cáf [] adj quick, sharp, active, prompt, nimble, swift; strenuous, strong; bold, brave; adv ~e quickly, promptly; [derived from cífan]

cáflic [] adj bold; adv ~líce quickly, promptly, vigorously; boldly, stoutly, manfully, valiantly

cáfnes [] f (-se/-sa) energy

cafortún [] m (-es/-as) vestibule, court, courtyard; hall, residence, enclosure

cáfscipe [] m (-es/-as) alacrity, quickness, boldness

cahhetan see ceahhetan

cál see cawl, cawel

calan [] sv/i6 3rd pres cælþ past cól/on ptp gecalen to grow cool or cold, to be or become cool or cold

calc [] 1. m (-es/-as) shoe, little shoe, sandal [L]; 2. see cealc

calcatrippe see coltetræppe

calcrond [] adj shod (of horses), round of hoof

cald see ceald

Caldisc [] adj Chaldean

cálend [] m (-es/-as) 1. a month; 1a. the beginning of a month; 2. 2 the appointed time or day of life, span of line

cálendcwide [] m (-es/-as) tale of days

calf see cealf

calfur nom, acc pl of cealf

calian see calan

calic [] m (-es/-as) chalice, cup, goblet [L]

calla see hilde~

calu [] adj callow, bare, bald [calw-, calew- in oblique cases]

calwer see cealer

calwerclím [] ? (-?/-?) curds?

calwere [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-u) a bald place on the top of the head, a skull, place of skulls, place for burial

calerclympe [] ? (-?/-?) curds?

cáma [] m (-n/-n) muzzle, collar, bit [L]

camb [] m (-es/-as) 1. a comb for cleaning hair, wool, flax, etc.; 2. comb, crest, the crest of a cock, the crest or top of a helmet, etc.; 3. honeycomb

camb [] f (-e/-a) a comb, honeycomb, an assemblage of cells in which bees store their honey

cambiht [] adj combed, crested

cambol see cumbol

camel [] m (camles/camlas) camel

cammoc [] n (-es/-)?, m (-es/-as)? cammock, rest-harrow, kex, an umbeliferous plant, brimstone wort, hog’s fennel, cow weed, cow parsley, sulphurwort; [peucedanum officinale]

camp [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) combat, battle, struggle, contest, warfare; 2. field, plain? [L campus]; 3. a bond, fetter, chain

campdóm [] m (-es/-as) military service, warfare

campealdor [] m (-ealdres/-ealdras) commander

campgeféra [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier

camphád [] m (-a/-a) warfare

campian1 [] wv/t2 to strive, fight, contend against; hé for his éðle mid his léodum campode he fought for his country with his men;

camplic [] adj military

camprǽden [] f (-ne/-na) war, warfare, state or condition of contest, contest

campstede2 [] m (-es/-as) battlefield, the place of battle

campung [] f (-e/-a) fighting, warfare

campwǽpen [] n (-wǽpnes/-) weapon, a battle weapon, military weapon

campwerod [] n (-es/-) army, host, warriors, soldiers, fighting-men

campwíg [] n (-es/-) battle, combat

campwísa [] m (-n/-n) director of public games

campwudu [] m (-a/-a) war-wood, shield

can pres 1st, 3rd sing of cunnan

Cananisc [] adj of Canaan

Cananéisc [] adj Canaanitish, of Canaan

canc1 [] n (-es/-) jeering, scorn, derision

canceler [] m (-es/-as) chancellor [Low L cancellarium]; a kind of porter, door-keeper; a secretary

cancer [] m (-es/-as) 1. a cancer, an eating or spreading disease; [L]; 2. a crab; [L]

cancerádl [] f (-e/-a) cancer, a cancer-disease, a canker

cancerwund [] f (-e/-a) cancerous wound

cancetan [] wv/t1b to cry out, mock, deride, to laugh aloud or in a cackling manner

cancettan [] wv/t1b to cry out, mock, deride, to laugh aloud or in a cackling manner

cancetung [] f (-e/-a) boisterous laughter, a laughing in a cackling manner

cancor see cancer

candel [] f (-le/-la), n (-es/-) lamp, lantern, candle [L candela]

candelbora [] m (-n/-n) acolyte, candle-bearer, a subdeacon, a clerk

candelbryd [] n (-es/-u) flat candlestick [=~bred?]

candelléoht [] n (-es/-) candle-light

Candelmæsse [] f (-an/-an) Candlemas, the feast of the Purification; [the feast of the Purification, which, in the Romish church, is celebrated with many lighted candles, celebrated February 2nd]

Candelmæsseǽfen [] m (-ǽfnes/-ǽfnas) Candlemas eve

Candelmæssedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Candlemas day

candelsnýtels [] m (-es/-as) candle-snuffers

candelstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) candlestick, candle-staff

candelsticca [] m (-n/-n) candlestick

candeltréow [] n (-es/-) candelabrum, a candlestick with branches, a candlestick

candeltwist [] m (-es/-as) pair of snuffers

candelwéoce [] f (-an/-an) candle-wick, torch

candelwyrt [] f (-e/-e) candlewort, hedge-taper, mullein; [lucernaria, phlomos]

cann [] 1. f (-e/-a) a knowledge, cognizance, averment or positive assertion, asseveration, clearance; 2. 1 pres 3rd sing of cunnan

canne [] f (-an/-an) can, cup

cannon [] noun pl reed, cane [L canna]

canon [] m (-es/-as) canon, rule; ~es bóc the book of the canon; ~es béc canonical books [L canon]

canonbóc [] f (-béc/béc) a book of canons

canondóm [] m (-es/-as) a canonship, office of a canon

canonic [] 1. m (-es/-as) canon, prebendary; 2. adj canonical

canoniclic [] adj canonical

cans = canst, pres 2nd sing of cunnan

cantel [] m? (cantles/cantlas), n? (cantles/-) buttress, support

cantelcáp [] m (-es/-as) cope, a cantle-cope, a sort of priest’s garment

cantercæppe [] f (-an/-an) cope (vestment)

cantere [] m (-es/-as) singer

canterstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) chanter’s staff

cantic [] m (-es/-as) canticle, song [L]

canticsang [] m (-es/-as) canticle, song [L]

Cantwara burg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a city or fortress of the men of Kent; 1. Canterbury; 2. Rochester

Cantwarburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a city or fortress of the men of Kent; 1. Canterbury; 2. Rochester

Cantware [] m pl Kentish men, inhabitants of Kent; gen Cantwara; dat Cantwarum

Cantwara burg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) a city or fortress of the men of Kent; 1. Canterbury; 2. Rochester

Cantwara mǽgþ [] f (-e/-a) the county of Kent, men of Kent

cáp see cantel~

capellan [] m (-es/-as) chaplain [L capellanus]

capian [] wv/t2 to look; úp ~ to look up, lie on the back (said of the moon); capiende supinus

capiende [] adj backwards, bent backwards, thrown backwards, lying on the back, supine; Of motion, backwards, going back, retrograde (poet.): that can be read backwards in the same metre; Sloping, inclined; undulating; Stretched out, extended; of the mind: Careless, thoughtless, heedless, negligent, indolent, supine; With head thrown back, haughty, proud; the gerund [supinus]

capitel see capitol

capitelhús [] n (-es/-) chapter-house

capitol [] m (-es/-as) 1. in connection with books, (1) a chapter (division of a book); (2) a short passage from Scripture, (a) a lesson; (b) an anthem; 2. a chapter, meeting of ecclesiastica; 2a. chapter (cathedral or monastic);

capitolhús [] n (-es/-) a chapter-house

capitolmæsse [] f (-an/-an) early mass, first mass

capitul [] m (-es/-as) 1. in connection with books, (1) a chapter (division of a book); (2) a short passage from Scripture, (a) a lesson; (b) an anthem; 2. a chapter, meeting of ecclesiastica; 2a. chapter (cathedral or monastic);

capitula [] m (-n/-n) 1. in connection with books, (1) a chapter (division of a book); (2) a short passage from Scripture, (a) a lesson; (b) an anthem; 2. a chapter, meeting of ecclesiastica; 2a. chapter (cathedral or monastic);

cappa see cæppe

Cappadonisc [] adj Cappadocian

capun [] m (-es/-as) capon [L capónem]

car [] adj sorrowful, anxious, solicitous

carbunculus [] m (-es/-as) carbuncle [L]

carcærn [] n (-es/-?) prison, jail [L carcer]

carcern [] n (-es/-?) prison, jail [L carcer]

carcernþéostru [] f (-e/-a) prison darkness

carcernweard [] m (-es/-as) jailor

carcian see be~

cárclife see gárclife

care- see car-

carful [] adj anxious, sad; careful, attentive, painstaking; troublesome; adv ~líce

carfullíce [] adv carefully, diligently; [caru, -ful, -líce]

carfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) care, anxiety; carefulness; curiousness

cargást [] m (-es/-as) sad spirit, devil, spirit of anxiety, fearful ghost

cargealdor [] n (-es/-) sorrowful song

cargést see cargást

carian [] wv/t2 1. to care for, be anxious, grieve; 2. to take care, regard, heed

caricum [] dat pl of noun with dried figs [L carica]

carig2 [] adj careful, sorrowful, pensive, wary, chary, anxious; grievous, dire; adv ~líce sorrowfully, miserably, wretchedly

carl [] m (-es/-as) man a churl , rustic [ON karl]

carl- [] prefix male, masculine; [carlfugol, etc.]; adj male, masculine

carléas [] adj careless, reckless, void of care, free from care, free

carléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) freedom from care, security

carléast [] f (-e/-a) freedom from care, security, carelessness

Carles wǽn [] m  (-es/-as) Charles’ Wain, the churl’s wain, the constellation of the Great Bear

carlfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) male bird, cock

carlíce [] adv wretchedly, sorrowfully, miserably

carlmann [] m (-es/-menn) male, man

carr [] m (-es/-as) 1. a stone, rock, scar; 2. Charmouth, in Dorsetshire, at the mouth of the river Carr; = the Norman Charr, or Charmouth; [Keltic]

Carrum [] ? (-?/-?) the place of a naval engagement, near Charmouth, Dorsetshire

carseld [] n (-es/-) home of care

carsíþ [] m (-es/-as) painful journey, a sorrowful fate, sad fortune

carsorg [] f (-e/-a) sad anxiety

Cartaina [] m (-n/-n) Carthage; [indecl]

Cartaine [] f (-an/-an) Carthage

Cartaine [] m pl the Carthaginians; gen Cartaina; dat Cartainum;

carte [] f (-an/-an) paper, a piece of paper, paper for writing on; document, deed; letter [L charta]

caru [] f (-e/-a) care, concern, anxiety, sorrow

carung [] f (-e/-a) pensiveness, anguish of mind, a complaint;

carwylm [] m (-es/-as) welling sorrow

cáserdóm [] m (-es/-as) imperial sway, an emperor’s rule; þá wæs þæt sixte géar Constantines cáserdómes then was the sixth year of Constantine's imperial rule;

Cásere [] m (-es/-as) Caesar, an emperor; [L Cæsar]; lower-case as a title: Gaius wæs cásere

cásering [] m (-es/-as) a caesaring, coin with Caesar’s head on it, coin, drachma, didrachma

cáserlic [] adj imperial, Caesar-like

cásern [] f (-e/-a) empress; [Cáser+en feminine ending; augusta]

cassuc [] m (-es/-as) hassock, hassock-grass, rushes, sedge or coarse grass; [aira cæspitosa, carex paniculata]

cassucléaf [] n pl hassock or sedge leaves

castel [] 1. m (castles/castlas) castle, fort; walled enclosure?; 2. n (castles/castlu) town, village; [L castellum, diminutive of castrum a camp, fortified place]

castelmann [] m (-es/-menn) townsman, castle-man

castelweall [] m (-es/-as) city wall, rampart

castelweorc [] n (-es/-) castle-building, castle-work

castenere [] m (-es/-as) cabinet, chest

casul [] m (-es/-as) over-garment, a cloak to keep off rain (made of silk or wool), [birrus], cloak

cásus [] m (-es/-as) (grammatical) case, case, falling or change to denote the relation of nouns, adjectives, and pronouns to other words in a sentence;

catt [] m (-es/-as) cat

catte [] f (-an/-an) cat

cattes mint [] f (-e/-a) cat’s mint, cat-mint; catnip; [felina mentha, nepeta cataria]

caul see cawl 1 and 2

caulic  [] ? (-?/-?) a medicine

cawel [] m (-es/-as) cole, cole-wort, wild cole-wort, cabbage; [caulis, magudaris]

cawelléaf [] n (-es/-) cabbage-leaf

cawelsǽd [] n (-es/-) cabbage-seed

cawlstela [] m (-n/-n) cabbage-stalk, cabbage-stem

cawelstoc [] m (-es/-as) cabbage-stalk

cawelwurm see cawelwyrm

cawelwyrm [] m (-es/-as) caterpillar, cabbage-worm

cawl [] 1. m (-es/-as) basket; 2. m (-es/-as) cole (caul, cawel), kale, cabbage

cæb- see cæf-

cǽc- see céac-

cæcepol [] m (-es/-as) taxgatherer (hæce-)

cæderbéam see cederbéam

Cædmon [] m (-es/-as) Cadmon; a man employed by the monks of Whitby in the are of their cattle in the early part of the seventh century.  He is the first person of whom we possess any metrical composition in our vernacular language.  So striking and similar are some of his thoughts to Paradise Lost, it has been supposed that Milton had read his poems.  He became a monk of Whitby, and died in the monastery about 680 AD. [cæd boat, mann man]

cæf see ceaf

cæfertún see cafortún

cæfester [] n (-es/-) halter, head-stall [L capistrum]; see gecafstrian

cæfian see be-, ofer-, ymb-

cæfian [] wv/t2 to embroider; see be-, ofer-, ymb-

cæfing [] f (-e/-a) hair-ornament, an ornament for the head

cæfl [] m (-es/-as) halter, muzzle

cǽg [] f (-e/-a) key (lit, fig); solution, experiment

cǽga [] m (-n/-n) key (lit, fig); solution, experiment

cǽgbora [] m (-n/-n) key-bearer, jailor

cǽge [] f (-an/-an) key (lit, fig); solution, experiment

cǽggian [] wv/t2 to lock, shut fast; [cǽgian?]

cǽgheorde [] m (-es/-as) keeper of keys, steward

cǽgloca [] m (-n/-n) locked depository, any repository locked up, the action of locking up, a key-locking

cǽglod see á~

cæh- see ceah-

cæl- see cel-, ceal-, ciel-

cælþ pres 3rd sing of calan

cæm- see cem-

cæn- see cen-, cyn-

cǽpehús see cíepehús

cæppe [] f (-an/-an) cap; cape, cope, hood [L]

cæpse [] f (-an/-an) box [L capsa]

cær- see car-, cear-, cer-, cier-

cærse [] f (-an/-an) cress, watercress; [nasturtium]

cærsiht [] adj full of cress

cærswiell [] m (-es/-as) a spring where cress grows

cærte see carte

cǽs see céas, past 3rd sing of céosan

cǽse see cýse

cæstel see castel

cæster see ceaster

céac [] m (-es/-as) basin, pitcher, jug, laver; kettle, cauldron (for hot-water ordeal)

céacádl [] f (-e/-a) jaw-ache

céacbán [] n (-es/-) cheek-bone, jaw

céacbora [] m (-n/-n) jugbearer, pitcher-bearer, yoke for buckets

céace [] f (-an/-an) cheek, jaw, jawbone

céacfull [] adj a jugfull, pitcher-full

ceacga [] m (-n/-n) broom, furze

ceacl see ceafl

ceaf [chæf] n (-es/-u) chaff

ceaf- see caf-, ceaf-, cief-

ceafl [] m (-es/-as) a bill, beak, snout, jaw, jaw-bone, cheek, cheek-bone

ceafládl [] f (-e/-a) disease of the jaws

ceafor [] m (ceafres/ceafras) cock-chafer, beetle, chafer

ceahhe [] f (-an/-an) daw

ceahhettan [] wv/t1b to laugh loudly, to laugh loud or in a cackling manner;

ceahhetung [] f (-e/-a) laughter, jesting, a loud or cackling laughter

cealc [] m (-es/-as) chalk, lime, plaster, cement; chalkstone, pebble

Cealca ceaster [] f (ceastre/ceastra) the chalk city; Camden thinks it is Tadcaster, in Yorkshire

cealccrundel [] m (-crundles/-crundlas), n (-crundles/-) a chalk ravine

Cealchýþ [] f (-e/-a) Challock, Chalk, in Kent

cealcpytt [] m (-es/-as) chalk-pit

cealcséaþ [] m (-a/-a) chalk-pit

cealcstán [] m (-es/-as) limestone, chalk

ceald [] 1. adj cold, cool; adv ~e; 2. n (-es/-) coldness, cold

cealdheort [] adj cruel

cealdian [] wv/i2 3rd pres cealdaþ pas cealdode ptp gecealdod to become cold

cealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) coldness, cold

cealer [] m (cealres/cealras) galmaria, pressed curds, jelly of curds or whey

cealerbríw [] m (-es/-as) pottage of curds, a thick pottage made of curds

cealf [] 1. n (-es/-ru), m (-es/-as) calf; ~ra hús a house for calves; 2. see ceafl

cealfádl see ceafládl

cealfian [] wv/t2 to calve

cealfloca [] m (-n/-n) calf-pen

cealfre see cealre, cealer

cealla [] m (-n/-n) a herald, found in the phrase hilde ~ war’s herald, or herald of war

ceallian [] wv/t2 to call, cry out, shout [ON kalla]

cealre see cealer, and dat sing of  cealer

céap [] m (-es/-as) 1. cattle; 2. purchase, sale, traffic, business, bargain, gain; 3. payment, value, price; déop ~ high price; bútan ~e gratis; 4. goods, possessions, property, market, saleable commodities;

céapcniht [] m (-es/-as) bought servant, hired servant, slave

céapdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) a bargaining or market-day

céapéadig? [] adj rich, wealthy, rich in goods, rich in cattle

céapealeðel [] n (-es/-) alehouse, the ale-selling place

céapéal [] n (-þ/-þ) alehouse, the ale-selling place

céapgield [] n (-es/-) 1. bargain money; 1a. purchase money; 1b. compensation; 2. price or market price of what is stolen;

céapian1 [] wv/t2 1. to bargain, chaffer, trade, to contract for the purchase or sale of a thing; 2. buy; 3. to bribe, endeavor to bribe; giftum ~ to bribe with gifts

céapland [] n (-es/-) purchased land

céapmann [] m (-es/-menn) chapman, merchant, market-man, trader

céapscamol [] m (-scamles/-scamlas) seat of custom or toll, toll-booth, custom-house, treasury

céapsceamul see céapscamol

céapscip [] n (-es/-u) trading vessel, merchant ship, trading ship

céapsetl [] n (-es/-) toll-booth, custom-house, seat of custom

céapstów [] f (-e/-a) market-place, market

céapstrǽt [] f (-e/-a) market-place, market, a street or place for merchandise

céaptoln [] f (-e/-a) toll on buying and selling

céapþing [] n pl saleable things, goods, ware, merchandise

céapung [] f (-e/-a) 1. business, traffic, trade, commerce; 2. a buying, marketing; 3. traffic, merchandise;

céapunggemót [] n (-es/-) a market, a meeting for a trade

céapungþing [] n (-es/-) a buying, setting a price

cear see car

cearcetung [] f (-e/-a) gnashing, grinding, crashing noise, as of the teeth

cearcian [] wv/t2 3rd pres cearcaþ past cearcode ptp gecearcod to chatter, creak, crash, gnash

cearde see cierde, past 3rd sing of cierran

cearm [] m (-es/-as) noise

cearrige [] ? (-?/-?) a vehicle?

cearruce [] ? (-?/-?) a vehicle?

ceart [] 1. ? (-?/-?) wild common land; 2. see cræt

cearwund [] adj badly wounded?

céas [] 1. see céast; 2. past 3rd sing of céosan

céasbill [] n (-es/-) a club associated with philosophical dispute

céasega see wæl~

céaslunger [] adj contentious

céast [] f (-e/-a) strife, quarrel, quarrelling, contention, murmuring, sedition, scandal; reproof

ceastel see castel

ceaster [] f (ceastre/ceastra) 1. a city, fort, castle, town; used as a general term, or applied to foreign towns; 1a. 2 used of heaven, heaven; 1b. 2 used of hell, hell; 2. n (ceastres/-) a city, etc., used of places in England; Exan~ Exeter; 3. the name of a particular place, as Chester, Castor, the city;

ceasteræsc [] m (-es/-as) black hellebore; [helleborus niger]

ceasterbúend [] m (-es/-) city-dweller, citizen

ceastergewar- see ceasterwar-

ceasterherpæþ [] m (-es/-paðas) high road?

ceasterhlid [] n (-es/-u) cover of a city, city gate

ceasterhof [] n (-es/-u) house in a city, a city-dwelling

ceasterléod [] f (-e/-a) citizen

ceasterléode [] n pl citizens

ceasternisc [] adj urban, municipal

ceastersǽtan [] m pl citizens

ceastersǽte [] m pl citizens

Ceasterscír [] f (-e/-a) Cheshire

ceasterwaran1 [] m pl burghers, citizens

ceasterware [] m pl city-inhabitants, citizens, burghers

ceasterwaru [] f (-e/-a) townsmen as a body, the citizens or city, burghers

ceasterweall [] m (-es/-as) city wall

ceasterwíc [] f (-e/-a) village

ceasterwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) city builder [a mistaken glossing of polimitarium]

ceasterwyrt [] f (-e/-e) black hellebore; [helleborus niger]

céastful [] adj full of contention, contentious

ceastre see ceaster

céaw past 3rd sing of céowan

Ceawan hlǽw [] m (-es/-as) Cheawan low, Challow

ceawl see cawl 1

céce see céace

cécel [] n? (-es/-) a little cake [coecil]

cecil see cécel

céde see cíegde, past 3rd sign of cíegan

cedelc [] f (-e/-a) the herb mercury; [mercurialis perennis]

ceder [] n (cedres/-), m (cedres/cedras), f (-e/-a) cedar [L cedrus]

cederbéam [] m (-es/-as) cedar-tree; [cedrus]

cedertréow [] n (-es/-) cedar-tree

cedor- see ceder-

cédrisc [] adj of cedar

cef see ceaf

cef- see ceaf-, cif-

cégan see cíegan

cégian see cíegan

cehhettung see ceahhetung

ceíce see céace

ceig- see cíg-

ceir [] ? (-?/-?) cry, clamor

célan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres célþ past célde ptp gecéled to cool, be cold, become cold; wv/t1b ge~ to quench (thirst), refresh; [cól]

celc [] 1. see calic; 2. see cealc

celde [] f (-an/-an) copious spring?;

celdre see ceoldre

cele [] 1. see ceole; 2. see ciele

céle [] m (-es/-as) a cold, coldness

celeðenie [] f (-an/-an) celandine, swallow-wort

celeðonie [] f (-an/-an) celandine, swallow-wort

celender [] n (celendres/-) coliander, coriander

celendre [] f (-an/-an) coliander, coriander

celf (Anglian) see cealf

celic see calic

celis [] ? (-?/-?) peditis, foot-covering

celiwearte see cielewearte

cell [] m (-es/-as) (monastic) cell; [L]

cellender [] n see celender

cellendre see celendre f

célod [] adj formed like a keel or boat;

cellod2 [] adj round?, hollow?, embossed?, beaked?; participle [scutum cælatum?]; [or ? celced = cealced]

celmertmann [] m (-es/-menn) hireling

célnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) coolness, cool air, breeze; [cól]

celod variant of cellod

celras see cellras, nom/acc pl of cealer

célung [] f (-e/-a) cooling; a cool place

cemban1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres cembeþ past cembde ptp gecembed to comb

cemes [] f (-e/-a) shirt [L camisia]

cempa [] m (-n/-n) warrior, soldier, champion [camp]; ~ena ieldest a chief of soldier, a commander; fíf hund ~ena ealdor a commander of five hundred soldiers;

cempestre [] f (-an/-an) female soldier, female warrior

cén2 [] m (-es/-as) 1. pine-torch, pine, a torch; 2. the name of the rune for c; [Ger kien]

cendlic see cynlic

céne [ke:·ne] adj 1. keen, fierce, bold, brave, warlike; 1a. powerful; 2. this word is sometimes expressed by the rune cén; 3. learned, clever; 4. adv in warlike wise;

cenep [] m (-es/-as) 1. moustache; 2. bit (of a bridle, bristling with points); [ON kanpr]

cenlic see cynlic

cénlíce [] adv keenly, boldly, courageously, notably

cennan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres cenþ past cende ptp gecenned 1. to beget, conceive, create, bring forth; þǽm wæs Judas nama cenned to him was given [created, made] the name Judas; (1) to beget, conceive, create, bring forth children; on sáre þu censt bearn in pain you will bear a child; (2) of plants, to produce; of þǽm tréowum  balzamum  biþ gecenned from the trees is balsam produced; (3) to produce, cause; cenþ wamm it produces injury; 1a. to beget, create, produce; 2. to bring forth from the mind, to declare, choose, ascribe, clear, prove; ic mé tó cyninge cenne Iudas I chose Judah to me for a king; cenne hé hwanon hit him cóme let him declare whenceit came to him; 2a. to nominate, choose out; 2b. to assign, attribute, give; 2c. to declare, show oneself, clear oneself, make a declaration in court;

cennend [] m (-es/-) parent

cennendlic [] adj genital, begetting

cennes [] f (-se/-sa) produce, what is produced; childbirth; birthday

cennestre [] f (-an/-an) mother, one who has borne

cenning [] f (-e/-a) 1. parturition, birth, a producing; 2. procreation; 3. declaration in court;

cénðu [] f (-e/-a) boldness

cénðu [] f (-e/-a) boldness

cenningstów [] f (-e/-a) birthplace [listed as cenningstow]

cenningtíd [] f (-e/-e) time of bringing forth, birth-time

cennystre see cennestre

Cénréd [] m (-es/-as) Cenred, son of Ceolwald, and father of Ine, king of Wessex; [céne bold, rǽd counsel]

Cent [] f (-e/-a) Kent, the county of Kent [L Cantia]

centaur [] m (-es/-as) centaur

centaurie [] f (-an/-an) centaury (plant), the herb centaury; [centaureum]

Centescír [] f (-e/-a) Kent [L Cantia]

Centingas [] m pl Kentish men, men of Kent

Centisc [] adj Kentish, belonging to Kent

Centland [] n (-es/-) Kent, Kentish land

Centlond see Centland

Centríce [] n (-es/-u) kingdom of Kent

centur [] m (-es/-as) centurion

Centware [] m pl inhabitants of Kent

céo [] f (-n/-n) chough, jay, jackdaw, crow, a bird of the genus corvus; [cornix, gracculus, monedula]

céoce see céace

céocian see á~

ceod? [] ? (-?/-?) bag, pouch

ceode? [] ? (-?/-?) bag, pouch

ceodor- see ceder-

ceofl see cawl 1

ceol see cawl 1

céol [cho:l] m (-es/-as) the keel of a ship, a ship

ceolas [cholas] m pl cold winds, cold [ciele?]

ceolbor- see cilfor-

ceoldre [] 1. f (-an/-an) milk-pail; 2. see cealre

ceole [cho·le] f (-an/-an) 1. throat, jowl; 2. gorge, chasm; 3. beak of ship [Ger kehle]

Céoles íeg [cho:les ee] f (-e/-a) Chelsea, on the bank of the Thames, Middlesex

Céoles íeg [cho:les ee] f (-e/-a) Cholsey, Berks, near Wallingford

ceolor [] m (-es/-as) the collar or throat; channel

céolþel [] n (-es/-u) deck of a ship

céolþelu? [] f (-e/-a) deck of a ship

Ceolwald [chol·wald] m (-es/-as) Ceolwald, son of Cuthwulf, an ancestor of the West-Saxon kings

ceolwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the throat

ceorfan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres cierfþ past cearf/curfon ptp gecorfen to cut, cut down, slay; carve, cut out, engrave; tear

ceorfan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres cierfþ past cearf/curfon ptp gecorfen 1. to cut, cut off, cut down, hew, rend, tear; 2. to carve, cut out, engrave; 3. to slay; 4. to tear, hew, rend;

ceorfæx [] f (-e/-a) a cutting axe, executioner’s axe

ceorfingísen [] n (-es/-) branding iron

ceorfsæx [] n (-es/-saxu) surgeon’s knife, scalpel

ceorian1 [] wv/i2 to murmur, complain

ceorian [] wv/i2 to murmur, complain without just cause; (1) absolute; (2) to murmur about (ymbe), against (ongéan); gé ymbe þæt án gefeoht ceoriaþ ye murmured about that one fight; ic ongéan þec dyrstiglíce ceorode I murmured against thee boldly; (3) ground of complaint given in a clause; 2. to complain with just cause;

ceorig [] adj querulous, complaining, bitter (complaint)

ceorl [] m (-es/-as) 1. a freeman of the lowest class, churl, countryman, husbandman; 1a. 2 a (noble) man, hero; 1b. a (married) man, husband; 1c. man, male person; 2. a man of inferior class, peasant, rustic; ~a cyning king of the commons; 2a. where ceorl is in contrast to eorl; 2b. in contrast with þéow; 2c. a layman; 2d. as a term of contempt?; 3. a free man, as opposed to þéow, and to þrǽl a slave; or as opposed to þegen a thane or nobleman, as we say ‘gentle or simple’;

ceorlboren [] adj country or free-born, common, low-born, not noble, opposed to þegenboren noble-born;

ceorlfolc [] n (-es/-) common people, the public

ceorlian1 [] wv/t2 to marry (of the woman), take a husband

ceorlic see ceorllic

ceorlisc [] adj of a ‘ceorl’, churlish, common, rustic; adv ~e

ceorliscnes [] f (-se/-sa) churlishness, rudeness, vulgarity

ceorllǽs [] adj unmarried (of women) [= ceorléas]

ceorllic [] adj common, rustic, belonging to the people generally, churl-like; adv ~líce commonly, vulgarly, popularly

ceorlmann [] m (-es/-menn) freeman

ceorlstrang [] adj strong as a man, manlike; cmp ~strengra; spl ~strengest;

ceorm see cirm

ceorran [] 1. sv/i3 3rd pres cierþ past cearr/curron ptp is gecorren to creak; 2. ge~ see cierran

Ceortes íeg [] f (-e/-a) Cerot’s island, Chertsey, in Surrey, on the bank of the Thames

Ceortes íg see Ceortes íeg

ceorung [] f (-e/-a) a murmuring, complaint, grudging

céosan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres cíesþ past céas/curon ptp gecoren 1. to choose, seek out, select, elect; (1) to choose a person as lord; (2) ~ tó to choose as, elect to an office; man céas Amwi munuc tó abbode monk Amwi was chosen as abbot; 1a. to decide, test; 2. to accept by choice or what is offered, to accept, approve; þæt hé þone cýnedóm céosan wolde that he would accept the kingdom;

ceosel [] m (ceosles/ceoslas) gravel, sand, shingle

ceoselbǽre [] adj gravelly, shingly

ceoselstán [] m (-es/-as) sand-stone, gravel; stone (disease)

ceoslen [] adj gravelly

ceoslig [] adj gravelly

ceosol [] 1. m? (ceosles/ceoslas), n? (ceosles/-) gullet, maw; 2. see ceosel

céowan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres cíewþ past céaw/cuwon ptp gecowen 1. to chew, gnaw; 2. eat, consume;

ceowl see cawl

céowung [] f (-e/-a) chewing

cép see céap

cép- see céap-

cépe- see cýp-

cépan [] wv/t1b 1. to observe, notice; (1) w.a.; Zachéus cépte þæs Hǽlendes fær Zacheus observed the Lord’s way; (2) with clause; 1a. to keep, observe a season; gé cépaþ dagas and mónþas ye keep days and months; 2. ~ be to keep by; (1) to regulate by; híe cépaþ be þǽm mónþum hira fær and hira dǽda be dagum they regulate by the months their way and their deeds by days; (1a) with clause; ne sceal nán mann cépan be dagum on hwilcum dæge hé fare no man shall regulate by days on which day he may travel; (2) wv/i1b to regulate one’s conduct by; wé ne sculon cépan ealles be swefnum we shall not regulate ourselves completely by voices; 3. to take heed, be careful; (1) w.g.; se gescéadwísa mann sceal cépan his mǽles the intelligent man shall be careful of his armor; (2) with (negative) clause; 4. to attend to, be concerned about, see after, (1) w.g.; wé cépaþ þǽre sáwle we are concerned about the soul; (2) with clause; hit cépþ hú hé mage…it attends to how he may be able to…; 5. to care about, desire to have; (1) w.g.; hé cépþ þǽra sceatta he desires to have the property; (2) w.a.; hé cépte woruldlice herunga he cares about worldly praise; 6. to be intent on an action, seek, desire to do; (1) w.g.; gif wé þæs cépaþ if we desire to do that; 7. to look out for (1) a person (gen); férde Martinus, and þæt folc his cépte Martin went, and the people looked out for him; (1a) with idea of hostility; þá cwelleras cépton þǽra crístenra gehwǽr the killers looked out for the Christians everywhere; (2) an object, to seek; (a) w.g.; hé bæd þæt héo faran móste, wolde swá cépan þǽra crístenra láre she bade that she would be able go, and she wanted to seek the teaching of the Christians; (b) with clause; þá hǽðenan cépton hú híe hine ácwealdon the heathens sought how they destroyed him; 8. to keep, hold prisoner; swá hwilcne swá ic cysse, cépaþ his sóna whomsoever I kiss, hold him immediately prisoner; 9. see cýpan; [original: to seize; seek after, desire; await; receive; keep, guard, observe, attend, watch, look out for, take heed; take; avail oneself of, betake oneself to, take to, bear; meditate; regulate by; addendum: to observe, keep, regard, await, desire, take, betake oneself to, meditate, bear]

cépnian [] wv/t2 to await eagerly

cer see cierr

Cerdic [] m (-es/-as) Cerdic, the founder of the West Saxon kingdom; his son is Cynric;

Cerdices ford [] m (-a/-a) Cerdic’s ford, the ford of a little river in the south of Dorsetshire on Cerdices óra;

Cerdices léah [] f (-e/-a) Cerdic’s lay, in the south of Dorsetshire; [or masculine?]

Cerdices óra [] m (-n/-n) Cerdices shore, on the south of Dorsetshire

ceren [] 1. n? (-es/-) new wine, sweet wine, boiled wine, a sort of wine, new wine boiled down one third or one half; [L carenum]; 2. see cyrn

cerfelle [] f (-an/-an) chervil [L cerefolium]; [an herb]

cerfille [] f (-an/-an) chervil [L cerefolium]; [an herb]

cerge see carig

cerlic see cirlic

cerm see cirm

cerr- see cierr-

cers- see cærs-

cerse [] f (-an/-an) Cress

cert- see cyrt-

certare [] m (-es/-as) charioteer

Certes íeg [] f (-e/-a) Chertsey

Certes íg see Certes íeg

Certices óra [] m (-n/-n) Cerdic’s shore

ceruphín [] m (-es/-as) cherubim

ces- see ceos-

cés- see cís-, cýs-

cés see céas, past 3rd sing of céosan

César see Cásere

cester see ceaster

cestian see cystian

cete [] f (-an/-an) a cabin, cellar

céte see cýte

cetel see citel

cetil see citel

Cetrehta [] m (-n/-n) Catterick, near Richmond, Yorkshire

céðan see cýðan

cewl see cawl

chor [] m (-es/-as) dance, choir (singers); church-choir (place) [L chorus]

chora [] m (-n/-n) dance, choir (singers); church-choir (place) [L chorus]

Chore [] m (-es/-as) Korah, one of the sons of Isaar, who led a revolt against Moses

chorgléo [] n (-wes/-) dance

cían [] noun pl gills [Ger kieme]

cicel see cycel

cicen [] n (-nes/-nu) chicken

cicene see cycene

cicropisc [] adj Cecropean [L]

cídan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to chide, reprove, rebuke; (1) w.d.; wiþ þone þe him cídeþ against him who chides him; (2) w.a.; (3) w.prep.; þá menn cíddon ongéan þone blindan the men rebuked against the blind man; (4) absolute; cíd mid wordum reprove with words; 2. to blame unjustly, blame, speak against, speak angrily; (1) absolute; uncer hláford hlýdde þǽrúte and cídde our lord clamored and spoke angrily; (2) w.prep.; se mann geunrótsaþ for his ǽhta lyre, and cídeþ þonne wiþ God the man became sad for his loss of properties and spoke angrily against God; 3. to dispute, complain about; ne cídedon þá munucas ymb þá déage oþþe gréatnesse hira réafa the monks did not complain about the dye or the greatness of their reeves; 4. to quarrel, contend, strive;

cídde [] 1. past 3rd sing of cídan; 2. see cýðde, past 3rd sing of cýðan

cídere [] m (-es/-as) a chider

cídung [] f (-e/-a) chiding, rebuke, reproving

ciefes see cifes

cíegan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres cíegþ past cíegde ptp gecíeged 1. to call, name; ealle wunedon híe módor cígan all were accustomed to call her mother; 1a. call upon, invoke, summon, convene, call together; 2. wv/i1b to cry, call, call out; Abeles blód tó mé cígaþ Abel’s blood calls out to me;

cíegere [] m (-es/-as) one who calls

cíegung1 [] f (-e/-a) calling, invocation

ciele [] m (-es/-as) coolness, cold, chill, frost [ceald]

cielegicel2 [] m (-gicles/-giclas) icicle

cielewearte [] f (-an/-an) goose-skin

cielf see cealf

cielle [] f (-an/-an) fire-pan, lamp [OHG kella]

cíepa [] m (-n/-n) merchant, trader

cíepe see cípe

cíepehús [] n (-es/-) storehouse

cíepemann [] m (-es/-menn) merchant

cíepmann [] m (-es/-menn) merchant

cíepeþing [] n pl merchandise

cíeping [] f (-e/-a) marketing, trading; market-place, market; merchandise; market dues

cíeplic [] adj for sale, vendible

cierice see cirice

cierlisc see ceorlisc

cierm see cirm

cierr [] m (-es/-as) turn, change, time, occasion; affair, business; æt sumum ~e at some time, once

cierran1 [chir·ran] wv/t1a, wv/i1a to turn, change; wv/i1a to turn oneself, go, come, proceed, turn back, return; regard; translate; persuade, convert, be converted, agree to; submit; make to submit, reduce

cierring1 [] f (-e/-a) turning; conversion

cíest, cíesþ pres 3rd sing of céosan

cifes [] f (-e/-a) concubine, harlot [Ger kebse]

cifesboren [] adj bastard

cifesdóm [] m (-es/-as) fornication

cifesgemána [] m (-n/-n) fornication

cifeshád [] m (-a/-a) fornication

cígan see cíegan

cild [] n (-es/-ru) child, infant; a youth of gentle birth [pl also cild, cildra]

Cildamæssedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Childermas, Innocents’ Day (Dec 28)

cildatrog see cildtrog

cildcláðas [] m pl swaddling-clothes

cildcradol [] m (-es/-cradelas) cradle

cildfaru [] f (-e/-a) carrying of children

cildfédende [] adj nursing

cildféstre [] f (-an/-an) nurse

cildfóstre [] f (-an/-an) nurse

cildgeogoþ [] f (-e/-a) childhood

cildgeong [] adj youthful, infant

cildhád [] m (-a/-a) childhood

cildhama [] m (-n/-n) womb; after-birth

cildild [] f (-e/-a) childhood

cildisc [] adj childish, puerile

cildiugoþ see cildgeogoþ

cildlic [] adj childish, young

cildru see cild

cildsung [] f (-e/-a) childishness

cildtrog [] m (-es/-as) cradle [cilt-, cilda-]

cile see ciele

cileðonie [] f (-an/-an) celandine, swallow-wort

cilforlamb [] n (-es/-ru) ewe-lamb

cilic [] m (-es/-as) sack-cloth of hair [L cilicium]

cille see cielle, cyll

Cillinesc [] adj Cyllenian

cim- see cym-

cimbal [] m (-es/-as) cymbal [L]

cimbala [] m (-n/-n) cymbal [L]

cimbalglíwere [] m (-es/-as) cymbal-player

cimbing [] f (-e/-a) commissure, joining

cimbíren [] n (-es/-) edge-iron? (joining-iron, clamp?)

cimbstán [] m (-es/-as) base, pedestal

cin [] 1. see cinn; 2. see cynn, n;

cin- see cyn-

cínan [] sv/i1 3rd pres cínþ past cán/cinon ptp gecinen to gape, yawn, crack

cinbán [] n (-es/-) chin-bone, jawbone

cinberg [] f (-e/-a) defense of the chin or cheek, cheek guard [beorg]

cinc? [] ? (-es/-as) derision

cincung [] f (-e/-a) boisterous laughter

cind see cynd

cíne [] 1. f (-an/-an) sheet of parchment (folded), diploma; 2. f (-an/-an) chink, fissure, depth, cavern

cine- see cyn-, cyne-

cineht [] adj chinky, cracked

cing see cyning

cining see cyning

cinn [] 1. n (-es/-) chin; 2. see cynn n

cinnan [] wv/t1a to gape, yawn?

cintóþ [] m (-es/-téþ) grinder

cinu see cine 2

cio- see ceo-

cío see céo

cip see cipp

cíp- see céap-, cíep-, cýp-

cípe [] f (-an/-an) onion [L cepa]

cípeléac [] n (-es/-) leek

cipersealf [] f (-e/-a) henna-ointment [L cypros]

cipp [] m (-es/-as) log, trunk; coutler, plough-share; weaver’s beam

cir see cierr

circ- see ciric-

circian [] wv/t2 to roar

circolwyrde [] m (-es/-as) computer, mathematician

circul [] m (-es/-as) circle; cycle, zodiac [L circulum]

circuládl [] f (-e/-a) the shingles

circwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) church-builder

cirebald see cynebeald?

ciricǽw [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) marriage to the church (as when one takes orders)

ciricbelle [] f (-an/-an) church-bell

ciricbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) church-book, manual of the church services

ciricbót [] f (-e/-a) repair of churches

ciricbrǽc [] f (-e/-a) sacrilege

ciricbryce [] m (-es/-as) sacrilege

ciricdor [] n (-es/-u) church-door

ciricduru [] f (-a/-a) church-door

cirice [] f (-an/-an) church, religious community; church (building), temple; congregation (non-Christian)

ciricend [] m (-es/-) an ecclesiastic

ciricfriþ [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) right of sanctuary; penalty for breach of the right

ciricfultum [] m (-es/-as) support from the church

ciricgang [] m (-es/-as) going to church; churching, purification (of the B.V.M.)

ciricgemána [] m (-n/-n) church-membership

ciricgeorn [] adj zealous in church-going

ciricgeriht [] n (-es/-) church-due

ciricgriþ [] n (-es/-u) church-peace, right of sanctuary; penalty for breach of the right

cirichád [] m (-a/-a) an order of the church

cirichálgung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of a church

cirichata [] m (-n/-n) church-tormentor, persecutor

ciricland [] n (-es/-) land of the church

ciriclic [] adj ecclesiastical [circ-]

ciricmǽrsung [] f (-e/-a) dedication of a church

ciricmangung [] f (-e/-a) simony

ciricmitta [] m (-n/-n) church measure (of ale)

ciricnéod see ciricníed

ciricníed [] f (-e/-a) requirements of the church

ciricnytt [] f (-e/-a) church service

ciricragu [] f (-e/-a) church-lichen or moss

ciricrén [] n (-es/-) sacrilege

ciricsang [] m (-es/-as) hymn; church-singing

ciricsangere [] m (-es/-as) church-singer

ciricsceat [] m (-es/-as) church-scot, church-due at Martinmas

ciricsceatweorc [] n (-es/-) work connected with the grain given as church-scot

ciricsócn [] f (-e/-a) church-privilege, sanctuary; territory of a church; attendance at church

cirictíd [] f (-e/-e) service-time

cirictún [] m (-es/-as) churchyard

ciricþén [] m (-es/-as) minister of a church

ciricþénung [] f (-e/-a) church-duty or service

ciricþing [] n (-es/-) object belonging to a church

ciricþingere [] m (-es/-as) priest

ciricwág [] m (-es/-as) wall of a church

ciricwaru [] f (-e/-a) congregation

ciricwæcce [] f (-an/-an) vigil

ciricwǽd [] f (-e/-e) vestment

ciricweard [] m (-es/-as) church-keeper, warden, sexton

cirisbéam [] m (-es/-as) cherry-tree [L cerasum]

cirlic [] 1. ? (-?/-?) charlock; 2. see ciriclic

cirlisc see ceorlisc

cirm [] m (-es/-as) cry, shout, outcry, uproar

cirman [] wv/i1b to cry, cry out, call, shriek

cirnel see cyrnel

cirps [] adj curly

cirpsian1 [] wv/t2 to crisp, curl

cirr see cierr

cís [] adj fastidious [céosan]

císe see cýse

cisel see ceosel

cisil see ceosel

ciseræppel [] m (-æpples/-æpplas) dried fig, cherry

ciserbéam see cirisbéam

cisirbéam see cirisbéam

císnes [] f (-se/-sa) fastidiousness

cist [] 1. f (-e/-a) chest, casket; coffin; rush basket; 2. see cyst 1

císt pres 3rd sing of céosan

ciste see cist 1

cistel [] 1. ? (-?/-?) cistella?; 2. see cystel

cistenbéam [] m (-es/-as) chestnut tree [L castanea]

cístmélum [] adv earnestly [céast]

citel [] m (citles/citlas) kettle, cauldron

citelflóde [] f (-an/-an) bubbling spring

citelhrúm [] m (-es/-as) kettle-soot

citelian [] wv/t2 to tickle

citelung [] f (-e/-a) tickling

citelwyllie [] ? (-?/-?) bubbling spring

citere [] f (-an/-an) cithara

citre [] f (-an/-an) cithara

cíþ [] m (-es/-as) seed, germ, shoot; mote

cíþfæst [] adj well-rooted

cíwung see céowung

clá see cléa, cláwu

clábre see clǽfre

clac- see clæc-, cleac-

clacu [] f (-e/-a) injury

cladersticca [] m (-n/-n) rattle-stick

cláf past 3rd sing of clífan

cláfre see clǽfre

clám [] 1. m (-es/-as) paste, mortar, mud, clay; poultice; 2. see cléam, dat pl of cléam

clamb past 3rd sing of climban

clamm [] m (-es/-as) band, bond, fetter, chain; grip, grasp

clán- see clǽn-

clang past 3rd sing of clingan

clangettung [] f (-e/-a) clamor

clatrung [] f (-e/-a) clattering, noise

cláþ [] m (-es/-as) cloth; clothes, covering, sail; under Crístes ~um in baptismal garments

cláþflyhte [] m (-es/-as) patch

cláþwéoce [] f (-an/-an) wick of cloth

clauster see clúster

cláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres clǽwþ past cléow/on ptp gecláwen to claw

cláwian [] wv/t2 to scratch, claw

clawu [] f (-e/-e) claw; hoof; hook; pl pincers?

cláwung [] f (-e/-a) griping pain

clæcléas [] adj harmless; uninjured [clacu]

clædur [] ? (-?/-?) rattle [clader]

clǽferwyrt [] f (-e/-e) clover

clǽfre [] f (-an/-an) clover, trefoil

clǽg [] m (-es/-as) clay

clǽig [] adj clayey

clǽman1 [] wv/t1b to smear, caulk, plaster, anoint

clǽming [] f (-e/-a) blotting, smearing

clæmman [] wv/t1a to press

clæmnes [] f (-se/-sa) torture

clǽne [] 1. adj clean; pure, chaste, innocent; unencumbered, unfettered; hallowed; clear, open; on clǽnum felda in the open field (of battle); honorable, true; acute, sagacious, intellectual; 2. adv clean, clearly, fully, purely, entirely

clǽngeorn [] adj yearning after purity, celibate; cleanly

clǽnheort [] adj pure in heart

clǽnlic [] adj (cleanly), pure; excellent; adv ~líce; see clǽne 2

clǽnnes [] f (-se/-sa) (moral) cleanness, purity, chastity

clǽnsere [] m (-es/-as) priest

clǽnsian [] wv/t2 to cleanse, purify, chasten; clear out, purge; w.a. and g. justify, clear oneself

clǽnsnian see clǽnsian

clǽnsung1 [] f (-e/-a) cleansing, purifying, chastening, castigation, expiation; purity, chastity

clǽnsungdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) day for purging

clǽnsungdrenc [] m (-es/-as) purgative

clæppan [] wv/t1a to clap, beat, throb

clæppettan [] wv/t1b to palpitate

clæppetung [] f (-e/-a) clapping; pulsation, pulse

clǽsn- see clǽns-

clǽþ see cláþ

clæweða see cleweða

clea- see clæ-, cleo-

cléa see clawu

cleac [] f (-e/-a) stepping-stone

cleacian [] wv/i2 to hurry

cléaf past 3rd sing of cléofan

clém- see clǽm-

clén- see clǽn-

clencan see be~

clengan [] wv/t1b to adhere

cleo- see cli-

cléo- see clíe-, clú-

cléo see cléa, clawu

cleofa [] m (-n/-n) cave, den; cell, chamber, cellar

cléofan [] sv/t2 3rd pres clíefþ past cléaf/clufon ptp geclofen to cleave, split, separate

ceofian see clifian

cleofu nom/acc pl of clif

cléofung [] f (-e/-a) cleaving

cléone see cléowene, dat sing of cléowen, clíewen

cleop- see clip-

cléot [] ? (-?/-?) a cleat

clep- see clæp-, clip-

clerc see cleric

cleric [] m (-es/-as) clerk in holy orders; clerk in minor orders; educated person [L clericus] [also clerec, cleroc, clerus]

clerichád [] m (-a/-a) condition of a (Secular) clerk, clerical order, priesthood

clericmann [] m (-es/-menn) a clerk

cleweða [] m (-n/-n) itch [cláwan]

clib- see clif-

clibbor [] adj? clinging [clifian]

clidren [] f (-ne/-na) clatter

clidrin [] f (-ne/-na) clatter

cliepian see clipian

clíewen [] n (clíewnes, -nes/-u, -nu) sphere, ball, skein; ball of thread or yarn; mass, group [cliewen?]

clif [] n (-es/cleofu, clifu) cliff, rock, promontory, steep slope

clifa see cleofa

clifæhtig see clifihtig

clífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres clífþ past cláf/clifon ptp geclifen to cleave, adhere

clife [] f (-an/-an) clifers (cleavers), burdock

clifeht see clifiht

clifer [] m (-es/-as) claw

cliferféte [] adj cloven-footed

clifhlép [] m (-es/-as) cliff-leap, plunge to ruin

clifhlýp [] m (-es/-as) cliff-leap, plunge to ruin

clifig [] adj steep

clifiht [] adj steep

clifihtig [] adj steep

clifr- variant of clifer

clifrian [] wv/t2 to scarify, scratch

clifrung [] f (-e/-a) clawing, talon

clifstán [] m (-es/-as) rock

clifwyrt [] f (-e/-e) cliff-wort, water-wort, foxglove, burdock?

climban [] sv/t3 3rd pres climbeþ past clamb/clumbon ptp geclumben to climb

climpre see clympre

clincig [] adj rough

clingan [] sv/i3 3rd pres clingeþ past clang/clungon ptp is geclungen to stick together; shrink, wither

clipian [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to speak, cry out, call; 1 summon, invoke; w.d. cry to, implore

clipigendlic [] adj vocalic; vocative (gram.)

clipol [] adj sounding, vocal; vocalic, vowel

clipung [] f (-e/-a) cry, crying, clamor; 1 prayer; call, claim; þá ~a kalends

clipur [] m (-es/-as) bell-clapper

cliroc see cleric

clite [] f (-an/-an) coltsfoot

cliða [] m (-n/-n) poultice

clíðan see æt~

cliðe [] f (-an/-an) burdock

cliðwyrt [] f (-e/-e) rubea minor, clivers

clíwe see clíewen

clíwen see clíewen

cloccettan [] wv/t1b to palpitate

cloccian [] wv/t2 to cluck, make a noise

clodhamor [] m (-es/-hameras) fieldfare

clof- see cluf-

clofe [] f (-an/-an) buckle

clofen past part of cléofan

clomm [] 1. m see clamm; 2. past 3rd sing of climban

clop [] m? (-es/-as) rock?

clott [] ? (-es/-as) lump, mass

clucge [] f (-an/-an) bell

clúd [] m (-es/-as) mass of stone, rock; hill

clúdig [] adj rocky, hilly

clufeht [] adj bulbous

clufehte [] adj bulbous

clufon past part of cléofan

clufðung [] f (-e/-a) crowfoot; a vegetable poison

clufðunge [] f (-an/-an) crowfoot; a vegetable poison

clufu [] f (-e/-a) clove (of garlic, etc.), bulb, tuber

clufwyrt [] f (-e/-e) batrachion, buttercup

clugge se clucge

clumben past part of climban

clumian [] wv/t2 to murmur, mumble, mutter (1)

clummian [] wv/t2 to murmur, mumble, mutter (2)

clungen past part of clingan

clús [] f (-e/-a) bar, bolt; enclosure; cell, prison [L clausum]

clúse [] f (-an/-an) bar, bolt; enclosure; cell, prison [L clausum]

cluster see clyster

clúster see clústor

clústor [] n (clústres/-) lock, bar, barrier; enclosure, cloister, cell, prison [L claustrum]

clústorcleofa [] m (-n/-n) prison-cell

clústorloc [] n (-es/-u) prison

clút [] m (-es/-as) clout, patch, cloth; piece of metal, plate

clyccan1 [] wv/t1a to clutch, clench

clyf see clif

clyf- see clif-, cleof-

clymmian [] wv/t2 to climb, ascend

clympe see calwer~

clympre [] m (-es/-as) lump of metal

clyne [] n (-es/-u) lump of metal

clynian see clynnan

clynnan [] wv/i1a to resound, ring; wv/t1a to knock

clyp- see clip-

clypnes [] f (-se/-sa) embrace

clypp [] m (-es/-as) embracing

clypping [] f (-e/-a) embracing

clyppan1 [] wv/t1a to embrace, clasp; surround, enclose; grip; prize, honor, cherish

clýsan see be~

clyster [] n (clystres/-) cluster, bunch, branch

clýsung [] f (-e/-a) enclosure, apartment; closing, period, conclusion of a sentence, clause

clyða see cliða

clýwen see clíewen

cnafa [] m (-n/-n) child, youth; servant

cnapa [] m (-n/-n) child, youth; servant

cnáwan1 [] sv/t7 (usu ge~) 3rd pres cnǽwþ past cnéow/on ptp gecnáwen to know, perceive; acknowledge; declare; ge~ ascertain

cnáwelǽcing [] f (-e/-a) acknowledgment

cnáwlǽc [] ? (-?/-?) acknowledgment

cnæht see cniht

cnæpling [] m (-es/-as) youth [cnapa]

cnæpp [] m (-es/-as) top, summit; fibula, button

cnǽwþ pres 3rd sing of cnáwan

cnéa genitive pl of cnéo, cnéow

cnearr [] m (-es/-as) small ship, galley (of the ships of the Northmen); [ON knorr]

cnéatian [] wv/t2 to argue, dispute

cnéatung [] f (-e/-a) inquisition, investigation; dispute, debate

cnedan [] sv/t5 3rd pres cnideþ past cnæd/cnǽdon ptp gecneden to knead

cneht see cniht

cnéo see cnéow

cnéodan see cnódan

cneoht see cniht

cneordlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to be diligent, study

cneordlic [] adj diligent, earnest, zealous; adv ~líce

cneordnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) zeal, diligence, study

cnéordnes see gecnéorenes

cnéores see cnéoriss

cnéorift [] n? (-es/-) napkin?

cnéoris [] f (-se/-sa) generation, posterity, family, tribe, nation, race

cnéorisbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) Genesis

cnéorisn [] f (-e/-a) generation, posterity, family, tribe, nation, race

cnéornis [] f (-se/-sa) generation, posterity, family, tribe, nation, race

cneorþlǽcan see cneordlǽcan

cnéosár [] n (-es/-) pain in the knee

cnéow [] 1. n (-es/-) knee; step in a pedigree, generation; 2. past 3rd sing of cnéowan; licgan1 on ~um to kneel; on ~um sittan1 to kneel

cnéowbígung [] f (-e/-a) kneeling, genuflection

cnéowede [] adj having big knees

cnéowade [] adj having big knees

cnéowgebed [] n (-es/-gebeodu) prayer on one’s knees

cnéowholen [] m (-es/-as) knee-holly, butcher’s broom

cnéowian [] 1. wv/i2 1 to kneel; 2. to know carnally

cnéowlian [] wv/t2 to kneel

cnéowmǽg [] m (-es/-mágas, -mǽgas) kinsman, relation, ancestor

cnéowrím2 [] n (-es/-) progeny, family

cnéowsibb [] f (-e/-a) generation, race

cnéowung [] f (-e/-a) kneeling, genuflection

cnéowwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the knees

cnéowwyrst [] f (-e/-e) knee-joint

cnepp see cnæpp

cnéw see cnéow

cnídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres cnídeþ past cnád/cnidon ptp gecniden to beat

cnieht see cniht

cníf [] m (-es/-as) knife

cniht [] m (-es/-as) boy, youth; servant, attendant, retainer, disciple, warrior; boyhood; junior member of a guild

cnihtcild [] n (-es/-ru) male child, boy

cnihtgebeorðor [] n (-es/-) child-birth, child-bearing

cnihtgeoguþ [] f (-e/-a) youth

cnihtgeong [] adj youthful

cnihthád [] m (-a/-a) puberty, youth, boyhood; (male) virginity

cnihtiugoþ see cnihtgeoguþ

cnihtléas [] adj without an attendant

cnihtlic [] adj boyish, childish

cnihtþéawas [] m pl boyish ways

cnihtwesende2 [] adj when a boy, as a youth

cnihtwíse [] f (-an/-an) boyishness

cnissan see cnyssan

cnítian [] wv/t2 to dispute

cnittan see cnyttan

cnocian see cnucian

cnódan1 [] wv/t1b to attribute to, assign to, load with

cnoll [] m (-es/-as) knoll; summit

cnop [] ? (-?/-?) ballationes, knob

cnoppa see wull~

cnósl [] n (-es/-) stock, progeny, kin, family; native country

cnossian [] wv/t2 to strike, hit upon

cnotmǽlum [] adv strictim

cnotta [] m (-n/-n) knot, fastening; knotty point, puzzle

cnucian1 [] wv/t2 to knock (door); beat, pound

cnúian [] wv/t2 to pound

cnúwian [] wv/t2 to pound

cnyccan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres cnycþ past cnycte, cnyhte ptp gecnyct, gecnyht to tie

cnyht see cniht

cnyhte see cnyccan

cnyll [] m (-es/-as) sound or signal of a bell

cnyllan1 [] wv/t1a to toll a bell; strike, knock

cnyllsian see cnyllan

cnyrd- see cneord-

cnyssan1 [] wvt/1a to press, toss, strike, hew to pieces, dash, crash (together), beat; overcome, overwhelm, oppress

cnyssung [] f (-e/-a) striking, stroke

cnyttan1 [] wv/t1a to fasten, tie, bind, knit; add, append; [cnotta]

cnyttels [] m (-es/-as) string, sinew

coc see cocc

cóc [] m (-es/-as) cook; [L coquus]

cocc [] m (-es/-as) cock, male bird

coccel [] m (coccles/cocclas) cockle, darnel, tares

cocer [] m (-es/-as) quiver, case, sheath

cócerpanne [] f (-an/-an) cooking-pan, frying-pan

cócnung [] f (-e/-a) seasoning

cocor see cocer

cócermete [] m (-es/-mettas) seasoned food

cocród [] f (-e/-a) a clearing for netting woodcocks

cócunung see cócnung

cocur see cocer

codd [] m (-es/-as) cod, husk; bag; scrotum

coddæppel [] m (-æppla/-æppla) quince

codic [] ? (-?/-?) an edible plant, charlock [lapsana], charlock? [also coydic]

cofa [] m (-n/-n) closet, chamber; ark; cave, den

Cóferflód [] m (-es/-as) the river Chebar

cofgodas [] m pl household gods

cofincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) little chamber

cofrian see á~

cohhetan [] wv/t1b? to make a noise, cough?

col [] n (-es/-u, -a) coal, live coal

cól [] 1. adj cool, cold; tranquil, calm; 2. past 3rd sing of calan

cole see óden~, wín~

cólian [] wv/i2 to cool, grow cold, be cold

coliandre [] f (-an/-an) coriander

coll- see col-

cóll- see cól-

colla see morgen~

collecta [] f (-n/-n) collect

collenferþ2 [] adj proud, elated, bold [cwellan (to swell)?] (3)

collenferhþ2 [] adj proud, elated, bold [cwellan (to swell)?] (1)

collenfyrhþ2 [] adj proud, elated, bold [cwellan (to swell)?] (2)

colloncrog [] m (-es/-as) water-lily, nymphaea (2)

colloncroh [] m (-es/-as) water-lily, nymphaea (1)

colmáse [] f (-an/-an) coal-mouse, tit-mouse

cólnes [] f (-se/-sa) coolness

colpytt [] m (-es/-as) (char-)coal pit

colsweart [] adj coal-black

colt [] m (-es/-as) colt

coltemære [] f? (-an/-an) boiled wine

coltetræppe [] f (-an/-an) a plant, caltrop

coltgræg [] f? (-e/-a) colt’s-foot

colþrǽd [] m (-es/-as) plumb line

colþréd [] m (-es/-as) plumb line

columne [] f (-an/-an) column

cóm past 3rd sing of cuman

coman see cuman

comb see camb

combol see cumbol

cométa [] m (-n/-n) comet [L]

commuc see cammoc

communia [] m? (-n/-n) psalm sung at Eucharist

cómon past pl of cuman

comp see camp

con see can, pres 1st, 3rd sing of cunnan

condel see candel

conn see cann pres 1st, 3rd sing of cunnan

consolde [] f (-an/-an) comfrey [L]

const see canst, pres 2nd sing of cunnan

consul [] m (-es/-as) consul [L]

coorte [] f (-an/-an) cohort [L]

cop see copp

cóp [] m? (-es/-as) an outer garment [ependytes], cope, vestment

copel [] adj unsteady, rocking?

cópenere [] m (-es/-as) lover

coper [] n (-es/-) copper [L cuprum]

copor [] n (-es/-) copper [L cuprum]

copian [] wv/t2 to plunder, steal

copp [] 1. m (-es/-as) top, summit; 2. m (-es/-as) cup

coppe see átor~

copped [] adj polled, lopped, pollard

cops see cosp

cordewánere [] m (-es/-as) cordwainer, shoemaker

coren1 [] adj chosen, elect, choice, fit; precious, dear [past part of céosan]

corenbég [] m (-es/-as) crown [L corona]

corennes1 [] f (-se/-sa) choice, election; ge~ goodness

corenscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) election, excellence

corfen past part of ceorfan

corflian [] wv/t2 to mince [ceorfan]

corn [] n (-es/-) corn, grain; seed, berry; a corn-like pimple, corn

cornæsceda [] f pl chaff

cornappla [] n pl pomegranates

cornbǽre [] adj corn-bearing

cornberende [] adj corn-bearing

corncíþ [] m (-es/-as) growth of grain

corngebrot [] n (-es/-u) corn dropped in carrying to barn

corngesǽlig [] adj rich in corn

corngesceot [] n (-es/-u) payment in corn

cornhús [] n (-es/-) granary

cornhwicce [] f (-an/-an) corn-bin

cornlád [] f (-e/-a) leading of corn

cornsǽd [] n (-es/-) a grain of corn

corntéoðung [] f (-e/-a) tithe of corn

corntréow [] n (-es/-) cornel-tree

corntrog [] m (-es/-as) corn-bin

cornuc see cranoc

cornuch see cranoc

cornwurma [] m (-n/-n) scarlet dye

coróna [] m (-n/-n) crown [L]

corporale [] f? (-an/-an) a cloth for covering the Host

corsnǽd [] f (-e/-a) piece of consecrated bread which an accused person swallowed as a test of innocence

corðer2 [] f (-e/-a), n (corðres/-) troop, band, multitude, throng, retinue; pomp (2)

corðor2 [] f (-e/-a), n (corðres/-) troop, band, multitude, throng, retinue; pomp (1)

corðr [] ? (-?/-?) a whisk?

corwurma see cornwurma

cos see coss

cosp [] m (-es/-as) fetter, bond

coss [] m (-es/-as) kiss, embrace

cossetung [] f (-e/-a) kissing

cossian [] wv/t2 to kiss

cost [] 1. m (-es/-as) option, choice, possibility; manner, way; condition; þæs ~es þe on condition that; 2. 1 adj 2 tried, chosen, excellent; [céosan]; 3. m? (-es/-as) costmary, tansy

costere [] m (-es/-as) tempter

costian1 [] wv/t2 w.g. or a., wv/i2 to tempt, try, prove, examine [Ger kosten]

costigend [] m (-es/-) tempter

costn- see cost-

costnungstów [] f (-e/-a) place of temptation

costung1 [] f (-e/-a) temptation, testing, trial, tribulation

costnung1 [] f (-e/-a) temptation, testing, trial, tribulation

cot [] n (-es/-u) cot, cottage, bed-chamber, den

cote [] f (-an/-an) cot, cottage, bed-chamber, den

cotlíf [] n (-es/-) hamlet, village, manor; dwelling

cotsetla [] m (-n/-n) cottager

cotstów [] f (-e/-a) site of cottages

cott see cot

cottuc [] m (-es/-as) mallow (1)

cotuc [] m (-es/-as) mallow (2)

coða [] m see coðu

coðe [] f see coðu

coðig [] adj diseased

coðlíce [] adv ill, miserably

cóðon see cúðon, past pl of cunnan

coðu [] f (-e/-a) disease, sickness

cowen past part of céowan

crá [] n? (-wes/-) croaking

crabba [] m (-n/-n) crab; Cancer (sign of the zodiac)

cracelung? [] f (-e/-a) crepacula

crácettan [] wv/t1b to croak [crá]

crácetung [] f (-e/-a) croaking

cracian [] wv/t2 to resound, crack

cradel [] m (-es/-cradelas) cradle, cot

cradol [] m (-es/-cradelas) cradle, cot

cradolcild [] n (-es/-ru) child in the cradle, infant

crafian [] wv/t2 to crave, ask, implore, demand; summon

crafing [] f (-e/-a) claim, demand

crammian1 [] wv/t2 to cram, stuff

crammingpohha [] m (-n/-n) a bag crammed with ill-gotten gains? [viscarium]

crampul [] m (cramples/cramplas) crane-pool [cran, pól]

cran [] m (-es/-as) crane

cranc [] m? (-es/-as) chronicle

crancstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) weaving implement, crank

crang past 3rd sing of cringan

cranic [] m (-es/-as) record, chronicle [L]

cranicwrítere [] m (-es/-as) chronicler

cranoc [] m (-es/-as) crane [corn-]

crat see cræt

cratu see cræt

cráwa [] m (-n/-n) crow, raven

cráwe [] f (-an/-an) crow, raven

cráwan1 [] sv/i7 3rd pres crǽwþ past créow/on ptp gecráwen to crow

cráwanléac [] n (-es/-) crow-garlic [also cráwléac]

crǽ see cráwe

crǽcet- see crácet-

cræf- see craf-

cræft [] m (-es/-as) physical strength, might, courage; science, skill, art, ability, talent, virtue, excellence; trade, handicraft, calling; work or product of art, Hex; trick, fraud, deceit; machine, instrument; in pl great numbers, hosts?

cræfta see cræftiga

cræftan1 [] wv/t1b to exercise a craft, build; bring about, contrive

cræftbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) commentary

cræftca see cræftiga

cræftega see cræftiga

cræftelíce see cræftlíce

cræftga see cræftiga

cræftgléaw [] adj skillful, wise

cræftica see cræftiga

cræftig [] adj strong, powerful; skillful, cunning, ingenious; learned, instructive; knowing a craft, scientific

cræftiga [] m (-n/-n) craftsman, artificer, workman; architect

cræftiglíce [] adv skillfully

cræftléas [] adj artless, unskillful

cræftlic [] adj artificial; skillful; adv ~líce

cræftsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) scientific language

cræftweorc [] n (-es/-) skilled workmanship

cræftwyrc see cræftweorc

cræt [] n (-es/cratu, creatu) cart, wagon, chariot

crætehors [] n (-es/-) cart-horse

crætwǽn [] m (-es/-as) chariot

crætwísa [] m (-n/-n) charioteer

crǽwþ pres 3rd sing of cráwan

créac see créc-

créad past 3rd sing of crúdan

creaft- see cræft-

créap past 3rd sing of créopan

créas [] adj fine, elegant; dainty

créaslic [] adj dainty, rich

créasnes [] f (-se/-sa) elegance; presumption, elation

creat see cræt

Crécas [] m pl the Greeks

Créce see Crécas

Crécisc [] adj Grecian, Greek

créda [] m (-n/-n) creed, belief, confession of faith [L credo]

creft see cræft

cremdisc [] m (-es/-as) a cream dish

crencestre [] f (-an/-an) female weaver, spinster [cranc]

créopan [] sv/i2 3rd pres críepþ past créap/crupon ptp is gecropen to creep, crawl (occasionally reflexive)

creopel see crypel

créopere [] m (-es/-as) cripple

créopung [] f (-e/-a) creeping

créow past 3rd sing of cráwan

crepel see crypel

cressa [] m see cærse

cresse [] f see cærse

crib [] f (-e/-a) crib, stall; couch

cricc see cryc

críde past 3rd sing of crígan

crígan? [] wv/t1b to bubble up

crimman1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres crimþ past cramm/crummon ptp gecrummen to cram, put in, insert

crinc see cinc?

crincan see cringan

cring [] ? (-?/-?) downfall, slaughter

cringan12 [] sv/t3 3rd pres cringeþ past crang/crungon ptp gecrungen to yield, fall (in battle)

cringwracu [] f (-e/-a) torment

cripel see crypel

crippan see cryppan

crípþ pres 3rd sing of créopan

crisma [] m (-n/-n) chrism, holy oil; chrisome-cloth; anointing

crismal [] m? (crismles/crismlas), n? (crismles/-) chrismale

crismcláþ [] m (-es/-as) chrism-cloth, headband

crismhálgung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of the chrism

crismlísing [] f (-e/-a) chrism-looking, loosing of the chrismale, confirmation

crismsmyrels [] m (-es/-as) anointment with holy oil

crisp see cirps

Crist [] m (-es/-as) Anointed One, Christ

cristalla [] m (-n/-n) crystal

cristallic [] adj of crystal

crístelmǽl see crístesmǽl

crístelmǽlbéam [] m (-es/-as) tree surmounted by a cross?, upright shaft of a cross?

crísten [] adj Christian; þá crístnan the English as opposed to the Danes

crísten [] m (crístnes/crístnas) Christian

crístena [] m (-n/-n) Christian

crístendóm [] m (-es/-as) Christendom, the church, Christianity

crístenlic [] adj Christian

crístenmann [] m (-es/-menn) a Christian

crístennes [] f (-se/-sa) Christianity; Christian baptism

Crístesmǽl [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) (Christ’s mark), the cross; wyrcan ~ to make the sign of the cross

Crístesmél [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) (Christ’s mark), the cross; wyrcan ~ to make the sign of the cross

Crístemæsse [] f (-an/-an) Christmas

crístlic [] adj Christian

crístna [] m (-n/-n) Christian

crístnere [] m (-es/-as) one who performs the rite of crístnung

crístnes see crístennes

crístnian1 [] wv/t2 to anoint with chrism (as a catechumen), christen, baptize

crístnung [] f (-e/-a) christening, anointing with chrism or holy oil

críþ see crígeþ (crígan?)

crocc [] f (-e/-a) crock, pot, vessel

crocca [] m (-n/-n) crock, pot, vessel

crocchwer? [] m (-es/-as) earthen pot

croced see croged

crocsceard [] n (-es/-) potsherd

crocwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) potter

croden past part of crúdan

croft [] m (-es/-as) croft, small field

crog [] m (crós/crós) saffron

cróg [] m (-es/-as) crock, pitcher, vessel

crógcynn [] n (-es/-) kind of vessel, wine-jar

cróh [] 1. m (-es/-as) shoot, twig, tendril; 2. see cróg

croh [] m (crós/crós) saffron

crohha see crocca

croma see cruma

crompeht [] ? (-?/-?) placenta, a flat cake, crumpet

crong see crang, past 3rd sing of cringan

crop see cropp

cropen past part of créopan

cropléac [] n (-es/-) garlic

cropléc [] n (-es/-) garlic

cropp [] m (-es/-as) cluster, bunch; sprout, flower, berry, ear of corn; crop (of a bird); kidney; pebble

croppa [] m (-n/-n) cluster, bunch; sprout, flower, berry, ear of corn; crop (of a bird); kidney; pebble

croppiht [] adj clustered

crúc [] m (-es/-as) cross

crúce [] f (-an/-an) pot, pitcher

crucethús [] n (-es/-) torture-chamber

crúdan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres crýdeþ past créad/crudon ptp gecroden to press, hasten, drive

cruft [] m? (-es/-as) crypt [L]

crufte [] f (-an/-an) crypt [L]

cruma [] m (-n/-n) crumb, fragment

crumb [] adj crooked, bent, stooping (1)

crumen past part of crimman

crump [] adj crooked, bent, stooping (2)

cruncen past part of crincan

crundel [] m (crundles/crundlas), n (crundles/-) ravine, chalk-pit, quarry

crungen past part of cringan

crupon past pl of créopan

crúse [] f? (-an/-an) cruse

crúsene [] f (-an/-an) fur coat [Ger kürschner]

crúsne  [] f (-an/-an) fur coat [Ger kürschner]

crybb see cribb

crycc [] f (-e/-a) crutch, staff

cryccen [] adj made of clay

crýdeþ pres 3rd sing of crúdan

crymbing [] f (-e/-a) curvature, bend, inclination; [crumb]

crypel [] 1. m (cryples/cryplas) cripple; 2. adj crippled; 3. m (cryples/cryplas) narrow passage, burrow, drain

crypelgeat [] n (-es/-u) small opening in a wall or fence?

crypelnes [] f (-se/-sa) paralysis

crýpeþ, crýpþ pres 3rd sing of  créopan

cryppan1 [] wv/t1a to crook (finger), close (hand), bend

cryps see cirps

crysm- see crism-

cú [] f (cý/cý) cow

cúbutere [] f (-an/-an) butter [cú]

cúbýre [] m (-es/-as) cow-byre, cow-shed

cuc see cwic

cúcealf [] n (-es/-ru) calf

cuceler see cucler(e)

cucelere [] ? (-?/-?) capo

cucelere see cucler(e)

cucere see cucler(e)

cucler [] m (-es/-as) spoon, spoonful (1)

cuclere [] m (-es/-as) spoon, spoonful (3)

cuculer [] m (-es/-as) spoon, spoonful (2)

cuclermǽl [] n (-es/-) spoonful

cucu see cwic

cucurbite [] f (-an/-an) gourd [L]

cudele [] f (-an/-an) cuttlefish

cudu see cwudu

cúéage [] n (-an/-an) eye of a cow [listed as f]

cueðan see cweðan

cufel [] f (-e/-a) cowl, hood

cúfel see cýfl

cufle see cufel

cuffie see cufel

cugle [] f (-an/-an) cap, cowl, hood, head-covering (1)

cugele [] f (-an/-an) cap, cowl, hood, head-covering (2)

cuhle [] f (-an/-an) cap, cowl, hood, head-covering (3)

cúhorn [] m (-es/-as) cow’s horn

cúhyrde [] m (-es/-as) cowherd

cúle see cugle

culfer [] f (-e/-a) culver, pigeon, dove (1)

culfere [] f (-an/-an) culver, pigeon, dove (3)

culfre [] f (-an/-an) culver, pigeon, dove (2)

culmille [] f (-an/-an) small centaury

culpa [] m? (-n/-n) fault, sin [L]

culpe [] f? (-an/-an) fault, sin [L]

culpian [] wv/t2 to humble oneself, cringe

culter [] m (cultres/cultras) coulter; dagger, knife [L culter]

culufre see culfre

cúm see

cuma [] m (-n/-n) stranger, guest; cumena hús/inn/wícung inn, guest-chamber

cuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres cymþ past cóm/on, cwóm/on ptp is gecumen to come, approach, get to, attain; ~ úp to land, be born;  1 to go, depart; to come to oneself, recover; become; happen (also ~ forþ); put; ge~ come together, arrive, assemble; tógadere/tógædre/tógædere ~ to engage in battle; tósomne ~ to engage in battle; 2 w. infinitive of verbs of motion, forming a sort of periphrastic conjugation for such verbs; he cóm gangan he came; cóm swimman he swam, etc.

cumb [] 1. m (-es/-as) valley; 2. m (-es/-as) liquid measure

cumbelgehnád see cumbolgehnást, cumbolgehnǽst

cumbl [] 1. see cumbol; 2. see cumul

cumbol2 [] n (cumbles/-) sign, standard, banner

cumbolgebrec [] n (-es/-u) crash of banners, battle

cumbolgehnást [] n (-es/-u) crash of banners, battle

cumbolgehnǽst [] n (-es/-u) crash of banners, battle

cumbolhaga [] m (-n/-n) compact rank, phalanx

cumbolhete [] m (-es/-as) warlike hate

cumbolwíga2 [] m (-n/-n) warrior

cumbor see cumbol

cumbul see cumbol

cumen past part of cuman

cumendre [] f (-an/-an) godmother, sponsor [= cumedre, cumædre]

cúmeolc [] f (-e/-a) cow’s milk

Cumere []  n pl Cumbrians

Cumeras []  n pl Cumbrians

cumfeorm [] f (-e/-a) entertainment for travelers [cuma, feorm]

cúmicge [] f (-an/-an) cow’s urine

cúmigoða [] m (-n/-n) cow’s urine

cuml see cumbl

cumlíðe [] adj hospitable [cuma]

cumlíðian [] wv/i2 to be a guest

cumlíðnes [] f (-se/-sa) hospitality; sojourn as guest

cummáse [] f (-an/-an) a kind of bird, parra

cumpæder [] m (-pædres/-pædras) godfather [L compater]

cumul [] n (-es/-) swelling

cuml [] n (-es/-) swelling

cúna see

cund see cynd

cund [] adj suffix denoting derivation, origin, or likeness; deofol~, god~

cuneglæsse [] f (-an/-an) hound’s tongue [L cynoglossum]

cunele [] f (-an/-an) wild thyme [Ger quendel]

cunelle [] f (-an/-an) wild thyme [Ger quendel]

cunille [] f (-an/-an) wild thyme [Ger quendel]

cuning see cyning

cunnan1 [] modal v/i 3rd pres cann past cúðe ptp gecunnen to be or become acquainted with, be thoroughly conversant with, know; know how to, have power to, be able to, can; express (thanks); have carnal knowledge

cunnere [] m (-es/-as) tempter

cunnian1 [] wv/t2 w.g. or a. to search into, try, test, seek for, explore, investigate; experience; have experience of, to make trial of; know

cunnung [] f (-e/-a) knowledge; trial, probation, experience; contact, carnal knowledge

cuopel [] f? (-e/-a) small boat

cuppe [] f (-an/-an) cup

curfon past pl of ceorfan

curmealle [] f (-an/-an) centaury

curnstán see cweornstán

curon past pl of céosan

curs [] m (-es/-as) imprecatory prayer, malediction, curse

cursian [] wv/t2 to curse;

cursombor [] ? (-?/-?) incense

cursung [] f (-e/-a) cursing, damnation; place of torment

cús see

cúsc [] adj chaste, modest, virtuous [Ger keusch]

cúscote [] f (-an/-an) cushat, dove, wood-pigeon

cúsloppe [] f (-an/-an) cowslip

cúslyppe [] f (-an/-an) cowslip

cúsnes see císnes

cútægl [] m (-es/-as) tail of a cow

cúter [] n? (-es/-) chewing gum

cúþ1 [] adj known, plain, manifest, certain; well known, usual; noted, excellent, famous; intimate, familiar, friendly, related

cúða [] m (-n/-n) acquaintance, relative

cúðe [] 1. adv clearly, plainly; 2. past 3rd sing of cunnan

cúðelic see cúðlic

cúðian1 [] wv/t2 to become known, take knowledge of, regard

cúðice see cúðlíce

cúðlǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to make known; make friends with

cúðlic [] adj known, certain, evident; adv ~líce clearly, evidently, certainly, openly; familiarly, kindly, affably; therefore, to be sure, hence

cúþnes [] f (-se/-sa) acquaintance, knowledge

cúþnama [] m (-n/-n) surname

cúðon past pl of cunnan

cúwearm [] adj warm for the cow (milk)

cuwon past pl of céowan

cwacian [] wv/t2 to quake, tremble, chatter (of teeth)

cwacung [] f (-e/-a) quaking, trembling

cwal- see cweal-

cwalstów see cwealmstów

cwalu [] f (-e/-a) killing, murder, violent death, destruction [cwelan]

cwánian2 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to lament, bewail, deplore, mourn [Goth kwainon]

cwánig [] adj sad, sorrowful

cwánung [] f (-e/-a) lamentation

cwartern see cweartern

cwatern [] ? (-?/-?) the number four at dice [L]

cwæc- see cwac-

cwǽdon past pl of cweðan

cwæl past 3rd sing cwelan

cwæl- see cwal-, cwiel-, cwil-

cwǽlon past pl of cwelan

cwǽman see cwéman

cwǽn see cwén

cwærtern see cweartern

cwæþ past 3rd sing of cweðan

cwéad [] n (-es/-) dung, dirt, filth [Ger kot]

cweaht past participle of cweccan

cweald past participle of cwellan

cwealm [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) death, murder, slaughter; torment, pain; plague, pestilence [cwelan]

cwealmbǽre [] adj deadly, murderous, bloodthirsty

cwealmbealu [] n (-wes/-) death

cwealmberendlic [] adj pestilent, deadly

cwealmcuma [] m (-n/-n) death-bringer

cwealmdréor [] m (-es/-as) blood shed in death

cwealmlic [] adj deadly

cwealmnes [] f (-se/-sa) pain, torment

cwealmstede [] m (-es/-as) death-place

cwealmstów [] f (-e/-a) place of execution

cwealmþréa [] m (-n/-n) deadly terror

cwearn see cweornstán

cweartenweard? [] m (-es/-as) jailor

cweartern [] n (-es/-) prison

cwearternlic [] adj of a prison

cwearternweard? [] m (-es/-as) jailor

cweccan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to shake, swing, move, vibrate; shake off, give up [cwacian]

cweccung [] f (-e/-a) moving, shaking, wagging

cwecesand [] m (-es/-as) quicksand

cweddian see cwiddian

cwedel see cwedol

cweden past participle of cweðan

cwedol [] adj talkative, eloquent

cwehte past of cweccan

cwelan [] sv/i4 3rd pres cwilþ past cwæl/cwǽlon ptp is gecwolen to die

cweldeht [] adj corrupted, mortified

cwelderǽde [] ? (-?/-?) evening rider?, bat [ON kveld]

cwellan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to kill, murder, execute

cwellend [] m (-es/-) killer, slayer

cwellere [] m (-es/-as) murderer, executioner

cwelm see cwealm, cwielm

cwelmere see cwellere

cwelre see cwellere

cwéman1 [] wv/t1b w.d. to gratify, please, satisfy, propitiate; comply with, be obedient to, serve

cwéme1 [] adj pleasant, agreeable, acceptable

cwéme- see cwém

cwémed see cwém

cwéming1 [] f (-e/-a) pleasing, satisfaction, complaisance

cwémlic [] adj pleasing, satisfying, suitable; adv ~líce graciously, kindly, humbly, satisfactorily

cwémnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) pleasure, satisfaction, mitigation

cwén [] f (-e/-e) woman; wife, consort; queen, empress, royal princess; Virgin Mary [Goth kwéns]

cwencan see á~

cwene [] f (-an/-an) woman; female serf, quean, prostitute [Goth kwinó]

cwenfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) hen-bird

cwénhirde [] m (-es/-as) eunuch

cwénlic [] adj queenly

cweodu see cwudu

cweorn [] f (-a/-a) quern, hand-mill, mill

cweornbill [] n (-es/-) lapideria, a stone chisel for dressing querns

cweornburna [] m (-n/-n) mill-stream

cweorne see cweorn

cweornstán [] m (-es/-as) mill-stone

cweorntéþ [] m pl molars, grinders

cweorntóþ [] m (-es/-téþ) molar, grinder

cweorra see mete~

cweorran see á~

cweorþ [] ? (-?/-?) name of the rune for cw (q)

cwern see cweorn

cwertern see cweartern

cweðan1 [] sv/t5 3rd pres cwiðeþ past cwæþ/cwǽdon ptp gecweden to say, speak, name, call, proclaim, summon, declare; ge~ order, give orders; propose; ~1 (tó) agree, settle, resolve; ge~ consider, regard; ~ on hwone assign to one; cwyst þú lá sayest thou?, numquid; cweðe gé? think you?

cwic [] adj quick, living, alive; noun living things [also cuc, cucu archaic; occasional acc sing masc cucone, cucune)]

cwicǽht [] f (-e/-e) livestock

cwicbéam [] m (-es/-as) aspen, juniper

cwicbéamen [] adj of aspen

cwicbéamrind [] f (-e/-a) aspen bark

cwiccliende [] adj moving rapidly?, tottering?

cwice [] f (-an/-an), m (-es/-as) couch (quitch)-grass

Cwicelmingas [] m pl descendants of Cwicelm

cwicfýr [] n (-es/-) sulphur

cwichege [] m (-es/-as) a quick hedge

cwichrérende [] adj living and moving

cwician1 [] wv/t2 to quicken, create; come to life, come to one’s self

cwiclác [] n (-es/-) a living sacrifice

cwiclic [] adj living, vital; adv ~líce vigorously, keenly

cwiclifigende2 [] adj living

cwicrind see cwicbéamrind

cwicseolfor [] n (-seolfres/-) quicksilver

cwicsúsl [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) hell-torment, punishment, torture

cwicsúslen [] adj purgatorial

cwictréow [] n (-es/-) aspen

cwicu see cwic

cwicwelle [] adj living (of water)

cwid- see cwed-, cwud-

cwidbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) Book of Proverbs; book of homilies

cwiddian [] wv/t2 to talk, speak, say, discuss, report; make a claim against

cwiddung [] f (-e/-a) speech, saying, report

cwide [] m (-es/-as), ge~ n (-es/-u) speech, saying, word, sentence, phrase, proverb, argument, proposal, discourse, homily; opinion; testament, will, enactment, agreement, decree, decision, judgment; [cweðan]

cwidegiedd [] n (-es/-) speech, song

cwideléas [] adj speechless; intestate

cwielman1 [] wv/t1b to torment, afflict, mortify, destroy, kill; compounds cwylm-

cwiferlíce [] adv zealously

cwild [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) destruction, death, pestilence, murrain [cwelan] [in compounds, cwyld-]

cwildbǽre [] adj deadly, dangerous, pestiferous; stormy; adv ~bǽrlíce

cwildberendlic [] adj deadly

cwildeflód [] m (-es/-as) deluge [listed as n, m]

cwildflód [] m (-es/-as) deluge [listed as n, m]

cwildful1 [] adj deadly

cwildróf [] adj deadly, savage

cwildseten [] f (-ne/-na) first hours of night

cwildtíd [] f (-e/-e) evening [ON kveld]

cwilman see cwielman

cwilþ pres 3rd sing of cwelan

cwínan see á~

cwincan see á~

cwist pres 2nd sing of cweðan

cwiþ [] 1. m (-es/-as) belly, womb; (also ~a); [Goth kwiðus]; 2. pres 3rd sing of cweðan

cwíðan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres cwíðeþ past cwíðde ptp gecwíðed to bewail; accuse; to speak or moan in grief, moan, lament

cwiðe see cwide

cwiðenlic [] adj natural

cwíðnes [] f (-se/-sa) complaint, lament

cwiþst pres 2nd sing of cweðan

cwíðung [] f (-e/-a) complaint

cwolen past part of cwelan

cwolstan see for~

cwóm past 3rd sing of cuman

cwuc see cwic

cwucu see cwic

cwudu [] n (-wes/-) what is chewed, cud; resin of trees; hwít ~ chewing gum, mastic

cwyc see cwic

cwyd- see cwed-, cwid-, cwidd-

cwydele [] f (-an/-an) pustule, tumor, boil

cwyl- see cwild-

cwyld see cwild

cwylla [] m (-n/-n) well, spring [Ger quelle]

cwylm see cwealm

cwylman see cwielman

cwylmend [] m (-es/-) tormenter, destroyer

cwylmian [] wv/i2 to suffer; wv/t2 to torment, kill, crucify [cwealm]

cwylming [] f (-e/-a) suffering, tribulation; metaphorically cross; death

cwylttíd see cwildtíd

cwylþ pres 3rd sing of cwelan

cwyne see cwene

cwyrn see cweorn

cwýsan1 [] wv/t1b to squeeze, dash against, bruise

cwyst pres 2nd sing of cweðan

cwyþ pres 3rd sing of cweðan

cwýðan see cwíðan

cwyðe see cwide


cycle [] m (cycles/cyclas) small cake

cycen see cicen, cycene

cycene [] f (-an/-an) kitchen [coquina]

cycenþénung [] f (-e/-a) service in the kitchen

cycgel [] m (cycgles/cycglas) cudgel

cýdung see cídung

cýe [] 1. variant of ; 2. see céo

cýf [] f (-e/-e) tub, vat, cask, bushel

cyfes see cifes

cýfl [] m (-es/-as) tub, bucket

cýgan see cíegan

cýgling see cýðling

cylcan [] wv/t1b to belch, eructate; to belch up a thing; to have the taste of them in one's mouth; to send forth, emit; in a contemptuous sense, to belch out, give out, utter; to have in one's mouth, be always talking about them [ructare]

cyld [] 1. see cild; 2. see ceald

cyle see ciele

cylen [] f (-e/-a) kiln, oven [L culina]

cyleðenie see celeðonie

cylew see cylu

cylin see cylen

cyll [] f (-e/-a) skin, leather bottle, flagon, vessel, censer [L coleus]

cylle [] 1. m see cyll; 2. see cielle

cyllfylling [] f (-e/-a) act of filling a bottle

cyln see cylen

cylu [] adj spotted, speckled

cym imperative singular of cuman

cymbala see cimbala

cyme [] m (-es/-as) coming, arrival, advent, approach; event; result

cýme [] adj comely, lovely, splendid; adv ~líce

cymed [] n (-es/-) germander

cymen [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) cumin [L]; 2. past part of cuman; 3. see cinimin

cýmlic1 [] adj comely, lovely, splendid; adv ~líce

cýmnes [] f (-se/-sa) fastidiousness, daintiness

cymst pres 2nd sing of cuman

cymð pres 3rd sing of cuman

cyn [] 1. see cynn; 2. see cinn

cýna genitive plural of

cyncan [] accusative singular of noun small bundle, bunch?

cynd1 [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) origin, generation, birth; race, species; place by nature; nature, kind, property, quality; character; offspring; gender; genitalia [usually ge~]

cyndelic1 [] adj kindly, natural, innate; generative, of generation; proper, suitable; lawful; adv ~líce

cyne  see cine 2

cýne see céne

cynebænd [] m (-es/-as) diadem

cynebeald2 [] adj royally bold, very brave

cynebearn [] n (-es/-) royal child, Christ

cyneboren [] adj royally born

cynebót [] f (-e/-a) king’s compensation

cynebotl [] n (-es/-) palace

cynecynn [] n (-es/-) royal race, pedigree or family

cynedóm [] m (-es/-as) royal dignity, kingly rule, government; royal ordinance or law; kingdom (kindom), royal possessions [also cyning~]

cyneg see cyning

cynegeard see cynegyrd

cynegerd see cynegyrd

cynegewǽdu [] n pl royal robes

cynegierela [] m (-n/-n) royal robe

cynegield [] n (-es/-) king’s compensation

cynegód2 [] adj noble, well-born, excellent

cynegold2 [] n (-es/-) regal gold, crown

cynegyrd [] f (-e/-a) scepter

cynehád [] m (-a/-a) kingly state or dignity

cynehám [] m (-es/-as) royal manor

cynehealm [] m (-es/-as) diadem, royal crown; royal power; garland

cynehelm [] m (-es/-as) diadem, royal crown; royal power; garland

cynehelmian1 [] wv/t2 to crown

cynehláford [] m (-es/-as) liege lord, king

cynehof [] n (-es/-u) king’s palace

cynelic [] 1. adj kingly, royal; public; adv ~líce; 2. see cynlic

cynelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) kingliness

cynemann [] m (-es/-menn) royal personage

cyneréaf [] n (-es/-) royal robe

cyneren see cynren

cyneríce [] n (-es/-u) rule, sovereignty; region, nation

cyneriht [] n (-es/-) royal prerogative

cyneróf2 [] adj noble, renowned

cynescipe [] m (-es/-as) royalty, majesty, kingly power

cynesetl [] n (-es/-) throne, capital city

cynestól [] m (-es/-as) throne, royal dwelling, city

cynestrǽt [] f (-e/-a) public road

cyneþrymlic [] adj very glorious

cyneþrymm2 [] m (-es/-as) royal glory, majesty, power; kingly host

cynewíse [] f (-an/-an) state, commonwealth

cynewiððe [] f (-an/-an) royal diadem

cyneword [] n (-es/-) fitting word [cynn]

cynewyrðe [] adj noble, kingly

cyng see cyning

cynig see cyning

cyning [] m (-es/-as) king, ruler; God, Christ; 2 Satan

cyning- see cyne-

cyningǽðe [] m? (-es/-as) man entitled to take oath as a king’s thane

cyninge [] f (-an/-an) queen

cyningeswyrt [] f (-e/-e) marjoram

cyningfeorm [] f (-e/-a) king’s sustenance, provision for the king’s household

cyninggeníðla [] m (-n/-n) great feud

cyninggereordu [] n pl royal banquet

cyningstán [] m (-es/-as) an instrument used in casting dice

cyningwíc [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) stately dwelling

cynlic [] 1. adj fitting, proper, convenient, becoming, sufficient; adv ~líce; 2. see cynelic

cynling [] m (-es/-as) clan

cynn [] 1. n (-es/-) kind, sort, rank, quality; family, generation, offspring, pedigree, kin, race, people; gender, sex; propriety, etiquette; 2. adv becoming, proper, suitable

cynn- see cenn-, cyn-

cynnig [] adj noble, of good family

cynnreccennes [] f (-se/-sa) genealogy

cynréd [] n (-es/-) kindred, family, generation, posterity, stock; kind, species

cynren [] n (-es/-) kindred, family, generation, posterity, stock; kind, species

cynresu [] f? (-e/-a)? a generation

cýo see céo

cyp see cipp

cýp- see cíep-

cýpa [] m (-n/-n) 1. ~, also cýpe f (-n/-n) vessel, basket; 2. m (-n/-n) chapman, trader, merchant

cýpan1 [] wv/t1b to traffic, buy, sell, barter [Ger kaufen]

cýpe [] f (-an/-an) vessel, basket

cýpe- see céap-, cíepe-

cýpedæg [] m (-es/-dagas) market day

cýpend [] m (-es/-) one who sells, merchant

cypera [] m (-n/-n) spawning salmon; esox, pike?

cyperen see cypren

cypp see cipp

cypersealf [] f (-e/-a) henna-ointment [L cyperos]

cýpmann see céapmann

cýpemann see céapmann

cypren [] adj made of copper, copper [copor]

cypresse [] f (-an/-an) cypress [L]

cypsan see cyspan

cyr- see cer-, cier-, cir-

cyre [] m (-es/-as) choice, free-will

cyreáð [] m (-es/-as) oath sworn by an accused man and by other chosen persons

cyrelíf [] n (-es/-) state of dependence on a lord whom a person has chosen?; person in such a state

cyren [] 1. see ceren; 2. see cyrn

cyrf [] m (-es/-as) cutting, cutting off; what is cut off

cyrfæt see cyrfet

cyrfel [] m (cyrfles/cyrflas) little stake, peg

cyrfet [] m (-es/-as) gourd [Ger kürbis]

cyrfð pres 3rd sing of ceorfan

cyric- see ciric-

cirige see wæl~

cyrin [] f (-e/-a) churn

cyrn [] f (-e/-a) churn

cyrnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres cyrnþ past cyrnde ptp gecyrned to churn

cyrnel [] m (cyrnles/cyrnlas), n (cyrnles/cyrnlu) seed, kernel, pip; (enlarged) gland, swelling [corn]

cyrps see cirps

cyrriol [] ? (-?/-?) the Kyrie Eleison

cyrs- see cærs-, cris-

cyrstréow [] n (-es/-) cherry-tree [ciris]

cyrtel [] m (cyrtles/cyrtlas) (man’s) tunic, coat; (woman’s) gown

cyrtelíce [] adv elegantly, neatly, fairly, well, exactly

cyrten [] 1. adj fair, comely; intelligent; adv ~líce elegantly, neatly, fairly, well, exactly; 2. ? (-?/-?) ornament?

cyrtenes [] f (-se/-sa) elegance, beauty

cyrtenlǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to beautify, make elegant; ge~ make sweet

cyrð pres 3rd sing of cyrran

cys- see cyse-, ceos-

cýse [] m (-es/-as) cheese

cýsefæt see cýsefæt

cýsehwǽg [] n (-es/-) whey

cýgerunn [] n (-es/-) curd-like mass

cysirbéam see cirisbéam

cýslybb [] n (-es/-) rennet

cyspan1 [] wv/t1b to fetter, bind [cosp]

cyssan1 [] wv/t1a to kiss [coss]

cýssticce [] n (-es/-u) piece of cheese

cyst [] 1. f (-e/-e), m (-es/-as) free-will, choice, election; w. gen pl the best of anything, the choicest; picked host; moral excellence, virtue, goodness; generosity, munificence [céosan]; 2. see cist 1

cýst pres 3rd sing of céosan

cystan [] wv/t1b to spend, lay out, get the value of

cystbéam see cistenbéam

cystel [] f (-e/-a) chestnut-tree

cysten [] f (-e/-a) chestnut-tree

cystelíce see cystiglíce

cystian [] wv/t2 to put in a coffin [cist]

cystig [] adj charitable, liberal, generous; virtuous, good; adv ~líce

cystignes [] f (-se/-sa) liberality, bounty, goodness; abundance

cystines [] f (-se/-sa) liberality, bounty, goodness; abundance

cystléas [] adj worthless, bad

cystlic see cystig

cystnes see cystignes

cýsð see cíesð, pres 3rd sing of céosan

cýswucu [] f (-a/-a) the last week in which cheese was allowed to be eaten before Lent

cýswyrhte [] f (-an/-an) (female) cheese-maker

cýta [] m (-n/-n) kite, bittern

cýte [] f (-an/-an) cottage, hut, cabin; cell, cubicle

cytel see citel

cytere see citere

cytwer [] m (-es/-as) a basket-weir, weir for catching fish

cýð [] 1. see cýðð; 2. see cíð

cýðan1 [] wv/t1b to proclaim, utter, make known, show forth, tell, relate; prove, show, testify, confess; become known; exercise, perform, practice; ge~ confirm; ge~ make celebrated; wundor ~ perform a miracle

cýðere [] m (-es/-as) witness, martyr

cýðig [] adj known; ge~ knowing, aware of

cýðing [] f (-e/-a) statement, narration

cýðlǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to become known

cýðling see cýðing

cýðnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) testimony; testament (often of Old and New Testaments); knowledge, acquaintance

cýðð [] f (-e/-a) kinship, relationship; kith, kinsfolk, fellow-countrymen, neighbors; acquaintance, friendship; 1 native land, home; knowledge, familiarity; ~e habban tó to stand in relations of intimacy, familiarity, friendliness, etc. to a person;

cýððu [] f (-e/-a) kinship, relationship; kith, kinsfolk, fellow-countrymen, neighbors; acquaintance, friendship; 1 native land, home; knowledge, familiarity; ~e habban tó to stand in relations of intimacy, familiarity, friendliness, etc. to a person;

cywes- see cyfes-

cýwð pres 3rd sing of céowan

cýwung see céowung

cýððu [] f (-e/-a) 1. knowledge of, familiarity or acquaintance with, (1) a matter, subject, etc., (2) a person, (2a) familiar, intimate knowledge, friendliness; habban cýððe tó to stand in relations of intimacy, familiarity, friendliness, etc., to a person; 2. relation, relationship, kith; 3. a known land, native land, native country, region, place, home; 4. fellow countrymen; 5. kinsfolk