see fáh 1.

faca gen pl of fæc

fácen [] n (fácnes/-) deceit, fraud, treachery, sin, evil, crime; blemish, fault (in an object)

fácendǽd [] f (-e/-e) sin, crime

fácenful [] adj deceitful, crafty; adv ~líce

fácenfullic [] adj deceitful, crafty; adv ~líce

fácengecwis [] f (-e/-a) conspiracy

fácenléas [] adj guileless; pure

fácenlic [] adj deceitful; adv ~líce

fácennes [] f (-se/-sa) deceitfulness

fácensearu2 [] n (-es/-) treachery

fácenstafas [] m pl treachery, deceit

fácentácen [] n (-tácnes/-) deceitful token

facg [] m (-es/-as) plaice?, loach?

fácian [] wv/t2 to try to obtain, get; get to, reach

fácn see fácen

fácne see fǽcne

fácnesful see fácenful

facum dative pl of fæc

fadian1 [] wv/t2 to arrange, dispose, guide

fadiend [] m (-es/-) manager

fadung1 [] f (-e/-a) arrangement, order, disposition, dispensation, rule; interpretation, version

fadur see fæder

fág [] 1. adj variegated, spotted, dappled, stained, dyed; shining, gleaming; tessellated; 2. see fáh 1

fág- see fáh-

fage [] f see facg

fagen see fægen

fagen- see fægn-

fágettan [] wv/t1b to change color; mid wordum ~ speak evasively

fágetung [] f (-e/-a) change (of color)

fágian1 [] wv/t2 to change in color, vary, be variegated

fágnes [] f (-se/-sa) scab, ulcer, eruption; variety of color, brilliancy

fagnian see fægnian

fágung [] f (-e/-a) variety (esp. of color)

fágwyrm [] m (-es/-as) basilisk

fáh [] 1. adj hostile; 1 proscribed, outlawed, guilty, criminal; nom acc pl [féogan]; 2. 1 m (fás/fás) for, enemy, party to a blood feud

fahame [] ? (-?/-?) peeled barley, pearl-barley [polentum]

fáhmann [] m (-es/-menn) foeman, object of a blood feud

fahnian see fægnian

fala [] 1. ? (-n/-n) tube?, pipe?, plank?; 2. see fela

fálǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to be at enmity with, show hostility to

fald [] m (-es/-as) fold, stall, stable, cattle-pen (1)

fald- see feald-

falæd [] m (-es/-as) fold, stall, stable, cattle-pen (2)

faldgang [] m (-es/-as) going to the (sheep-)fold

faldhríðer [] n (-es/-) stalled ox

faldian [] wv/t2 to make a fold, hurdle off sheep

faldwyrðe [] adj entitled to have his own fold

falew- see fealw-, feallew-

fall- see feall-

falod see fald

falod [] m (-es/-as) fold, stall, stable, cattle-pen (3)

fals [] 1. adj false; 2. n (-es/-) falsehood, fraud, counterfeit [L]

falðing [] m (-es/-as) mass, load; something that falls

falu see fealu

falud see fald

falud [] m (-es/-as) fold, stall, stable, cattle-pen (4)

fám [] n (-es/-) foam; sea

fámbig see fámig

fámbláwende see lig~

fámgian [] wv/i2 to foam, boil

fámig [] adj foamy

fámigbord [] adj with foaming banks (of a stream)

fana [] m (-n/-n) banner, standard; plant, iris?

fanbyrde [] adj standard-bearing

fand [] past 3rd sing of findan

fandere [] m (-es/-as) trier, tester

fandian1 [] wv/t2 (oft w.g., but also w.d., w.a.) to try, attempt, tempt, test, examine, explore, search out, experience, visit; [findan]

fandung [] f (-e/-a) investigation, trial, temptation, test, proof

fane [] 1. see fann; 2. see fanu

fang [] m (-es/-as) plunder, boody

fangen past participle of fón

fann [] f (-e/-a) winnowing, fan [L vannus]

fannian [] wv/t2 to fan, winnow

fant [] m (-es/-as) fount, font; baptismal water

fantbæð [] n (-es/-baðu) baptismal water, laver of baptism

fantblétsung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of a font

fanfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) baptismal font

fanthálgung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of a font

fanthálig [] adj holy from connection with the font

fantwæter [] n (-es/-) font-water, water used at baptism, laver of baptism

fanu see fana

fára genitive pl of fáh 1

faran1 [] sv/i6 3rd pres færð past fór/on ptp is gefaren to set forth, go, travel, wander, proceed; be, happen, exist, act; fare, get on, undergo, suffer; ge~ die; ge~ attack, overcome, capture, obtain; west onbútan ~ to go west about

farað- see faroð-

fareld see færeld

farendlic [] adj pervious

fareð- see faroð-

Fariseisc [] adj of or belonging to the Pharisees

farm see feorm

farnian [] wv/t2 to prosper

faroð2 [] m (-es/-as) shore; stream

faroðhengest [] m (-es/-as) sea-horse, ship

faroðlácende2 [] adj swimming, sailing; noun sailors

faroðrídende [] adj sailing

faroðstrǽt [] f (-e/-a) path of the sea

faru [] f (-e/-a) way, going, journey, course; expedition, march; procession, retinue, companions; life, proceedings, adventures; movable possessions

fas- see fæs-

fatian see fetian

fatu see fæt

faðe [] f (-an/-an) father’s sister, paternal aunt

faðu [] f (-e/-a) father’s sister, paternal aunt

faðusunu [] m (-a/-a) father’s sister’s son

faul [] m? (-es/-as) expression used as a charm; evil spirit

fæc [] n (-es/facu) space of time, while, division, interval; period of five years, lustrum

fǽcan [] wv/i1b to wish to go

fæccan see feccan

fæcele [] f (-an/-an) torch [Ger fackel]

fǽcenlíce see fácenlíce

fæcful [] adj broad, spacious

fæcile see fæcele

fǽcne [] 1. adj deceitful, treacherous; vile, worthless; 2. adj deceitfully, maliciously, disgracefully; 2 exceedingly

fǽcnig [] adj crafty

fǽcnung [] f (-e/-a) suspicion

fǽd- see féd-

fæder [] m (-(es)/-as) father; male ancestor; the Father, God; pl parents; eald ~ grandfather; þridda, féowerða ~ great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather

fædera [] m (-n/-n) paternal uncle [Ger vetter]

fæderæðelu2 [] n pl patrimony; paternal kinship

fæderen [] adj paternal

fæderenbróðor [] m (-/-) brother (from the same father) [dat bréðer; pl also –bróðru]

fæderencnósl [] n (-es/-) father’s kin

fædrencnósl [] n (-es/-) father’s kin

fæderencynn [] n (-es/-) father’s kin

fæderenfeoh see fæderfeoh

fæderenhealf [] f (-e/-a) father’s side

fæderenmǽg [] m (-es/-mágas) paternal kinsman [pl also mǽgas]

fæderenmǽgð [] f (-e/-a) paternal kinsman

fæderéðel [] m (-éðles/- éðlas) fatherland

fæderfeoh [] n (-féos/-) dowry paid by the father of the bride

fædergeard [] m (-es/-as) father’s dwelling

fædergestréon [] n (-es/-) patrimony

fæderhíwisc [] n? (-es/-) paterfamilias

fæderingmǽg see fæderenmǽg

fæderland [] n (-es/-) paternal land, inheritance

fæderléas [] adj fatherless

fæderlic [] adj fatherly, paternal, ancestral; adv ~líce

fædern- see fæderen-

fædernama [] m (-n/-n) surname

fæderríce [] n (-s/-u) heaven

fæderslaga [] m (-n/-n) patricide

fæderswica [] m (-n/-n) traitor to one’s father

fædm see fæðm

fædr- see fæder-

fǽfne see fǽmne

fǽgan [] wv/t1b to paint

fǽge [] adj fey, doomed (to death), fated, destined; dead; unhappy, accursed; feeble, cowardly

fægen1 [] adj w.g. fain, glad, joyful, rejoicing

fægenian see fægnian

fægennes [] f (-se/-sa) joy

fæger [] 1. adj fair, lovely, beautiful; pleasant, agreeable; attractive; 2. n (-es/-) beauty; beautiful object

fæger- see fægr-

fægerlíce [] adv splendidly

fægernes [] f (-se/-sa) fairness, beauty

fægerwyrde [] adj smooth-speaking

fægn see fægen

fǽgnes see fágnes

fægnung1 [] f (-e/-a) rejoicing

fægre [] adv fairly, elegantly, beautifully; pleasantly, softly, gently, kindly; well, justly; early

fægrian1 [] wv/t2 to become beautiful; adorn, decorate

fǽgð? [] f (-e/-a) imminent death

fǽhan see fǽgan

fæht see feoht

fǽhð [] f (-e/-a) hostility, enmity, violence, revenge, vendetta [fáh; Ger fehde]

fǽhðbót [] f (-e/-a) payment for engaging in a feud

fǽhðe see fǽhð

fǽhðo see fǽhð

fǽhðu see fǽhð

fæl- see feal-, fel-, fiel-, fyl-

fǽlǽcan see fálǽcan

fǽle2 [] 1. adj faithful, trusty, good; dear, beloved; 2. adv truly, well, pleasantly

fǽlsian1 [] wv/t2 to cleanse, purify; expiate; ge~ pass through

fǽman [] wv/t1b 3rd pres fǽmð past fǽmde ptp gefǽmed to foam [fám]

fǽmhádlic see fǽmnhádlic

fǽmig see fámig

fǽmnanhád see fǽmnhád

fǽmne [] f (-an/-an) maid, virgin, bride; ge~ woman; virago

fǽmnedlic see fǽmnhádlic

fǽmnendlic see fǽmnhádlic

fǽmnhád [] m (-a/-a) virginity, maidenhood

fǽmnhádesmann [] m (-es/-menn) virgin [listed as ~mon]

fǽmnhádlic [] adj maidenly, virginal

fǽmnlic [] adj maidenly, virginal

fǽmnenlic [] adj maidenly, virginal

fæn see fen

fær [] n (-es/-faru) 1 way, journey, passage, expedition; mannes ~ highway; movement; proceedings, life; movable possessions, means of subsistence; ark, ship

fǽr [] 1. m (-es/-as) calamity, sudden danger, peril; sudden attack; terrible sight; 2. see féfer; 3. see fæger

fær- see fer-, fear-, feor-, fier-, for-

fǽr- [] prefix 1. sudden, fearful; 2. see fér-

fǽrærning [] f (-e/-a) quick riding

fǽran [] wv/t1b to frighten; raven

færbéna [] m (-n/-n) peasant, small-holder?; a rider of a camel; a soldier on board a ship [epibata]

færbénu [] m (-wes/-was) peasant, small-holder?; a rider of a camel; a soldier on board a ship [epibata]

fǽrbifongen [] adj beset by dangers?

fǽrblǽd [] m (-es/-as) sudden blast (of wind)

fǽrbryne [] m (-es/-as) scorching heat

fǽrclamm [] m (-es/-as) sudden seizure

fǽrcoðu [] f (-e/-a) apoplexy

fǽrcumen [] adj sudden

fǽrcwealm [] m (-es/-as) sudden pestilence

fǽrcyle [] m (-es/-as) intense cold

fǽrdéað [] m (-es/-as) sudden death

fǽrdryre [] m (-es/-as) sudden fall

fǽredlic see fǽrlic

færeht see færriht

færeld [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) way, journey, track, passage, expedition; retinue, company; course of life, conduct; movement, progress, power of locomotion; vehicle; the Passover

færeldfréols [] m (-es/-as) Passover-feast

færelt see færeld

færennes see færnes

færeð pres 3rd sing of faran

færfríge [] adj without freedom to go

fǽrfyll [] adv? headlong

fǽrgripe2 [] m (-es/-as) sudden grip

fǽrgryre2 [] m (-es/-as) awful horror

fǽrhaga [] m (-n/-n) hedge of terrors

fǽring [] f 1. 2 (-e/-a) journey, wandering; 2. accusation; 3. ecstasy

fǽringa [] adv suddenly, unexpectedly, quickly, forthwith, by chance

fǽrlic [] adj sudden, unexpected; rapid; adv ~líce

færnes [] f (-se/-sa) suddenness; passage, traffic

fǽrníð [] m (-es/-as) hostile attack

fǽrrǽs [] m (-es/-as) sudden rush

fǽrrǽsende [] adj rushing headlong

færriht [] n (-es/-) passage-money

færsceatt [] m (-es/-as) passage-money, fare

fǽrsceaða [] m (-n/-n) enemy

fǽrscyte [] m (-es/-as) sudden shot

fǽrsearu [] n (-wes/-) sudden artifice

fǽrséað [] m (-a/-a) deep pit

fǽrslide [] m (-es/-as) sudden fall

fǽrspell2 [] n (-es/-) dreadful tidings

fǽrspryng [] m (-es/-as) sudden eruption

færst pres 2nd sing of faran

fǽrsteorfa [] m (-n/-n) murrain

fǽrstice [] m (-es/-as) sudden stitch (pain)

fǽrstylt [] m? (-es/-as) amazement

fǽrswíge [] m (-es/-as) amazement

fǽrswile [] m (-es/-as) sudden swelling

færð [] 1. see ferð; 2. pres 3rd sing of faran

fǽrunga see fǽringa

fǽrunge see fǽringa

fǽruntrymnes [] f (-se/-sa) sudden sickness

færweg [] m (-es/-as) cart road

fǽrwundor [] n (-wundres/-) terrible wonder

fæs [] n (-es/fasu) fringe, border

fǽsceaftnes see féasceaftnes

fæsl2 [] n? (-es/-) seed, offspring, progeny

fæsnian see fæstnian

fæst [] 1. adj fast, fixed, firm, secure; constant, steadfast; stiff, heavy, dense; obstinate, bound, costive; enclosed, closed, watertight; strong, fortified; reputable?, standard?; 2. see fæsten

fæstan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to fasten, make firm, ratify, establish; entrust, commit; 2. to fast, abstain from food; atone for (by fasting)

fæste [] adv fast, firmly, securely; straightly, strictly; heavily (sleep); speedily

fæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) 1. fastness, stronghold, fortress; cloister; enclosure, prison; fastener; 2. 1 fast (abstinence from food); firmament, sky

fæstenbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of fast

fæstendæg [] m (-es/-dagas) fast-day

fæstendíc [] m (-es/-as) fort-ditch, moat

fæstengangol see fæstgangol

fæstengeat [] n (-es/-gatu) castle-gate

fæstengeweorc [] n (-es/-) liability for repair of the defenses of a town

fæstenlic [] adj quadragesimal, Lenten

fæstentíd [] f (-e/-e) fast

fæstenwuce [] f (-an/-an) week of fasting

fǽstermódor see fóstormódor

fæstern [] n (-es/-) fast; Quadragesima

fæstern- see fæsten-

fæstgangol [] adj steady, faithful

fæsthafol [] adj retentive, tenacious; sparing, miserly

fæsthafolnes [] f (-se/-sa) economy; stinginess

fæstheald [] adj firmly fixed

fæsthýdig2 [] adj constant, steadfast

fæstian1 [] wv/t2 to commend, entrust, commit

fæsting [] f (-e/-a) commendation, trust, guardianship; quartering (of the king’s servants)

fæstingan see fæstnian

fæstingmann [] m (-es/-menn) a kind of retainer

fæstland [] n (-es/-) land easily defended

fæstlic [] adj firm, fixed, steadfast, resolute; adv ~líce certainly; ge~ fixedly, steadily, constantly; unceasingly; verily, but; strictly

fæstmód [] adj constant in mind

fæstnes [] f (-se/-sa) firmness, massiveness, stability; fastness, stronghold; firmament

fæstnian [] wv/t2 to fasten, fix, secure, bind; confirm, ratify, conclude (peace); betroth; bestow upon, secure for

fæstnung1 [] f (-e/-a) fastening, bond; strengthening, stability; security, safety; protection, shelter; confirmation, ratification, pledge, engagement; exhortation

fæstrǽd [] adj firm, constant, steadfast

fæstrǽdlic [] adj constant, steadfast; adv ~líce

fæstrǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) constancy, fortitude

fæststeall [] adj standing firmly

fæsð see fæst

fæt [] n (-es/fatu) vat, vessel, jar, cup; casket; division

fǽt [] 1. 2 n (-es/-) plate, beaten out metal (especially gold), gold ornament; 2. see fǽtt 1

fǽtan1 [] wv/t1b to cram, put (in), load; adorn

fǽted [] 1. 2 adj ornamented with gold [past part. of fǽtan]; 2. see fǽtt

fǽtedhléor [] adj with cheek ornaments

fǽtedsinc [] n (-es/-) beaten gold

fǽtels [] m (-es/-as) vessel; pouch, bag, sack

fǽtel [] m (fǽtles/fǽtlas) vessel; pouch, bag, sack

fǽtelsian [] wv/t2 to put into a vessel

fætelsod see fetelsod

fætfyllere [] m (-es/-as) cupbearer

fǽtgold [] n (-es/-) beaten gold

fǽthengest [] m (-es/-as) riding-horse

fætian see fetian

fǽtnes [] f (-se/-sa) fatness; the richest part of anything

fǽtt [] 1. adj fat, fatted; 2. see fǽted

fǽttian [] wv/t2 ge~ to become fat; ge~ anoint; fatten

fǽðe see féðe

fæðer see feðer

fæðm [] m (-es/-as) outstretched or encircling arms, embrace, grasp; protection; interior, bosom, lap, breast, womb; fathom, cubit; power; expanse, surface

fæðme [] f (-an/-an) outstretched or encircling arms, embrace, grasp; protection; interior, bosom, lap, breast, womb; fathom, cubit; power; expanse, surface

fæðman [] wv/t1b to surround, envelop, clasp, embrace

fæðmian [] wv/t2 to surround, envelop, clasp, embrace

fæðmlic [] adj embracing, enclosing, sinuous

fæðmnes see on~

fæðmrím [] n (-es/-) fathom, cubit

fæx see feax

féa [] 1. 1 m (-n/-n) joy; 2. n see feoh; 3. adj few; nom/acc pl féawe, weak féawa; [spl féawost/féast]; ~wum síðum seldom; 4. adv even a little, at all

feadur see fæder

féagan1 see féon1

feah see feoh

feaht1 [] 1. past 3rd sing of feohtan; 2. see feoht

feal- see fel-

fealdan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres fieldeð past féold/on ptp gefealden to fold, wrap up, furl, entangle; roll about

fealdestól see fyldstól

feale variant of fealu

fealewes variant of fealu

fealewian see fealwian

fealfor see felofor

fealg [] past 3rd sing of féolan

fealga variant of fealh

fealgian [] wv/t2 to fallow

fealh [] 1. f (-ge/fealga) fallow land; 2. f (-e/-a) felloe, felly (of a wheel); 3. past 3rd sing of féolan; 4. see fala

feall see fiell

feallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fielð past féoll/on ptp is gefeallen 1 to fall; fall headlong, fail, decay, die; inflict (on), attack; flow; ge~ overthrow

fealle [] f (-an/-an) snare, trap

feallendlic [] adj unstable, perishable, transient

feallenlic [] adj unstable, perishable, transient

fealletan [] wv/t1b to fall down, to fall together, fall down, tumble, fall to earth [concídere]

feallung see feax~

fealo [] 1. see fealu; 2. see fela

féalóg [] adj w.g. destitute

fealohilte [] adj yellow-hilted

fealu [] 1. adj fallow, yellow, tawny, dun-colored, grey, dusky, dark; 2. n (-wes/-) fallow ground

fealu- see felo-

fealuwian see fealwian

fealwes see fealu

fealwian [] wv/i2 to become fallow, fade, wither; grow yellow, ripen

féanes [] f (-se/-sa) fewness, paucity [see féawnes]

fear see fearr

féar see fearh

féara genitive of féa

fearh [] m (féares/féaras) little pig, hog

fearhhama [] m (-n/-n) womb of a pig; hide of pig

fearhrýðer [] n (-es/-) bull

fearlic [] adj of a bull

féarlic see fǽrlic

rearm [] m (-es/-as) freight, cargo

fearn [] n (-es/-) fern

fearnbed [] n (-des/-) fern-bed

fearnbracu [] f (-e/-a) fern-brake

fearnedisc [] n (-es/-) fern-pasture

fearnhege [] m (-es/-as) hedge with ferns

fearnig [] adj fern-covered

fearnlæs [] n (-es/-u) fern-pasture

fearoð- see faroð-

fearr [] 1. m (-es/-as) beast of burden, ox, bull; 2. see feorr

feas see fæs

féasceaft2 [] adj destitute, miserable, helpless, poor

féasceaftig [] adj destitute, poor

féasceaftnes [] f (-se/-sa) poverty

feast- see fæst-

featu see fatu, nom/acc pl of fæt

féaw- see féa-

féawa see féa

féawlic [] adj few

féawnes [] f (-se/-sa) fewness, paucity

feax [] n (-es/-u) hair, head of hair

feaxcláð [] n (-es/-) band for the hair; cap

feaxede [] adj hairy, bushy; long-haired (of a comet)

feaxfang [] n (-es/-) seizing or dragging by the hair

feaxfeallung [] f (-e/-a) shedding of hair, mange

feaxhár [] adj hoary, grey-haired

feaxnǽdel [] f (-e/-a) crisping-pin

feaxnes [] f (-se/-sa) head of hair

feaxnett [] n (-es/-) hair-net

feaxpréon [] m (-es/-as) hair-pin

feaxscéara [] f pl hair shears

feaxwund [] f (-e/-a) wound under the hair

feb- see fef-

fec see fæc

feccan1 [] wv/t1a to fetch, bring, bring to, draw; seek; gain, take [see fetian]

fecele see fæcele

fecgan see feccan

fédan1 [] wv/t1b to feed, nourish, sustain, foster, bring up; bear, bring forth, produce; past part geféd [fóda]

fédednes see fédnes

fédelfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) fatted bird

fédels [] m (-es/-as) feeding, keep; fatted animal (bird ?)

fédesl [] m (-es/-as) feeding, keep; fatted animal (bird ?)

fédelswín [] n (-es/-) fattened pig

feder see fæder

federa see fædera

féding [] f (-e/-a) feeding

fédnes [] f (-se/-sa) nourishment

fedra see fædera

féfer [] m (féfres/féfras), n (féfres/-) fever

féferádl [] f (-e/-a) fever

féfercyn [] n (-nes/-) a kind of fever

féferfúge [] f (-an/-an) feverfew [L febrifugia]

féferian [] wv/t2 to be feverish, suffer from fever

féferig [] adj feverish

féferséoc [] adj feverish

féfor see féfer

féfur see féfer

féfr- see féfer-

fégan [] 1. 1 wv/t1b to join, unite, fix, adapt; compose, confine; 2. see fǽgan?

feger see fæger

fegere see fægre

féging1 [] f (-e/-a) conjunction, composition

feh see feoh

feht [] ? (-?/-?) shaggy pelt, sheepskin with the fleece on it?

fehtan see feohtan

féhð [] pres 3rd sing of fón

fel see fell

fél see féol

fela [] 1. noun, adj w.g. or infl many, much; 2. adv very much, many

felaǽte [] adj biting, given to biting, snappish; stinging, sharp, biting, pungent; corrosive biting, disposed to bite; biting, snarling (of persons) [mordax]

felafǽcne [] adj very treacherous

felafeald [] adj manifold, many times over

felafealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) multitude

felafrécne [] adj very fierce, bold

felafricgende [] adj well informed

felagéomor [] adj very sad, sorrowful

felageong [] adj very young

felageonge [] adj much-traveled

felahrór [] adj full of exploits

felaídelsprǽce [] adj emptily chattering

felaléof [] adj very dear

felameahtig2 [] adj most mighty

felamódig2 [] adj very bold

félan1 [] 1. wv/t1b w.g. to touch, feel; perceive; 2. see féolan

felaríce [] adj very rich

felaspecol [] adj talkative

felaspecolnes [] f (-se/-sa) talkativeness

felaspræc [] f (-e/-a) much speaking, loquacity

felasprǽce [] adj talkative

felasprecol see felaspecol

felasprecolnes [] f (-se/-sa) talkativeness

felasynnig [] adj very guilty

felawlonc [] adj very stately

felawyrde [] adj talkative

felawyrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) talkativeness

felcyrf [] m (-es/-as) foreskin

feld [] m (-a/-a) field; open or cultivated land, plain; battlefield; on clǽnum ~a in the open field (of battle)

feldælbin see feldelfen

feldbéo [] f (-n/-n) humble-bee

feldbiscopwyrt [] f (-e/-e) field-bishopwort

feldcirice [] f (-an/-an) country church

felde see fylde, past 3rd sing of fyllan

feldefare? [] f (-an/-an) fieldfare?

feldelfen [] f (-e/-a) wood-nymph

feldgangende2 [] adj roaming over the land

feldhríðer [] n (-es/-) field-ox [see feldoxa]

feldhús2 [] n (-es/-) tent

feldlǽs [] n (-es/-) pasture in open country

feldland [] n (-es/-) field-land, meadow-land, plain

feldlic [] adj rural; growing wild

feldmædere [] m (-es/-as) field-madder, rosemary

feldminte [] f (-an/-an) field-mint, wild mint

feldmore [] f (-an/-an) parsnip; also feldmeru

feldoxa [] m (-n/-n) field-ox (i.e. an ox out to grass, not a stalled ox)

feldrude [] f (-an/-an) wild rue

feldseten [] f (-ne/-na) field [seten] [listed as ~sæten]

feldswamm [] m (-es/-as) fungus, toadstool

feldwésten [] n (-nes/-nu) desert

feldwóp [] m (-es/-as) plantain; peewit?

feldwyrt [] f (-e/-e) gentian

fele- see felo-

felefeald see felafeald

féleléas [] adj insensible, dead

felg [] f (-e/-a) felloe, rim of a wheel [féolan]

felge [] f (-an/-an) felloe, rim of a wheel [féolan]

felgerole [] ? polipodium

felgeroðe [] ? polipodium

felh see fealh, past 3rd sing of féolan

felhð see fylgð, pres 3rd sing of fylgan

feligean see fylgan

fell [] 1. n (-es/-) fell, skin, hid; garment of skin [L pellis]; 2. m see fiell

fell- see fyll-

fellen [] adj made of skins

felleréad [] adj purple [pælleréad?]

felo- see fela-

feloferð [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) stomach, maw (of an animal)

felofeorð [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) stomach, maw (of an animal)

felofor [] m (-es/-as) bittern

félon see féolon past pl of feallan

felst pres 2nd sing of feallan

felt [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) felt

feltere [] f? (-an/-an) a plant

felterre [] f? (-an/-an) a plant

feltún [] m (-es/-as) privy, dunghill

feltúngrép [] f (-e/-a) privy, dunghill

feltwurma [] m (-n/-n) wild marjoram

feltwyrt [] f (-e/-e) mullein (plant)

felð see fielð pres 3rd sing of feallan

félð see fýlð

felða rare genitive plural of feld

felu- see felo-

fém- see fǽmn-

fémn- see fǽmn-

fen see fenn

fenampre [] f (-an/-an) a marsh plant

fencerse [] f (-an/-an) water-cress

fenester [] n? (fenestres/-), m? (fenestres/fenestras) window [L]

fenfearn [] n (-es/-) marsh-fern, salvia, water-fern

fenfisc [] m (-es/-as) fen-fish

fenfreoðu [] f (-e/-a) fen-refuge

fenfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) moor-fowl

feng1 [] m (-es/-as) grip, grasp, embrace; capture; prey, booty [fón]

féng past 3rd sing of fón

fengel2 [] m (fengles/fenglas) lord, prince, king

fengelád [] n (-es/-) marsh-path, fen

fengnes [] f (-se/-sa) a taking in hand, undertaking (good prose); an acceptance [susceptio]

fengnett [] n (-es/-) (catching-) net

fengon past pl of fón

fengtóð [] m (-téð/-téð) canine tooth

fenghleoðu [] n pl fen-coverts

fenhop [] n (-es/-u) fen-hollow

fenix [] m (-es/-as) the bird phoenix; date-palm

fenland [] n (-es/-) fen-land, marsh

fenlic [] adj marshy

fenminte [] f (-an/-an) water-mint

fenn [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) mud, mire, dirt; fen, marsh, moor; the fen country

fenn- see fen-

fennig [] 1. adj marshy; muddy, dirty; 2. see fynig

fennþæc [] n (-es/-þacu) covering of thatch from a fen

fenol see finul

fenompre see fenampre

fenýce [] f (-an/-an) snail?; tortoise?

féo see feoh; also dative singular of feoh

féode past 3rd sing of féogan

féogan [] wv/t2 3rd pres féogeð, féoð past féode ptp geféod to hate, persecute

feogað [] m (-es/-as) hatred

féogýtsung see féohgítsung

feoh [] n (féos/-) cattle, herd; moveable goods, property; money, riches, treasure; wið licgendum féo for ready money; name of the rune for f

feohan [] sv/t5 3rd pres fiehð past feah/fǽgon ptp gefegen to rejoice, be glad, exult; [variant of féon]

feohbehát [] n (-es/-) promise of money

feohbígenga [] m (-n/-n) cattle-keeper

feohbót [] f (-e/-a) money compensation

feohfang [] n (-es/-) offence of taking a bribe

feohgafol [] n (-es/-) usury

feohgehát [] n (-es/-) promise of money

feohgeorn [] adj covetous, greedy

feohgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) steward

feohgesceot [] n (-es/-u) payment of money

feohgesteald [] n (-es/-) possession of riches

feohgestréon [] n (-es/-) treasure, possessions, riches

feohgídsere see feohgítsere

feohgíetsere see feohgítsere

feohgífre [] adj avaricious

feohgift2 [] f (-e/-a) bounty-giving, largess

feohgítsere [] m (-es/-as) miser

feohgítsung [] f (-e/-a) avarice

feohgód [] n (-es/-) property (in cattle)

feohgyrnes [] f (-se/-sa) greed

feohhord [] n (-es/-) treasury

feohhús [] n (-es/-) treasure-house

feohlǽnung [] f (-e/-a) lending of money

feohland [] n (-es/-) pasture

feohléas [] adj without money; not to be bought off, past compensation

feohléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) want of money

feohlufu [] f (-e/-a) love of money

feohsceatt [] n (-es/-) money-payment

feohspéda [] f pl riches

feohspilling [] f (-e/-a) waste of money

feohstrang [] adj well off

feoht1 [] n (-es/-) action of fighting; fight, battle; strife

feohtan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres fiehteð past feaht/fuhton ptp gefohten to fight, combat, strive; ge~ gain by fighting, win; on ~ to attack, fight against; ~ mid hweorfendum sigum to fight with varying success

feohte [] f see feoht

feohtehorn [] m (-es/-as) battle-horn

feohtend [] m (-es/-) fighter

feohtere [] m (-es/-as) fighter

feohtgegyrela [] m (-n/-n) a sort of missile wrapped with tow and pitch, set on fire, and thrown by the catapult; a similar missile thrown by hand [falarica]

feohtlác [] n (-es/-) fighting

feohtling [] m (-es/-as) fighter

feohtwíte [] n (-es/-u) fine for coining false money

féol [] past 3rd sing of feallan

féol [] f (-e/-a) file

feola see fela

féolaga [] m (-n/-n) partner, fellow [ON félagi]

féolagascipe [] m (-es/-as) fellowship

féolan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres fíelhþ past fealh/fǽlon, fulgon ptp gefolen, gefolgen to cleave, be joined to, adhere; enter, penetrate, pass into, through or over, betake oneself to; undergo; persevere in [Goth filhan]

féold [] past 3rd sing of fealdan

feolde see folde

féoldon [] past plural of fealdan

féolheard [] adj hard as a file

féolian [] wv/t2 to file

féoll past 3rd sing of feallan

féollon past pl of feallan

feologan [] wv/t1b? to become discolored?

feolu see fela

feolufer see felofor

feoluferð see felofor

feolufor see felofor

feon see fenn

féon [] 1. sv/t5 w. in or g. 3rd pres fiehð past feah/fǽgon ptp gefegen to be glad, rejoice, exult; 2. to gain; 3. see féogan

féon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres féoð past féode ptp geféod to hate; [variant of féogan]

féond [] m (-es/fíend) adversary, foe, enemy; f female enemy; fiend, devil; the Devil; pres participle of féogan

féondǽt [] m (-es/-as) eating things sacrificed to idols

féondgráp [] f (-e/-a) grip of a foe

féondgield [] n (-es/-) idolatry, idol; demoniacal possession?

féondlic [] adj hateful, hostile, fiendish; adv ~líce

féondrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) enmity

féondrǽs [] m (-es/-as) hostile attack

féondsceaða2 [] m (-n/-n) enemy, robber

féondscipe [] m (-es/-as) hostility, hatred

féondséoc [] adj devil-possessed, demoniac

féondulf [] m (-es/-as) public enemy, criminal, malefactor [féond, wulf]

féong see féoung

feonn see fenn

feor see feorr

féor see feorh, féower

féora gen pl of feorh

feorbúend [] m (-es/-) dwelling far off

feorcumen see feorrancumen

feorcund see feorrancund

feorcýðð [] f (-e/-a) distant land

feord see fierd

feord- see fierd-, fyrd-

féores gen sing of feorh

feorg see feorh

feorh [] m (féores/féoras), n (féores/-) life, principles of life, soul, spirit; tó wídan féore for eternity, for ever; ~ gesellan, ágiefan to die; living being, person

feorhádl [] f (-e/-a) fatal disease

feorhbana2 [] m (-n/-n) man-slayer

feorhbealu2 [] n (-wes/-) deadly evil, violent death

feorhbenn [] f (-e/-a) deadly wound

feorhberend2 [] m (-es/-) living being

feorhbold [] n (-es/-) body

feorhbona see feorhbana

feorhbora [] m (-n/-n) life-bearer

feorhcwalu2 [] f (-e/-a) slaughter, death

feorhcwealm2 [] m (-es/-as) slaughter, death

feorhcynn2 [] n (-es/-) kinds of living creatures, race of mortals

feorhdagas [] m pl days of life

feorhdolg [] n (-es/-) deadly wound

feorhéacen [] adj living

feorhfægen [] adj? fain of life, glad to preserve one’s life

feorhgebeorh [] n (-gebéores/-) refuge

feorhgedál2 [] n (-es/-) death

feorhgener [] n (-es/-u, -geneoru) preservation f life

feorhgeníðla2 [] m (-n/-n) mortal foe

feorhgiefa2 [] m (-n/-n) giver of life

feorhgiefu [] f (-e/-a) gift of life

feorhgóma? [] m (-n/-n) means of subsistence; jaw

feorhgóme? [] f (-an/-an) means of subsistence; jaw

feorhhord2 [] n (-es/-) breast, soul, spirit

feorhhús [] n (-es/-) soul-house, body

feorhhyrde [] m (-es/-as) life’s guardian, protector

feorhlást [] m (-es/-as) step taken to perverse life, flight?, step stained by one’s life-blood?, track of vanishing life?

feorhléan [] n (-es/-) revenge for bloodshed?, gift for life saved?

feorhlegu2 [] f (-e/-a) life; death

feorhlic [] adj vital

feorhlíf [] n (-es/-) life

feorhloca [] m (-n/-n) breast

feorhlyre [] m (-es/-as) loss of life

feorhneru [] f (-e/-a) preservation of life, refuge, salvation; nourishment of life, food

feorhnest [] n (-es/-) provisions

feorhrǽd [] m (-es/-as) salvation

feorhscyldig [] adj guilty of death

feorhséoc [] adj mortally wounded

feorhsweng [] m (-es/-as) fatal blow

feorhþearf [] f (-e/-a) urgent need

feorhwund [] f (-e/-a) deadly wound

feorland [] n (-es/-) distant land

feorlen see fyrlen

feorlic [] adj far off, alien, strange

feorm [] f (-e/-a) food, provision, sustenance; entertainment, meal, feast, supper; goods, possessions; stores; rent in kind; profit, benefit; tilling; disposal

feorma see forma

feormehám [] m (-es/-as) farm

feormend [] 1. m (-es/-) entertainer; 2. m (-es/-) cleanser, polisher, furbisher

feormendléas [] adj wanting a burnisher

feormere [] m (-es/-as) purveyor

feormfultum [] m (-es/-as) help in food

feormian1 [] wv/t2 1. to entertain, receive as guest; cherish, support, sustain, feed; consume; benefit, profit; ge~ harbor (stolen goods); 2. to scour, cleanse, furbish

feormung [] f (-e/-a) 1. harboring; 2. furbishing, cleansing

feornes [] f (-se/-sa) distance

feorr [] 1. adj far, remote, distant; cmp firra, fierra, fyrra; spl fierresta; 2. adv far, far away, distant, remote; far back (in time); further, besides, moreover; cmp fierr, firr, fyr, fyrr; spl firrest, fierrest, fyrrest

feorran [] 1. adv from afar, from a remote time or place; far off, at a distance; 2. wv/t1a to remove, avert, turn aside, withdraw; proscribe

feorrancumen [] adj come from afar, strange

feorrancund [] adj come from afar, foreign born

feorrane see feorran 1

feorrcund [] adj come from afar, foreign born

feorren see feorran 1

feorrene see feorran 1

feorrian [] wv/t2 to keep apart; 1 depart

feorrung [] f (-e/-a) removal, departure

feorsian [] wv/t2 to go beyond; put far from, expel; depart, remove, separate

feorsibb [] adj distantly related

feorsn see fiersn

feorstudu [] f (-styde/-styde) support; [gen sing ~styde, ~stude; dat sing ~styde; nom/acc pl ~styde; gen pl ~studa; dat pl ~studum]

feorstuðu [] f (-styðe/-styðe) support; [gen sing ~styðe, ~stuðe; dat sing ~styðe; nom/acc pl ~styðe; gen pl ~stuða; dat pl ~stuðum]

feorting [] f (-e/-a) [pedatio]

feorð see ferhð

féorða [] adj fourth; féorðe healf three and a half

féorðandǽl [] f (-e/-a) fourth part

féorðe [] adv fourthly

feorþéod [] f (-e/-a) a far country

féorðling [] m (-es/-as) fourth part; farthing

féorðlung [] f (-e/-a) fourth part; farthing

féorum dative pl of féoh

feorweg2 [] m (-es/-as) remote part

feorwit see fyrwit

féos gen sing of féoh

feostnode see fæstnode, past 3rd sing of fæstnian

feot- see fet-

féoð pres 3rd sing of féogan

féoðer- see féower-, fiðer-

féoðor- see féower-, fiðer-

féoung [] f (-e/-a) hatred [féogan]

feow- variant of fiðer-

féower- variant of fiðer-

féower [] num four; four times; ordinal féorða; indecl. before a noun, but when in place of a noun, has genitive féowera/ féowra, dative féowerum

féowere [] num four; four times; ordinal féorða; indecl. before a noun, but when in place of a noun, has genitive féowera/ féowra, dative féowerum

féowerdógor [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) four days; 2. adj four day

féowerecge [] adj four-cornered, square

féowerecgede [] adj four-cornered, square

féowerfeald [] adj four-fold

féowerfealdlíce [] adv quadruply

féowerféte [] adj four-footed

féowerfóte [] adj four-footed

féowerfótede [] adj four-footed

féowergǽrede [] adj four-pointed

féowergield [] n (-es/-) four-fold compensation

féowerhwéolod [] adj four-wheeled

féowernihte [] adj four days old

féowerscýte [] four-cornered, square [scéat]

féowerstrenge [] adj four-stringed

féowertéme [] adj four-teamed

féowertéoða [] adj fourteenth

féowertéogða [] adj fourteenth

féowertíene [] num fourteen; ordinal féowertéoða, féowertéogða

féowertíeneniht [] f (-e/-) fortnight; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

féowertíenenihte [] adj fourteen nights old

féowertíenewintre [] adj fourteen years old

féowertig [] num forty; ordinal ~oða

féowertigfeald [] adj forty-fold

féowertiggéare [] adj of forty years

féowertiglic [] adj quadragesimal, of Lent, relating to Lent

féowertigoða [] adj fortieth

féowertýne see féowertíene

féowertýnenihte [] adj fourteen nights old

féowerða see féorða

féowerwintre [] adj four years old

féowr- see féower-, féor-

féowra see féower

féowung1 [] f (-e/-a) rejoicing, joy [geféon]

féowur- see féower-

fer see fær

fer- see fær-, fear-, fier-, feor-, for-, fyr-

fér [] 1. see fǽr 1; 2. see féfer

fér- see fǽr-, fýr-

féran [] wv/i1b to go, come, depart, set out, march, travel; behave, act; ge~ accomplish, attain, obtain; ge~ fare, speed, undergo, suffer; bring

férbedd [] n (-es/-) portable bed, litter

férblǽd see færblǽd

fercian [] wv/t2 to convey, bring; support; stuff up (with lies); proceed

fercung [] f (-e/-a) sustenance, provision, food

ferdwyrt? [] f (-e/-e) a plant

fére [] adj able to go, fit for (military) service

ferele [] f (-an/-an) rod [L ferula]

férend2 [] m (-es/-) sailor; messenger

férende [] adj mobile

feresceat [] m (-es/-as) passage-money

feresóca? [] m (-n/-n) sibba

fereð pres 3rd sing of 1. faran; 2. ferian

féreð pres 3rd sing of féran

fergan see ferian

fergenberig see firgenbeorg

ferht [] 1. adj honest; 2. see ferhð

ferhtlic [] adj just, honest

ferhð [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) mind, intellect, soul, spirit; life; person; wídan ~ eternally, forever; 2. see fyrhð

ferhðbana [] m (-n/-n) murderer

ferhðcearig [] adj of anxious mind

ferhðcleofa2 [] m (-n/-n) breast

ferhðcofa2 [] m (-n/-n) breast

ferhðfrec [] adj bold, brave

ferhðfriðende [] adj sustaining life

ferhðgeníðla [] m (-n/-n) mortal enemy

ferhðgewit [] n (-es/-u, -geweotu) understanding

ferhðgléaw2 [] adj wise, prudent

ferhðgrim2 [] adj savage

ferhðloca2 [] m (-n/-n) breast, body

ferhðlufu [] f (-e/-a) heartfelt love

ferhðsefa2 [] m (-n/-n) mind, thought

ferhðwérig2 [] adj soul-weary, sad

ferhweard [] m (-es/-as) guard of life

ferian1 [] wv/t1a 3rd pres fereð past ferede ptp gefered to carry, convey, bear, bring, lead, conduct; with acc reflexive betake oneself to, be versed in; depart, go

Feriatus [] m (-es/-as) Feriatus, a Spanish robber

feriend [] m (-es/-) leader, bringer

ferigend [] m (-es/-) leader, bringer

fering [] f (-e/-a) vehicle

férlǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to associate, unite

férnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) passage, transition, passing away

fers [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) verse; sentence [L]

fersc [] adj fresh (not salt), pure, sweet; not salted

ferscan see á~

fersceta [] m (-n/-n) freshet

férscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) fraternity, community, retinue; order, clan; society, fellowship, companionship; wedlock

fersian [] wv/t2 to versify

ferð see ferhð

ferð [] ? (-?/-?) crowd

ferðan see furðum

ferðe [] m (-es/-as) skin, hide?

ferwett- see fyrwit-

fésan see fýsan

fésian see fýsian

fest see fæst

fést see fýst

féster- see fóstor-

féstermenn [] m pl bondsmen

féstrian see fóstrian

fet pres 3rd sing of fetian

fét [] 1. pres 3rd sing of fédan; 2. dat sing, nom acc pl of fót

fetel [] m (-es/-as) belt

fetels [] m (-es/-as) belt

fetelhilt [] n (-es/-u) belted or ringed sword-hilt

fétels see fǽtels

fetelsod1 [] adj provided with a sheath?

feter see fetor

fetian1 [] wv/t2 to bring near, fetch, obtain; bring on, induce; marry

fetor [] f (-e/-a) fetter, shackle; check, restrain

fetorwrásen [] f (-ne/-na) fetter, chain

fétt [] 1. pres 3rd sing of fédan; 2. see fǽtt

fettan see fetian

fette past 3rd sing of fetian

féð see féhð, pres 3rd sing of fón

féða [] m (-n/-n) footman, foot-soldier; band of foot-soldiers, troop

féðan [] wv/i1b to go on foot?

féðe [] n (-es/-u) power of locomotion, walking, gait, pace

féðecempa2 [] m (-n/-n) foot-soldier

féðegang [] m (-es/-as) journey on foot

féðegeorn [] adj anxious to go

féðegest2 [] m (-es/-as) guest coming on foot, traveler

féðehere [] m (-es/-as) infantry

féðehwearf [] m (-es/-as) band of footmen

féðelást2 [] m (-es/-as) step, track, course

féðeléas2 [] adj footless, crippled

féðemann [] m (-es/-menn) pedestrian; foot-soldier

féðemund [] f (-e/-a) forepaw

feðer [] f (-e/-a, feðra, feðre) feather; pl wings; pen

feðer- see féower-, fiðer-

feðeran see fiðerian

feðerbǽre [] adj having feathers, winged

feðerbedd [] n (-es/-) feather bed

feðerberend [] m (-es/-) feathered creature

feðerberende [] adj feathered

feðercræft [] m (-es/-as) embroidery

feðergearwe [] f pl feathers of the arrow

feðergeweorc [] n (-es/-) feather embroidery

feðerhama [] m (-n/-n) wings, plumage

féðespédig [] adj speedy of foot

féðewíg2 [] m (-es/-as) battle on foot, affray

feðm see fæðm

feðorbyrste [] adj split into four

feðra see feðer

feðre see feðer

féðre [] adj loaded

feðrian [] wv/i2 to become fledged

feðriht [] adj feathered

féðu see féða

féðung [] f (-e/-a) walking, motion

fex see feax

fíag- see féog-

fiah see feoh

fibulae see fífele

fíc [] m (-es/-as) fig, fig-tree; (fig-disease), venereal ulcer, hemorrhoids

fícádl [] f (-e/-a) fig-disease

fícæppel [] m (-æpples/-æpplas) fig

fícbéam [] m (-es/-as) fig-tree

fician [] wv/t2 to flatter

fícléaf [] n (-es/-) fig leaf

ficol [] adj fickle, cunning, tricky

fíctréow [] n (-es/-) fig tree

ficung [] f fraud, trickery

fíwyrm [] m (-es/-as) intestinal worm

fícwyrt [] f (-e/-e) fig-wort

fíeftíene see fíftíene

fieht pres 3rd sing of feohtan

fiell1 [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) fall, destruction; death, slaughter; precipice; case, reflection [feallan]; cásus, þæt is fiell oþþe gebígednes a case, that is, a declining or inflection;

fielt pres 3rd sing of fealdan

fielð pres 3rd sing of feallan

fíend see féond, dat sing of féond

fíendwíc [] n (-es/-) enemy’s camp

fier see feorr 2

fíer- see féower-

fierd [] f (-e/-e) national levy or army; military expedition, campaign; camp

fierdcræft [] m (-es/-as) warring host

fierdesne [] m (-es/-as) warrior

fierdfæreld [] n (-es/-) going to war, military service

fierdfaru [] f (-e/-a) going to war, military service

fierdfór [] f (-e/-a) military service

fierdgeatewe [] f pl war-gear

fierdgemaca [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier

fierdgetrum2 [] n (-es/-u) band of warriors

fierdhom [] m (-es/-as) corselet

fierdhrægl [] n (-es/-) corselet

fierdhwæt2 [] adj warlike, brave

fierdian [] wv/t2 to go on an expedition

fierding [] f (-e/-a) soldiering; army, expedition, militia; camp; fine for evading military service; march, progression

fierdláf [] f (-e/-a) remnant of an army

fierdléas [] adj without an army

fierdléoð2 [] n (-es/-) war-song

fierdlic [] adj martial

fierdmann [] m (-es/-menn) warrior

fierdnoð [] m (-es/-as) liability to military service

fierdrian [] wv/t2 to serve in the army

fierdrinc2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior, soldier

fierdsceorp [] n (-es/-) armor

fierdscip [] n (-es/-u) battle-ship

fierdsearu2 [] n (-wes/-) accoutrements

fierdsócn [] f (-e/-a) military service

fierdstemm [] m (-es/-as) body of soldiers who serve for a fixed term, army-corps

fierdstrǽt [] f (-e/-a) military road

fierdtíber [] n (-tíbres/-) military sacrifice

fierdtruma [] m (-n/-n) martial band, army

fierdung see fyrding

fierdwǽn [] m (-es/-as) military carriage?

fierdweard [] f (-e/-a) military watch

fierdwerod [] n (-es/-) host, army

fierdwíc [] n (-es/-) camp

fierdwísa [] m (-n/-n) chieftain

fierdwíse [] f (-an/-an) military style

fierdwíte [] n (-es/-u) fine for evading military service

fierdwyrðe [] adj distinguished in war

fieren- see firen-

fíerféte see féowerféte

fierme see or~

fierra see feorr 2

fierrest see feor 2

fierresta see feor 2

fiersn [] f (-e/-a) heel [Ger ferse]

fierst see first

fíf [] 1. num five; ordinal ~ta; 2. noun nom/acc ~e; gen ~a; dat ~um

fífalde [] f (-an/-an) butterfly; [Ger falter]

fífbéc [] f pl Pentateuch

fífe see fíf

fífecgede [] adj having five angles

fífel [] n (-es/-) (huge) sea-monster, giant

fífelcynn [] n (-es/-) race of sea-monsters

fífeldór [] n (-es/-) door of sea-monsters, river Eider

fifele [] f (-an/-an) buckle [L fibula]

fífelstréam [] m (-es/-as) ocean, sea

fífelwǽg [] m (-es/-as) ocean, sea

fiffalde see fífalde

fíffeald [] adj five-fold; five each

fíffétede [] adj five-footed (verse)

fíffingre [] f (-an/-an) potentilla, primula, cinquefoil, oxlip?

fífflére [] adj five-storied [flór]

fífgéar [] n (-es/-) period of five years, lustrum

fífhund [] num five hundred

fífhundred [] num five hundred

fíflæppede [] adj having five lobes

fífléaf [] n (-es/-) potentilla, cinquefoil

fífléafe [] f (-an/-an) potentilla, cinquefoil

fífmægen [] n (-es/-) quintuple powers; magic powder

fífnihte [] adj five days old

fífta [] adj fifth

fíftafæder see fæder

fífte [] adv fifthly

fíftéða [] adj fifteenth

fífteg see fíftig

fíftegða [] adj fifteenth

fíftegða see fíftéoða

fífténe see fíftíene

fíftéoða [] adj fifteenth

fífteogoða [] adj fiftieth

fíftíene [] num (oft w.g.) fifteen; ordinal fíftéoða

fíftíenenihte [] adj fifteen days old

fíftíenewintre [] adj fifteen years old

fíftig [] num fifty; ordinal fífteogoða

Fíftigdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Pentecost

fíftiesmann [] m (-es/-menn) captain of fifty

fíftigesmann [] m (-es/-menn) captain of fifty

fíftigeða see fífteogoða

fíftigoða see fífteogoða

fíftýne see fíftíene

fífwintre [] adj five years old

fígen see á~

fihl [] m? (-es/-as) cloth, rag

fihle [] m? (-es/-as) cloth, rag

fiht [] 1. pres 3rd sing of feohtan; 2. see feht

fiht- see fyht-

fíhtan see fýhtan

fíl see féol

fild [] noun (-?/-?) curdled milk

fildcumb [] m (-es/-as) milk pail

filde [] adj field-like, of the nature of a plain

fileðe [] n (-es/-u) hay

filgð pres 3rd sing of féolan

filhð pres 3rd sing of féolan

fili- see fylg-

fíliende [] adj rubbing

filiðe see fileðe

filiðléag [] m (-es/-as) meadow

fill see fyll

fille [] f (-an/-an) thyme

fillen [] 1. see fellen; 2. f (-e/-a) a dropping

filmen [] n (-nes/-nu) film, membrane, thin skin; foreskin

filst- see fylst-

filð pres 3rd sing of feallan

fín [] f (-e/-a) heap, pile

fin- see fyn-

fína [] m (-n/-n) woodpecker

finc [] m (-es/-as) finch

fínd see fíend

findan [] sv/t3 3rd pres findeð past fand/fundon ptp gefunden 1 to find, meet with; discover, obtain by search or study, recover; provide; consider, devise, arrange, dispose, decide; show, inform; ~ æt obtain from

findend [] m (-es/-) finder

findung [] f (-e/-a) invention, initiative

finel see finol

finger [] m (fingres/fingras) finger

fingeræppla [] n pl finger-shaped fruits, dates

fingerappla [] n pl finger-shaped fruits, dates

fingerdocca? [] m (-n/-n) foxglove?, finger-muscle

fingerlic [] adj belonging to a finger or ring

fingerlið [] n (-es/-u, leoðu) finger-joint

fingermǽl [] n (-es/-) finger-length

finn [] m (-es/-as) fin

finol [] m (finles/finlas) fennel [L foenuculum]

finolsǽd [] n (-es/-) fennel-seed

finst see findest pres 2nd sing of findan

fint see findeð pres 3rd sing of findan

finta2 [] m (-n/-n) tail; consequence, result

finugl see finol

finugle [] f see finol

finul see finol

finule [] f see finol

fío see féo

fír see fýr

fíras2 [] m pl men, human beings

fird see fierd

fird- see fierd-, fyrd-

firen [] f (-e/-a) transgression, sin, crime; outrage, violence; torment, suffering

firenbealu [] n (-wes/-) transgression

firencræft [] m (-es/-as) wickedness

firendǽd2 [] f (-e/-e) wicked deed, crime

firenearfeðe [] n (-es/-u) sinful woe

firenfremmende [] adj sinful

firenful [] adj sinful, wicked

firengeorn [] adj sinful

firenhicga [] m (-n/-n) adulterer

firenhicge [] f (-an/-an) adulteress

firenhicgend [] m (-es/-) adulteress, harlot

firenian1 [] wv/i2 to sin; commit adultery; revile

firenleahter [] m (-leahtres/-leahtras) great sin

firenlic [] adj wicked; adv ~líce vehemently, rashly; sinfully

firenligerian [] wv/t2 to commit fornication

firenlust [] m (-es/-as) lust, sinful desire, luxury, wantonness

firenlustful [] adj wanton, luxurious

firenlustgeorn [] adj wanton

firensynn [] f (-e/-a) great sin

firensynnig [] adj sinful

firentácnian [] wv/t2 to commit misdeeds

firenþearf [] f (-e/-a) dire distress

firenum [] adv excessively, very, intensely; malignantly [dat pl of firen]

firenweorc2 [] n (-es/-) evil deed, sin

firenwyrcende2 [] adj sinning, sinful

firenwyrhta2 [] m (-n/-n) evil doer

fírfoda see fýrfoda

firgenbéam [] m (-es/-as) mountain tree [Goth fairguni]

firgenbeorg [] m (-es/-as) mountain

firgenbucca [] m (-n/-n) ibex

firgendstréam see firgenstréam

firgengát [] f (-gǽt /-gǽt) ibex; [gen sing -gǽt, -gáte; dat sing ~gǽt; nom/acc pl ~gǽt; gen pl ~gáta; dat pl ~gátum]

firgenholt [] n (-es/-) mountain wood

firgenstréam2 [] m (-es/-as) mountain stream, woodland stream

firgin- see firgen-

firh see fyrh

firht see friht

firhð see ferhð

firigendstréam see firgendstréam

firinggát see firgengát

firmdig see frymdig

firð- see fyrð-

firmettan [] wv/t1b to ask, beg

firn- see firen-, fyrn-

firr, firra, firre, firrest see feorr

first [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) period, space of time, time, respite, truce; 2. f (-e/-a) ceiling (inner) roof; ridgepole; 3. see fyrst

firstgemearc [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) period of time, appointed time, interval, respite (2)

firsthróf [] n (-es/-) ceiling, ridgepole

firstmearc [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) period of time, appointed time, interval, respite (1)

firwet see fyrwit

fisc [] m (-es/-as) fish

fiscað [] m (-es/-as) fishing; fishpond; a catch of fish; fishing rights

fiscbrýne [] m (-es/-as) fish-brine

fisccynn [] n (-es/-) fish tribe

fiscdéah [] f (-e/-a) fish dye, purple

fiscere [] m (-es/-as) fisher, fisherman; kingfisher (bird)

fiscfell see fiscwell

fiscflódu? [] m (-wes/-was) fish flood, sea

fischús [] n (-es/-) place where fish is sold

fiscian [] wv/t2 to fish

fisclacu [] f (-e/-a) fishpond or stream

fiscmere [] m (-es/-as) fishpond

fiscnað see fiscað

fiscnett [] n (-es/-) fishing net

fiscnoð see fiscað

fiscoð see fiscað

fiscpól [] m (-es/-as) fishpond

fiscþrút [] m (-es/-as) small fish

fiscwelle [] m (-es/-as) fishpond

fiscwer [] m (-es/-as) fish-weir, fish trap; fishing ground

fiscwielle [] adj full of fish [weallan]

fisting [] f (-e/-a) fesiculatio

fitelfóta [] adj white-footed

fitersticca [] m (-n/-n) tent-nail

fitt [] 1. f? (-e/-a) struggle, contest, fight; 2. f (-e/-a) fit, song, poem

fiðele [] f (-an/-an) fiddle

fiðelere [] m (-es/-as) fiddler

fiðelestre [] f (-an/-an)female fiddler

fiðer- see féower-, feðer-

fiðerbǽre [] adj feathered

fiðercian [] wv/i2 to flutter [fiðere]

fiðerdǽled [] adj quadripartite, quartered

fiðere [] n (-es/-u, fiðru, fiðeras, fiðras) wing

fiðerfeald [] adj four-fold

fiðerflédende [] adj flowing in four streams

fiðerflówende [] adj flowing in four streams

fiðerfótníeten [] m (-es/-as) four-footed animal

fiðerhama [] m (-n/-n) wing coverings

fiðerhíwe [] adj quadriformis

fiðerian [] wv/t2 to provide with feathers or wings

fiðrian [] wv/t2 to provide with feathers or wings

fiðerléas [] adj without wings

fiðerríca [] m (-n/-n) tetrarch

fiðerríce [] n (-es/-u) tetrarchy

fiðerscéatas [] m pl four quarters?

fiðerslieht [] m (-es/-as) flapping of wings, joy?

fiðertéme [] adj with four horses abreast

fiðertódǽled see fiðerdǽled

fiðru see fiðere

fixa see fisca

fixas see fiscas

fixum see fiscum

fixen see fyxen

fixian see fiscian

fixoð see fiscoð

fixnoð see fiscoð

flá [] f (-n/-n) arrow

flacg [] ? (-?/-?) cataplasm, plaster

flacor2 [] m? (-es/-as) flying (of arrows) [Ger flackern]

flagen [] past participle of fléan

fláh [] 1. n (flás/flás) wickedness, treachery; 2. 2 adj wily, deceitful, hostile [ON flár]

flán [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) barb, arrow, javelin, dart

flánboga2 [] m (-n/-n) bow

flanc [] m (-es/-as) flank

flángeweorc2 [] n (-es/-) shooting-gear, arrows

flánhred [] adj? arrow-swift?, arrow-equipped? (of death)

flániht [] adj relating to darts

flánþracu2 [] f (-e/-a) onset, attack

flasce [] f (-an/-an) flask, bottle

flát [] pres 3rd sing of flítan

flaxe see flasce

flaxfóte [] adj web-footed [see flox-]

flæ- see flea-, fleo-

flǽ- see fléa-, fléo-, flíe-

flǽre [] f (-an/-an) one of the spreading sides at the end of the nose; earflap

flæsc see fleax

flǽsc [] n (-es/-u) flesh; body (as opposed to soul); carnal nature; living creatures; beflagen ~ entrails

flǽscǽt [] m (-es/-as) animal food

flǽscbana [] m (-n/-n) murderer, executioner

flæscbesmitennes [] f (-se/-sa) defilement of the fish

flǽsccofa [] m (-n/-n) body

flǽsccostnung [] f (-e/-a) carnal desire

flǽsccwellere [] m (-es/-as) executioner

flǽscwellere [] m (-es/-as) executioner

flǽsccýping [] f (-e/-a) meat-market

flǽsceht [] adj fleshy

flǽscen [] adj of flesh, like flesh

flǽscennes see flǽscnes

flǽscgebyrd [] f (-e/-a) incarnation

flǽschama [] m (-n/-n) body, carcass

flǽschord [] n (-es/-) body

flǽschús [] n (-es/-) flesh-house, place where meat is sold

flǽsclic [] adj fleshly, corporeal, carnal

flǽsclíce [] adv carnally

flǽsclicnes [] f (-se/-sa) incarnate condition

flǽscmangere [] m (-es/-as) butcher

flǽscmaðu [] f (-e/-a) maggot

flǽscmete [] m (-es/-mettas) flesh, animal food

flǽscnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) incarnation

flǽscsand [] f (-e/-a) portion of meat

flǽscstrǽt [] f (-e/-a) meat-market

flǽsctáwere [] m (-es/-as) butcher; torturer of the flesh, executioner

flǽsctóð [] m (-es/-téð) one of the teeth

flǽscþénung [] f (-e/-a) maggot

flǽscwyrm [] m (-es/-as) maggot

flǽslic see flǽsclic

flæðecomb [] m (-es/-as) weaver’s comb [separate words?]

flæx see fleax

fléa [] 1. m (-n/-n), f (-n/-n) flea; 2. see fléah n

fléag [] past 3rd sing of fléogan

fléah [] 1. n (fleas/-) albugo, a white spot in the eye; 2. m see fléa 1; 3. past 3rd sing of fléogan; 4. past 3rd sing of fléon

fléam [] m (-es/-as) flight; on ~ gebrengan to put to flight; on ~ weorðan to flee

fléamdóm [] m (-es/-as) flight

fléamlást [] m (-es/-as) apostasy

fléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres flíehð past flóg/on ptp geflægen/geflagen to flay

fleard1 [] n (-es/-) nonsense, vanity, folly, deception, fraud, superstition

fleardere [] m (-es/-as) trifler

fleardian [] wv/i2 to be foolish, err, go astray

fléat [] 1. past 3rd sing of fléotan; 2. see fléot

fleaðe [] f (-an/-an) water-lily

fleaðorwyrt [] f (-e/-e) water-lily

fléawyrt [] f (-e/-e) fleabane

fleax [] n (-es/-u) flax, linen

fleax- see flex-

flecta see fleohta

fled see flett

flédan see ofer~

fléde [] adj in flood, full, overflowing

fléding [] f (-e/-a) flowing

flég- see fléog-

flége [] ? (-es/-u) little ship

flehta see fleohta

flehtra see fleohta

flém- see flíem-

flene see flyne

fléo see fléa

fléogan1 [] sv/i2 3rd sing flíehð past fléag/flugon ptp is geflogen to fly; flee, take to flight

fléoge [] f (-an/-an) any winged insect, fly

fléogenda [] m (-n/-n) bird

fléogende [] adj flying, winged

fléogendlic [] adj flying, winged

fléogryft [] n (-es/-) fly-curtain

fléohcynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of flies

fléohnet [] n (-tes/-t) fly-net, curtain

fleohta [] m (-n/-n) hurdle [Ger flechte]

fléon1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres flíehð past fléah/flugon ptp geflogen to fly from, flee, avoid, escape; put to flight; fly

fléos see flíet

fleos- see fles-

fléot [] m (-es/-as) 1. water, sea, estuary, river; 2. raft, ship

fléotan [] sv/i2 3rd pres flíeteð past fléat/fluton ptp is gefloten to float, drift, flow, swim, sail; sv/t2 to skim

fléote see flíete

fléotende [] adj floating

fléotig [] adj fleet, swift

fléotwyrt [] f (-e/-e) seaweed

fleoðe [] f (-an/-an) water-lily

fleoðomum [] dat pl of fléotham? watery place

fléow [] past 3rd sing of flówan

fléowð see flíewð, pres 3rd sing of flówan

flére see þri~, fíf~

fléring [] f (-e/-a) story (of a building)

flés see flíes

flésc see flǽsc

fleswian [] wv/t2 to whisper?, pull a wry face?; [or fléswian? to dissemble]

flet see flett

flét see flíete

fléte see flíete

fletræst [] f (-e/-a) couch

fletsittend2 [] m (-es/-) sitter in hall, courtier, guest

flett [] n (-es/-) floor, ground; dwelling, hall, mansion

flettgefeoht [] n (-es/-) fighting in a house

flettgesteald2 [] n (-es/-) household goods

flettpǽð [] m (-es/-páðas) floor of a house

fletwerod [] n (-es/-) hall-troop, body-guard

fleðecamb see flæðecomb

fléwsa [] m (-n/-n) flowing, flux, issue (bodily disorder)

fléwð [] pres 3rd sing of flówan

flex see fleax

flexæcer [] m (-es/-as) flax land

flexgescot [] n (-es/-u) contribution of flax

flexhamm [] m (-es/-as) flax field

flexlíne [] f (-an/-an) flax-winder, reel, flax line?, thread?

flicce [] n (-es/-u) flitch of bacon, ham

flicorian [] wv/t2 to move the wings, flutter

flíe see fléah 1

flíehð pres 3rd sing of fléon

flíema [] m (-n/-n) fugitive, exile, outlaw; Godes ~ excommunicate person

flíeman1 [] wv/t1b to put to flight, drive away, banish [fléam]

flíemanfeorm [] f (-e/-a) offence of, or penalty for, sheltering fugitives from justice

flíemanfeorming [] f (-e/-a) offence of, or penalty for, sheltering fugitives from justice

flíeming [] noun (-?/-?) fugitive

flíes [] n (-es/-u) fleece, wool, fur, seal-skin

flíet see fléot

flíetan see flítan

flíete [] f (-an/-an) 1. cream, curds; 2. punt, boat, raft

flíg see fléah 1

flíg- see fléog-, flýg-

fligel [] m? (fligles/fliglas), n? (-es/-) flail

fliht see flyht

fliht- see flyhte-

flihte- see flyhte-

flíhð pres 3rd sing of fléon

flíma see flíema

flind see flint

flint [] m (-es/-as) flint, rock

flinten [] adj of flint

flintgrǽg [] adj grey like flint

flío see fléah 1

flís see flíes

flit1 [] n (-es/-u, fleotu) strife; dispute, contention; that which causes one to stumble, a stumbling block; an inducement to sin, a temptation, cause of offence [scandalum]; tó ge~es emulously

flítan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres flíteð past flát/fliton ptp gefliten to strive, quarrel, dispute, contend

flitcræft [] m (-es/-as) dialectics, logic

flitcræftlic [] adj logical

flítere [] m (-es/-as) disputer, chider, brawler, schismatic

flitful1 [] adj contentious

flitfullic1 [] adj contentious

flitgeorn [] 1. 1 m (-es/-as) contentious person; 2. 1 adj contentious

flitmǽlum [] adv contentiously, emulously

flitme? see un~

fliusum see fléosum dat pl of fléos

flóc [] n (-es/-) flat fish, flounder

flócan [] wv/t1b to clap, applaud

flocc [] m (-es/-as) flock, company, troop

floccmǽlum [] adv in troops

flocgian [] wv/t2 to spring forth

flocrád [] f (-e/-a) invading band, troop

flód [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) mass of water, flood, wave; flow (of tide as opposed to ebb), tide, flux, current, stream; the Flood, Deluge

flódblác [] adj pale as water?, pale through fear of drowning

flóde [] f (-an/-an) channel, gutter; flood?

flódegsa [] m (-n/-n) flood-terror

flóden [] adj of a river

flódgrǽg [] adj flood-grey

flódhamm [] m (-es/-as) piece of land surrounded by water?

flódlic [] adj of or belonging to a stream

flódweard [] f (-e/-a) guardian of the flood?, sea-wall

flódweg2 [] m (-es/-as) watery way, sea

flódwudu [] m (-a/-a) ship

flódwylm2 [] m (-es/-as) flowing stream, raging billows [weallan]

flódýð [] f (-e/-a) wave of the sea

flogen [] 1. past part of fléon; 2. past part of fléogan

flogettan [] wv/t1b to fluctuate; flutter

flogoða [] m (-n/-n) venom; liquor

flóh [] f (-e/-a) chip

flohtenfóte [] adj web-footed

flór [] f (-a/-a) floor, pavement, ground; bottom (of lake, etc.) also masc.

flórisc [] adj flowery

flórstán [] m (-es/-as) paving-stone, tessella

flot [] n (-es/-u, fleotu) deep water, sea; on ~/~e afloat

flota [] m (-n/-n) (floater), boat, ship, vessel; fleet; crew; sailor; 2 pirate

floten [] past part of fléotan

floterian [] wv/t2 to flutter, fly, flicker; float, be carried or tossed by waves

flothere [] m (-es/-as) piratical fleet

flotian [] wv/t2 to float [fléotan]

flotlic [] adj nautical, naval

flotmann [] m (-es/-menn) sailor, pirate

flotorian see floterian

flotscip [] n (-es/-u) ship, bark

flotsmeru [] n (-wes/-) floating grease, fat

flotweg [] m (-es/-as) ocean

flówan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fléwð past fléow/on ptp is geflówen to flow, stream, issue; become liquid, melt; abound; ge~ overflow

flównes [] f (-se/-sa) flow, flux, overflow, torrent

flówednes [] f (-se/-sa) flow, flux, overflow, torrent

flówende [] adj flowing

flówendlic [] adj flowing

flowing [] f (-e/-a) flowing, flux

flugl- see fugl-

flugol [] adj fleet, swift; fleeting

flugon [] 1. past pl of fléogan; 2. past pl of fléon; 3. see fulgon, past pl of féolan

flustrian [] wv/t2 to flatter; to plait, weave

fluton past pl of fléotan

flycerian see flicorian

flycge see un~

flycticláð see flyhtecláð

flyge2 [] m (-es/-as) flight

flýge see fléoge

flygepíl [] n (-es/-) flying dart

flygeréow [] adj wild in flight

flygul see flugol

flýhst pres 2nd sing of fléon

flyht [] m (-es/-as) flying, flight; on ~e on the wing

flyhte [] m (-es/-as) patch

flyhtecláð [] m (-es/-as) patch

flyhthwæt2 [] adj swift of flight

flýhð pres 3rd sing of fléon

flým- see flíem-

flyne [] f (-an/-an) batter

flýs see flíes

flyt see flit

flýt- see flít-

flýt pres 3rd sing of fléotan

flýte see fléot, fléote, flíete

flýtme [] f (-an/-an) fleam (blood-letting instrument) [L phlebotomum]

flyð see flyht

fnæd1 [] n (-es/fnadu) fringe, border, hem

fnǽran [] wv/t1b to breathe heavily, snort, fume

fnǽrettan [] wv/t1b to breathe heavily, snort, fume

fnæs [] 1. n (-es/fnasu) fringe; dat pl fnasum; 2. past 3rd sing of fnesan

fnǽst [] m (-es/-as) blowing, blast, breath; voice

fnǽstian [] wv/t2 to breathe hard

fnéosung [] f (-e/-a) sneezing

fnésan [] sv/t5 3rd pres fnísð past fnæs/fnǽson ptp gefnesen to pant, gasp; ge~ sneeze

fnora [] m (-n/-n) sneezing

[] pres 1st sing of fón

foca [] m (-n/-n) cake (baked on the hearth)

fód- see fódd-

fóda [] m (-n/-n) food, nourishment; fuel

fódder [] 1. n (fóddres/-) fodder, food; darnel, tares; 2. n (fóddres/-) case, sheath

fódderbill [] n (-es/-) an instrument for cutting fodder

fódderbrytta [] m (-n/-n) distributor of food, herdsman

fóddergiefu [] f (-e/-a) food

fódderhec [] ? (-?/-?) rack for food or fodder

fóddernoð [] m (-es/-as) sustenance

fódderþegu2 [] f (-e/-a) feeding, repast, food

fódderwela [] m (-n/-n) wealth of food, provisions

fódnoð [] m (-es/-as) substance, food

fódrað? see fódnoð

fódrere [] m (-es/-as) forager

foe- see fe-, -

fógclað [] m (-es/-as) a patch

fóh imperative of fón

foht see feoht

fohten past part of feohtan

fol see full

fol- see ful-

fola [] m (-n/-n) foal, colt

folc [] n (-es/-) folk, people, nation, tribe; a collection or class of persons, laity; troop, army

folcágende2 [] adj ruling

folcbealu [] n (-wes/-) great tribulation

folcbearn2 [] n (-es/-) man

folccú [] f (-cý/-cý) people’s cow

folccúð [] adj noted; public

folccwén [] f (-e/-e) queen of a nation

folccwide [] n (-es/-u) popular saying

folccyning2 [] m (-es/-as) king of a nation

folcdryht2 [] f (-e/-a) multitude of people

folcegetrum see folcgetrum

folcegsa [] m (-n/-n) general terror

folcfréa [] m (-n/-n) lord of the people

folcfrig [] adj having full rights of citizenship

folcgedréfnes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation

folcgefeoht [] n (-es/-) pitched battle

folcgemót [] n (-es/-) meeting of the people of a town or district

folcgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) public officer

folcgeriht see folcriht

folcgesíð2 [] m (-es/-as) prince, noble, chief, officer

folcgestealla2 [] m (-n/-n) companion in war

folcgestréon [] n (-es/-) public treasure

folcgetæl [] n (-es/-getalu) number of fighting men

folcgetrum2 [] n (-es/-u) army, host

folcgewinn [] n (-es/-u) fighting, war

folcherepæð [] m (-es/-paðas) highway

folcisc [] adj of the people, popular, secular, common

folclǽsung see folcléasung

folclagu [] f (-e/-a) law of the people, public law

folcland [] n (-es/-) land held by freemen according to tribal rules of family inheritance

folclár [] f (-e/-a) homily

folcléasung [] f (-e/-a) slander

folclic [] adj public; common, popular; secular; populous

folcmægen2 [] n (-es/-) public force, army, tribe

folcmǽgð2 [] f (-e/-a) tribe, nation

folcmǽlum see floccmǽlum

folcmǽre [] adj celebrated

folcmót see folcgemót

folcníed [] f (-e/-a) people’s need

folcrǽd2 [] m (-es/-as) public benefit

folcrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) decree of the people

folcriht [] 1. n (-es/-) right of the people, common law; 2. adj according to common law

folcsæl [] n (-es/-salu) house

folcscearu2 [] f (-e/-a) people, nation, province; people’s land

folcscipe [] m (-es/-as) nation, people

folcslite [] n (-es/-u) sedition

folcsóð [] n (-es/-) simple truth?

folcstede2 [] m (-es/-as) dwelling place; battlefield

folcstów [] f (-e/-a) country place

folcswéot [] m? (-es/-as) troop, multitude

folctalu [] f (-e/-a) genealogy

folctoga2 [] m (-n/-n) chieftain, commander

folctruma [] m (-n/-n) host

folcú see folccú

folcweleg [] adj populous

folcwer2 [] m (-es/-as) man

folcwiga [] m (-n/-n) warrior

folcwita [] m (-n/-n) public councilor, senator

folcwóh [] n (-es/-) deception of the public

foldágend [] m (-es/-) earth possessor, earth dweller

foldærn2 [] n (-es/-) earth house, grave

foldbold [] n (-es/-) house, castle

foldbúend [] m (-es/-) earth-dweller, man, inhabitant of a country

folde [] f (-an/-an) earth, ground, soil, terra firma; land, country, region; world

foldgræf2 [] n (-es/-grafu) earth-grave

foldhrérende [] adj walking on the earth

foldræst [] f (-e/-a) rest in the earth

foldwæstm [] m (-es/-as) fruits of the earth

foldweg2 [] m (-es/-as) way, path, road; earth

foldwela [] m (-n/-n) earthly riches

foldwong2 [] m (-es/-as) plain, earth

foldwylm [] ? (-?/-?) earth-stream

folen past part of féolan

folgað see folgoð

folgen past part of féolan

folgere [] m (-es/-as) follower, attendant, disciple; successor; freeman who is not a householder

folgian1 [] wv/t2 (+ dat) to follow; accompany; follow after; ge~ attain; obey, serve, observe

folgoþ [] m (-es/-as) body of retainers, following, retinue; pursuit, employment, service, dignity, office, rule; jurisdiction, district; condition of life, destiny

folm2 [] f (-e/-a) palm, hand

folma2 [] m (-n/-n) palm, hand

folme2 [] f (-an/-an) palm, hand

fon see fann

fon- see fan-

fón [] sv/t7 3rd pres féhð past féng/on ptp gefangen 1 to take, grasp, seize, catch; capture, make prisoner; receive, accept, assume, undertake; meet with, encounter; ~ on take, begin, resume, take to; attack; ~ tó ríce ascend to the throne; ~ tógædre join together, join issue, engage in battle; him tógéanes feng clutched at him; him on fultum feng helped them; hlyst ge~ listen; tógadere/tógædre/tódædere ~ to engage in battle

fond see fand, pret 3rd sing of findan

fonfýr [] n (-es/-) firefang

fong- see fang-

fonn see fann

font see fant

fonu see fanu

for [] 1. prep w.i.d.a.; w.d.a. (local) before, in the sight of, in or into the presence of, as far as; (temporal) during, before; w.i.(causal) for, on account of, for the sake of, through, because of, owing to, from, by reason of; as to; in order to; w.d. for, on account of, because of, with, by; w.a. for, in place of, instead of, equivalent to, at the price of; in preference to; in spite of; ~ worulde as regards to this world; ~ Dryhtne by God; 2. conj for, because; ~ hwý/hwám/hwon wherefore?; ~ þám/þon/þý therefore; because, since; ~ þám þe, ~ þý þe because; ~ þý þæt, ~ þám þæt in order that; 3. adv too, very; ~ án only; 4. sv/t7 lǽtan ~ to take (one) for

for- [] prefix 1. denotes loss, destruction, deterioration, or gives an opposite sense, or gives strength to the words before which it is placed; forbéodan to forbid, fordéman to condemn; sometimes fór denotes an increase of the signification of the word before which it is placed, and is then generally to be in English very; fóréaðe very easily; or it is a pejorative forbærnan, forrotian; for-, fór-, and fóre- are often confounded, though they are very different in meaning; forséon to overlook, despise; fórséon, fóreséon to foresee; [Ger ver-]; 2. see also fóre-; [it is not connected with the preposition ‘for.’]

fór [] prep w.d.a. before, fore

fór [] 1. f (-e/-a) going, course, journey, expedition; way, manner of life; 2. m (-es/-as) pig, hog; 3. past 3rd sing of faran

fora see foran

fora- see fore-

forad see forod

foraldung [] f (-e/-a) old age

foran [] 1. prep w.d. before, opposite; 2. adv before, in front, forward; to the front; ~ ongean opposite; ~ opposite; beforehand

foranbodig [] n (-es/-) thorax, chest

forandæg [] m (-es/-dagas) early part of the day

forane [] adj opposite; beforehand

foranhéafod [] n (-héafdes/-héafdu) forehead

foranlencten [] m (-es/-as) early spring

foranniht [] f (-e/-) early part of the night, dusk, evening; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

forannihtsang [] m (-es/-as) compline

foráð see foreáð

forbærnan [] wv/t1b to cause to burn, burn up, consume by fire, be consumed

forbærnednes [] f (-se/-sa) burning

forbearan see forberan

forbearnan see forbærnan

fórbedd [] n (-es/-) portable bed, litter

forbégan see forbígan

forbelgan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forbilgð past forbealg/forbulgon ptp is forbolgen to be enraged

forbén [] f (-e/-e) prayer

forbéodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forbíedeð past forbéad/forbudon ptp forboden to forbid, prohibit; restrain; refuse; repeal, annul

forbéodendlic [] adj dehortative, dissuasive

forbiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forbiernð past forbarn/forburnon ptp forburnen to burn, be consumed by fire

forberan [] 1. sv/t4 3rd pres forbirð past forbær/forbǽron ptp forboren to forbear, abstain from, refrain; suffer, endure, tolerate, humor; restrain; 2. see foreberan

forberendlíce [] adv tolerably

forbernan see forbærnan

forberstan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forbirsteð past forbærst/forburston ptp forborsten to break, burst asunder, vanish, fail; let go by default

forbétan see forebétan

forbígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forbígeð past forbág/forbigon ptp forbigen to bend down, bow down, depreciate, abase, humiliate, degrade

forbindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forbindeð past forband/forbundon ptp forbunden to bind (up), muzzle

forbisen see forebysen

forbítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forbíteð past forbát/forbiton ptp forbiten to bite through

forbláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forblǽwð past forbléow/on ptp forbláwen to blow; blow out, inflate

forblindian [] wv/t2 to blind

fórbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) itinerary

forbod [] n (-es/-u) prohibition

forboda see foreboda

forboren [] adj restrained from the effect of herb, bewitched?

forbrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forbricð past forbræc/forbrǽcon ptp forbrocen to break in pieces, bruise, violate, crush, destroy; forbrocen broken down, decrepit

forbrédan see forbregdan [3rd pres forbrídeð past forbrǽd/forbrúdon ptp forbróden]

forbregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forbrigdeð past forbrægd/forbrugdon ptp forbrogden to tear, pull, snatch away; draw over, cover; change, transform

forbrítan [] sv/t1? 3rd pres forbríteð past forbrát/forbriton ptp forbriten to break in pieces, crush, bruise

forbrocen [] adj broken down, decrepit

forbrýtednes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition (1)

forbrýtennes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition (2)

forbrytian see forbrítan

forbryttan see forbrítan

forbúgan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forbýgð past forbéag/forbugon ptp forbogen to bend from, refrain from, avoid, decline; flee from, escape; hold down

forbýgan see forbígan

forbyrd [] f (-e/-a) abstention; long-suffering (1)

forbyrdian [] wv/t2 to wait for

forbyrdig [] adj forbearing

forbyrnan see forbeornan

forca [] m (-n/-n) fork (2)

force [] f (-an/-an) fork (1)

forcéap [] adj forestalling (in trade)

forcel [] m (forcles/forclas) pitch-fork

forceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forcierfð past forcearf/forcurfon ptp forcorfen to carve out, cut down, cut off, cut through, divide

forcéowan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forcíewð past forcéaw/forcuwon ptp forcowen to bite off

forcierran [] wv/t1a to turn aside, prevent, avert, avoid; turn oneself away, escape; pervert

forcierrednes [] f (-se/-sa) perversity; turning aside

forcierring [] f (-e/-a) turning aside

forcilled [] adj chilled

forcinnan? [] wv/t1a to destroy

forcippian [] wv/t2 to cut off

forclǽman [] wv/t1b to stop up

forclas pl of forcel

forclingan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forclingeð past forclang/forclungon ptp is forclungen to wither, shrink up

forclyccan [] wv/t1a to stop, close (ears)

forclýsan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forclýseð past forclýsde ptp forclýsed to close up

forcnídan see forgnídan

forcompian? [] wv/t2 to fight for

forcostian [] wv/t2 to tempt

forcrafian [] wv/t2 to require

forcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres forcymð past forcóm/on ptp forcumen to come before, prevent, surprise; harass, wear out, destroy; reject; overcome, conquer, obtain; surpass

forcunnian [] wv/t2 to tempt, try

forcúð [] adj bad, wicked, infamous, foul, despicable, despised; adv ~e

forcúðlic see forcúð

forcúðlíce see forcúðe

forcweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forcwiðeð past forcwæð/forcwǽdon ptp forcweden to speak ill of, abuse, revile; reprove; refuse, reject; boast, promise great things

forcwolstan? [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forcwolsteð past forcwolstede ptp forcwolsted to swallow

forcwýsan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forcwýseð past forcwýsde ptp forcwýsed to shake violently

forcyppian see forcippian

forcyrran see forcierran

forcýðan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forcýðeð past forcýðde ptp forcýðed to reprove, rebuke; refute?

ford [] m (-a/-a) ford; waterway

fordǽlan [] wv/t1b to spend

fordéad [] adj dead, as if dead

fordelfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres fordilfð past fordealf/fordulfon ptp fordolfen to delve, dig up

fordéman [] wv/t1b to condemn, sentence, doom; prejudice; decide

fordémedlic [] adj to be condemned

fordémednes [] f (-se/-sa) condemnation, proscription

fordémend [] m (-es/-) accuser

fordéming [] f (-e/-a) plunder, spoliation

fordemman [] wv/t1a to dam up, block up, stop water

fordettan see fordyttan

fordícigan [] wv/t2? to shut out by a ditch, block up

fordilemengan [] wv/t1b to gloss over

fordílgian [] wv/t2 to blot out, destroy, abolish (1)

fordílegian [] wv/t2 to blot out, destroy, abolish (2)

fordíligian [] wv/t2 to blot out, destroy, abolish (3)

fordimmian [] wv/t2 to obscure, darken

fordittan see fordyttan

fordón [] irreg v/t to undo, bring to naught, ruin, destroy; abolish; kill; corrupt, seduce, defile; past participle fordón corrupt, wicked, abandoned

fordón [] adj corrupt, wicked, abandoned; past part of fordón

fordrǽfan [] wv/t1b to drive, compel

fordrencan [] wv/t1b to make drunk, intoxicate

fordrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres fordrífð past fordráf/fordrifon ptp fordrifen to drive, sweep away; drive on, impel, compel; drive away, expel; overtax

fordrifnes [] f (-se/-sa) objection, opposition

fordrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres fordrincð past fordranc/fordruncon ptp fordruncen to make drunk, be drunk

fordrúgian [] wv/i2 to become dry, wither

fordruncen [] adj drunk

fordruncnian [] wv/t2 to be made drunk

fordrúwian see fordrúgian

forduttan see fordyttan

fordwer [] m (-es/-as) weir at a ford

fordwilman [] wv/t1b to confound

fordwínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres fordwínð past fordwán/fordwinon ptp fordwinen to vanish

fordyslic [] adj very foolish

fordyttan [] wv/t1a to obstruct, block up, close

fore [] 1. prep w.d.a. (local) before, in the sight of, in presence of; (causal) because of, for the sake of, through, on account of, by reason of, from; (temporal) before; for, instead of; 2. adv before, beforehand, formerly, once

fore- see for-

foreádihtian see ádihtian

forealdian [] wv/i2 to grow old, decay

foreástreccan [] irreg wv/t1b to lay low, overthrow

foreáþ [] m (-es/-as) preliminary oath

foreéaðe [] adv very easily

foreéaðelíce [] adv very easily

forebéacen [] n (-béacnes/-) sign, portent, prodigy

forebécen [] n (-bécnes/-) sign, portent, prodigy

forebegán [] irreg v/t to intercept

foreberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forebirð past forebær/forebǽron ptp foreboren to prefer

forebétan [] wv/t1b to make legal amends (vicariously)

forebícnung [] f (-e/-a) prophecy

forebirig see forebyrig, dat sing of foreburh

forebiscop [] m (-es/-as) high-priest

forebisen [] f (-e/-a) example

fórebóc see fórbóc

forebod [] n (-es/-u) prophecy, preaching

foreboda [] m (-n/-n) forerunner, messenger, crier

forebodere [] m (-es/-as) herald, crier

forebodian [] wv/t2 to announce, declare

forebodung [] f (-e/-a) prophecy

forebrǽdan [] wv/t1b to prolong; overshadow

forebréost [] n (-es/-) chest

foreburh [] f (-byrh/-byrh) outwork; outer court, vestibule

forebyrd [] f (-e/-a) abstention; long-suffering (2)

forecennednes [] f (-se/-sa) progeny

foreceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forecierfð past forecearf/forecurfon ptp forecorfen to cut off in front, cut off; To cut through, cut up; To beat to pieces, to batter, smash; to cut off, avoid, i. e. to sail straight; Of speech, to cut short, abridge; to cut short one's words, to be brief, break off or finish abruptly; To break off, cut off, end, destroy; To deny flatly, refuse, decline; [praecidere]

foreceorfend [] m (-es/-) front tooth

forecéosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forecíesð past forecéas/forecuron ptp forecoren to choose in preference

foreclipian [] wv/t2 to call or cry out, to vociferate; in judicial language, To defend, to clamor in defense; to assert one's liberty, to appeal to the judge to maintain one's liberty [proclamare]

forecnéoris [] f (-se/-sa) progeny

forecnéowrisn [] f (-e/-a) progeny

forecnyll [] m (-es/-as) first ringing (of a bell)

forecostigan [] wv/t2 to profane

forecostung [] f (-e/-a) profanation

forecuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres forecymð past forecóm/on ptp forecumen to come before, prevent; overcome?; come out, come upon

forecweden [] adj aforesaid

forecweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forecwiðeð past forecwæð/forecwǽdon ptp forecweden to preach, predict

forecwide [] m (-es/-as) prophecy; introduction, heading (of chapter)

forecyme [] m (-es/-as) proceeding forth

forecynren [] n (-es/-) progeny

forecynréd [] n (-es/-) progeny

forecýðan [] wv/t1b to make known (beforehand), tell forth; prophesy

fored see forod

foredéman [] wv/t1b to prejudge

foredere [] n (-es/-u) vestibule (3)

foreduru [] f (-a/-a) vestibule (1)

foredyre [] n (-es/-u) vestibule (2)

foredyrstig? [] adj presumptuous

forefæger see forfæger

forefeng see forfang

forefengnes [] f (-se/-sa) a protective skirting (of woods)

foreféran [] wv/t1b to go before

forefex [] n (-es/-u, -feoxu) forelock

forefléon [] sv/t2 3rd pres foreflíehð past forefléah/foreflugon ptp foreflogen to flee

forefong see forfang

forefréfrend [] m (-es/-) proconsul

foregán [] irreg v/t to go before, precede; go in front of, project; excel

foregangan [] sv/t7 3rd pres foregengð past foregéong/on ptp foregangen to go before, precede; go in front of, project; excel

forege- see for-, fore-

foregearwung [] f (-e/-a) preparation, parasceve

foregebiddan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forebiddeð past forebæd/forebǽdon ptp foregebeden to intercede

foregeblind [] adj blinded

foregecéosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres foregecíesð past foregecéas/foregecuron ptp foregecoren to choose beforehand

foregegán see forgangan

foregehát [] n (-es/-u) vow

foregehátan [] sv/t7 3rd pres foregehǽteð past foregehét/on, foregeheht/on ptp foregeháten to promise; invite

foregeléoran [] wv/t1b to pass away

foregenga [] m (-n/-n) forerunner; predecessor, ancestor; attendant

foregengel [] m (-gengles/-genglas) predecessor

foregescéaw- see forescéaw-

foregesecgan [] wv/t3 to predestine

foregesellan [] irreg wv/t1b to advance (money)

foregesettan see foresettan

foregeswuteliende [] adj tracing out, tracking [indagande]

foregetéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres foregetíehð past foregetéah/foregetugon ptp foregetogen to point out

foregeþingian see foreþingian

foregeþistrod [] adj darkened

foregidd [] n (-es/-) proverb

foregímnes [] f (-se/-sa) observation

foregísl [] m (-es/-as) preliminary hostage

foregléaw [] adj foreseeing, provident, wise, prudent; adv ~líce

forehrádian [] wv/t2 to hasten before

forehús [] n (-es/-) porch

foreiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres foreiernð past forearn/foreurnon ptp foreurnen to run before, outrun

foreiernend [] m (-es/-) forerunner

foreiernere [] m (-es/-as) forerunner

foreládtéow [] m (-es/-as) chief, leader

foreládtwa [] m (-n/-n) chief, leader

forelár [] f (-e/-a) preaching

foreláttéow [] m (-es/-as) leader

forelǽdan [] wv/t1b to lead forth

forelǽrend [] m (-es/-) teacher

foreldan see forieldan

forelegnis see forlegis

foreléoran [] wv/t1b to go before, pass by

foreléornes see forléornes

forelocc [] m (-es/-as) forelock

forelócian [] wv/t2 to look forward, look into the distance, have a view, look out, look, see; To look out, to watch, be on the watch; To look or see to beforehand, to exercise foresight, to look out for, take care of, provide for any thing; to see afar off, to discern, descry, espy; of situations, to have or command a view of, look or lie towards, to overlook; To look at attentively, to gaze at (very rare); To foresee a thing; To look out for, provide, procure [prospicere]; to look, look back, look behind, look about, see behind, look back upon, gaze at, look at, look to or for anything; to look, have regard, turn attention; to look at with solicitude, i.e. to have a care for, regard, be mindful of, consider, respect, etc.; [respicere]

foremanian [] wv/t2 to forewarn

foremanig [] adj very many

foremǽre [] adj illustrious, renowned, famous

foremǽrlic [] adj eminent

foremǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) eminence, fame

foremeahtig see foremihtig

foremearcod [] adj before-mentioned

foremearcung [] f (-e/-a) title, chapter

foremihtig [] adj most mighty; adv ~líce

foremunt [] m (-es/-as) promontory

forenama [] m (-n/-n) pronoun [pronomen]

forene see forane

forenemnan [] wv/t1b to mention beforehand

forenyme [] m (-es/-as) taking before

forerím [] m (-es/-as) prologue

forerynel [] m (-rynles/-rynlas) forerunner, herald, morning star

foresacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres foresæcð past foresóc/on ptp foresacen to forbid

foresǽd [] adj aforesaid

foresægdnes [] f (-se/-sa) preface

foresaga [] m (-n/-n) preface

foresændan see foresendan

forescéawere [] m (-es/-as) provisor

forescéawian [] wv/t2 to foreshow, foresee; preordain, decree, appoint; provide, furnish with

forescéawodlíce [] adv with forethought, thoughtfully

forescéawung [] f (-e/-a) contemplation, foresight, providence

forescéotan see forscéotan

forescieldnes [] f (-se/-sa) protection

forescynian [] wv/t2 to shun

forescyttels [] m (-es/-as) bolt, bar

forescýwa [] m (-n/-n) shadow

forescýwung [] f (-e/-a) overshadowing

foresécan [] irreg wv/t1b to appeal (for justice)

foresecgan [] wv/t3 to mention before; proclaim, preach; foretell

foreseld [] n (-es/-) first seat

foresellan [] irreg wv/t1b to spend, advance (money)

foresendan [] wv/t1b to send before

foreséon [] sv/t5 3rd pres foresíehð past foreseah/foresáwon ptp foresewen to foresee; provide; provide for

foreséond [] m (-es/-) provider

foreséones [] f (-se/-sa) care, foresight, providence

foresetednes [] f (-se/-sa) proposition, purpose; preposition (3)

foresetenes [] f (-se/-sa) proposition, purpose; preposition (2)

foresetnes [] f (-se/-sa) proposition, purpose; preposition (1)

foresettan [] wv/t1a to place before, shut in; propose; prefer; precede

foresettendlic [] adj prepositive

foresingend [] m (-es/-) precentor

foresittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres foresitteð past foresæt/foresǽton ptp foreseten to preside over

foresméagan [] wv/t2? to think beforehand

foresméan [] wv/t2? to think beforehand

foresnotor [] adj very wise

forespǽc [] f (-e/-a) advocacy, defense, excuse; agreement, arrangement; preamble, preface, prologue (3)

forespǽc see foresprǽca

forespeca see forespreca

foresprǽc [] f (-e/-a) advocacy, defense, excuse; agreement, arrangement; preamble, preface, prologue (1)

forespréc [] f (-e/-a) advocacy, defense, excuse; agreement, arrangement; preamble, preface, prologue (2)

forespreca [] m (-n/-n) intercessor, advocate, mediator; sponsor

forescprecan [] 1. sv/t5 3rd pres forespricð past forespræc/foresprǽcon ptp foresprecen to speak or answer for, be surety for, intercede for; say before; foresprecen above-mentioned, aforesaid; 2. see forsprecan

foresprecen [] adj above-mentioned, aforesaid

forestandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forestendeð past forestód/on ptp forestanden to preside, lead; excel; prevail against

forestapul [] adj going before

forestæpp- see forestepp-

foresteall [] m (-es/-as) intervention, hindrance (of justice); ambush, assault, offence of waylaying on the highway; fine for such an offence; resistance, opposition

forestemman [] wv/t1a to prevent, hinder

forestéora [] m (-n/-n) look-out man, pilot

foresteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forestepeð past forestóp/on ptp forestapen to precede, go before, anticipate; excel; forestall, prevent

foresteppend [] m (-es/-) precursor

foresteppung [] f (-e/-a) anticipation

forestígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forestígeð past forestág/forestigon ptp forestigen to excel

forestige [] m (-es/-as) vestibule

forestihtian [] wv/t2 to fore-ordain

forestihtung [] f (-e/-a) predestination

foreswerian [] sv/t6 3rd pres foreswereð past foreswór/on ptp foresworen to swear before

foretácn [] n (-es/-) fore-token, prognostic, prodigy, sign, wonder

foretácnian [] wv/t2 to foreshow

foreteohhian [] wv/t2 to fore-ordain

foreteohhung [] f (-e/-a) predestination

foretéon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres foretéoð past foretéode ptp foretéod to fore-ordain, frame beforehand, arrange; [sv/t1 3rd pres foretíehð past foretág/foretigon ptp foretigen, sv/t2 3rd pres foretíehð past foretéah/foretugon ptp foretogen]

foretéð [] m pl front teeth

foretíge [] m (-es/-as) forecourt, porch

foretimbrigende [] adj enclosing, impeding

foretóð [] m (-tóðes/-téð) front tooth

foretrymman [] wv/t1a to testify

foretýned [] adj shut-in

foreþanc [] m (-es/-as) forethought, providence, consideration, deliberation

foreþancful [] adj prudent

foreþanclic [] adj thoughtful, careful, prudent; adv ~líce

foreþancol [] adj prudent

foreþancolnes [] f (-se/-sa) prudence

foreþencan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres foreþencð past foreþóhte ptp foreþóht to premeditate, consider, be mindful

foreþéon [] sv/t1 3rd pres foreþíehð past foreþág/foreþigon ptp foreþigen, sv/t2 3rd pres foreþíehð past foreþéah/foreþugon ptp foreþogen to surpass, excel

foreþingere [] m (-es/-as) intercessor, mediator

foreþingian [] wv/t2 to plead for, intercede, defend

foreþingiend [] m (-es/-) intercessor

foreþingrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) intercession

foreþingung [] f (-e/-a) intercession

foreþonc see foreþanc

forewall see foreweall

foreward see foreweard

forewarnian [] wv/t2 to take warning beforehand; forewarn

foreweall [] m (-es/-as) rampart, bulwark

foreweard [] 1. f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) condition, bargain, agreement, treaty, assurance; 2. m (-es/-as) outpost, scout; 3. adj forward, inclined to the front; fore, early, former; ~ gear new year; 4. adv in front; towards the future; on ~ at the beginning; above all; fram ~um once more

foreweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) beginning

foreweorðan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forewierð past forewearð/forewurdon ptp foreworden to predestinate

forewesan [] irreg v/t to be over, rule over

forewís [] adj foreknowing

forewitan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres forewát past forewisse, forewiste ptp forewiten to foreknow

forewítegian [] wv/t2 to prophesy

forewítegung [] f (-e/-a) prophecy

forewitig [] adj knowing; foreknowing; prophetic

forewitol [] adj foreknowing

forewittiendlic [] adj prescient

foreword [] n (-es/-) stipulation, condition

forewost see forwost

forewrégan see forwrégan

forewriten [] adj above or before-written

forewritennes [] f (-se/-sa) proscription, exile

forewyrcend [] m (-es/-) servant

forewyrd [] f (-e/-e) agreement, condition

forewyrdan1 [] wv/t1b to agree

forfang [] n (-es/-) capture, (legal) seizure, recovery of cattle or other property; reward for rescuing property

forfangfeoh [] n (-féos/-) reward for rescuing cattle or other property

forfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres forfærð past forfór/on ptp is forfaren to pass away, perish; sv/t6 lose; sv/t6 destroy, ruin, cause to perish; intercept, obstruct

forfæger [] adj very fair

forfeallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forfielð past forféoll/on ptp forfeallen to overwhelm

forfeng [] 1. past 3rd sing of forfón; 2. see forfang

forféran [] wv/i1b to depart, die

forferian [] wv/t2 to let die

forfléon [] sv/t2 3rd pres forflíehð past forfléah/forflugon ptp forflogen to flee from, escape, avoid, evade

forflýgan [] wv/t1b to put to flight

forfón [] sv/t7 3rd pres forféhð past forféng/on ptp forfangen to seize; anticipate, forestall; surprise; prevent; forfeit

forfyllan [] wv/t1a to stop up, obstruct

forg- see foreg-

forgán [] 1. irreg v/t to go or pass over, by, or away; forgo, abstain from, neglect, lose; 2. see foregán

forgangan [] 1. sv/t7 3rd pres forgengð past forgéong/on ptp forgangen to go or pass over, by, or away; forgo, abstain from, neglect, lose; 2. see foregán

forgǽgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forgǽgeð past forgǽgde ptp forgǽged to transgress, trespass, prevaricate; pass by, omit, neglect

forgǽgednes [] f (-se/-sa) transgression, trespass

forgǽgend [] m (-es/-) transgressor

forgǽgung [] f (-e/-a) fault, excess

forgǽlan [] wv/t1b to avoid

forgeare [] adv very certainly

forgebind [] n (-es/-) stricture?

forgedón see fordón

forgeearnung [] f (-e/-a) merit

forgefenes see forgiefnes

forgégan see forgǽgan

forgeldan see forgieldan

forgém- see forgíem-

forgenge [] adj hard to carry out?

forgeorne [] adv very earnestly, very attentively

forgeot- see forgit-, ofergit-

forget see forgiet pres 3rd sing of forgietan

forgief- see also forgif-

forgiefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forgiefeð past forgeaf/forgéafon ptp forgiefen to give, grant, allow; forgive, overlook; give up, leave off; give in marriage

forgiefednes [] f (-se/-sa) forgiveness

forgiefen [] adj indulgent; mild, tolerable

forgiefendlic [] adj dative

forgiefenlic [] adj excusable, tolerable

forgiefestre [] f (-an/-an) female giver

forgiefnes [] f (-se/-sa) pardon, forgiveness, remission; indulgence, permission; gift?

forgiefu [] f (-e/-a) favor, both that in which one stands with others and that which one shows to others; Favor which one finds with others, esteem, regard, liking, love, friendship; agreeableness, pleasantness, charm, beauty, loveliness, grace; Favor which one shows to another, mark of favor, kindness, courtesy, service, obligation; In partic., a mark of favor shown for a service rendered, thanks (by word or deed), thankfulness, gratitude; acknowledgment, return, requital [gratia]

forgiefung [] f (-e/-a) gift; the nuptial gift before the morning gift

forgieldan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forgieldeð past forgeald/forguldon ptp forgolden to pay for; require, reward; indemnify, make good; pay double (as penalty); give; give up, forfeit

forgielpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forgielpð past forgealp/forgulpon ptp forgolpen to boast in public, trumpet forth

forgíeman [] wv/t1b to neglect, pass by, transgress

forgíemeléasian [] wv/t2 to neglect, abandon, give up, omit

forgietan [] sv/t5 w.a. or g. 3rd pres forgieteð past forgeat/forgéaton ptp forgieten to forget

forgif- see also forgief-

forgifendlic [] adj dative

forgifenlic [] adj excusable, tolerable

forgifestre [] f (-an/-an) female giver

forgifung [] f (-e/-a) gift; the nuptial gift before the morning gift

forgildan see forgieldan

forgím- see forgíem-

forgit- see forgiet-, ofergit-, ofergiet-

forgitel [] adj forgetful

forgitelnes [] f (-se/-sa) forgetfulness, oblivion

forgiten [] adj forgetting, forgetful; past part of forgietan

forgiting [] f (-e/-a) forgetfulness

forglendrian [] wv/t2 to devour, swallow up

forgnagan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forgnægð past forgnóg/on ptp forgnagen to eat up

forgnídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forgnídeð past forgnád/forgnidon ptp forgniden to grind together, dash down, crush, break

forgniden [] adj contrite

forgnidennes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation

forgnýdan see forgnídan

forgrindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forgrindeð past forgrand/forgrundon ptp forgrunden 1. to grind down, ruin, destroy, consume; 2. to send to the bottom, destroy; [grund]

forgrindet [] n (-es/-) grinding, pounding; pres 3rd sing of forgrindan

forgrípan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forgrípð past forgráp/forgripon ptp forgripen to seize, assail, attack, overwhelm

forgríwan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forgríwð past forgráw/forgriwon ptp forgriwen to sink (in vice)

forgrówen [] adj grown up?, overgrown?

forgumian see forgíman

forgyf- see forgief-, forgif-

forgyldan see forgieldan

forgylt [] adj condemned, guilty

forgyltan [] wv/t1b to sin, be or become guilty; forgylt condemned, guilty

forgým- see forgíem-

forgyrd see forðgyrd

forgyrdan [] wv/t1b to enclose, encircle

forgyt- see forgiet-, forgit-

forhabban [] wv/t3 3rd pres forhæfð past forhæfde ptp forhæfd to hold in, restrain, retain, keep back; draw back, refrain from, avoid; ~ hine wið w.a. to restrain oneself from s.t.; he forhæfð hine wið iersunge he restrains himself from anger

forhátan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forhǽteð past forhét/on, forheht/on ptp forháten to renounce, forswear; se forhátena the devil

forhæfed continent, abstemious, celibate

forhæbbend [] m (-es/-) abstinent, continent person

forhǽfd see forhéafod

forhæfed [] adj continent, abstemious, celibate

forhæfednes [] f (-se/-sa) temperance, continence, self-restraint, abstinence; parsimony

forhæfnes [] f (-se/-sa) temperance, continence, self-restraint, abstinence; parsimony

forhæfendlíce [] adv continently

forhǽlan [] wv/t1b to injure?

forhǽtan [] wv/t1b to overheat

forhǽðed [] adj burnt up

forheafdnes see forhæfednes

forhéafod [] n (-héafdes/-u) forehead, brow, skull

forhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forhieldeð past forhéold/on ptp forhealden to forsake, fall away from, rebel against; let go; defile, pollute; withhold; misuse, abuse

forhealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) unchastity

forheard [] adj very hard

forheardian [] wv/i2 to grow hard

forhéawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forhíewð past forhéow/on ptp forhéawen to hew in pieces, cut down, kill

forhefednes see forhæfednes

forhegan see forhogian

forhelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forhilð past forhæl/forhǽlon ptp forholen to cover over, conceal, hide, protect; sacne ~ conceal a guilty man

forhelian [] wv/t2 to hide; cover, clothe

forheregian [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren]

forhergend [] m (-es/-) ravager

forhergian [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren]

forherigean [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren]

forhicgan see forhycgan

forhíenan [] wv/t1b to cast down, defeat, humiliate, outrage, oppress, waste [Ger verhöhnen]

forhigan see forhycgan

forhogd- see forhogod-

forhoged- see forhogod-

forhogian [] wv/t2 to neglect, disregard, despise

forhogiend [] m (-es/-) despiser

forhogiendlic [] adj contemptible

forhogigendlic [] adj contemptible

forhogod past part of forhycgan

forhogodlic [] adj contemptuous; adv ~líce

forhogodnes [] f (-se/-sa) contempt

forhogung [] f (-e/-a) contempt

forhohnes see forhogodnes

forhradian [] wv/t2 to hasten; prevent, anticipate, frustrate

forhraðe [] adv very speedily, quickly, soon

forhrædlíce [] adv too soon

forhréred [] adj annulled

forht [] adj afraid, timid, cowardly; frightful, terrible; adv ~e despairingly

forhtful [] adj fainthearted, timorous

forhtian1 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to be afraid, surprised, fear, dread

forhtiendlic [] adj timorous; dreadful

forhtige [] adv humbly, submissively

forhtigende [] adj? timid; dreadful

forhtléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) fearlessness

forhtlic [] adj fearful, afraid; dreadful; adv ~líce

forhtmód [] adj timorous, timid

forhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear, terror

forhtu [] f (-e/-a) fear

forhtung [] f (-e/-a) fear

forhugian see forhogian

forhwan see forhwon

forhwæn see forhwon

forhwega [] adv somewhere, somewhere about

forhweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forhwierfð past forhwearf/forhwurfon ptp forhworfen to come to an end, be destroyed

forhwerf- see forhwierf-

forhwí see forhwý

forhwig see forhwý

forhwierfan [] wv/t1b to change, transform; remove, transfer; pervert

forhwierfedlic [] adj perverse

forhwierfednes [] f (-se/-sa) perversity

forhwon [] adv wherefore, why, for what reason

forhwý [] adv why, wherefore

forhwyrf- see forhwierf-

forhycgan [] wv/t3 3rd pres forhogað past forhogode ptp forhogod to disdain, despise, reject

forhýdan [] wv/t1b to hide

forhygdelic [] adj despised

forhylman [] wv/t1b to refuse obedience to

forhýnan see forhíenan

forhyrdan [] wv/t1b to harden [heard]

forieldan [] wv/t1b to put off, delay

foriernan see foreiernan

forierð [] ? (-e/-a) a headland in the case of land with furrows at right angles to those of the adjacent land

forinlíce [] adv thoroughly, exceedingly

forinweardlíce [] adv thoroughly, genuinely

forlácan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres forlǽcð past forleolc/on, forléoc/on ptp forlácen to mislead, seduce, deceive, betray

forlang [] adv long ago; cmp forleng, forlenge; spl forlengest

forlange [] adv long ago; cmp forleng, forlenge; spl forlengest

forlǽdan [] wv/t1b to mislead, seduce; bring out; [Ger verleiten]

forlǽran [] wv/t1b to teach wrongly, lead astray, seduce, pervert

forlǽtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forlǽteð past forlét/on, forleort/on ptp forlǽten to let go, relinquish, surrender, lose, leave, abandon, neglect; remit, pardon, excuse; loose, release; let, permit, allow; grant, give; úp/in ~ to direct upwards, within; án(n)e ~ see ánforlǽtan

forlǽtennes [] f (-se/-sa) leaving, departure, absence; loss, perdition; intermission, cessation, end; remission; divorce

forlǽtnes [] f (-se/-sa) leaving, departure, absence; loss, perdition; intermission, cessation, end; remission; divorce

forlǽtednes [] f (-se/-sa) leaving, departure, absence; loss, perdition; intermission, cessation, end; remission; divorce

forlǽting [] f (-e/-a) leaving, intermission

forlǽtu [] noun pl losses, sufferings

forlǽðan [] wv/t1b to loathe

forléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forlíehð past forlóg/on ptp forlægen/forlagen to blame much

forlecgan [] wv/t1b to cover up

forlegen past part of forlicgan

forlegen [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) adulterer

forlegenes see forlegnes

forlegenlic [] adj mean-looking, ugly

forleges [] f (-se/-sa) prostitute, adulteress

forlegis [] f (-se/-sa) prostitute, adulteress

forlegis- see forliger-

forlegor- see forliger-

forlegnes [] f (-se/-sa) fornication

forlegnis [] f (-se/-sa) prostitute

forléogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forlíegð past forléag/forlugon ptp forlogen to lie, perjure oneself, slander

forléoran see foreléoran

forléornes [] f (-se/-sa) transgression

forleornung [] f (-e/-a) deception

forleorte reduplicated past tense of forlǽtan

forléosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forlíesð past forléas/forluron ptp forloren to lose, abandon, let go; destroy, ruin

forlét- see forlǽt-

forlétere [] m (-es/-as) a forsaker

forlettan [] wv/t1a to prevent

forlicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forligeð past forlæg/forlǽgon ptp forlegen to commit adultery or fornication (reflexive, wiþ w.a.); héo forlæg híe wiþ hine she committed adultery with him; fail, lapse, be neglected; screen (a thief); past part forlegen used as noun adulterer

forlicgend [] m (-es/-) fornicator

forliden [] 1. adj much-traveled; 2. past part of forlíðan

forlidennes see forliðennes

forligan see forlicgan

forligenes see forlegnes

forlignes see forlegnes

forliger [] 1. n (-es/-) adultery, fornication, wantonness, immorality; 2. m (-es/-as) whoremonger, adulterer; f (-e/-a) fornicatress, adulteress; 3. adj adulterous

forligerbedd [] n (-es/-) bed of fornication

forligere see forliger 1

forligeren [] adj fornicating

forligerhús [] n (-es/-) house of ill fame

forligerlic [] adj unchaste, impure; adv ~líce

forligerwíf [] n (-es/-) prostitute

forliges see forlegis

forliggang [] m (-es/-as) adultery, fornication

forligrian [] wv/t2 3rd pres forligrað past forligrode ptp forligrod to commit fornication

forlír see forliger 2

forlísgleng [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) harlot’s dress

forlíðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forlíðeð past forláð/forlidon ptp forliden to suffer shipwreck

forliðennes [] f (-se/-sa) shipwreck

forlor [] m (-es/-as) loss, destruction; tó ~e gedón to destroy

forlorenes [] f (-se/-sa) state of being forlorn, perdition, destruction

forlorian [] wv/t2 to lose

forlosian [] wv/t2 to lose

forlustlíce [] adv very willingly

forlytel [] adj very little

form see feorm

form- see frum-

forma [] adj first, earliest; on ~n at first

formál [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) negotiation, agreement, treaty [mǽl 2]

formanig [] adj very many

formǽl [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) negotiation, agreement, treaty [mǽl 2]

formǽlan [] wv/t1b to negotiate

formǽr- see foremǽr-

formelle [] f (-an/-an) bench [L formella]

formeltan [] sv/t3 3rd pres formilteð past formealt/formulton ptp formolten to melt away, dissolve, liquefy, burn up

formengan [] wv/t1b to associate

formesta see fyrmesta wk superlative of forma

fórmete [] m (-es/-mettas) food for a journey

formicel [] adj very great; cmp formára; spl formǽst

formogod [] adj corrupted

formolsnian [] wv/t2 to rot away, crumble, decay

formolsnung [] f (-e/-a) corruption

formycel see formicel

formyltan see formeltan

formyrðrian [] wv/t2 to murder

forn [] 1. f? (-e/-a), m? (-es/-as) trout; 2. see foran

fornǽman [] wv/t1b to be worn out, afflicted (with grief)

forne see foran adv

forne [] f (-an/-an) see forn

fornéah [] adv very nearly, almost, about; cmp fornéar; spl forníehst

fornéan see fornéah

fornéh see fornéah

fornéon see fornéah

fornerwian [] wv/t2 to check the growth or fecundity of

Fornétes folm [] f (-e/-a) a plant

fornéðan [] wv/r1b to expose to danger, sacrifice, to risk one’s life

forniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres fornimð past fornóm/on ptp fornumen to take away, deprive of, plunder, waste, devastate, destroy, consume; annul; disfigure; overcome

fornýdan [] wv/t1b to coerce, compel

fornyman see forniman

fornytlíce [] adv very usefully

forod [] adj broken down, worn out, useless, void, abortive

foroft [] adv very often

forpǽran [] wv/t1b to turn away, lose, spoil, pervert, destroy

forpyndan [] wv/t1b to do away, remove

fórracu [] f (-e/-a) itinerary

forradian see forhradian

forraðe see forhraðe

forrǽda? [] m (-n/-n) traitor, plotter

forrǽdan [] wv/t1b to plot against, betray; condemn; injure

forrǽpe [] adj assart

forréceléasian [] wv/t2 to neglect

forrepen [] adj taken [hrepian]

forrídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forrídeð past forrád/forridon ptp forriden to intercept by riding before

forridel [] m (-ridles/-ridlas) fore-rider, forerunner, messenger

forrotednes [] f (-se/-sa) corrupt matter, rottenness

forrotian [] wv/t2 to rot away, decay; putrefy

forrynel see forerynel

forsacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forsæcð past forsóc/on ptp forsacen to object to, reject, oppose, deny, refuse; give up, renounce

forsacennes [] f (-se/-sa) denial

forsawen see forsewen

forsǽcan see forsécan

forsǽtian [] wv/t2 to lay wait for, beset, surround

forsætnian see forsetnian

forsæwestre see forsewestre

forsc see frosc

forscád- see forscéad-

forscamian [] wv/t2 to make ashamed (impersonal w.a.); be ashamed

forscamung [] f (-e/-a) modesty

forscapung [] f (-e/-a) mishap, mischance

forscæncednes see forscrencednes

forscéadan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forscíedeð past forscéod/on ptp forscéaden to scatter, disperse; damn, condemn?

forsceamian see forscamian

forsceap [] n (-es/-) evil deed?

forscéaw- see forescéaw-

forscending [] f (-e/-a) confusion

forsceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forscierfð past forscearf/forscurfon ptp forscorfen to gnaw off, bite, eat up

forscéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forscíeteð past forscéat/forscuton ptp forscoten to anticipate, forestall, prevent; to advance money

forsceppan see forscieppan

forsceta [] m (-n/-n) flood gate [= forsscéta]

forscieppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forsciepð past forscóp/on ptp forscapen to change, transform

forscip [] n (-es/-u) foreship, prow

forscired [] ? the dead?

forscrencan [] wv/t1b to supplant, overcome, vanquish, cast down; dry up

forscrencednes [] f (-se/-sa) supplanting, deceit

forscrencend [] m (-es/-) supplanter

forscrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forscrífð past forscráf/forscrifon ptp forscrifen to decree; proscribe, condemn, doom; 2 bewitch

forscrincan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forscrincð past forscranc/forscruncon ptp is forscruncen to shrink, dry up, wither away

forscúfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forscýfð past forscéaf/forscufon ptp forscofen to cast down (pride)

forscyldig [] adj wicked

forscyldigian [] wv/t2 to condemn; past part guilty

forscyldigod [] adj guilty

forscyppan see forscieppan

forscyrian [] wv/t1a to separate

forscyttan [] wv/t1a to exclude, prevent, obviate

forséarian [] wv/i1a to sear, dry up, wither

forseawennes see forsewennes

forsécan [] 1. irreg wv/t1b to afflict, attack; 2. see foresécan

forsecgan [] wv/t3 to accuse falsely, slander, accuse; to speak about, discourse on

forsegen- see forsewen-

forségon see forsáwon past pl of forséon

forsellan [] irreg wv/t1b to sell; give up, lose

forsencan [] wv/t1b to reject

forsendan [] wv/t1b to send away, banish, send to destruction

forséon [] sv/t5 3rd pres forsiehð past forseah/forsáwon ptp forsewen to overlook, neglect, scorn, despise, reject, renounce; refrain from

forséones see foreséones

forséoðan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forsíeðeð past forséað/forsudon ptp forsoden to wither, consume

forsérian see forséarian

forsetnian [] wv/t2 to beset

forsettan [] 1. wv/t1a to hedge in, obstruct; oppress; 2. see foresettan

forsettednes see foresetnes

forsewen [] 1. f (-e/-a) contempt; 2. past part of forséon

forsewenlic [] adj despicable, ignominious, wretched, of poor appearance; adv ~líce

forsewennes [] f (-se/-sa) contempt

forsewestre [] f (-an/-an) female despiser

forsingian see forsyngian

forsittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forsitteð past forsæt/forsǽton ptp forseten to neglect, delay; block, obstruct, besiege; injure; absent oneself (from); to give out, fail

forsíð see forðsíð

forsíðian [] wv/t2 to perish

forsláwian [] wv/t2 to be slow, unwilling, delay, put off

forslǽwan [] wv/t1b to be slow, unwilling, delay, put off

forsléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forsliehð past forslóg/on ptp forslagen, forslægen to cut through, strike, break, kill, destroy

forslegenlic [] adj mean, ignominious

forsliet [] m (-es/-as) slaughter [slieht]

forslítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forslíteð past forslát/forsliton ptp forsliten to consume, devour

forsmorian [] wv/t1a to smother, choke, stifle

forsorgian [] wv/t2 to despond

forsóð [] adv indeed, verily

forspanan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forspenð past forspón/on ptp forspanen to mislead, lead astray, seduce, entice

forspaning [] f (-e/-a) allurement

forspǽc see foresprǽc

forspeca see forespreca

forspecan see foresprecan

forspédian [] wv/t2 to speed, prosper

forspendan [] wv/t1b to spend, give out, squander, consume

forspennan [] wv/t1a to allure

forspennen see forspenning

forspennend [] m (-es/-) procurer

forspennende [] adj seductive, voluptuous, defiling

forspennendlic [] adj seductive, voluptuous, defiling

forspennestre [] f (-an/-an) procuress

forspenning [] f (-e/-a) enticement, seduction, evil attraction

forspild [] m (-es/-as) destruction

forspildan [] wv/t1b to waste, lose, disperse, bring to nothing, destroy, ruin, kill

forspillan see forspildan

forspildnes [] f (-se/-sa) waste, destruction, perdition

forspillednes [] f (-se/-sa) waste, destruction, perdition

forspillian [] wv/t2 to wanton

forsprec- see foresprec-

forspyll- see forspill-

forsprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forspricð past forspræc/forsprǽcon ptp forsprecen to speak in vain; state amiss; deny; denounce; lose (a case)

forspyrcan [] wv/t1b to dry up

forst [] m (-es/-as) frost

forstal see foresteall

forstalian [] wv/r2 to steal away

forstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forstendeð past forstód/on ptp forstanden to defend, help, protect; withstand, prevent, hinder, resist, oppose; benefit, avail; understand; signify, be equal to

forstæppan see forestæppan

forsteall see foresteall

forstelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forstilð past forstæl/forstǽlon ptp forstolen to steal away, steal, rob, deprive

forstig [] adj frosty

forstlic [] adj glacial, frozen

forstoppian [] wv/t2 to stop up, close

forstrang [] adj very strong

forstregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forstrigdeð past forstrægd/forstrugdon ptp forstrogden to destroy

forstrogdnes [] f (-se/-sa) [precipitatio]

forstyltan [] wv/i1b to be amazed

forstyntan [] wv/t1b to blunt, break, crush; check, impair

forsúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forsýcð past forséac/forsucon ptp forsocen to suck up

forsúgan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forsýgð past forséag/forsugon ptp forsogen to suck in

forsugian see forswigian

forsuncen [] adj faded out (of the written page)

forsuwian see forswigian

forsuwung [] f (-e/-a) silence

forswápan2 [] sv/t7 3rd pres forswǽpð past forswéop/on ptp forswápen to sweep away, drive

forswarung [] f (-e/-a) perjury

forswǽlan [] wv/t1b to burn, burn up, inflame, consume

forswæð see fótswæð

forswefian [] wv/i2 to kill, perish; to prosper

forswelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forswilð past forswæl/forswaelon ptp forswolen to burn, burn up

forswelgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forswilgð past forswealg/forswulgon ptp forswolgen to swallow up, devour, consume, absorb

forsweltan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forswilteð past forswealt/forswulton ptp is forswolten to die, disappear

forsweogian see forswigian

forsweolgan see forswelgan

forsweorcan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forswiercð past forswearc/forswurcon ptp is forsworcen to grow dark, obscure

forsweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forswierfð past forswearf/forswurfon ptp forsworfen to polish, cleanse; grind away, demolish

forsweotole [] adv very clearly

forswerian [] sv/r6, sv/i6 3rd pres forswereð past forswór/on ptp forsworen to swear falsely; make useless by a spell

forswigian [] wv/t2 to conceal by silence, suppress, pass over; be silent

forswíð [] adj very great

forswíðan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forswíðeð past forswíðde ptp forswíðed, sv/t1 3rd pres forswíðeð past forswáð/forswidon ptp forswiden to crush, press upon, overcome, repress

forswíðian [] wv/t2 to crush, press upon, overcome, repress

forswíðe [] adv very much, utterly

forsworcenlic [] adj dark, obscure

forsworcennes [] f (-se/-sa) darkening, darkness

forsworen [] adj forsworn, perjured [past part of forswerian]

forsworennes [] f (-se/-sa) perjury

forswugian see forswigian

forsygian see forswigian

forsyngian [] wv/t2 to sin greatly

forsyngod [] m (-es/-as) sinner

fortácen see foretácn

fortendan [] wv/t1b to burn away, sear

fortéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres fortíehð past fortéah/fortugon ptp fortogen to mislead, seduce; draw over, cover, obscure

fortiht- see fortyht-

fortimbran [] wv/t1b to close up, obstruct

fortimbrian [] wv/t1a to close up, obstruct

fortín [] n (-es/-) a portent

fortog [] n (-es/-u) gripes; innan~

fortogen [] adj griped, pulled together

fortogenes [] f (-se/-sa) griping, spasm

fortogian [] wv/t2 to contract

fortredan [] sv/t5 3rd pres fortritt, fortrideð past fortræd/fortrǽdon ptp fortreden to tread down, trample on

fortreddan [] wv/t1a to tread down

fortreding [] f (-e/-a) treading down, crushing

fortrendan [] wv/t1b to block (by rolling a stone)

fortrúgadnes see fortrúwodnes

fortrúwednes see fortrúwodnes

fortrúwian [] wv/i2 to be presumptuous, overconfident, rash

fortrúwodnes [] f (-se/-sa) presumption

fortrúwung [] f (-e/-a) presumption

fortrymman [] wv/t1a to testify, confirm

fortyhtan [] wv/t1b to seduce

fortyhtigend [] m (-es/-) polluter, defiler

fortyllan [] wv/t1a to seduce

fortymbrian see fortimbrian

fortýnan [] wv/t1b to shut in, enclose, block up

forð [] 1. adv forth, forwards, onwards, further; hence, thence; away; continually, still, continuously, henceforth, thenceforward, simultaneously; ~ mid ealle forthwith; and swá ~ and so forth; swá ~ swá so far as; ~ on continually; fram orde oð ende ~ from the beginning to the end; ~ þæt until; gelǽran ~ to hand down (to others); 2. prep w.d? during

forð- see furð-

forðácígan [] wv/t1b to call forth

forðádilgian [] wv/t2 to bring to nothing, blot out

forðágán [] irreg v/i to pass away

forðágoten [] adj poured forth

forðahting [] f (-e/-a) exhortation

forðáloten [] adj prone

forþám [] 1. conj for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact that) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that; for þǽm þe, same meanings; 2. adv for that cause, consequently, therefore (2)

forþan [] 1. conj for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact that) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that; for þǽm þe, same meanings; 2. adv for that cause, consequently, therefore (3)

forðancful [] adj very thankful

forðátéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres forðátíehð past forðátéah/forðátugon ptp forðátogen to bring forth, produce

forðátýdred [] adj propagated

forðáurnen [] adj elapsed; past participle

forþǽm [] 1. conj for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact that) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that; for þǽm þe, same meanings; 2. adv for that cause, consequently, therefore (1)

forðbǽre [] adj productive

forðbecuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres forðbecymð past forðbecóm/on ptp is forðbecumen to come forth

forðberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres forðbirð past forðbær/forðbǽron ptp forðboren to bring forth, produce

forðbeséon [] sv/t5 3rd pres forðbesiehð past forðbeseah/forðbesáwon ptp forðbesewen to look forth

forðbi [] prep w.d.? by, past

forðbie [] prep w.d.? by, past

forðbigferende [] adj passing by

forðbláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forðblǽwð past forðbléow/on ptp forðbláwen to blow or belch forth

forðblæstan [] wv/t1b to blow forth, burst out

forðboren [] adj of noble birth

forðbrengan [] irreg wv/t1b to bring forth, produce; bring to pass, accomplish; bring forward; adduce, quote

forðbringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres forðbringð past forðbróhte ptp forðbróht to bring forth, produce; bring to pass, accomplish; bring forward; adduce, quote

forðbylding [] f (-e/-a) emboldening, encouragement

forðclypian [] wv/t2 to call forth

forðcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres forðcymð past forðcóm/on ptp forðcumen to come forth, proceed, arrive at, succeed; come to pass, come true; be born

forðcyme [] m (-es/-as) coming forth, birth

forðcýðan [] wv/t1b to announce, declare

forðdǽd [] f (-e/-e) advantage

forðdón [] irreg v/t to put forth

forþeahtung [] f (-e/-a) exhortation

forþearle [] adv very much, greatly, strictly

forþearlíce [] adv absolutely, entirely

forþeccan [] irreg wv/t1b to shield, protect

forðegide [] adj consumed

forþelgian see forþyldian, forþyldgian

forþencan [] 1. irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres forþencð past forþóhte ptp forþóht to mistrust, despise, despair; past part forþóht despaired of; noun poor wretch; 2. see foreþencan

forþéofian [] wv/t2 to steal

forþéon [] 1. wv/t1b 3rd pres forþéoð past forþéode ptp forþéod to crush, oppress; 2. see foreþéon

forþéostrian [] wv/i2 to darken

forþerscan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forþirsceð past forþærsc/forþurscon ptp forþorscen to beat down

forðfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres forðfærð past forðfór/on ptp is forðfaren to depart, die

forðfæder [] m (-es/-as) forefather, ancestor

forðfæderen [] adj paternal

forðféran1 [] wv/t1b to depart, die

forðférednes [] f (-se/-sa) death

forðférung [] f (-e/-a) death

forðflówan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forðfléwð past forðfléow/on ptp is forðflówen to flow

forðfolgian [] wv/t2 to follow

forðfór [] 1. f (-e/-a) departure, death; 2. past 3rd sing of forðfaran

forðforlǽtenes [] f (-se/-sa) license

forðframian [] wv/t2 to grow to maturity

forðfromung [] f (-e/-a) departure

forðfyligan [] wv/t2 to follow, fall out, happen

forðgán [] irreg v/i to go forth, advance, proceed, pass by, go away, go on, precede, succeed

forðgang [] m (-es/-as) going forth, progress, advance, success; privy, drain; purging, evacuation

forðgangan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forðgengð past forðgéong/on ptp is forðgangen to go forth

forðgecígan [] wv/t1b to call forth; exhort

forðgeclipian [] wv/t2 to call forth, provoke

forðgefaran see forðfaran

forðgeféran see forðféran

forðgegyrdu [] n pl ornaments of a ‘forðgyrd’

forðgelang [] adj dependant

forðgelǽdan [] wv/t1b to bring forth, cause to grow

forðgelǽstan see forðlǽstan

forðgeléoran [] wv/t1b to pass away, die

forðgeléorednes [] f (-se/-sa) departure, death

forðgelócian see forðlócian

forðgenge [] adj increasing, thriving, effective, successful

forðgeong see forðgang

forðgeorn [] adj eager to advance

forðgéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forðgíeteð past forðgéat/forðguton ptp forðgoten to pour forth

forðgerímed [] adv in unbroken succession

forðgesceaft2 [] f (-e/-a) creature, created being or thing, world; future destiny

forðgestrangian [] wv/t2 to strengthen much [confortare]

forðgesýne [] adj visible, conspicuous

forðgewítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forðgewíteð past forðgewát/forðgewiton ptp forðgewiten to go forth, pass, proceed, go by; depart, die; forðgewiten tíd/tíma past tense

forðgewitenes [] f (-se/-sa) departure

forðgyrd [] m (-es/-as) fore-girdle, martingale

forðheald [] adj bent forward, stooping; inclined, steep

forðhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forðhieldeð past forðhéold/on ptp forðhealden to hold to, follow out, keep up, observe

forðhebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres forðhebð past forðhóf/on ptp forðhæfen/forðhafen to further

forðheold [] 1. see forðheald; 2. past 3rd sing of forðhealdan

forðherge [] m (-es/-as) van (of an army)

forðhlífian [] wv/t2 to be prominent

forðhnígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forðhnígeð past forðhnág/forðhnigon ptp forðhnigen to fall down, fall forward

forðhréosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres forðhríesð past forðhréas/forðhruron ptp forðhroren to rush forth

forþí see forþý

forðian1 [] wv/t2 to put forth, contribute; further, advance; carry out, accomplish

forðig see forþý

forþindan [] sv/i3 3rd pres forþindeð past forþand/forþundon ptp is forþunden to swell up

forþingian [] wv/t2 to arrange for a man’s wergild

forðlǽdan [] wv/t1b to lead forth, bring forth

forðlǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) bringing forth

forðlǽstan [] wv/t1b to persevere in, accomplish

forðlǽtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres forðlǽteð past forðlét/on, forðleort/on ptp forðlǽten to send forth, emit

forðléoran [] wv/t1b to proceed

forðlic [] adj forward, advanced; thoroughly; adv ~líce

forðlífian see forðhlífian

forðlócian [] wv/t2 to look forth

forðlútan [] wv/t1b to lean forward, fall down; be prone (to)

forðmann [] m (-es/-menn) man of rank

forðmǽre [] adj very glorious

forðmest [] adj foremost

forðmid [] adv at the same time

forþóht [] adj despaired of; past part of forþencan

forþolian [] wv/t2 to go without, lack

forþon [] 1. conj for (the reason) that, owing to (the fact that) that, for, because, on that account, therefore, seeing that; for þǽm þe, same meanings; 2. adv for that cause, consequently, therefore (4)

forþon [] 1. adv forthwith; 2. see forþæm

forþoncol see foreþancol

forðor see furðor

forðrǽcan [] wv/t1b to protrude

forðrǽsan [] wv/t1b to rush forth, rise up; jut out, protrude [rǽsan]

forþrǽstan [] wv/t1b to crush, afflict, oppress; suppress, stifle; destroy

forþrǽsted [] adj contrite

forþrǽstnes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation

forþrǽstednes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation

forðres- see forþrys-

forþriccednes see forþryccednes

forðriht [] adj direct, plain [forthright, adj]

forðrihte [] adv straightway, at once; unmistakably, plainly; straight on

forþringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forþringeð past forþrang/forþrungon ptp forþrungen drive out; to rescue from, defend against; elbow out, displace

forðroccetan [] wv/t1b to belch forth

forþryccan [] wv/t1a to press, squeeze, crush, oppress, suppress

forþryccednes [] f (-se/-sa) pressure, oppression

forþrycnes [] f (-se/-sa) extortion, oppression, tribulation

forðryne [] m (-es/-as) onward course

forþrysman [] wv/t2 to choke, suffocate, strangle; becloud

forþrysmed [] adj obscured

forþrysmian [] wv/t2 to choke, suffocate, strangle; becloud

forðscacan [] sv/i6 3rd pres forðscæcð past forðscóc/on ptp forðscacen to pass away

forðscencan [] wv/t1b to pour forth, give to drink

forðscype [] m (-es/-as) progress

forðsecgan [] wv/t3 to announce, proclaim

forðsellan [] irreg wv/t1b to give out, pay out

forðsendan [] wv/t1b to send forth

forðsetennes [] f (-se/-sa) A setting forth or proposing, a representation; A design, purpose, resolution, determination; In logic, the first proposition of a syllogism; A principal subject, theme; Still more generally, a proposition of any kind; In jurid. lang., a statement of a question of law; a case submitted for legal opinion; Esp. in bibl. lang., a setting forth for public view [propositio]

forðsíð [] m (-es/-as) going forth, decease

forðsnoter2 [] adj very wise

forðspell [] n (-es/-) declaration

forðspównes [] f (-se/-sa) prosperity

forðstæppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forðstæpeð past forðstóp/on ptp forðstapen to issue forth, proceed, pass by

forðsteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres forðstepeð past forðstóp/on ptp forðstapen to issue forth, proceed, pass by

forðstæppung [] f (-e/-a) advance

forðstefn [] m (-es/-as) prow

forðswebung [] f (-e/-a) a killing?

forðswefian see forswefian

forðtége see forðtíge

forðtéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres forðtíehð past forðtéah/forðtugon ptp forðtogen to draw forth, bring forth

forðtíge [] m (-es/-as) vestibule

forðtihtan [] wv/t1b to persuade

forðtilian [] wv/t2 to go on striving

forðþegn [] m (-es/-as) chief noble

forðþéon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres forðþéoð past forðþéode ptp forðþéod to profit

forðum see furðum

forðung [] f (-e/-a) furtherance

forðweard [] 1. adj inclined forwards or towards; advanced, progressing, growing, ready; enduring, everlasting, continual; future; 2. adv continually; prospectively; from now on, forwards, onwards; 3. m (-es/-as) look-out man, pilot

forðweardes [] adv forwards

forðweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) progress

forðweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forðwiexð past forðwéox/on ptp is forðweaxen to break forth, burst forth

forðweg2 [] m (-es/-as) journey, departure; in (on) ~e away

forðwegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forðwigð past forðwæg/forðwǽgon ptp forðwegen to further

forðwerd see forðweard

forðwíf [] n (-es/-) matron

forðwyrft [] adj tortured, mutilated

forþý [] 1. conj for that, because, therefore; 2. adv for that, therefore, consequently

forþyldian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (1)

forþyldgian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (2)

forþyldigian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (3)

forþyldigung [] f (-e/-a) tolerance

forþylgian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (4)

forþyldegian [] wv/t2 to bear, support, endure, wait patiently (5)

forþylman [] wv/t1b to shut in, enclose, envelop, obscure, cover over, overwhelm; choke, suffocate, consume

forþylmian [] wv/t2 to shut in, enclose, envelop, obscure, cover over, overwhelm; choke, suffocate, consume

forðyppan [] wv/t1a to make manifest

forþysmed see forþrysmed

forþýðe see forþý

forud see forod

forútan [] adv; prep w.d. except, without

forúton [] adv; prep w.d. except, without

forwana [] m (-n/-n) abundance?

forwandian [] wv/t2 to hesitate, be reluctant; be ashamed; reverence

forwandung [] f (-e/-a) shame

forwarð see forwearð, past 3rd sing of forweorðan

forwærnan see forwiernan

forwærnian see forweornian

forweallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forwielð past forwéoll/on ptp forweallen to boil away

forweard [] 1. f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) beginning, front; heading, title, chapter; 2. adv continually, always

forweardmercung [] f (-e/-a) heading

forweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres forwiexð past forwéox/on ptp is forweaxen to progress, grow too much, become overgrown

forweddod [] adj pledged [wedd]

forwegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forwigð past forwæg/forwǽgon ptp forwegen to kill

forwel [] adv very, very well

forwened [] adj contrary to custom, unaccustomed to a thing; unusual, not in use (class.); excessive, immoderate; haughty, arrogant, insolent; extravagant, prodigal; ~e adv unusually, contrary to custom; immoderately; haughtily, insolently [insolens]

forwéned [] adj [suspectus]

forwenednes [] f (-se/-sa) a being unaccustomed to a thing, unusualness, novelty; unusualness, novelty, strangeness, affectedness in the choice of words; Want of moderation, pride, haughtiness, arrogance, insolence [insolentia]

forweoren see forworen

forweornan see forwiernan

forweornian [] wv/t2 to dry up, wither, fade, grow old, rot, decay

forweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forwierpð past forwearp/forwurpon ptp forworpen to throw, cast out, cast down, drive off, reject, throw away, squander

forweorpnes [] f (-se/-sa) migration

forweorðan [] sv/t3 3rd pres forwierð past forwearð/fordwurdon ptp forworden to perish, pass away, vanish; deteriorate, sicken; ~ on móde be grieved

forweorðenes see forwordenes

forweorðfullic [] adj excellent

forweosnian see forwisnian

forwercan see forwyrcan

forwerd see foreweard

forwered see forwerod

forweren see forworen

forwerennes see forwerodnes

forwerod [] adj worn out, very old [werian]

forwerodnes [] f (-se/-sa) old age

forwest see forewost

forwiernan [] wv/t1b to hinder, prohibit, prevent, repel, refuse, repudiate, deny, withhold, oppose

forwiernedlíce [] adv continently

forwiernednes [] f (-se/-sa) restraint, self-denial, continence

forwird see forwyrd

forwirn- see forwiern-

forwisnian [] wv/i2 to dry up, decay, rot

forwitan see forewitan

forwitolnes [] f (-se/-sa) intelligence, diligence

forwlencan [] wv/t1b to fill with pride, puff up

forword [] 1. n (-es/-) iota; 2. see foreword

forwordenes [] f (-se/-sa) destruction, failure

forwordenlic [] adj perishable; perishing

forworen [] adj decrepit, decayed

forwost [] m (-es/-as) chief, captain

forwracned [] adj banished

forwrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres forwricð past forwræc/forwrǽcon ptp forwrecen to drive forth, carry away; expel, banish

forwrégan [] wv/t1b to accuse, calumniate

forwréon [] sv/t1 3rd pres forwríehð past forwrág/forwrigon ptp forwrigen to cover over

forwrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forwríteð past forwrát/forwriton ptp forwriten to cut in two

forwríðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres forwríðeð past forwráð/forwriðon ptp forwriðen to bind up

forwundian [] wv/t2 to wound

forwundorlic [] adj very wonderful; adv ~líce

forwurðan see forweorðan

forwynsumian [] wv/t2 to enjoy thoroughly

forwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres forwyrcð past forworhte ptp forworht 1. to do wrong, sin; forworht mann criminal; ruin, undo, destroy; condemn, convict, curse; forfeit; 2. to barricade, obstruct, close up

forwyrd [] f (-e/-e), n (-es/-) destruction, ruin, fall, death [forweorðan]

forwyrdan [] wv/t1b to destroy

forwyrdendlic [] adj perishable

forwyrht [] f (-e/-a) misdeed; ruin

forwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) agent, deputy; evil-doer, malefactor, ruined person

forwyrn- see forwiern-

forwyrpnes [] f (-se/-sa) casting out

foryld see foreald

foryldan see forieldan

foryldu [] f (-e/-a) extreme old age; weariness (in context)

foryrman [] wv/t1b to reduce to poverty, bring low [earm]

foryrð see forierð

fóster see fóstor

fostere [] m (-es/-as) a space

fóstor [] m (fóstres/fóstras) sustenance, maintenance, food, nourishment

fóstorbearn [] n (-es/-) foster-child

fóstorbróðor [] m (-/-) foster-brother [pl -bróðor, -bróðru]

fóstorcild [] n (-es/-ru) foster-child

fóstorfæder [] m (-es/-as) foster-father

fóstorland [] n (-es/-) foster-land, land granted for the support of the recipients, land assigned for the procuring of provisions

fóstorléan [] n (-es/-) payment for maintenance

fóstorling [] m (-es/-as) foster-child, nursling, pupil

fóstormann [] m (-es/-menn) bondsman, security

fóstormódor [] f (-/-módru) foster-mother [dat méder; pl also módor, módra]

fóstornóð [] m (-es/-as) pasture, sustenance

fóstorsweostor [] f (-/-) foster-sister

fóstrað [] m (-es/-as) food; manna

foster see cildfóstre

fóstrian [] wv/t2 to foster, nourish

fóstring [] m (-es/-as) foster-child, disciple

fóstur see fóstor

fót [] m (-es/fét) 1. a foot; 2. the foot, the foot of a man, a measure of length, was divided ino 12 equal parts or inches (ynce m), and an inch was 3 barley corns in length; [in the Anglo-Saxon times, the people and their rulers were satisfied with the simplest weights and measures, thus a yard was 3 feet, of 12 inches each foot, while an inch was in length 3 barley-corns]; dat fét; [foot (as limb and as measure);]

fótádl [] f (-e/-a) gout in the feet; jaundice [morbus regius]

fótádlig [] adj having gout in the feet

fótbred [] n (-es/-u, breodu) foot-board, stirrup

fótcopsian1 [] wv/t2 to fetter

fótcosp [] m (-es/-as) foot-fetter

fótcops [] m (-es/-as) foot-fetter

fótcoðu [] f (-e/-a) gout in the feet; jaundice [morbus regius]

fótece [] m (-es/-as) gout in the feet; the jaundice [morbus regius]

fóter see fódder 1

fótfeter [] f (-e/-a) fetter of the feet

fótgangende [] adj going on foot

fótgemearc [] n (-es/-) space of a foot

fótgemet [] n (-es/-u, gemeotu) a foot in measure

fótgeswell [] n (-es/-) swelling of the foot

fótgewǽde [] f? (-an/-an), n? (-es/-u) covering for the feet

fótlást [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) footprint, spoor; foot

fótlǽst [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) footprint, spoor; foot

fótlǽstléas [] adj soleless

fótlic [] adj on foot; pedestrian

fótmǽl [] n (-es/-) foot-measure, foot

fótmǽlum [] adv step by step, by degrees

fótráp [] m (-es/-as) rope by which the foot of a sail is tied; the loose part of the sheet by which a sail is trimmed to the wind, ‘propes’

fótsceamol [] m (-sceamles/-sceamlas) footstool

fótsceanca [] m (-n/-n) foreleg

fótsetl [] n (-es/-) footstool

fótsíd [] adj reaching to the feet

fótspor [] n (-es/-u) footprints, spoor

fótspure [] n (-es/-u) foot-rest, foot-support

fótstán [] m (-es/-as) base, pedestal

fótstapol [] m (-es/-stapelas) footstep

fótswæþ [] n (-es/-swaðu) footprint, footstep; foot

fótswaðu [] f (-e/-a) footprint, footstep; foot

fótswyle [] m (-es/-as) swelling of the foot

fótþwéal [] n (-es/-) washing of the feet

fótwærc [] n (-es/-) pain in the foot, gout

fótwelm [] m (-es/-as) instep (1)

fótwylm [] m (-es/-as) instep (2)

fótwolma [] m (-n/-n) instep (3)

fóð pres plural of fón

fóðor [] 1. n (-es/-) load, cartload; food, fodder; 2. covering, case, basket

fówer see féower

fox [] m (-es/-as) fox

foxescláte [] f (-an/-an) fox’s clote, burdock; [arctium lappa]

foxesclífe [] f (-an/-an) foxglove?, greater burdock?; [arctium lappa]

foxesfót [] m (-fét/-fét) fox-foot, xiphion, bur reed, a water plant; [sparganum simplex]

foxesglófa [] m (-n/-n) foxglove; [digitalis purpurea]

foxhol [] n (-es/-u) fox-hole

foxhyll [] m (-es/-as) fox-hill

foxung [] f (-e/-a) fox-like wile, craftiness

fra see fram

fraced see fracoþ

fraceþ see fracoþ

fracod see fracoþ

fracoþ [] 1. adj vile, bad, wicked, criminal, impious, filthy, abominable; useless, worthless; 2. n (-es/-) insult, contumely, disgrace; wickedness

fracoþdǽd [] f (-e/-e) misdeed

fracoðe [] adv shamefully

fracoþlic [] adj base, ignominious, shameful, lewd; adv ~líce

fracoþlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) vileness, coarseness, obscenity

fracoþnes [] f (-se/-sa) vileness, coarseness, obscenity

fracoþscipe [] m (-es/-as) scandalous conduct

fracoþword [] n (-es/-) insulting word

fracud see fracoð

fracuð see fracoð

fragendlic see framigendlic

fram [] 1. prep w.d.i. local from, by; temporal since, from; agent by; as a result of; (with verbs of saying and hearing) of, about, concerning; ~ gán to depart; lǽtan ~ refrain from; ~ swícan to fall off, rebel; þéodan ~ to separate; fram-, from- in compounds; 2. adv from, forth, out, away; 3. adj strenuous, active, bold, strong [Ger fromm]

framácyrran see framcyrran [in following definitions, fram- may be taken as a separate preposition]

framádón [] irreg v/t to take from, do away, cut off, cut out

framádrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres framádrífð past framádráf/framádrifon ptp framádrifen to drive away, expel

framáhyldan [] wv/t1b to turn from

framánýdan [] wv/t1b to drive away

framáscacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres framáscæcð past framáscóc/on ptp framáscacen to shake off

framáscúfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres framáscýfð past framáscéaf/framáscufon ptp framáscofen to drive away

framástyrian [] wv/t2 to remove

framátéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres framátíehð past framátéah/framátugon ptp framátogen to draw away from

framáteran [] sv/t4 3rd pres framátirð past framátær/framátǽron ptp framátoren to tear asunder, tear in pieces [diripere]

framáwendan [] wv/t1b to turn from or away

framáweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres framáwierpð past framáwearp/framáwurpon ptp framáworpen to cast away

frambige [] m (-es/-as) backsliding, apostasy, default

frambringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres frambringeð past frambróhte ptp frambróht to take away

framcyme [] m (-es/-as) issue, posterity

framcynn2 [] n (-es/-) issue, posterity; origin

framcyrran [] wv/t1a to turn from, avert; take from

framdón [] irreg v/t to put off, stop, interrupt

frameald [] adj very old; cmp framieldra; spl framieldest

framfær [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) departure

framfæreld [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) departure

framfaru [] f (-e/-a) excess

framfundung [] f (-e/-a) departure

framgewítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres framgewíteð past framgewát/framgewiton ptp framgewiten to apostatize

framian [] wv/t2 to avail, benefit

framierning [] f (-e/-a) out flowing

framigendlic [] adj effective, beneficial

framlád [] f (-e/-a) departure

framléce [] adj turned from

framlic [] adj strong, daring; adv ~líce boldly, strongly, strenuously, quickly

framlócian [] wv/t2 to look back

framnes [] f (-se/-sa) vigor, excellence

framrinc [] m (-es/-as) chief, prince

framscipe [] 1. m (-es/-as) exercise, action; progress, success; 2. m (-es/-as) fraternity

framsíþ [] m (-es/-as) departure

framslitnes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation

framswengan [] wv/t1b to swing away, shake off

framung see fremung

framweard [] adj about to depart, departing, doomed to die; with his back turned

framweardes [] adv away from

framwesende [] adj absent

frán [] past 3rd sing of frínan

franca [] m (-n/-n) lance, javelin

Francan [] m pl the Franks; gen Francena, dat Francum

France [] m pl the Franks; gen Franca

Francland [] n (-es/-) Frank-land, the country of the Franks

Francríce [] n (-es/-u) the kingdom of the Franks

frásian1 [] wv/t2 to ask, inquire, find out by inquiry; tempt, try

frásung [] f (-e/-a) questioning, temptation

fratwian see frætwian

frǽ- see fréa-

fræc see frec

frǽc- see fréc-

fræcúð see fracoð

fræfel [] 1. n? (-es/-) cunning; 2. adj cunning

fræfelian [] wv/i2 to be cunning

fræfellíce [] adv shamelessly; carefully; astutely

fræfelnes [] f (-se/-sa) sharpness, shrewdness

frægn [] 1. past 3rd sing of frignan; 2. see fregen 2

frægning [] f (-e/-a) questioning

fræm- see frem-

fræng see frægn

fræpgian1 [] wv/t2 to accuse; reverence

frǽt [] 1. 2 adj perverse, proud, obstinate; shameful; 2. past 3rd sing of fretan

frætegung see frætwung

frætenes [] f (-se/-sa) ornament

frætew- see frætw-

frǽtgenga [] m (-n/-n) apostasy

frǽtig [] adj perverse, proud

frætlæppa [] m (-n/-n) dew-lap

frǽton past pl of fretan

frætwa [] f pl treasures, ornaments, trappings, armor; m adorner

frætwe [] f pl treasures, ornaments, trappings, armor; m adorner

frætwædnes see frætwednes

frætwan1 [] wv/t1b to ornament, adorn; clothe, cover over

frætwian [] wv/t2 to ornament, adorn; clothe, cover over

frættewian [] wv/t2 to ornament, adorn; clothe, cover over

frætwian variant of frætwan

frætwung1 [] f (-e/-a) adorning, ornament

fréa2 [] 1. m (-n/-n) ruler, lord, king, master; the Lord, Christ, God; husband [Goth frauja]; 2. see fréo 1

fréa- [] intensitive prefix [= L præ-]

fréabeorht [] adj glorious

fréabeorhtian [] wv/t2 to proclaim

fréabodian [] wv/t2 to proclaim, declare

fréabregd? [] n? (-es/-) mighty device

fréadréman [] wv/t1b to exult

fréadryhten2 [] m (-dryhtnes/-dryhtnas) lord and master

fréafætt [] adj very fat

fréagléaw [] adj very wise

fréahræd [] adj very quick

fréamǽre [] adj very celebrated

fréamicel [] adj preeminent

fréamiht [] f (-e/-e) great strength

freamsum see fremsum

fréan see fréon

fréaofestlíce [] adv very quickly

fréareccere [] m (-es/-as) prince

fréas past 3rd sing of fréosan

fréasian see frásian

fréatorht [] adj very bright, radiant

fréaþancian [] wv/t2 to exult

fréawine2 [] m (-es/-as) lord and friend

fréawlitig [] adj very beautiful

fréawrásn [] f (-e/-a) splendid band, splendid chain

frébran see fréfran

frec [] adj greedy; eager, bold, daring; dangerous

freca2 [] m (-n/-n) warrior, hero

fréced- see frécen-

frécelnes see frécennes

frécelsod [] adj exposed to danger

frécen [] n (frécnes/-) peril, danger

frécendlic [] adj dangerous, mischievous, perilous, terrible; adv ~líce

frécenful [] adj dangerous

frécenlic [] adj dangerous, mischievous, perilous, terrible; adv ~líce

frécennes [] f (-se/-sa) harm, danger

frecful [] adj greedy

frecian [] wv/t2 to be greedy

freclíce [] adv greedily

frecmáse [] f (-an/-an) titmouse

frécn- see frécen-

frécne [] 1. adj dangerous, perilous; terrible; savage, wicked; daring, bold; 2. n (-es/-u) peril; 3. adv dangerously; fiercely, severely; boldly, audaciously

frecnes [] f (-se/-sa) greediness

frecnian1 [] wv/t2 to make bold; endanger, imperil

frecwásend [] m (-es/-) gluttony

frefelíce see fræfellíce

fréfer [] f (-e/-a) consolation

fréfernes [] f (-se/-sa) consolation

freflíce see fræfellíce

fréfran1 [] wv/t1b to cheer, console

fréfrend [] m (-es/-), f (-e/-a) comforter, consoler; the Comforter (Holy Ghost)

fréfrian see fréfran

fréfriend see fréfrend

fréfrung [] f (-e/-a) consolation

fregen [] 1. see frægn past 3rd sing of frignan; 2. n (-es/-) question

fregn [] 1. see frægn past 3rd sing of frignan; 2. n (-es/-) question

fregnan see frignan

fregnung [] f (-e/-a) questioning

freht see friht

frem see fram adj

fremde [] adj foreign, alien, strange; unfriendly; estranged from, devoid of, remote from

fremdian1 [] wv/t2 to estrange; curse, anathematize, excommunicate

freme [] 1. adj 2 vigorous, flourishing; [fram]; 2. see fremu

fremede see fremde

fremedlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to alienate

fremedlíce [] adv perfectly

fremednes1 [] f (-se/-sa) fulfillment, effect

fremful [] adj useful, profitable, beneficial; well-disposed; adv ~líce efficaciously

fremfullic see fremful

fremfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) utility, profit

fremian1 [] wv/t2 to avail, benefit, do good; tíðe ~ to grant

fremigendlic [] adj profitable

fremlic [] adj profitable

fremman [] wv/t1a to further, advance, support; frame, make, do, accomplish, perfect, perpetrate, commit, afford

fremming1 [] f (-e/-a) purpose, effect, performance, progress

fremnes see fremednes

fremsum [] adj beneficent, benign, kind, gracious; adv ~e

fremsumlic [] adj benignant, kind; adv ~líce

fremsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) benefit, benignity, kindness, liberality

fremð- see fremd-

fremðlic see frymðlic

fremu [] f (-e/-a) advantage, gain, benefit

fremung [] f (-e/-a) advantage, profit, good

frence [] f (-an/-an) a coarse cloak

Frencisc [] adj French

frénd see fréond

frendian see fremdian

freng see frægn past 3rd sing of frignan

fréo [] 1. adj free; 2 glad, joyful; 2 noble, illustrious; 2. 2 f (-n/-n) woman, lady; 3. m see fréa; 4. imper of fréogan; 5. f? (-?/-?) freedom, immunity

fréobearn2 [] n (-es/-) child of gentle birth

fréoborh see friðborh

fréobróðor [] m (-/-) own brother

fréoburh [] f (-byrh/-byrh) city

fréod [] 1. 2 f (-e/-a) peace, friendship; good-will, affection; 2. past participle of fréogan; 3. see fréot

fréode past 3rd sing of fréogan

fréodohtor [] f (-/-) freeborn daughter

fréodóm [] m (-es/-as) freedom, state of free-will, charter, emancipation, deliverance

fréodryhten2 [] see fréadryhten

fréodscipe see fréondscipe?

fréogan1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres fréogð past fréode ptp gefréod to free, liberate, manumit; love, embrace, caress, think of lovingly, honor

fréoh see fréo

fréolác [] n (-es/-) free-will offering, oblation

fréolǽta [] m (-n/-n) freedman

fréolic1 [] adj free, freeborn; glorious, stately, magnificent, noble; beautiful, charming; adv ~líce freely, readily; as a festival

fréols [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) freedom, immunity, privilege; feast-day, festival; charter of freedom [originally fríheals]; 2. adj free, festive

fréolsǽfen [] m (-ǽfnes/-ǽfnas) eve of a feast

fréolsbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) charter of freedom

fréolsbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of festival

fréolsdæg [] m (-es/-as) feast-day, festival-day

fréolsdóm see fréodóm

fréolsend [] m (-es/-) liberator

fréolsiend [] m (-es/-) liberator

fréolsgefa [] m (-n/-n) emancipator

fréolsgér [] n (-es/-) year of jubilee

fréolsian1 [] wv/t2 to deliver, liberate; to keep a feast or holy day, celebrate

fréolslic [] adj festive, festival; ~líce adv freely; solemnly

fréolsmann [] m (-es/-menn) freedman

fréolsniht [] f (-e/-) eve of a festival; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

fréolsstów [] f (-e/-a) festival-place

fréolstíd [] f (-e/-e) festival, feast-day

fréolsung [] f (-e/-a) celebration of a feast

freom see fram 3

freom- see fram-, frem-

fréomǽg2 [] m (-es/-as) free kinsman

fréomann [] m (-es/-menn) freeman, freeborn man

fréonama [] m (-n/-n) surname

fréond [] m (-es/friend) friend, relative; lover; dat. sing. fríend

fréondheald [] adj amiable

fréondhealdlic [] adj related, akin

fréondlár [] f (-e/-a) friendly counsel

fréondlaðu [] f (-e/-a) friendly invitation

fréondléas [] adj friendless; orphan; ~ mann outlaw

fréondléast [] f (-e/-a) want of friends

fréondlic [] adj friendly, well-disposed, kindly; adv fréondlíce

fréondlíðe [] adj kind to one’s friends

fréondlufu [] f (-e/-a) friendship, love

fréondmyne [] f (-an/-an) amorous intention

fréondrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) friendship; conjugal love

fréondscipe [] m (-es/-as) friendship; conjugal love

fréondspéd [] f (-e/-e) abundance of friends

fréondspédig [] adj rich in friends

fréone accusative singular masculine of fréo adj

fréonoma see fréonama

fréorig2 [] adj freezing, frozen, cold, chilly; blanched with fear, sad, mournful [fréosan]

fréorigferð2 [] adj sad

fréorigmód2 [] adj sad

fréoriht [] n (-es/-) rights of freemen

fréosan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres fríesð past fréas/fruron ptp gefroren to freeze

fréosceat [] m (-es/-as) freehold property

fréot [] m (-es/-as) freedom; ~es þolian to be reduced to slavery

fréotgiefa [] m (-n/-n) liberator

fréotgiefu [] f (-e/-a) emancipation

fréotgift [] f (-e/-a) emancipation

fréotmann [] m (-es/-menn) freedman

freoð- see frið-

fréoðan see á-

freoðo- see friðo-

freoðu- see friðu

fréowíf [] n (-es/-) free woman

fréowine see fréawine

Fresan see Frisan

Fresic [] adj in the Frisian manner, Frisian [Frisan]

fretan1 [] sv/t5 3rd pres fritt, friteð past frǽt/on ptp gefreten to devour, eat, consume; break

fretgenga see frætgenga

frettan [] wv/t1a to feed upon, consume [frettan]

frettol [] adj greedy, gluttonous

fretw- see frætw-

freðo see friðo

frí see fréo 1

fría see fréa

fríand see fréond

Fríandæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Friday

fríborh see friðborh

fric see frec

fricca [] m (-n/-n) herald, crier (1)

friccea [] m (-n/-n) herald, crier (2)

fricgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres frigeð past fræg/frǽgon ptp gefrigen/gefrægen to ask, inquire into, investigate; ge~ to learn, find out by inquiry

frícian [] wv/t2 to dance

frician1 [] wv/t2 w.g. to seek, desire

friclu [] f (-e/-a) appetite

fricu [] f (-e/-a) a using, use, or enjoyment of a thing; In partic., in mercantile lang., a use of money lent; interest paid for the use of money, usury; interest [usura]

fricolo see friclu

frictrung see frihtrung

frídhengest see fríðhengest

fríenan see frínan, frignan

fríend see fréond

fríg see fréo

Frígdæg see Frígedæg

fríge [] 1. 2 f pl love; 2. variant of fréo

frígea [] m (-n/-n) lord, master [= fréa]

Frígeǽfen [] m (-ǽfnes/-ǽfnas) Thursday evening

Frígedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Friday

frigedóm [] m (-es/-as) deliberation

frigenes see frignes

Frígeniht [] f (-e/-) Thursday night; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

frigest pres 2nd sing of fricgan

frigeð pres 3rd sing of fricgan

frignan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres frigneð past frægn/frugnon ptp gefrugnen to ask, inquire; 2 learn by inquiry

frignes1 [] f (-se/-sa) interrogation, question

frígnes [] f (-se/-sa) freedom

frignung [] f (-e/-a) question

frigst pres 2nd sing of fricgan

frihst pres 2nd sing of fricgan

friht [] n (-es/-) divination

frihtere [] m (-es/-as) diviner, soothsayer

frihtrian [] wv/t2 to divine

frihtrung [] f (-e/-a) soothsaying, divination

frimdig see frymdig

frínan see frignan

frínan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres fríneð past frǽn/frúnon ptp gefrúnen to ask, inquire; 2 learn by inquiry (2)

frínd see fríend

frío see fréo

frís [] adj crisped, curled; Frisian

Frisan [] m pl Frisians

frisca see frysca

fristmearc see firstmearc

frit pres 3rd sing of fretan

friteð pres 3rd sing of fretan

fritt pres 3rd sing of fretan

frið [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u, freoðu, frioðu) peace, tranquility, security, refuge; ~ niman to make peace; privilege of special protection, and penalty for the breach of it; restoration of rights (to an outlaw); ~ geniman to make peace

fríð [] adj stately, beautiful

friða [] m (-n/-n) protector

friðáð [] m (-es/-as) oath of peace

friðbéna [] m (-n/-n) suppliant, refugee

friðborh [] m (-bóres/-bóras) surety for peace

friðbrǽc [] f (-e/-a) breach of the peace

friðburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) town with which there is peace, city of refuge; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

friðcandel [] f (-le/-la) the sun

friðeléas see friðléas

friðgeard [] m (-es/-as) enclosed space, asylum, sanctuary; court of peace (heaven)

friðgedál [] n (-es/-) death

friðgegilda [] m (-n/-n) member of a peace-gild

friðgeorn [] adj peaceable

friðgewrit [] n (-es/-u, gewriotu) peace agreement

friðgield [] n (-es/-) peace-gild

friðgísl [] m (-es/-as) peace-hostage

friðhengest [] m (-es/-as) stately horse? [ON fríðr], or horse of peace?

friðherpæð [] m (-es/-paðas) king’s highway

friðhús [] n (-es/-) sanctuary

friðian [] wv/t2 to give ‘frið’ to, make peace with, be at peace with; 1 cherish, protect, guard, defend, keep; observe

friðiend [] m (-es/-) helper, defender

friðland [] n (-es/-) friendly territory

friðléas [] adj peaceless, outlawed

friðlic [] adj mild, lenient

friðmál [] n (-es/-) article of peace

friðmann [] m (-es/-menn) man under special peace-protection

friðo see friðu

friðo- see friðu-

friðscip [] n (-es/-u) ship for defense

friðsócn [] f (-e/-a) sanctuary, asylum

friðsplott [] m (-es/-as) peace-spot, asylum

friðstól [] m (-es/-as) sanctuary, asylum, refuge

friðstów [] f (-e/-a) refuge, sanctuary

friðsum [] adj pacific, peaceful; ge~ safe, fortified

friðsumian [] wv/t2 to make peaceful, reconcile

friðu [] f (-e/-a), m (-wes/-was) peace, safety, protection; refuge, asylum

friðubéacen [] n (-béacnes/-) sign of peace

friðuscealc2 [] m (-es/-as) angel

friðusibb [] f (-e/-a) peace bringer

friðuspéd2 [] f (-e/-e) abundant peace

friðutácn [] n (-es/-) sign of peace

friðuþéawas [] m pl peaceful state

friðuwang [] m (-es/-as) peaceful plain, place of refuge

friðuwaru2 [] f (-e/-a) protection

friðuwǽr2 [] f (-e/-a) treaty of peace

friðuwebba2 [] m (-n/-n) peacemaker

friðuwebbe2 [] f (-an/-an) peacemaker

frocga see frogga

fród2 [] adj wise; old [ON fróðr]

fródian [] wv/i2 to be wise

frófer see frófor

fróferian see fréfran

frófor1 [] f (-e/-a), m (frófres/frófras), n (frófres/-) consolation, joy, refuge; compensation, help, benefit

fróforbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) book of consolation

fróforgást [] m (-es/-as) consoling spirit, Holy Ghost, Comforter

fróforlic [] adj kind, helpful; adv ~líce

frófornes [] f (-se/-sa) consolation

fróforword [] n (-es/-) word of consolation

frófrian see fréfran

frogga [] m (-n/-n) frog

froht see forht

from see fram

from- see frem-, frum-

fromácnýslian [] wv/t2 to degenerate

froren past participle of fréosan

frosc [] m (-es/-as) frog

frost see forst

frost [] m (-es/-as) frost

frówe [] f (-an/-an) woman [Ger frau]

frox see frosc

frugnen past participle of frignan

frugnon past pl of frignan

frum [] 1. adj primal, original, first; 2. see fram

fruma [] m (-n/-n) beginning, origin, cause; creation; originator, inventor, founder, creator; first-born; 2 prince, king, chief, ruler; on ~n at first; wæstma ~n first-fruits

frumácennes [] f (-se/-sa) nativity

frumbearn2 [] n (-es/-) first-born child

frumbyrd [] f (-e/-a) birth

frumbyrdling [] n (-es/-) youth

frumcenned [] adj first-begotten, first-born; original, primitive

frumcennende [] adj primitive

frumcenning [] m (-es/-as) first-born

frumcnéow [] n (-es/-) primal generation

frumcynn2 [] n (-es/-) ancestry, origin, descent, lineage; race, tribe

frumcynnend see frumcenned

frumcyrr [] m (-es/-as) first time

frumdysig [] n (-es/-) first offence, beginning of sin

frumgár2 [] m (-a/-a) leader, patriarch, chieftain, noble [cognate with L primipilus]

frumgára2 [] m (-n/-n) leader, patriarch, chieftain, noble [cognate with L primipilus]

frumgesceap [] n (-es/-) creation of the world

frumgeweorc [] n (-es/-) original construction

frumgewrit [] n (-es/-u, -gewriotu) deed, document

frumgiefu [] f (-e/-a) prerogative, privilege

frumgripa [] m (-n/-n) firstling

frumgield [] n (-es/-) first installment

frumhéowung [] f (-e/-a) original formation

frumhrægl [] n (-es/-) first garment (sc of fig-leaves)

frumildu [] f (-e/-a) early age [ieldu]

frumléoht [] n (-es/-) dawn

frumlic [] adj original, primitive; adv ~líce

frumlída [] m (-n/-n) chief sailor

frumlýhtan [] wv/i1b to dawn

frummeoluc [] f (-e/-a) nectar (new milk?), beestings

frummynetslæge [] m (-es/-as) first coinage

frumrǽd [] m (-es/-as) primary ordinance

frumrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) space of time

frumrinc see framrinc

frumrípa [] m (-n/-n) first-fruits

frumsceaft [] m (-es/-as) first creation, origin, primeval condition; creature; home

frumsceapen [] adj first created, first

frumsceatt [] m (-es/-as) first-fruits

frumscepend [] m (-es/-) creator

frumscyld [] f (-e/-e) original sin

frumsetnes [] f (-se/-sa) authority

frumsetnung [] f (-e/-a) foundation, creation

frumslǽp [] m (-es/-as) first sleep

frumspellung [] f (-e/-a) first relation, original story

frumsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) opening words; 2 promise

frumstaðol [] m (-es/-staðelas) first state

frumtéam [] m (-es/-as) first team (of animals harnessed in line)

frumstemn [] m (-es/-as) prow

frumstól [] m (-es/-as) first or principal seat, paternal home

frumtalu [] f (-e/-a) first statement in an action?, of a witness?

frumtíd [] f (-e/-e) beginning

frumtyhtle [] f (-an/-an) first accusation, first charge [téon 2]

frumð see frymð

frumwæstm [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) first-fruits

frumweorc [] n (-es/-) primeval work, creation

frumwífung [] f (-e/-a) first marriage

frumwylm [] m (-es/-as) new-born zeal; first inflammation

frumwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) creator

frunen past participle of frínan

frunnon past pl of frínan

frunon past pl of frínan

frungon see frugnon past pl of frignan

fruron past pl of fréosan

frý see fréo

fryccea see fricca

fryht see friht

fryht- see forht-, fyrht-

frylsian see freolsian

frym- see frum-, frym-

frymdig [] adj curious, inquisitive; desirous; ~ béon to entreat

frymetling [] f (-e/-a) young cow

frymð [] 1. m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) origin, beginning, foundation; creature, in pl created things; 2. see fyrmð

frymðlic [] adj primeval, primitive, first; chief; adv ~líce (1)

frymðelic [] adj primeval, primitive, first; chief; adv ~líce (2)

frymðo see frymð

frymðu see frymð

frymðylde [] adj of early age?

frýnd nominative/accusative plural of fréond

frýs see frís

Frysan see Frisan

frysca [] 1. m (-n/-n) kite, bittern; 2. a little boy; a youth, lad [pusio?]; 3. adj? fresh, youthful (a form of fersc?)

frýsð pres 3rd sing of fréosan

fryt pres 3rd sing of fretan

fryð see frið

fryð- see fyrð-

fugel [] m (fugles/fuglas) fowl, bird

fugelbona [] m (-n/-n) fowler

fugelcynn [] n (-es/-) bird-tribe

fugeldæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day on which poultry might be eaten

fugeldoppe [] f? (-an/-an) water-fowl

fugelere see fuglere

fugeleswýse [] f (-an/-an) larkspur

fugelhwata [] m (-n/-n) augur

fugellím [] m (-es/-as) bird-lime

fugelnett [] n (-es/-) bird-net

fugelnoð [] m (-es/-as) bird-catching, fowling

fugeloð [] m (-es/-as) bird-catching, fowling

fugeltimber [] n (-timbres/-) young bird

fugeltréo [] n (-wes/-) prop (of a snare for birds)

fugelweohlere [] m (-es/-as) augur [wiglere]

fugelwylle [] adj swarming with birds

fuglere [] m (-es/-as) fowler

fuglesbéan [] f (-e/-a) vetch

fuglian [] wv/t2 to catch birds

fuglung [] f (-e/-a) bird-catching

fugol- see fugel-

fugul- see fugel-

fuhl- see fugl-

fúht [] adj damp, moist [Ger feucht]

fúhtian [] wv/i2 to be moist

fuhton past pl of feohtan

ful [] 1. n (-es/-u) beaker, cup; 2. see full

fúl [] 1. adj foul, unclean, impure, vile, corrupt, rotten; guilty; ~ béam black alder; 2. n (-es/-) filth, foulness, impurity, crime, offence

fulbeorht [] adj very bright, resplendent

fulbrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres fulbricð past fulbræc/fulbrǽcon ptp fulbrocen to violate

fuldón [] irreg v/t to complete, perform; arrange

fúle [] adv foully

fuléode [] past 3rd sing of fulgán

fúletréo [] n (-wes/-) black alder

fulfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres fulfærð past fulfór/on ptp is fulfaren to travel

fulfæstnian [] wv/t2 to ratify fully

fulfealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres fulfieldeð past fulféold/on ptp fulfealden to unfold, uncoil, unroll, unfurl, unclose, spread out, loosen, undo; spread out; open; put in order; to free from wrinkles, smooth; to calm; to spread out, stretch out, extend, deploy, display; to disentangle, set in order, arrange, regulate, settle, adjust any thing complicated or difficult; of speech, to develop, unfold, set forth, exhibit, treat, state; [explicare]

fulgeare [] adv quite well

fulgód [] adj very good

fulgon past pl of féolan

fulhár [] adj entirely grey, very hoary

fulhealden [] adj contented; sufficient, ample [Ger vollhaltig]

fulht- see fulwiht-

fúlian [] wv/t2 to be or become foul, decay, rot

full [] 1. adj w.g. full, filled, complete, perfect, entire, utter; swelling, plump; be ~an fully, perfectly, completely; 2. adv very, fully, entirely, completely, thoroughly; ~ néah almost, very nearly; be ~um þingum abundantly

full- see also ful-

fulla [] 1. m (-n/-n) fullness; 2. m (-n/-n) assembly?

fullǽst [] m (-es/-as) help, support

fullǽstan [] wv/t1b w.d. to help, support

fullæðele [] adj very noble

fullberstan [] sv/t3 3rd pres fullbirsteð past fullbærst/fullburston ptp fullborsten to burst completely

fullbétan [] wv/i1b to make full amends

fullblíðe [] adj very glad

fullboren [] adj fully born; of noble birth

fullbryce [] m (-es/-as) complete breach of the peace; violation of the rights of a clerical offender

fullclǽne [] adj very pure

fullcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres fullcymð past fullcóm/on ptp fullcumen to attain

fullcúð [] adj well-known, notorious, famous

fulle see sin~

fullendian [] wv/t2 to complete

fullere [] m (-es/-as) fuller, bleacher

fullest see fullǽst

fullfléon [] sv/i2 3rd pres fullflíehð past fullfléah/fullflugon ptp fullflogen to take to flight, escape completely

fullforðian [] wv/t2 to fulfill

fullfremed [] adj perfect; adv ~líce fully, perfectly, completely

fullfremedlic [] adj perfect; adv ~líce fully, perfectly, completely

fullfremednes [] f (-se/-sa) perfection

fullfremman1 [] wv/t1a to fulfill, perfect, practice, complete

fullfremian1 [] wv/t2 to fulfill, perfect, practice, complete

fullfylgian [] wv/t2 to follow, obey; pursue

fullfyllan [] wv/t1a to fulfill

fullgán [] irreg v/t 3rd pres fullgǽð past fulléode ptp fullgán to accomplish, fulfill, carry out; follow, imitate, obey; help

fullgangan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fullgengð past fullgéong/on, fullgíeng/on ptp fullgangen to accomplish, fulfill, carry out; follow, imitate, obey; help

fullgearwian [] wv/t2 to finish, complete; prepare fully

fullgedrifen [] adj w.g. full (of wild beasts)

fullgeorne [] adv very eagerly

fullgewépned [] adj fully armed

fullgrówan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fullgréwð past fullgréow/on ptp is fullgrowen to grow to perfection

fullhál [] adj thoroughly well

fullhealden [] adj contented

fullian1 [] 1. wv/t2 to complete, fill up, perfect; 2. see fulwian

fullic [] adj full; universal, catholic; adv ~líce entirely, fully, perfectly, completely

fúllic [] adj foul, unclean, objectionable, shameful, base; adv ~líce

fulligan see fulwian

fullmægen [] n (-es/-) great power

fullmannod [] adj fully peopled

fullmedeme [] adj excellent, perfect; adv ~medemlíce

fullnes [] f (-se/-sa) fullness

fúllnes see fúlnes

fulloc [] ? (-?/-?) final or definite agreement?

fulloft [] adv very often

fullraðe [] adv very quickly

fullricene [] adv? very quickly, immediately

fullrípod [] adj mature

fullsléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres fullslíehð past fullslóg/on ptp fullslægen, fullslagen to kill outright

fullsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) abundance

fullþungen [] adj full-grown

fullþungennes [] f (-se/-sa) full development

fulluht see fulwiht

fullunga [] adv fully

fullwearm [] adj fully warm

fullweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres fullwiexð past fullwéox/on ptp fullweaxen to grow to maturity

fullwelig [] adj very rich

fullwépnod [] adj fully armed

fullwer [] m (-es/-as) complete ‘wer’, full atonement

fullwérig [] adj very tired

fullwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres fullwyrcð past fullworhte ptp fullworht to complete, fulfill

fulnéah [] 1. adj very near; 2. adv very nearly, almost

fúlnes [] f (-se/-sa) foulness, filthy smell

fúlon rare past pl of féolan

fúlstincende [] adj foul-stinking

fultéam see fultum

fultem- see fultum-

fultom- see fultum-

fultrúwian [] wv/t2 to confide in

fultum [] m (-es/-as) help, support, protection; forces, army

fultuman1 [] wv/t1b to help, support, assist; 2 be propitious to, overlook

fultumian1 [] wv/t2 to help, support, assist; 2 be propitious to, overlook

fultumend1 [] m (-es/-) helper, fellow-worker

fultumgestre [] f (-an/-an) a helper

fultumiend1 [] m (-es/-) helper, fellow-worker

fultumléas [] adj without help

fulwa [] m (-n/-n) fuller

fulwere [] m (-es/-as) baptizer, baptist

fulwian1 [] wv/t2 to baptize

fulwiht [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) baptism, Christianity

fulwihtan1 [] wv/t1b to baptize (1)

fulwihtbæð [] n (-es/-baðu) baptismal bath, font

fulwihtbéna [] m (-n/-n) applicant for baptism

fulwihtele [] m (-es/-as) baptismal oil

fulwihtere [] m (-es/-as) baptizer; the Baptist

fulwihtfæder [] m (-/-) baptismal father, godfather, baptizer

fulwihthád [] m (-a/-a) baptismal order or vow

fulwihtian1 [] wv/t2 to baptize (2)

fulwihtnama [] m (-n/-n) baptismal name, Christian name

fulwihtstów [] f (-e/-a) baptistery

fulwihttíd [] f (-e/-e) time of baptism

fulwihtþéaw [] m (-es/-as) rite of baptism

fulwihtþénung [] f (-e/-a) baptismal service

fulwihtwæter [] n (-es/-) laver of baptism

fulwihtwere [] m (-es/-as) baptist

fulwuht see fulwiht

funde wk past tense of findan

fundelnes see on~

fundennes see on~

fundian [] 1. wv/t2 w. of, tó to tend to, wish for, strive after, go, set out, go forward, hasten; spread?; 2. see fandian

fundon past pl of findan

fundung [] f (-e/-a) departure

funta? [] m (-n/-n) spring?, brook?

funte? [] f (-an/-an) spring?, brook?

fúra see furh

furh [] f (fyrh/fyrh) furrow, trench [gen pl fúra, dat pl forum]

furhwudu [] m (-a/-a) pine

fúrian1 [] wv/t2 to furrow

furlang [] n (-es/-) length of furrow, furlong; land the breadth of a furrow

furðan see furðum

furðon see furðum

furðor [] adv of place/time further, more distant, forwards, later; more; superior; ~ dón to promote

furðorlucor [] adv more perfectly; comparative

furðra adj further, greater, superior; superlative of forð

furðum [] adv even, exactly, quite, already, just as, at first; further, previously; syððan ~ just as soon as

furðumlic [] adj luxurious, indulging

furður see furðor

furuh see furh

fús [] adj striving forward, eager for, ready for, inclined to, willing, prompt; expectant, brave, noble; ready to depart, dying

fúsléoð2 [] n (-es/-) death-song, dirge

fúslic [] adj ready to start; excellent; adv ~líce readily, gladly

fúsnes [] f (-se/-sa) quickness

fustra see fýrstán

fýf- see fíf-

fyhfang see feohfang

fyht- see feoht-

fýhtan [] wv/t1b to moisten

fyl see fiell, fyll

fýlan1 [] wv/t1b to befoul, defile, pollute

fylcian1 [] wv/t2 to marshal troops

fyld [] m (-es/-as) fold, crease

fyldestól [] m (-es/-as) folding-stool

fyldstól [] m (-es/-as) folding-stool

fylen see fellen?

fylgan1 [] wv/t1b w.d. or w.a. to follow, pursue; persecute; follow out, observe, obey; obtain; attend to; practice

fylgend [] m (-es/-) follower, observer

fylgestre [] f (-an/-an) female follower

fylgian see fylgan

fylging [] f (-e/-a) 1. following; 2. fallow land [fealh]

fylian see fylgan

fyligan see fylgan

fyligendlic [] adj that can or ought to be imitated

fylignes [] f (-se/-sa) following, practice

fyll [] 1. see fyllu; 2. see fiell

fyllan1 [] 1. wv/t1a to fill, fill up, replenish, satisfy; complete, fulfill; [full]; 2. 1 to cause to fall, strike down, fell, cut down; throw down, defeat, destroy, kill; tumble; cause to stumble; gefylled w.d.g. bereft

fyllað [] m (-es/-as) filling, filling up

fyllen [] f (-ne/-na) a dropping

fyllen see mónað~

fyllend see fylgend

fylleséoc [] adj epileptic

fylleséocnes [] f (-se/-sa) epilepsy

fylleðflód [] m (-es/-as) high tide

fyllewærc [] n (-es/-) epilepsy

fylling1 [] f (-e/-a) filling; completion

fyllnes [] f (-se/-sa) fullness, plenitude, satiety; supplement; completion, fulfillment

fyllu [] f (-e/-a) fullness (of food), fill, feast, satiety; impregnation

fylmen see filmen

fylnes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) fall, stumbling-block, offence, ruin; 2. see fyllnes

fýlnes see fúlnes

fylst [] 1. m (-es/-as) help, aid; 2. pres 2nd sing of feallan; 3. pres 2nd sing of fyllan

fylstan1 [] wv/t1b w.d. to aid, support, help, protect [= fullæstan]

fylstend1 [] m (-es/-) helper

fylt pres 3rd sing of fealdan

fylð 1. pres 3rd sing of fyllan; 2. pres 3rd sing of feallan

fýlð [] f (-e/-a) filth, uncleanness, impurity

fylwérig [] adj faint to death; [fiell]

fyn- see fin-

fýnd see féond

fyndele [] m (-es/-as) invention, devising

fyne [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-u) moisture, mold

fynegian [] wv/i2 to become moldy

fynig [] adj moldy, musty

fyniht [] adj fenny, marshy

fyr see feorr

fýr [] n (-es/-) fire; a fire

fýran [] 1. see féran; 2. wv/t1b 1 to cut a furrow; castrate

fýras see fíras

fýrbǽre [] adj fire-bearing, fiery

fýrbæð2 [] n (-es/-baðu) fire-bath, hell-fire

fýrbend [] m (-es/-as) bar forged in the fire

fýrbéta [] m (-n/-n) fireman, stoker

fýrbryne [] m (-es/-as) conflagration

fyrclian [] wv/t2 to flash, flicker; to fork into many rays

fýrclomm [] m (-es/-as) band forged in the fire

fýrcrúce [] f (-an/-an) crucible, kettle

fýrcynn [] n (-es/-) fire

fyrd see fierd

fyrd- see fierd-

fýrdraca [] m (-n/-n) fire-spewing dragon

fýrede see twi~, þri~

fyren see firen

fýren [] adj of fire, fiery; on fire, burning, flaming

fýrencylle [] f (-an/-an) lamp

fýrenful [] adj fiery

fyrengát see firengát

fýrentácen [] n (-tácnes/-) fiery sign

fyrentácnian [] wv/t2 to pollute with sin

fýrenþecele [] f (-an/-an) firebrand

fyres see fyrs

fyrest see fyrst, fyrmest spl adj

fyrewyrt see fyrwit

fýrfeaxen [] adj fiery-haired

fýrfóda [] m (-n/-n) fuel, twigs for burning

fýrgearwung [] f (-e/-a) cooking

fýrgebeorh [] n (-gebéores/-) fire-screen

fýrgebræc [] n (-es/-gebracu) crackling of fire

fyrgen see firgen

fyrgenhéafod? [] n (-héafdes/-u) mountain headland

fýrgnást [] m (-es/-as) spark of fire [ON gneisti]

fyrh [] 1. f (-e/-a) fir; 2. see furh

fýrhát [] adj hot as fire, burning, ardent

fýrheard [] adj hardened by fire

fyrht1 [] 1. adj afraid, timid [forth]; 2. see friht

fyrhtan1 [] wv/t1b to fear, tremble; frighten, terrify (1)

fyrhtian1 [] wv/t2 to fear, tremble; frighten, terrify (2)

fyrhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear

fyrhtu1 [] f (-e/-a) fright, fear, dread, trembling; horrible sight [forht]

fyrhð see ferhð

fyrhð1 [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) wooded country (2)

fyrhðe1 [] n (-es/-u), f (-an/-an) wooded country (3)

fýrhús [] n (-es/-) room like an oven or furnace? [caminatum], house or room with a fireplace in it?

fýrhwéolod see féowerhwéolod

fyrian see ferian

fýrian [] wv/t2 1. to supply with firing; 2. 1 to cut a furrow [furh]

fyrlen [] 1. adj far off, distant, remote; 2. n (-es/-) distance

fýrléoht [] n (-es/-) gleam of fire

fýrléoma [] m (-n/-n) gleam of fire

fýrlíce see fǽrlíce

fýrloca [] m (-n/-n) fiery prison

fyrm [] 1. ? (-?/-?) cleansing; 2. see feorm

fyrm- see frym-

fýrmǽl [] m (-es/-as) mark burnt in by fire

fyrmest [] 1. adj foremost, first; most prominent, chief, best; spl of forma; 2. adv first of all, in the first place, at first, most, especially, very well, best

fyrmð [] f (-e/-a) 1. harboring, entertainment; 2. cleansing, washing

fyrn [] 1. adj former, ancient; 2. adv 1 formerly, of old, long ago, once

fyrn- see firen-

fyrndagas1 [] m pl days of yore; fród ~um old, aged

fyrngéar [] n (-es/-) former year(s); preceding year

fyrngeflit2 [] n (-es/-u) former quarrel, old strife

fyrngeflita [] m (-n/-n) old-standing enemy

fyrngemynd [] n (-es/-) ancient history

fyrngesceap [] n (-es/-u) ancient decree

fyrngesetu [] n pl former seat, habitation

fyrngestréon [] n (-es/-) ancient treasure

fyrngeweorc2 [] n (-es/-) former, ancient work

fyrngewinn [] n (-es/-) primeval struggle

fyrngewrit2 [] n (-es/-wriotu) old writings, scripture

fyrngewyrht [] n (-es/-u) former work, fate

fyrngidd [] n (-es/-) ancient prophecy

fyrnmann [] m (-es/-menn) man of old times

fyrnsceaða [] m (-n/-n) old fiend, devil

fyrnsegen [] f (-e/-a) old saying, ancient tradition

fyrnstréamas [] m pl ocean

fyrnsynn see firensynn

fyrnweorc2 [] n (-es/-) work of old, creation

fyrnwita [] m (-n/-n) sage, counselor

fýrpanne [] f (-an/-an) fire-pan, brazier (1)

fýrponne [] f (-an/-an) fire-pan, brazier (2)

fyrr see féor

fýrrace [] f (-an/-an) fire-rake

fyrran see feorran

fyrs [] 1. m (-es/-as) furze, gorse, bramble; 2. n see fers

fýrscofl [] f (-e/-a) fire-shovel

fyrsgára [] m (-n/-n) furzy corner

fyrsian see feorsian

fyrsíg [] f (-e/-a) furzy island

fyrsléah [] m (-es/-as) furzy lea

fýrsmeortende see smeortan

fyrsn see fiersn

fýrspearca [] m (-n/-n) fire-spark

fyrspenn [] m (-es/-as) a pen of furze

fyrsrǽw [] f (-e/-a) a row of furze

fyrst [] 1. adj first; foremost, principal, chief; 2. adv in the first place, firstly, at first, originally; 3. see first 1, 2

fyrst- see first-

fýrstán [] m (-es/-as) firestone, stone used for striking fire, flint

fyrstig [] adj frosty

fýrsweart [] adj black with smoke

fýrtang [] f (-e/-a) (fire)-tongs

fýrtorr [] m (-es/-as) beacon, lighthouse

fyrð see fyrhð

fyrð1 [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) wooded country (1)

fýrð- see féorð

fýðolle [] f (-an/-an) furnace; stage on which martyrs were burned

fyrðran1 [] wv/t1b to further, urge on, advance, promote, benefit

fyrðrian1 [] wv/t2 to further, urge on, advance, promote, benefit

fyrðriend [] m (-es/-) promoter

fyrðringnes [] f (-se/-sa) furtherance, promotion

fyrðrung [] f (-e/-a) furtherance, promotion

fyrwit [] 1. n (-es/-u) curiosity, yearning; 2. adj curious, inquisitive

fyrwitful [] adj curious, anxious

fyrwitgeorn [] adj curious, anxious

fyrwitgeornes [] f (-se/-sa) curiosity; fornication?

fyrwitgeornlíce [] adv studiously

fyrwitnes [] f (-se/-sa) curiosity

fýrwylm [] m (-es/-as) wave of fire

fýsan1 [] wv/t1b to send forth, impel, stimulate; drive away, put into flight, banish; usu. refl. hasten, prepare oneself

fýsian [] wv/t2 to drive away

fýst [] f (-e/-e) fist

fýstgebéat [] n (-es/-) blow with the fist

fýstslægen [] adj struck with the fist

fyðer- see fiðer-, féower-

fyðera nom, acc pl of fiðere

fyðeras nom, acc pl of fiðere

fyðeru nom, acc pl of fiðere

fyðru nom, acc pl of fiðere

fyðerling see féorðling

fyx see fisc

fyxe [] f (-an/-an) she-fox, vixen

fyxen [] 1. adj of a fox; 2. f (-ne/-na) she-fox, vixen

fyxenhýd [] f (-e/-e) she-fox’s skin