/lýs) louse

lusian see losian

lust [] 1. m (-es/-as) desire, appetite; pleasure; sensuous appetite, lust; 2. adj willing

lustbǽre [] 1. adj desirable, pleasant, agreeable, cheerful, joyous; desirous; 2. adv gladly, willingly

lustbǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) enjoyment, pleasure, desire

lustful [] adj wishful, desirous; ge~ desirable

lustfullian1 [] wv/t2 to rejoice, enjoy; desire; be pleasing to

lustfullíce1 [] adv gladly, heartily

lustfullung [] f (-e/-a) desire, pleasure, delight

lustfulnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) desire, pleasure

lustgeornnes [] f (-se/-sa) concupiscence, strong feelings of physical desire

lustgryn [] f (-e/-a) snare of pleasure

lustlíce [] adv willingly, gladly

lustmoce [] f (-an/-an) lady’s-smock (plant)

lustsumlic [] adj pleasant; adv ~líce willingly

lustum [] adv with pleasure, gladly

lúsþorn [] m (-es/-as) spindle-tree

lútan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres lýteð past léat/luton ptp geloten to bend, stoop, decline; geloten dæg after part of day; bow, make obeisance, fall down ge~ lay down; entreat

lútian1 [] wv/t2 to lie hidden, hide, lurk

lútter see hlúttor

lúttor see hlútor

lúðer- see lýðer-

lybb [] n (-es/-) drug, poison, charm

lybban see libban

lybbestre [] f (-an/-an) sorceress

lybcorn [] n (-es/-) a medicinal seed, wild saffron?

lybcræft [] m (-es/-as) skill in the use of drugs, magic, witchcraft

lybesn [] f (-e/-a) charm, amulet, knot

lyblác [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) occult art, use of drugs for magic, witchcraft

lyblǽca [] m (-n/-n) wizard, sorcerer

lybsin see lybesn

lybsn see lybesn

lýc- see lǽc-, líc-

lycce see lyge 2

lýcð pres 3rd sing of lúcan

lýden see lǽden

lýf see líf

lyfde past 3rd sing of libban

lyfede past 3rd sing of libban

lyfesn see lybesn

lyffetere [] m (-es/-as) flatterer

lyffettan [] wv/t1b to flatter

lyffettian [] wv/t2 to flatter

lyffetung [] f (-e/-a) adulation, flattery

lyfian see lifian, libban

lyft [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) air, sky, clouds, atmosphere; on ~e on high, aloft [Ger luft]

lyftádl [] f (-e/-a) paraplysis, palsy

lyftedor [] m (-es/-as) clouds

lyften [] adj of the air, aerial

lyftfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) vessel in the air (moon)

lyftfléogend [] m (-es/-) flier in the air, bird

lyftfloga [] m (-n/-n) flier in the air, dragon

lyftgelác2 [] n (-es/-) flight through the air

lyftgeswenced [] adj driven by the wind

lyfthelm2 [] m (-es/-as) air, mist, cloud

lyftlácende2 [] adj sporting in the air, flying

lyftlic [] adj aerial

lyftsceaða [] m (-n/-n) aerial robber (raven)

lyftwundor [] n (-wundres/-) aerial wonder

lyftwynn2 [] f (-e/-a) joyous air, pleasure in flying

lyge [] 1. m (-es/-as) lie, falsehood; 2. adj lying, false;

lygen [] f (-ne/-na) lie, falsehood

lygenian see lygnian

lygesearu2 [] n (-wes/-) lying wile, trick

lygespell [] n (-es/-) falsehood

lygesynnig [] adj lying, false

lygetorn [] n (-es/-) feigned anger or grief

lygeword2 [] n (-es/-) lying word, lie

lygewyrhta [] m (-n/-n) liar

lygnes [] f (-se/-sa) falseness; false things

lygnian1 [] wv/t2 to give one the lie, convict of falsehood; gelygnod perjured

lýht- see líht-

lyhð pres 3rd sing of léan

lýð pres 3rd sing of léogan

lym see lim

lýman [] wv/t1b to shine

lymp- see limp-

lynde1 [] f (-an/-an) fat, grease [also lyndu]

lynian see á~, ~

lynibor [] n (-es/-) borer, gimlet

lynis [] m (-es/-as) linchpin

lýpenwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) basket maker, tanner

lyre [] m (-es/-as) loss, destruction, damage, hurt [léosan]

lyrewrenc [] m (-es/-as) hurtful intrigue

lyrtan see be~

lýs see lús

lýs- see lies-

lysferht see leasferhð

lysnan see hlysnan

lysnere see hlysnere

lýssa see lǽssa

lyssen see lyswen

lystan1 [] impersonal wv/t1b w.a. person, w.g. thing or infin. to please, cause pleasure or desire, provoke longing; gelysted desirous of

lystere see lyftere?, lyffetere

lysu [] 1. adj base, false, evil; 2. n (-wes/-) evil deed

lyswen [] 1. adj purulent, corrupt; 2. m (-es/-as) pus, matter

lýt [] adv, adj, indecl noun little, few

lýtan see lútan

lyteg see lytig

lýtel [] 1. adj little, not large; unimportant, mean; short (distance, time); not much; cmp lǽssa; spl lǽst, lǽsta; 2. adv little, slightly; lýtlan ond lýtlan little by little; 3. noun little

lýtelhýdig [] adj pusillanimous

lytelic see lytiglic

lytelíce see lytiglíce

lýtelmód [] adj pusillanimous

lýtelne see lýtesne

lýtelnes [] f (-se/-sa) smallness

lýtesná [] adv nearly, almost

lýtesne [] adv nearly, almost

lýtestne [] adv nearly, almost

lýthwón [] adv, noun w.g. little, but little, very few

lytig [] adj crafty, cunning; prudent

lytigian [] wv/t2 to feign, act crookedly

lytiglic [] adj deceitful, crafty; adv ~líce

lytignes [] f (-se/-sa) cunning

lýtle [] f (-an/-an) female slave

lýtlian1 [] wv/t2 to lessen, decrease, diminish; shorten, curtail, abrogate; fall out of use; belittle

lýtling [] m (-es/-as) little one, infant, child; unimportant person

lýtlum [] adv little by little, gradually [dative of lýtel]

lýtlung [] f (-e/-a) diminution; ge~ insufficiency, want

lyttl- see lýtl-

lyttuccas [] m pl particles, small pieces

lytwist? [] f (-e/-e) deception

lyð see lið

lýða see líða

lýðerful [] adj evil, vile

lýðerlic [] adj bad, sordid, mean, vile; adv ~líce

lýðernes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness

lýðran [] wv/t1b to anoint, smear, lather [léaðor]

lyðre see liðere

lýðre [] 1. adj bad, wicked, base, mean, corrupt, wretched; 2. cmp of líðe

lýðwyrt see líðwyrt

lýxan see líxan