[] m (-n/-n) oar-thole, rowlock; æt ~ for each oar, or each oarsman [Icel. hár]

ha ha [] interj ha ha!

habban [] wv/t3 3rd pres hæfþ past hæfde ptp gehæfd to have; possess, own, hold; keep, retain; entertain, cherish; look after, carry on; esteem, consider; be subject to, experience; get, obtain; assert; aux verb in pres. perfect have; ~ for consider; ge~ hold, keep from, restrain, preserve; yfle ge~ afflict, torment; on gewunan ~ to be accustomed to; ~ gemǽne to have or hold in common

habban [] wv/t3 1. w.a. to have, possess, hold, keep; andan tó hwǽm ~ to bear malice to someone; æfter þissum hæfde se cyning micel geþeaht after this the king held a great  council; Æðelwulf his dóhtor hæfde him tó cwene Ethelwulf had his daughter for his queen; Penda hæfde 30-wintra ríce, and hé hæfde 50-wintra Penda reigned 30 years, and he was 50 years old; þis léoht habbaþ wé wiþ níetenu gemǽne this light we have in common with beasts; þæt cild hæfde læsse þonne þríe mónþas þæs þriddan géares the child was not quite two years and three months old; héo hit for Cristes andwlitan ǽfre hæfde she ever considered it as Christ’s countenance; hine se módiga mǽg Higeláces hæfde be handa the proud kinsman of Hygelac held him by the hand; 2. w. partitive gen. to have some of s.t.; hæbbe ic his on handa I have some of it in my hand; 3. w. gerundial infinitive to express the future; þone calic þe ic tó drincenne hæbbe the chalice that I have to drink; 4. with an uninflected participle; þu mec forlǽred hæfst thou hast seduced me; 5. with an inflected participle, sometimes also with an uninflected participle as well; þás þing habbaþ wé be him gewritene these things we have written about him; þá cwæþ Iacob, “Bearnléasne gé habbaþ mec gedónne” then said Jacob, “Ye have made me childless”;

habban [] wv/t3 3rd pres hæfþ past hæfde ptp gehæfd A. 1. to have, hold in or with the hand (lit. or fig.); hé hæfþ in handum heofon and eorðan he holds in his hands heavan and earth; 1a. of the hand; 2. to have, possess; (1) absolute; (2) with object; (a) to hold as property, possess material or non-material objects; mín land þe ic hæbbe my land that I hold; (b) to hold as something at one’s disposal or service, under one’s control; hámtúnscíre hé hæfde oþ hé ofslóg þone aldormann he held Hamptonshire under his control until he slew the alderman; ~ and healdan to have and keep; þá word þæs godspelles on his heortan habban and healdan to have and keep the words of the gospel in his heart; 3. denoting various kinds of connection between subject and object, e.g. kindred, relative position; ic hæbbe fíf gebróðru I have 5 brothers; 3a. with complement or adverbial extension defining the connection; (1) the object a person; wé habbaþ Abraham ús tó fæder we have Abraham for our father; Æðelwulf his dóhtor hæfde him tó cwene Ethelwulf had his daughter for his queen; hæbbe hé him twégen ceorlas tó gewitnesse he may have two men as witnesses; (2) the object a thing; (α) a noun or pronoun; Theodosius hæfde þone wind mid him Theodosius had the wind with him; nim þæt þe ic þé tó sellenne hæbbe take that which I have to sell to thee; (β) a clause; hæfdon manige unwíse menn him tó worde, þæt séo hǽte nǽre for hira synnum; 4. to have as a part or adjunct, to contain as parts of itself; 5. to have as an attribute, a quality, function, right, wrong, etc.; (1) of persons; (2) of things; þá word þe geendiaþ on or habbaþ þréo getácnunga the words that end on or have three signs; 6. to have, be affected with, experience, enjoy, or suffer; ne ic þæs déaðes hæbbe sorge on móde I am affected with sorrow of death in my mind; 7. with object and dative infinitive expressing what is to be done by the subject, to have as a duty or thing to be done; ic hæbbe þé tó secgenne sum þing I have to say to thee some thing; 8. w.dat. infinitive, to have, be obliged to do something; þone calic þe ic tó drincenne hæbbe the chalice that I have to drink; 9. to hold, keep, retain, (1) to hold in the same position; hafa lange hwíle þíne hand on hold you hand a long time; (2) to keep possession of; þone onweald mæg wel reccan sé þe ǽghwæðer ge hine habban cann ge wiþwinnan he may extend the territory, he who either can keep possession of it or oppose it; (3) to keep in some relation to oneself, have in mind, in keeping, etc.; sé þe forhogaþ þæt hé ǽnig gemynd hæbbe Dryhtnes éaðmódnesse he that neglects to have recollection of the Lord’s meekness; (4) to keep a person in some particular place or condition, as guest, prisoner, etc.; þá þe þu ǽr on hæftníede hæfdest those who thou have had in captivity; 10. to hold or entertain in the mind; híe hæfdon Godes elnunge they had God’s comfort; 10a. to entertain a feeling towards (tó) an object; híe habbaþ andan tó him they have enmity towards him; ~ andan tó to bear malice to someone; ~ cyþþe tó to stand in relations of intimacy, familiarity, friendliness, etc. to a person; Abraham tó Gode cyþþe hæfde Abraham was called the friend of God; 11. to treat, use; þæt folc hine hæfde swá yfele the folk treated him as evil; 12. to hold in some specified estimation, to esteem or account as, consider as; (1) w.g.; (2) w.prep. (a) ~ for w.a. to consider or regard as; héo hit for Cristes andwlitan ǽfre hæfde she ever considered it as Christ’s countenance; (b) ~ on w.d. to hold in honor, esteem, etc.; þone Éasterdæg on weorðunge habban to hold Easter-day in honor; 13. to carry on some proceeding, have dealings, engage in as principal, have or hold a meeting, council, suit, etc.; hæfde se cyning his hired æt Gléaweceastre the king held his court at Gloucester; 14. to declare, maintain, express the conditions of a case; nemne swá þis gewrit hæfde except as this writing lays down the conditions; 14a. willan ~ to maintain as a fact that a thing is so-and-so; þá lǽwedan willaþ habban þone mónan be þǽm þe híe hine geséoþ the unlearned will have it that the moon is as they see it; 15. to possess by taking or receiving, to have, get, take; (1) of persons, (a) without the idea of compulsion; hwanon hæfst þu lífes wæter? from where do you get the water of life?; swelc mann sé þæt mín land hæbbe whoever gets my land; (aα) to get in marriage; Lisimahhus his sweostor hæfde Lysimachus got his sister in marriage; (aβ) of parents, to have a child; hæbbe héo cild, næbbe héo may she have a child, may she not; gif Maria unbeweddod wǽre and cild hæfde if Mary were unwed and had a child; (aγ) to have granted what has been forfeit; gif hwá síe déaðes scyldig, and hé cirican geierne, hæbbe his feorh if someone is guilty of death, and he gets to church, may he have his money granted; (aδ) ende ~ to come to an end, cease to exist; (b) with idea of compulsion, to get as a result of conflict, pressure, etc.; Emilianus ofslóg Gallus and hæfde him þone anweald Emilianus slew Gallus and got himself the monarchy; (c) where the source from which the object comes is given; hwæt hæfþ hé æt þǽm hlísan what he got from the rumor; (2) of things; (a) to get some condition fixed; þæt gehwilc sprǽc hæbbe ándagan let a term be appointed to each suit; 15a. to take as a guardian; gif se ceorl fére forþ, hæbbe séo módor hire bearn and féde if the husband die, let the mother take the child and bring it up; 16. to cause to move; (1) to cause to go, take or bring with one; ; (2) to get to or from a place, bring, take; hát twelf weras niman twelf stánas…and habban forþ mid éow tó éowre wícstówe command twelve men to take twelve stones…and to take forth with you to your residence; (2a) to get to take part in action; séo sweostor híe wolde habban tó hire bysigan the sister wanted to get to take part in employing herself; (3) to put, place; hé hæfde his swíðran hand ofer Ephraimes héafod he put his right hand over Ephraim’s head; 17. with object and complement; (1) adj. complement, to get something into a specific condition; þonne magon wé ús God mildne habban then can we get God gracious to us; (2) with past participle complement, to get something done, cause to be done; þá híe tó þǽm gemǽre common mid hira fired, þá hæfdon híe hira clúsan belocene when they came to the boundary with their army, they had the pass closed; 18. to allow to be; his giengran dohtor hé nolde búton hæftníede habban he did not want to allow his daughter to be outside of prison; B. 1. w. partitive genitive to have some of s.t.; hæbbe ic his on handa I have some of it in my hand; 2. as an auxiliary, (1) present forms making a perfect tense, (a) with inflected participle; ic hæbbe þec nú tódæg gesetne ofer þéoda I have set thee now today ofer people; (b) with uninflected participle (or uncertain); þonne þu híe gefangen hæbbe then thou may have caught them; (2) past forms making a pluperfect tense; híe hæfdon sumne dǽl weges gefaren they had traveled some part of the way; (2a) where the participle has to be supplied from the context; gelǽdde Theodosius eft fierd wiþ him twǽm tó þǽre ilcan clúsan þe hé ǽr hæfde wiþ Maximus Theodosius led again an army with them two to the same prison that he had earlier led with Maximus;

haca [] m (-n/-n) hook, door-fastening

haccian see tóhaccian

hacele [] f (-an/-an) 1. cloak, coat, mantle, vestment, cassock; coverlet, pall, curtain, toga, upper garment of any kind [pallium]; 2. a kind of cowled or hooded frock;

hacod [] m (-es/hacedas) pike, mullet

hacole see hacele

hacule see hacele

hád [] m (-a/-a) person, individual, character, individuality; degree, rank, order, office (especially holy office); condition, state, nature, character, form, manner; sex; race, family, tribe; choir

hád [] suffix masculine suffix, usually denotes state or condition, as cildhád, mægþhád; (-a/-a);

hádárung [] f (-e/-a) respect of persons

hádbót [] f (-e/-a) compensation for injury or insult to a priest

hádbreca [] m (-n/-n) injurer of one in (holy) orders

hádbrice [] m (-es/-as) injury of one in (holy) orders) 2nd common

hádbryce [] m (-es/-as) injury of one in (holy) orders) 1st common

hádelíce [] adv as to persons

hádesmann [] m (-es/-menn) member of a particular order

hádgriþ [] n (-es/-) privilege (as regards peace) of holy orders

hádian1 [] wv/t2 to ordain, consecrate

hádnotu [] f (-e/-a) office of a priest

hádor [] 1. n (hádres/-) clearness, brightness; 2. 2 adj bright, clear, fresh; distinct, loud [Ger heiter]; 3. adv hádre

hádswǽpa [] m (-n/-n) bridesman [=hádswǽpe]

hádswǽpe [] f (-an/-an) bridesmaid

hádung [] f (-e/-a) consecration, ordination; ~e underfón to take the veil

hádungdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) ordination day

hafa imper. of habban; hafast, hafaþ 2nd and 3rd person singular

hafastu see hafast, þu

hafecere see hafocere

hafela2 [] m (-n/-n) head

hafelést see hafenléast

hafen past participle of hebban

hafenian2 [] wv/t2 to lift up, hold, grasp [hebban]

hafenléas [] adj destitute, needy, poor [hæfen]

hafenléast [] f (-e/-a) want, poverty

háfern see hǽfern

hafetian [] wv/t2 to clap, flap

hafoc [] m (-es/hafecas) hawk

hafoccynn [] n (-es/-) hawk-tribe

hafocere [] m (-es/-as) hawker

hafocfugel [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) hawk

hafocung [] f (-e/-a) hawking

hafocwyrt [] f (-e/-e) a plant

hafola see hafela

hafol see wan~

hafolnes see wan~

hafuc see hafoc

hafudland see héafodland

haga [] 1. m (-n/-n) hedge, enclosure, cartilage; fortified enclosure; homestead, house; game-enclosure?; 2. m (-n/-n) haw; trifle

hagal see hagol

hagaþorn see haguþorn

hage- see hago-

hago- see hæg-

hagol [] m (hagles/haglas), n (-hagles/-) hail; hail-shower, hailstorm; name of the rune for h

hagolfaru [] f (-e/-a) hailstorm

hagolian [] wv/i2 to hail

hagolscúr [] m (-es/-as) hail-shower

hagolstán [] m (-es/-as) hailstone

hagorún [] f (-e/-a) spell

hagospind [] n (-es/-) cheek [haga]

hagosteald [] 1. adj unmarried, independent; military (of young men); 2. m (-es/-as) unmarried man attached to a court, bachelor, young man, young warrior, liege man [Ger hagestolz]; 3. n (-es/-) celibacy; 4. adj virgin

hagostealdhád [] m (-a/-a) unmarried state

hagostealdlic [] adj virgin

hagostealdmann [] m (-es/-menn) bachelor, warrior

hagostealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) virginity

hagu- see hago-

haguþorn [] m (-es/-as) hawthorn, whitethorn

ha ha [] interj ha! ha!

hal see heal

hal- see heal(h)-

hál- see hǽl-

hál1 [] adj hale, whole, entire, uninjured, healthy, well, sound, safe, genuine, straightforward; wes þu ~, ~ westu, ~ béo þu hail!

hala [] 1. m (-n/-n) after-birth; [helan]; 2. ge~ m (-n/-n) counselor, confidant, supporter

hálbǽre [] adj wholesome, salutary

halc see healh

hald- see heald-

háleg see hálig

háleg- see hálg-

hálettan1 [] wv/t1b to greet, hail, salute

hálettend [] m (-es/-) forefinger, middle finger (used in saluting)

hálettung [] f (-e/-a) greeting, salutation

hálewǽge [] f (-es/-u) a holy cup

hálfæst [] adj pious?, healthy?

hálga [] 1. weak form of hálig; 2. m (-n/-n) saint

hálgawaras see háligwaras

hálgian1 [] wv/t2 to hallow, sanctify; consecrate, dedicate, ordain; reverence; keep holy

hálgung1 [] f (-e/-a) hallowing, consecration; sanctuary

hálgungbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) book containing coronation liturgy, benedictional

hálgungram [] m (-es/-as) consecrated ram

háli- see hálig-

hálig [] adj holy, consecrated, sacred; venerated; godly, saintly; ecclesiastical; pacific, tame; noun declined as adjective what is holy

háligan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to heal up, get well; save; be saved; 2. see hálgian

háligdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) holy day, Sabbath

háligdóm [] m (-es/-as) holiness, righteousness, sanctity; holy place, sanctuary, chapel; relics, holy things; holy office; sacrament; holy doctrines

háligdómhús [] n (-es/-) sacrarium

háligern [] n (-es/-) holy place, sanctuary; sacrament

háliglíce [] adv holily

Háligmónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) (holy month), September

hálignes [] f (-se/-sa) holiness, sanctity, religion; holy place, sanctuary; holy thing, relic; sacred rites

háligportic [] m (-es/-as) sanctuary

háligreft [] n (-es/-) veil

háligrift [] n (-es/-) veil

háligryft [] n (-es/-) veil

háligwæcca [] m (-n/-n) vigil-keeper

háligwæter [] n (-es/-) holy water

háligwaras [] m pl saints

háligware [] m pl saints

háligweorc [] n (-es/-) sanctuary

halm see healm

hálnes [] f (-se/-sa) wholeness

hálor2 [] n? (-es/-) salvation

hálp see healp past 3rd sing of helpan

hals- see heals-

háls [] f (-e/-a) salvation

hálsere [] m (-es/-as) soothsayer, augur

halsgang see healsgund

hálsian1 [] wv/t2 to adjure; ge~ to take oath, swear; call upon; convoke; implore, entreat; augur; exorcise

hálsiend [] m (-es/-) exorcist, soothsayer, augur

halsigend [] m (-es/-) exorcist, soothsayer, augur

halstá see healstán

hálsung [] f (-e/-a) exorcism; augury, divination; entreaty

hálsunggebed [] n (-es/-u) prayer in a church service [pl also ~gebeodu]

hálsungtíma [] m (-n/-n) time of supplication

halswurðung [] f (-e/-a) neck ornament

halt see healt

halþ see heald 2

hálwenda [] m (-n/-n) Savior; safety

hálwende [] adj healing, healthful, salutary; sanctifying

hálwendlic [] adj salutary, wholesome; adv ~líce

hálwendnes [] f (-se/-sa) salubrity; salvation

hálwynde see hálwende

ham [] 1. m? (-es/-as) under-garment (subucula); 2. see hamm

hám [] 1. m (-es/-as) village, hamlet, manor, estate; home, dwelling, house; region, country; [dat sing hám]; 2. adv home, homewards; 3. m (-es/-as) n instrument used for branding, a branding-iron, a cautery (in medicine); An instrument used in encaustic painting for burning in the wax, [cauterium]

hama [] m (-n/-n) covering, dress, garment; womb, childbirth, childbed, a lying-in, confinement, delivery; a new-born child, an infant; children, [puerperium]; slough of a snake

háma [] m (-n/-n) cricket

hamacgian see ámagian?

hámcúþ [] adj familiar

hámcyme [] m (-es/-as) home-coming, return

hamel? [] adj rugged

hamela see hamola

hamele [] f (-an/-an) rowlock (only in phrase æt ǽlcre ~an for every oar; i.e. rower) [ON hamla; also há]

hamelian [] wv/t2 to hamstring, mutilate

hamer see hamor

hamer see clod~

hámettan1 [] wv/t1b to domicile; bring debtors back to their home

hámfærelt [] n (-es/-) going home

hámfæst [] adj resident, settled in or owning a house

hámfaru [] f (-e/-a) attack of an enemy in his house, housebreaking; fine for housebreaking

hámhenn [] f (-e/-a) domestic fowl

hamland [] n (-es/-) enclosed pasture [hamm]

hámléas [] adj homeless

hamm [] 1. m (-es/-as) piece of pasture-land, enclosure, dwelling; 2. f (-e/-a) ham (part of leg)

hamod see gefiðer~

hamola [] m (-n/-n) man with cropped hair; tó ~n besciran to shave the hair off (as insult)

hamor [] m (-es/hameras) hammer; ~a láfa f pl results of forging, swords

hamorsecg [] m (-es/-as) hammer-sedge

hamorwyrt [] f (-e/-e) black hellebore, wall-pellitory

hámscír [] f (-e/-a) aedileship

hámscyld see riht~

hámsittende [] adj living at home

hámsíþ [] m (-es/-as) return home

hámsíðian [] wv/t2 to return home

hámsócn [] f (-e/-a) offence of attacking a man in his own house; the franchise f holding please of this offence and receiving the penalties for it; the penalty itself

hámsteall [] m (-es/-as) homestead

hámstede [] m (-es/-as) homestead

hamule see hamele

hamur see hamor

hámweard [] adv homewards, towards home, on the way home

hámweardes [] adv homewards

hámweorðung [] f (-e/-a) ornament of a home

hámwerd see hámweard

hámwerod [] n (-es/-, -u) household

hámwyrt [] f (-e/-e) house-leek

hán [] 1. f (-e/-a) (boundary-)stone; 2. ? see

hana [] m (-n/-n) cock [Ger hahn]

hanasang [] m (-es/-as) cock-crow

hancréd [] m (-es/-as) cock-crow

hancrédtíd [] f (-e/-e) time of cock-crow

hand [] 1. f (-a/-a) hand; side (in defining position); power, control, possession, charge; agency; person regarded as holder or receiver of something; brad ~ palm; on ~ gán to yield; swíðre/winstre ~ right/left hand; on gehwæðere ~ on both sides; on ~ ágiefan, tó ~a lǽtan to hand over (to); on ~a sellan to give a pledge, promise, bargain; plegian mid ~um to clap hands; tó ~a healdan hold (land) of another; weorpan1 tó ~a to hand over

; weorpan1 ~a on to lay hands on (a person); wel on ~ favorably; ymb ~ at once; bám ~um twám zealously; 2. adv exactly

handæx [] f (-e/-a) hatchet [dextralis], a kind of axe

handbæftian [] wv/t2 to lament

handbana2 [] m (-n/-n) slayer by hand

handbelle [] f (-an/-an) hand-bell

handbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) handbook, manual

handbona see handbana

handbred [] n (-es/-u) palm of the hand, breadth of the hand, span

handcláþ [] m (-es/-as) towel

handcops [] m (-es/-as) handcuff, manacle

handcræft [] m (-es/-as) manual skill, power of the hand, handicraft

handcweorn [] f (-a/-a) hand-mill [listed as ~cwyrn]

handdǽda [] m (-n/-n) doer with his own hand

handele see handle

handfæstnung [] f (-e/-a) joining hands in confirmation of a pledge

handfang- see infang-

handful [] n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) handful

handgang [] m (-es/-as) submission, surrender

handgemaca [] m (-n/-n) companion

handgemót2 [] n (-es/-) battle

handgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) handiwork

handgesella [] m (-n/-n) companion

handgestealla2 [] m (-n/-n) companion

handgeswing [] n (-es/-) blow, stroke

handgeweald [] n (-es/-) power, possession

handgeweorc [] n (-es/-) handiwork, creation

handgewinn [] n (-es/-) manual labor, work; 2 struggle, contest

handgewrit [] n (-es/-u) handwriting, autograph, holograph, agreement, deed

handgewriðen [] adj hand-woven

handgift [] f (-e/-a) wedding present

handgong see handgang

handgripe [] m (-es/-as) handgrip

handgriþ [] n (-es/-u) security, peace, protection given by the king’s hand

handhabbend [] adj red-handed (thief)

handhæf [] n (-es/-hafu) burden

handhamur [] m (-es/-as) hand hammer

handhrægl [] n (-es/-) napkin, towel

handhrine [] m (-es/-as) touch

handhwíl [] f (-e/-a) instant

handle [] f (-an/-an) handle

handléan2 [] n (-es/-) requital, recompense

handlengu [] f (-e/-a) a hand’s length

handlian1 [] wv/t2 to handle, feel; deal with, discuss

handling [] n (-es/-) hand-cloth, napkin; maniple

handlinga [] adv by hand; hand to hand, at close quarters

handlocen2 [] adj joined together by hand

handlung [] f (-e/-a) handling

handmægen2 [] n (-es/-) bodily strength

handmitta see anmitta

handnægl [] m (-es/-as) finger-nail

handplega2 [] m (-n/-n) fight, battle

handpréost [] m (-es/-as) domestic chaplain

handrǽs [] m (-es/-as) onrush, attack

handróf [] adj famed for strength

handscalu see handscolu

handscolu2 [] f (-e/-a) retinue

handscyldig [] adj condemned to lose a hand

handseald [] adj given personally (by the king)

handseax [] n (-es/-) dirk, dagger

handselen [] f (-ne/-na) a making over, delivery, transfer of a thing to another; one of the modes of acquiring possession by the Roman civil law; hence, also, for purchase [mancipatio]

handsex see handseax

handslyht see andslyht

handsmæll [] m (-es/-as) blow with the hand, alapa

handspitel [] m (-spitles/-spitlas) hand-shovel, spade

handsporu [] f (-e/-a) claw, finger

handstoc [] n (-es/-u) cuff, sleeve

handswyle [] m (-es/-as) swelling on the hand

handtam [] adj submissive to handling

handþegn [] m (-es/-as) retainer, servant

handþwéal [] n (-es/-) washing of the hands

handweorc [] n (-es/-) handiwork

handworht [] adj made with hands

handwundor [] n (-wundres/-) marvel of handiwork

handwyrm [] m (-es/-as) itch-mitea kind of insect

handwyrst [] f (-e/-a) wrist

hanga see líc~

hangelle [] f (-an/-an) a hanging object, mentula?

hangen past part of hón

hangian1 [] wv/i2 to hang, be hanged; depend, rest on; wv/t2 to hang, suspend

hangra [] m (-n/-n) hanger, wooded slope

hangrǽd? see hancréd

hangwíte? [] n (-es/-u) penalty for miscarriage of justice

hár [] 1. adj hoar; hoary, grey, old; 2. see hǽr

hara [] m (-n/-n) hare

haranhige [] m (-es/-as) hare’s foot (plant)

haransprecel [] m (-sprecles/-spreclas) viper’s bugloss

háranwyrt see hárewyrt

hárasteorra [] m (-n/-n) dog star

harad [] m (-es/-as) wood (only in place names)

haraþ [] m (-es/-as) wood (only in place names)

hard see heard

háradagas [] m pl dog days

hárehúne see hárhúne

háreminte [] f (-an/-an) white mint?

hárewyrt [] f (-e/-e) a plant, an Egyptian bean [colocasia]

hárhúne [] f (-an/-an) horehound

hárian [] wv/t2 to become hoary or grey

harness [] f (-se/-sa) hoariness

hárung [] f (-e/-a) hoariness, old age

hárwelle [] adj hoary, grey-haired

hárwenge [] adj hoary, grey-haired

hárwengnes [] f (-se/-sa) hoariness, old age

hás [] adj hoarse

hásæta [] m (-n/-n) oarsman, rower

hasewa see haswa weak form of hasu

hásgrume [] adj sounding hoarsely

háshríman [] wv/t1b to sound harshly

hásian [] wv/i2 to be or become hoarse

haslhnutu see hæselhnutu

hásnes [] f (-se/-sa) hoarseness

hassuc [] m (-es/-as) coarse grass

hásswége [] adj sounding hoarsely

hasu2 [] adj dusky, grey, ashen

hasufág [] adj grey, ashen

hasupád [] adj grey-coated

haswigfeðre [] adj grey-feathered

hát [] 1. adj hot, flaming; fervent, excited; intense, violent; inspiring?, attractive?; 2. n (-es/-) heat, fire; 3. 1 n (-es/-) promise, vow

hátan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres hǽteþ past hét/on, héht/on  ptp geháten to command, direct, bid, order; summon; vow, promise; past hátte w. nom. to name, call; be called

háte [] adv hotly, fervidly

hátheort [] 1. n (-es/-) anger, rage; 2. 1 adj wrathful, furious, passionate; ardent, whole-hearted; adv ~líce

hátheorte [] f see hátheort 1

hátheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) rage, mania; zeal

háthiertan1 [] wv/i2 to be or become angry; enrage

háthige [] m (-es/-as) anger [hyge]

háthort see hátheort

hatian1 [] wv/t2 to hate, treat as an enemy

hatigan [] wv/t2 to hate, treat as an enemy

hátian [] wv/i2 to be or get hot

hatigend [] m (-es/-) enemy

hátigende [] adj becoming hot

hatigendlic [] adj hateful

hátlíce [] adv ardently, vehemently

hátnes [] f (-se/-sa) heat

hatol [] adj hostile, bitter; odious [see hetol]

hátte passive past of hátan

hattefagol [] ?? (-?/-?) hedgehog [see hǽrenfagol]

hatung [] f (-e/-a) hatred

hátung [] f (-e/-a) heating, inflammation

hátwende [] adj hot, burning

háwe see earfoþ~

háwere [] m (-es/-as) spectator

háwian1 [] wv/t2 to gaze on, view, look at, observe, notice

háwung [] f (-e/-a) ability to see, observation

hæb see hæf

hæb- see hæf-

hæbb- see habb-, hebb-

hæbbednes [] f (-se/-sa) continence

hæbbendlic [] adj habilis

hæbbere see sulh~

hæbbung [] f (-e/-a) constraint

hæc- see hac-

hæcc [] 1. f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) grating, hatch, half-gate; 2. see hæcce 1

hæcce [] 1. f (-an/-an), n (-es/-u) frontal; 2. fence; 3. see hæc

hæcceléas [] adj without a fence? or hatch?

hæcgeat [] n (-es/-gatu) hatch-gate

hæcine [] f (-an/-an) a thin vinous drink, posca; a berry, esp. the grape [L acinum]

hæcwer [] m (-es/-as) hatch-weir, a weir in which fish were caught

hǽdor see hádor

hædre2 [] adj straitly, anxiously

hǽdre see hádre

hæf [] 1. 2 n (-es/hafu) sea, ocean; heaf-/haf- in inflected cases; 2. m (-es/-hafas) leaven

hǽfd see heafod

hæfde past 3rd sing of habban

hæfe [] 1. m (-es/-as) leaven [Ger hefe]; 2. see hefe 1

hǽfed see héafod

hæfednes see be~, for~

hæfen [] 1. f (-e/-a) the having, owning; property, possessions [Ger habe]; 2. f (-e/-a) haven, port; 3. see hefen; 4. past part of hebban

hæfen- see hafen-

hæfenblǽte see hæferblǽte

hæfene see hæfen 2

hæfer [] m (-es/-as) he-goat

hæferblǽte [] f? (-an/-an) bittern?, snipe?

hæfern [] m (-es/-as) crab

hæfig see hefig

hæfne see hæfen

hæfrebléte see hæferblǽte

hæfst see habban

hæft1 [] 1. m (-es/-as) bond, fetter; captive, slave, servant; bondage, imprisonment, affliction; 1 seizing, thing seized; 2. adj captive; 3. n (-es/-) haft, handle; 4. past part of hæftan

hæftan1 [] wv/t1b to bind, fetter; arrest, detain, imprison; condemn [Ger heften]

hæfte see hæft 2

hæftelclomm [] m (-es/-as) fetter

hæftedóm [] m (-es/-as) slavery, captivity

hæften [] f (-ne/-na) confinement

hæftenéod see hæfteníed

hæftincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) slave

hæfting [] f (-e/-a) fastening, lock

hæftlic [] adj captious

hæftling [] m (-es/-as) prisoner, captive

hæftméce [] m (-es/-as) hilted sword

hæftnes1 see hæftednes

hæftneþ see hæftnoþ

hæftnian1 [] wv/t2 to take prisoner; seize, detain

hæftníed [] f (-e/-e) custody, imprisonment, bondage

hæftníedling [] m (-es/-as) captive

hæftníednes [] f (-se/-sa) captivity

hæftnoþ [] m (-es/-as) confinement, captivity

hæftnung [] f (-e/-a) fetter

hæftnýd see hæftníed

hæftung [] f (-e/-a) fetter

hæftworld [] f (-e/-a) world under bondage

hæfþ pres 3rd sing of habban

hæfuc see hafoc

hæg- see hago-, hagu-, hege-

hæghál [] adj safe and sound

hægsugga [] m (-n/-n) hedge-sparrow

hægtes [] f (-se/-sa) fury, witch, pythoness

hægtesse [] f (-an/-an) fury, witch, pythoness

hægtis [] f (-se/-sa) fury, witch, pythoness

hægþorn see haguþorn

hægweard [] m (-es/-as) keeper of cattle in a common field

hǽh- see héah-

hæhtis see hægtes

hǽl [] 1. n (-es/-u) omen; 2. see hǽlu; 3. adj see hál

hæl- see hel-

hǽl- see hál-, hél-

hǽlan [] 1. wv/t1b 1 to heal, cure, save; greet, salute; gehǽl! Hosanna!; 2. to castrate

hæle2 [] m (-þes/-þ, -as) man, hero

hǽle [] n see hǽlu

hǽle1 [] adj safe

hǽlend [] m (-es/-) Savior, Christ

hǽlendlic [] adj wholesome, salutary

hǽlestre [] f (-an/-an) savior

hǽlet- see hálet-

hæleþ2 [] m (-es/-, -as) man, hero, fighter [alt pl uninflected]

hæleþhelm see heoloþhelm

hælfter [] f (-e/-a) halter

hælftre [] m (-es/-as) halter

hǽlgere [] m (-es/-as) sanctifier

hælniht see healniht

hǽlig [] adj unstable, inconstant

hǽling [] f (-e/-a) healing

hælm see healm

hǽlnes [] f (-se/-sa) salvation, safety; sanctuary

hǽlnesgriþ [] n (-es/-u) peace-privileges attaching to a sanctuary

hǽlotíd [] f (-e/-e) prosperous time

hǽls- see háls-

hǽlþ [] f (-e/-a) health; salvation; healing

hǽlðu [] f (-e/-a) health; salvation; healing

hǽlu [] f (-e/-a) health; prosperity; safety, salvation; healing, cure

hǽlubearn2 [] n (-es/-) Savior, Christ

hǽlwyrt [] f (-e/-e) fleabane, fleawort, pennyroyal [pulegium], pennyroyal

hǽlynd see hǽlend

hǽmæht see héahmiht

hǽman1 [] wv/t1b to have intercourse with, cohabit with; marry

hǽmed [] n (-es/-ru) cohabitation; marriage; adultery, fornication

hǽmedceorl [] m (-es/-as) married man

hǽmedgemána [] m (-n/-n) matrimony

hǽmedlác [] n (-es/-) sexual intercourse [coition]

hǽmedrím [] m (-es/-as) the trade of a pander, pimping, pandering; An allurement, enticement; Excessive or artificial ornament, finery or nicety in dress; In partic., of speech, meretricious or nament or allurement [lenocinium]

hǽmedru see hǽmed

hǽmedscipe [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation, wedlock

hǽmedþing [] n (-es/-) coition, cohabitation; marriage

hǽmedwíf [] n (-es/-) married woman

hǽmend [] m (-es/-) fornicator

hǽmere [] m (-es/-as) consort, bedfellow

hǽmet see hǽmed

hǽmeþ see hǽmed

hæn see henn

hǽnan [] 1. wv/t1b to stone; 2. see híenan

hænep [] m (-es/-as) hemp

hænfugel see hennfugol

hænn see henn

hǽnðu see híenðu

hæppan? [] wv/t1a to go by chance

hæpse [] f (-an/-an) hasp, fastening

hæpsian [] wv/t2 to hasp, fasten

hæpte [] past 3rd sing jumped

hǽr [] n (-es/-) hair; a hair

hær- see har-, hear-, her(e)-

hǽr- see hér-

hǽre [] f (-an/-an) sackcloth of hair

hǽren [] adj of hair

hærenfagol [] ? (-?/-?) hedgehog

hærfest [] m (-es/-as) autumn, harvest-time; August; ~ handful handful of corn (a due belonging to the husbandman on an estate)

hærfestlic [] adj autumnal; of harvest

Hærfestmónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) harvest-month, September

hærfesttíd [] f (-e/-e) autumn, harvest-time

hærfesttíma [] m (-n/-n) autumn, harvest-time

hærfestwǽta [] m (-n/-n) autumn rain

hǽrgripa [] m (-n/-n) seizing by the hair

hǽriht [] adj hairy

hǽring [] m (-es/-as) herring

hǽringtíma [] m (-n/-n) herring season

hǽrloccas [] m pl locks of hair

hærmberg see hearmbeorg

hærn [] 1. f (-e/-a) wave, tide; 2 sea, ocean; 2. brain

hǽrnádl [] f (-e/-a) curling-pin

hærnflota [] m (-n/-n) ship

hærsceard [] n (-es/-) hare-lip

hǽrsyfe [] n (-es/-u) hair-sieve

hǽs [] f (-e/-e) hest, bidding, behest, command [hátan]

hæsel [] m (hæsles/hæslas) hazel, shrub

hæselhnutu [] f (-hnyte/-hnyte) hazel-nut; [gen ~hnyte, ~hnute; dat ~hnyte; n/a pl ~hnyte; gen pl ~hnuta; dat pl ~hnutum]

hæselrǽw [] f (-e/-a) a row of hazels

hæselwríd [] m (-es/-as) hazel-thicket

hǽsere [] m (-es/-as) master, lord

hæsl see hæsel

hæslen [] adj of hazel

hæsp see hæpse

hæssuc see hassuc

hǽst2 [] 1. adj violent, vehement; adv hæste, ~líce; 2. f (-e/-a) violence, strife

hǽswalwe see sǽswealwe?

hæt [] m (-es/-hatas) head-covering, hat

hǽt past 3rd sing of hátan

hǽtan1 [] wv/t1b to heat; wv/i1b become hot

hǽtcole see hǽþcole

hǽte [] f (-an/-an) heat

hæteru [] n pl garments

hǽting [] f (-e/-a) heating

hǽto see hǽtu

hǽts see hægtes

hǽtst pres 2nd sing of hátan

hætt see hæt

hǽtte see hátte, see hátan

hættan see hettan

hættian [] 1. wv/t2 to scalp; 2. see hatian

hǽtu [] f (-e/-a) heat, warmth; fervor, ardor

hǽþ [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) heath, untilled land, waste; heather; 2. f (-e/-a) see hǽða

hǽða [] m (-n/-n) heat, hot weather

hǽþberie [] f (-an/-an) whortleberry

hǽþcole [] f (-an/-an) name of a plant

hǽðen [] 1. adj heathen, heathenish, pagan; 2. m (hǽðnes/hǽðnas) gentile, heathen man (especially of the Danes)

hǽðena [] m (-n/-n) heathen

hǽðencyning [] m (-es/-as) heathen king

hǽðencynn [] n (-es/-) heathen race

hǽðendóm [] m (-es/-as) heathendom, false religion

hǽðenfolc [] n (-es/-) heathen people

hǽðengield [] n (-es/-) idolatry; idol

hǽðengilda [] m (-n/-n) idolater

hǽðenhere [] m (-es/-as) Danish army

hǽðenisc [] adj heathenish, pagan

hǽðennes [] f (-se/-sa) heathenism, paganism; heathen country

hǽðenscipe [] m (-es/-as) paganism, idolatry

hǽðenstyrc [] m (-es/-as) heathen calf (the golden calf of the Israelites)

hǽðenwéoh [] n (-wéos/-) idol

hǽþfeld [] m (-a/-a) heath-land

hǽðiht [] adj heathy

hǽðin- see hǽðen-

hǽþstapa2 [] m (-n/-n) heath-stalker, wolf, stag [stæppan]

hǽðung [] f (-e/-a) heating, parching [see hǽtung]

hǽwe [] adj iron-colored, bluish, grey

hǽwen [] adj blue, purple, azure, green

hǽwengréne [] adj cerulean

hǽwenhydele [] f (-an/-an) a plant

hǽwmænged [] adj mixed purple

hé [] masc pron [fem héo; neut hit] he, she, it; pl they; reflexive pron himself, herself, itself

héa [] 1. n pl, weak masc sing of héah; 2. adv see héah; 3. see híe, pl of

héa- see héah-

heador see heaðor

héador see héahdéor

héadéor see héahdéor

héaf [] m (-es/-as) lamentation, wailing [see héof]; ~e bewindan bewail

héafd- see héafod-

héafdian [] wv/t2 to behead

héafed see héafod

heafela see hafela

héafian see héofian

héaflic [] adj sad, grievous

heafo pl of hæf

heafoc see hafoc

héafod [] n (héafdes/-) head; top; source, origin; chief, leader; capital (city); héafdes þolian to forfeit life; héafde beceorfan to behead

héafodæcer [] m (-es/-as) a strip of land an acre in extent, lying at the head of a field

héafodǽdre [] f (-an/-an) cephalic vein

héafodbæþ [] n (-es/-baðu) a wash for the head

héafodbald [] adj impudent

héafodbán [] n (-es/-) skull

héafodbéag [] m (-es/-as) crown

héafodbend [] m (-es/-as) diadem, crown; head-bond, fetter about the head

héafodbeorg [] 1. f (-e/-a) helmet, protection for the head; 2. m (-es/-as) prominent hill?

héafodbeorht [] adj with a splendid, shining head

héafodbiscop [] m (-es/-as) high-priest

héafodbolla [] m (-n/-n) skull

héafodbolster [] n (-bolstres/-) pillow

héafodbotl [] n (-es/-) ancestral seat

héafodbryce [] m (-es/-as) breaking of the skull

héafodburh [] f (-byrh/-byrh) chief city

héafodcláþ [] n (-es/-) head-cloth, head-dress, the cloth used for coering the head of a dead person

héafodcwide [] m (-es/-as) important saying

héafodcyrice [] f (-an/-an) cathedral

héafodece [] m (-es/-as) headache

héafodfrætennes [] f (-se/-sa) hairpin, ornament for the hair

héafodgemaca [] m (-n/-n) mate, companion, fellow-servant

héafodgemæcca [] m (-n/-n) mate, companion, fellow-servant

héafodgerím [] n (-es/-) number by heads, greatest number

héafodgetæl [] n (-es/-talu) cardinal number

héafodgewǽde [] n (-es/-) face-covering, veil

héafodgilt [] m (-es/-as) deadly sin; capital offence

héafodgimm2 [] m (-es/-as) head’s gem, eye

héafodgold [] n (-es/-) crown

héafodhǽr [] n (-es/-) hair of the head

héafodhebba [] m (-n/-n) beginning, starter; prime mover

héafodhrægl [] n (-es/-) an article of clothing or bedding

héafodhríefðu [] f (-e/-a) scurfiness of the head

héafodiht [] adj with a head or tuft

héafodland [] n (-es/-) strip of land in a field, left for turning a plough

héafodleahtor [] m (-leahtres/-leahtras) capital crime, deadly sin

héafodléas [] adj headless

héafodlic [] adj capital, deadly (crime); at the top; principal

héafodling [] m (-es/-as) equal, fellow-servant

héafodloca [] m (-n/-n) skull

héafodmǽg2 [] m (-es/-mágas) near blood-relation

héafodmaga [] m (-n/-n) near blood-relation

héafodmægen [] n (-es/-) cardinal virtue

héafodmann [] m (-es/-menn) headman, captain

héafodmynster [] n (-mynstres/-) church, cathedral

héafodpanne [] f (-an/-an) skull

héafodport [] m (-es/-as) chief town

héafodríce [] n (-es/-u) empire

héafodsár [] m (-es/-as) pain in the head

héafodsealf [] f (-e/-a) head-salve

héafodsegn [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) banner [= eoforhéafdod segn?]

héafodsíen2 [] f (-e/-a) (eyesight), eye

héafodslæge [] m (-es/-as) a head-stroke, beheading

héafodsmæl [] ?? (-?/-?) capitium, part of a woman’s dress, part of a tunic

héafodstede [] m (-es/-as) chief place; high place, sacred place

héafodstocc [] m (-es/-as) stake on which the head of a beheaded criminal was fixed

héafodstól [] m (-es/-as) capital

héafodstów [] f (-e/-a) place for the head

héafodswíma [] m (-n/-n) dizziness

héafodsýn see héafodsíen

héafodsynn [] f (-e/-a) deadly sin

héafodþwéal [] n (-es/-) washing of the head

héafodwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the head

héafodweard [] 1. f (-e/-a) watch over the head, death-watch; body-guard; 2. m (-es/-as) chief protector, leader; 3. f (-e/-a) chapter

héafodweg [] m (-es/-as) head-road

héafodwind [] m (-es/-as) chief wind (N, S, E, or W wind)

héafodwísa [] m (-n/-n) chief, director

héafodwóþ [] f (-e/-a) voice

héafodwund [] f (-e/-a) wound in the head

héafodwylm [] m (-es/-as) tears; burning pain in the head

héafodwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) chief workman

heafola see hafela

héafre see héahfore

héafsang [] m (-es/-as) dirge [héofan]

heafu pl of hæf

heafuc see hafoc

héafud see héafod

héag see héah

heaga- see hago-

héage see héah adv

heago- see hago-, hagu-

héagum see héah

héah [] 1. high, tall, lofty; high-class, exalted, sublime, illustrious, important; proud, haughty; deep; right (hand); cmp híerra, spl híehst; 2. adv high, aloft

héahaltáre [] m (-es/-as) high altar

héahbeorg [] m (-es/-as) mountain

héahbiscop [] m (-es/-as) archbishop, pontiff; (Jewish) high-priest

héahbliss [] f (-e/-a) exultation

héahboda [] m (-n/-n) archangel

héahburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) chief city; 2 town on a height; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

héahcásere [] m (-es/-as) emperor

héahcleofa [] m (-n/-n) principal chamber

héahclif [] n (-es/-cleofu) high cliff

héahcræft [] m (-es/-as) high skill

héahcræftiga [] m (-n/-n) architect

héahcyning2 [] m (-es/-as) high king; God

héahdéma [] m (-n/-n) high judge

héahdéor [] n (-es/-) stag, deer

héahdéorhund [] m (-es/-as) deer-hound

héahdéorhunta [] m (-n/-n) deer-hunter

héahdíacon [] m (-es/-as) archdeacon

héaheald [] adj excellent, distinguished [cmp héahyldra, spl héahyldest]

héahealdor [] m (-es/-as) ruler, patrician

héahealdormann [] m (-es/-menn) ruler, patrician

héahengel [] m (-engles/-englas) archangel

héahfæder [] m (-es/-as) God; patriarch; (church) father

héahfæst [] adj permanent, immutable

héahfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) fortified town, city

héahfexede [] adj having foliage high up or on the top [alticomum]

héahflód [] m (-es/-as) deep water; high tide

héahfore [] f (-an/-an) heifer

héahfréa2 [] m (-n/-n) high lord

héahfréols [] m (-es/-as) great festival

héahfréolsdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) great feast-day

héahfréolstíd [] f (-e/-e) great festival

héahfru see héahfore

héahfýr [] n (-es/-) towering flame

héahgǽst [] m (-es/-as) Holy Ghost

héahgealdor [] n (-gealdres/-) charm

héahgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) high sheriff, chief officer, proconsul, prefect

héahgesamnung [] f (-e/-a) chief synagogue

héahgesceaft [] f (-e/-a) noble creature

héahgesceap [] n (-es/-u) fate

héahgestréon2 [] n (-es/-) rich treasure

héahgetimbrad [] adj high-built

héahgetimbru2 [] n pl lofty edifice

héahgeþring [] n (-es/-) whelming flood

héahgeðungen see héahðungen

héahgeweorc2 [] n (-es/-) excellent work

héahgnornung [] f (-e/-a) deep grief

héahgod [] m (-es/-as) Most High, God

héahgræft [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) prominent sculpture

héahhád [] m (-a/-a) holy orders

héahhæf? [] n (-es/-hafu) deep sea

héahhelm [] adj loftily crested

héahheolode [] f (-an/-an) the plant elecampane or horseheal

héahheoloðe [] f (-an/-an) the plant elecampane or horseheal

héahheort [] adj proud

héahhliþ2 [] n (-es/-u) high hill

héahhlútor [] adj very pure

héahhwiolod [] adj having high wheels

héahhylte [] n (-es/-u) a high-placed shrubbery

héahhyrde [] m (-es/-as) head abbot

héahhyrne see éaghyrne

héahlǽce [] m (-es/-as) learned physician

héahland [] n (-es/-) mountainous country

héahláréow [] m (-es/-as) head teacher

héahléce see héahlǽce

héahleornere [] m (-es/-as) high teacher, master

héahlic see héalic

héahlufe [] f (-an/-an) great love

héahmægen [] n (-es/-) great force; power, virtue

héahmæsse [] f (-an/-an) high mass

héahmæssedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) high mass day

héahmiht [] f (-e/-e) high authority, great might; the Almighty

héahmód2 [] adj high spirited, exultant; proud, haughty

héahmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) pride

héahmór [] m (-es/-as) high moor

héahnama [] m (-n/-n) most exalted name

héahnes see héanes

héahra see héah

héahreced2 [] n (-es/-) high building, temple

héahrodor [] m (-es/-as) high heaven

héahrún [] f (-e/-a) pythoness

héahsácerd [] m (-es/-as) high or chief priest

héahsangere [] m (-es/-as) chief singer

héahsǽ [] f (-/-) high sea, the deep

héahsǽl2 [] f (-e/-a) great happiness

héahsǽþéof? [] m (-es/-as) chief pirate

héahsceaða [] m (-n/-n) chief pirate

héahscéawere [] m (-es/-as) pontifex

héahscíremann [] m (-es/-menn) procurator

héahseld2 [] n (-es/-) throne; rostrum

héahsele [] m (-es/-as) high hall

héahsetl [] n (-es/-) exalted seat, throne, judgment-seat

héahsittende [] adj sitting on high

héahsomnung see héahgesamnung

héahstéap [] adj very high

héahstede [] m (-es/-as) high place

héahstefn2 [] adj having a high prow

héahstrǽt [] f (-e/-a) highway [listed as m]

héahstrengðu [] f (-e/-a) strength

héahsunne [] adj, m pl very sinful

héahsynn [] f (-e/-a) deadly sinn, crime

héahtíd [] f (-e/-e) holy day

héahtimber [] m (-timbres/-timbras) lofty building

héahtorr [] m (-es/-as) high mountain

héahtréow [] f (-e/-a) solemn compact

héahþearf [] f (-e/-a) great need

héahþegen [] m (-es/-as) chief officer, captain; apostle; angel

héahþegnung [] f (-e/-a) important function

héahþéod [] f (-e/-a) great people

héahþréa [] m (-n/-n) great affliction

héahþrymm2 [] m (-es/-as) great glory

héahþrymnes2 [] f (-se/-sa) great glory

héahðu2 see híehþu

héahþungen [] adj of high rank, illustrious

héahweg [] m (-es/-as) highway

héahwéofod [] n (-es/-) high altar

héahweorc see héahgeweorc

héahwita [] m (-n/-n) high councilor

héahhyldest see héaheald

heal [] 1. see healh; 2. see heall

héal see hál

héal- see hél-

héala [] m (-n/-n) hydrocele

healærn [] n (-es/-) hall-building

healc see healoc

heald [] 1. n (-es/-) keeping, custody, guard, protection; observance, observation, watch; protector, guardian; 2. adj sloping, inclined, bent

healdan1 [] sv/t7, sv/i7 3rd pres híelt past héold/on ptp gehealden to hold, contain, hold fast, grasp, retain, possess, inhabit; curb, restrain, compel, control, rule, reign; keep, guard, preserve, foster, cherish, defend; withhold, detain, lock up; maintain, uphold, support; regard, observe, fulfill, do, practice, satisfy, pay; take care; celebrate, hold (festival); sv/i7 hold out, last; proceed, go; treat, behave to, bear oneself; keep in mind; ongéan ~ resist; tó handa ~ to hold (land) of another; þæt líf stíðlíce ~ to observe a course of life strictly;

healdend [] m (-es/-) protector, guardian, ruler, king, lord, God; economical person

healdiend [] m (-es/-) preserver

healding [] f (-e/-a) keeping, observance

healdnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) keeping, observance; guard, watch; office of a bishop

healdsum [] adj careful

healdsumnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) keeping, observance, devotion; custody, preservation; restraint, abstinence; continence, chastity

héaléce see héahlǽce

héalede [] 1. adj suffering from hydrocele, ruptured; 2. see hélede

healf [] 1. adj half; þridde ~, feowrðe ~, etc = two and a half, three and a half; 2. f (-e/-a) half; side; part; ~es héafdes ece migraine

healfbrocen [] adj half-broken

healfclǽmed [] adj half-plastered

healfclungen [] adj half-congealed

healfclypigende [] adj semi-vowel

healfcucu [] adj half-dead

healfcwic [] adj half-dead

healfdéad [] adj half-dead

healfeald [] adj half-grown

healfes héafdes ece [] m (-es/-as) migraine

healffers [] adj hemistich

healfféðe [] adj lame

healffréo [] adj half-free

healfgemet [] n (-es/-u) (those are wanting to the measure), the wantages, losses [diametra]

healfgewriten [] adj half-written

healfhár [] adj somewhat hoary

healfhéafod [] n (-héafdes/-u) front of the head

healfhrúh [] adj half-rough; see án~

healfhunding [] m (-es/-as) An ape with a dog's head; The dog-headed Anubis; A kind of wild man [cynocephalus]

healfhundisc [] adj half-canine

healfhwít [] adj somewhat white

healfhýd [] adj half a hide (of land)

healfmann [] m (-es/-menn) half-man

healfmarc [] n (-es/-) half a mark

healfnacod [] adj half-naked

healfpenigwurþ [] n (-es/-) halfpenny-worth

healfréad [] adj reddish

healfscyldig [] adj partially guilty

healfsester [] m (-sestres/-sestras) half a ‘sester’ (measure of bulk) [L sextarius]

healfsinewealt [] adj semicircular

healfslǽpende [] adj half-asleep

healfsoden [] adj half-cooked

healfter see hælfter

healftryndel [] n (-tryndles/-tryndlu) hemisphere

healfunga [] adv to a certain extent, partially, imperfectly

healfweg [] m (-es/-as) half-way

healfwudu [] m (-a/-a) field-balm

healgamen [] m (-es/-as) social enjoyment

healgian see halgian

healh [] m (-es/halas) corner, nook, secret place; small hollow in a hill-side or slope

healhihte [] adj having many angles

héalic [] adj high, elevated, exalted, lofty, sublime; deep, profound, intense; lordly, noble, great, illustrious, distinguished, notable, excellent; proud, haughty; egregious, heinous; adv ~líce highly, aloft; in or to high position or rank, loftily; intensely, very [see éalic]

héalicnes [] f (-se/-sa) sublimity, majesty

heall [] 1. f (-e/-a) hall, dwelling, house; palace, temple; law-court; 2. see healh; 3. rock

heallic [] adj palatial

heallréaf [] n (-es/-) wall-tapestry

heallreced [] n (-es/-) hall-building

heallsittend2 [] m (-es/-) sitter-in-hall

heallwáhrift [] n (-es/-) wall-tapestry

heallwudu [] m (-a/-a) woodwork of hall

healm [] 1. m (-es/-as) haulm, stalk, straw, stubble; culmen, thatched roof?, harvest-land?; 2. see helm

healmstréaw [] n (-es/-) stubble

healoc [] m (-es/-as) cavity, sinuosity [also healc]

healp [] past 3rd sing of helpan

heals [] m (-es/-as) neck; prow of a ship

héals- see háls-

healsbéag2 [] m (-es/-as) collar, necklace

healsbeorg [] f (-e/-a) neck-armor

healsbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) Jewish aid to prayer; reminder; amulet [phylactery]

healsbrynige [] f (-an/-an) corslet

healsed [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) head-cloth; neck of a tunic

healseta [] m (-n/-n) the neck of a tunic

healsfæst [] adj arrogant

healsfang [] n (-es/-) fine prescribed in substitution for capital and other punishments, preferential share of the ‘wergeld’

healsgang [] m (-es/-as) neck-tumor

healsgebedda [] m (-n/-n) beloved bedfellow, wife

healsgund [] m (-es/-as) neck-tumor

healsian [] wv/t2 to entreate earnestly, beseech, implore [also hálsian]

healsiendlic [] adj that may be intreated; imploring; adv ~líce importunately

healsigendlic [] adj that may be intreated; imploring; adv ~líce importunately

healsleðer [] n (-es/-) reins

healsmægeþ [] f (-/-) beloved maid [singular ~mæg(e)þ, plural ~mæg(e)þ]

healsmyne [] m (-es/-as) necklace; neck-ornament [mene]

healsóme [] f (-an/-an) neck-tumor

healsrefeðer [] f (-e/-a) feathers of a pillow, down [see OHG halsare cervical]

healsscod see healsed

healstán [] m (-es/-as) small cake

healswærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the neck

healswriða [] m (-n/-n) necklace

healswyrt [] f (-e/-e) a plant, daffodil?

healt [] adj halt, limping, lame

healt- see heald-

healtian [] wv/t2 to halt, limp; hesitate; fall away

healþegn2 [] m (-es/-as) hall-officer

healwudu [] m (-a/-a) woodwork of hall

héam see héah

héamol [] adj, adv miserly

héamul [] adj, adv miserly

héamolscipe [] m (-es/-as) miserliness

héan [] 1. adj lowly, despised, poor, mean, bare, abject; adv ~e; 2. see héah; 3. 1 wv/t1b 3rd pres héaþ past héade ptp héad to raise, exalt, extol; see híen, hýn

héanes [] f (-se/-sa) highness; something high, high place, height; on ~sum in the highest, ‘in excelsis’; excellence, sublimity; high rank; deep place

héanlic [] adj abject, poor; adv ~líce

héanmód2 [] adj downcast, depressed, sad

héannes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) treading down; 2. see héanes

héanspedig [] adj poor

héap [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) (of things) heap; host, crowd, assembly, company, troop, band; on ~e together; forloren ~ ruined troop

héapian1 [] wv/t2 to heap up, collect, bring together, accumulate

héapmǽlum [] adv by companies, in troops, flocks

héapum [] adv in heaps, in troops

héapung [] f (-e/-a) heap

hear- see heor-

heard [] 1. adj hard, harsh, severe, stern, cruel (things and persons); strong, intense, vigorous, violent; hardy, bold; resistant; 2. n (-es/-) hard object

heardcwide [] m (-es/-as) harsh speech, abuse (or hearmcwide?)

hearde [] adv hard, hardly, firmly, very severely, strictly, vehemently; exceedingly, greatly; painfully, grievously

heardecg [] 1. 2 adj sharp of edge; 2. f (-e/-a) sword

heardhara [] m (-n/-n) a fish, mullet? [also heardra]

heardhéaw [] n (-es/-) chisel

heardheort [] adj hard-hearted; stubborn

heardheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) hard-heartedness

heardhicgende2 [] adj brave

heardhíðende [] adj ravaging

heardian1 [] wv/i2 to be or become hard; harden

hearding2 [] m (-es/-as) bold man, hero

heardlic [] adj stern, severe, harsh, terrible; bold, warlike; excessive; adv ~líce harshly, resolutely, severely, sternly; stoutly, bravely; excessively; hardly (paulatim, tractim)

heardlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) austerity

heardmód [] adj brave, bold, over-confident; obstinate

heardmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) obstinacy

heardnebba [] m (-n/-n) raven

heardnes [] f (-se/-sa) hardness

heardra see heardhara

heardrǽd [] adj firm, constant

heardsǽlig [] adj unfortunate, unhappy

heardsǽlnes [] f (-se/-sa) calamity

heardsǽlþ [] f (-e/-a) hard lot, calamity, unhappiness; misconduct, wickedness

heardung [] f (-e/-a) hardening

heardwendlíce [] adv strictly

hearg [] m (-a/-a) temple, altar, sanctuary, idol; grove

hearga [] m (-n/-n) temple, altar, sanctuary, idol; grove

heargeard [] m (-a/-a) dwelling in the woods

hearglic [] adj idolatrous

heargtræf [] n (-es/-trafu) idol-temple

heargweard [] m (-es/-as) temple-warden, priest

hearh see hearg

hearm [] 1. m (-es/-as) damage, harm, injury, evil, affliction; grief, pain; insult, calumny; 2. adj harmful, malignant, evil

héarm see hréam

hearma [] m (-n/-n) mouse?, weasel? [OHG harmo] netila = nitella, dormouse

hearmascinnen [] adj made of ermine

hearmberg [] m (-es/-as) mound of calamity

hearmcwalu [] f (-e/-a) great suffering

hearmcweodelian see hearmcwidolian

hearmcweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres hearmcwiðeþ past hearmcwæþ/hearmcwǽdon ptp hearmcweden to speak evil of, revile

hearmcweðend [] m (-es/-) slanderer

hearmcwiddian [] wv/t2 to calumniate

hearmcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) calumny, blasphemy; heavy sentence, curse

hearmcwidol [] adj evil-speaking, slanderous

hearmcwidolian [] wv/t2 to speak evil, slander

hearmcwidolnes [] f (-se/-sa) slander

hearmedwít [] n (-es/-) grievous reproach

hearmful [] adj hurtful, noxious

hearmgeorn see un~

hearmian [] wv/t2 to harm, injure

hearmléoþ2 [] n (-es/-) elegy, lamentation

hearmlic [] adj harmful, grievous

hearmloca2 [] m (-n/-n) prison; hell

hearmplega [] m (-n/-n) fight, strife

hearmscaða [] m (-n/-n) terrible enemy

hearmscearu2 [] f (-e/-a) affliction, punishment, penalty [sceran]

hearmslege [] m (-es/-as) grievous blow

hearmsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) calumny

hearmstæf2 [] m (-es/-stafas) harm, sorrow, tribulation

hearmtán [] m (-es/-as) shoot of sorrow

hearpe [] f (-an/-an) harp

hearpenægel [] m (-nægles/-næglas) A little stick with which the player struck the chords of a stringed instrument, a quill, plectrum; a lyre or lute; also a lyric poem; A helm, rudder [plectrum]

hearpere [] m (-es/-as) harper

hearpestre [] f (-an/-an) (female) harper

hearpestreng [] m (-es/-as) harp-string

hearpian [] wv/t2 to harp

hearplic [] adj of a harp

hearpnægel see hearpenægel

hearpsang [] m (-es/-as) psalm

hearpslege [] m (-es/-as) plectrum (instrument for striking the harp); harp-playing

hearpswég [] m (-es/-as) sound of the harp

hearpung [] f (-e/-a) harping

hearra [] 1. 2 m (-n/-n) lord, master; 2. see heorr

héarra see héahra [cmp of héah]

hearstepanne see hierstepanne

héarsum see hiersum

heart see heord, heorot

hearwa see Sigel~

héas see héah

heascan see hyscan

heasu see hasu

heaðo- see heaðu- [= war]

heaðor [] n (-es/-) restraint, confinement

heaðorian1 [] wv/t2 to shut in, restrain, control

héaþrym see héahþrymm

heaðubryne2 [] f (-an/-an) war-corslet

heaðudéor2 [] adj bold, brave

heaðufremmende [] adj fighting

heaðufýr2 [] n (-es/-) cruel fire

heaðugeong [] adj young in war

heaðuglemm [] m (-es/-as) wound gotten in battle

heaðugrim2 [] adj fierce

heaðulác2 [] n (-es/-) battle-play, battle

heaðulind [] f (-e/-a) linden-wood shield

heaðulíðende2 [] m (-es/-as) seafaring warrior

heaðumǽre [] adj famed in battle

heaðurǽs2 [] m (-es/-as) onrush, attack

heaðuréaf [] n (-es/-) war-gear

heaðurinc2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior

heaðuróf2 [] adj famed in war, brave

heaðusceard? [] adj dinted in war [or heaðuscearp battle-sharp]

heaðuséoc [] adj wounded

heaðusigel [] m (-sigles/-siglas) sun

heaðustéap2 [] adj towering in battle

heaðuswát2 [] m (-es/-as) blood of battle

heaðusweng [] m (-es/-as) battle-stroke

heaðutorht [] adj clear as a battle-cry

heaðuwǽd [] f (-e/-e) blood of battle

heaðuweorc [] n (-es/-) battle-deed

heaðuwérig [] adj weary from fighting

heaðuwylm2 [] m (-es/-as) fierce flame

héaum see héagum, dat pl of héah

héaw- see hǽw-

héawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres híewþ past héow/on ptp gehéawen to hew, hack, strike, cleave, cut, cut down, kill; make by hewing; æftan ~ to slander

heawen see heofon

héawere see hríðer~, wudu~

hebba see héafod~

hebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres hefþ past hóf/on ptp gehæfen, gehafen to heave, raise, lift, lift up, exalt; intr rise; [also wk 3rd pres hefþ past hefde ptp gehefod]

hebbe see hæbbe [1st pres of habban]

hebbe see úp~

hebbing see úp~

hebeld see hefeld

heben see heofon

heber see hæfer

Hebréisc [] adj Hebrew

hebuc see hafoc

hecc see hæc

heced see hacod

hécen [] n (hécnes/-) kid

hecg [] f (-e/-a) enclosure, hedge

hecge [] f (-an/-an) enclosure, hedge

hecgaspind see hagospind

hecgaswind see hagospind

hédan1 [] 1. wv/t1b w.g. to heed, observe; care for, guard, protect, take charge of; obtain, receive, take; 2. see hýdan

héddern [] n (-es/-) storehouse, storeroom

héde [] past 3rd sing of hégan

hedecláþ [] m (-es/-as) a coarse, thick, upper garment like a chasuble

heden [] m (hednes/hednas) robe, hood, chasuble

hedendlic [] adj captious; adv ~líce

hef- see heof-

hefaldian see hefeldian

hefde [] 1. see hæfde, past 3rd sing of habban; 2. see hebban

hefe [] 1. m (-es/-as) weight, burden; mina talentum; 2. see hæfe

hefeful [] adj severe

hefeg see hefig

hefeld [] n (-es/-) thread (for weaving)

hefeldian1 [] wv/t2 to fix the weft, begin the web

hefeldþrǽd [] m (-es/-as) thread (for weaving)

hefelgyrd [] f (-e/-a) weaver’s shuttle

hefelic see hefiglic

hefelíce see hefiglíce

hefen [] 1. f (-e/-a) burden; 2. see heofon

hefetíme see hefigtíme

hefeþ [] pres 3rd sing of hebban

hefgian see hefigian

hefig [] adj heavy; important, grave, severe, serious; oppressive, grievous; slow, dull [hebban]; adv ~e

hefigian1 [] wv/t2 to make heavy; weigh down, oppress, afflict, grieve; aggravate, increase; become heavy, depressed, weakened

hefiglic [] adj heavy, weighty, serious, severe, burdensome, grievous, sad; adv ~líce violently, intensely; sorrowfully; sluggishly

hefigmód [] adj oppressive; heavy-hearted

hefignes [] f (-se/-sa) heaviness, weight, burden, affliction; dullness, torpor

hefigtýme [] adj heavy, grievous, severe, troublesome, oppressive [team]

hefod [] weak past of hebban; hefþ, pres 3rd sing of hebban

hefon see heofon

heft- see hæft-

hefug see hefigu, pl of hefig

heg- see hege-

hég see híeg

hégan12 [] wv/t1b to perform, achieve; hold (a meeting); exalt, worship

hegdig see hygdig

hege [] m (-es/-as) hedge, fence

hegeclife [] f (-an/-an) hedge-clivers

hegegian see hegian

hegehymele [] f (-an/-an) hop-plant

hegel see hægl, hagol

hegerǽw [] f (-e/-a) hedgerow

hegerife [] f (-an/-an) cleavers, goose grass

hegesáhl [] m (-es/-as) hedge-stake

hegesugge [] f (-an/-an) hedge-sparrow

hegesteall [] m (-es/-as) place with a hedge

hegestów [] f (-e/-a) place with a hedge

hegewege [] m (-es/-as) road between hedges

hegge [] f see hege

hegian1 [] wv/t2 to fence in, hedge, enclose; grep ~ to cut a grip

hégnes see héanes

hegstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) bar to stop an opening in a fence

hehstald see hagosteald

héht past 3rd sing of hátan

héhþu see híehþu

héista see héhsta

héiweg see héahweg

hel see hell, helle-

héla [] m (-n/-n) heel

héla- see hále-

hélade [] adj having large heels

helan1 [] sv/t4 3rd pres hilþ past hæl/hǽlon ptp geholen to conceal, cover, hide

hélan [] 1. wv/t1b to calumniate; 2. see hǽlan 1

Helcol [Hel·kol] m? (-es/-as) Hercules

held see hield

hele [] f (-an/-an) subterfuge

hele- see helle-, ele-

hélend see hǽlend

helerung see heolorung

heleþ see hæleþ

helf- see healf-, hielf-

helfan [] wv/t1b to halve [herbid]

helgod see hellgod

helhrúne see hellerúne

helian1 [] wv/t2 to conceal, cover, hide

hélic see héahlic

hélíce see héahlíce

hell [] f (-e/-a) Hades; hell, place of torment, Gehenna

hell- see helle-

hellbend [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) bond of hell

hellcniht [] m (-es/-as) devil, demon

hellcræft [] m (-es/-as) hellish power

hellcund [] adj of hell

hellcwalu [] f (-e/-a) pains of hell

helldor2 [] n (-es/-u) gate of hell

helle [] m (-es/-as) hell

hellebealu [] n (-wes/-) hell-bale

hellebróga [] m (-n/-n) terror of hell

hellebryne [] m (-es/-as) hell-fire

hellecǽgan [] m pl keys of hell

helleceafl [] m (-es/-as) jaws of hell

hellecinn [] n (-es/-) hellish race

helleclamm [] m (-es/-as) hell-bond

helledéofol2 [] m (-déofles/-déoflas), n (-déofles/-) devil

helledor [] n (-es/-u) gate of hell

helleduru [] f (-a/-a) gate of hell

helleflór [] f (-a/-a), m (-es/-as) floor of hell, courts of hell

hellefýr [] n (-es/-) hell-fire

hellegást [] m (-es/-as) spirit of hell

hellegeat [] n (-es/-u, -gatu) gate of hell

hellegrund2 [] m (-es/-as) abyss of hell

hellegrut [] m (-es/-as) pit of hell

hellegryre [] m (-es/-as) prisoner of hell, devil

hellehæft2 [] m (-es/-as) prisoner of hell, devil

hellehæfta2 [] m (-n/-n) prisoner of hell, devil

hellehæfting2 [] m (-es/-as) prisoner of hell, devil

hellehéaf [] m (-es/-as) wailings or howlings of hell

hellehinca [] m (-n/-n) hell-limper, devil [Ger hinken]

hellehund [] m (-es/-as) hell-hound

hellehús [] n (-es/-) hell-house

hellelic see hellic

helleloc [] n (-es/-u) hell-prison

hellemægen [] n (-es/-) troop of hell

hellemere [] m (-es/-as) Stygian lake

hellemúþ [] m (-es/-as) mouth of hell

helleníþ [] m (-es/-as) torments of hell

hellepín [] f (-e/-a) hell-torment

hellescealc [] m (-es/-as) devil

hellesceaða see hellsceaða

helleséaþ [] m (-a/-a) pit of hell

hellestów [] f (-e/-a) infernal region

hellesúsl [] n (-es/-) hell-torment

helletintreg [] ? (-?/-?) hell-torment

helletintrega [] m (-n/-n) hell-torment

helleþegn2 [] m (-es/-as) devil

hellewíte [] n (-es/-u) hell-pains, torment

hellewítebróga [] m (-n/-n) horro of hell-torment

hellfenlic [] adj like a fen of hell

hellfiren [] f (-e/-a) hellish crime

hellfús2 [] adj bound for hell

hellgeþwing [] n (-es/-) confinement in hell

hellgod [] n (-es/-u) god of the lower world

hellheort see ellheort, disheartened

hellheoðu [] f (-e/-a) vault of hell, hell

hellic [] adj of hell, hellish

hellsceaða [] m (-n/-n) hell-foe, devil; grave

helltræf [] n (-es/-trafu) devil’s temple

helltrega [] m (-n/-n) hell-torture

hellwaran [] m pl dwellers in hell

hellware [] m pl dwellers in hell

hellwaru [] f pl dwellers in hell

hellwerod [] n (-es/-u) host of hell

hellwiht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) devil

helm [] 1. m (-es/-as) protection, defence, covering, crown; summit, top (of trees); helmet; 2 protector, lord; 2. see elm

helma [] m (-n/-n) helm, rudder

helmbǽre [] adj leafy

helmberende [] adj leafy

helmberend2 [] m (-es/-) helmeted warrior

helmian1 [] wv/t2 to cover, crown; provide with a helmet

helmig see léaf~

helmiht [] adj leafy

helmweard [] m (-es/-as) pilot

hélo see hǽlu

helor see heolor

help [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) help, succor, aid

helpan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres hilpþ past healp/hulpon ptp geholpen w.g. or d. to help, support, succor; benefit, do good to; cure, amend

helpe [] f see help

helpend [] m (-es/-) helper

helpendlic [] adj to be liberated

helpendráp [] m (-es/-as) helping-rope [influenced by opiferra]

helrún see hellerune

helrúna [] m (-n/-n) hellish monster, one knowing the mysteries of hell

helrýnegu [] f (-e/-a) sorceress, witch

hélspure [] f (-an/-an) heel

helt [] 1. see hilt; 2. pres 3rd sing of heldan; 3. see hielt, pres 3rd sing of healdan

helto- see hielto-

helþegn see helleþegn

helung [] f (-e/-a) covering

helur see heolor

helustr see heolstor

hem [] m (-es/-as) hem, border

hemed see hemman

hémed see hǽmed

hémeþ see hǽmed

hemeðe [] n (-es/-u) under-garment [Ger hemd]

hemlic see hymlic

hemming [] m (-es/-as) show of undressed leather

hen see henn

hén see héan

hén- see híen-

hénan see híenan

hendig see list~

henep see hænep

heng past 3rd sing of hón

hengeclif [] n (-es/-cleofu, -clifu) overhanging cliff

hengen [] f (-ne/-na) hanging; cross; rack, torture; imprisonment

hengenwítnung [] f (-e/-a) imprisonment

hengest [] m (-es/-as) stallion, steed, horse, gelding

hengst [] m (-es/-as) stallion, steed, horse, gelding

hengetréow [] n (-es/-) gallows

hengwíte [] n (-es/-u) fine for not detaining an offender

henn [] f (-e/-a) hen

henna [] m (-n/-n) fowl

henneǽg [] n (-es/-ru) hen’s egg

hennebelle [] f (-an/-an) henbane

hennebroþ [] n (-es/-u) chicken broth

hennfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) hen

hénnis see híennes

hentan [] wv/t1b to pursue, attack; 1 appropriate, seize

hénþ see híenþ

henu see heonu

héo [] 1. nom 3rd pers pron she; nom acc pl pron they 2. 2 see híw

héodæg [] adv today [Ger heute]

héof [] 1. m (-es/-as) wailing, mourning, grief; 2. strong past 3rd sing of héofan

héofan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres héofþ past héofde ptp gehéofed to lament, grieve, wail, mourn

heofan see heofon

heofen see heofon

héofendlic [] adj dismal, mournful; adv ~líce

héofian [] wv/t2 to lament

héofigian [] wv/t2 to lament

heofig- see hefig-

héofigendlic [] adj lamenting

héofod see héafod

heofog see hefig

heofon [] m (-es/heofenas), f (-e/-a) sky, firmament; heaven; the power of heaven

héofon [] 1. see heofon; 2. strong past pl of  héofan

heofonaríce see heofonríce

heofonbéacen [] n (-béacnes/-) sign in the sky

heofonbeorht2 [] adj heavenly bright

heofonbigende [] adj chaste [ON byggja]

heofonbiggende [] adj chaste [ON byggja]

heofonbýme [] f (-an/-an) heavenly trumpet

heofoncandel2 [] f (-le/-la) sun, moon, stars

heofoncenned [] adj heaven-born

heofoncolu [] n pl heat of the sun

heofoncund [] adj celestial, heavenly

heofoncundlic [] adj heavenly

heofoncyning [] m (-es/-as) king of heaven

heofondéma [] m (-n/-n) heavenly ruler

heofondlíce see héofondlíce

heofondréam2 [] m (-es/-as) joy of heaven

heofonduguþ [] f (-e/-a) heavenly host

heofone see heofon

heofonengel [] m (-engles/-englas) 2 angel of heaven

heofonfléogende [] adj flying

heofonflód [] m (-es/-as) torrent (of rain)

heofonfugol2 [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) fowl of the air

heofonfýr [] n (-es/-) fire from heaven, lightning

heofonhæbbend [] m (-es/-) possessor of heaven

heofonhálig [] adj holy and heavenly

heofonhám2 [] m (-es/-as) heavenly home

heofonhéah [] adj reaching to heaven

heofonheall [] f (-e/-a) heavenly hall

heofonhláf [] m (-es/-as) bread of heaven, manna

heofonhlyta see efenhlytta

heofonhróf [] m (-es/-as) 2 vault of heaven, heaven; roof, ceiling

heofonhwealf2 [] f (-e/-a) vault of heaven

heofonhús [] n (-es/-) ceiling

heofonhyrst [] f (-e/-e) ornament of the heavens

heofonisc [] adj heavenly

heofonléoht [] n (-es/-) heavenly light

heofonléoma [] m (-n/-n) heavenly light

heofonlic [] adj heavenly, celestial; chaste; adv ~líce

heofonmægen2 [] n (-es/-) heavenly force

heofonríce [] n (-es/-u) kingdom of heaven

heofonsetl [] n (-es/-) throne of heaven

heofonsteorra2 [] m (-n/-n) star of heaven

heofonstól [] m (-es/-as) throne of heaven

heofontimber [] n (-timbres/-) heavenly structure

heofontorht2 [] adj very bright, glorious

heofontungol [] n (-tungles/-) heavenly luminary

heofonþréat [] m (-es/-as) heavenly company

heofonþrymm [] m (-es/-as) heavenly glory

heofonwaran [] m pl inhabitants of heaven (2)

heofonware [] m pl inhabitants of heaven (1)

heofonwaru [] f pl inhabitants of heaven (3)

heofonwealdend [] m (-es/-) the God (ruler) of heaven

heofonweard2 [] m (-es/-as) heaven’s keeper, God

heofonwerod [] n (-es/-) heavenly host

heofonwlitig [] adj divinely fair

heofonwolcen2 [] n (-wolcnes/-) cloud of heaven

heofonwóma2 [] m (-n/-n) terrible noise from heaven

heofonwuldor [] n (-wuldres/-) heavenly glory

héofsíþ [] m (-es/-as) lamentable state

heofun see heofon

héofung [] f (-e/-a) lamentation, mourning

héofungdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day of mourning

héofungtíd [] f (-e/-e) time of mourning

heolan see helan

heolca [] m (-n/-n) hoar-frost

heold past 3rd sing of healdan

heolfor2 [] n (heolfres/-) gore, blood

heolfrig2 [] adj gory, bloody

heolor [] f (-e/-a) scales, balance

heolorbledu [] f (-e/-a) scale of a balance

heolorian [] wv/t2 to weigh, ponder

heolorung [] f (-e/-a) momentum, the turning of a scale

heoloþcynn [] n (-es/-) denizens of hell

heoloðe see héah~, hind~

heoloþhelm2 [] m (-es/-as) helmet which makes the wearer invisible

heolp see healp

heolr- see heolor-

heolstor [] 1. m (heolstres/heolstras) darkness, concealment, cover, hiding-place, retreat [helan]; 2. adj dark, shadowy

heolstorcofa [] m (-n/-n) dark chamber, grave

heolstorhof [] n (-es/-u) hell

heolstorloca2 [] m (-n/-n) prison, cell

heolstorsceadu [] m (-wes/-was) concealing shade, darkness

heolstorscuwa [] f (-e/-a) concealing shade, darkness

heolstrig [] adj shadowy, obscure

heolstrung? [] f (-e/-a) darkness

heolt see healt

heom [] dat 3rd pers pron them; dat pl of hé, héo, hit

heona see heonon, heonone

heonan see heonon, heonone

heonana see heonon, heonone

heono see heonu

heonon [] adv hence, from here, away; from how; ~ forþ henceforth

heonone [] adv hence, from here, away; from how; ~ forþ henceforth

heononsíþ [] m (-es/-as) departure, death

heononweard [] adj transient

heonu [] conj if, but, therefore, moreover, whether; interj lo!, behold!

heonun see heonon

héop see héap

héopa [] m (-n/-n) bramble

héopbrémel [] m (-brémles/-brémlas) dog-rose, bramble

héope [] f (-an/-an) hip, seed-vessel of wild-rose; bush, brier

heor see heorr

heora [] genitive pl pron their; gen pl of hé, héo, hit

héoran see híeran

heorcnian1 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to hearken, listen

heorcnung [] f (-e/-a) hearkening, listening, power of hearing

heord- see hierd-

heord [] 1. f (-e/-a) herd, flock; keeping, care, custody; 2. sycamore; 3. see híred; 4. ge~ see geheordung 

heorde [] 1. f (-an/-an) hards (of flax), tow; 2. see hierde; 3. see heord

heordnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) custody, keeping, watch

heordrǽden1 [] f (-ne/-na) custody, care, keeping, watch, ward; keeping-place

héore [] 1. 2 adj pleasant, secure; gentle, mild, pure; 2. see híere

heorl see eorl

heoro see heoru

héorod see híered

heorot [] m (-es/heoretas) hart, stag

heorotberge [] f (-an/-an) buckthorn-berry

heorotbrembel [] m (-brembles/-bremblas) buckthorn

heorotbremel [] m (-bremles/-bremlas) buckthorn

heorotbrembelléaf [] n (-es/-) leaf of the buckthorn

heorotbrér [] f (-e/-a) buckthorn

heorotclǽfre [] f (-an/-an) hart-clover, hemp agrimony

heorotcrop [] m (-es/-as) cluster of hartwort flowers

heorotsmeoru [] n (-wes/-) hart’s grease

heorotsol [] n (-es/-u) stag’s wallowing-place

heorr [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) hinge; cardinal point

heorra [] 1. see hearra; 2. see heorr

heort [] 1. adj 1 high-minded, stout-hearted; 2. see heorot 

heortan see hiertan

heortancnys [] f (-e/-a) (com)pulsus cordis?

heortcoða [] m (-n/-n) heart disease

heortcoðu [] f (-e/-a) heart disease

heorte [] f (-an/-an) heart (organ); breast, soul, spirit; will, desire; courage; mind, intellect; affections

heortece [] m (-es/-as) heartache

heorten [] adj of a hart

heortgesida [] f? pl entrails

heortgryre [] m (-es/-as) terror of heart

heorthama [] m (-n/-n) pericardium, internal fat

heorthogu [] f (-e/-a) heart-care

heortléas [] adj dispirited

heortlufu [] f (-e/-a) hearty love

heortsárnes [] f (-se/-sa) grief

heortscræf [] n (-es/-scrafu) heart

heortséoc [] adj ill from heart disease

heortwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain at the heart

heorþ [] m (-es/-as) hearth, fire; house, home

heorþ- see eorþ-

heorða [] m (-n/-n) deer- (or goat-) skin

heorþbacen [] adj baked on the hearth

heorþcneoht [] m (-es/-as) attendant

heorðe see heorde

heorþfæst [] adj having a settled home

heorþgenéat2 [] m (-es/-as) retainer

heorþpening [] m (-es/-as) hearth-penny, tax (for the Church), Peter’s penny

heorþswǽpe [] f (-an/-an) bridesmaid

heorþwerod2 [] n (-es/-) body of retainers

heoru2 [] m (-a/-a) sword

heorublác [] adj mortally wounded

heorucumbul [] n (-cumbles/-) standard

heorudolg [] n (-es/-) deadly wound

heorudréor2 [] m (-es/-as) sword-blood, gore

heorudréorig [] adj blood-stained; deathly sick

heorudrync [] m (-es/-as) sword-drink, blood shed by the sword

heorufæðm [] m (-es/-as) deadly grasp

heoruflá [] f (-n/-n) arrow

heorugífre2 [] adj fierce, greedy for slaughter

heorugrǽdig2 [] adj bloodthirsty

heorugrimm2 [] adj savage, fierce

heorung see herung

heoruscearp [] adj very sharp

heorusceorp [] n (-es/-) war equipments

heoruserce [] f (-an/-an) coat of mail

heoruswealwe [] f (-an/-an) falcon, hawk

heorusweng2 [] m (-es/-as) sword-stroke

heorut see heorot

heoruwǽpen [] n (-wǽpnes/-) sword

heoruweallende [] adj gushing with destruction

heoruwearg [] m (-es/-as) accursed foe, bloodthirsty wolf

heoruword [] n (-es/-) hostile speech

heoruwulf [] m (-es/-as) warrior

héow- see híw-

héowan see héofan

heplic see hæplic

her- see hear-, hier-, here-

hér [] 1. adv here, in this place; in this world; at this point of time, at this date, nowl twards this place, hither; 2. see hǽr

hér- see hǽr-, híer-, hýr-

héræfter [] adv hereafter, later on

hérbeforan [] adv before, previously

hérbeufan [] adv here above, previously

hérbúende2 [] m pl dwellers on this earth

herbyrg see herebeorg

hercnian see heorcnian

hércyme [] m (-es/-as) coming here, advent

herd see heord

herd- see hierd-

hérd- see híerd-

here [] m (-es/-as) predatory band, troop, army, host, multitude (se ~, almost always means the Danish army); battle, war, devastation

hére [] 1. f (-an/-an) dignity, importance?; 2. see hǽre

herebéacen [] n (-béacnes/-) military ensign, standard; beacon, lighthouse

herebéacn  [] n (-es/-) military ensign, standard; beacon, lighthouse

herebeorg [] f (-e/-a) lodgings, quarters [Ger herberge]

herebyrg [] f (-e/-a) lodgings, quarters [Ger herberge]

herebeorgian [] wv/t2 to take up one’s quarters, lodge [Ger herbergen]

herebléaþ [] adj cowardly

herebróga [] m (-n/-n) dread of war

herebýme [] f (-an/-an) trumpet, sackbut

herebyrgian see herebeorgian

herebyrne [] f (-an/-an) corslet

herecirm [] m (-es/-as) war cry

herecist see herecyst

herecombol [] n (-combles/-) standard

herecyst2 [] f (-e/-e) warlike band

herefeld2 [] m (-a/-a) battlefield, field

herefeoh [] n (-féos/-) booty

hereféða [] m (-n/-n) war-troop

hereflýma [] m (-n/-n) deserter

herefolc2 [] n (-es/-) army

herefong [] m (-es/-as) osprey

herefugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) bird of prey

hereg- see herg-, herig-

heregang [] m (-es/-as) invasion; devastation

heregeatland [] n (-es/-) heriot-land

heregeatu [] f (-we/-wa), n (-wes/-) war-gear, military equipment; heriot

heregield [] n (-es/-) war-tax, Danegeld

heregríma2 [] m (-n/-n) helmet

herehand [] f (-a/-a) violence of war

herehlóþ [] f (-e/-a) war-host, troop

herehorn [] m (-es/-as) trumpet

herehúþ [] f (-e/-a) booty, prey, plunder

hereláf [] f (-e/-a) remains of a host; spoil

herelic [] adj martial

herelof [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) fame, glory; trophy

heremæcg [] m (-es/-as) warrior

heremægen2 [] n (-es/-) warlike force, multitude

heremann [] m (-es/-menn) soldier

héremann see híeremann

heremeðel [] n (-meðles/-) national assembly

herenes1 [] f (-se/-sa) praise

herenett [] n (-es/-) corslet

hereníþ [] m (-es/-as) warfare

herenuma [] m (-n/-n) prisoner

herepád2 [] f (-e/-a) corslet, coat of mail

herepaþ [] m (-es/-as) military road, highway (1)

herepæþ [] m (-es/-paðas) military road, highway (2)

hererǽs [] m (-es/-as) hostile raid

hererǽswa [] m (-n/-n) commander

hereréaf [] f (-e/-a) war spoil, plunder, booty

hererinc2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior

heresceaft [] m (-es/-as) spear

heresceorp [] n (-es/-) war-dress

herescipe [] m (-es/-as) troop

heresíþ2 [] m (-es/-as) warlike expedition

herespéd [] f (-e/-e) success in war

hérespel [] n (-es/-u) glorious discourse

herestrǽl [] m (-es/-as) arrow

herestrǽt [] f (-e/-a) highway, main road

hereswég [] m (-es/-as) martial sound

heresyrce [] f (-an/-an) corslet

heretéam [] m (-es/-as) plunder, devastation; predatory excursion

heretéma2 [] m (-n/-n) general, king, ruler

heretoga [] m (-n/-n) commander, general, chieftain

heretoha [] m (-n/-n) commander, general, chieftain

hereþ [] m (herðes/herðas) booty [hergaþ]

hereþréat [] m (-es/-as) war-band, troop

hereþrym [] m (-es/-as) phalanx

herewǽd [] f (-e/-e) mail, armor

herewǽpen [] n (-wǽpnes/-) weapon

herewæsma [] m (-n/-n) prowess

herewǽða2 [] m (-n/-n) warrior

hereweg [] m (-es/-as) highway

hereweorc [] n (-es/-) war-work

herewian see hierwan

herewíc [] n (-es/-) dwellings, camp

herewísa2 [] m (-n/-n) captain, general

herewóp [] m (-es/-as) the cry of an army

hereword [] n (-es/-) praise, renown

herewósa2 [] m (-n/-n) warrior

herewulf [] m (-es/-as) warrior

herewurd see hereword

herfest see hærfest

herg see hearg

herg- see hereg-, heri(g)-

hergaþ [] m (-es/-as) harrying, devastation; booty

hergere? [] m (-es/-as) plunderer

hergian1 [] wv/t2 to ravage, plunder, lay waste, harry; seize, take, capture

hergiend [] m (-es/-) plunderer

hergiung [] f (-e/-a) harrying, ravaging, raid, invasion, attack; plunder, booty; harrowing (2)

hergoþ see hergaþ

hergung [] f (-e/-a) harrying, ravaging, raid, invasion, attack; plunder, booty; harrowing (1)

herh see hearg

herian [] 1. wv/t1a 3rd pres hereþ past herede ptp gehered to extol, praise, commend; to help; 2. see hierwan; 3. see hergian; 4. see erian

herig see hearg; see also here

herigend [] m (-es/-) flatterer

herigendlic1 [] adj laudable, commendable; praising; excellent; adv ~líce

herigendsang [] m (-es/-as) song of praise

hering see herung

héring see híering

hérinne [] adv herein

herlic [] 1. adj noble; 2. see herelic

hérnes see híernes

hérof [] adv hereof, of this

héron [] adv herein

hérongean [] adv contrariwise

hérongemong [] adv at this point, in this connection, meanwhile; among others

herpæþ [] m (-es/-paðas) military road, highway (2)

hérra see héarra, híerra

hérrihte [] adv at this point

herst- see hierst-

hérsum see híersum

hértó [] adv thus far

hértóéacan [] adv besides

herþ see heorþ

herðan [] ? pl testicles [testiculi]

herþbelig [] m (-es/-as) scrotum

herþland see yrþland

herung [] f (-e/-a) praise

herutbeg see heorotberge

herw- see hierw-

hérwiþ [] adv herewith [listed as herwiþ]

hes- see hys-

hést see hǽst

hét past 3rd sing of hátan

hetan [] wv/t? to attack

hete [] m (-es/-as) hate, envy, malice, hostility, persecution, punishment

hetegrim2 [] adj fierce, cruel

hetel see hetol

hetelic [] adj hostile, malignant, horrible, violent, excessive; adv ~líce

hetend see hettend

heteníþ2 [] m (-es/-as) hostility, spite, wickedness

heteróf [] adj full of hate

heterún [] f (-e/-a) charm which produces hate

hetesprǽc [] f (-e/-a) defiant speech

hetesweng [] m (-es/-as) hostile blow

heteþanc2 [] m (-es/-as) hostile design

heteþoncol [] adj hostile

hetol [] adj hating, hostile, evil; savage; violent, severe

hetolnes [] f (-se/-sa) vilence, fierceness

héton past pl of hátan

hétt see hǽtt, pres 3rd sing of hátan

hettan [] wv/t1a to chase, persecute

hettend2 [] m (-es/-) enemy, antagonist

hettende pres participle of hatian

héðen see hǽðen

héwen see hǽwen

see héo, híe

hía see híe

hice [] f? (-an/-an) name of a bird, parruca

hícemáse [] f (-an/-an) blue titmouse

hicgan see hycgan

hicol [] m (hicles/hiclas) woodpecker

híd [] 1. f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) a hide of land (about 120 acres, but amount varied greatly) [híwan]; 2. see hýd

hídan see hýdan

hider [] adv hither, to this side, on this sider; cmp ~or nearer; ~ and þider, hidres þidres hither and thither

hidercyme [] m (-es/-as) advent, arrival

hidere [] adv hither

hidergeond [] adv thither, yonder

hiderryne [] adj of our country

hidertócyme see hidercyme

hiderweard [] adj, adv hitherward, towards this place

hídgyld [] 1. n (-es/-) tax paid on each hide of land; 2. see hýdgild

hidir- see hider-

hídmǽlum [] adv by hydes

hidres see hider

híe [] 1. pl pron they; pl of hé, héo, hit; 2. fem acc pron her

hieder see hider

hieftníed see hæftníed

híeg [] n (-es/-) hay, cut grass [héawan]

híeghús [] n (-es/-) hay store

híegian see hígian

híegsíðe [] m (-es/-as) hay-scythe

híehra, híehst see héah

híehþ [] f (-e/-a) height, highest point, summit; the heavens, heaven; glory [héah]

híehþu [] f (-e/-a) height, highest point, summit; the heavens, heaven; glory [héah]

hield1 [] f (-e/-a) keeping, custody, guard, protection; loyalty, fidelity; observance, observation, watching; secret place; protector, guardian [usu ge~]

hieldan1 [] wv/i1b to lean, incline, slope; wv/t1b to force downwards, bow or bend down

hielde [] f (-an/-an) slope, declivity

hielde see earfoþ~

hielfe [] n (-es/-u) handle

hielfling [] m (-es/-as) mite, farthing [healf]

hielpeþ pres 3rd sing of helpan

hielt pres 3rd sing of healdan

hieltu [] f (-e/-a) lameness

híenan1 [] wv/t1b to fell, prostrate; overcome; weaken, crush, afflict, injure, oppress; abase, humble, insult; accuse, condemn

hiene acc sing of

híenend [] m (-es/-) accuser

híennes [] f (-se/-sa) crushing, destruction

híenþ [] f (-e/-a) humiliation, affliction, oppression, annoyance; loss, damage, harm; act of hanging

híenþu [] f (-e/-a) humiliation, affliction, oppression, annoyance; loss, damage, harm; act of hanging

hiera [] genitive pl pron their; gen pl of , héo, hit

híeran1 [] wv/t1b, wv/i1b to hear, listen (to); w.d. to obey, follow; accede to, grant; be subject to, belong to, serve; ge~ judge

hierdan1 [] wv/t1b to harden, make hard; strengthen, fortify, confirm, encourage [heard]

hierde [] m (-es/-as) shepherd, herdsman; guardian, keeper; pastor

hierdebelig [] m (-es/-as) shepherd’s bag

hierdebóc [] f (-béc/-béc) pastoral book (translation of the Cura Pastoralis of Pope Gregory)

hierdecnapa [] m (-n/-n) shepherd boy

hierdeléas [] adj without a shepherd or pastor

hierdelic [] adj pastoral

hierdemann [] m (-es/-menn) shepherd

hierdenn [] f (-e/-a) hardening

hierdewyrt [] f (-e/-e) name of a plant

hierdnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) custody, watch, guard

hierdung [] f (-e/-a) strengthening

hiere [] fem. gen. pron her; genitive of héo

híered see híred

híeremann [] m (-es/-menn) retainer, servant, subject, hearer, parishioner

híeringmann [] m (-es/-menn) subject; hireling

híernes [] f (-se/-sa) ge~ hearing, report; 1 obedience, subjection, allegiance; jurisdiction, district

hierra see hearra

híerra comparative of héah

hierstan1 [] wv/t1b to fry, roast, scorch, pain [OHG giharsten]

hierste [] f (-an/-an) frying-pan; gridiron

hierstepanne [] f (-an/-an) frying-pan

hiersting [] f (-e/-a) frying, burning; frying-pan?

hierstinghláf [] m (-es/-as) crust

híersum1 [] adj w.d. obedient, docile

híersumian1 [] wv/t2 w.d. to obey, serve; ge~ reduce, subject, conquer

híersumlic [] adj willing

híersumnes [] f (-se/-sa) obedience, submission; service; humility

hiertan1 [] wv/t1b to cheer, encourage; be renewed, refreshed; revive; cherish; [heort]

hierting [] f (-e/-a) soothing

hierwan1 [] wv/t1b to abuse, blaspheme, condemn, illtreat; to deride, despise

hierwend [] m (-es/-) blasphemer

hierwendlic [] adj contemptible; adv ~líce with contempt

hierwing [] f (-e/-a) blasphemy

hierwnes [] f (-se/-sa) contempt, reproach; blasphemy

híew see híw

híewestán [] m (-es/-as) hwen stone

híewet [] n (-es/-) cutting [héawan]

híewian see híwian

híewþ pres 3rd sing of héawan

híf- see híw-

hig, hig [] interj o, o

hig see híe 1

híg see híeg

hígan see híwan

hige see hyge

hígendlíce [] adv quickly, immediately; [hígian]

higera [] m (-n/-n) jay, magpie, jackdaw, woodpecker [Ger häher]

higere [] f (-an/-an) jay, magpie, jackdaw, woodpecker [Ger häher]

higesynnig? [] adj sinful

higgan see hycgan

hígian [] wv/t2 to hie, strive, hasten

hígid see híd

híglá [] interj heu!

higléast see hygeléast

hígna see híwan

hígo see híwan

higora see higera

higra see higera

higre see higere

hígscipe see híwscipe

hihsan see hyscan

hiht see hyht

hihting [] f (-e/-a) exultation, gladness

híhþo see híehþu

Hii [] f? (-?/-?) Iona, an island

hilc see hylc

hílá see híglá

hild [] 1. 2 f (-e/-a) war, combat; 2 ~e dǽlan1 to fight, contend; 2. see hield

hildbedd [] n (-es/-) deathbed

hildebill2 [] n (-es/-) sword

hildeblác? [] adj deadly pale, mortally wounded

hildebord2 [] n (-es/-) buckler

hildecalla [] m (-n/-n) war-herald

hildecorðor [] n (-corðres/-) warlike band

hildecyst [] f (-e/-e) valor

hildedéoful [] m (-déofles/-déoflas) demon

hildedéor [] adj war-fierce, brave

hildefreca2 [] m (-n/-n) warrior

hildefrófor [] f (-frófre/-frófra), m (-frófres/-frófras), n (-frófres/-) battle-comfort

hildegeatwe2 [] f pl war-harness

hildegesa [] m (-n/-n) terror of battle

hildegicel [] m (-gicles/-giclas) battle-icicle (blood dripping from a sword)

hildegiest [] m (-es/-as) enemy

hildegráp2 [] f (-e/-a) hostile grip

hildeheard [] adj bold in battle

hildehlem2 [] m (-es/-as) crash of battle

hildeléoma2 [] m (-n/-n) Gleam of battle (name of a sword); battle-flame (sword); destructive flame (of the dragon)

hildeléoþ [] n (-es/-) war-song

hildeméce [] m (-es/-as) sword

hildemecg [] m (-es/-as) warrior

hildenǽdre2 [] f (-an/-an) war-snake, arrow

hildepíl2 [] m (-es/-as) dart, javelin

hilderand [] m (-es/-as) shield

hilderǽs [] m (-es/-as) charge, attack

hilderinc2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior, hero

hildesæd [] adj battle-worn

hildesceorp [] n (-es/-) armor

hildescúr [] m (-es/-as) shower of darts

hildeserce [] f (-an/-an) corslet

hildesetl [] m (-es/-as) saddle

hildespell [] n (-es/-) warlike speech

hildestrengu [] f (-e/-a) vigor for battle

hildeswát [] m (-es/-as) vapor of battle?

hildeswég [] m (-es/-as) sound of battle

hildetorht [] adj shining in battle

hildetux [] m (-es/-as) tusk (as weapon)

hildeþremma [] m (-n/-n) warrior

hildeþrymm [] m (-es/-as) warlike strength, valor

hildeþrýþ [] f (-e/-e) warlike strength, valor [listed as m]

hildewǽpen [] n (-wǽpnes/-) weapon of war

hildewísa [] m (-n/-n) commander

hildewóma2 [] m (-n/-n) crash of battle

hildewrǽsn [] f (-e/-a) fetter for captives

hildewulf [] m (-es/-as) hero

hildfreca see hildefreca

hildfrom [] adj valiant in war

hildfruma2 [] m (-n/-n) battle-chief, prince, emperor

hildlata [] m (-n/-n) laggard in battle, coward

hildstapa [] m (-n/-n) warrior

hildþracu [] f (-e/-a) onset of battle

hileþ see hilþ

hilháma see hylleháma

hill see hyll, hell

hilpestu see hilpest þu, (pres 2nd sing of helpan and 2nd pers sing pron)

hilpeþ, hilpþ pres 3rd sing of helpan

hilt [] 1. see hielt, pres 3rd sing of healdan; 2. m, n see hilte

hiltcumbor [] n (-cumbres/-) banner with a staff (2)

hilte1 [] f (-an/-an), n (-es/-u) handle, hilt (of sword)

hiltecumbor [] n (-cumbres/-) banner with a staff (1)

hilted [] adj hilted, with a hilt

hilting [] m (-es/-as) sword

hiltléas [] adj having no hilt

hiltsweord [] n (-es/-) hilted sword

hiltu1 neuter plural of hilte

hilþ pres 3rd sing of helan

him [] pron him, them; dative singular of ; dative plural 3rd person; mid ~ selfum by himself

himming see hemming

hína see híwan

hinan see heonan

hínan see híenan

hinca see helle~

hind [] f (-e/-a) hind (female deer)

hindan [] adv from behind, behind, in the rear; æt ~ behind [Ger hinten]; ~ offaran to intercept from behind, cut off retreat

hindanweard [] adv hindwards, at the end

hindberge [] f (-an/-an) raspberry; strawberry?

hindbrér [] m (-es/-as) raspberry bush

hindcealf [] n (-es/-ru) fawn [listed as also being masculine]

hindema2 [] adj hindmost, last; ~n síðe for the last time

hinder [] adj after (thought), sad, sinister (thought)?; adv behind, back, after, in the farthest part, down; on ~ backwards

hindergéap [] adj wily, cunning, deceitful

hindergenga [] m (-n/-n) one who walks backwards; apostate

hinderhóc [] m (-es/-as) trick

hinderling [] 1. m (-es/-as) mean wretch, sneak; 2. adv in phraseon ~’ backwards

hindernes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness, guile

hinderscipe [] m (-es/-as) wickedness

hinderþéostru [] n pl nether darkness

hinderweard [] adj slow, sluggish

hindeweard [] adj reversed, wrong end first, from behind

hindfalod [] n (-es/-u?) hind-fold

hindhæleðe [] f (-an/-an) ambrosia, water agrimony

hindheoloþ [] f (-e/-a) ambrosia, water agrimony

hindheoloðe [] f (-an/-an) ambrosia, water agrimony

hindrian1 [] wv/t2 to hinder, check, repress

hindsíþ see hinsíþ

hine [] 1. masculine pron him; accusative of ; 2. see heonon

híne see híwene

hinfús2 [] adj ready to depart or die

hingang2 [] m (-es/-as) departure, death

hingrian see hyngrian

hinn- see hin-

hinon see heonon

hinsíþ2 [] m (-es/-as) departure, death [heonon]

hinsíþgryre [] m (-es/-as) fear of death

hío see he

hio- see heo-

hionne? [] f (-an/-an) dura mater

hior see heorr

híored see híred

hioro- see heoru-

híowesclíce see híwisclíce

hip- see hyp-

hipsful see hyspful

hír see hýr

hir- see hier-

hír- see héor-, híer-

hira [] genitive plural pron their; gen pl of hé, héo, hit

hírd- see híred-

hire [] genitive feminine pron her; gen of héo

híred [] m (hírdes/hírdas) household, family, retinue; brotherhood, company

híredcniht [] m (-es/-as) domestic, member of a household

híredcúþ [] adj domestic, familiar

híredgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) ex-consul

híredlic [] adj pertaining to a household or court, domestic, familiar

híredlóf [] adj friendly

híredmann [] m (-es/-menn) retainer, follower

híredpréost [] m (-es/-as) chaplain; regular priest

híredwífmann [] m (-es/-menn) female member of a household

híredwist [] f (-e/-e) familiarity

hís see ís

hisc- see hysc-

hislic [] adj suitable

hispan see hyspan

hiss see hos

hisse see hyse

hít [] neut pron it; gen his; dat him; acc hit

hittan [] wv/t1a to fall in with, meet with, hit upon [ON hitta]

híþ- see hýþ-

hiðer see hider

hiu see héo

híw [] 1. n (-es/-) appearance, form, species, kind; apparition; hue, color; beauty; figure of speech; 2. f (-e/-a) fortune

híwan [] m pl members of a family, household, or religious house [gen pl híwna, hí(g)na]

híwbeorht2 [] adj radiant, beautiful

híwcund [] adj familiar, domestic

híwcúþ [] adj domestic, familiar, well-known

híwcúþlic [] adj domestic, familiar; adv ~líce

híwcúþnes [] f (-se/-sa) familiarity

híwcúþrǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) familiarity

híwen [] n (híwnes/-) household

híwere [] m (-es/-as) dissembler, hypocrite

híwfæger [] adj comely of form

híwfæst [] adj comely, fair

híwgedál [] n (-es/-) divorce

híwian1 [] wv/t2 1. to form, fashion; color; dissimulate, feign, pretend; figure, signify; ge~ transform, transfigure; ~ on to change to; 2. to marry

híwiend [] m (-es/-) one who forms

híwisc [] n (-es/-) household; hide (of land, variant of híd); adv ~líce familiarly

híwisclíce [] adv familiarly

híwléas [] adj shapeless; colorless

híwlic [] 1. adj comely; figurative; 2. adj of marriage

híwna see híwan

híwnes [] f (-se/-sa) hue, color, appearance

híwrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) family, household, religious house

híwscipe [] m (-es/-as) family, household; hide (of land)

híwsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) artfully formed speech

híwþ pres 3rd sing of héawan

híwung [] 1. f (-e/-a) 1 appearance, likeness, form, figure; portrayal; pretence, hypocrisy; irony; 2. f (-e/-a) marriage

hlacerian [] wv/t2 to deride, mock

hlacerung [] f (-e/-a) unseemly behavior, or words, mockery

hladan1 [] sv/t6 3rd pres hlædeþ past hlód/on ptp gehladen to lade, draw, or take in water; heap up, lay on, build, load, burden

hladung [] f (-e/-a) drawing (haustus)

hláf [] m (-es/-as) loaf, cake, bread, food; sacramental bread

hláfǽta [] m (-n/-n) (loaf-eater), dependant

hláfbrytta [] m (-n/-n) slave in charge of the bread-store?

hláfdie see hlǽfdige

hláfgang [] m (-es/-as) attendance at, or participation in, a meal; partaking of the Eucharist

hláfgebrecu [] f (-e/-a) bit of bread

hláfgebroc [] n (-es/-u) bit of bread

hláfhús [] n (-es/-) Bethlehem (domus panis)

hláfhwǽte [] m (-es/-as) bread-wheat

hláfléast [] f (-e/-a) want of bread

hláfmæsse [] f (-an/-an) Lammas (August 1)

hláfmæssedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Lammas-day

hláfmæssetíd [] f (-e/-e) Lammas-tide

hláfofn [] m (-es/-as) baker’s oven

hláford [] m (-es/-as) lord, master, ruler; husband; the Lord, God; [hláf, weard]

hláforddóm [] m (-es/-as) lordship, authority; patronage

hláfordgift [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) grant (or appointment) by a lord

hláfordhold [] adj loyal to a lord

hláfordhyldu [] f (-e/-a) loyalty

hláfording [] m (-es/-as) lord, master

hláfordléas [] adj without a lord, leaderless

hláfordlic [] adj lordly, noble

hláfordscipe [] m (-es/-as) lordship, authority, rule; domination (title of an order of angels)

hláfordsearu [] f (-we/-wa), n (-wes/-) high treason

hláfordsócn [] f (-e/-a) act of seeking the protection of a lord

hláfordswica [] m (-n/-n) traitor

hláfordswice [] m (-es/-as) high treason, treachery

hláfordswícung [] f (-e/-a) betrayal of one’s lord

hláfordsyrwung [] f (-e/-a) betrayal of one’s lord

hláfordþrimm [] m (-es/-as) dominion, power

hláfræce [] f (-an/-an) oven-rake [hláb-]

hláfsénung [] f (-e/-a) blessing of bread (on Lammasday)

hláfurd see hláford

hláfweard [] m (-es/-as) steward

hlagol [] adj inclined to laugh

hlagolian [] wv/t2 to sound

hlámmæsse see hláfmæsse

hlanc [] adj lank, lean, thin

hland [] n (-es/-) urine

hlaðian see laðian

hláw see hlǽw

hlǽ see hlǽw

hlæd [] n (-es/hladu) heap?, burden?

hlǽdder see hlǽder

hlǽddre see hlǽder

hlæddisc [] m (-es/-as) dish laden with varied viands

hlædel [] m (hlædles/hlædlas) ladle

hlæden [] 1. m (hlædnes/hlædnas) bucket; 2. past part of hladan

hlǽder [] f (-e/-a) ladder, steps

hlǽderstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) rung of a ladder

hlǽderwyrt [] f (-e/-e) ladder-wort, Jacob’s ladder

hlædhweogl [] n (-es/-) water-wheel, wheel for drawing up water

hlǽdrede [] adj having steps

hlædst see hlætst pres 2nd sing of hladan

hlædtrendel [] m (-trendles/-trendlas) wheel for drawing water

hlǽfde see læfðe

hlǽfdige [] f (-an/-an) mistress (over servants); chatelaine, lady, queen; the Virgin Mary; séo ealde ~ the queen dowager

hlæfl see læfel

hlægulian see hlagolian

hlæhan see hliehhan

hlæhter see hleahtor

hlǽnan [] 1. wv/t1b to cause to lean; 2. see lǽnan

hlǽnan see á~

hlǽne [] adj lean

hlǽnian1 [] wv/i2 to become lean; make lean, starve

hlǽnnes [] f (-se/-sa) leanness

hlǽnsian1 [] wv/i2 to make lean, weaken

hlæst [] n (-es/-) burden, load, freight; holmes ~ finny tribe

hlæsting [] f (-e/-a) toll on loading a ship

hlæstscip [] n (-es/-u) trading-vessel

hlæt see læt

hlætst pres 2nd sing of hladan

hlǽw2 [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) mound, cairn, hill, mountain; grave-yard, barrow; hollow mound, cave

hleadan see hladan

hleahter see hleahtor

hleahterful [] adj scornful

hleahterlic [] adj ridiculous

hleahtor [] m (hleahtres/hleahtras) laughter, jubilation; derision

hleahtorbǽre [] adj causing laughter

hleahtorsmiþ [] m (-es/-as) laughter-maker

hleahtrian [] wv/t2 to deride

hléapan [] sv/i7 3rd pres hlíepþ past hléop/on ptp is gehléapen to leap, run, go, jump, dance, spring; ge~ leap upon, mount (a horse)

hléapere [] m (-es/-as) runner, courier; wanderer; horseman; leaper, dancer; itinerant monk

hléapestre [] f (-an/-an) female dancer

hléapettan [] wv/t1b to leap up

hléapewince [] f (-an/-an) lapwing

hléapung [] f (-e/-a) dancing

hléat past 3rd sing of hléotan

hlec [] adj leaky

hlecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres hlicþ past hlæc/hlǽcon ptp gehlecen to join, unite, cohere

hléda [] m (-n/-n) seat

hléde [] m (-es/-as) seat

hléf see hlǽw

hléfan see á~

hléga see lǽwa

hlehhan see hliehhan

hlégende [] adj deep-sounding

hléglende [] adj deep-sounding

hleht- see hleaht-

hlem [] m (-es/-as) sound

hlemman [] wv/t1a to cause to sound, clash

hlénan see lǽnan

hlence [] f (-an/-an) coat of mail

hlennan see hlynnan

hlenortéar [] m (-es/-as) hyssop

hléo2 [] m? (-wes/-was), n? (-wes/-) covering, refuge, defence, shelter, protection; protector

hléo- see hléow-

hléobord [] n (-es/-) book-cover

hléoburh2 [] f (-byrig/-byrig) protecting city

hléod see hlód

hléohræscnes see hléorhræscnes

hléoléas2 [] adj without shelter, comfortless

hleomoc [] m (-es/-as) speedwell

hleomoce [] f (-an/-an) speedwell

hléon see hléowan

hleon- see hlin-

hléonaþ [] m (-es/-as) shelter

hléonian [] wv/t2 to cherish

hléop past 3rd sing of hléapan

hléor [] n (-es/-) cheek; face, countenance

hléoran see léoran

hléorbán [] n (-es/-) (cheek-bone), temple

hléorberg? [] f (-e/-a) cheek-guard, helmet

hléorbolster [] m (-bolstres/-bolstras) pillow

hléordropa [] m (-n/-n) tear

hléorsceamu [] f (-e/-a) confusion of face

hléorslæge [] m (-es/-as) a blow on the cheek

hléortorht [] adj beautiful

hléosceorp [] n (-es/-) sheltering robe

hléotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres hlíeteþ past hléat/hluton ptp gehloten to cast lots; 1 get by lot, obtain

hléoþ [] 1. see hléowþ; 2. pres pl of hléowan

hléoþ- see hlóþ-

hléoðor [] n (hléoðres/-) noise, sound, voice, song; hearing

hléoþcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) speaking, words, discourse, song, prophecy

hléoþcyme [] m (-es/-as) coming with trumpet-sound

hléoþstede [] m (-es/-as) place of conference

hléoðrere [] m (-es/-as) rhetorician

hléoðrian [] wv/t1a? to sound, speak, sing, cry alound, resound, proclaim, to bark

hléoðrung [] f (-e/-a) sound; harmony, hymn; reproof

hleoðu pl of hliþ

hléow see hléo

hléow1 [] 1. adj sheltered, warm, sunny; adv ~e; 2. see gehlów

hléowan1 [] wv/t1b to warm, make warm, cherish; become warm or hot

hléowdryhten [] m (-dryhtnes/-dryhtnas) protector, patron

hléowfæst [] adj protecting, consoling; protected

hléowfeðre [] f pl sheltering wings

hléowlora [] m (-n/-n) one who has lost a protector

hléowmǽg2 [] m (-es/-as) kinsman who is bound to afford protection

hléownes [] f (-se/-sa) warmth

hléowon past pl of hlówan

hléowsian [] wv/t2 to shelter, protect

hléowstede [] m (-es/-as) sunny place

hléowstól [] m (-es/-as) shelter, asylum

hléowþ [] f (-e/-a) shelter, covering, warmth

hléowung1 [] f (-e/-a) shelter, protection, favor

hlestan see hlæstan, hlystan

hlet pres 3rd sing of hladan

hlét see hlíet

hléðrian see hléoðrian

hléw see hlǽw

hléw- see hléow-

hléwesa see léwsa

hléwþ pres 3rd sing of hlówan

hlid [] 1. n (-es/hleodu, -u) lid, covering, door, gate, opening; 2. see hliþ

hlídan [] sv/i1 3rd pres hlídeþ past hlád/hlidon ptp is gehliden to come forth, spring up; = líðian?

hlidfæst [] adj closed by a lid

hlidgeat [] n (-es/-u) swing-gate, folding-door

hliehhan [] sv/t6 3rd pres hliehþ past hlóg/on ptp gehlahhen to laugh; 1 laugh at, deride; rejoice

hlíep [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) leap, bound, spring, sudden movement; thing to leap from; place to leap over?; waterfall

hlíepe [] f (-an/-an) leap, bound, spring, sudden movement; thing to leap from; place to leap over?; waterfall

hlíepen pres subj pl of hléapan

hlíepgeat [] n (-es/-u)a low gate

hlíet [] m (-es/-as) lot, share; chance, fortune

hlíf [] m (-es/-as) moon-shaped ornament

hlífiend [] m (-es/-) threatening

hlífian [] wv/t2 to rise high, tower, overhang

hlígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres hlígþ past hlág/hligon ptp gehligen to attribute (to)

hligsa see hlísa

hlihan see hliehhan

hlihcan see hliehhan

hlihhan see hliehhan

hlimman2 [] sv/i3 3rd pres hlimþ past hlamm/hlummon ptp gehlummen to sound, resound, roar, rage

hlimme2 [] f (-an/-an) stream, torrent

hlin [] 1. m (-es/-as) maple-tree [Ger lehne]; 2. see hlynn

hlinbedd [] n (-es/-) sick-bed, couch

hlinc [] m (-es/-as) ridge, bank, rising ground, hill

hlincrǽw [] f (-e/-a) bank forming a boundary

hlínduru2 [] f (-a/-a) latticed door

hlinian1 [] wv/i2 to lean; recline, lie down, rest

hliniend [] m (-es/-) one who reclines

hlínræced2 [] n (-es/-) prison

hlínscúa2 [] m (-n/-n) darkness of confinement

hlínscúwa2 [] m (-n/-n) darkness of confinement

hlinsian see hlynsian

hlinung1 [] f (-e/-a) leaning; seat, couch

hlíosa see hlísa

hlípcumb [] m (-es/-as) a valley with steep sides

hlípþ pres 3rd sing of hléapan

hlíra see líra

hlísa [] m (-n/-n) sound; rumor, fame, glory

hlísbǽre [] adj renowned

hlíséadig [] adj renowned, famed

hlíséadignes [] f (-se/-sa) renown

hlísful [] adj of good repute, famous; adv ~líce

hlísig [] adj renowned

hlistan see hlystan

hlit see hlyt

hliþ [] 1. 2 n (-es/hleoðu, -u) cliff, precipice, slope, hill-side, hill; 2. see hlid

hlíw see hléow

hlíwe [] f (-an/-an) shelter

hloccetung [] f (-e/-a) sighing

hlód past 3rd sing of hladan

hlodd see hlot

hlógon past pl of hliehhan

hlóh past 3rd sing of hliehhan

hlom see hland

hlond see hland

hlóse [] f (-an/-an) pigsty, lewze

hlosnere [] m (-es/-as) listener; disciple

hlosnian [] wv/t2 to listen; wait; be on the look out for, spy; hlosniende attonitus

hlosniende [] adj thunderstruck, stunned, astounded; awe-struck; inspired, frenzied; frantic, demented [attonitus]

hlósstede [] m (-es/-as) site of a pigsty

hlot [] n (-tes/-) lot, part, portion, share; ge~ selection by lot, choice, decision; ~ sendan, weorpan to cast lots

hlott [] n (-es/-) lot, part, portion, share; ge~ selection by lot, choice, decision; ~ sendan, weorpan to cast lots

hloten past part of hleotan

hlóþ [] f (-e/-a) troop, crowd, band; booty, spoil; complicity with a band of robbers

hlóþbót [] f (-e/-a) penalty imposed on a member of a gange of malefactors

hlóðere [] m (-es/-as) robber [hlóþ]

hlóþgecrod [] n (-es/-u) mass of troops

hlóðian [] wv/t2 to spoil, plunder

hlóþslieht [] m (-es/-as) murder by a member of a gang of malefactors

hlówan [] sv/i7 3rd pres hléwþ past hléow/on ptp gehlówen to low, roar, billow

hlówung [] f (-e/-a) lowing, bleating, bellowing

hlúd [] adj loud, noisy, sounding, sonorous; cmp hlúdre, hluddre

hlúdclipol [] adj loud, noisy [also hlút-]

hlúddre see hlúd

hlúde [] adv loudly, aloud

hlúdnes [] f (-se/-sa) loudness, clamor

hlúdstefne [] adj loud-sounding

hlúdswége [] adv loudly

hlummon past pl of hlimman

hlupon past pl of hléapan

hluton past pl of hléotan

hlútor [] adj pure, clear, bright, sincere; gen sing masc hlútres; adv ~líce

hlúttor [] adj pure, clear, bright, sincere; gen sing masc hlútres; adv ~líce

hlútorlicnes see hlútornes

hlútornes [] f (-se/-sa) clearness, brightness, simplicity, purity

hlútre [] 1. adv clearly, brightly; untroubled; 2. dat sing of hlútor

hlútter see hlútor

hlúttor see hlútor

hlúttrian1 [] wv/t1a? to clear, purify, make bright; to become clear

hlyd see hlid

hlýd1 [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) noise, sound; tumult, disturbance, dissension [hlúd]

hlýda see hléda

Hlýda [] m (-n/-n) March [hlúd]

hlýdan [] wv/t1b to make a noise, sound, clamor, vociferate [hlúd]

hlýde [] 1. f (-an/-an) torrent; 2. see hléde?

hlýdig [] adj garrulous [hlúd]

hlýding [] f (-e/-a) noise, cry (lý~)

hlyhhan see hliehhan

hlymman see hlimman

hlyn see hlynn

hlynian [] 1. see hlynna; 2. see hlinian

hlynn1 [] 1. m (-es/-as) sound, noise, din, tumult; 2. f (-e/-a) torrent

hlynnan [] wv/i1a to make a noise, resound, shout, roar

hlynrian [] wv/t1a to thunder

hlynsian2 [] wv/i2 to resound

hlýp see hlíep

hlýrian [] wv/t2 to blow out (the cheeks)

hlýsa see hlísa

hlýsfullíce see hlísfullíce

hlysnan [] wv/t1b to listen

hlysnere [] m (-es/-as) hearer

hlyst1 [] f (-e/-a) sense of hearing; listening

hlystan1 [] wv/t1b to listen, hear; attend to, obey

hlystend [] m (-es/-) listener

hlystere [] m (-es/-as) listener

hlysting [] f (-e/-a) act of listening

hlyte [] m (-es/-as) lot, portion

hlýtere [] m (-es/-as) priest

hlytm [] m (-es/-as) casting of lots

hlytman [] wv/t1b to decide by lot

hlytta [] m (-n/-n) diviner, soothsayer; ge~ partner, fellow

hlýttor see hlúttor, hlútor

hlýttrian wv/t1a to purify

hlýtrung [] f (-e/-a) cleaning, refining

hlýðan see be~

hlýðre see lýðre

hlýw- see hléow-

hlýwing see hléowung

hnacod see nacod

hnág [] 1. adj bent down, abject, poor, humble, lowly; niggardly; 2. past 3rd sing of hnígan

hnáh [] 1. adj bent down, abject, poor, humble, lowly; niggardly; 2. past 3rd sing of hnígan

hnappian [] wv/t2 to doze, slumber, sleep

hnappung [] f (-e/-a) napping, slumbering

hnát past 3rd sing of hnítan

hnǽcan [] wv/t1b to check, destroy, kill; [see nǽcan]

hnǽgan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to bow down, bend, umble, curb, vanquish [hnígan]; 2. to neigh; 3. see nǽgan

hnǽgung [] f (-e/-a) neiging

hnæpp [] m (-es/-as) bowl

hnæpp- see hnapp-

hnæppan [] wv/t1a to strike

hnæsce see hnesce

hneap- see hnap-

hnéapan see á~

hnéaw [] adj mean, niggardly, stingy, miserly; adv ~líce [Ger genau]

hnéawnes [] f (-se/-sa) meanness

hnecca [] m (-n/-n) neck

hnégan [] 1. see nǽgan; 2. see hnǽgan

hneofule [] f see hnifol

hneoton past pl of hnítan

hnep see hnæpp

hneppian see hnappian

hnescan see hnescian

hnesce [] 1. adj soft, tender, mild; weak, delicate; slack, negligent; effeminate, wanton; 2. n (-es/-u) soft object; 3. adv softly

hnescian1 [] wv/t2 to make soft, soften; become soft, give way, waver

hnesclic [] adj soft, luxurious, effeminate; adv ~líce softly, gently, tenderly

hnescnes [] f (-se/-sa) softness, weakness, effeminacy; soft part of anything

hhnett see nett

hnexian see hnescian

hnifol [] m (hnifles/hniflas) brow, forehead

hnifolcrumb [] adj inclined, prone

hnifolcrump [] adj inclined, prone

hnígan [] sv/i1 3rd pres hnígþ past hnág/hnigon ptp is gehnigen to bow oneself, bend, bown down; fall, decline, sink [Ger neigen]

hnigian1 [] wv/i2 to bow down (the head)

hnigian see hnygelan

hnipende [] adj? bending, lowly [listed as hnipend]

hnipian [] wv/i2 to bow down; bow the head, look gloomy

hnippan? [] wv/i1a to bow down

hnisce see hnesce

hnítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres hníteþ past hnát/hniton ptp gehniten to thrust, gore, butt; knock, come into collision with, encounter

hnitol [] adj addicted to butting (of an ox)

hnitu [] f (-e/-a) louse-egg, nit

hnoll [] m (-es/-as) top, crown of the head

hnoppian [] wv/t2 to pluck

hnor? [] n? (-es/-u) sneezing [hnéosan]

hnossian [] wv/t2 to strike

hnot [] adj bare, bald, close-cropped, hornless

hnutbéam [] m (-es/-as) nut tree

hnutcyrnel [] m (-cyrnles/-cyrnlas), n (-cyrnles/-) kernel of a nut

hnutu [] f (hnyte/hnyte) nut; [gen ~hnyte, ~hnute; dat ~hnyte; n/a pl ~hnyte; gen pl ~hnuta; dat pl ~hnutum]

hnydele see hydele

hnygelan [] pl noun clippings

hnýlung [] f (-e/-a) reclining

hnysce see hnesce

hnyte genitive singular, nom/acc pl of hnutu

[] 1. see hóh; 2. pres 1st sing of hón

hóbanca [] m (-n/-n) couch [hóh]

hóc [] m (-es/-as) hook; angle

hocc [] m (-es/-as) mallow

hóced [] adj curved

hocer see hocor

hocg see hogg

hóciht [] adj with many bends?

hócísern [] n (-es/-) small sickle

hocléaf [] n (-es/-) mallow

hocor [] n (hocres/-) insult, derision

hocorwyrde [] adj derisive, scornful

hód [] m (-es/-as) hood

hof [] n (-es/-u) enclosure, court, dwelling, building, house, hall; temple, sanctuary [Ger. hof]

hóf []  1. m (-es/-as) hoof; 2. past 3rd sing of hebban

hofding [] m (-es/-as) chief, leader [ON höðingi]

hófe [] f (-an/-an) hove, alehoof (plant)

hofer [] m (-es/-as) hump; swelling

hoferede [] adj strumous, humpbacked

hoferod [] adj strumous, humpbacked

hoferiend see hoferede

hófian see be~

hóflic [] adj pertaining to a court

hófon past pl of hebban

hofor see hofer

hófræc [] n (-es/-racu) hoof-track, bridle-track (1)

hófrec [] n (-es/-recu) hoof-track, bridle-track (2)

hofrede see hoferede

hófring [] m (-es/-as) print of a horse’s hoof

hofweard [] m (-es/-as) aedile

hog- see hoh-

hoga [] 1. adj careful, prudent; 2. m (-n/-n) fear, care; attempt, struggle

hoga- see hog-, hoh-

hogade see hogode

hogde past of hycgan or hogian

hogeléas [] adj free from care

hogg [] m (-es/-as) hog

hogian1 [] wv/t2 to care for, think about, reflect, busy oneself with; intend; strive, wish for [late West Saxon for hycgan]

hogu [] f (-e/-a) care

hogung [] f (-e/-a) endeavor

hóh [] m (hós/hós) hough, heel; headland; on ~ behind; point of land

hohfæst [] adj cautious, wise [also hog(a)-]

hóhfót [] m (-fótes/-fét) heel

hohful [] adj careful, thoughtful; full of care, anxious, pensive, sad; persistent

hohfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) care, trouble

hóhhwerfing [] f (-e/-a) heel-turning, circle? (2)

hóhhwyrfing [] f (-e/-a) heel-turning, circle? (1)

hóhing [] f (-e/-a) hanging

hohlíce [] adv prudently

hohmód [] adj sad, sorrowful

hóhscanca [] m (-n/-n) leg, shank

hóhsinu [] f (-e/-a) sinew of the heel

hóhsnian see on~

hóhspor [] n (-es/-u) heel

hol [] 1. adj hollow, concave; depressed, lying in a hollow; 2. n (-es/-u) hollow place, cave, hole, den; perforation, aperture

hól [] n (-es/-) calumny, slander

hola see oter~

holc [] n? (-es/-) hole, cavity

holca? [] m (-n/-n) hole, cavity

hold [] 1. adj gracious, friendly, kind, favorable; true, faithful, loyal; devout; acceptable, pleasant; adv ~e; 2. n (-es/-) dead body, carcass; 3. m (-es/-as) holder of alodial land, ranking below a jarl (Danish title); notable, chief [ON holdr]

holdáþ [] m (-es/-as) oath of allegiance

holdelíce see holdlíce

holdhláford [] m (-es/-as) gracious lord, liege lord

holdian [] wv/t2 to cut up, disembowel

holdingstów [] f (-e/-a) slaughterhouse

holdlic [] adj faithful, friendly; adv ~líce graciously; faithfully, loyally; devoutly

holdrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) faithful service

holdscipe [] m (-es/-as) loyalty, allegiance

holecerse [] f? (-an/-an) a plant

holegn see holen 1

holen [] 1. m (holnes/holnas) holly; prince, protector; 2. adj of holly; 3. past part of helan

hólenga see hólinga

holenléaf [] n (-es/-) holly leaf

holenrind [] f (-e/-a) holly bark

holenstybb [] m (-es/-as) holly-stump

holh [] n (hóles/-) hole, hollow

holian [] wv/t2 to hollow out, scoop out; to become hollow, be perforated

hólian [] wv/t2 to oppress

holing [] f (-e/-a) hollow place

hólinga [] adv in vain, without reason

holl see hol 2

holléac [] n (-es/-) a kind of onion

holm [] m (-es/-as) 2 wave, sea, ocean, water; (in prose, esp. in place names) island (esp. in a river or creek)

holmærn [] n (-es/-) ship

holmclif2 [] n (-es/-cleofu, -u) sea-cliff, rocky-shore

holmeg [] adj of the sea

holmmægen [] n (-es/-) force of the waves

holmþracu2 [] f (-e/-a) restless sea [dat ~þræce]

holmweall [] m (-es/-as) wall of seawater

holmweard see helmweard

holmweg [] m (-es/-as) sea-path

holmwylm [] m (-es/-as) billows

holnes [] f (-se/-sa) hollow place

holoc see holc

hólonga see hólinga

holpen past part of helpan

holrian see heolorian

holt [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) forest, wood, grove, thicket; wood, timber

holthana [] m (-n/-n) woodcock

holtana [] m (-n/-n) woodcock

hóltihte [] f (-an/-an) calumny

holtwudu2 [] m (-a/-a) forest, grove; wood (timber)

hólunga see hólinga

hom see ham

hóm see óm

hóman see óman

hón [] sv/t7 3rd pres héhþ past héng/on ptp gehangen to hang, suspend, crucify; put on (clothes);

Hon [] m (-es/-as) On, sons of Pheleth, who led a revolt against Moses

hon- see han-

hona [] 1. see heonu; 2. see hana

hónede [] adj having heels; [hóh]

hongen past part of hón

hop [] n (-es/-u) privet?; enclosed land in a marsh

hóp [] m (-es/-as) hoop?

hop see fen~, mór~

hopa [] m (-n/-n) hope [usu. tóhopa]

hópgehnást [] n (-es/-u) dashing of waves

hópgehnǽst [] n (-es/-u) dashing of waves

hopian1 [] wv/t2 to hope, expect, look for; put trust in

hópig [] adj eddying, surging

hoppáda [] mi(-n/-n) upper garment, cope

hoppe [] f (-an/-an) a kind of ornament; dog-collar

hoppestre [] f (-an/-an) female dancer

hoppettan [] wv/t1b to hop, leap for joy; to throb

hoppian [] wv/i2 to hop, leap, dance; limp

hopscýte [] f (-an/-an) sheet, counterpane

hópsteort [] m (-es/-as) train of a dress

hór [] n (-es/-) adultery

hora- see horu-

horas see horh

hórcwene [] f (-an/-an) whore, adulteress

hord [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) hoard, treasure

hordærn see hordern

hordburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) treasure-city; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

hordcleofa [] m (-n/-n) treasure-chest, treasury, secret chamber

hordclyfa [] m (-n/-n) treasure-chest, treasury, secret chamber

hordcofa [] m (-n/-n) treasure-chamber, closet; 2 breast, heart, thoughts

hordere [] m (-es/-as) treasurer, chamberlain, steward

hordern [] n (-es/-) treasury, storehouse

horderwýce [] f (-an/-an) office of treasurer

hordestre [] f (-an/-an) stewardess

hordfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) treasure-receptacle

hordgeat [] n (-es/-gatu) door of a treasure-chamber

hordgestréon2 [] n (-es/-) hoarded treasure

hordian [] wv/t2 to hoard

horines [] f (-se/-sa) filth

hordloca [] m (-n/-n) treasure-chest, coffer; 2 secret thoughts, mind

hordmægen  [] n (-es/-) riches

hordmáðm2 [] m (-es/-as) hoarded treasure

hordweard [] m (-es/-as) guardian of treasure; king; heir, first-born

hordwela [] m (-n/-n) hoarded wealth

hordweorðung [] f (-e/-a) honoring by gifts

hordwierðe [] adj worth hoarding

hordwynn [] f (-e/-a) delightful treasure

hóre [] f (-an/-an) whore, prostitute

horeht see horwiht

horh [] m (horwes, hóres/horwas, hóras), n (horwes/-) phlegm, mucus; dirt, defilement, uncleanness

horheht see horwiht

horig [] adj foul, filthy

hóring [] m (-es/-as) adulterer, fornicator

horn [] m (-es/-as) horn (musical instrument, drinking-horn, cupping-horn), beast’s horn; projection, pinnacle

hornádl [] f (-e/-a) a disease (connected with venery)

hornbǽre [] adj horned

hornbláwere [] m (-es/-as) horn-blower, trumpeter

hornboga2 [] m (-n/-n) bow tipped with horn?, curved like a horn?

hornbora [] m (-n/-n) hornbearer, trumpeter

hornede [] adj having horns

hornfisc [] m (-es/-as) garfish

hornfóted [] adj hoofed

horngéap2 [] adj broad between the gables

horngestréon [] n (-es/-) wealth of pinnacles (on a house)? [or ?= hordgestréon?]

hornléas [] adj without horns

hornpíc [] m (-es/-as) pinnacle

hornreced [] n (-es/-) hall with gables

hornsæl [] n see hornsele

hornscéaþ [] f (-e/-a) pinnacle

hornscip [] n (-es/-) beaked ship

hornsele [] m (-es/-as) house with gables

hornungbróðor [] m (-/-) bastard brother

hornungsunu [] m (-a/-a) bastard

horo- see horu-

horpytt [] m (-es/-as) mud hole

hors [] n (-es/-) horse

horsbǽr [] f (-e/-a) horse-litter

horsc [] 1. adj sharp, active, ready, daring; quick-witted, wise, prudent; 2. adj foul

horscamb [] m (-es/-as) horse-comb, curry-comb, strigil

horschwæl [] m (-es/-as) walrus

horsclic [] adj squalid, foul [horh]

horsclíce [] adv briskly, readily, promptly; prudently, wisely

horscniht [] m (-es/-as) groom, esquire

horscræt [] n (-es/-cratu) biga, chariot

horscelene [] f (-an/-an) elecampane

horsern [] n (-es/-) stable

horsgærstún [] m (-es/-as) meadow in which horses are kept

horshelene see horselene

horshere [] m (-es/-as) mounted force

horshierde [] m (-es/-as) ostler, groom

horsian1 [] wv/t2 to provide with horses

horslíce see horsclíce

horsminte [] f (-an/-an) wild mint

horspæþ [] m (-es/-paðas) horse-track

horsþegn [] m (-es/-as) ostler, groom, equerry; muleteer

horsþén [] m (-es/-as) ostler, groom, equerry; muleteer

horswǽn [] m (-es/-as) chariot

horswealh [] m (-wéales/-wéalas) groom, equerry

horsweard [] f (-e/-a) care of horses

horsweg [] m (-es/-as) birdle-road

hortan [] noun pl whortle-berries

horu see horh

horuséaþ [] m (-a/-a) sink, pit

horuweg [] m (-es/-as) dirty road?

horweht see horwiht

horwes see horh

horwig see orweg

horwiht [] adj mucose, defiled, filthy

horwyll [] m (-es/-as) muddy stream

horxlic see horsclic

hos [] n? (-es/-u) shoot, tendril

hós [] 1. f (-e/-a) escort, company; 2. see hóh

hosa [] m (-n/-n) hose

hose [] f (-an/-an) hose

hosebend [] m (-es/-as) hose-bend, garter

hosp [] m (-es/-as) reproach, insult; blasphemy

hospan [] wv/t1b to reproach

hospcwide [] m (-es/-as) insulting speech

hospettan [] wv/t1b to ridicule

hosplic [] adj insulting

hospsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) jeer, taunt

hospul [] adj despised

hospword [] n (-es/-) abusive language, contemptuous expression

hoss see hos

hosse see hyse

hóstig see óstig

hosu [] f (-e/-a) hose; pod, husk

hotor see otor

hoðma2 [] m (-n/-n) darkness, the grave

hr- see r-

hrá- see hrǽw

hraca? [] m see hrace

hráca [] m (-n/-n) clearing of the throat; mucus

hrace [] f (-an/-an) throat; gorge

hracu [] f (-e/-a) throat; gorge

hrad- see hræd-

hrade see hraðe

hradian1 [] wv/t2 to be quick, hasten, come quickly; do quickly or diligently; put briefly; further, prosper

hradung [] f (-e/-a) quickness, dispatch, diligence

hráfyll [] m (-es/-as) slaughter

hrágífre [] adj deadly

hrágra [] m (-n/-n) heron

hrálic see hráwlic

hramgealla see ramgealla

hrámig see hrémig

hramma [] m (-n/-n) cramp, spasm

hramsa [] m (-n/-n) onion, garlic

hramse [] f (-an/-an) onion, garlic

hramsacrop [] m (-es/-as) head of wild garlic

hran [] m (-es/-as) whale

hrán [] 1. m (-es/-as) reindeer; 2. past 3rd sing of hrínan

hrand [] 1. see rand; 2. past 3rd sing of hrindan

hrandsparwa [] m (-n/-n) sparrow

hranfix [] m (-es/-as) whale

hránhind? [] m (-es/-as) deerhound?

hranmere [] m (-es/-as) sea

hranrád2 [] f (-e/-a) (whale’s road), sea

hratele [] f (-an/-an) bobonica (plant)

hratian [] wv/t2 to rush, hasten

hraðe [] 1. adj quick; 2. adv hastily, quickly, promptly, readily, immediately, soon, at once, directly, without hesitation; too soon; cmp hraðor, spl hraðost; ~ost þinga at the earliest; swá ~ swá as soon as

hraðer see hreðer

hraðian see hradian

hráw see hrǽw

hráwérig [] adj weary in body

hráwlic [] adj funereal

hræ- see hra-, hre-, hrea-

hrǽ see hrǽw

hrǽ- see hréa-, hréo-, -

hrǽcan [] wv/t1b, wv/i1b to reach, bring up (blood or phlegm)

hrǽcea [] m (-n/-n) clearing of the throat [same as hráca]

hrǽcetan [] wv/t1b to eructate

hrǽcetung [] f (-e/-a) eructation

hrǽcgebrǽc [] n (-es/-) sore throat

hræcing see ræcing

hrǽctan see hræcetan

hrǽctunge [] f (-an/-an) uvula

hrǽcung [] f (-e/-a) clearing of the throat

hræd [] adj quick, nimble, ready, active, alert, prompt [hrad- occasionally in oblique cases]

hrædbita [] m (-n/-n) blackbeetle

hrædférnes [] f (-se/-sa) swiftness

hrædhýdig [] adj hasty

hrædhýdignes [] f (-se/-sa) haste, precipitation

hræding [] f (-e/-a) haste; on ~e quickly

hrædlic [] adj quick, sudden, premature; adv ~líce hastily, soon, forthwith

hrædlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) suddenness; earliness

hrædmód [] adj hasty

Hrǽdmónaþ see Hréþmónaþ

hrædnes [] f (-se/-sa) quickness, promptitude; brevity

hrædrípe [] adj ripening early

hrædtæfle [] adj quick at throwing dice?

hrædung see hradung

hrædwǽn [] m (-es/-as) swift chariot

hrædwilnes [] f (-se/-sa) haste, precipitation

hrædwyrde [] adj hasty of speech

hræfen [] 1. m (hræfnes/hræfnas) raven; sign of the raven (the Danish banner); 2. see hæfern

hræfn [] 1. m (-es/-as) raven; sign of the raven (the Danish banner); 2. see hæfern

hræfncynn [] n (-es/-) raven-species

hræfnesfót [] m (-fótes/-fét) ravensfoot, cinquefoil

hræfnesléac [] n (-es/-) orchid

hræfnsweart [] adj black as a raven

hrǽgan see ofer~

hrǽge see rǽge

hrægel see hræl

hrægelgefrætwodnes [] f (-se/-sa) fine clothing

hrægelþegn [] m (-es/-as) keeper of the robes

hrægl [] n (-es/-) dress, clothing; vestment; cloth, sheet; armor; sail

hræglcyst [] f (-e/-e) clothes-box, trunk

hræglgewǽde [] n (-es/-u) dress

hræglhús [] n (-es/-) vestry

hræglscéara [] f pl tailors’ shears

hrægltalu [] f (-e/-a) clothing store, supply of clothing

hræglþénestre [] f (-an/-an) keeper of the robes

hræglung [] f (-e/-a) clothing

hræglweard [] m (-es/-as) keeper of vestments or robes

hrægnloca see brægnloca

hræmn see hræfn

hrǽm see hræfn

hræn see hærn

hrǽron past pl of hreran

hrǽs see hrǽw, rǽs

hræscetung see ræscetung

hræscian see á~

hrætelwyrt [] f (-e/-e) rattlewort

hræþ see hræd

hrǽw [] 1. n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) living body; corpse, carcase, carrion; gen sing hrǽs; 2. see hréaw 1

hrǽwíc [] n (-es/-) place of corpses

hréa [] 1. f (-n/-n) indigestion?; 2. see hréaw 1, 2

hréac [] m (-es/-as) rick, heap, stack

hréaccopp [] m (-es/-as) top of a rick

hréacmete [] m (-es/-mettas) food given to the laborers on completing a rick

hréad- see hréod-

hréad se earm~ [hréoðan]

hréaf see réaf

hréam [] m (-es/-as) noise, outcry, alarm; cry, lamentation, sorrow

hréamig see hrémig

hréanes see hréohnes

hréas past 3rd sing of hréosan

hréat past 3rd sing of hrútan

hreaðemús [] f (-mýs/-mýs) bat

hreaðian see hradian

hréaw [] 1. adj raw, uncooked; 2. see hrǽw n, m; 3. past 3rd sing of hréowan

hréaw- see hréow-

hréawan [] wv/t1b to be raw [réaw-]

hréawíc see hrǽwíc

hréawnes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) rawness; 2. see hréownes

hréc- see hrǽc-

hrecca see hracca

hred see hræd

hreda see æfreda

hreddan [] wv/t1a to free from, recover, rescue, save; take away

hreddere [] m (-es/-as) defender

hreddung [] f (-e/-a) salvation, liberation

Hredmónaþ see Hréþmónaþ

hréfan1 [] wv/t1b to roof [hróf]

hrefn [] 1. see hræfn; 2. see hæfern

hrefnan see ræfnan

hrefncynn see hræfncynn

hregrest? [] m? (-es/-as) groin

hréh see hréoh

hrem see hræfn 1

hréman2 [] 1. wv/t1b to boast [Ger rühmen]; 2. see hríeman

hrémig2 [] adj boasting, vaunting, exulting; clamorous, loud

hremm see hræfn 1

hremman1 [] wv/t1a to hinder, cumber

hremming [] f (-e/-a) hindrance, obstacle

hremn see hræfn 1

hrenian [] wv/t2 to smell of, be redolant of

hréo see hréoh, hréow

hréocan see réocan

hréod [] n (-es/-) reed, rush

hréodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres hríedeþ past hréad/hrudon ptp gehroden to adorn (only in past part hroden1)

hréodbedd [] n (-es/-) reed-bed

hréodcynn [] n (-es/-) kind of reed

hréodgyrd [] f (-e/-a) reed used as fishing rod

hréodig [] adj reedy

hréodiht [] adj reedy

hréodihtig [] adj reedy

hréodpípere [] m (-es/-as) flute-player

hréodwæter [] n (-es/-) reedy marsh

hréof [] adj rough, scabby, leprous; noun leper

hréofian see á~

hréofl [] 1. f (-e/-a) scabbiness, leprosy; 2. adj leprous

hréofla [] m (-n/-n) roughness of the skin, leprosy; leper [hréof]

hréoflic [] adj leprous, suffering from skin-disease

hréoflig [] adj leprous, suffering from skin-disease

hréofnes [] f (-se/-sa) leprosy

hréofol see hréofl 1

hréoful see hréofl 1

hréog see hréoh

hréogan [] wv/t1b? to become stormy

hréoh [] 1. adj rough, fierce, wild, angry; disturbed, troubled, sad (var of hréow); stormy, tempestuous; 2. n (hréos/-) stormy weather, tempest

hréohful [] adj stormy

hréohlic [] adj stormy, tempestuous

hréohmód2 [] adj savage, ferocious; sad, troubled

hréohnes [] f (-se/-sa) rough weather, storm

hréol [] noun reel

hréon- see réon-

hréones [] 1. see hréohnes; 2. see hréownes

hréop past 3rd sing of hrópan

hreopian see hrepian

hréorig [] adj in ruins [hréosan]

hréosan1 [] sv/i2 3rd pres hríesþ past hréas/hruron ptp is gehroren to fall, sink, fall down, go to ruin; rush; rush upon, attack

hréosendlic [] adj perishable; ready to fall

hréosian see hréowsian

hréosþ pres 3rd sing of hréosan

hréoða see bord~, scild~

hréoung [] f (-e/-a) hardness of breathing

hréow1 [] 1. f (-e/-a) sorrow, regret, penitence, repentance, penance; 2. adj sorrowful, repentant; 3. adj see hréoh?; 4. adj raw

hréowan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres hríewþ past hréaw/hruwon ptp gehrowen w.d. person to affect one with regret or contrition; distress, grieve; sv/i2 to be penitent, repent

hréowcearig2 [] adj troubled, sad

hréowende [] adj penitent

hréowesung see hréowsung

hréowian [] wv/i2 to repent

hréowig [] adj sorrowful, sad

hréowigmód2 [] adj sad, sorrowful

hréowlic [] adj grievous, pitiful, sad, wretched, cruel; adv ~líce

hréownes [] f (-se/-sa) penitence, ontrition, repentance

hréowon see réowon past pl of rówan

hréowsende see hréosende, pres part of hréosan

hréowsian1 [] wv/t2 to feel sorrow or penitence; do penance

hréowsung [] f (-e/-a) repentance, penitence, sorrow

hrépan1 [] wv/t1b to touch, treat (of); attack

hreppan1 [] wv/t1a to touch, treat (of); attack

hrepsung see repsung

hrepung [] f (-e/-a) sense of touch, touch

hréran1 [] wv/t1b to move, shake, agitate; [hrór; Ger rühren]

hrére [] adj lightly boiled

hrérednes [] f (-se/-sa) haste

hrérmús [] f (-mýs/-mýs) bat [hréran] [listed as hrérmus]

hrérenes [] f (-se/-sa) disturbance, commotion, tempest

hrérnes [] f (-se/-sa) disturbance, commotion, tempest

hresl see hrisil

hrést see hrýst, pres 3rd sing of hréosan

hreþ see hræd

hréþ2 [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) victory, glory

hréðan [] wv/t1b to exult, rejoice

hreðe see hraðe

hréðe see réðe

hréðéadig2 [] adj glorious, victorious

Hreðemónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) month of March

hreðer2 [] m (hreðres/hreðras) breast, bosom; heart, mind, thought; womb

hreðerbealu [] n (-es/-) heart-sorrow

hreðercofa [] m (-n/-n) breast

hreðergléaw [] adj wise, prudent

hreðerloca2 [] m (-n/-n) breast

hréðig see éad~, sige~, will~

hréþléas [] adj inglorious

hreþmann? [] m (-es/-menn) glorious warrior

Hreþmónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) month of March

hréðnes see réðnes

hreðor see hreðer

hreþsecg? [] m (-es/-as) glorious warrior

hréþsigor [] m (-sigres/-sigras) glorious victory

hricg see hrycg

hrícian [] wv/t2 to cut, cut to pieces

hricsc [] ? rick, wrench, sprain

hriddel [] n (hriddles/-) riddle, sieve

hridder [] n (hriddres/-) sieve

hriddern [] n (-es/-) sieve

hrider [] n (-es/-) sieve

hrídrian [] wv/t2 to sift, winnow

hríeman [] wv/t1b to cry out; shout, rave; bewail, lament

hríewþ pres 3rd sing of hréowan

hrif1 [] n (-es/-u) belly, womb

hríf see ríf

hriftéung [] f (-e/-a) pain in the bowels

hrífðu [] f (-e/-a) scurfiness [hréof]

hrifwerc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the bowels

hrifwund [] adj wounded in the belly

hrig see hrycg

hrím [] m (-es/-as) rime, hoar-frost

hríman see hríeman

hríman see be~

hrímceald [] adj icy cold

hrímforst [] m (-es/-as) hoar-frost [rím-]

hrímgicel [] m (-gicles/-giclas) icicle

hrímig [] adj rimy, frosty

hrímigheard [] adj frozen hard

hrimpan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres past ptp gehrumpen to wrinkle, rumple, contract; to twist, coil

hrínan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres hrínþ past hrán/hrinon ptp gehrinen w.a.g. or d. to touch, lay hold of, reach, seize, strike; have connection with

hrincg see hring

hrind see rind

hrindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres hrindeþ past hrand/hrundon ptp gehrunden to thrust, push

hrinde [] adj frost-covered

hrine1 [] m (-es/-as) sense of touch; touch; contact

hrinenes1 [] f (-se/-sa) touch, contact

hring [] 1. m (-es/-as) ring, link of chain, fetter, festoon; anything circular, circle, circular group; border, horizon; 2 pl rings of gold (as ornaments and as money; 2 corselet; circuit (of a year), cycle, course; orb, globe; 2. 2 m (-es/-as) sound?, flood? (of tears) [only in wópes ~]

hringádl [] f (-e/-a) a disease, ringworm?

hringan [] wv/t1b to ring, sound, clash; announce by bells

hringbán [] n (-es/-) ring-shaped bone

hringboga [] m (-n/-n) coiled serpent

hringe [] f (-an/-an) ring

hringed2 [] adj made of rings

hringedstefna2 [] m (-n/-n) ring-prowed ship

hringfág [] adj ring-spotted, variegated

hringfáh [] adj ring-spotted, variegated

hringfinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) ring-finger

hringgeat [] n? (-es/-gatu) ring-gate

hringgewindla [] m (-n/-n) the coil of a serpent; sphere

hringíren [] n (-es/-) ring-mail

hringloca [] m (-n/-n) coat of ring-mail

hringmǽl [] ? sword with ring-like patterns

hringmǽled [] adj adorned with rings (of a sword)

hringmere [] n (-es/-u) bath

hringnaca [] m (-n/-n) ring-prowed ship

hringnett [] n (-es/-) ring-mail

hringpytt [] m (-es/-as) round pit

hringsele2 [] m (-es/-as) hall in which rings are bestowed

hringsetl [] n (-es/-) circus

hringsittend [] m (-es/-) spectator, onlooker

hringþegu2 [] f (-e/-a) receiving of rings

hringweorðung [] f (-e/-a) ring-ornament, costly ring, rings

hringwísan [] adv ring-wise, in rings

hringwyll [] m (-es/-as) circular well

hríning [] f (-e/-a) touch

hríp- see ríp-

hrís [] 1. n (-es/-) twig, branch; 2. adj covered with brushwood?

hrisc see risc

hríscan see hrýscan

hríseht [] adj bushy, bristly

hrisel see rysel

hrísel [] f? (-e/-a) shuttle; bone of the lower arm, radius

hrísl [] f? (-e/-a) shuttle; bone of the lower arm, radius

hrisian [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to shake, move, be shaken, clatter; ge~ to shake together

hrísig [] adj bushy

hríst pres 3rd sing of hréosan

hrístle [] f (-an/-an) rattle

hrístlende [] adj noisy, creaky

hrístung [] f (-e/-a) quivering, rattling noise

hriþ [] m (-es/-as) fever

hríþ [] 1. f (-e/-a) snowstorm, tempest; 2. see hríðer

hriþádl [] f (-e/-a) fever

hríðer [] n (hríðres/-) neat cattle, ox, bull, cow, heifer

hríðeren [] adj of cattle

hríðerfréols [] m (-es/-as) sacrifice of a bull

hríðerhéawere [] m (-es/-as) butcher

hríðerheord [] ? (-?/-?) herd of cattle

hríðerhyrde [] m (-es/-as) herdsman

hríþfald [] m (-es/-as) cattle-pen

hríþheorde see hríðerhyrde

hriðian [] wv/i2 to shake, be feverish, have a fever

hríðig [] adj storm-beaten?, ruined?

hriðing [] f (-e/-a) fever

hríung see hréoung

hríw- see hréow-

hríwþ pres 3rd sing of hréowan

hróc [] m (-es/-as) rook

hród see ród

hroden [] 1. adj 1 covered, adorned, ornamented; past part of hréodan; 2. see roden

hroder see rodor

hróf [] m (-es/-as) roof, ceiling; top, summit; heaven, sky

hróffæst [] adj with a firm roof

hrófléas [] adj roofless, with no houses

hrófsele [] m (-es/-as) roofed hall

hrófstán [] m (-es/-as) roof stone

hróftígel [] f (-e/-a) roofing tile

hróftimber [] n (-timbres/-) material for roofing

hrófwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) roof-maker, builder

hrog [] ? (-?/-?) mucus from the nose, phlegm

hrohian [] wv/i2 to cough

hrohung [] f (-e/-a) spitting

hromsa see hramsa

hron see hran

hrop see rop

hróp [] m (-es/-as) clamor, lamentation

hrópan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres hrépþ past hréop/on ptp gehrópen to shout, proclaim; cry out, scream, howl

hrops see ofer~

hropwyrc see ropwærc

hrór [] adj stirring, busy, active; strong, brave

hroren1 [] past part of hréosan

hróse see róse

hróst [] m (-es/-as) perch, roost

hróstbéag [] m (-es/-as) woodwork (of a roof)

hrot [] m (-es/-as) scum

hróðer see hróðor

hróþgirela [] m (-n/-n) crown

hroþhund see roþhund

hrúm [] m (-es/-as) soot

hrúmian see be~

hrúmig [] adj sooty

hrumpen see hrimpan

hrung [] f (-e/-a) cross-bar, spoke

hruron [] past pl of hréosan

hrurul [] adj deciduous

hrúse2 [] f (-an/-an) earth, soil, ground

hrút [] adj dark-colored?

hrútan [] sv/t2 3rd pres hrýteþ past hréat/hruton ptp gehroten to make a noise, whiz, snore

hruþ see hriþ

hrúðer see hríðer

hrúxlian [] wv/t2 to make a noise

hryc see hrycg

hrycg [] m (-es/-as) back, spine; ridge, elevated surface

hrycgbán [] n (-es/-) back-bone, spine

hrycgbrǽdan [] pl flesh on each side of the spine

hrycghǽr [] n (-es/-) hair on an animal’s back

hrycghrægl [] n (-es/-) mantle

hrycgmearg [] n (-es/-) spinal marrow

hrycgmeargliþ [] n (-es/-u) spine

hrycgmergliþ [] n (-es/-u) spine

hrycgrib [] n (-es/-) rib

hrycgrible [] ? (-?/-?) flesh on each side of the spine

hrycgriple [] ? (-?/-?) flesh on each side of the spine

hrycgweg [] m (-es/-as) ridge-way, road on a ridge

hrycigan see hrícian

hryding [] f (-e/-a) clearing, cleared land

hrýfing [] f (-e/-a) scab [hréof]

hryg see hrycg

hrýman see hríeman

hrympel [] ? (-?/-?) wrinkle

hrýmðe [] m? (-es/-as) noise

hryre [] 1. m (-es/-as) fall, descent, ruin, destruction, decay; 2. adj perishable

hrýre- see hrér-, hrére-

hrýsc [] ? (-?/-?) a blow

hrýscan [] wv/t1b to make a noise, creak

hrysel see rysel

hrysian see hrisian

hryssan see hrisian

hryst see hyrst

hrýst [] pres 3rd sing of hréosan

hrystan see hyrstan

hrýte [] ? baldinus

hrýðer see hríðer

hrýðig see hríðig

hryþþa see ryþþa

hrýwlic see hréowlic

hrýwsian see hréowsian

hrýwþ [] pres 3rd sing of hréowsian

hú [] adv how?; ~ gerádes; ~ meta how; ~ géares at what time of the year; ~ nyta wherefore; ~ ne dóþ…? do not…?; ~ nys…? is not…?; with comparatives the; 1 in some way or other; ~ ne nú nonne

húcs see húsc

húcx see húsc

húf see úf 1, 2

húfe [] ?(-?/-?) covering for the head

húfian [] wv/t2 to put a covering on the head

húhwega [] adv somewhere about; ~ swá about

húhugu [] adv somewhere about; ~ swá about

hui! [] interj

huig! [] interj

huilpe see hwilpe

hulc [] m (-es/-as) 1. hulk, ship; 2. hut

hulfestre [] f (-an/-an) plover

húlic [] pron of what sort

hulpon past pl of helpan

hulu [] f (-e/-a) husk, pod

húluco see húlic

huma see uma

humele see hymele

húmen see ýmen

húmeta [] adv in what way, how?

hun? see hunu

huncettan [] wv/t1b to limp, halt

hund [] 1. n (-es/-) hundred; in compounds decade; 2. m (-es/-as) hound, dog

hundæhtatig see hundeahtatig

hundællef- see hundendlufon-

hundælleftiogoða [] adj hundred and tenth

hundændlæf- see hundendlufon-

hundeahtatig [] num eighty

hundeahtatigoða [] adj eightieth

hundeahtatigwintre [] adj eighty years old

hunden [] adj of dogs, canine

hundendlufontig [] num hundred and ten

hundendleftig [] num hundred and ten

hundendlufontigoða [] adj hundred and tenth

hundesbéo see hundespéo

hundesberle [] f? (-an/-an) nightshade?

hundescwelcan [] pl colocynth berries

hundesfléoge [] f (-an/-an) dog’s parasite

hundeshéafod [] n (-héafdes/-u) snapdragon

hundeslús [] f (-lýs/-lýs) dog’s parasite

hundesmicge [] f (-an/-an) cynoglossum (plant)

hundestunge [] f (-an/-an) cynoglossum (plant)

hundespéo [] f (-n/-n) dog’s parasite

hundespíe [] f (-an/-an) dog’s parasite

hundeswyrm [] m (-es/-as) dog’s worm, parasite

hundfeald [] adj hundred-fold

hundfealdlic [] adj hundred-fold

hundfréa [] m (-n/-n) centurion

hundlic [] adj of or like dogs, canine

hundnigontéoða [] adj ninetieth

hundnigontig [] num ninety

hundnigontiggéare [] adj ninety years (old)

hundnigontigoða [] adj ninetieth

hundnigontigwintre [] adj ninety years old

hundraþ [] n (-es/-) hundred (number); hundred (political district), hundred-court, assembly of the men of a hundred; ~es ealdor/man head of the hundred court, centurion

hundred [] n (-es/-) hundred (number); hundred (political district), hundred-court, assembly of the men of a hundred; ~es ealdor/man head of the hundred court, centurion

hundredgemót [] n (-es/-) hundred-moot

hundredmann [] m (-es/-menn) centurion; captain of a hundred

hundredpenig [] m (-es/-as) contribution levied by the sheriff or lord of the hundred for support of his office

hundredseten [] f (-ne/-na) rules of the hundred

hundredsócn [] f (-e/-a) attendance at the hundred-moot; fine for non-attendance

hundreþ see hundred

hundseofontig [] num seventy

hundseofontigfeald [] adj seventy-fold

hundseofontiggéare [] adj seventy years (old)

hundseofontigoða [] adj seventieth

hundseofontigseofonfeald [] adj seventy-seven-fold

hundseofontigwintre [] adj seventy years old

hundtéontig [] num hundred

hundtéontigfeald [] adj hundred-fold

hundtéontigfealdlic [] adj hundred-fold

hundtéontiggéare [] adj a hundred years old

hundtéontigoða [] adj hundredth

hundtéontigwintre [] adj a hundred years old

hundtwelftig [] num hundred and twenty

hundtwelftigwintre [] adj aged a hundred and twenty

hundtwentig [] num hundred and twenty

hundtwentigwintre [] adj aged a hundred and twenty

hundwealh [] m (-wéales/-wéalas) attendant on dogs

hundwelle [] adj a hundred-fold

hundwintre [] adj aged a hundred years

húne [] f (-an/-an) horehound

hú ne nú [] adv nonne

hunger see hungor

hungerbiten [] adj starving

hungergéar [] n (-es/-) famine-year

hungerlǽwe [] adj famishing, starving

hungerlic [] adj hungry, famishing

hungor [] m (hungres/hungras) hunger, desire; famine

hungrig [] adj hungry, famishing; meager

hungur see hungor

hunig [] n (-es/-) honey

hunigæppel [] m (-appla, -æpples/-appla, -æpplas) round cake made with honey, pastille of honey?

hungigbǽre [] adj honeyed

hunigbin [] f (-e/-a) vessel for honey

hunigcamb [] f (-e/-a) honeycomb

hunigflówende [] adj flowing with honey

huniggafol [] n (-es/-) rent paid in honey

hunigsmæc [] m (-es/-macas) the taste of honey

hunigsúge [] f (-an/-an) honeysuckle?, clover?, privet?

hunigswéte [] adj honeysweet, mellifluous

hunigtéar [] m (-es/-as) honey which drips from the comb

hunigtéaren [] adj nectar-like

hunigtéarlic [] adj nectar-like

hunisúce see hunigsúge

hunisúge see hunigsúge

húnsporu [] m (-wes/-was), f (-e/-a) part of the rigging of a ship?, dolon, pike?

hunta [] m (-n/-n) huntsman; a kind of spider

huntaþ see huntoþ

huntaþfaru [] f (-e/-a) hunting expedition

huntian1 [] wv/t2 to hunt [also as huntgan]

hunticge [] f (-an/-an) huntress

huntigspere [] n (-es/-u) hunting-spear

huntigystre see hunticge

huntnaþ [] m (-es/-as) hunting, what is caught by hunting, game, prey

huntnoþ [] m (-es/-as) hunting, what is caught by hunting, game, prey

huntnold [] m (-es/-as) hunting, what is caught by hunting, game, prey

huntoþ [] m (-es/-as) hunting, what is caught by hunting, game, prey

huntung [] f (-e/-a) hunting; a hunt, chase; what is hunted, game

húnþyrlu [] n pl holes in the upper part of a mast

hunu? [] ? (-e/-a) a disease

húon see hwón

hupbán see hypbán

huppbán see hypbán

hupian see onhupian

hupseax see hypeseax

hurnitu see hyrnetu

húru [] adv at least, at all events, however, nevertheless, yet, even, only; about, not less than; surely, truly, certainly, indeed, especially; ~ swíðost most particularly

húruþinga [] adv at least, especially

hús [] n (-es/-) house; temple, tabernacle; dwelling-place; inn; household; family, race

húsa1 [] m (-n/-n) member of a household

húsærn [] n (-es/-) dwelling-house

húsbonda [] m (-n/-n) householder, master of a house (husband)

húsbonde [] f (-an/-an) mistress of a house

húsbryce [] f (-an/-an) housebreaking, burglary

húsbrycel [] adj burglarious

húsbryne [] m (-es/-as) burning of a house

húsbunda see húsbonda

húsc [] n (-es/-) mockery, derision, scorn, insult

húscarl [] m (-es/-as) member of the king’s bodyguard [house carl ON]

húsclic [] adj shameful, ignominious, outrageous; adv~líce

húscword [] n (-es/-) insulting speech

húsel [] n (húsles/-) housel, Eucharist; the Host; a sacrifice

húselbearn [] n (-es/-) communicant

húselbox [] m (-es/-as) housel-box

húseldisc [] m (-es/-as) housel-dish, paten

húselfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) sacrificial or sacramental vessel

húselgang [] m (-es/-as) going to, partaking of the Eucharist

húselgenga [] m (-n/-n) communicant

húselhálgung [] f (-e/-a) attendance at the Eucharist, communicating; Holy Communion

húselláf [] f (-e/-a) remains of the Eucharist

húselportic [] m (-es/-as) sacristy

húselþén [] m (-es/-as) acolyte

húsfæt [] adj occupying a house

húshefen [] m (-hefnes/-hefnas) ceiling

húshláford [] m (-es/-as) master of the house

húshléow [] n (-hleowes/-) housing, shelter

húsian1 [] wv/t2 to house, receive into one’s house

húsincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) habitation

húslian1 [] wv/t2 to administer the sacrament

húslung [] f (-e/-a) administration of the sacrament

húslwer [] m (-es/-as) communicant

húsrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) household, family

hússcipe1 [] m (-es/-as) house (e.g. of Israel), race

hússtede [] m (-es/-as) site of a house

hústing [] n (-es/-) tribunal, court (esp in London)

húsul see húsl, húsel

húswist [] f (-e/-e) home

húþ [] 1. f (-e/-a) plunder, booty, prey; 2. f, húðe see hýþ

húx see húsc

hwá [] m, f interrog pron [n hwæt] who; what; indef any one, some one, anything, something; each; swá ~ swá whosoever; swá hwæt swá whatsoever; tó hwǽm wherefore

hwal- see hwæl

hwalf see hwealf 1

hwall [] adj forward, bold [hwelan]

hwám dat sing of hwá, hwæt

hwamm [] m (-es/-as) corner, angle, prominence; porch

hwamstán [] m (-es/-as) cornerstone

hwan see hwon instr of hwæt

hwán see hwám

hwanan see hwanon

hwanon [] adv whence, from where

hwanone [] adv whence, from where

hwanonhwegu [] adv from anywhere

hwár see hwǽr

hwára see hwǽr

hwarne [] adv (not) at all

hwást- see hwǽst-

hwasta? [] m (-n/-n) eunuch

hwat- see hwæt-

hwata [] 1. m (-n/-n) augur, soothsayer; 2. ~n f pl augury, divination

hwatend [] m (-es/-) iris Illyrica (plant)

hwatu [] f (-e/-a) omen

hwatung [] f (-e/-a) augury, divination

hwaðer- see hweðer-

hwæcce see hwicce

hwæder see hwider

hwǽg [] n? (-es/-) whey

hwæl [] 1. m (-es/hwalas) whale, walrus [usually hwal- in oblique cases]; 2. past 3rd singular of hwelan; 3. see hwall; 4. see wæl n?

hwælc see hwilc

hwælen [] adj like a whale

hwælhunta [] m (-n/-n) whale-fisher, whaler

hwælhuntaþ [] m (-es/-as) whale-fishery, whaling

hwælmere2 [] m (-es/-as) sea

hwælweg [] m (-es/-as) sea

hwæm see hwemm

hwǽm [] dat sing of hwá, hwæt

hwǽnan see á~

hwæne see hwone, acc sing masc of  hwá

hwǽne see hwéne

hwæne see hwonne

hwænne see hwonne

hwær see hwer

hwǽr [] adv, conj where, whither, somewhere, anywhere, everywhere; wel ~ everywhere; swá ~ swá wheresoever, wherever; elles ~ elsewhere; ~…~ here…there

hwærf see hwearf

hwærfan see hwierfan

hwærflung see hwyrflung

hwǽrhwega [] adv somewhere

hwǽrhugu [] adv somewhere

hwǽrhwugu [] adv somewhere

hwæs [] 1. adj sharp, piercing; 2. gen pron whose; gen sing of hwá, hwæt

hwǽst [] m (-es/-as) blowing

hwǽstrian [] wv/t2 to murmur, mutter

hwǽstrung [] f (-e/-a) murmur, whispering

hwæt [] 1. pron neut what; 2. adv why, wherefore; indeed, surely, truly, for; 3. interj what!, lo! (calls attention to a following statement), ah!, behold!; 4. adj sharp, brisk, quick, active; bold, brave; 5. pres 3rd sing of hwettan

hwǽte [] m (-es/-as) wheat, corn

hwætéadig [] adj very brave

hwǽtecorn [] n (-es/-) corn of wheat

hwǽtecroft [] m (-es/-as) wheat-field

hwǽtecynn [] n (-es/-) wheat

hwǽtegryttan [] pl wheaten groats

hwǽtehealm [] m (-es/-as) wheat-straw

hwǽteland [] n (-es/-) wheat-land

hwǽtemelu [] n (-es/-) wheat-meal

hwǽten [] adj wheaten

hwǽesmedma [] m (-n/-n) wheat-meal

hwǽtewæstm [] m (-es/-as) corn, wheat

hwæthugu [] adj, noun, pron, adv somewhat, slightly, a little, something

hwæthuguningas [] adv somewhat (3)

hwæthwara see hwæthwugu

hwæthwega [] adj, noun, pron, adv somewhat, slightly, a little, something

hwæthweganunges [] adv somewhat (2)

hwæthwegu [] adj, noun, pron, adv somewhat, slightly, a little, something

hwæthwigu [] adj, noun, pron, adv somewhat, slightly, a little, something

hwæthwugu [] adj, noun, pron, adv somewhat, slightly, a little, something

hwæthwugununges [] adv somewhat (1)

hwæthwygu [] adj, noun, pron, adv somewhat, slightly, a little, something

hwætlíce [] adv quickly, promptly

hwætmód2 [] adj bold, courageous

hwætnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) quickness, activity

hwætréd [] adj firm, determined

hwætscipe [] m (-es/-as) activity, vigor, boldness, bravery

hwæðer [] adj, pron, conj (with subj.), adv whether; which of two, whether; swá ~ swá whichever; ~…þe whether…or; each of two, both; one of two, either

hwæðere [] 1. adv however, yet, nevertheless, still; 2. see hwæðer adv

hwæðre [] 1. adv however, yet, nevertheless, still; 2. see hwæðer adv

hwæþþre [] 1. adv however, yet, nevertheless, still; 2. see hwæðer adv

hwæðreþéah see þéahhwæðre

hwéal see þwéal

hwealf [] 1. adj concave, hollow, arched, vaulted; 2. f (-e/-a) vault, arch [Ger Gewölbe]

hwealhafoc see wealhhafoc

hwealp see hwelp

hwearf [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as) crowd, troop, concourse; [hweorfan]; 2. m (-es/-as) exchange; what is exchanged; ge~ vicissitude; error; going, distance; 3. past 3rd sing of hweorfan; 4. m (-es/-as) wharf, embankment

hwearfan see hwierfan

hwearfian [] wv/t2 to turn, roll or toss about, revolve; wave; change; wander, move, pass by

hwearflic [] adj changing, transitory; quick, agile; adv ~líce in turn

hwearft [] m (-es/-as) revolution, circuit, circle; lapse (of time)

hwearftlian [] wv/t2 to revolve, turn around; wander, be tossed about

hwearfung [] f (-e/-a) revolution; change, vicissitude; exchange

hwebbung see webbung

hweder see hwider

hwég see hwǽg

hwega [] adv about, somewhat

hwegl see hwéol

hwelan [] sv/i4 3rd pres hwilþ past hwæl/hwǽlon ptp gehwolen to roar, rage

hwelc see hwilc

hwelian1 [] wv/t2 to suppurate, cause to suppurate, develop weals, come to a head [hwellan?]

hwelp [] m (-es/-as) whelp, the young of an animal, cub

hwelpa [] m (-n/-n) whelp, the young of an animal, cub

hwelpian [] wv/t2 to bring forth offspring

hwelung [] f (-e/-a) din

hwem see hwemm

hwemdragen [] adj sloping, slanting

hwemm [] m (-es/-as) corner, angle [hwamm]

hwemman1 [] wv/t1a to bend, turn, incline

hwéne [] adv somewhat, a little [instr of hwón]

hweogl see hwéol

hwéol [] n (-es/-) wheel; (as an instrument of torture); circle

hweogol [] n (hweogles/-) wheel; (as an instrument of torture); circle

hweohl [] n (-es/-) wheel; (as an instrument of torture); circle

hwéolfág [] adj having a circular border or decoration

hwéolgodweb [] n (-es/-) robe with a circular border?

hwéollást [] m (-es/-as) orbit

hwéolrád [] f (-e/-a) rut, orbit

hwéolríðig [] n (-es/-) a brook that turns a wheel

hwéolweg [] m (-es/-as) cart-road

hwéop past 3rd sing of hwópan

hweorfa [] m (-n/-n) joint; whorl of a spindle

hweorfan1 [] sv/i3 3rd pres hwierfþ past hwearf/hwurfon ptp gehworfen to turn; change; turn out; move, go, come; wander about, roam, go about; turn back, return, turn from, depart; die; be converted; feohtan mid hweorfendum sigum to fight with varying success

hweorfbán [] n (-es/-) joint, kneecap

hweorfian see hwearfian

hwéos past 3rd sing of hwósan

hweoða see hwiða

hweowl see hwéol

hweowol see hwéol

hwer [] m (-es/-as) pot, bowl, kettle, caldron

hwerb see hweorfa

hwerbán see hweorfbán

hwerf see hwearf

hwerf- see hwearf-, hweorf-, hwierf-

hwergen [] adv elles ~ elsewhere

hwerhwette [] f (-an/-an) cucumber

hwést see hwósan

hwét see wǽt

hwéte see hwǽte

hwetestán [] m (-es/-as) whetstone

hwetstán [] m (-es/-as) whetstone

hwettan1 [] wv/t1a to whet, sharpen, incite, encourage

hwette see hwer~

hweðer see hwæðer

hweðre see hwæðere

hwí see hwý

hwicce [] f (-an/-an) locker, chest, trunk

hwicung [] f (-e/-a) squeaking (of mice)

hwider [] adv whither (to where); swá ~ swá wherever, whithersoever

hwiderhwega [] adv somewhither

hwiderryne [] adj directed whither

hwidre [] adv whither (to where)

hwíe see hwý

hwierfan1 [] wv/t1b to turn, revolve, change, transfer, convert, return; wnader, move, go, depart; exchange, barter; ge~ overturn, destroy; [compounds, see hwyrf~]

hwierfere see pening~

hwig see hwý

hwíl [] f (-e/-a) while, time; a long time; hour; nú ~e just now, a while ago; ealle ~e all the while; óðre ~e…óðre ~e at one time…at another time; adv ~e once; þá ~e (þe) while, whilst, meanwhile

hwilc [] interrog pron, adj which, what; indef whosoever, whichever; any (one), some (one); swá ~ swá whosoever, whatever

hwilchwega see hwilchwugu

hwilchwene [] pron some, some one, something

hwilchwone [] pron some, some one, something

hwilchwegno [] pron some, some one, something

hwilchwugu [] pron any, some, some one; not much, little; anything, something [hwilc- is declined]

hwilchugu [] pron any, some, some one; not much, little; anything, something [hwilc- is declined]

hwilcnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) quality

hwíle see hwíl

hwílen [] adj passing, transitory; temporal

hwílende see hwílwende

hwílendlic see hwílwendlic

hwileþ pres 3rd sing of hwelan

hwílfæc [] n (-es/-facu) a space of time

hwílhwega [] adv for some time

hwílon see hwílum

hwilpe [] f (-an/-an) yarwhilp, curlew? [Du wilp]

hwílsticce [] n (-es/-u) interval, short space of time, odd moment

hwíltídum [] adv sometimes, at times; ~…~ at some times…at others

hwílþrág [] f (-e/-a) period of time

hwílum [] adv whilom, sometimes, once; ~…~ now, now, at one time…at another

hwílwende [] adj transitory, temporary; temporal

hwílwendlic [] adj transitory, temporary, temporal; adv ~líce

hwimpel see wimpel

hwínan [] sv/i1 3rd pres hwínþ past hwán/hwinon ptp gehwinen to hiss, whiz, whistle

hwinsian [] wv/i2 to whine

hwinsung [] f (-e/-a) whining

hwirfan see hwierfan

hwirfþ [] pres 3rd sing of hweorfan

hwírlic see hwearflic

hwiscettung [] f (-e/-a) squeaking (of mice)

hwisprian [] wv/i2 to whisper, murmur

hwisprung [] f (-e/-a) whispering, murmuring

hwistle [] f (-an/-an) reed, whistle, pipe

hwistlere [] m (-es/-as) whistler, piper

hwistlian [] wv/i2 to whistle, hiss

hwistlung [] f (-e/-a) whistling, hissing, piping, music

hwít [] 1. adj white; bright, radiant, glistening, flashing, clear, fair; 2. n (-es/-) whiteness; white food; white of egg

hwítan1 [] wv/t1b to whiten; brighten, polish

hwítcorn [] n (-es/-) manna

hwítcwidu [] m (-wes/-was) mastic

hwítcudu [] m (-wes/-was) mastic

hwíte [] adj white

hwíteclæfre [] f (-an/-an) white clover

hwítegós [] f (-gés/-gés) white goose

hwítehláf [] m (-es/-as) white bread

hwítel [] m (hwítles/hwítlas) blanket, cloak

hwíteléac [] n (-es/-) white leck

hwítfót [] adj white-footed

hwítian [] wv/i2 to whiten, become white, be white; to make white

hwítingmelu [] n (-wes/-) whiting-powder

hwítingtréow [] n (-treowes/-) whitten tree

hwítléac [] n (-es/-) onion

hwítléadtéafor [] n (-téafres/-) salve of white lead

hwítling [] m (-es/-as) a kind of fish, whiting?

hwítloc [] adj fair-haired, blonde

hwítloccede [] adj fair-haired, blonde

hwítnes [] f (-se/-sa) whiteness

hwítstów [] f (-e/-a) Lebanon

hwiða [] m (-n/-n) air, breeze

hwiðu [] f? (-e/-a) air, breeze

hwol?  see wolma

hwomm see hwamm

hwon [] adv tó/for ~ why; bi ~ how; instrumental of hwá

hwón [] 1. adj little, few; 2. n (-es/-) a little, trifle; somewhat; a little while; 3. adv somewhat

hwonan see hwanon

hwone accusative singular masculine of hwá

hwónlic [] adj little, small; adv ~líce moderately, slightly, little; cursorily

hwónlotum [] adv in small quantities

hwonne [] adv when, then, at some time; at any time; as long as, until; nú ~ just now

hwonon see hwanon

hwópan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres hwépþ past hwéop/on ptp gehwópen to threaten

hworfan see hweorfan

hwósan [] sv/i7 3rd pres hwésþ past hwéos/on ptp gehwósen to cough

hwóstan [] m (-n/-n) cough

hwoðerian [] wv/i2 to foam, surge?, roar? [hwiða]

hwoðrung [] f (-e/-a) a harsh sound

hwu see

hwugu see hwega

hwugudǽl [] m (-es/-as) small part

hwurf- see hwearf-, hweorf-, hwierf-, hwyrf-

hwurfon past pl of hweorfan

hwurful [] adj fickle [hweorfan]

hwurfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) inconstancy, mutability

hwý [] adv, conj why?; tó ~ therefore; instrumental of hwæt

hwyder see hwider

hwylc see hwilc

hwylca [] m (-n/-n) pustule, tumor, boil

hwylfan see hwielfan

hwýlon see hwílum

hwylp see hwelp

hwýorf [] n? (-es/-) cattle

hwyr see hwer

hwyrf- see hweorf-, hwierf-

hwyrfel [] m (hwyrfles/hwyrflas) circuit, exterior, higher part?

hwyrfepól [] m (-es/-as) whirlpool, eddy

hwyrflede [] adj round

hwyrfling [] m (-es/-as) orb

hwyrflung [] f (-e/-a) change, turning, revolution; wandering, error

hwyrfnes [] f (-se/-sa) dizziness, giddiness

hwyrft1 [] m (-es/-as) turning, circuit, revolution, motion, course, orbit; way out, outlet ge~ géares anniversary

hwyrftlian see hwearftlian

hwyrftweg [] m (-es/-as) escape

hwystl- see wistl-

hwýtel see hwítel

see híe

hycgan1 [] wv/t3 3rd pres hogaþ past hogde ptp gehogod to think, consider, meditate, study; understand; resolve upon, determine, purpose; remember; hope; ~ fram be averse to (also hogian)

hýd [] 1. f (-e/-e) hide, skin; ~e þolian to undergo a flogging; 2. see híd

hýdan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to hide, conceal, preserve; wv/r1b, wv/i1b to hide oneself; sheath (a sword, bury (a corpse);

hýddern see héddern

hydele see hǽwen~

hýdels [] m (-es/-as) hiding-place, cave

hyder see hider

hýdesacc [] m (-es/-as) leather sack or bag

hýdgield [] n (-es/-) fine to save one’s skin (i.e., instead of flogging)

hýdig 1. adj leathern; 2. see hygdig

hýdscip [] n (-es/-) a ship made with hides

hýf [] f (-e/-e) hive

hýg see híeg

hygd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) mind, thought; reflection, forethought

hygdig [] adj heedful, thoughtful, careful; chaste, modest; adv ~líce chastely

hygdignes [] f (-se/-sa) chastity, modesty

hyge [] m (-as/-as) thought, mind, heart, disposition, intention; courage; pride; the top of the gullet

hygebend [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) heart-strings

hygeblind [] adj mentally blind

hygeblíðe2 [] adj blithe of heart, glad, joyful

hygeclǽne [] adj pure in heart

hygecræft [] m (-es/-as) power of mind, wisdom

hygecræftig2 [] adj wise, prudent

hygedriht [] f (-e/-a) band of household retainers? [híw]

hygefæst [] adj wise

hygefród [] adj wise

hygefrófor2 [] f (-e/-a) consolation

hygegál [] adj loose, wanton

hygegár [] m (-a/-a) wile

hygegǽlsa [] adj hesitating, slow, sluggish [gǽlan]

hygegéomor2 [] adj sad in mind

hygegléaw2 [] adj prudent in mind

hygegrim [] adj savage, cruel

hygeléas [] adj thoughtless, foolish, rash; unbridled, extravagant

hygeléaslic [] adj unbridled; adv ~líce thoughtlessly

hygeléast [] f (-e/-a) heedlessness, folly

hygemǽðum [] adv reverently

hygeméðe [] adj sad, saddening

hygeróf2 [] adj stout-hearted, brave

hygerún [] f (-e/-a) secret

hygesceaft [] f (-e/-a) mind, heart

hygesnottor2 [] adj sagacious, wise

hygesorg2 [] f (-e/-a) heart-sorrow, anxiety

hygestrang [] adj brave

hygetéona2 [] m (-n/-n) injury, insult

hygetréow [] f (-e/-a) fidelity

hygeþanc2 [] m (-es/-as) thought

hygeþancol2 [] adj thoughtful, wise

hygeþihtig [] adj courageous

hygeþrymm [] m (-es/-as) courage

hygeþrýþ [] f (-e/-e) pride, insolence

hygewælm [] m (-es/-as) mental agitation, anger

hygewlanc2 [] adj haughty, proud

hyggean see hycgan

hýglá see híglá

hyhsan see hyscan

hýhst see héah

hyht [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) 1 hope, trust; joy, exultation; 1 desire, expectation; ge~ comfort

hyhtan1 [] wv/t1b to hope, trust; rejoice, exult, be glad; soften (hardship)

hyhtful [] adj hopeful; full of joy, mirthful, pleasant, glad

hyhtgiefu [] f (-e/-a) pleasing gift

hyhtgiefa [] m (-n/-n) giver of joy

hyhting [] f (-e/-a) exultation

hyhtléas [] adj unbelieving

hyhtlic2 [] adj hopeful, joyful, pleasant; adv ~líce suitably

hyhtplega2 [] m (-n/-n) joyous play, sport

hyhtwilla [] m (-n/-n) hoped-for joy

hyhtwynn [] f (-e/-a) joy of hope, joy

hýhþo see híehþu

hyl see hyll

hylc [] m (-es/-as) bend, turn; unevenness

hyld see hield

hyldan [] 1. wv/t1b to flay, skin; [hold 2]; 2. ge~ see ieldan

hyldáþ [] m (-es/-as) oath of allegiance

hyldemǽg2 [] m (-es/-as) near kinsman

hyldere [] m (-es/-as) flayer, butcher [hold 2]

hylding [] f (-e/-a) curve, inclination [heald]

hyldo see hyldu

hyldrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) fidelity

hyldu [] f (-e/-a) favor, grace, kindness, protection; allegiance, loyalty, reverence; [see hield]

hylest [] pres 2nd sing of helan

hylfe see hielfe

hylian see be~

hyll [] 1. m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) hill; 2. see hell

hylleháma [] m (-n/-n) cicada, cricket, grasshopper

hyllic [] adj hilly

hylman see for~, ofer~

hylp see help

hylpþ [] pres 3rd sing of helpan

hylsung [] f (-e/-a) tympanum

hylt see hielt, pres 3rd sing of healdan

hylt- see hilt-

hylte see héah~

hylto see hieltu

hylu [] f (-e/-a) a hollow

hylwyrt [] f (-e/-e) hillwort, pulegium

hym see him

hymblice see hymlic

Hymbre [] m pl Northumbrians

hymele [] f (-an/-an) hop plant [L]

hymelic see hymlic

hymen see ymen

hymlic [] m (-es/-as) hemlock

hymlíce [] f (-an/-an) hemlock

hýn see héan

hýnan see híenan

hynd see hind

hynde see six-, twelf-, twi-; ofhende

hynden [] f (-ne/-na) community of 100 men

hyndenmann [] m (-es/-menn) chief man in the community of 100 men

hyne see hine, accusative singular of

hyngran1 [] wv/i1b to be hungry, hunger (impersonal); trans hunger for

hyngrian1 [] wv/i2 to be hungry, hunger (impersonal); trans hunger for

hyngrig see hungrig

hýnnes [] f (-se/-sa) persecution, destruction [héan]

hynnilǽc see ynniléac

hýnþ see híenðu

hýnðu see híenðu

hyp- see hype-

hype [] m (-es/-as) hip

hýpe [] f (-an/-an) heap

hypebán [] n (-es/-) hip-bone

hypebánece [] m (-es/-as) sciatica

hýpel [] m (hýples/hýplas) heap, mound

hypeseax [] n (-es/-u) short sword, dagger

hypsár [] n (-es/-) sciatica

hypwærc [] n (-es/-) pain in the hips

hýr [] f (-e/-a) hire, wages; interest, usury

hyra [] gen pl of , héo, hit

hýra [] m (-n/-n) follower, mercenary; servant, hireling; dependant

hyran [] wv/t1b to spit [see gehorian]

hýran [] 1. see híeran; 2. see hýrian

hyrcnian see heorcnian

hyrd [] 1. f (-e/-a) door [Ger hürde]; 2. parchment?

hyrd- see hierd-

hyrdel [] m (hyrdles/hyrdlas) hurdle, frame

hyre [] gen sing of  héo

hýre see héore

hýreborg [] m (-es/-as) interest [probably 2 words]

hýred see híred

hýrefter see héræfter

hýregeoc see hýrgeoht

hýregeoht see hýrgeoht

hýregilda [] m (-n/-n)

hýremann see híeremann

hyrfan see yrfan

hýrgeoht [] n (-es/-) hired yoke of oxen

hyrian [] wv/t2 to imitate

hýrian [] wv/t2 to hire

hýrigmann [] m (-es/-menn) hireling

hyring [] f (-e/-a) imitation

hýrling [] f (-e/-a) hireling

hýrmann see hýrigmann

hyrnan [] wv/t1b to jut out like a horn

hyrne [] f (-an/-an) angle, corner

hyrned1 [] adj horned, beaked

hyrnednebba2 [] adj horny-billed, horn-beaked [horn]

hyrnen [] 1. adj of horn; 2. adj angular

hýrnes see híernes

hyrnet [] f (-e/-a) hornet; gadfly

hyrenetu [] f (-e/-a) hornet; gadfly

hyrnful [] adj angular, with many angles

hyrnig [] adj angular

hyrnstán [] m (-es/-as) corner-stone, keystone

hýroxa [] m (-n/-n) hired ox

hyrra see heorra, heorr

hýrra [] 1. see héah; 2. see hýra

hyrsian [] wv/i2 to go on horseback? [probably = hýrsumian]

hyrst2 [] 1. f (-e/-e) 1 ornament, decoration, jewel, treasure; accoutrements, trappings, armor [Ger rüstung]; 2. m (-es/-as) hillock, height, wood, wooded eminence

hyrst- see hierst-

hyrstan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to decorate, adorn, ornament, equip; [Ger rüsten]; 2. ge~ to murmur

hýrsum see híersum

hyrtan see hiertan

hyrten see hearten

hyrþ [] f (-e/-a) skin, hide

hyrðil see hyrdel

hýru see húru

hyrw- see hierw-

hys see his

hyscan1 [] wv/t1b to jeer at, reproach; wv/i1b to rail

hyscend [] m (-es/-) reviler

hyscild see hysecild

hyse2 [] m (-es/hyssas) son, youth, young man, warrior; shoot, scion

hysebeorðor [] n (-es/-) the bearing of male offspring; boy, young man

hyseberðling [] m (-es/-as) the bearing of male offspring

hysebyrdling [] m (-es/-as) the bearing of male offspring

hyseberðre [] f (-an/-an) a woman who bears a son

hysecild [] n (-es/-ru) male child

hyserinc [] m (-es/-as) young man

hysewíse [] adv like young man

hysope see ysope

hyspan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres hyspeþ past hyspde, hyspte ptp gehysped to mock, scorn, deride, revile, reproach

hyspend [] m (-es/-) calumniator

hyspful [] adj contumelious

hyspnes [] f (-se/-sa) contumely

hyspung [] f (-e/-a) contumely

hysse see hyse

hyt [] 1. f (-e/-a) heat; [ON hita; or hát?]; 2. see hit, pron

hýt pres 3rd sing of hýdan

hyttan see hittan

hýþ [] 1. f (-e/-a) landing-place, harbor, creek, port; 2. see hyþþ

hýðan [] wv/t1b to plunder, ravage

hýðegian1 [] wv/t2 to facilitate

hýðegung [] f (-e/-a) advantage

hýðelic1 [] adj suitable, proper, convenient, advantageous; adv ~líce

hýþgield [] n (-es/-) harbor festival, sacrifice, or service

hýþlic [] adj belonging to a harbor

hýþscip [] n (-es/-u) a light, piratical vessel; = hýdscip

hýþþ [] f (-e/-a) gain, advantage

hýþþu [] f (-e/-a) gain, advantage

hýþweard [] m (-es/-as) warden of a harbor

hýw see híw

hyxan see hyscan