nom/acc fem/neut and acc masc of bégen both

Babilón [] f (-e/-a) Babylon; this celebrated city of antiquity, in Mesopotamia, was built on both banks of the Euphrates.  Its foundation by Nimrod is mentioned immediately after the Deluge;

Babilónie [] f (-an/-an) Babylon; this celebrated city of antiquity, in Mesopotamia, was built on both banks of the Euphrates.  Its foundation by Nimrod is mentioned immediately after the Deluge;

Babilónige [] f (-an/-an) Babylon; this celebrated city of antiquity, in Mesopotamia, was built on both banks of the Euphrates.  Its foundation by Nimrod is mentioned immediately after the Deluge;

Babilónisc [] adj Babylonish

Babilónisca [] m (-n/-n) Babylon

Babýlón [] f (-is/-és) Babylon; this celebrated city of antiquity, in Mesopotamia, was built on both banks of the Euphrates.  Its foundation by Nimrod is mentioned immediately after the Deluge;

bac- see bæc

bacan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bæcþ past bóc/on ptp gebacen/gebæcen to bake

bacas [] nom, acc pl of bæc 2

bacca [] m (-n/-n) ridge

bacu [] nom, acc pl of bæc 1

bád [] 1. f (-e/-a) forced contribution, impost, pledge; expectation; [bídan]; 2. 1 past 3rd sing of bídan

bádere see nied~

bádian [] wv/t2 3rd pres bádaþ past bádode ptp gebádod to take a pledge or fine

bal- see beal-

balc [] m (-es/-as) bank, ridge

balca [] m (-n/-n) bank, ridge

ballíce see bealdlíce

balsam [] n (-es/-) balsam, balm

balsamum [] n (-es/-) balsam, balm

balsméðe [] f (-an/-an) bergamot

balsminte [] f (-an/-an) spear-mint, water-mint

balzam [] n see balsam

balzame [] f see balsam

balzamum [] n see balsam

bám dative masculine, feminine, and neuter of bégen

bán [] n (-es/-) bone, tusk; the bone of a limb

bana [] m (-n/-n) killer, slayer, murderer; the devil; f murderess

bánbeorge [] f (-an/-an) leg-armor, graves

bánbryce [] m (-es/-as) fracture of a bone

báncofa2 [] m (-n/-n) the bodily frame

báncoða [] m (-n/-n) bone disease

báncoðu [] f (-e/-a) bone disease

band past 3rd sing of bindan

bánece [] adv? in pain in the thigh

bánfæt2 [] n (-es/-fatu) body, corpse

bánfág [] adj adorned with bonework (deer antlers?)

bangár [] m (-a/-a) murdering spear

bángeberg [] n see bánbeorge

bángebrec [] n (-es/-gebreocu, -u) fracture of a bone

bánhelm [] m (-es/-as) helmet, shield?

bánhring2 [] m (-es/-as) vertebra, joint

bánhús2 [] n (-es/-) body, chest, breast; ~es weard the mind

bánloca [] m (-n/-n) muscle

bánléas [] adj boneless

bánloca2 [] m (-n/-n) joint, limb

bannan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres benþ past béonn/on ptp gebannen to summon, command, proclaim; ~ út call out

bannend [] m (-es/-) summoner

bannuc [] m (-es/-as) a bit, small piece

bánrift [] n (-es/-) leggings, leg-armor, greaves

bánsealf [] f (-e/-a) salve for pain in the bones

bánsele [] m (-es/-as) (bone-house), body

bánwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the bones

bánweorc [] n (-es/-) homicide, manslaughter

bánwyrt [] f (-e/-e) violet?, small knapweed?

bár [] m (-es/-as) boar

bara, bare [] adj wk forms of bær

Barda [] m (-n/-n) the Apennines

barda [] m (-n/-n) beaked ship

bárhelm [] m (-es/-as) helmet with the image of a boar?

barian [] wv/t2 to lay bare, uncover; depopulate

barice see barricge

barm see bearm

barn [] 1. past 3rd sing of biernan; 2. see bearn

barricge [] f? (-an/-an) braugina, baruina

bárspere [] n (-es/-u) boar-spear

bárspréot [] m (-es/-as) boar-spear

barstlung see brastlung

barþ [] m (-es/-as) barque, dromo

barða see barda

baru [] adj neut nom/acc pl of bær

basilisca [] m (-n/-n) basilisk

basing [] m (-es/-as) cloak

básnian1 [] wv/t2 to await, expect

básnung [] f (-e/-a) expectation

bastard [] m (-es/-as) bastard [OFr]

basu [] adj purple, scarlet, crimson; gen sing masc/neut baswes; baswa stán topaz

basuhǽwen [] adj purple

bát [] 1. m (-es/-as) boat, ship, vessel; 2. past 3rd sing bítan

batian [] wv/i2 to heal; grow better; improve in health

bátswegen [] m (-es/-as) boatman

batt [] ? (-es/-?) bat, cudgel, club

bátwá see bútú

bátweard [] m (-es/-as) ship’s watchman

baþ see bæþ

baðian1 [] wv/t2 to wash, lave, bathe (tr, intr), give baths (to others)

baðu see bæþ

bæc [] 1. n (-es/bacu) back; on ~ backwards, behind, aback; on ~ settan/lǽtan to neglect; on ~ lǽtan to leave behind; ofer ~ backwards, back; under ~ behind, backwards, back; ofer ~ búgan to turn back, flee; clǽne ~ habban to be straightforward, honest; 2. m (-es/bacas), f (-e/-a), n (-es/bacu) beck, brook

bæcbord [] n (-es/-) left side of a ship, larboard

bæce [] 1. ? (-?/-?) back parts; 2. see bæc 2

bǽce see béce

bǽcen- see béacen-

bæcere [] 1. m (-es/-as) baker; 2. see bæzere

bæcering [] m (-es/-as) gridiron

bæcern [] n (-es/-) bakery, bake-house

bæcestre [] f (-an/-an) baker

bæceþ [] pres 3rd sing of bacan

bæcistre see bæcestre

bæcling [] adv backwards, behind; back to back; on ~ gewend having one’s back turned

bæclinge [] adv backwards, behind; back to back; on ~ gewend having one’s back turned

bæclinga [] adv backwards, behind; back to back; on ~ gewend having one’s back turned

bæcslitol [] adj backbiting

bæcþ [] pres 3rd sing of bacan

bæcþearm [] m (-es/-as) rectum; pl bowels, entrails

bæd [] 1. past 3rd sing of biddan; 2. see bed

bædan [] wv/t1b? to defile

bǽdan [] wv/t1b to urge on, impel; solicit, require; afflict, oppress

bædd see bedd

bæddæg see bæðdæg

bǽddel [] m (bǽddles/bǽddlas) effeminate person, hermaphrodite

bæddryda see bedrida

bǽdend [] m (-es/-) inciter

bǽdewég [] n (-es/-) drinking vessel

bǽdling [] m (-es/-as) effeminate person

bǽdon [] past pl of biddan

bædryda see bedrida

bædzere see bæzere

bæfta see beæftan

bæftan see beæftan

bæftian see hand~

bǽg see béag

bǽgen see bégen

bǽh see béag

bǽl [] n (-es/-) fire, flame; funeral pyre, bonfire

bǽlblys2 [] f (-e/-a) blaze of a fire, funeral blaze

bǽlblyse2 [] f (-an/-an) blaze of a fire, funeral blaze

bǽlblæse2 [] f (-an/-an) blaze of a fire, funeral blaze

bælc [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as) pride, arrogance; 2. m (-es/-as) covering, cloud?

bælcan [] wv/t1b to cry out

bældan see bieldan

bældo see bieldu

bældu see bieldu

bǽlegsa [] m (-n/-n) terror of fire

bǽlfýr [] n (-es/-) bale-fire, funeral or sacrificial fire

bælg see belg

bælig see belg

bǽlstede [] m (-es/-as) place of a funeral pile

bǽlþracu [] f (-e/-a) violence of fire [dat sing ~þræce]

bǽlwudu [] m (-a/-a) wood for a funeral pile

bǽwylm [] m (-es/-as) flames of a funeral fire

bǽm see bám

bænd see bend

bǽnen [] adj made of bone

bær [] 1. adj bare, uncovered; naked, unclothed; 2. past 3rd sing of beran

bǽr [] 1. f (-e/-a) bier; handbarrow, litter, bed; [beran]; 2. a pasture; 3. see bár

bære [] see bere, 1st pres sing of beran

bære- see bere-

bǽre [] suffix (from beran); forms derivative adjectives from nouns, as in cwealmbǽre [Ger –bar]

bǽre see bǽr

bærfót [] adj barefoot

bærhtm see bearhtm

bærlic [] 1. adj of barley; 2. open, clear, public; adv ~líce

bǽrmann [] m (-es/-menn) bearer, porter

bærn see bereærn

bærnan1 [] wv/t1b to cause to burn, kindle, burn, consume

bærnelác [] n (-es/-) burnt-offering

bærnes see bærnnes

bærnett [] n (-es/-) burning, burn, cautery

bærning [] f (-e/-a) burning; burnt offering

bærnísen [] n (-es/-) branding iron

bærnnes [] f (-se/-sa) burning

bærnes [] f (-se/-sa) burning

bæro see bæru

bǽron [] past pl of beran

bærs [] m (-es/-as) a fish, perch [Ger barsch]

bærst [] past 3rd sing of berstan

bærstl- see brastl-

bærsynnig [] m (-es/-as) notorious sinner, publican

bǽrwe see bearwe

bæst [] m (-es/-as) bast, inner bark of trees

bæsten [] adj made of bast

bæstere see bæzere

bǽtan [] wv/t1b 1. to bait, hunt, worry; 2. to beat against the wind?; make fast?; 3. 1 to furnish with a bit or bridle, saddle, curb

bætera see betera

bæting [] f (-e/-a) beating (against the wind?), cable

bættra see betera

bæþ [] n (-es/baðu) bath, action of bathing; laver; liquid in which one bathes, medicinal spring; ganotes ~ gannet’s bath (i.e. the sea)

bæðcere see bæzere

bæðere see bæzere

Bæðdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Epiphany (day of Christ’s baptism)

bæðern [] n (-es/-) bath-house

bæðfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) bathing-tub

bæðhús [] n (-es/-) bathing-place

bæðian see baðian

bæðsealf [] f (-e/-a) bathing-salve

bæðstede [] m (-es/-as) bathing-place

bæðstów [] f (-e/-a) bathing-place

bæðweg2 [] m (-es/-as) sea

bæzere [] m (-es/-as) baptizer, Baptist [L baptista]

be- [] prefix 1. specializes the meaning of a transitive verb (behón, besettan); 2. makes an intransitive verb transitive (beswícan, beþencan); 3. is privative (bedǽlan, belíðan); 4. does not alter the meaning (becuman)

be [] prep w.d.i. place by, near, in, on, upon, with, along, at, to; time in, about, by, before, while, during; for, because of, in consideration of, by, by means of, through, in conformity with or imitation of, in comparison with; about, concerning, in reference to; on penalty of; ~ áhwihte in any respect; ~ sumum dǽle partly; ~ ánmfealdum altogether; ~ fullan in full, fully, perfectly; in excess; ~ þám mǽstan at the most; ~ þám þe because, as, according as, how; ~ norðan, súðan to the north, south of; ~ æftan see beæftan

béacen1 [] n (-es/-) beacon, sign, token, phenomenon, portent, apparition; standard, banner; audible signal

béacenfýr [] n (-es/-) beacon fire, lighthouse

béacenstán [] m (-es/-as) stone on which to light a beacon fire

béacn- see bícn-

bead see bed

béad [] 1. past 3rd sing of béodan; 2. see béod

beado see beadu

beadowig see bǽdewég

beadu2 [] f (-we/-wa) war, battle, fighting, strife

beaducáf [] adj bold in battle

beaducræft [] m (-es/-as) skill in war

beaducræftig2 [] adj warlike

beaducwealm [] m (-es/-as) violent death

beadufolm [] f (-e/-a) battle-hand

beadugríma [] m (-n/-n) war-mask, helmet

beaduhrægl [] n (-es/-) coat of mail

beadulác2 [] n (-es/-) war-play, battle

beaduléoma [] m (-n/-n) (battle-light), sword

beadumægen [] n (-es/-) battle-strength, force

beaduméce [] m (-es/-as) battle-sword

beadurǽs [] m (-es/-as) rush of battle

beadurinc2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior, soldier

beaduróf2 [] adj strong in battle, renowned in war

beadurún [] f (-e/-a) secret of a quarrel

beaduscearp [] adj keen in battle (sword)

beaduscrúd [] n (-es/-) coat of mail [dat scrýd]

beadusearu [] n (-wes/-) war equipment

beaduserce [] f (-an/-an) coat of mail

beaduþréat [] m (-es/-as) war-band, army

beaduwǽpen2 [] n (-es/-) weapon of war

beaduwang2 [] m (-es/-as) battlefield

beaduweorc2 [] n (-es/-) warlike operation

beaduwrǽd [] m (-es/-as) fighting troop

beaftan [] wv/t1b to strike (the hands) together?, lament?

béag [] 1. m (-es/-as) ring (as ornament or as money), coil, bracelet, collar, crown, garland; treasured things; a treasured thing (sword); 2. pret 1, 3 sing of búgan

béaggiefa2 [] m (-n/-n) ring-giver, lord, king, generous chief

béaggiefu [] f (-e/-a) ring-giving

béaghord [] n (-es/-) ring-hoard

béaghroden2 [] adj diademed, adorned with rings or armlets

béagian1 [] wv/t2 to crown

béagsel2 [] m (-es/-as) hall in which rings are distributed

béagsele2 [] m (-es/-as) hall in which rings are distributed

béagþegu [] f (-e/-a) receiving of rings

béagwíse [] n (-es/-u) round shape

béagwriða [] m (-n/-n) armlet

béah [] 1. see béag; 2. past 3rd sing of búgan

béah- see béag-

béahsian [] wv/t2 to ask advice

bealaníþ see bealuníþ

bealcan [] wv/t1b to belch, utter, bring up, sputter out, give forth, emit; come forth

bealcettan [] wv/t1b to belch, utter, bring up, sputter out, give forth, emit; come forth

beald [] adj bold, brave, confident, strong; presumptuous, impudent

bealde [] adv boldly, courageously, confidently; without hesitation, immediately

bealdian [] wv/i2 to be bold

bealdlíce [] adv boldly

bealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) boldness

bealdor [] m (bealdres/bealdras) lord, master, hero

bealdwyrde [] adj bold of speech

beale- see bealu-

bealg past 3rd sing of belgan

bealh past 3rd sing of belgan

beallucas [] m pl testiculi

bealo see bealu

bealo- see bealu-

bealu [] 1. 2 n (-wes/-) bale, harm, injury, destruction, ruin, evil, mischief; wickedness, malice; a noxious thing; 2. adj baleful, deadly, dangerous, wicked, evil

bealubend [] m (-es/-as) pernicious bond

bealubenn [] f (-e/-a) mortal wound

bealublonden [] adj pernicious

bealuclumm [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) oppressive bond

bealucræft [] m (-es/-as) magic art

bealucwealm [] m (-es/-as) violent death

bealudǽd2 [] f (-e/-e) evil deed, sin

bealuful [] adj baleful, dire, wicked, cruel

bealufús [] adj prone to sin

bealuhycgende [] adj meditating mischief

bealuhýdig [] adj meditating mischief

bealuinwit [] n (-es/-u) deceit, treachery

bealuléas2 [] adj harmless, innocent

bealuníþ2 [] m (-es/-as) malice, wickedness

bealuráp [] m (-es/-as) oppressive fetter

bealusearu [] n (-wes/-) wicked machination

bealusíþ2 [] m (-es/-as) hurt, adversity; death

bealusorg [] f (-e/-a) dire sorrow

bealuspell [] n (-es/-) baleful message

bealuþonc [] m (-es/-as) evil thought

bealuwes see bealu

béam [] m (-es/-as) tree; beam, rafter, piece of wood; cross, gallows; 2 ship; column, pillar; sunbeam; metal girder; on héanne ~ gestígan to climb the high oak (to beat down acorns)

béamere see býmere

béamsceadu2 [] f (-e/-a) shade of a tree

béamtelg [] m (-es/-as) ink or dye from wood

béamweg [] m (-es/-as) road made with logs

béamwer [] m (-es/-as) wooden weir?

béan [] f (-e/-a) bean, pea, legume

béanbelgas [] m pl bean pods, husks, or cods

béanbroþ see béonbroþ

béancoddas [] m pl bean pods, husks, or cods

béancynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of bean

béanen [] adj of beans

béanléag [] f (-e/-a) land where beans grow

béanmelu [] n (-wes/-) bean-meal

béansǽd [] n (-es/-) bean-seed

béanscalu [] f (-e/-a) bean-pod

béanscealu [] f (-e/-a) bean-pod

béanset [] n (-es/-u) bean-plot

béar see béor

bearce [] f (-an/-an) barking

beard [] m (-es/-as) beard

beardléas [] adj beardless, youthful

bearg [] 1. m (-es/-as) barrow pig, hog; 2. past 3rd sing of beorgan

bearh see bearg 1, 3

bearht see beorht

bearhtm [] 1. m (-es/-as) brightness, flash; twinkling (of an eye), instant; adv ~e instantly; 2. see breahtm

bearhtmhwæt [] adj swift as the twinkling of an eye, momentary

bearhtmhwíl [] f (-e/-e) moment, twinkling of an eye, point of time

bearm [] 1. m (-es/-as) lap, bosom, breast; middle, inside; 2 possession; 2. emotion, excitement?; 3. see beorma

bearmcláþ [] n (-es/-) apron

bearmhrægl [] n (-es/-) apron

bearmtéag [] f (-e/-a) yeast-box

bearn [] 1. n (-es/-) child, son, descendant, offspring, issue; léoda ~ children of men; mid ~e pregnant; 2. see barn, past 3rd sing of biernan; 3. past 3rd sing of beiernan; 4. see bereærn

bearnan see biernan

bearncennicge [] f (-an/-an) mother

bearnéaca [] adj pregnant

bearnéacen [] adj pregnant

bearnéacnigende [] adj pregnant

bearnéacnod [] adj pregnant

bearnende see biernende, pres participle of biernan

bearngebyrda [] f pl child-bearing

bearngestréon [] n (-es/-) procreation of children

bearnléas [] adj childless

bearnléast [] f (-e/-a) childlessness

bearnlufe [] f (-an/-an) affection (for a child), adoption

bearnmyrðra [] m (-n/-n) murderer or murderess of a child

bearnmyrðre [] m (-n/-n) murderer or murderess of a child

bearntéam [] m (-es/-as) offspring, posterity; procreation of children

bearo see bearu

bears see bærs

béarscipe see béorscipe

bearu1 [] m (-wes/-was) grove, wood; [berwe]

bearug see bearg

bearunæs [] m (-es/-nasas) woody shore

bearwe [] f (-an/-an) basket, wheelbarrow

bearwes see bearu

beasu see basu 1

béatan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres bíeteþ past béot/on, beoft/on ptp gebéaten to beat, pound, strike, thrust, dash; hurt, injure; tramp, tread

béatere [] m (-es/-as) beater, boxer

béaw [] m (-es/-as) gad-fly

beæftan [] 1. adv after, hereafter, afterwards, behind; 2. prep w.d. after, behind

beǽwnian [] wv/t2 to join in marriage, marry [ǽw]

bebaðian [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to bathe, wash

bebéodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bebíedeþ past bebéad/bebudon ptp beboden to offer, commit, entrust; bid, enjoin, instruct, command, require; announce, proclaim

bebéodend [] m (-es/-) commander, master

bebéodendlic [] adj imperative

bebeorgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bebiergþ past bebearg/beburgon ptp beborgen to be on one’s guard, defend, protect

beber see befer

beberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres bebirþ past bebær/bebǽron ptp beboren to carry to, supply with

bebindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bebindeþ past beband/bebundon ptp bebunden to bind about, bind fast

bebirgan see bebyrgan

bebirigan see bebyrgan

bebisc see hehbisceop?

bebítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bebíteþ past bebát/bebiton ptp bebiten to bite

bebláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres beblǽwþ past bebléow/on ptp bebláwen to blow upon

bebod [] n (-es/-u, -beodu) command, injunction, order, decree; þá ~u the (ten) commandments)

beboddæg [] m (-es/-dagas) appointed day

bebodian [] wv/t2 see bebéodan

bebodrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) command, authority

bebrǽden [] wv/t1b to spread, cover

bebrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres bebricþ past bebræc/brǽcon ptp bebrocen to break to pieces

bebregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bebrigdeþ past bebrægd/bebrugdon ptp bebrogden to pretend

bebrúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bebrýcþ past bebréac/bebrucon ptp bebrocen to practice; consume (food)

bebúgan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bebýgþ past bebéag/bebugon ptp bebogen to flow round, surround, enclose; turn from, shun, avoid; reach, extend

bebycgan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres bebygþ past bebóhte ptp bebóht to sell

bebycgung [] f (-e/-a) selling

bebyrdan [] wv/t1b to fringe, border

bebyrgan [] wv/t1b 1. to raise a mound to, bury, inter; 2. see bebeorgan

bebyrian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres bebyreþ past bebyrede ptp bebyred 1. to raise a mound to, bury, inter; 2. see bebeorgan

bebyrgednes [] f (-se/-sa) burial, burying (1)

bebyrigednes [] f (-se/-sa) burial, burying (2)

bebyrignes [] f (-se/-sa) burial, burying (3)

bebyrgung [] f (-e/-a) burial

bebyrig- see bebyrg-

bec see bæc

béc see bóc

becæfian [] wv/t2 to ornament

becarcian [] wv/t2 to be anxious (about)

becc see bæc 2

becca [] m (-n/-n) pick, mattock

beccen [] m (-es/-as) buyer [= bycgend]

bece [] m see bæc 2

béce [] f (-an/-an) beech (tree)

becéapian [] wv/t2 to sell; buy [listed as sv/t1]

becéasan [] sv/t7 3rd pres becíesþ past becéos/on ptp becéasen to attack, fight, combat

becefed see becæfed, past part of becæfian

bécen [] 1. adj beechen, made of beechwood; 2. see béacen

beceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres becierfþ past becearf/becurfon ptp becorfen to cut, cut off, separate; héafde ~ to behead

beceorian [] wv/t2 to murmur at, complain of

becéowan [] sv/t2 3rd pres becíewþ past becéaw/becuwon ptp becowen to gnaw in pieces

becépan [] 1. wv/t1b to take notice of; 2. see becýpan

beceþ pres 3rd sing of bacan

becídan [] wv/t1b to complain of

becierran [] wv/t1b to turn, turn around, pass by, avoid; wind, twist; pervert; give up, betray; to change

beclǽman [] wv/t1b to plaster over, poultice

beclǽnsian [] wv/t2 to cleanse

beclemman [] wv/t1a to bind, enclose

beclencan [] wv/t1b to hold fast

beclésung see beclýsung

beclingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres beclingeþ past beclang/beclungon ptp beclungen to enclose, bind

beclippan see beclyppan

beclísung see beclýsung

beclypian [] wv/t2 to accuse, challenge, sue at law

beclyppan [] wv/t1a to clasp, embrace; encompass, hold

beclypping [] f (-e/-a) embrace

beclýsan [] wv/t1b to close, shut up, enclose, confine, imprison; [clúse]

beclýsung [] f (-e/-a) enclosure, cell; period, syllogism

bécn see béacen, béacn

bécn- see bicn-, biecn-

becnáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres becnǽwþ past becnéow/on ptp becnáwen to know

becnedan [] sv/t5 3rd pres becnideþ past becnæd/becnǽdon ptp becneden to knead up

bécnydlic see bícnendlic

becnyttan [] wv/t1a to knit, tie, bind

becola? [] m (-n/-n) specter

becole? [] f (-an/-an) specter

bécrǽde see bócrǽding

bécrǽding see bócrǽding

béctréow see bóctréow

becréopan [] sv/t2 3rd pres becríepþ past becréap/becrupon ptp becropen to creep into, crawl; be hidden

becst pres 2nd sing of bacan

becuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres becymþ past becóm/on ptp is becumen to come, approach, arrive, enter, meet with, fall in with; happen, befall; impers befit

bécun see béacen

becwelan [] sv/i4 3rd pres becwilþ past becwæl/becwǽlon ptp is becwolen to die

becweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres becwiðeþ past becwæþ/becwǽdon ptp becweden to say; to speak to, address, exhort; admonish, blame; bequeath, leave by will

becweðere [] m (-es/-as) interpreter, translator

becwyddod [] adj bespoken, deposited

becwylman? [] wv/t1b to torment

becyme [] m (-es/-as) event, result

becýpan [] wv/t1b to sell

becyrran see becierran

bed1 [] 1. n (-es/beodu) prayer, supplication; religious ordinance, service; 2. see bedd; 3. see bæd past 3rd sing of biddan

bédan see béodan

Bedanford [] m (-a/-a) Bedford

Bedanfordscír [] f (-e/-a) Bedfordshire

bedǽlan [] wv/t1b to deprive, strip, bereave of, rob; release, free from

bedbǽr [] f (-e/-a) portable bed

bedbolster [] m (-bolstres/-bolstras) bolster, pillow

bedbúr [] n (-es/-) bed-chamber

bedcleofa1 [] m (-n/-n) bed-chamber; lair

bedcofa [] m (-n/-n) bed-chamber

bedcofe [] f (-an/-an) bed-chamber

bedd [] n (-es/-) bed, couch, resting-place; garden-bed, plot

beddagas1 [] m pl Rogation days

beddcláþ [] m (-es/-as) bed-covering; pl bed-clothes

beddclyfa see bedcleofa

beddgemána [] m (-n/-n) cohabitation

beddian [] wv/t2 to make a bed; provide one with a bed

beddung [] f (-e/-a) bedding, bed-covering; bed

beddréaf see bedréaf

beddreda see bedreda

beddrest2 [] f (-e/-a) bed

beddstów [] f (-e/-a) bed

bede see éað-

bedéaglian [] wv/t2 to conceal

bedecian [] wv/t2 to beg

bedéglian see bedíglian

bedélan see bedǽlan

bedelfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bedilfþ past bedealf/bedulfon ptp bedolfen to dig around; bury

bedelfung [] f (-e/-a) digging round

beden past part of biddan

bedépan see bedípan

bedeppan see bedyppan

bedfelt [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) bed-covering

bedgerid [] n (-es/-u, -reodu) food in an ant’s nest

bedhús1 [] n (-es/-) chapel, oratory

Bedican ford [] m (-a/-a) Bedford; see Bedan ford

bedícian [] wv/t2 to surround with a dyke, embank, fortify

bedidrian see bedydrian

bedíglian [] wv/t2 to conceal, hide, obscure, keep secret; be concealed, lie hidden

bedíglung [] f (-e/-a) secret place

beding see beddung

bedíolan see bedíglian

bedípan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bedípþ past bedáp/bedipon ptp bedipen to dip, immerse; anoint

bedol see bedul

bedón [] irreg v/t to shut

bedrǽden1 [] f (-ne/-na) prayer, intercession

bedragan past part of bedróg

bedréaf [] n (-es/-) bed-clothes, bedding

bedreda [] m (-n/-n) bedridden (man); adj bedridden

bedréf see bedréaf

bedréosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bedríesþ past bedréas/bedruron ptp bedroren to overcome, deceive?; deprive of, bereave, despoil

bedrest see beddrest

bedrida see bedreda

bedrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bedrífþ past bedráf/bedrifon ptp bedrifen to drive, beat, strike, assail; follow up, pursue; surround, cover

bedrincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bedrincþ past bedranc/bedruncon ptp bedruncen to drink up, absorb

bedríp [] n (-es/-) compulsory service rendered to a landowner at harvest time

bedróg [] adj beguiled

bedrúgian [] wv/t2 to dry up

bedryda see bedreda

bedrýpan [] wv/t1b to moisten

bedstréaw [] n (-es/-) straw for bedding

bedtíd [] f (-e/-e) bed-time

bedþegn [] m (-es/-as) chamber-servant, chamberlain

bedþén [] m (-es/-as) chamber-servant, chamberlain

bedu [] f (-e/-a) asking, prayer [Goth bida]

bedúfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bedýfþ past bedéaf/bedufon ptp bedofen to immerse, submerge, drown

bedul [] adj suppliant

bedwáhrift [] n (-es/-) bed-curtain

bedydrian [] wv/t2 to conceal from; deceive

bedýfan [] wv/t1b to immerse

bedýgian see bedíglian

bedýpan see bedípan

bedyppan [] wv/t1a to dip, immerse

bedyrnan [] wv/t1b to conceal [dierne]

beéastan [] prep w.d.a. to the east of

beéastannorðan [] prep w.d.a.? to the north-east of

beebbian [] wv/t2 to leave aground by the ebb tide, strand

beefesian [] wv/t2 to cut off the hair

beegðan [] wv/t1b to harrow

beerf- see beyrf-

befaran [] sv/t6 3rd pres befærþ past befór/on ptp befaren to go, go around or among, traverse, encompass, surround; come upon, surprise, catch

befædman see befæðman

befǽlon past pl of beféolan

befæstan [] wv/t1b to fasten, fix, ground, establish, make safe, put in safe keeping; apply, utilize; commend, entrust to

befæstnian [] wv/t2 to fix; to pledge, betroth

befættian [] wv/t2 to fatten, anoint

befæðman [] wv/t1b to encircle

befæðmian [] wv/t2 to encircle

befealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres befieldeþ past beféold/on ptp befealden to fold, roll up, envelop, clasp, surround, involve, cover; attach

befealdian [] wv/i2 to roll up

befealh past 3rd sing of beféolan

befeallan [] 1. sv/t7 3rd pres befielþ past beféoll/on ptp befeallan to fall; deprive of, bereave of; fall to, be assigned to; befall; 2. see befyllan

befeastnian see befæstan

befégan [] wv/t1b to join

befelgan see befylgan

befelgan [] sv/i3 3rd pres befilgþ past befealg/befulgon ptp is befolgen to stick or cling to, betake oneself; sv/t3 to deliver, transmit, consign

befellan see befyllan

befelþrǽd see hefeldþrǽd

befeohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres befiehteþ past befeaht/befuhton ptp befohten to take by fighting

beféolan [] sv/t3 3rd pres befíelþ past befealh/befulgon ptp befolgen to put away, bury; deliver, grant, consign, entrust to; betake oneself to, apply oneself, devote oneself to, persist, persevere; importune; put up with, be pleased with

beféon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres beféoþ past beféode ptp beféod to deprive of property

befer [] m (-es/-as) beaver

beféran [] wv/t1b to surround; come upon, overtake, pass by; go about; fall among

befician [] wv/t2 to deceive

befílan see befýlan

befilgan see befylgan

befiod past part of beféon

befléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres beflíehþ past beflóg/on ptp beflagen to peel, skin, flay; beflagen flǽsc entrails

befléogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres beflíegþ past befléag/beflugon ptp beflogen to fly upon

befléon [] sv/t2 w.a. 3rd pres beflíehþ past befléag/beflugon ptp beflogen to flee from, flee, escape, avoid

beflówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres befléwþ past befléow/on ptp beflówen to flow around, over

befón [] sv/t7 3rd pres beféhþ past beféng/on ptp befangen to surround, clasp, include, envelop, encase, clothe; comprehend, seize, attack (at law), lay hold of, catch, ensnare; contain, receive, conceive; explain; wordum ~ tell, relate; on ~ to have to do with, engage in

befor see befer

beforan [] 1. prep a. w.d. (local) before, in front of, in the presence of; (temporal) before, prior to, sooner than; b. w.a. before; 2. adv (local) before, in front; (temporal) before, formerly, in former times, earlier, sooner; at hand, openly

beforhtian [] wv/t2 to dread

befótian [] wv/t2 to cut off one’s feet

befréogan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres befréoþ past befréode ptp befréod to free, liberate

befrignan [] sv/t3 3rd pres befrigneþ past befrægn/befrugnon ptp befrugnen to question, ask, learn

befrínan [] sv/t3 3rd pres befrínþ past befrǽn/befrúnon ptp befrúnen to question, ask, learn

befrínung [] f (-e/-a) inquiry

befrýnan see befrínan

beftan see beæftan

befullan [] adv entirely, completely, perfectly

befýlan [] wv/t1b to befoul, defile

befylgan [] wv/t1b to follow after, pursue, persevere

befyllan [] 1. wv/t1a to fell, lay low, strike down; take by killing, bereave; [feallan]; 2. to fill up [full]

bég see béag

béga genitive of bégen

begalan [] sv/t6 3rd pres begælþ past begól/on ptp begalen to sing incantations over, enchant

begán [] irreg v/t to go over, traverse; get to, come by, fall into; go to, visit, care for, cultivate; inhabit, occupy; surround, beset, overrun; practice, do, engage in, perform, attend to, be diligent about; honor, serve, worship; profess; on borh ~ pledge oneself; útan ~ besiege

bégan see bíegan, béagian

begang [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) way, course, circuit, extent; district, region; business, undertaking, practice, exercise, service, reverence, worship; cultivation; [= bígeng]

beganga see bígenga

begangan see began

begangnes [] f (-se/-sa) the day of proclamation, Calends, first day of the month [calendæ], celebration (1)

begangol [] m? (-es/begangelas) cultivator; worship

begannes [] f (-se/-sa) the day of proclamation, Calends, first day of the month [calendæ], celebration (3)

begǽn [] wv/t1b to affirm

begbéam [] m (-es/-as) bramble, thorn-bush

bége see bégen

bégea see béga

bégean see bíegan

begéat [] 1. m (-es/-as) attainment; acquisitions, property; 2. past 3rd sing of begéotan

begeg- see begeng-

begegnes [] f (-se/-sa) application, study (2)

begém- see begím-

begémen see begímen

bégen [] adj masc nominative both; fem nominative bá; neut nominative bú; genitive béga, bégea, bégra; dative bǽm, bám; masc/neut accusative bú; fem accusative bá; masc and fem/neut nom bá, bú

begenga [] m (-n/-n) cultivator

begengnes [] f (-se/-sa) application, study (1)

begéomerian [] wv/t2 to lament

begeonan [] prep w.d.a., adv beyond, on the other side (3)

begeondan [] prep w.d.a., adv beyond, on the other side (1)

begeonde [] prep w.d.a., adv beyond, on the other side (2)

begeong- see begang-

begeongnes [] f (-se/-sa) the day of proclamation, Calends, first day of the month [calendæ], celebration (2)

begéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres begíeteð past begéat/beguton ptp begoten to pour over or upon, anoint, infuse, flood (with), sprinkle, cover with fluid

begeotan see begietan

beger [] n (-es/-) berry

beget see begeat, past 3rd sing of begietan

begeten past participle of 1. begéotan; 2. begietan

bégian see béagian

begiellan [] sv/t3 3rd pres begielþ past begeall/begullon ptp begollen to scream, screech

begíeman [] wv/t1b to look after, take care of; do service, attend; take heed, observe

begíemen [] f (-ne/-na) attention, observation

begíemend [] m (-es/-) guide, ruler

begíemung [] f (-e/-a) invention, device; observance; care, regard

begietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres begieteþ past begeat/begéaton ptp begieten to get, find, acquire, attain, receive, take, seize; happen; beget

begietend [] m (-es/-) one who gets

begím- see begíem-

begínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres begínþ past begán/beginon ptp beginen to open the mouth wide, swallow

beginnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres beginþ past begann/begunnon  ptp begunnen to begin; attempt, undertake; attack

begir see beger

begirdan see begyrdan

begitan see begietan

begleddian [] wv/t2 to befoul, pollute; stain, dye

beglídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres beglídeþ past beglád/beglidon ptp begliden to leave, desert

begnagan [] sv/t6 3rd pres begnægþ past begnóg/on ptp begnagen to gnaw

begneorð? [] adj attentive

begnídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres begnídeþ past begnád/begnidon ptp begniden to rub thoroughly

begnornian [] wv/t2 to mourn for

begong see begang

bégra genitive masc, fem, neut of bégen

begrafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres begræfþ past begróf/on ptp begrafen to bury

begrǽtan see begrétan

begrétan [] wv/t1b to lament

begrindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres begrindeþ past begrand/begrundon ptp begrunden to grind, polish, sharpen; deprive of, rob

begrípan [] sv/t1 3rd pres begrípþ past begráp/begripon ptp begripen to grip, seize; chide

begriwen [] adj steeped in; past part

begroren [] adj overwhelmed

begrornian see begnornian

begrynian [] adj to ensnare, entrap

begyldan [] wv/t1b to adorn with gold

begylpan [] wv/t1b to boast, exult

begým- see begím-

begyrdan [] wv/t1b to gird, clothe; surround, fortify

begytan see begietan

béh see béag, béah

behabban [] wv/t3 to include, hold, surround, comprehend, contain; detain, withhold

behádian [] wv/t2 to unfrock (a priest)

behamelian [] wv/t2 to mutilate

behammen [] adj clavatus (of shoe), patched, studded with nails

behát [] n (-es/-) promise, vow; threat

behátan [] sv/t7 (often w.d. person) 3rd pres behǽteþ past behét/on, beheht/on ptp beháten to promise, vow, pledge oneself; threaten

behátland [] n (-es/-) promised land

beháwian [] wv/t2 to see clearly, take care, consider

behæfednes [] f (-se/-sa) restraint, temperance

behæpsian [] wv/t2 to fasten a door

behǽs [] f (-e/-e) vow

behættian [] wv/t2 to scalp; make bald

behéafdian [] wv/t2 to behead

behéafdung [] f (-e/-a) beheading

behéafodlic [] adj capital (punishment)

behealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres behieldeþ past behéold/on ptp behealden to hold, have, occupy, possess; guard, preserve; contain, belong; keep, observe, consider; behold, look at, gaze on, observe, see; signify; avail, effect; take care, beware, be cautious; restrain; act, behave

behealdend [] m (-es/-) beholder, spectator

behealdennes [] f (-se/-sa) observance; continence

behealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) regard, observation

behéawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres behíewþ past behéow/on ptp behéawen to cut, chip, chop, beat; cut off from, deprive of

behédan see behýdan

behéfe [] adj suitable, proper, necessary (1)

behéfelic [] adj suitable, proper, necessary (2)

behéflic [] adj suitable, proper, necessary (3)

behéfnes [] f (-se/-sa) convenience, utility

behéfþ [] f (-e/-a) want, need

behéfðu [] f (-e/-a) want, need

behegian [] wv/t2 to hedge around

behelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres behilþ past behæl/behǽlon ptp beholen to cover over, hide

beheldan see behealdan

behelian [] wv/t2 to cover over, conceal, bury

behelmian [] wv/t2 to cover over

Behémas [] m pl the Bohemians; gen Behéma; dat Behémum

behéofian [] wv/t2 to lament

beheonan [] prep w.d., adv on this side of, close by (1)

beheonon [] prep w.d., adv on this side of, close by (2)

behéot past 3rd sing of behátan

behét past 3rd sing of behátan

behicgan see behycgan

behídan see behýdan

behídiglíce see behýdiglíce

behienan see beheonan

behildan [] wv/t1v to depart

behindan [] prep w.d.a., adv behind, after

behinon see beheonan

behionan see beheonan

behíring see behýrung

behíwian [] wv/t2 to dissimulate

behlæmman see behlemman

behlǽnan2 [] wv/t1b to surround

behléapan [] sv/t7 3rd pres behlíepþ past behléop/on ptp behléapen to leap upon, settle on, fix upon, devote oneself to

behlehhan see behliehhan

behlemman2 [] wv/t1a to dash together

behleonian [] wv/t2 to lean (something) against

behléotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres behlíeteþ past behléat/behluton ptp behloten to assign by lot

behlídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres behlídeþ past behlád/behlidon ptp behliden to close, cover over

behliden see beliden past particple of belíðan

behliehhan2 [] sv/t6 3rd pres behliehheþ past behlóh/on ptp behlahhen to deride, exult over

behlígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres behlígeþ past behlág/behligon ptp behligen to accuse

behlýðan [] wv/t1b to rob, deprive of

behóf [] n (-es/-) behoof, profit; need

behófian [] wv/t2 w.g. to have need of, require, want; impers it behooves, concerns, belongs, is needful or necessary

behóflic [] adj necessary

behogadnes [] f (-se/-sa) practice

behogian [] wv/t2 to care for

behogod [] adj careful, prudent; adv ~líce

behón [] sv/t7 3rd pres behéhþ past behéng/on ptp behangen to hang around

behorsian [] wv/t2 to deprive of horses

behréosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres behríesþ past behréas/behruron ptp behroren to fall; cover, shelter; past part behroren divested of

behréowsian [] wv/t2 to rue, repent of, make amends; compassionate

behréowsung [] f (-e/-a) repentance, penitence

behréowsungtíd [] f (-e/-e) time of repentance, Septuagesima

behríeman [] wv/t1b to cover with hoar-frost

behringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres behringeþ past behrang/behrungon ptp behrungen to surround

behrópan [] sv/t7 3rd pres behrépþ past behréop/on ptp behrópen to plague, importune

behroren [] adj divested of w.d.; past participle of behréosan

behrúmian [] wv/t2 to besmirch

behrúmig [] adj sooty

béhþ [] f (-e/-a) witness, sign

behwearf [] 1. past 3rd sing of behweorfan; 2. see behwearft

behwearft [] m (-es/-as) exchange

behweolfan see behwylfan

behweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres behwierfþ past behwearf/behwurfon ptp behworfen to turn, change, spread about; see to, arrange, prepare, treat; bury

behwerfan see behwierfan

behwierfan [] wv/t1b to turn, change, convert; exchange; prepare, instruct, exercise

behwon [] adv whence

behwylfan [] wv/t1b to cover, vault over

behwyrfan see behwierfan

behycgan [] wv/t3 to consider, bear in mind; confide, trust (+on)

behýdan [] wv/t1b to conceal, shelter

behýdednes [] f (-se/-sa) concealment; secret place

behýdig [] adj careful, watchful, anxious; adv ~líce

behýdignes [] f (-se/-sa) solicitude, care, anxiety; [hygdig]

behýdnes [] f (-se/-sa) concealment; secret place

behygd- see behýd-

behyhtan [] wv/t1b to trust

behyldan [] wv/t1b to flay, skin

behylian [] wv/t2 to cover, veil

behýpan [] wv/t1b to surround

behýpian [] wv/t2 to heap up

behýran [] wv/t1b to let on hire

behýrung [] f (-e/-a) letting, loan

behýðelíce [] adv sumptuously

beiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres beiernþ past bearn/beurnon ptp beurnen to run up to, over, or into; incur; occur to

beigbéam see begbéam

beinnan see binnan

beirnan see beiernan

beiundane see begeondan

bel- see behl-

belácan [] sv/t7 3rd pres belǽcþ past beleolc/on, beléc/on ptp belácen to enclose

beládian [] wv/t2 to excuse, clear

beládiendlic [] adj apologetic, that can be excused

beládigend [] m (-es/-) apologist

beládung [] f (-e/-a) apology, excuse

beláf past 3rd sing of belífan

belandian [] wv/t2 to deprive of lands

belǽdan [] wv/t1b to lead astray

belǽfan [] wv/t1b to leave, spare; be left, remain, survive

belændan see belandian

belǽðan [] wv/t1b to make hateful, pervert

belǽwa [] m (-n/-n) betrayer

belǽwend [] m (-es/-) betrayer

belǽwan [] wv/t1b to betray

belǽwung [] f (-e/-a) betrayal, treachery

belcentan see bealcettan

belcettan see bealcettan

beld see bieldu

beldu see bieldu

belé- see belǽ-

beléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres beliehþ past belóg/on ptp belagen to censure, reprove; charge with; dissuade, forbid, prevent

belecgan [] wv/t1b to cover, invest, surround, afflict; attribute to, charge with, accuse

beléfan see belýfan

belendan see belandian

belene [] f (-an/-an) henbane, henbell; [hyoscyamus niger]

beléogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres belíegþ past beléag/belugon ptp belogen to deceive by lying; impers be mistaken

beléoran [] wv/t1b to pass by, pass over; rare past participle beloren

beleorendlic [] adj past

beléosan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres belíesþ past beléas/beluron ptp beloren to be deprived of, lose, let go, deprive of w.d.; ic beléas hérum, þǽm þe ic hæfde I was deprived of hair, which I had;

beléweda see belǽwend

belewit see bilewit

belflíes [] n (-es/-u) bell-wether’s fleece

belg [] m (-es/-as) bag; purse, leathern bottle, pair of bellows, pod, husk

belgan1 [] sv/i3, sv/r3 3rd pres bilgþ past bealg/bulgon ptp is gebolgen to be or become angry; offend, provoke

belgnes [] f (-se/-sa) injustice [bælig-]

belhring [] m (-es/-as) bell-ringing

belhús see bellhús

belibban see belífian

belicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres beligeþ past belæg/belǽgon ptp belegen to lie around, surround; hedge in, encompass

beliden [] adj departed, dead; past participle of belíðan

belíefan [] wv/t1b to believe; past participle belíefed having belief

belíefed [] adj having belief

belífan [] sv/i1 3rd pres belífeþ past beláf/belifon ptp is belifen to remain over, be left;

belifen [] adj dead

belífend [] m (-es/-) survivor

belífian [] wv/t2 to deprive of life

belig see belg

belíman [] sv/t1 3rd pres belímþ past belám/belimon ptp belimen to glue together

belimp [] n (-es/-) event, occurrence, affair; of ~e by chance

belimpan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres belimpþ past belamp/belumpon ptp belumpen to concern, regard, belong to, conduce to; happen, befall; become; impersonal to befit

belisnian [] wv/t2 to castrate; belisnod past participle as masc noun eunuch; wæs ~ stupratur

belisnod [] masc decl as adj eunuch

belistnian [] wv/t2 to castrate; belistnod past participle as masc noun eunuch; wæs ~ stupratur

belistnod [] masc decl as adj eunuch

belíðan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres belíðeþ past beláþ/belidon ptp beliden to deprive of; past participle beliden departed, dead

bell see belle

bellan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bilþ past beall/bullon ptp gebollen to bellow, bark, grunt, roar

belle [] f (-an/-an) bell

bellhús [] n (-es/-) bell-house, belfry

bellringestre [] f (-an/-an) bellringer

belltácen [] n (-tácnes/-) indication (sounding of the hour) by a bell

belltíd [] f (-e/-e) a canonical hour marked by the ringing of a bell

belócian [] wv/t2 to behold

belone see belene

belt [] m (-es/-as) belt, girdle

belúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres belýcþ past beléac/belucon ptp belocen to lock, shut up, close; surround, enclose, embody; stop, impede, block up, choke; preserve, protect; shut out, exclude; sum up, define

belune see belene

belútian [] wv/t2 to lie hidden

belympan see belimpan

belyrtan [] wv/t1b to deceive

belytegian [] wv/t2 to allure, seduce

bemancian [] wv/t2 to maim

bémare see býmere

bemǽnan [] wv/t1b to bemoan, bewail, lament

béme see bíeme

bemeldian [] wv/t2 to disclose, reveal, denounce

bémere see býmere

bemetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres bemeteþ past bemæt/bemǽton ptp bemeten to account, consider

bemíðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bemíðeþ past bemáþ/bemiðon ptp bemiðen to hide, conceal; lie hidden

bemurcian [] wv/t2 to murmur at (1)

bemurcnian [] wv/t2 to murmur at (2)

bemurnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bemyrnþ past bemearn/bemurnon ptp bemornen to mourn, bewail, deplore, be sorry for; care for, take heed for

bemútian [] wv/t2 to exchange for [L mutare]

bemyldan [] wv/t1b to bury [molde]

ben see benn

bén [] 1. f (-e/-e) prayer, request; favor; compulsory service; 2. past 3rd sing of bannan

béna [] m (-n/-n) suitor, petitioner

béne [] f (-an/-an) suitor, petitioner

benacian [] wv/t2 to lay bare [nacod]

benǽman [] wv/t1b to take away, deprive of, rob of; nelle ic þá rincas rihte benǽman I will not deprive the men of what rightly belongs to them; [niman]

benc [] f (-e/-e) bench

bencian [] wv/t2 to make benches

bencsittend2 [] m (-es/-) one who sits on a bench

bencswég [] m (-es/-as) bench-rejoicing, sound of revelry

bencþell2 [] n (-es/-) bench-board, wainscoted space where benches stand

bend [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) bond, chain, fetter; band, ribbon, ornament, chaplet, crown

béndagas [] m pl days of prayer, Rogation days

bendan1 [] wv/t1b to bend (a bow); bind, fetter

bendfeorm see bénfeorm

bene see éað~

beneah pres 3rd sing of benugan

beneced see benacod past participle of benacian

benéman see benǽman

benemnan [] wv/t1b to name; stipulate, settle, declare, asseverate

benéotan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres beníeteþ past benéat/benuton ptp benoten to deprive of, rob

beneoðan [] prep w.d. beneath, under, below

bénfeorm [] f (-e/-a) food during (or after) compulsory labor for the lord?

bengeat [] n (-es/-) wound-gash

benídan [] wv/t1b to compel

beniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres benimþ past benam/benámon, benóm/on ptp benumen to take, assume, obtain; take away from, deprive of, bereave, rob; contain; catch, apprehend

benimung [] f (-e/-a) deprival

beniðan see beneoðan

bénlic [] adj that may be entreated; adv ~líce beseechingly

benn2 [] f (-e/-a) wound, mortal injury [bana]

bénn [] past 3rd sing of bannan

benne [] f (-an/-an) reed-grass

bennian12 [] wv/t2 to wound

benohte past 3rd sing of benugan

benorðan [] adj, adv? in the north, northwards (of)

benoten past participle of benéotan

benotian [] wv/t2 to use, consume

bénríp [] n (-es/-) compulsory service rendered to a landowner at harvest time [see bedríp]

bénsian1 [] wv/t2 to pray, supplicate

benst pres 2nd sing of bannan

béntíd [] f (-e/-e) prayer time, Rogation days

béntigðe [] adj granting requests, gracious; obtaining requests, successful (1)

béntíðe [] adj granting requests, gracious; obtaining requests, successful (2)

béntíðige [] adj granting requests, gracious; obtaining requests, successful (3)

benþ pres 3rd sing of bannan

benugan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres beneah/benugon past benohte ptp benugen to have at one’s disposal, possess, enjoy; require

benugon pres pl of benugan

bényrþ [] f (-e/-a) ploughing required from a tenant

benyðan see beneoðan

béo [] 1. f (-n/-n) bee; 2. pres 1st sing of béon

béobréad [] n (-es/-ru) honey with the comb

béoce see béce

béoceorl [] m (-es/-as) bee-master, bee-keeper

béocere [] m (-es/-as) bee-keeper [MHG bíkar]

béod [] m (-es/-as) table; bowl, dish

béodærn [] n (-es/-) refectory, dining room; on ~e at table

beodan see bidon past pl of bídan

béodan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres bíedeþ past béad/budon ptp geboden to command, decree, summon; ~ út call out (an army), banish; declare, inform, announce, proclaim; threaten; offer, proffer, give, grant, surrender; sv/r2 show oneself, behave; exact, collect

béodbolle [] f (-an/-an) table-bowl

béodcláþ [] m (-es/-as) table-cloth, carpet

béoddern see béodærn

béoddian [] wv/t2 to do joiner’s work

béodend [] m (-es/-) preceptor

béodendlic see bebéodendlic

béodern see béodærn

béodfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) table-vessel, cup

béodfers [] n (-es/-) grace at meal-time

béodgæst [] m (-es/-as) table-companion

béodgenéat2 [] m (-es/-as) table-companion

béodgereord [] n (-es/-) feast

béodhrægl [] n (-es/-) table-cloth

béodláfa [] f pl table-leavings

béodland [] n (-es/-) land from which the table of monasteries, etc., was supplied, glebe-land

béodrægl [] n (-es/-) table-cloth

béodréaf [] n (-es/-) table-cloth

béodscéat [] m (-es/-as) table-napkin, towel

béodscýte [] m (-es/-as) table-napkin, towel

béodwyst [] f (-e/-e) a table with food on it

beofer see befer

Beoferlic [] m (-es/-as) Beverley, Yorkshire

beofian see bifian

Beoforlic [] m (-es/-as) Beverley, Yorkshire

beoft repudlicating past tense of béatan; beoftadon is from a later weak verb beoftian

beofung see bifung

béogang [] m (-es/-as) swarm of bees; flight of bees

béoháta [] m (-n/-n) chief?, prince?

béolǽs [] f (-we/-wa) pasture with flowers for bees?

beolone see belene

béom [] 1. dative pl of béo 1; 2. see béam; 3. see béo pres 1st sing of béon

béomódor [] f (-/-) queen-bee

béon [] irreg v/i to be; frymdig ~ to entreat; tíða/tíðe ~ to be a sharer in, receiver, grantee; andetta ~ to acknowledge; æfterwearþ ~ to be away, absent; wana ~ to lack, fail; gestelled ~ mid to have an attack of

béona genitive pl of béo 1

béonbréad see béobréad

béonbroþ [] n (-es/-u) mead? (or? Béanbroð)

béonnon past pl of bannan

béor [] n (-es/-) strong drink, beer, mead

beora see bearu

beoran1 see beran

béorbyden [] f (-ne/-na) beer-barrel

beorc [] 1. f (-e/-a) birch; name of the rune for b; 2. 1 n (-es/-) barking

beorcan [] sv/i3 3rd pres biercþ past bearc/burcon ptp geborcen to bark; sv/t3 to bark at

beorce see beorc

beorcholt [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) birch wood

beorcragu [] f (-e/-a) lichen from a birch-tree

beorcrind [] f (-e/-a) birch-bark

beord see bord

béordræst [] f (-e/-a) dregs of beer

béordræste [] f (-an/-an) dregs of beer

beorg [] m (-es/-as) mountain, hill; mound, barrow, burial place

beorgælfen [] f (-e/-a) oread

beorgan1 [] 1. sv/t3 w.d. 3rd pres biergþ past bearg/burgon ptp geborgen to save, deliver, preserve, guard, defend, fortify, spare; w.refl.d. beware of, avoid, guard against; 2. see birgan

beorghliþ2 [] n (-es/-u, -hleoðu) mountain-height, mountain-slope

beorgseðel [] n (-seðles/-) mountainous dwelling

beorgstede [] m (-es/-as) mound

beorh1 [] 1. see beorg; 2. imperative of beorgan

beorhléode see burgléode

beorht [] 1. adj bright, shining, brilliant, light, clear; clear-sounding, loud; excellent, distinguished, remarkable, beautiful, magnificent, noble, glorious; pure, sublime, holy, divine; 2. n (-es/-) brightness, gleam, light; sight; éagan ~ twinkling of an eye

beorhtan see bierhtan

beorhtblówende [] adj bright-blooming

beorhte [] adv brightly, brilliantly, splendidly; clearly, lucidly, distinctly

beorhthwíl see bearhtmhwíl

beorhtian [] wv/t2 to glisten, shine; to sound clearly; to make bright

beorhtlic [] adj brilliant, clear, shining, splendid; adv ~líce

beorhtm see bearhtm

beorhtnan [] wv/i1b to grow bright

beorhtnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) brightness, clearness, splendor, beauty; lightning

beorhtnian1 [] wv/t2 to glorify

beorhtrodor [] m (-es/-as) shining heavens

beorhtte [] noun pl mountainous

beorhtu see bierhtu

beorhtword [] adj clear-voiced

béorhyrde [] m (-es/-as) cellarer, butler

beorm- see bearm-

beorma [] m (-n/-n) barm, yeast, leaven

beorn [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as) man; noble, hero, chief, prince, warrior; rich man; 2. see barn past 3rd sing of biernan; 3. see bearn

beornan see biernan

beorncyning [] m (-es/-as) lord of heroes

beorne see byrne

Beornice [] m pl Bernicians, inhabitants of part of Northumbria

beornung [] f (-e/-a) incense

beornþréat [] m (-es/-as) troop of men

beornwiga [] m (-n/-n) 2 warrior, hero

béorscealc [] m (-es/-as) reveler, feaster

béorscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) feast, banquet, revel

béorsele2 [] m (-es/-as) beer-hall, banqueting hall

béorsetl [] n (-e/s-) ale-bench

beorswinig see bærsynnig

béorþegu2 [] f (-e/-a) beer-drinking

beorðling see hyse~

beorðor1 [] n (-es/-) child-bearing, child-birth; what is born, fetus [foetus], offspring

beorðorcwealm [] m (-es/-as) abortion

beorðorþínen [] f (-ne/-na) midwife

beorðorþínenu [] f (-e/-a) midwife

beoruh see beorg

beosmrian see bismerian

béost [] m (-es/-as) beestings, the first milk of a cow after calving; swelling (of the ground)?

beosu see basu

béot1 [] 1. n (-es/-) boastful speech, boast, threat; on ~ boastfully; promise, vow; command; peril, danger; [= behát]; 2. past 3rd sing of béatan

béotian1 [] 1. wv/t2 to threaten; boast, vow, promise; 2. see bótian

béotlic1 [] adj arrogant, exulting, boastful, threatening; adv ~líce

béotmæcg [] m (-es/-as) leader

béoton past pl of béatan

béotung [] f (-e/-a) threatening

béotword2 [] n (-es/-) boast; threat

béoþéof [] m (-es/-as) bee-thief

béoum dat pl of béo

béow [] n (-es/-) barley

béowan see býwan

béowyrt [] f (-e/-e) bee-wort, sweet flag

bepǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to deceive, seduce

bepǽcend [] m (-es/-) deceiver

bepǽcestre [] f (-an/-an) whore

bepǽcung [] f (-e/-a) deception

bepríwan [] wv/t1b to wink

bér see bǽr

bera [] m (-n/-n) bear

berafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres beræfþ past beróf/on ptp berafen to bereave, despoil

beran1 [] sv/t4 3rd pres birþ past bær/bǽron ptp geboren to bear, carry, bring, take away, carry out, extend; bring forth, produce; be situated by birth; wear; endure, support, sustain; ~ úp set forth, open (a case); berende fruitful; geboren born

berascin [] n (-es/-u, -sceonu) bear-skin

beræccan see bereccan

berǽdan [] wv/t1b to deprive, take by treachery, rob; betray; deliberate on; get the better of

berǽsan [] wv/t1b to rush upon or into

berbéne [] f (-an/-an) foliage, herbage, the leaves, twigs, and branches of laurel, olive, or myrtle, cypress, tamarisk, sacred boughs, etc [verbena]

berbíne [] f (-an/-an) foliage, herbage, the leaves, twigs, and branches of laurel, olive, or myrtle, cypress, tamarisk, sacred boughs, etc [verbena]

berc see beorc, berec-

bere [] m (-es/-as) barley

bereærn [] n (-es/-) barn [bere, ærn]

beréafere [] m (-es/-as) despoiler

beréafian [] wv/t2 to bereave, deprive of, take away, seize, rob, despoil

beréafigend [] m (-es/-) despoiler, robber

berebrytta [] m (-n/-n) barn-keeper

berécan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres beréceþ past beréhte ptp beréht to cause to smoke, smoke

bereccan [] irreg wv/t1b to relate; excuse or justify oneself

berecorn [] n (-es/-) barley-corn

berecroft [] m (-es/-as) barley-field

beréfian see beréafian

bereflór [] m (-es/-as), f (-a/-a) barn-floor, threshing-floor

beregafol [] n (-gafles/-) rent paid in barley [compare to gafolbære]

beregræs [] n (-es/-grasu) barley-grass, fodder

berehealm [] n (-es/-) barley-haulm, straw

bereland [] n (-es/-) barley-land

beren [] 1. adj of barley; 2. see biren; 3. see bereærn

berend [] m (-es/-) bearer, carrier

berendan [] wv/t1b to peel, take off husk

berende [] adj fruitful [beran]

berendlíce [] adv with fecundity

berendnes [] f (-se/-sa) fertility

berenhulu [] f (-e/-a) barley-husk

berénian [] wv/t2 to bring about; to ornament, mount (with silver)

beréocan [] sv/t2 3rd pres beríecþ past beréac/berucon ptp berocen to fumigate

beréofan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres beríefeþ past beréaf/berufon  ptp berofen to bereave, deprive, rob of

beréotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres beríeteþ past beréat/beruton ptp beroten to bewail

beréowsian see behréowsian

berere see wæter~

berern see bereærn

beresǽd [] n (-es/-) barley

beretún [] m (-es/-as) barley-enclosure, threshing-floor, barn

berewæstm [] m (-es/-as) barley-crop

berewíc [] f (-e/-a) barley-yard, demesne farm

berg [] 1. see bearg; 2. see beorg

berg- see beri-, birg-, byrg-

berh see bearh past 3rd sing of beorgan

berht see beorht

berht- see beorht-, bierht-

berhtm- see breahtm-

berian [] 1. wv/t1a 3rd pres bereþ past berede ptp gebered to make bare, clear; [bær]; 2. see byrgan 2

bericge see barricge

berídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres berídeþ past berád/beridon ptp beriden to ride round, surround, besiege; overtake, seize, occupy

berie [] f (-an/-an) berry; grape; cine

berieblæ [] ? (-?/-?) an instrument for forking barley?

berig [] 1. n (-es/-) berry; 2. see byrig dative sing of burg

berigdrenc [] m (-es/-as) drink made of mulberries

berige see berie

berigea see byrga

berindan [] wv/t1b to strip off bark, peel

berindran [] wv/t1b to strip off bark, peel

beringan see behringan

berinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres berinþ past berann/berunnon ptp berunnen to run upon, run over, wet, bedew

berísan [] sv/i1 3rd pres beríseþ past berás/berison ptp is berisen to be fitting

berland see bereland

bern see bereærn

bern- see bærn-, biern-

bernan see bærnan

bernhús [] n (-es/-) barn

berófon [] adj despoiled; past pl of berafan or berebban

berówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres beréwþ past beréow/on ptp berówen to row round

berst see byrst

berstan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres birsteþ past bærst/burston ptp geborsten to break, burst, fail, fall; break away from, escape; break to pieces, crash, resound

berthwíl see bearhtmhwíl

bertún see beretún

berð- see beorð-, byrð-

berúmod see behrúmod past participle of behrúmian

berunnen past participle of berinnan

berwe dative sing of bearu

berwinde [] f (-an/-an) bear-bind, navel-wort

berýfan [] wv/t1b to deprive [réaf]

berýpan [] wv/t1b to despoil of, strip, spoil, rob

besárgian [] wv/t2 to lament, bewail, be sorry for, pity [sárig]

besárgung [] f (-se/-sa) compassion

besáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres besǽwþ past beséow/on ptp besáwen to sow

besǽgan [] wv/t1b to sink

besæncan see besencan

besǽtian [] wv/t2 to lay wait for

bescafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bescæfþ past bescóf/on ptp bescafen to scrape thoroughly

bescéad [] n (-es/-) distinction

bescéadan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bescíedeþ past bescéod/on ptp bescéaden to separate, discriminate; scatter, sprinkle over

besceadian [] wv/t2 to overshadow

besceaduwian [] wv/t2 to overshadow

besceadwung [] f (-e/-a) overshadowing

besceafan see bescafan

bescéan past 3rd sing of bescínan

besceatwyrpan [] wv/t1b to despondi

bescéawere [] m (-es/-as) observer

bescéawian [] wv/t2 to look round upon, survey, contemplate, consider, watch; look to, care for; bescéawod thoughtful, prudent

bescéawiendlic [] adj contemplative

bescéawod [] adj thoughtful, prudent

bescéawodnes [] f (-se/-sa) vision, sight; Sion

bescéawung [] f (-e/-a) contemplation

besceddan see besceadan

bescencan [] wv/t1b to give to drink

bescéofan see bescúfan

besceoren see bescoren past part of bescieran

bescéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bescíeteþ past bescéat/bescuton ptp bescoten to shoot into, plunge into, implant; happen, occur

besceran see bescieran

besceran [] sv/t4 3rd pres bescirþ past bescær/bescǽron ptp bescoren to shear, shave, cut hair, give the tonsure; tó hamolan ~ to shave the hair off (as insult)

bescerian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres bescereþ past bescerede ptp bescered to separate from, deprive of; defraud

bescerwan see bescieran

bescíelan [] wv/t1b to look askance

bescieran [] sv/t4 3rd pres bescierþ past bescear/bescéaron ptp bescoren to shear, shave, cut hair, give the tonsure; tó hamolan ~ to shave the hair off (as insult)

bescierednes [] f (-se/-sa) deprivation

bescierian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres besciereþ past bescierede ptp besciered to separate from, deprive of; defraud

bescínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bescínþ past bescán/bescinon ptp bescinen to shine upon, light up, illuminate

besciran see bescieran

bescirian see bescierian

bescirung [] f (-e/-a) exordinatio

bescítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bescíteþ past bescát/besciton ptp besciten to befoul

bescréadian [] wv/t2 to scrape off, clean off

bescrepan [] sv/t5 3rd pres bescripþ past bescræp/bescrǽpon ptp bescrepen to scrape

bescrýdan [] wv/t1b to clothe

bescúfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bescýfþ past bescéaf/bescufon ptp bescofen to shove, impel, thrust down, hurl, throw; force

bescýlan [] wv/t1b to look askance [sceol]

bescyldian [] wv/t2 to shield, defend

bescyr- see bescier-

besécan [] irreg wv/t1b to beseech, beg urgently

besecgan [] wv/t3 to announce, introduce; defend, excuse oneself; ~ on accuse

beselian see besylian

besellan [] irreg wv/t1b to surround, cover (over); hand over

besema see besma

besencan [] wv/t1b to cause to sink, submerge, immerse, drown; plunge into (fire)

besendan [] wv/t1b to send

besengan [] wv/t1b to singe, burn

beséon [] 1. sv/t5, sv/i5, sv/r5 3rd pres besiehþ past beseah/besáwon ptp besewen to see, look, look around, behold; observe; look after, go to see, visit; provide for; ~ tó to look upon, have regard to; 2. sv/t1 3rd pres besíehþ past beság/besigen ptp besigen to suffuse

beséoðan [] sv/t2 3rd pres besíeðeþ past beséaþ/besudon ptp besoden to boil down

beséowian [] wv/t2 to sew together, sew up

beserian see besierwan

beserwan see besierwan

besettan [] wv/t1a to put, place, set near, appoint; own, keep, occupy; beset, cover, surround with, adorn; besiege, invest; institute, set going

besibb [] adj related

besídian [] wv/t2 to regulate the size of anything

besierwan [] wv/t1b to ensnare, surprise, deceive, defraud, oppress

besiftan [] wv/t1b to sprinkle [siftan]

besígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres besígeþ past beság/besigon ptp besigen to rush

besilfran [] wv/t1b to silver

besincan [] sv/i3 3rd pres besincþ past besanc/besuncon ptp is besuncen to sink

besingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres besingeþ past besang/besungon ptp besungen to sing of, bewail; sing charms, enchant

besirwan see besierwan

besittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres besitteþ past besæt/besǽton ptp beseten to sit round, surround, beset, besiege; hold, council; occupy, possess

besíwian see beséowian

beslǽpan [] sv/t7 3rd pres beslǽpþ past beslép/on ptp beslǽpen to sleep

besléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres beslíehþ past beslóg/on ptp beslagen to strike, beat, cut off, take away, deprive by violence

beslépan [] wv/t1b to slip on, cover, put on, clothe

beslítan2 [] sv/t1 3rd pres beslíteþ past beslát/besliton ptp besliten to slit, tear

besma [] m (-n/-n) besom, broom, rod

besméagan [] wv/t1b to consider about

bésming [] f (-e/-a) curve, curvature [bósm]

besmirwan [] wv/t1b to besmear

besmítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres besmíteþ past besmát/besmiton ptp besmiten to soil, defile, pollute, dishonor

besmitenes [] f (-se/-sa) soil, stain, defilement, degradation, dirtiness

besmittian [] wv/t2 to defile

besmiðian [] wv/t2 to work (in metal), forge, surround with forged work

besmocian [] wv/t2 to smoke, envelop with incense

besmyred see besmirwed, past participle of besmirwan

besnǽdan2 [] wv/t1b to cut, mutilate

besníwian [] wv/t2 to cover with snow

besnyðian2 [] wv/t2 to rob, deprive of

besnyððan2 [] wv/t1a to rob, deprive of

besolcen [] adj stupefied, dull, inactive, slow

besorg [] adj dear, beloved

besorgian [] wv/t2 to regret; be anxious about, dread, shrink from

besorh see besorg

bespanan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bespenþ past bespón/on ptp bespanen to lead astray, entice, incite, urge, persuade

besparrian [] wv/t2 to bar, shut

bespǽtan [] wv/t1b to spit upon

bespirian see bespyrigan

besprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres bespricþ past bespræc/besprǽcon ptp besprecen to speak about; speak against, accuse of; claim at law; complain

besprengan [] wv/t1b to besprinkle; bespatter

bespyrigan [] wv/t2 to track, trace

besta [] wk adj best; weak form of betst

bestandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bestendeþ past bestód/on ptp bestanden to stand round or about, beset, surround; attend to; beset, harass

bestǽlan [] wv/t1b to lay a charge against, convict

bestealcian [] wv/i2 to move stealthily, steal, stalk [stealc]

bestefnod [] adj having a fringe; past participle

bestelan [] sv/t4 3rd pres bestilþ past bestæl/bestǽlon ptp bestolen to move stealthily, steal away, steal upon; 2 deprive

bestélan see bestǽlan

bestéman see bestíeman

bestépan [] wv/t1b to deprive of (children)

besteppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bestepeþ past bestóp/on ptp bestapen to tread upon, step, go, enter

bestíeman2 [] wv/t1b to bedew, wet, flood [stéam] [bestýman]

bestingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bestingeþ past bestang/bestungon ptp bestungen to thrust in, push

bestrédan [] wv/t1b to bestrew, cover

bestréowian [] wv/t2 to bestrew, besprinkle

bestreððan [] wv/t1a to bestrew, cover over

bestrícan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bestrícþ past bestrác/bestricon ptp bestricen to make a stroke

bestrídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bestrídeþ past bestrád/bestridon ptp bestriden to bestride, mount

bestrípan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres bestrípþ past bestrípte ptp bestríped to strip, plunder

bestrúdan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bestrýdeþ past bestréad/bestrudon ptp bestroden to spoil, plunder, rob

bestrýpan see bestrípan

bestryððan see bestreððan

bestuddian [] wv/t2 to be careful for, trouble about

bestyrian [] wv/t1a to heap up

bestyrman [] wv/t1b to agitate

besu see basu

besúpan [] sv/t2 3rd pres besýpþ past beséap/besupon ptp besopen to sup up, swallow

besútian [] wv/t2 to besmirch

besúðan [] prep w.d. in the south, southwards (of)

beswápan [] sv/t7 3rd pres beswǽpþ past beswéop/on ptp beswápen to clothe, cover over, veil, protect; persuade

beswǽlan [] wv/t1b to burn, singe, scorch

beswǽpan see beswápan

beswǽtan [] wv/t1b to sweat, toil

beswelgan [] wv/t1b to swallow up

beswemman [] wv/t1a to make to bathe

beswencan [] wv/t1b to afflict

besweðian [] wv/t2 to swathe, wrap up, wind round

beswic [] n (-es/-u) treachery, deceit

beswica [] m (-n/-n) deceiver

beswícan [] sv/t1 3rd pres beswícþ past beswác/beswicon ptp beswicen to deceive, seduce, betray, circumvent, frustrate; to overcome, supplant

beswícend [] m (-es/-) deceiver, seducer

beswicenes [] f (-se/-sa) deception; surrender

beswicfalle [] f (-an/-an) trap

beswician [] wv/t2 to escape, be free from

beswicol [] adj deceitful

beswícung [] f (-e/-a) deception

beswincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bewinceþ past beswanc/bewuncon ptp beswuncen to toil, exert oneself, make with toil; till, plough; beswuncen exhausted, tired out

beswingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres beswingeþ past beswang/beswungon ptp beswungen to flog, scourge, beat, strike

beswuncen [] adj exhausted, tired out; past participle of beswincan

beswyllan [] wv/t1a to drench, flood [swilian]

besylcan [] wv/t1b to exhaust

besylfran see besilfran

besylian [] wv/t2 to sully, defile, stain

besyrewian see besierwan

besyrian see besierwan

bet [] adv better

béta see dǽd~

betácnian [] wv/t2 to betoken, designate

bétan1 [] wv/t1b to amend, repair, restore, cure; make good, make amends, reform, remedy, compensate, atone, pay ‘bót’ for an offence; attend to (fire or light); þurst ~ quench thirst; [bót]

betast see betst

betǽcan [] wv/t1b w.d. to make over, give up to impart, deliver, entrust, commend to; betroth; appoint (for), set apart as, dedicate; show, point out; give orders; pursue, hunt

betboren [] adj of higher birth

béte [] f (-an/-an) beet, beetroot [L beta]

béte see twi~

bétel [] 1. see bíetl; 2. see bítol

beteldan2 [] sv/t3 3rd pres betildeþ past beteald/betuldon ptp betolden to cover, hem in, surround; overload, oppress

betellan [] irreg wv/t1b to speak about, answer, defend oneself (against a charge), exculpate oneself; to prove one’s claim to

bétend [] m (-es/-) restorer

betéon [] sv/t1 3rd pres betíehþ past betág/betigon ptp betigen, sv/t2 3rd pres betíehþ past betéah/betugon ptp betogen to cover, surround, enclose; dispose of, bestow, bequeath; impeach, accuse

betera [] wk adj better; w.g. better in respect of…

bétere see dǽd~

beterian1 [] wv/t2 to better, improve; trim (lamp)

beterung [] f (-e/-a) improvement

betest see betst

betíenan see betýnan

betihtlian [] wv/t2 to accuse

betillan see betyllan

betimbran [] wv/t1b to construct, build

betínan see betýnan

béting see bǽting

bétl see bíetl

betlic2 [] adj grand, excellent

bétnes [] f (-se/-sa) reparation, atonement

betoce see betonice

betogenes [] f (-se/-sa) accusation

betolden past participle of beteldan

betonice [] f (-an/-an) betony

betost see betst

betr- see beter-

betræppan see betreppan

betredan [] sv/t5 3rd pres betritt, betrideþ past betræd/betrǽdon ptp betreden to tread upon, cover

betrendan [] wv/t1b to roll

betreppan [] wv/t1a to entrap, catch

betrymian [] wv/t2 to enclose, surround, besiege

betrymman [] wv/t1a to enclose, surround, besiege

betst [] 1. adj best, first; 2. noun people of position; 3. adv in the best manner, most

betstboren [] adj best-born, eldest

bett see bet

betuh see betwux

betuoxn see betwux

betux see betwux

betuldon past pl of beteldan

betwénan see betwéonan

betweoh see betwux

betweohceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres betweohcierfþ past betweohcearf/betweohcurfon ptp betweohcorfen to cut through [intercidere]

betweohs see betwux

betwéonan [] 1. prep w.g.d.a. between, among, amid, in the midst; 2. adv between, in the meantime, meanwhile; in turn, by turns

betwéonum see betwéonan

betweox see betwux

betweoxn see betwux

betwih see betwux

betwihs see betwux

betwín- see betwéon-

betwínforlétnes [] f (-se/-sa) intermission

betwisc see betwux

betwixt see betwux

betwixt see betwux

betwuht see betwux

betwux [] prep w.d.a. between, among, amongst, amidst; during; ~ þisum meanwhile; ~ þǽm þe whilst

betwuxálegednes [] f (-se/-sa) interjection

betwuxáworpennes [] f (-se/-sa) interjection

betwuxblinnes [] f (-se/-sa) intermission

betwuxfæc [] adj internal

betwuxgangende [] adj separating

betwuxgesett [] adj interposed

betwuxlicgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres betwuxligeþ past betwuxlæg/betwuxlǽgon ptp betwuxlegen to lie between

betwuxsendan [] wv/t1b to send between

betwuxt see betwux

betwyh see betwux

betwyx see betwux

betwyxt see betwux

betýhtlian see betíhtlian

betyllan [] wv/t1a to allure, decoy

betýnan [] wv/t1b to hedge in, enclose, shut, bury; shut out; end [tún]

betýnung [] f (-e/-a) conclusion

betyran [] wv/t1b to pitch, stain a dark color [teoru]

betyrnan [] wv/t1b to turn round; prostrate oneself

beþ [] 1. see biþ pres 3rd sing of béon; 2. see bæþ

beþæncan see beþencan

beðan see beðian

beþearfan [] wv/t1b to need

beþearfende [] adj needy, indigent

beþearflic [] adj profitable

beþearfod [] adj needy

beþeccan [] irreg wv/t1b to cover, protect, cover over, conceal

beðen see beðung

beþencan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres beþencþ past beþóhte ptp beþóht to consider, remember, take thought for, take care of, care for; wv/r1b to reflect, bethink oneself; trust, confide in, entrust to

beþenian [] wv/t2 to cover, stretch on or upon, spread over

beþennan [] wv/t1a to cover, stretch on or upon, spread over

beþéodan [] wv/t1b to be joined (to)

beþerscan [] wv/t1b to winnow, thresh

beþettan [] wv/t1a to bathe, foment

beðian1 [] wv/t2 to heat, warm, foment; cherish

beþráwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres beþrǽwþ past beþréow/on ptp beþráwen to twist (in making candles)

beþridian [] wv/t2 to circumvent, overcome, force

beþringan2 [] sv/t3 3rd pres beþringeþ past beþrang/beþrungon ptp beþrungen to encircle, encompass; beset, oppress, burden

beþryccan [] wv/t1a to press down

beþrydian see beþridian

beþryððan see beþridian

beþrýn [] wv/t1b 3rd pres beþrýeþ past beþrýde ptp beþrýd to press

beþþan see beðian

beþuncan see beþencan

beðung [] f (-e/-a) bathing, bath, fomentation, cataplasm [bæð]

beþurfan [] irreg v/t w.g. 3rd pres beþearf/beþurfon past beþorfte ptp beþurfen to need, have need of, want

beþwéan [] sv/t6 3rd pres beþwíehþ past beþwóg/on ptp beþwagen to moisten, wet

beþwyrian [] wv/t1a to deprave [þweorh]

beþýn [] wv/t1b 3rd pres beþýeþ past beþýde ptp beþýd to thrust

beufan see bufan

beútan see bútan

bewacian [] wv/t2 to watch, guard

bewadan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bewædeþ past bewód/on ptp bewaden to emerge

bewarenian [] wv/t2 to guard against, be on one’s guard

bewarian [] wv/t1a to keep watch, guard, preserve, ward off

bewarnian see bewarenian

bewǽfan [] wv/t1b to enfold, wrap round, cover over, clothe

bewǽgan [] wv/t1b to deceive, frustrate

bewægnan [] wv/t1b to offer, proffer

bewǽlan [] wv/t1b to oppress, afflict

bewǽpnian [] wv/t2 to disarm

bewærian [] wv/t1a to pass by; be free from

bewáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bewǽwþ past bewéow/on ptp bewáwen to blow upon

bewealcan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bewielcþ past bewéolc/on ptp bewealcen to involve

beweallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bewielþ past bewéoll/on ptp beweallen to boil away

bewealwian [] wv/t2 to wallow

beweardian [] wv/t2 to guard, protect; observe closely

beweaxan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bewiexþ past bewéox/on ptp beweaxen to grow over, cover over, surround

beweddendlic [] adj relating to marriage

beweddian [] wv/t2 to betroth, marry; give security

beweddung [] f (-e/-a) betrothal

bewefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres bewifþ past bewæf/bewǽfon ptp bewefen to cover over

bewegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres bewigþ past bewæg/bewǽgon ptp bewegen to cover

bewéled [] adj poisoned, polluted [wól]

bewelian [] wv/t2 to knead, mix together

bewendan [] wv/t1b to turn, turn round; to turn one’s attention, convert

bewenian2 [] wv/t2 to entertain, take care of, attend upon

beweorcan see bewyrcan

beweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bewierpþ past bewearp/bewurpon ptp beworpen to cast, cast down, plunge, throw; beat; surround

beweorðian [] wv/t2 to adorn

beweotian see bewitian

bewépan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bewépþ past bewéop/on ptp bewópen to weep over, mourn, bewail; past participle bewópen tearful, weeping

bewépendlic [] adj lamentable

bewépnian see bewǽpnian

bewerenes [] f (-se/-sa) prohibition

bewerian [] wv/t1a to guard, protect, defend; check, prevent, forbid

bewerigend [] m (-es/-) protector, keeper

bewerung [] f (-e/-a) defense, fortification

bewestan [] prep w.d. to the west of; adv

bewícian [] wv/t2 to encamp

bewindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres bewindeþ past bewand/bewundon ptp bewunden to wind round, clasp, entwine, envelop, encircle, surround; brandish (a sword); turn, wind, revolve; héafe ~ bewail

bewindla [] m (-n/-n) hedge, border

bewitan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres bewát past bewiste ptp bewiten to keep, care for, watch over, superintend, administer, lead, guide

bewitian [] wv/t2 to observe, attend to, care for, administer; perform

bewlátian [] wv/t2 to look at, behold

bewlítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bewlíteþ past bewlát/bewliton ptp bewliten to look round

bewópen past participle of bewépan

bewrecan2 [] sv/t5 3rd pres bewricþ past bewræc/bewrǽcon ptp bewrecen to drive; drive away, banish; drive round, beat round

bewrencan [] wv/t1b to deceive

bewréon [] sv/t1 3rd pres bewríehþ past bewráh/bewrigon ptp bewrigen, sv/t2 3rd pres bewríehþ past bewréah/bewrugon ptp bewrogen to cover, hide, cover over, enwrap, protect, clothe

bewreðian [] wv/t2 to sustain, support

bewrigennes [] f (-se/-sa) a covering

bewrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres bewríteþ past bewrát/bewriton ptp bewriten to record?; score round

bewríðan2 [] sv/t1 3rd pres bewríðeþ past bewráþ/bewriðon ptp bewriðen to bind, wind about, surround

bewrixlan [] wv/t1b to change; exchange, sell

bewrixlian [] wv/t2 to change; exchange, sell

bewuna [] indecl adj accustomed, wont

bewyddian see beweddian

bewýled see bewéled

bewyllan [] wv/t1a to boil away [also ~ie~]

bewylwian [] wv/t2 to roll down, roll together

bewýpþ see bewépþ, pres 3rd sing of bewépan

bewyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres bewyrcþ past beworhte ptp beworht to work, construct, surround with, enclose, cover; work in, insert, adorn

bewyrpan see beweorpan

beyrfeweardian [] wv/t2 to disinherit

beyrnan see beiernan

bezera see bæzere

bi [] 1. see be prep; 2. see béo f

[] 1. see be prep; 2. see béo f

biblioþece [] f (-an/-an) library; bible [L bibliotheca]

biblioþeocu [] m (-wes/-was) library; bible [L bibliotheca]

bibliþéca [] m (-n/-n) library; bible [L bibliotheca]

bíbréad see béobréad

bicce [] f (-an/-an) bitch

biccen see byccen

bice [] f (-an/-an) bitch

bicgan see bycgan

bicge see bicce

bícnan1 see bíecnan

bícnian1 see bíecnan

bícniend1 [] m (-es/-) index, indicator, discloser; forefinger

bícnigend1 [] m (-es/-) index, indicator, discloser; forefinger

bícnendlic [] adj allegorical; gram indicative

bícnol [] adj indicating, indicative

bícnung1 [] f (-e/-a) beckoning, nodding; token, symbol, figure; figurative speech

bícwide [] m (-es/-as) byword, proverb, fable, tale

bíd [] n (-es/-) lingering, hesitation, delay, halt

bid [] n (-es/-u) lingering, hesitation, delay, halt; ~ wrecen brought to bay

bídan1 [] sv/i1 3rd pres bídeþ past bád/bidon ptp is gebiden to stay, continue, live, remain, delay; sv/t1 + gen wait for, await, expect; endure, experience, find; attain, obtain; own; unǽtnessa ge~ to die

biddan [] sv/t5 3rd pres biddeþ past bæd/bǽdon ptp gebeden to ask, entreat, pray, beseech; order, command, require; ~ and béodan/hálsian to beg and pray

biddend [] m (-es/-) petitioner

biddere [] m (-es/-as) petitioner

bideþ pres 3rd sing of biddan

bidenfæt see bydenfæt

bideríp see bedríp

bídfæst2 [] adj firm, forced to stand out

bídsteall2 [] m (-es/-as) halt, stand

bídung [] f (-e/-a) abiding place, abode

bíe see béo pres 1st sing of béo

bíecn see béacen

bíecnan [] wv/t1b to make a sign, beckon, wink, nod; signify; summon; [béacen]

bíecnian [] wv/t2 to make a sign, beckon, wink, nod; signify; summon; [béacen]

bíegan [] wv/t1b to bend, turn, turn back, incline; depress, abase, humiliate; subject; persuade, convert; [búgan]

bíegnan [] wv/t1b to bend, turn, turn back, incline; depress, abase, humiliate; subject; persuade, convert [búgan]

bieldan1 [] wv/t1b to encourage, excite, impel, exhort, confirm [beald]

bieldu [] f (-e/-a) boldness, courage, arrogance, confidence

bielg see belg

bielw- see bilew-

bíeme [] f (-an/-an) trumpet; tablet, billet

bíen see béan

bíencoddas see béancoddas

bierhtu [] f (-e/-a) brightness, effulgence, brilliance [beorht]

bierm see bearm

biernan [] sv/t3, sv/i3 3rd pres biernþ past barn/burnon ptp geburnen to burn, be on fire, give light

bierst pres 3rd sing of berstan

biersteþ pres 3rd sing of berstan

bierþ pres 3rd sing of beran

biesen see bisen

biesgian see bisgian

bieter- see biter-

bíetl [] m (-es/-as) beetle, mallet, hammer

bietr- see biter-

bíeþ see béoþ pres pl of béon

bíféran [] wv/t1b to feed

bifian [] wv/i2 to tremble, be moved, shake, quake

bifigendlic [] adj terrible

bifung [] f (-e/-a) trembling, shaking

bifung see eorð~

bífylce [] n (-es/-u) neighboring people [folc]

big see be

big- see be-, -, bycg-

bíg see béag

bígan see bíegan

bige see byge

bigegnes see begengnes

bígels [] m (-es/-as) arch, vault; curvature

bígeng [] f (-e/-a) practice, exercise, observance, worship; cultivation

bígenga [] m (-n/-n) inhabitant; cultivator; worshipper; benefactor

bígenge [] n (-es/-u) practice, worship

bígengere [] m (-es/-as) worker; worshipper

bígengestre [] f (-an/-an) handmaiden, attendant, worshipper

bigengnes see begengnes

bígung [] f (-e/-a) bending

bigleaf- see bíleof-

bígnes [] f (-se/-sa) power of bending, bending, winding [bíegan]

bigstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres bigstendeþ past bigstód/on ptp bigstanden to stand by, help

bígyrdel [] m (-es/-as) girdle, belt, purse; treasury

bigytan see begietan

bihianda see behindan

bíhst see býhst pres 2nd sing of búgan

bil see bill

bilcettan see bealcettan

bildan see bieldan

bile [] m (-es/-as) bill, beak, trunk (of an elephant); prow

bíle see býle

bílefa see bíleofa

bilehwít see bilewit

bíleofa [] m (-n/-n) support, sustenance, food, nourishment; money, pay [libban]

bíleofen [] f (-ne/-na) support, sustenance, food, nourishment; money, pay [libban]

biléofian [] wv/t2 to support, feed upon

bilewet see bilewit

bilewit [] adj innocent, pure, simple, sincere, honest; calm, gentle, merciful, gracious; plausible; adv ~líce

bilewitnes [] f (-se/-sa) mildness, simplicity, innocence, purity

bilgesleht see billgesliht

bilgst pres 2nd sing of belgan

bilhst pres 2nd sing of belgan

bilgþ pres 3rd sing of belgan

bilherge see billere

bílibb- see bíleof-

bílif- see bíleof-

bilig see belg

biliw- see bilew-

bill [] n (-es/-) bill, chopper, battle-axe, falchion, sword

billere [] m (-es/-as) bibulta (plant)

billhete [] m (-es/-as) murderous hate, strife

bilswæþ [] n (-es/-swaðu) sword track, wound

bilw- see bilew-

bílyht see býliht

bíma [] m see bíeme

bíme see bíeme

bin see binn

bínama [] m (-n/-n) pronoun

bindan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres bindeþ past band/bundon ptp gebunden to tie, bind, fetter, fasten, restrain; adorn

binde [] f (-an/-an) head-band?

bindele [] f (-an/-an) binding; bandage

bindelle [] f (-an/-an) binding; bandage

bindere [] m (-es/-as) binder

bindung [] f (-e/-a) binding

binn [] f (-e/-a) bin, basket, crib, manger [Keltic?]

binna see binnan

binnan [] 1. prep w.d.a. within, in, inside of, into; 2. adv inside, within, less than, during, whilst

binne [] 1. see binn; 2. see binnan

bint pres 3rd sing of bindan

bio- see beo-, bi-

biosmrung see bismerung

birce see beorc, beorce

bird see bridd

birele see byrele

biren [] f (-ne/-na) she-bear

birg see byrg

birgung [] f (-e/-a) taste

birgnes [] f (-se/-sa) taste

birgþ pres 3rd sing of beorgan

birhþ pres 3rd sing of beorgan

birht- see bierht-

birig see byrig

birig- see byrg-

birihte [] prep w.d. near, beside

birihto see bierhtu

birle see byrele

birnan see biernan

bireþ pres 3rd sing of beran

birst pres 2nd sing of beran

birst pres 3rd sing of berstan

birsteþ pres 3rd sing of berstan

birþ pres 3rd sing of beran

biryhte see birihte

bisæc [] n? (-es/-sacu), m? (-es/-sacas) wallet [LL bisaccium]

bísæc [] adj contested, disputed

bísǽc [] f (-e/-a) visit

bisceop [] m (-es/-as) bishop; high-priest, chief priest (Jewish), heathen priest

bisceopcynn [] n (-es/-) episcopal (high-priestly) stock

bisceopdóm [] m (-es/-as) episcopate, bishopric; excommunication

bisceopéðel [] m (-éðles/-éðlas), n (-éðles/-) episcopal see

bisceopfolgoþ [] m (-es/-as) episcopate

bisceopgegyrelan [] m pl Episcopal robes

bisceophád [] m (-a/-a) bishophood, office of bishop, ordination as bishop, episcopate, bishopric

bisceophádþegnung [] f (-e/-a) episcopal service

bisceophádþénung see bisceophádþegnung

bisceophálgung [] f (-e/-a) consecration of a bishop

bisceophádung [] f (-e/-a) episcopal ordination

bisceophám [] m (-es/-as) bishop’s estate

bisceophéafodlín [] n (-es/-) head ornament worn by bishops

bisceophíred [] m (-es/-as) clergy subject to a bishop

bisceopian [] wv/t2 to confirm

bisceopland [] n (-es/-) episcopal or diocesan land

bisceoplic [] adj bishoply, episcopal

bisceopríce [] n (-es/-u) bishopric, diocese, province of a bishop; episcopal demesne or property

bisceoprocc [] m (-es/-as) bishop’s rocket, dalmatic

bisceopród [] f (-e/-a) bishop’s cross

bisceopscír [] f (-e/-a) diocese; episcopate

bisceopscýr see bisceopscír

bisceopseld [] n (-es/-) bishop’s seat or see, bishopric

bisceopseonoþ [] m (-es/-as) synod of bishops

bisceopsetl [] n (-es/-) bishop’s seat or see, bishopric

bisceopseðl [] n (-es/-) bishop’s seat or see, bishopric

bisceopstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) bishop’s staff

bisceopstól [] m (-es/-as) episcopal see, bishopric; bishop’s palace

bisceopsunu [] m (-a/-a) godson at a ‘bishoping’ or conformation

bisceopþénung [] f (-e/-a) office of a bishop

bisceopung [] f (-e/-a) office of a bishop

bisceopwerod [] n (-es/-) bishop’s company

bisceopwíte [] n (-es/-u) fine payable to a bishop?, forced entertaining of a bishop?

bisceopwyrt [] f (-e/-e) bishop’s-wort, betony, vervain, marshmallow

bisceopwyrtil [] ? (-?/-?) vervain; betony

biscep see bisceop

bisceran see biscieran

biscerian see biscierian

biscop see bisceop

biscup see bisceop

biscp see bisceop

bisegu see bisgu

bisen [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) example, pattern, model; similitude, parable, parallel; rule, command, precept

bisene [] f (-an/-an), n (-es/-u) example, pattern, model; similitude, parable, parallel; rule, command, precept

bisene [] adj blind

bisenian1 [] wv/t2 to give, set an example, instruct by example; follow an example or pattern; express figuratively

bisenung [] f (-e/-a) example, pattern

bises [] m (-es/-as) the extra day intercalated in leap year [L bissextus]

bisgian1 [] wv/t2 to occupy, employ; trouble, afflict

bisgu [] f (-e/-a) occupation, labor; affliction, trouble

bisigu [] f (-e/-a) occupation, labor; affliction, trouble

bisgung [] f (-e/-a) business, occupation, care

bisig [] adj busy, occupied, diligent

bisignes [] f (-se/-sa) business

bismær- see bismer-

bisme see besma

bismer [] n (bismres/-), m (bismres/bismras), f (bismre/bismra) disgrace, scandal, shame, mockery, insult, reproach, scorn; filthiness, defilement; tó ~e ignominiously, shamefully; blasphemy; infamous deed; gerénian tó ~e to humiliate, degrade; táwian1 tó ~e to outrage, profane

bismerful [] adj infamous, shameful, ignominious

bismergléow [] n (-es/-) shameful lust

bismerian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres bismeraþ past bismerode ptp gebismerod to mock, revile, illtreat, blaspheme

bismeriend [] m (-es/-) mocker

bismerléas [] adj blameless

bismerléoþ [] n (-es/-) scurrilous song

bismerlic [] adj shameful ignominious, contemptuous; ridiculous, frivolous; adv ~líce

bismernes [] f (-se/-sa) pollution; insult; contemptibleness

bismerspǽc see bismersprǽc

bismersprǽc [] f (-e/-a) blasphemy

bismerung1 [] f (-e/-a) mockery, scorn; blasphemy; infamy, disrepute

bismerword [] n (-es/-) reproach, insult

bismor see bismer

bismor- see bismer-

bismr- see bismer-

bisn- see bisen-

bíspell [] n (-es/-) example, proverb; parable, fable, allegory, story

bíspellbóc [] f (-bóce/-béc) the book of Proverbs; [gen ~béc/~bóce; dat ~béc; acc ~bóc; nom/acc pl ~béc; gen pl ~bóca; dat pl ~bócum]

bissextus [] m (-te/-tas) the intercalary day of leap year; leap year [L]

bist pres 2nd sing of béon

bíst see bídst pres 2nd sing of bídan

bíswæc [] m (-es/-as) tripping up, treachery

bit pres 3rd sing of biddan

bít [] 1. pres 3rd sing of bídan; 2. pres 3rd sing of bítan

bita [] m (-n/-n) 1. bit, morsel, piece; 2. biter, wild beast

bítan1 [] sv/t1 3rd pres bíteþ past bát/biton ptp gebiten to bite, tear; cut, wound; ge~ dash down

bite [] m (-es/-as) bite, sting; sword-cut; cancer

bitela [] m (-n/-n) beetle

biter [] adj bitter, sharp, cutting; stinging; exasperated, angry, embittered; painful, disastrous, virulent, cruel; adv ~líce

bitere see bitre

biterian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres biteraþ past biterode ptp is gebiterod to be or become bitter; wv/t2 make bitter

biterlic [] adj sad, bitter

biternes [] f (-se/-sa) bitterness, grief

biterwyrde [] adj bitter in speech

biterwyrtdrenc [] m (-es/-as) drink of bitter herbs

bítl see bíetl

bitmǽlum [] adv piecemeal, bit by bit

bitol [] n (-es/-) bridle

bitor see biter

bitre [] adv bitterly, sharply, painfully, severely; very

bitres gen masc, neut sing of biter

bitrum [] adv bitterly

bittres gen masc, neut sing of biter

bitst pres 2nd sing of biddan

bítst 2nd pres sing of bídan, bítan

bitt 1. pres 3rd sing of biddan; 2. pres 3rd sing of beodan; 2. see bytt

bítt pres 3rd sing of bítan

bitter see biter

bittor see biter

bittre see bitre

bitula see bitela

biþ pres 3rd sing of béon

biwáune see bewáwan

bíwist [] f (-e/-e) sustenance, food, provision, necessaries

bíword [] n (-es/-) proverb, household word; adverb

bíwyrde [] n (-es/-u) byword, proverb

bizant [] m (-es/-as) a coin

blác [] 1. adj bright, shining, glittering, flashing; pale, pallid, wan; 2. past 3rd sing of blícan

blac see blæc

bláchléor1 [] adj with pale cheeks

blácian [] wv/t2 to turn pale

blácung [] f (-e/-a) a turning pale, pallor

bladesian [] wv/i2 to flame, blaze, be hot; emit an odor

bladesnung [] f (-e/-a) odor

bladesung [] f (-e/-a) shining, lightning

blagettan see blægettan

blan past 3rd sing of blinnan

blanca2 [] m (-n/-n) (white?) horse

bland12 [] n (-es/-) blending, mixture, confusion

blandan1 [] sv/t7 3rd pres blendeþ past blénd/on ptp geblanden to blend, mix, mingle; trouble, disturb, corrupt

blandenfeax2 [] adj grizzly-haired, grey-haired, old [blandan]

blann past 3rd sing of blinnan

blase see blæse

blasere see blæsere

blástbelg see blǽstbelg

blaster see plaster

blát2 [] adj livid, pale, wan, ghastly; low, hoarse (sound)? or pale?; adv ~e lividly, pallidly

blatesnung see bladesnung

blatesung see bladesung

blátian [] wv/i2 to be livid, pale

bláwan1 [] sv/i7, sv/t7 3rd pres blǽwþ past bléow/on ptp gebláwen to blow, breathe; be blown, sound; inflate; ge~ kindle, inflame; ge~ spit

bláwend [] m (-es/-) inspirer

bláwende [] adj blowing hard (wind)

bláwere [] m (-es/-as) blower

bláwung [] f (-e/-a) blowing, blast; inflation

blæc [] 1. adj black, dark; 2. n (-es/blacu) ink

blǽc see blác

blǽcan [] wv/t1b to bleach, whiten; ge~ disfigure [blác]

blæcce [] f (-an/-an) black matter

blǽce [] n? (-es/-u) irritation of the skin, leprosy; psoriasis

blǽcern [] n (-es/-) lamp, candle, light, lantern

blǽcernleoht [] n (-es/-) lantern-light

blæcfexede [] adj black-haired [feax]

blæcgymm [] m (-es/-as) jet

blæchorn [] n (-es/-) ink-horn

blǽcpytt [] m (-es/-as) bleaching-pit?

blǽcða [] m (-n/-n) leprosy

blǽcþrustfel [] n (-es/-u?) leprosy

blǽcu [] f (-e/-a) pallor

blæd [] n (-es/bladu) blade; leaf

blǽd [] 1. m (-es/-as) blowing, blast; inspiration; breath, spirit; life, mind; glory, dignity, splendor; prosperity, riches, success [bláwan]; 2. see bléd 1

blǽdágende [] adj renowned

blǽdbylig [] m (-es/-as) bellows

blǽddæg2 [] m (-es/-dagas) day of prosperity

blædderwǽrc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the bladder

blǽddre see blǽdre

blǽdfæst12 [] adj glorious, prosperous

blǽdgiefa2 [] m (-n/-n) giver of prosperity

blǽdhorn [] m (-es/-as) trumpet

blǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) blossom, fruit [bléd]

blǽdre [] f (-an/-an) blister, pimple; bladder [bláwan]

blǽdwela [] m (-n/-n) abundant riches

blǽge [] f (-an/-an) gudgeon, bleak

blægettan [] wv/t1b to cry

blǽhǽwen [] adj light blue

blæs see blæst

blæsbelg see blæstbelg

blæse [] f (-an/-an) firebrand, torch, lamp

blæsere [] m (-es/-as) incendiary

blǽshorn [] m (-es/-as) trumpet

blæst [] m (-es/-as) blowing, blast (of wind), breeze; flame

blæstan [] wv/t1b to blow, belch forth

blæstbelg [] m (-es/-as) bellows

blæstm [] m? (-es/-as) flame, blaze

blǽtan [] wv/t1b to bleat

blætesung see bladesung

blǽts- see bléts-

blǽwen see blǽhǽwen

blǽwest, blǽwst pres 2nd sing of bláwan

blǽweð, blǽwþ pres 3rd sing of bláwan

bleac see blæc

bléat [] adj miserable?; adv ~e

bléaþ [] adj gentle, shy, cowardly, timid; slothful, inactive, effeminate

blec see blæc

bléc- see blǽc-

bled see blæd

bléd- see blét-

bléd [] 1. f (-e/-a) shoot, branch, flower, blossom, leaf, foliage, fruit; harvest, crops; [blówan]; 2. see blǽd 1

blédan [] wv/t1b to bleed, let blood

blédhwæt [] adj growing quickly?, profusely?

blédre see blǽdre

bledu [] f (-e/-a) dish, bowl, goblet

blegen [] f (-e/-a) blain, boil, blister, ulcer

blegne [] f (-an/-an) blain, boil, blister, ulcer

blencan [] wv/t1b to deceive, cheat

blénd past 3rd sing of blandan

blendan [] 1. wv/t1b to blind, deprive of sight; deceive; 2. to mix

blendian see blendan 1

blendnes [] f (-se/-sa) blindness

blent [] 1. past 3rd sing of blendan; 2. past 3rd sing of blandan

bléo1 [] n (-s/-) color; appearance, form; dat sing bléo; gen pl bléo, bléona; dat/inst pl bléom, bléoum, bléowum

bléobord [] n (-es/-) colored board, chess-board

bléobrygd [] n? (-es/-) combination of colors, scintillation [bregdan]

bléocræft [] m (-es/-as) art of embroidery

bleodu see bledu

bléofæstnes [] f (-se/-sa) delight

bléofág [] adj variegated

bleoh see bléo

bléomete [] m (-es/-mettas) dainty food

bléona gen pl of bléo

bléoréad [] adj purple

bléostǽnung [] f (-e/-a) tessellated pavement

bléot past 3rd sing of blótan

bléoum dative/instrumental pl of bléo

bléow [] 1. past 3rd sing of bláwan; 2. past 3rd sing of blówan

bléowum dative/instrumental pl of bléo

blere [] adj bald

blerig [] adj bald

blese see blæse

blétan see blǽtan

blétsian1 [] wv/t2 to consecrate, ordain; bless, give thanks, adore, extol; sign with the cross; pronounce or make happy; [blód]

blétsingbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) blessing-book, benedictional; [gen ~béc/~bóce; dat ~béc; acc ~bóc; nom/acc pl ~béc; gen pl ~bóca; dat pl ~bócum]

blétsingsealm [] m (-es/-as) the Benedicite

blétst pres 2nd sing of blótan

blétsung [] f (-e/-a) consecration; blessing, benediction; favor (of God)

bléw see bléow, past 3rd sing of blówan

bléwþ pres 3rd sing of blówan

blícan [] sv/i1 3rd pres blíceþ past blác/blicon ptp is geblicen to glitter, shine, gleam, sparkle, dazzle; appear

bliccettan [] wv/t1b to glitter, quiver

bliccettung [] f (-e/-a) glittering, shining

blice [] m (-es/-as) exposure

blicgan see blycgan

blícian [] wv/t2 to shine

blícþ pres 3rd sing of blícan

blíds see bliss

blin imperative of blinnan

blind [] adj blind; dark, obscure, opaque; internal, not showing outwardly; unintelligent; not stinging; adv ~líce blindly, rashly

blindboren [] adj born blind

blindenetele [] ? (-?/-?) archangelica (plant)

blindian see of~

blindnes [] f (-se/-sa) blindness

blinn [] n? (-es/-) cessation

blinnan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres blinþ past blann/blunnon ptp geblunnen to cease, leave off, rest from; lose, forfeit; be vacant (bishopric); [be linnan]

blinnes [] f (-se/-sa) cessation, intermission

blis see bliss

blisa see blysa

bliscan see blyscan

blisgere [] m (-es/-as) incendiary [blysige]

bliss [] f (-e/-a) bliss, merriment, happiness; kindness, friendship, grace, favor; cause of happiness [blíðe]

blissian1 [] wv/i2 to be glad, rejoice, exult; wv/t2 to make happy, gladden, endow; applaud

blissig [] adj joyful

blissigendlic [] adj exulting

blissung [] f (-e/-a) exultation

blíþ see blíðe

blíðe1 [] 1. adj blithe, joyous, cheerful, pleasant; gracious, well-disposed, friendly, kind; agreeable, willing; quiet, peaceful, gentle; 2. adv

blíðelic [] adj gentle, pleasant, glad, well-wishing; adv ~líce

blíðemód [] adj glad, cheerful; well-wishing, friendly

blíðheort [] adj happy, joyful; kind, merciful

blíðnes [] f (-se/-sa) joy, gladness, pleasure

blíðs see bliss

blíwum see bléoum, bléowum dat pl of bléo

blod see bold

blód [] n (-es/-) blood; vein; déad ~ congealed blood

blód- see blót-

blóddolg [] n (-es/-) bleeding wound

blóddolh [] n (-es/-) bleeding wound

blóddrync [] m (-es/-as) bloodshed

blódegesa [] m (-n/-n) bloody horror

blóden [] adj bloody

blódfág2 [] adj blood-stained, bloody

blódgemang [] n (-es/-) a blood-mixture

blódgemenged [] adj blood-stained

blódgéot see blódgýte

blódgéotend [] m (-es/-) shedder of blood

blódgéotende [] adj bloody

blódgian1 [] wv/t2 to be bloodthirsty; make bloody

blódgyte [] m (-es/-as) bloodshed

blódhrǽcung [] f (-e/-a) spitting of blood

blódhréow [] adj sanguinary, cruel

blódiernende [bloed·irn·en·de] adj having an issue of blood

blódig [] adj bloody

blódigtóþ [] adj bloody-toothed

blódiorn [] ? (-?/-?) bloody flux

blódlǽs [] f (-we/-wa) blood-letting

blódlǽswu [] f (-e/-a) blood-letting, bleeding

blódlǽstíd [] f (-e/-e) time for blood-letting

blódlǽte [] f (-an/-an) blood-letting, bleeding

blódlǽtere [] m (-es/-as) blood-letter

blódléas [] adj bloodless

blódorc [] m (-es/-as) sacrificial vessel

blódréad [] adj blood-red

blódréow see blódhréow

blódryne [] m (-es/-as) issue of blood, bloody flux; bursting of a blood-vessel

blódscéawung [] f (-e/-a) supply of blood?

blódseax [] n (-es/-) lancet

blódseten [] f (-ne/-na) something to stop bleeding

blódsihte [] f (-an/-an) flowing of blood

blódspíwung [] f (-e/-a) spitting of blood

blódþigen [] f (-ne/-na) tasting of blood

blódwíte [] n (-es/-u) blood-offering; penalty for bloodshed?; right to exact such a penalty

blódwracu [] f (-e/-a) revenge for bloodshed

blódyrnende see blódiernende

bloedsung see bletsung

blóma [] m (-n/-n) lump of metal, mass

blon past 3rd sing of blinnan

blonca see blanca

blond- see bland-

blonn past 3rd sing of blinnan

blósa see blóstma

blósma see blóstma

blóstbǽre see blóstmbǽre

blóstm [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) blossom, flower, fruit

blóstma [] m (-n/-n) blossom, flower, fruit

blóstmbǽre [] adj flower-bearing

blóstmbǽrende [] adj flower-bearing

blóstmfréols [] m (-es/-as) floral festival

blóstmian [] wv/t2 to blossom, bloom

blóstmig [] adj flowery

blót1 [] n (-es/-) sacrifice

blót- see blód-

blótan [] sv/t7 3rd pres bléteþ past bléot/on ptp geblóten to sacrifice, kill for sacrifice

blótere [] m (-es/-as) sacrificer

blótmónaþ [] m (-mónþes/-mónþas) November, the month of sacrifice; [so called because at this season the heathen Saxons made a provision for winter, and offered in sacrifice many of the animals they then killed]

blótorc [] m (-es/-as) sacrificial vessel

blótspíung [] f (-e/-a) spitting of blood, a throwing up of blood

blótung [] f (-e/-a) sacrifice, a sacrificing

blówan1 [] 1. sv/t7 3rd pres bléwþ past bléow/on ptp geblówen to blow, flower, flourish, blossom; 2. see bláwan

blówendlic [] adj blooming

blunnen past participle of blinnan

blunnon past pl of blinnan

blycgan see á~

blys see bliss

blyss see bliss

blysa [] m (-n/-n) firebrand, torch

blyscan [] wv/t1b to make or color reddish; to be reddish; transf., to have a reddish glow [rutilare]

blyse [] f see blyse

blyssian see blissian

blýðe see blíðe

blýðelíce see blíðelíce

see , nom/acc fem/neut of bégen

bóc [] f (béc/béc) 1. beech-tree; 2. beech-nut; [gen ~béc/~bóce; dat ~béc; acc ~bóc; nom/acc pl ~béc; gen pl ~bóca; dat pl ~bócum]; 3. past 3rd sing of bacan

bóc [] f (béc/béc) 1. a book, a document, register, catalog; 1a. a legal document, (1) a bill of divorce; (2) a charter; (3) a title deed; (4) conveyance; 2. a book, volume, literary work, pages; main division of a work; Crístes ~ gospel; [gen ~béc/~bóce; dat ~béc; acc ~bóc; nom/acc pl ~béc; gen pl ~bóca; dat pl ~bócum]; 3. past 3rd sing of bacan

bócastréon [] n (-es/-) library, a place for books; [bóca, stréon]

bócæceras [] m pl freehold lands

bócblæc [] n (-es/-blacu) ink

bócce see béce

bóccest [] f (-e/-a) book-chest

bóccist [] f (-e/-a) book-chest

bócciste [] f (-an/-an) book-chest

bóccræft [] m (-es/-as) learning, science

bóccræftig [] adj book-learned, book-crafty, learned in the Bible

bóccynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of book

bócere [] m (-es/-as) 1. writer, scribe, an author, a learned man, instructor, a bookman, a scholar; 2. a (Jewish) scribe

bócfell [] n (-es/-) parchment, vellum

bócfódder [] n (-fóddres/-) bookcase

bócgesamnung [] f (-e/-a) library

bócgestréon [] n (-es/-) library

bóchaga [] m (-n/-n) beech-hedge

bócholt [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) a beechwood

bóchord [] n (-es/-) library

bóchús [] n (-es/-) library

bócian1 [] wv/t2 to grant by charter; supply with books

bócland [] n (-es/-) land held by written title

bóclár [] f (-e/-a) book-lore, learning

bóclæden [] n (-es/-) literary Latin, learned language

bócleden see bóclæden

bóclic [] adj of or belonging to a book; scientific; biblical, scriptural; ~ stæf ars liberalis

bócon past pl of bacan

bócrǽdere [] m (-es/-as) reader of books

bócrǽdung [] f (-e/-a) reading of books

bócréad [] adj red color used in illuminating manuscripts, vermilion

bócréde [] f (-an/-an) reading of books

bócriht [] n (-es/-) right given by will or charter

bócstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) letter, character [Ger buchstabe]

bócstigel [] f (-e/-a) beech-wood, stile

bóctǽcung [] f (-e/-a) teaching or narrative, written in books

bóctalu [] f (-e/-a) teaching or narrative, written in books

bóctréow [] n (-es/-) beech-tree

bócung [] f (-e/-a) conveyance by charter or deed

bócweorc [] n (-es/-) study of books

bócwudu [] m (-a/-a) beech-wood

bod1 [] n (-es/-u) command, message, precept; preaching

boda [] m (-n/-n) messenger, herald, apostle, angel; prophet

bodan see botm

bode past 3rd sing of bógan

bodeg see bodig

boden past participle of béodan

bodere [] m (-es/-as) teacher

bodian1 [] wv/t2 to tell, proclaim, announce; preach; foretell; boast

bodiend [] m (-es/-) proclaimer, teacher, preacher

bodig [] n (-es/-) body, trunk, frame, bodily presence; main part

bodigendlic [] adj to be celebrated

bodlác [] n (-es/-) decree, ordinance

bodscipe12 [] m (-es/-as) command, message

bodung [] f (-e/-a) message, recital, preaching; interpretation; assertiveness

bodungdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Annunciation Day

bóg [] m (-es/-as) arm, shoulder; bough, twig, branch; offspring [búgan]

boga [] m (-n/-n) bow (weapon); arch, arched place, vault; rainbow; folded parchment [Ger bogen]

bóga see bóg

bógan [] wv/t1b to boast

boganet see bogenett

bogefódder [] n (-fóddres/-) quiver, case for the bow

bogen [] 1. ? (-?/-?) name of a plant; 2. past participle of búgan

bogenett [] n (-es/-) wicker basket with a narrow neck for catching fish

bogetung [] f (-e/-a) curve

bógh see bóg

bógian [] 1. wv/i2 1 to dwell; wv/t2 to inhabit; 2. see bógan

bogiht [] adj full of bends

bógincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) small bough

bógung [] f (-e/-a) boastfulness, arrogance, display

bóh see bóg

bohscyld [] m (-es/-as) curved shield?

bohte past 3rd sing of bycgan

bóhtimber [] n (-timbres/-) building-wood

bóian see bógan

bol? [] m (-es/-as) bole, trunk

ból [] ? (-?/-?) necklace

bolca [] m (-n/-n) gangway of a ship

bold [] n (-es/-) house, dwelling-[lace, mansion, hall, castle; temple

boldágend2 [] m (-es/-) homestead-owner

boldgestréon2 [] n (-es/-) household goods

boldgetæl [] n (-es/-talu) collection of houses; (political) district, county, province

boldgetimbru [] n pl houses

boldweard [] m (-es/-as) housekeeper, steward

boldwela2 [] m (-n/-n) wealth; splendid dwelling, paradise, heaven; village

bolgen past participle of belgan

bolgenmód2 [] adj enraged

bolla [] m (-n/-n) bowl, cup, pot, beaker, measure

bolle [] f (-an/-an) bowl, cup, pot, beaker, measure

bolster [] m (bolstres/bolstras), n (bolstres/-) bolster, cushion

bolt [] m (-es/-as) bolt; crossbow for throwing bolts or arrows

bolttimber [] n (-timbres/-) building timber, beams

bón [] 1. f (-e/-a) ornament; 2. see bógan

bon- see ban-

bond- see band-

bónda [] m (-n/-n) householder; freeman, plebeian; husband

bóndeland [] n (-es/-) land held by a bónda [ON bóndi]

bóne see bén

bonn see bann

bor [] ? (-?/-?) borer, gimlet; lancet, scalpel, graving tool [borian]

bora [] m (-n/-n) ruler [rǽdbora?]

borcen past 3rd sing of beorcan

brocian [] wv/t2 to bark

bord [] n (-es/-) board, plank; table; side of a ship; ship; shield; innan/útan ~es at home/abroad

borda [] m (-n/-n) embroidery, ornament

bordcláþ [] m (-es/-as) table-cloth

bordgelác [] n (-es/-) weapon, dart

bordhæbbende [] adj shield-bearing

bordhaga [] m (-n/-n) cover of shields

bordhréoða2 [] m (-n/-n) shield-ornament; phalanx

bordrand [] m (-es/-as) shield

bordrima [] m (-n/-n) rim, edge

bordríðig [] ? (-?/-?) a stream running in a channel made of planks?

bordstæþ [] n (-es/-staðu) the rigging of a ship; sea-shore

bordþaca [] m (-n/-n) shield-covering, a tortoise, i. e. a covering, shed, shelter [testudo]; board for roofing

bordweall [] m (-es/-as) wall of shields, phalanx; buckler, shield; side of ship

bordwudu [] m (-a/-a) shield

boren past participle of beran

borettan [] wv/t1b to brandish

borg [] m (-es/-as) pledge, security, bail, debt, obligation; bondsman; debtor

borgbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of surety

borgen past participle of beorgan

borgfæst [] adj fast bound

borgfæstan1 [] wv/t1b to bind by pledge or surety

borggelda [] m (-n/-n) borrower; lender

borghand [] f (-a/-a), m (-es/-as) security, surety (person)

borgian [] wv/t2 to borrow; lend; be surety for

borgiend [] m (-es/-) lender, usurer

borgléas [] adj without a pledge, without security

borgsorg [] f (-e/-a) trouble on account of lending or security

borgsteall [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) a steep path up a hill?

borgwedd [] n (-es/-) pledge

borh see borg

borhfæst [] adj fast bound

borhfæstan1 [] wv/t1b to bind by pledge or surety

borhhand [] f (-a/-a), m (-es/-as) security, surety (person)

borhléas [] adj without a pledge, without security

borian [] wv/t2 to bore, perforate

borlíce [] adv very, extremely, fitly, excellently

born see barn past 3rd sing of biernan

borsten past participle of berstan

borðor see beorðor

bósig [] m? (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) stall, crib

bósm [] m (-es/-as) bosom, breast, womb; surface; ship’s hold

bósum [] m (-es/-as) bosom, breast, womb; surface; ship’s hold

bósmig [] adj sinuous

bót [] f (-e/-a) help, relief, advantage, remedy; compensation for an injury or wrong; (peace) offering, recompense, amends, atonement, reformation, penance, repentance; tó ~e to boot, besides, moreover

bótan see bétan

bótettan [] wv/t1b to improve, repair

bótian [] wv/i2 to get better

botl1 see bold

bótléas [] adj unpardonable, not to be atoned for by bót

botm [] m (-es/-as) bottom, ground, foundation; abyss

bótwierðe [] adj pardonable, that can be atoned for by bót [see bótléas]

bóþ see bógeþ pres 3rd sing of bógan

boðen [] m (-es/-as), n? (-es/-) rosemary; darnel; thyme

bóung see bógung

box [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) box-tree; box, case [L]

boxtréow [] n (-es/-) box-tree

braccas [] m pl breeches [L]

bracce see bræc 1

brachwíl [] f (-e/-a) moment

bracian see á~

brád [] 1. adj broad, flat, open, extended, spacious, wide; ample, copious; (cmp brǽdra/brádra, spl brǽdest/brádost); 2. n (-es/-) breadth; ~ hand f (-a/-a) palm

brádæx [] f (-e/-a) broad axe

brádbrim2 [] n (-es/-u, -briomu) wide sea

bráde2 [] adv far and wide, broadly, widely

brádeléac [] n (-es/-) leek

brádhand [] f (-a/-a) palm of the hand

brádian [] wv/t2 to extend, reach; to become broad

brádlástæx [] f (-e/-a) broad axe

brádlinga [] adv flatly, with the hand open

brádnes [] f (-se/-sa) breadth, greatness, extent, surface; liberality

brádpanne see brǽdepanne

brádsweord [] n (-es/-) broadsword

bragen see brægen

brahton see brohton past pl of bringan

brand [] m (-es/-as) fire, flame; brand, torch; sword, weapon; ~ Healfdenes Hrothgar

brandhát2 [] adj burning hot, ardent

brandhord [] n? (-es/-) treasure exciting ardent desires; care, anxiety

brandíren [] n (-es/-) fire-dog, trivet, grate

brandísen [] n (-es/-) fire-dog, trivet, grate

brandóm [] m (-es/-as) metallic oxide, rust [rubigo]

brandrád [] f (-e/-a) fire-dog, trivet

brandrida [] m (-n/-n) fire-grate

brandstefn [] adj high-prowed? [listed as ~stæfn]

brang past 3rd sing of bringan

brant2 [] adj deep, steep, high

brasian see bræsian

brastlian [] wv/t2 to roar, rustle, crackle

brastlung [] f (-e/-a) crackling, rustling, crashing

bratt [] m (-es/-as) cloak

bræc [] 1. ? (-?/-?) a strip of untilled land?; 2. see past 3rd sing of brecan; 3. see bréc nom/acc pl of bróc 1

brǽc [] 1. 1 n (-es/-) catarrh, cough; 2. f (-e/-a) breaking, destruction; 3. see bréc nom/acc pl of bróc 1

bræcce [] ? (-?/-?) breeches [L]

brǽccoðu [] f (-e/-a) falling sickness, epilepsy

brǽcdrenc [] m (-es/-as) cough medicine

bræclian [] adj to crackle, make a noise

brǽcon past pl of brecan

brǽcséoc1 [] adj epileptic, lunatic

brǽd [] 1. f (-e/-a) breadth, width; 2. f (-e/-a) flesh [OHG brat]; 3. m (-es/-as) trick, fraud, deceit, craft; 4. past 3rd sing of bregdan; 5. present 3rd sing and pp of brǽdan

brǽd- see brægd-, bregd-

brǽdan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to make broad, extend, spread, stretch out; be extended, rise, grow; [brád]; 2. to roast, toast, bake, broil, cook

brǽde [] m (-es/-as) roast meat

brǽdels see ofer~

brǽdepanne [] f (-an/-an) frying-pan

brǽding [] 1. f (-e/-a) extension; bedding, bed?; 2. f (-e/-a) roast meat

brǽdingpanne see brǽdepanne

brǽdra comparative of brád

brǽdu [] f (-e/-a) breadth, width, extent

brægdan see bregdan

brægdboga [] m (-n/-n) deceitful bow

brægden [] 1. adj 1 deceitful, crafty; adv ~líce [bregdan]; 2. ? (-?/-?) fraud

brægdwís [] adj crafty [wís]

brægen [] n (-es/-) brain

brægenpanne [] f (-an/-an) brain-pan, skull

brægenséoc [] adj brain-sick, mad

brægn see brægen

brægnloca [] m (-n/-n) brain-house, head

brægpanne see brægenpanne

bræhtm see breahtm

bræmbel see brémel

brǽmel see brémel

brǽme see bréme

brǽr see brér

bræs [] n (-es/brasu) brass, bronze

bræsen [] adj brazen, of brass

bræsian [] wv/t2 to do work in brass, make of brass

bræsne see bresne

brǽþ [] m (-es/-as) odor, scent, stink, exhalation, vapor

brǽw [] m (-es/-as) eye-brow, eyelid

bréac past 3rd sing of brúcan

bread [] n (-es/-ru) bit, crumb, morsel; bread

bréag see brǽw

breahtm [] 1. m (-es/-as) cry, noise, revelry; 2. see bearhtm

breahtmian [] wv/t2 to creak, resound

breahtmung [] f (-e/-a) flickering (of the eyelids) [convolatus]

breahtumhwæt see bearhtmhwæt

breard see brerd

bréat- see bréot-

bréaþ [] adj brittle

bréaw see brǽw

bréawern [] n (-es/-) brew-house

bréc see bróc

bréc1 see brǽc1

brecan [] 1. sv/t4 3rd pres bricþ past bræc/brǽcon ptp gebrocen to break, shatter, burst, tear; curtail, injure, violate, destroy, oppress; break into, rush into, storm, capture (city); press, force; break or crash through, burst forth, spring out; subdue, tame; 2. to roar?

bréchrægl [] n (-es/-) breeches

brecmǽlum see brytmǽlum

brecnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) breach

brecþ see ǽ~, eodor~

brecða [] m (-n/-n) broken condition; módes ~ sorrow of heart

brecung [] f (-e/-a) breaking

bred [] n (-es/-u, breodu) surface; board, plank; table, tablet; þá stǽnenan bredu the tables of stone; lytle hús of bredum small houses with tables, eating-houses, taverns

bred [] 1. see brýd; 2. see brad; 3. see brǽd 3

bredan [] sv/t3 3rd pres brideþ past bræd/brudon ptp gebroden, gebreden 1. to weave, braid, knit, join together, draw, pluck; 2. to change, vary, transform

brédan [] wv/t1b 1. to produce, or cherish, a brood; 2. 1 see bregdan; 3. 1 see brǽdan1 and 2

breden [] adj of boards, wooden

brédettan see brogdettan

brédingpanne see brǽdepanne

brédipanne see brǽdepanne

bredweall [] m (-es/-as) wall of boards, palisade

brég see brǽw

brega see bregu

brégan [] wv/t1b to alarm, frighten, terrify; [brogan]

bregd see brǽd 3

bregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres brigdeþ past brægd/brugdon ptp gebrogden to move quickly, pull, shake, swing, throw (wrestling), draw (Sword), drag; bend, weave, braid, knit, join together; change color, vary, be transformed; bind, knot; sv/i3 to move, be pulled; flash; up ~ bring up (a charge); ge~ scheme, feign, pretend; ge~ draw breath, breathe

bregden see brægden

bregdende [] adj deceitful, cunning [bregdan]

bregen see brægen

brégendlic [] adj terrible

brégh see brǽw

brégnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear, terror

brego see bregu

bregu2 [] m (-a/-a) ruler, chief, king, lord; ~ engla/mancynnes God

breguríce [] n (-es/-u) kingdom

breguróf [] adj majestic, mighty

bregustól2 [] m (-es/-as) ruler’s seat, throne; rule, dominion

breguweard2 [] m (-es/-as) ruler, prince, lord

breht- see breaht-, beorht-, bierht-

brehtnian see bearhtmian

bréman [] wv/t1b 1. 1 to honor, extol; respect, fulfill; celebrate; [bréme]; 2. to rage

brémbel see brémel

brémber see brémel

bréme [] 1. adj famous, glorious, noble; 2. adv

brémel [] m (brémles/brémlas) brier, bramble, blackberry bush [bróm]

brémelæppel [] m (-æpples/æpplas) blackberry

brémelberie [] f (-an/-an) blackberry

brémelbrǽr [] m (-es/-as) bramble-brier

brémelléaf [] n (-es/-) bramble-leaf

brémelrind [] f (-e/-a) bramble-bark

brémelþýfel [] m (-þýfles/-þýflas) a bramble-thicket

brémelþyrne [] f (-an/-an) bramble-bush

brémelwudu [] m (-a/-a) a bramble-wood

brémen see bréme 1

brémendlic [] adj noted

brémer see brémel

brémlas nom/acc pl of brémel

bremman [] wv/t1a to rage, roar [Ger brummen]

bremung [] f (-e/-a) roaring

brencþ pres 3rd sing of brengan

brene see bryne

breneþ see berneþ pres 3rd sing of bernan; pres 3rd sing of brýnan

brengan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to bring; produce

brengnes [] f (-se/-sa) oblation; ge~ food, support

brenting [] m (-es/-as) ship [brant]

breo- see bre-

bréo- see bré-

bréod see bréad

breodian [] wv/t2 to cry out

breodwian [] wv/t2 to strike down, trample?

breoht- see bearht-, beorht-

bréosa [] m (-n/-n) gadfly

bréost [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) usu in pl breast, bosom; stomach, womb; mind, thought, disposition; richness, fullness, plenteousness, plenty, abundance, copiousness, fruitfulness, fertility, productiveness [ubertas], Of mind, character, etc., richness, fullness, Of style or language, copiousness, fullness

bréostbán [] n (-es/-) breast-bone

bréostbeorg see bréostgebeorh

bréostbyden [] f (-ne/-na) breast

bréostcearu2 [] f (-e/-a) heart-care, anxiety

bréostcofa2 [] m (-n/-n) heart, affections

bréostgebeorh [] m (-gebéores/-gebéoras) bulwark

bréostgehygd2 [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) thought

bréostgehýd2 see bréostgehygd

bréostgeþanc2 [] m (-es/-as) thought, mind

bréostgewǽdu [] n pl corselet

bréostgyrd [] f (-e/-a) scepter?

bréosthord2 [] n (-es/-) thought, mind

bréostlín [] n (-es/-) stomacher

bréostloca2 [] m (-n/-n) mind, soul

bréostnett2 [] n (-es/-) coat of mail

bréostnyrwet [] n (-es/-u) tightness of chest

bréostrocc [] m (-es/-as) chest-clothing

bréostsefa2 [] m (-n/-n) mind, heart

bréosttoga [] m (-n/-n) chieftain

bréostþing [] n (-es/-) region of the heart

bréostwærc [] m (-es/-as) pain in the chest

bréostweall [] m (-es/-as) breastwork, rampart

bréostweorðung [] f (-e/-a) breast-ornament

bréostwylm [] m (-es/-as) breast-fountain, teat; emotion, sorrow

Breot- see Bryt-

bréotan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres bríeteþ past bréat/bruton ptp gebroten to break in pieces, hew down, demolish, destroy, kill

bréoðan [] sv/t2 3rd pres bríeðeþ past bréaþ/bruðon ptp is gebroðen to decay, waste away

bréowan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres bríewþ past bréaw/bruwon ptp gebrowen to brew

bréowlác [] n (-es/-) brewing

brér [] f (-e/-a) brier, bramble

brerd [] m (-es/-as) brim, margin, border, surface; shore, bank

brerdful [] adj brim-full

brérhlǽw [] m (-es/-as) brier-hillock

brérþyrne [] f (-an/-an) brier-bush

brésan see brýsan

bresen see bræsen

bresne2 [] adj mighty, strong

Bret see Bryt

bret- see bryt-

brét- see brýt-

brét pres 3rd sing of brédan, bregdan

bréþ see brǽþ

bréðel see bríðel

bréðer dative sing of bróðor

bréw see brǽw

bric- see bryc-

bríc- see brýc-

briceþ pres 3rd sing of brecan

bricst pres 2nd sing of brecan

brid see bridd

bríd see brýd

bridd [] m (-es/-as) young bird, chicken

brídel [] m (-es/-as) bridle, rein, curb, restraint

brídelgimm [] m (-es/-as) a bridle ornament

brídels [] m (-es/-as) bridle, rein, curb, restraint

brídelshring [] m (-es/-as) bridle-ring

brídelþwangas [] m pl reins

briden see breden

brídgift see brýdgift

brídgifu see brýdgifu

brídlian1 [] wv/t2 to bridle, curb

briengan see bringan

brig see brycg

bríg see bríw

brigd [] n(-es/-) change or play of colors [bregdan]

brigdils see brídels

briht- see beorht-, bierht-

brim2 [] n (-es/-u, breomu) surf, flood, wave, sea, ocean, water; sea-edge, shore

brimceald2 [] adj ocean-cold

brimclif [] n (-es/-u, -cleofu) cliff by the sea

brimfaroþ [] n (-es/-) sea-shore

brimflód [] m (-es/-as) flood, sea

brimfugol [] m (-fugles/fuglas) sea-bird, gull

brimgiest [] m (-es/-as) sailor

brimhengest2 [] m (-es/-as) (sea-horse), ship

brimhlæst [] f (-e-/a) sea-produce, (fish)

brimlád2 [] f (-e/-a) flood-way, sea-way

brimlíðend2 [] m (-es/-) seafarer; pirate

brimmann2 [] m (-es/-menn) sailor, pirate

brimrád2 [] f (-e/-a) (sea-road), sea

brimsa? [] m (-n/-n) gadfly?

brimstæþ [] n (-es/-staðu) sea-shore

brimstréam2 [] m (-es/-as) current, sea; rapid, river

brimþyssa2 [] m (-n/-n) ship

brimwísa [] m (-n/-n) sea-king, captain

brimwudu2 [] m (-a/-a) (sea-wood), ship

brimwulf [] m (-es/-as) (she)-wolf of the sea or lake

brimwylm [] m (-es/-as) ocean surge, sea-wave

bring [] m (-es/-as) offering

bringádl [] f (-e/-a) epilepsy?

bringan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres bringeþ past bróhte ptp gebróht to bring, lead, bring forth, carry, adduce, produce, present, offer; [also sv/t3 3rd pres bringeþ past brang/brungon ptp gebrungen]

bringelle see on~

bríosa see bréosa

bríst pres 2nd sing of bregdan

brít pres 3rd sing of bregdan

brítst pres 2nd sing of bregdan

Brit- see Bryt-

brit- see bryt-

bríðel [] adj fragile, weak

bríw [] m (-es/-as) pottage, porridge

bríwan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres bríwþ past bríwde ptp gebríwed to prepare food, cook, make pottage; make a poultice

bríwþicce [] adj as thick as pottage

broc [] 1. 1 n (-es/-u) affliction, misery, care, toil, adversity; disease, sickness; fragment; breach; [brecan]; 2. n (-es/-u) use, benefit; 3. n (-es/-u) a kind of locust?; 4. see brocc

bróc [] 1. f (bróce/bréc) breeches; the breech?; dat bréc; 2. m (-es/-as) brook, torrent

brocc [] m (-es/-as) badger

broccen [] adj of badger’s skin

brocchol [] n (-es/-u) badger’s hole

broccian [] wv/t2 to tremble

brocen [] 1. past participle of brecan; 2. past participle of brúcan

brocenlic [] adj fragile

brocian1 [] wv/t2 to crush, hurt, afflict, molest; blame [broc]

broclic [] adj full of hardship

brócminte [] f (-an/-an) brookmint, horsemint

brócríþ [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as) a tributary stream

brócséoc see brǽcséoc

brocung [] f (-e/-a) affliction, sickness

brod [] ? (-?/-?) shoot, sprout

bród [] f (-e/-a) brood; foetus; breeding, hatching

broddetan see brogdettan

broddian see bródian

bróden past part of brédan

bródenmǽl2 [] n (-es/-) damascened sword

bróder see bróðor

bródet- see brogdet-

bródian [] wv/t2 to glitter, shine

bródig [] adj broody

bróga [] m (-n/-n) terror, dread, danger; prodigy

brogden past participle of bregdan

brogdenmǽl see bródenmǽl

brogdettan [] wv/t1b to shake, brandish; tremble, quake; glitter

brogdettung [] f (-e/-a) trembling, shaking; figment, pretence

brogne1 [] ? (-?/-?) bough, bush, branch

broht [] adj [viscellum]; see broð

bróht past participle of bringan

bróhton past participle of bringan

bróhþréa [] m (-n/-n) dire calamity [brogan]

bróm [] m (-es/-as) broom, brushwood

brómfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) enclosure of broom

brómig [] adj broomy

bron- see bran-

brond see brand, brant

brord [] m (-es/-as) prick, point; blade (e.g., of grass or corn); herbage

brosnian1 [] wv/t2 to crumble, decay, fall to pieces, rot, wither, be corrupted

brosniendlic [] adj corruptible, perishable, transitory

brosnung1 [] f (-e/-a) decay, corruption, ruin

Broten see Bryten

broten past part of bréotan

brotettan [] wv/t1b to burst forth, shoot, sprout?

brótetung see brogdettung

broþ [] n (-es/-u) broth [bréowan]

bróðar see bróðor

bróðer see bróðor

broþhund see roþhund

bróðor [] m (-/-) brother; fellow-man; co-religionist; monk [pl bróðor1, bróðru1]

bróðorbana [] m (-n/-n) fratricide (person)

bróðorcwealm [] m (-es/-as) fratricide (act)

bróðordohter [] f (-/-) niece; [dat ~dehter; pl ~dohtor, ~dohtru, ~dohtra]

bróðorgyld [] n (-es/-) vengeance for brothers?

bróðorléas [] adj brotherless

bróðorlic [] adj brotherly

bróðorlícnes [] f (-se/-sa) brotherliness

bróðorlufu [] f (-e/-a) love

bróðorrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) fellowship, brotherhood; membership of a brotherhood

bróðorscipe [] m (-s/-as) brotherliness, love; ge~ brotherhood, fraternity

bróðorsibb [] f (-e/-a) kinship of brothers; brotherly love

bróðorslaga [] m (-n/-n) brother-slayer

bróðorslege [] m (-s/-as) fratricide (act)

bróðorsunu [] m (-a/-a) brother’s son, nephew

bróðorsybb see bróðorsibb

bróðorþínen see beorðorþínen

bróðorþínenu see beorðorþínen

bróðorwíf [] n (-es/-) brother’s wife, sister-in-law

bróðorwyrt [] f (-e/-e) pulegium, penny-royal

bróður see bróðor

brú [] f (-we/-wa) brow, eyebrow, eyelid, eyelash; [gen pl brúna]

brúcan1 [] sv/t2 3rd pres brýcþ past bréac/brucon ptp gebrocen to enjoy, brook, use, possess, partake of, spend; brocen cyrtel a coat which has been worn; eat; execute an office; cohabit with

brúcendlíce [] adv serviceably

brúcung [] f (-e/-a) function, occupation

brúdon past pl of brédan

brugdon past pl of bregdan

brúmiddel [] n (-middles/-) the space between the eyebrows [intercilium]

brún [] adj brown, dark, dusky; having metallic luster, shining

brúna genitive pl of brú

Brunanburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) Brunanburh, about five miles southwest of Durham, or on the plain between the river Tyne and the Browney; [The world Brunan burh is a pure Anglo-Saxon word, and signifies the castle of Bruna, though in a charter of Athelstan, dated 978, the year after the battle, it is called Bruninga Feld, the plain of the Brunings, or the descendants of Bruna as –ing denotes.];

brúnbasu [] adj brownish-purple (1)

brúnbeosu [] adj brownish-purple (3)

brúnbesu [] adj brownish-purple (2)

brúnecg2 [] adj with gleaming-blade

bruneða [] m (-n/-n) itch, a reddish eruption on the skin, St. Anthony's fire, erysipelas [erysipelas]

brúnewyrt see brúnwyrt

brúnfág [] adj burnished?, brown-hued?

brungen past participle of bringan

brungon past pl of bringan

brúnian [] wv/i2 to become brown

brunna see burna

brúnwann [] adj dusky

brúwyrt [] f (-e/-e) brownwort, water-betony, wood-betony

bruðon past pl of bréoðan

brúwa nom/acc pl of brú

bryce1 [] 1. m (-es/-as) breach, fracture, breaking, infringement; fragment; [brecan]; 2. adj fragile, brittle, worthless, fleeting; 3. n (-es/-u) use, enjoyment, service, exercise, advantage, gain, profit, fruit

brýce [] adj useful, profitable

brycel see hús~

bryceþ pres 3rd sing of brecan

brycg [] f (-e/-a) bridge

brycgbót [] f (-e/-a) repairing of bridges

brycggeweorc [] n (-es/-) work of building or repairing bridges

brycgian [] wv/t2 to bridge, make a causeway, pave

brycgweard [] m (-es/-as) keeper or defender of a bridge

brycgwyrcende [] adj pontifex

brýcian1 [] wv/t2 to use, enjoy; profit, benefit

brýcsian1 [] wv/t2 to use, enjoy; profit, benefit

brycþ pres 3rd sing of brecan

brýcþ pres 3rd sing of brúcan

brýd [] 1. f (-e/-e) bride, betrothed or newly-married woman, wife, consort; ~es wǽde wedding garment; 2 (young) woman

bryd- see bred-

brýd- see bríd-

brýdan see bregdan

brýdbedd [] n (-es/-) bridal bed

brýdblétsung [] f (-e/-a) marriage blessing

brýdboda [] m (-n/-n) paranymph, brides-man

brýdbúr [] n (-es/-) bride-chamber, bed-chamber

brýdofa [] m (-n/-n) bride-chamber, bed-chamber

brýde see un~

brýdeala [] n (-oþ/-oþ) bride-ale, marriage-feast

brýdealoþ [] n (-es/-) bride-ale, marriage-feast

brýdelic see brýdlic

brýdgifta [] f pl betrothal, espousals

brýdgiefu [] f (-e/-a) dowry; pl espousals

brýdguma [] m (-n/-n) bridegroom; suitor

brýdiguma [] m (-n/-n) bridegroom; suitor

brýdhlóp [] n (-es/-) ceremony on conducting a bride to her new home, bridal, wedding

brýdhús [] n (-es/-) bride-chamber

brýdlác [] n (-es/-) bridal, wedded condition; pl marriage ceremony

brýdléoþ [] n (-es/-) epithalamium

brýdlic [] adj bridal; ~ gewrit Song of Solomon

brýdloca [] m (-n/-n) bride-chamber

brýdlóp see brýdhlóp

brýdlufe [] f (-an/-an) love of a bride

brýdniht [] f (-e/-) wedding-night; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

brýdræst [] f (-e/-a) bridal bed

brýdréaf [] n (-es/-) wedding garment

brýdsang [] m (-es/-as) epithalamium

brýdsceamol? [] m (-es/-as) bridal bed

brýdþing [] n pl nuptials

brygc see brycg

brygd [] 1. m (-es/-as) drawing out, unsheathing, brandishing; 2. see brǽd 2

bryht see beorht

bryhtan see bierhtan

bryldan1 [] wv/t1b to seize property improperly held by another

brym [] m (-es/-as) surf, sea

brymm [] m (-es/-as) surf, sea

brým- see brém-

brýnan [] wv/t1b to make brown?

bryne [] m (-es/-as) burning, conflagration; fire, flame, heat; inflammation, burn, scald; torch; fervor, passion [beornan]

brýne [] f (-an/-an) brine

bryneádl [] f (-e/-a) fever

brynebróga [] m (-n/-n) fire-terror

brynegield2 [] m (-es/-as) burnt-offering

brynehát [] adj burning hot

bryneléoma [] m (-n/-n) fire-gleam, flame

brynenes [] f (-se/-sa) hard, fiery trial

brynetéar [] m (-es/-as) hot tear

brynewielm2 [] m (-es/-as) wave of fire, flame, burning hear

bryngan see bringan

brynig [] adj fiery, burning

brynstán [] m (-es/-as) brimstone

bryrd see brerd

bryrdan [] wv/t1b to urge on, incite, encourage [brord]

bryrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) incitement, instigation; compunction

brýsan1 [] wv/t1b to bruise, crush, pound; season

brýsian1 [] wv/t1b to bruise, crush, pound; season

brýsewyrt [] f (-e/-e) daisy, soap-wort

brystmian see brytsnian

brýt pres 3rd sing of bréotan

Bryt [] m (-es/-as) Briton; Breton

bryta see brytta

brýtan1 [] wv/t1b to crush, pound; ge~ break up, destroy

brytednes see for~

Bryten [] f (-e/-a) Britain

bryten [] adj spacious, roomy

brytencyning [] m (-es/-as) powerful king

brytengrúnd [] m (-es/-as) broad earth

Brytenland [] n (-es/-) Britain; Wales

brytenríce [] n (-es/-u) 1. spacious kingdom; 2. kingdom of Britain

Brytenwalda [] m (-n/-n) wielder of Britain, Bretwalda, chief king

Brytenwealda [] m (-n/-n) wielder of Britain, Bretwalda, chief king

brytenwangas [] m pl spacious plains, the world

brýtest pres 2nd sing of bréotan

brytian see bryttian

brýting [] f (-e/-a) breaking (of bread)

Brytland see Brytenland

Brytlond see Brytenland

brytmǽlum [] adv piecemeal

brytnere [] m (-es/-as) steward

brytnian1 [] wv/t2 to divide, distribute, dispense, administer

brytnung [] f (-e/-a) distribution

Bryton see Bryten

brytsen1 [] f (-e/-a) fragment

brytsnian [] wv/t2 to parcel out, distribute; ge~ enjoy, possess

brýtst pres 2nd sing of bréotan

Brytt- see Bryt-

brytta2 [] m (-n/-n) dispenser, giver, author, governor, prince; sinces ~ treasure-giver, lord [bréotan]

Bryttas [] m pl Britons; Bretons

bryttian1 [] wv/t2 to divide, dispense, distribute; rule over, possess, enjoy rhe use of

Bryttisc [] adj British

Bryttwealas [] m pl Britons of Wales

Brytwalas [] m pl Britons of Wales

Brytwylisc [] adj British, Welsh

bryðen [] f (-ne/-na) brewing, drink [broð]

brýwlác see bréowlác

bú [] 1. n (-es/bý) dwelling [Ger bau]; 2. see , bégen

búan1 [] irreg v/i 3rd pres búeþ past búde ptp gebúen/gebún to stay, dwell, live; lie (of land); v/t inhabit, occupy; cultivate

búc [] m (-es/-as) belly, stomach; pitcher; beaver (of helmet)?

bucc [] m (-es/-as) belly, stomach; pitcher; beaver (of helmet)?

bucca [] m (-n/-n) buck, he-goat, male deer

bucheort [] ? (-?/-?) a kind of stag with a beard like a goat, perh. the horse-stag [a tragelaph]

buclic [] adj like a goat (gloss to tragicus)

budda [] m (-n/-n) beetle

búde past 3rd sing of búan

budon past pl of béodan

búdon past pl of búan

búend [] m (-es/-) dweller, inhabitant

buf [] interj buff

bufan [] 1. prep w.d. over, above; w.a. on, upon, above; 2. adv above, overhead, before

bufancweden [] adj above-mentioned

bufannemd [] adj above-mentioned

bufansprecen [] adj above-mentioned

bufon see bufan

búg- see -

búgan1 [] 1. sv/t2 3rd pres býgþ past béag/bugon ptp gebogen to bow, bow down, turn, bend, stoop, sink; submit, give way; depart, flee, retire; join, go over to; convert; 2. see búan

búgol see béogol

búh imperative of búgan

búian see búan

búl see búla

búl [] m (-es/-as) bracelet, necklace, brooch [býl]

búla [] m (-n/-n) bracelet, necklace, brooch [býl]

bula [] m (-n/-n) bull, steer

bulberende [] adj wearing an ornament

bulentse [] f (-an/-an) a plant

Bulgarisc [] adj Bulgarian

bulgon past pl of belgan

bulluc [] m (-es/-as) male calf, bullock

bulot [] ? (-?/-?) ragged robin, cuckoo-flower

bulut [] ? (-?/-?) ragged robin, cuckoo-flower

bún see búan

bund [] f? (-e/-a) bundle

búnda see bónda

bunden past participle of bindan

bundon past plural of bindan

bundenheord [] adj with bounden tresses

bundenstefna [] adj (ship) with an ornamented prow

bune [] 1. 2 f (-an/-an) cup, beaker, drinking vessel; 2. reed, cane?

búr [] n (-es/-) bower, apartment, chamber; cottage, dwelling [búan]

búr1 [] m (-es/-as) freeholder of the lowest class, peasant, farmer

búrbyrde [] adj of peasant birth

búrcniht [] n (-es/-) chamberlain, eunuch

búrcot [] n (-es/-u) bed-chamber

burg [] f (byrg/byrg) a dwelling or dwellings within a fortified enclosure, fort, castle; borough, walled town; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]

burg- see burh-, beorg-

burgágend [] m (-es/-) city-owner

burgat see burggeat

burgbiscop [] m (-es/-as) bishop of a city

burgbót [] f (-e/-a) liability for repair of the walls of a town or fortress

burgbryce [] m (-es/-as) breaking into a (fortified) dwelling; penalty for that offence

burgealdor [] m (-es/-as) burgomaster, mayor

burgen see byrgen

burgende? [] m (-es/-as) city boundary

búrgerihta [] n pl peasant’s rights or dues

búrgeteld2 [] n (-es/-) pavilion, tent

burgfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) fortress

burgfolc [] n (-es/-) townspeople

burggeard [] m (-es/-as) castle yard

burggeat [] n (-es/-gatu) castle gate, city gate

burggemet [] n (-es/-u, -gemeotu) measure used in a town

burggemót [] n (-es/-) town’s meeting

burggeréfa [] m (-n/-n) chief magistrate of a town, provost, mayor

burggerihta [] n pl town due

burggeþingþ [] f (-e/-a) town council (as judicial body)

burghege [] m (-es/-as) fence of a ‘burg’

burghliþ2 [] n (-es/-hleoðu) fortress-height

burglagu [] f (-e/-a) civil law

burgland [] n (-es/-) native city

burgléod [] m (-es/-as) citizen

burgléoda [] m (-n/-n) citizen

burgloca2 [] m (-n/-n) fortified enclosure, walled town

burgmann [] m (-es/-menn) citizen

burgon past pl of beorgan

burgræced [] n (-es/-) fortress

burgrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) citizenship

burgrest [] f (-e/-a) chamber-couch

burgriht [] n (-es/-) town right, town law

burgrún [] f (-e/-a) fury, sorceress

burgrún [] f (-e/-a) sorceress; pl fates, furies

burgrúne [] f (-an/-an) fury, sorceress

burgsæl2 [] n (-es/-salu) city-hall, house

burgsǽta [] m (-n/-n) town-dweller, citizen

burgscipe [] m (-es/-as) borough

burgscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) township, civil district

burgscír [] f (-e/-a) city limits, city, township

burgsele [] m (-es/-as) castle-hall, house

burgsittende2 [] m pl city-dwellers

burgsorg see borgsorg

burgsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) courtly speech

burgstaðol [] m (-es/-staðelas) foundation of the wall of a ‘burg’

burgsteall [] m (-es/-as) citadel?, city?

burgstede2 [] m (-es/-as) city, castle

burgstrǽt [] f (-e/-a) town road

burgþegn [] m (-es/-as) living in a ‘burg’; or = búrþegn?

burgþelu [] f (-e/-a) castle floor

burgtún [] m (-es/-as) city

burgwaran [] f pl inhabitants of a ‘burg’, burghers, citizens

burgwaras [] m pl inhabitants of a ‘burg’, burghers, citizens

burgware [] m pl inhabitants of a ‘burg’, burghers, citizens

burgwaru [] f pl inhabitants of a ‘burg’, burghers, citizens

burgwarumann [] m (-es/-menn) burgess

burgwealda [] m (-n/-n) burgess

burgweall [] m (-es/-as) city-wall

burgweard2 [] m (-es/-as) city defender

burgweg [] m (-es/-as) road, street

burgwela [] m (-n/-n) treasure of a city

burgwelle [] f (-an/-an) spring in a ‘burg’?

burgwerod [] n (-es/-) townsfolk

burgwígend [] m (-es/-) warrior

burgwita [] m (-n/-n) town councilor

burh see burg

burhbiscop [] m (-es/-as) bishop of a city

burhbót [] f (-e/-a) liability for repair of the walls of a town or fortress

burhealdor [] m (-es/-as) burgomaster, mayor

burhgeard [] m (-es/-as) castle yard

burhgemet [] n (-es/-u, -gemeotu) measure used in a town

burhgemót [] n (-es/-) town’s meeting

burhgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) chief magistrate of a town, provost, mayor

burhgerihta [] n pl town due

burhgeþingþ [] f (-e/-a) town council (as judicial body)

burhmann [] m (-es/-menn) citizen

burhrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) citizenship

burhrest [] f (-e/-a) chamber-couch

burhriht [] n (-es/-) town right, town law

burhrún [] f (-e/-a) fury, sorceress

burhrúne [] f (-an/-an) fury, sorceress

burhscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) township, civil district

burhscír [] f (-e/-a) city limits, city, township

burhsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) courtly speech

burhstaðol [] m (-es/-staðelas) foundation of the wall of a ‘burg’

burhþegn [] m (-es/-as) living in a ‘burg’; or = búrþegn?

burhwarumann [] m (-es/-menn) burgess

burhwealda [] m (-n/-n) burgess

burhweard2 [] m (-es/-as) city defender

burhwela [] m (-n/-n) treasure of a city

burhwelle [] f (-an/-an) spring in a ‘burg’?

burhwerod [] n (-es/-) townsfolk

burhwita [] m (-n/-n) town councilor

búrland [] n (-es/-) land occupied by peasants

burn [] f (-e/-a) brook, stream; spring or well water (1)

burna [] m (-n/-n) brook, stream; spring or well water (2)

burne [] f (-an/-an) brook, stream; spring or well water (3)

burnon past pl of biernan

burnsele [] m (-es/-as) bath-house

burnstów [] f? (-e/-a) bathing-place

búrréaf [] n (-es/-) tapestry (for a ‘búr’)

búrscipe see burhscipe

burse [] f (-an/-an) bag, pouch

burston past pl of berstan

búrþegn [] m (-es/-as) page, chamberlain (1)

búrþén [] m (-es/-as) page, chamberlain (2)

burðre [] f (-an/-an) birth, issue

buruh see burg

búst [] pres 2nd sing of búan

bút [] m (-es/-as) a vessel

búta [] 1. see bútan; 2. see bútú

bútan [] 1. prep w.d. (rarely w.a.) out of, outside of, off, round about; except, without, all but, but only; besides, in addition to; in spite of; 2. conj w.ind. except except that, but, only; ~ þæt except; w.subj. unless, save that; w.noun. except, but, besides, if only, provided that; 3. adv without, outside

búte [] 1. see bútan; 2. see bútú

butere [] f (-an/-an) butter; milk for butter-making [L]

buterflége [] f (-an/-an) butterfly (2)

buterfléoge [] f (-an/-an) butterfly (1)

butergeþwéor [] n (-es/-) butter-curd, butter

buteric see butruc

buterstoppa [] m (-n/-n) butter-vessel; churn?

buteruc see butruc

búton see bútan

butre see butere

butruc [] m (-es/-as) (leather) bottle

butsecarl [] m (-es/-as) boatman, mariner

buttorfléoge see buterfléoge

buttuc [] m (-es/-as) end, small piece of land

bútú [] neuter adj both; (bútwu, búta, búte); see bégen

butueoh see betwux

bútun see bútan

buturuc see butruc

bútwú see bútú

búwan see búan


býan see búan

byccen [] adj of a goat, goat’s

býcera [] m see béocere

bycgan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres bygþ past bóhte ptp gebóht to buy, pay for, acquire; redeem, ransom; procure, get done; sell

bycgend see beccen

býcn- see béacn-, bíecn-

byd- see bed-, bid-

býd- see bíd-

bydel [] m (-es/-as) beadle, apparitor, warrant officer; herald, forerunner; preacher [béodan]

bydelæcer [] m (-es/-as) land of a ‘bydel’

byden [] f (-e/-a) measure, bushel; bucket, barrel, vat, tub [Low L butina; Ger bütte]

bydenbotm [] m (-es/-as) bottom of a vessel

bydenfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) bushel, barrel

býdla [] m (-n/-n) worshipper

býencg see býing

býend see búend

byf- see bif-, beof-

byffan see á~

byg- see big, -, -, bíg-

býg- see big, -, -, bíg-

býgan see bíegan

byge [] m (-es/-as) curve, bend, corner, angle, cone (of a helmet); traffic, commerce

býgel see béogol

býgle see béogol

bygen [] f (-ne/-na) purchase

bygendlic [] adj easily bent, flexible

bygeþ pres 3rd sing of bycgan

býgeþ pres 3rd sing of búan

byht [] 1. m (-es/-as) 1 bend, angle, corner; bay, bight; [búgan]; 2. 2 n (-es/-) dwelling [búan]

býhþ pres 3rd sing of búgan

býing see 1

býl [] m (-es/-as) boil, carbuncle; bile

býle [] f (-an/-an) boil, carbuncle; bile

bylcettan see bealcettan

byld1 see bieldu

bylda [] m (-n/-n) builder, householder [bold]

byldan [] 1. wv/t1b to build, construct; 2. see bieldan

byldu see bieldu

byldo see bieldu

býle see býl

byledbréost [] adj puff-breasted

bylewit see bilewit

bylg see belg

bylgan [] wv/t1b to bellow

bylgþ pres 3rd sing of belgan

bylig see belg, bylg

býliht [] adj ulcerous

bylwet see bilewit

bylwit see bilewit

bylywit see bilewit

býme see bíeme

býmere [] m (-es/-as) trumpeter

býmesangere [] m (-es/-as) trumpeter

býmian [] wv/t2 to blow the trumpet; trumpet forth

bynd see bind

byndele see bindele

byndelle see bindele

býne [] adj cultivated, inhabited, occupied

byrc see beorc

byrce see beorce

byrcþ pres 3rd sing of beorcan

byrd [] 1. f (-e/-a) birth (pl with singular meaning); 2. f (-e/-a) burden

byrdan see an~, geed~

byrde [] adj of high rank, well-born, noble, rich

byrden see byrðen

byrdestre [] f (-an/-an) embroiderer

byrdicge [] f (-an/-an) embroideress

byrdinenu see byrðþinenu

byrdling [] m (-es/-as) offspring

byrdlung [] f (-e/-a) tortoise

byrdlung see in~, frum~

byrdscipe [] m (-es/-as) child-bearing

byrdung [] f (-e/-a) embroidering

byrdung see hyse~

byre [] 1. 2 m (-es/-as, -) child, son, descendant; young man, youth [beran]; 2. m (-es/-as) mound; 3. 1 m (-es/-as) time, opportunity; occurrence; 4. m (-es/-as) strong wind

býre [] n (-es/-u) stall, shed, hut

byrele [] m (-es/-as), f (-an/-an) cup-bearer, butler, steward

byrelian [] wv/t2 to give to drink, serve with drink

byren [] 1. f (-e/-a) she-bear; [bera]; 2. see beren

býren see néahge~

byrene [] 1. f (-an/-an) she-bear; [bera]; 2. see beren

byres [] f (-e/-a) borer, graving tool, awl, chisel [borian]

byreþ [] 1. see bierþ pres 3rd sing of beran; 2. pres 3rd sing of byrian 1

byrg gen, dat singular and nom/acc pl of burg

byrg- see byrig-, birg-

byrga [] m (-n/-n) security, surety, bail, one who gives bail [Ger bürge]

byrgan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to raise a mound, hide, bury, inter; 2. see birgan; 3. see beorgan

byrgels [] m (-es/-as) tomb

byrgelsléoþ [] n (-es/-) epitaph

byrgelssang [] m (es/-as) dirge; epitaph

byrgen [] f (-ne/-na) burying-place, grave, sepulcher; burial; [beorgan]

byrgend [] m (-es/-) grave-digger

byrgenléoþ [] n (-es/-) epitaph

byrgensang [] m (-es/-as) dirge

byrgenstów [] f (-e/-a) burying-place

byrgere [] m (-es/-as) corpse-bearer

byrgian see byrgan

byrgung [] 1. f (-e/-a) burial; 2. see birging

byrgléoþ [] n (-es/-) dirge, epitaph

byrht see beorht

byrht- see beorht-, bierht-

byrhtm see breahtm

byrian1 [] 1. wv/t1a 3rd pres byreþ past byrede ptp gebyred impersonal to happen, pertain to, belong to, befit; 2. see byrgan

byric see beorc

byrig see burg, and gen/dat sing of burg

byrig- see byrg-, burh-

byrigberge [] f (-an/-an) mulberry

byrignes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) burial; grave; 2. see birgnes

býrild see néahge~

byris see byres

byrisang [] m (-es/-as) dirge

byrl- see byrel-

byrla [] m (-n/-n) trunk (of body)

byrnan see biernan

byrne [] 1. f (-an/-an) corselet; 2. see burne, burn; 3. see bryne

byrnete [] f (-an/-an) barnacle

byrnham2 [] m (-es/-as) corselet

byrnhama2 [] m (-n/-n) corselet

byrnsweord [] n (-es/-) flaming sword

byrnwiga2 [] m (-n/-n) corseleted warrior

byrnwígend2 [] m (-es/-) corseleted warrior

byrnwíggend2 [] m (-es/-) corseleted warrior

byrs see byres

byres see byres

byrst [] 1. m (-es/-as) loss, calamity, injury, damage, defect; crash; [berstan]; 2. n (-es/-) (land)-slip; 3. f (-e/-a) bristle; 4. pres 3rd sing of berstan; 5. pres 2nd sing of beran

byrstende [] adj roaring, rumbling, calling aloud [rugiens?]; pres participle of berstan

byrstful [] adj disastrous

byrstig [] adj broken, rugged [berstan]

byrþ pres 3rd sing of beran

byrðen [] f (-ne/na) burden, load, weight; charge, duty

byrðenmǽlum [] adv a heap at a time

byrðenmǽte [] adj burdensome

byrðenstán [] m (-es/-as) millstone

byrðenstrang [] adj strong at carrying burdens; cmp ~strengra; spl ~strengest

byrðere see byrðre

byrðestre [] f (-an/-an) female carrier

byrðincel [] n (-incles/-inclu) a little burden

byrðling [] m (-es/-as) carrier

byrðor see beorðor

byrðre [] 1. m (-es/-as) bearer, supporter; [beran]; 2. f (-an/-an) child-bearer, mother

byrðþínenu [] f (-e/-a) midwife

bysceop see bisceop

byseg- see bysg-

bysen see bisen

bysig- see bisg-

bysg- see bisg-

bysmer see bismer

bysmor see bismer

bysmr- see bismr-

bysn see bisen

byst see bist pres 2nd sing of béon

býstung [] f (-e/-a) beestings [béost]

byt [] 1. see bit pres 3rd sing of biddan; 2. see bytt

být [] 1. pres 3rd sing of béodan; 2. pres 3rd sing of béatan

býtel see bíetl

býtl see bíetl

byter see biter

bytla2 see bylda

bytlan [] wv/t1b to build, erect [botl]

bytlian1 [] wv/t2 to build, erect [botl]

bytlung1 [] f (-e/-a) building

bytme [] f? (-an/-an) keel; head of a dale

bytmung [] f (-e/-a) hold, keel of a ship

bytne see bytme

býtst pres 2nd sing of béatan and béodan

bytt [] 1. f (-e/-a) bottle, flagon; cask; 2. small piece of land; 3. pres 3rd sing of biddan

bytte see bytt 1

byttehlid [] n (-es/-u, -hleodu) butt-lid

byttfyllung [] f (-e/-a) filling of casks

byþ see biþ, pres 3rd sing of béon

býþ pres 3rd sing of búan

byðme see bytme

býwan [] wv/t1b to rub, brighten, furbish up, adorn

byxen [] adj made of boxwood [box]