a [] prep w.a. to, for; ~ worulda woruld to an age of ages

á [ä] 1. adv always, ever, at all, continuously, for ever; ~ on écnisse, ~ butan ende world without end; at any time; in any degree; 2. see ǽ

á- [ä-] verb prefix 1. forth, away; 2. see on-; 3. see ymb-; 4. makes pronouns and participles indefinite; 5. see ǽ-

áá see á

Aaron [] m (-es/-as) Aaron, brother of Moses

áǽlan see onǽlan

áǽðan see áíðan

áb see óweb

ábacan [ä•bäc•än] sv/t6 3rd pres ábæcþ past ábóc/on ptp ábacen to bake

ábád [] adj expected, waited

abal see afol

ábannan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ábenð past ábéonn/on ptp ábannen 1. to command, order, summon, convoke; 2. to announce, publish, proclaim; ~ út to order out, call out, call forth, call together, congregate, assemble

ábarian [ä•bär•yän] wv/t1a 3rd pres ábareþ past ábarede ptp ábared to lay bare, make bare, manifest, disclose, discover; gif þu ábarest úre sprǽce if you disclose our conversation;

abbad see abbod

Abban dún see Æbban dún

ábǽd [] adj asked

ábǽdan [ä•bād•än] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábǽdeþ past ábǽdde ptp ábǽded to compel, restrain, repel, ward off; exact, take toll; to force out, extract

ábǽligan [] wv/t2 3rd pres ábǽlaþ past ábǽlode ptp ábǽlod to offend, make angry

ábæligan see ábylgan

ábǽran [ä•bār•ôn] wv/t1b to disclose, bring to light

ábære see ǽbære

ábærnan see onbærnan

abbod [] m (-es/-as) abbot [L. abbatem]; [the title of a male superior of certain religious establishments, thence called abbeys.  The word abbot appears to have been, at first, applied to any member of the clerical order, just as the French Père and the English Father.  In the earliest age of monastic institutions the monks were not even priests; they were merely religious persons, who retired from the world to live in common, and the abbot was one of their number, whom they elected to preside over the association.  In regard to general ecclesiastical  discipline, all these communities were at this early time subject to the bishop of the diocese, and even to the pastor of the parochial district within the bounds of which they were established.  At length it began to be usual for the abbot to be in orders; and since the sixth century monks generally have been priests.  In point of dignity an abbot is generally next to a bishop.]

abboda [] m (-n/-n) abbot [L. abbatem]

abboddóm [äb•bod•dōm] m (-es/-as) abbatial jurisdiction, an abbacy, the rule or authority of an abbot

abbodesse [äb•bo•dess•s ] f (-an/-an) abbess

abbodhád [] m (-a/-a) abbatial rank, dignity, the state of an abbot, dignity of an abbot

abbodléast [] f (-e/-a) lack of an abbot

abbodríce [] n (-s/-u) abbey, abbacy, office or jurisdiction of an abbot (used even of a convent of nuns), the rule of an abbot

abbodysse see abbodesse

abbot see abbod

abbud see abbod

abbuddóm see abboddóm

abbudhád see abbodhád

abbudisse see abbodesse

ábéatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ábíeteð past ábéot/on, ábeoft/on ptp ábéaten to beat, strike, break to pieces, make to fall; stormum ábéatne beaten by storms

ábécédé [] f (-e/-a) ABC, alphabet

ábedecian [] wv/t2 to get by asking

ábeden [] adj asked

abedisse see abbodesse

ábégan see ábýgan

ábégan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábégð past ábégde ptp ábégd to bend, bend down, bow, reduce, subdue

ábégendlic [] adj bending

ábehófian [] wv/t2 3rd pres ábehófað past ábehófode ptp ábehófod to behoove, concern

ábelgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ábilgð past ábealg/ábulgon ptp ábolgen to make angry, anger, irritate, vex, incense, to cause anyone to swell with anger, offend; to hurt, distress; to be angry with

ábeligan see ábýlgan

ábéodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ábíedeð pret ábéad/ábudon ptp áboden to order, proclaim, bid, command, direct; to summon, call out; announce, relate, declare, present, offer, command; hǽl ~ to wish one good luck, greet, bid farewell to

ábeofian see ábifian

ábéogan see ábúgan

ábeornan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ábiernð past ábearn/áburnon ptp ábornen to take fire, to burn

ábéowan see ábýwan

áberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres ábirð past ábær/ábǽron ptp áboren 1. with sense of movement, (1) to bear off, bring, carry; se hwæl hine ábær tó Nineuéa byrg the whale carried him to Nineva; (1a) sv/r4 w.r.a. to restrain oneself; (1b) to take away, carry away, remove; (2) to bring forth, (a) to bear a child; (b) to bring to light, reveal; 2. to take away, carry away, remove; with sense of rest (metaph.), (1) to bear with, tolerate; (2) to bear, endure, suffer, not give way under trial, suffering, etc.; (3) to bear, be under an obligation for an imposition, etc.;

áberd [] adj crafty, cunning, sagacious

ábered [] adj crafty, cunning, sagacious

áberendlic [] adj bearable, tolerable, that may be borne

ábernan see ábeornan

áberstan [] sv/i3 3rd sing. ábirsteð past ábærst/áburston ptp áborsten to burst, burst out, break out; to break away, escape; to be broken; út ~ to break out

ábet [] adv better

ábetéon [] sv/t1 3rd sing. ábetíehð past ábetéah/ábetugon ptp ábetogen to accuse

ábeðecian see ábedecian

ábeþecian [] wv/t2 to uncover, detect, find hidden, discover, disclose

ábicgan see ábycgan

ábídan [] sv/i1 3rd pres ábídeð past ábád/ábidon ptp is ábiden to abide, wait, remain, delay, remain behind; sv/t1 survive; wait for, await; expect

ábiddan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ábiddeþ past ábæd/ábǽdon ptp ábeden to ask, ask for, request, require, demand, pray, pray to, pray for; to get by asking, obtain by asking or praying; call out (an army)

ábies [] f (-e/-a) silver fir-tree

ábifian [] wv/i2 to tremble, quake, shake, to be moved or shaken

ábilgð see ǽbylgð

ábilhð see ǽbylgð

ábiran see áberan

ábirgan see ábirian

ábirian [] wv/t2 3rd pres ábiraþ past ábirode ptp ábirod to taste, eat; [also ábirgan]

ábirging [] f (-e/-a) taste

ábiring [] f (-e/-a) taste

Abiron [] m (-es/-as) Abiron, one of the sons of Eliab, who led a revolt against Moses

ábisgian [] wv/t2 to busy, occupy, preoccupy, prepossess employ; to be busy with, engage in, undertake; to take up, fill

ábisgung [] f (-e/-a) 1. occupation, necessary business, employment; 2. trouble

ábítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ábíteþ past ábát/ábiton ptp ábiten to bite in pieces, tear to pieces, bite, eat, devour, gnaw; taste, partake of, consume

ábiterian [] wv/i2 to turn bitter; embitter, to make bitter or sour

ábitrian [] wv/i2 to turn bitter; embitter, to make bitter or sour

ábitweonum [] prep w.d. between

áblácian [] wv/i2 to be or look pale, grow pale

áblann [] adj rested

ábláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áblǽwþ past ábléow/on ptp ábláwen to blow, blow away, breathe, breathe upon; to puff up, swell

ábláwnes [] f (-se/-sa) inflation

ábláwung [] f (-e/-a) inflation, swelling, blowing

áblǽcan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áblǽcþ past áblǽhte ptp áblǽht to bleach, whiten

áblǽcnes [] f (-se/-sa) pallor, gloom, paleness

áblǽcung [] f (-e/-a) pallor

áblændan [] wv/t1b to blind, deaden, benumb

áblǽst [] adj inspired, furious; blowing fiercely (of flame)

áblegned [] adj ulcerated

áblend [] adj blinded

áblendan [] wv/t1b to blind, make blind, darken, stupefy, put out the eyes of; to dazzle, deceive, delude

áblered [] adj bare, uncovered, bald

áblícan [] sv/i1 3rd sing. áblícþ past áblác/áblicon ptp áblicen to shine, shine forth, glitter, to appear; to be white; to astonish, amaze

áblicgan see áblycgan

áblicgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áblicgeþ past áblicgede ptp áblicged to shine; to be white; to astonish

áblignes see ǽbylgnes

áblindan [] wv/t1b to make blind, blind

áblindian [] wv/i2 to become blind

áblinnan [] sv/t3 3rd sing. áblinþ past áblann/áblunnon ptp áblunnen to cease, leave off, desist

áblinnednes see áblinnendnes

áblinnendlíce [] adj indefatigably

áblinnendnes [] f (-se/-sa) cessation

áblisian see áblysian

áblísian [] wv/i2 to blush

áblissian [] wv/t2 to make glad, please

áblongen see ábolgen (past ptc of ábelgan)

áblótan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ábléteð past ábléot/on ptp áblóten to sacrifice

áblycgan [] wv/1b to grow pale; make afraid

áblynnan see áblinnan

áblysgung [] f (-e/-a) blushing, shame, the redness of confusion

áblysian [] wv/i2 to blush

áblysung [] f (-e/-a) blushing, shame, the redness of confusion

áboden [] adj told (pptc of ábéodan)

ábodian [] wv/t2 to announce, proclaim

ábogen [] adj bowed (pptc of ábúgan, ábéogan)

áboht [] adj bought (pptc of ábycgan)

ábolgen [] adj angered (pptc of ábelgan)

ábolgennes [] f (-se/-sa) irritation

áboren [] adj carried (pptc of áberan)

áborgian [] wv/t2 to be surety for; to undertake for; to assign, appoint; borrow (æt + dat.)

áborian see ábarian

ábracian [] wv/t2 to engrave, emboss

ábradwian [] wv/t2 to overthrow, slay, kill

ábrǽdan [] 1. wv/t1b to spread out, dilate; stretch out; 2. to bake

ábraslian [] wv/i2 to crash, crackle

ábréac see ábrúcan; past 1st and 3rd sing.

ábréat see ábréotan; past 1st and 3rd sing.

ábréatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ábríeteþ past ábréot/on ptp ábréaten to break, kill

ábrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres ábricþ past ábræc/ábrǽcon ptp ábrocen to break, break to pieces, break down, conquer, vanquish, take by storm, capture, violate, destroy, assault; sv/i4 to break out, away, forth

ábrédan see ábregdan

ábredwian [] wv/t2 to lay low, kill, overthrow?, slay?

ábrégan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábrégþ past ábrégde ptp ábréged to alarm, frighten

ábregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ábrigdeþ past ábrægd/ábrugdon ptp ábrogden to move quickly, vibrate, draw, draw from, remove, unsheath, wrench, pull out; withdraw, take away, draw back, free from; úp ~ to draw up, raise, lift up; start up;

ábrémende [] adj ever-celebrating

ábréotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ábríeteþ past ábréat/ábruton ptp ábroten 1. to bruise, break, destroy, kill; 2. to fail, deteriorate

ábréotnes [] f (-se/-sa) extermination

ábréoðan [] sv/i2 3rd pres ábríeðeþ past ábréað/ábruðon ptp is ábroðen 1. to fail, decay, deteriorate, perish, be destroyed; 2. sv/t2 to unsettle, ruin, frustrate, degenerate, deteriorate; 3. wv/t1b to destroy

ábrerd- see onbryrd-

ábrocen [] adj broken

ábróden [] adj opened, freed, taken away

ábrogden [] adj opened, freed, taken away

ábroten [] adj crafty, silly, sluggish

ábroðen [] adj degenerate, degenerative, reprobate (ptp of ábréoðan)

ábroðennes [] f (-se/-sa) baseness, cowardice, dullness, a defect, backsliding

ábrúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ábrýcð past ábréac/ábrucon ptp ábrocen to eat

ábryrd- see onbryrd-

ábryrdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábryrdeþ past ábryrde ptp ábryrded to prick, sting, to prick in the heart, grieve

ábryrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) compunction, contrition

ábrýtan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábrýteþ past ábrýtte ptp ábrýtt to destroy

ábúfan [] adv above (á+be+úfan)

ábúgan [] sv/i2 3rd pres ábýgð past ábéag/ábugon ptp is ábogen to bow, incline, bend, submit, do reverence; to swerve, turn (to or from), deviate; withdraw, retire; to be bent or turned, turn oneself

ábunden [] adj unimpeded, ready

ábúrod [] adj not inhabited, uninhabited

ábútan [] 1. prep w.a. on, about, around, around about, on the outside; 2. adj about, nearly (see onbutan)

ábycgan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ábygð past ábóhte ptp ábóht  1. to buy, pay for, requite, recompense; 1a. redeem; 2. perform, execute

ábyffan [] wv/t1a to mutter

ábýgan [] wv/t1b to bow, bend, bend down, deflect; reduce, subdue, bring low; convert

ábýgendlic [] adj flexible, bending

ábylgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábylgþ past ábylgde ptp ábylged to irritate, provoke; to offend, anger, vex

ábylgnes [] f (-se/-sa) offence, scandal, anger, wrath, indignation

ábylgð [] f (-e/-a) offence, wrong, anger

ábyligan see ábylgan

ábyligd [] f (-e/-a) anger

ábyrg- see ábirg-

áysg- see ábisg-

ábýwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ábýweþ past ábýwde ptp ábýwed to rub off, polish, cleanse, purify, clarify, adorn

ac [ak] conj 1. but; 2. for, because; ne se ǽglǽca ieldan þóhte, ac hé geféng hraðe slǽpendne rinc nor did the wretch mean to delay, for he quickly seized a sleeping warrior; 3. but also, but yet, moreover, nevertheless, however; ~ gif unless, except; ná lǽs…~ éac not only…but also; ná lǽs woruld men, ac éac swilce þæt Dryhtnes éowde not only men of the world, but also the Lord’s flock;

ac [] interrog. adv. why, wherefore, whether; in direct questions, = nonne, nonquid; þá þu gehogodest sæcce sécan, ac þu gebettest mǽrum þéodne when thou resolvedst to seek warfare, hadst thou compensated the great prince?;

ác [] 1. f (ǽc/ǽc) oak; ship of oak; 2. m (-es/-as) name of the rune for a, the letter a;

ácalan [] sv/i6 3rd pres ácælð past ácól/on ptp is ácalen to become frost-bitten, cold

acan [] sv/i6 3rd pres æcð past óc/on ptp geacen to ache, pain, suffer pain

Acan tún [] m (-es/-as) Acton, Suffolk

acas see æcs

acase f see æcs

ácǽgan see ácíegan

ácǽglod [] adj locked with a key

ácænn- see ácenn-

ácærran see ácírran

ácbéam [] m (-es/-as) oak-tree

ácbearo [] m (-wes/-was) oak-grove

áccærn [] m (-es/-as) acorn

accent [] m (-es/-as) accent [L]

áccorn [] m (-es/-as) acorn

accutian see ácunnian

áccynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of oak, a species of oak

ácdrenc [] m (-es/-as) oak drink, drink made from acorns

ace see ece

ácealdian [] wv/i2 3rd pres ácealdaþ past ácealdode ptp is ácealdod to be or become cold

ácéapian [] wv/t2 to buy, buy off, buy out

ácélan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres ácélð past ácélde ptp ácéled to cool off, still, quiet; to be or become cold

ácelma see ǽcelma

Acemannes burg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) Bath, Somersetshire; [Akemann’s Chester]

Acemannes ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Bath, Somersetshire; [Akemann’s Chester]

ácen see ǽcen

ácendlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) possibility

ácennan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ácenð past ácende ptp ácenned to bring forth, produce, beget, renew; to attribute to

ácennedlic [] adj native

ácennednes [] f (-se/-sa) birth, generation, nativity

ácennend [] m (-es/-) parent

ácennendlic [] adj genuine, native

ácennes see ácennednes

ácennicge [] f (-an/-an) mother

ácenning [] f (-e/-a) birth

ácéocian [] 1. wv/t2 3rd pres ácéocaþ past ácéocode ptp ácéocod to choke; 2. wv/i2 to burn out

ácéocung [] f (-e/-a) rumination, consideration

áceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ácierfð past ácearf/ácurfon ptp ácorfen to cut off, hew down; onweg ~ to cut away; of ~ to cut off

ácéosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ácíesð past ácéas/ácuron ptp ácoren to choose, select

ácéosung [] f (-e/-a) consideration

acer see æcer

ácerr- see ácierr-

ach [] conj but

áchál [] adj oak-whole or sound, entire

áchangra [] m (-n/-n) oak wood on a slope

ácholt [] m (-es/-as) an oak wood

ácíegan [] wv/t1b to call, summon

ácierran [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áciereþ past ácierede ptp áciered to turn, turn away or aside, avert; wv/i1a to turn oneself, go, return

ácierrednes [] f (-se/-sa) turning, aversion, a turning from, apostacy, revolting

ácierrednes see onweg~

ácl see ácol

áclǽc see áglǽc

áclǽnsian [] wv/t2 3rd pres áclǽnsaþ past áclǽnsode ptp áclǽnsod to cleanse, purify

Ácléah [] f (-ge/-ga) the name of a place, as Oakley [ác oak, léah a lea, ley, meadow]

ácléaf [] n (-es/-) an oak leaf

ácléofan [] sv/t2 3rd pres áclíefð past ácléaf/áclufon ptp áclofen to cleave

ácleopian see áclipian

áclipian [] wv/i2 3rd pres áclipaþ past áclipode ptp áclipod to call out

áclian [] wv/t2 3rd pres áclaþ past áclode ptp áclod to frighten, excite

áclungen [] adj contracted [from clingen]

ácmelu [] n (-wes/-) acorn meal

ácmistel [] m (-mistles/-mistlas) mistletoe

ácn- see éacn-

ácnáwan [] sv/t7 3rd sing. ácnǽwð pret acnéow/ácnéowon ptp ácnáwan to know, recognize, understand

ácnyssan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ácnyseþ past ácnysede ptp ácnysed to drive out, expel

ácofrian [] wv/i2 3rd pres ácofraþ past ácofrode ptp ácofrod to recover

ácol2 [] adj affrighted, dismayed; excited, excited by fear, frightened, terrified, trembling

ácólian [] wv/i2 3rd pres ácólaþ past ácólode ptp ácólod to grow cold, to become cool, cold, chilled

ácolitus [] m (-es/-as) acolyte [L], light-bearer; [Gr  άκόλονθος]; Acolitus is sé þe léoht birþ æt Godes þegnungum acolyte is he who bears the light at God’s services;

ácolmód [] adj fearful minded, timid

ácordan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ácordeð past ácordede ptp ácorded to accord, agree, reconcile; [L]

ácordian [] wv/t2 to make terms, reconcile; [L]

ácoren [] adj chosen

ácorenlic [] adj eligible, worthy of choice, likely to be chosen

ácorfen [] adj carved

ácostnian [] wv/t2 to try, test, prove

ácostnod [] adj tried

ácræftan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ácræfteþ past ácræftde ptp ácræfted to think out, devise, plan, contrive as a craftsman

ácrammian [] wv/t2 3rd pres ácrammaþ past ácrammode ptp ácrammod to cram, fill

ácréopian [] wv/i2 to creep, crawl

ácrimman [] sv/t3 3rd pres ácrimþ past ácramm/ácrummon ptp ácrummen to cram, stuff; to crumble

ácrind [] f (-e/-a) oak-bark or rind

ácrummen ptp of ácrimman

acs see æx

ács- see ásc-

Acsa [] m (-n/-n) the river Axe

Acsan ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Exeter, Devon

Acsan múða [] m (-n/-n) the mouth of the river Ex, Exmouth, Devon

Acsan mynster [] n (-es/-) Axminster in Devonshire

acse see asce

ácstybb [] m (-es/-as) oak-stump

áctán [] m (-es/-as) oak-stump

áctréo [] n (-wes/-wu) oak-tree

Áctún [] m (-es/-as) Acton, Staffordshire?

ácucian see ácwician

ácul see ácol

ácum see ácumba

ácuma see ácumba

ácuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres ácymð past ácóm/ácómon ptp is ácumen to come, come forth (from); bear, bring; endure, withstand; get to or from, reach

ácumba [] m (-n/-n) 1. oakum, that which is combed, the coarse part of hemp, hards, flax, tow; 2. the thing pruned or trimmed, properly of trees, and figuratively of other things, hence, prunings, clippings, trimmings; 3. reduced to ashes, wood ashes, ashes of oakum; [cemban]

ácumbe [] f (-an/-an) 1. oakum, that which is combed, the coarse part of hemp, hards, flax, tow; 2. the thing pruned or trimmed, properly of trees, and figuratively of other things, hence, prunings, clippings, trimmings; 3. reduced to ashes, wood ashes, ashes of oakum; [cemban]

ácumendlic [] adj tolerable, bearable; possible

ácumendlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) the possibility to bring anything to pass

ácunnan see oncunnan

ácunnian [] wv/t2 3rd pres ácunnaþ past ácunnode ptp ácunnod to try, test, prove; experience

ácunnung f (-e/-a) experience, trial

ácursian [] wv/t2 to malign

ácustan [] wv/t1b to accuse (also acusan)[L]

ácwacian [] wv/i2 to tremble

ácwæncan see ácwencan

ácweccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ácweceþ past ácweahte ptp ácweaht to move, move quickly, swing, shake, vibrate; wv/i1a to quiver

ácwelan [] sv/i4 3rd pres ácwilð past ácwæl/ácwǽlon ptp is ácwolen to die, perish

ácwellan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ácweleþ past ácwealde ptp ácweald to kill, destroy

ácwellednes [] f (-se/-sa) slaughter, quelling, killing

ácwencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ácwenceþ past ácwencte ptp ácwenced, ácwenct to quench, extinguish, put out

ácweorna [] m (-n/-n) squirrel

ácweorran [] sv/t3 3rd pres ácwierrþ past ácwearr/ácwurron ptp ácworren to guzzle, gorge, eat or drink immoderately, glut

ácwern see ácweorna

ácwerren see ácworren, ptp of ácweorran

ácweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ácwiðeþ past ácwæþ/ácwǽdon ptp ácweden to say, tell, speak out, declare, utter, express, answer; reject, banish

ácwician [] wv/t2 to quicken, revive, come to life, vivify; wv/i2 to revive

ácwínan [] sv/i1 3rd pres ácwínþ past ácwán/ácwinon ptp is ácwinen to waste or dwindle away, decline, become extinct, disappear, go out (of fire)

ácwincan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ácwincþ past ácwanc/ácwuncon ptp is ácwuncen to vanish, be extinguished or eclipsed, become extinguished, quenched

ácwinen [] adj quenched

ácwolen [] adj died

ácworren [] adj drunk; ptp of ácweorran

ácwucian see ácwician

ácwycian see ácwician

ácwudu [] m (-a/-a) an oak wood

ácwylman [] wv/t1b to kill, slay

ácwylmian [] wv/i2 to be tormented

ácwyncan see ácwincan

ácynned see ácenned ptp of ácennan

ácyrr- see ácirr-

ácýðan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ácýðeþ past ácýðde ptp ácýðed to show, proclaim, reveal, announce, confirm, prove

ád [] m (-es/-as) heap, funeral pile, pile, pyre; fire, flame [OHG eit]

Adam [] m (-es/-as) Adam

ádǽlan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ádǽleþ past ádǽlede ptp ádǽled to divide, separate, part

ádéadian [] wv/i2 3rd pres ádéadaþ past ádéadode ptp ádéadod to fail, decay, die, mortify, lay waste, destroy, become torpid or callous; to become dead, lose vitality or feeling, become paralyzed

ádéaf [] adj deaf

ádéafian [] wv/i2 to become or wax deaf

ádéafung [] f (-e/-a) deafening, making deaf

ádel [] 1. see ádl; 2. see ádela

ádela [] m (-n/-n) mud, dirt, filth, filthy place

ádelfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ádilfþ past ádealf/ádulfon ptp ádolfen to delve, dig, excavate

ádeliht [] adj filthy, dirty

ádelséaþ [] m (-a/-a) sewer, sink, gutter

ádéman [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ádémþ past ádémde ptp ádémed to judge, adjudge, doom, deem, try, adjudicate, deprive of or exclude from by a legal decision; try, afflict

ádeorcian [] wv/i2 to become dull, obscure, tarnished; to obscure, dim, darken, hide; to grow dark

áderian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ádereð past áderede ptp ádered to injure, hurt

adesa [] m (-n/-n) adze, hatchet, addice, a cooper’s instrument

adese [] f (-an/-an) adze, hatchet, addice, a cooper’s instrument

ádexe see áðexe

ádfaru [] f (-e/-a) way or path to the funeral pile; [dat ádfære]

ádfær [] n (-es/-faru) the pile-way, the way to the funeral pile

ádfynig [] n (-es/-) a damp place where a bonfire was made?

ádfýr [] n (-es/-) sacrificial fire, pile fire

ádídan see ádíedan

ádíedan [] wv/t1b to put to death, to destroy, mortify, kill

ádíefan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ádíefeð past ádíefde ptp ádíefed to render inaudible

ádihtan [] wv/t1b to compose, edit, write; to arrange, order beforehand

ádihtian [] wv/t2 to compose, edit, write; to arrange, order beforehand

ádílegian [] wv/t2 to abolish, destroy, blot out, do away, annihilate, devastate (also ádíl(i)gian)

ádimmian [] 1. wv/i2 3rd pres ádimmaþ past ádimmode ptp ádimmod to become dim or dull; 2. wv/t2 to darken, obscure, dim, make dull

ádl [] f (-e/-a) disease, infirmity, sickness, pain, languishing sickness, consumption; also weak ádle

ádlberende [] adj disease-bearing

ádlég see ádlíeg

ádlian [] wv/i2 3rd pres ádlaþ past ádlode ptp ádlod to ail, to be sick, to languish

ádlic [] adj sick, ill, diseased, corrupted, putrid

ádlíeg [] m (-es/-as) flame of the funeral pile

ádlig [] adj sick, ill, diseased, corrupted, putrid

ádliga [] m (-n/-n) sick person;

ádliht see ádeliht

ádloma [] m (-n/-n) one crippled by fire; see áðloga

ádlséoc [] adj in bad health; sick of a contagious disease?

ádlþracu [] f (-þræce/-a) force of disease

ádlung [] f (-e/-a) illness, ailment, disease

ádlwérig [] adj weary from illness, weary with sickness

ádolfen [] adj dug; past part of ádelfan

ádón [] irreg v/t 3rd pres ádéþ past ádyde ptp ádón to take away, send away, remove, banish; cast out, expel, destroy; (with prep tó, fram, on, etc) put, place, take, remove, set free

adosa see adesa

ádragan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ádrægð past ádróg/on ptp ádragen to draw (sword)

ádrǽdan see ondrǽdan

ádrǽdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ádrǽdeð past ádréd/on, ádreord/on ptp ádrǽden to fear

ádrǽfan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ádrǽfeþ past ádrǽfde ptp ádrǽfed to drive away, shut out, expel

ádrǽfed [] adj driven; past part of ádrǽfan

ácrǽnct see ádrenced, ptp ádrencan

ádréfan see ádrǽfan

adreminte [] f (-an/-an) the herb feverfew

ádrencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ádrenceþ past ádrencte ptp ádrenced to submerge, immerse, drown, plunge under

ádréogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ádríegþ past ádréag/ádrugon ptp ádrogen 1. to act, do, perform, practice; þe his lufan ádréogaþ who practices his love; 2. to bear, suffer, endure; ic ne mæg ádréogan þíne séofunga I cannot suffer thy lamentations; 3. to pass time, live

ádréogendlic [] adj bearable [agendus, gerendus]

ádréohan see ádréogan

ádréopan [] sv/i2 3rd pres ádríepþ past ádréap/ádrupon ptp ádropen to to shed drop by drop, drip, drop

ádréosan [] sv/i2 3rd pres ádríesþ past ádréas/ádruron ptp ádroren to fall to pieces, decline, vanish, fail

ádrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ádrífþ past ádráf/ádrifon ptp ádrifen to drive, drive away, drive out, pursue, expel, follow up; stake out (a ford); chase (metal)

ádrígan see ádrýgan

ádrigan see ádrýgan

ádrincan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ádrincþ past ádranc/ádruncon ptp is ádruncen to be immersed, be drowned, extinguished, quenched by water

ádrogen [] adj done, finished

ádrúgian [] wv/i2 to dry, dry up, rub dry, wither; of material containing moisture (lit. and fig.); of fluids; wv/t2

ádruncen [] adj drowned

ádrúwian [] wv/i2 to dry, dry up, rub dry, wither; of material containing moisture (lit. and fig.); of fluids; wv/t2

ádrýgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ádrýgeþ past ádrýgde ptp ádrýged to dry, dry up, wither; dry, wipe dry, rub dry

ádrysnan [] wv/t1b to extinguish, repress

adsa see adesa

adulséað see adelséað

ádumbian [] wv/i2 to become mute or dumb, keep silence, to hold one’s peace

adún [] adv down, downward; see ofdúne

adúna [] adv down, downward; see ofdúne

adúne [] adv down, downward; see ofdúne

adúneástígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres adúneástígeð past adúneástág/adúneástigon ptp adúneástigen to descend

adúnestígan [] sv/t1 3rd pres adúnestígeð past adúneástág/adúneástigon ptp adúnestigen to descend

adúnfeallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres adúnfielð past adúnféol/on adún ptp is adúnfeallen to fall down

adúnweard [] adv downwards

ádústrigan see andústrian

ádwǽscan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ádwǽsceð past ádwǽscte, ádwǽscede ptp ádwǽsct, ádwǽsced to put out, quench, extinguish, blot out, destroy, staunch, appease; suppress

ádwelian [] wv/i2 to wander, stray

ádwellan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ádweleþ past ádwealde ptp ádweald to seduce, lead astray, lead into error; hinder

ádwéscan see ádwǽscan

ádwínan [] sv/i1 3rd pres ádwínð past ádwán/ádwinon ptp is ádwinen to dwindle or waste or vanish away

ádwolian [] wv/i2 to degenerate

ádýdan see ádíedan

ádýfan [] wv/t1b to overpower with sound

ádylf see ádealf, pret of ádelfan

ádýlgian see ádílegian

ádýlegian see ádílegian

ádymman see ádimmian

ádysgian [] wv/t2 to make foolish

áeargian [] wv/i2 to become slothful

áebbian [] wv/i2 to ebb away, recede

áecgan? [] wv/t1b to set on edge

áetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres áiteð past áǽt/áǽton ptp áeten to eat, devour

af- [] prefix see of- of, from, away from

áfandelic see áfandodlic

áfandian [] wv/t2 to try, test, prove, make to trial, tempt, attempt; to find out, experience, discover by trying; áfandod approved, excellent

áfandigendlic [] adj proved, probable, approved, laudable, what may be tried

áfandodlic [] adj proved, probable, approved, laudable, what may be tried

áfandodlíce [] adv provedly, approvedly, laudablely

áfandung [] f (-e/-a) trial, experience, a trying

áfangen [] adj taken, received; ptp of áfón

áfangennes [] f (-se/-sa) reception, assumption

afara see eafora

áfaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres áfærð past áfór/on ptp is áfaren to go out, depart, march, travel, to go out of or from a place; sv/t6 to remove, lead out

áfǽdan see áfédan

áfǽded see áféded

áfǽgan [] wv/t1b to depict, figure

áfǽgrian [] wv/t2 3rd pres áfǽgrað past áfǽgrode ptp áfǽgrod to ornament, adorn

áfælan see áfyllan 2.

áfællan see áfyllan 2.

áfǽman [] wv/t1b to foam out

áfǽran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres afǽreð past áfǽrde ptp áfǽred to frighten, make greatly afraid, affright, terrify, dismay, astound

áfæst see ǽwfæst

áfæstan [] 1. wv/t1b to fast; 2. to let out on hire

áfæstlá [] interj certainly! assuredly!

áfæstnian [] wv/t2 to fix upon, fasten, make firm, confirm, betroth; strengthen, fortify; to enter, espouse, inscribe; to build

áfǽttian [] wv/t2 to fatten, anoint

áfeallan see áfyllan

áfeallan [] sv/i7 3rd pres áfielð past féoll/on ptp is áfeallen to fall down

áfédan [] wv/t1b to feed, nourish, rear, bring up, maintain, support; bring forth, produce

áféded [] adj fed, nourished brought up, educated

áfégan [] wv/t1b to join

áfehtan see áfeohtan

áfellan see áfyllan

áfelle see ǽfelle

Afen [] f (-e/-a) 1. Avon, the name of a river in Somersetshire; 2. also of other rivers in different parts of England

Afene [] f (-an/-an) 1. Avon, the name of a river in Somersetshire; 2. also of other rivers in different parts of England

Afn [] f (-e/-a) 1. Avon, the name of a river in Somersetshire; 2. also of other rivers in different parts of England

áfeohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áfiehteð past áfeaht/áfuhton ptp áfohten to fight, fight against, attack, assail; to tear out, pluck out, destroy

áfeormian [] wv/t2 to cleanse, clean thoroughly, purge, purify, wash away

áfeormung [] f (-e/-a) a scouring, a cleansing, purging

áfeorran see áfierran

áfeorrian see áfierran

áfeorsian [] wv/t2 to remove, take away, do away, expel, dispel; wv/i2 go away, depart

afer see eafor

áfer see áfor

áféran see áfǽran

áfercian [] wv/t2 to support

aferian [] wv/t1a to provide horses for team work (as service for a lord)

áferian see áfierran

áferran see áfierran

áferscan [] wv/i1b to freshen, become fresh

áfersian see áfeorsian

áfestnian see áfæstnian

afetigan see hafetian

áfétigan [] wv/t2 to beat with the feet, to praise, applaud

Affric [] 1. adj African; 2. noun declined as an adjective African

Affrica [] f indecl. Africa [sometimes nom Affrica, gen. Affricæ, acc Affricam]

Affrican [] m (-es/-as) African

afgod [] n (-es/-) an idol, an image

afgodnes [] f (-se/-sa) idolatry, the worshipping of images

áfierran [] wv/t1b to remove, withdraw, depart; estrange from, take away, expel, drive away

áfierrednes [] f (-se/-sa) removal

áfigen [ä•fi•yen] adj fried

áfilgan see áfylgan

áfindan [ä•find•ôn] sv/t3 3rd pres áfindeð past áfand/áfundon ptp áfunden to find, find out, discover, detect; to experience, feel

áfir- see áfierr-, áfeor-, or áfyr-

áflægan ptp of áfléan

áflǽman see áflíeman

áfléan [ä•fle•ôn] sv/t6 3rd pres áfliehð past áfóg/áflógon ptp áflagen to strip off, flay

áflégan see áflíegan

áfléman see áflíeman

áfléon [ä•fle•än] sv/i2 3rd pres áflíehð past áfléah/áflugon ptp is áflogen to fly, flee away; sv/t2 fly from, escape; sv/t2 to drive away, put to flight

áfléogan [ä•flāô•khôn] sv/i2 3rd pres áflíehð past áfléah/áflugon ptp is áflogen to fly, flee away; sv/t2 fly from, escape

áfléotan [ä•flāô•tôn] sv/t2 3rd pres áflíeteð past áfléat/áfluton ptp áfloten to skim, float off, scum, clarify, purify liquor by skimming

áflían see áflíegan

áflíegan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áflíegð past áflíegde ptp áflíeged to put to flight, expel, drive away

áflíegung [] f (-e/-a) driving away, expulsion3

áflíeman [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áflíemð past áflíemde ptp áflíemed to put to flight, expel, scatter, disperse, rout; cause to flee, banish

áflíg see áflíeg-

-áflíung see mete~

áflogen [] adj driven away; ptp of áfléon

áflote [] adj afloat

áflówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áflíewð past áfléow/on ptp is áflówen to flow, flow away or from, flow over, pass away

áflyge [] m (-es/-as) a flying, flight

áflýg- see áflíeg-

áflýh- see áflíeg-

áflygennes [] f (-se/-sa) attack

áflýman see áflíeman

áfógian see áwógian

afol [] n (-es/-) power, power of body, might, strength

áfón [] sv/t7 3rd pres áféhð past féng/on ptp áfangen to receive, take in, take; lay hold of, seize; hold up, support

áfondian see áfandian

áfor [] adj bitter, acid, sour, sharp; vehement, dire, hateful, austere, fierce, severe, harsh, impetuous [OHG eipar]

afora see eafora

áforfeorsian [a·for·feors·yan] wv/t2 to defer, delay, prolong

áforhtian [] wv/i2 3rd pres áforhtað past áforhtode ptp áforhtod to be frightened, take fright, be very much afraid, to tremble with fear, to be affrighted, amazed, wv/t2 wonder at

áforð [] adv always, continuously, daily, still

áfréfran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áfréfreð past áfréfrede ptp áfréfred to comfort, console, make glad [frófor]

áfréfrian [] wv/t2 3rd pres áfréfrað past áfréfrode ptp áfréfrod to comfort, console, make glad

áfremdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áfremdeð past áfremde ptp áfremd to alienate; wv/i1b to become alienated

áfremdian [] wv/t2 3rd pres áfremdað past áfremdode ptp áfremdod to alienate; wv/i2 become alienated

áfremðan see áfremdan

áfremðung [] f (-e/-a) alienation

áfréon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áfréoð past áfréode ptp áfréod to deliver, free

áfréoðan [] sv/i2 3rd pres áfríeðeð past áfréað/áfrudon ptp is áfroden to froth

Africa [] f indecl. Africa [sometimes nom Affrica, gen. Affricæ, acc Affricam]

African [] m African

Africanisc [] adj African

Afrisc [] adj African, belonging to Africa

afslóg see ofslóg

after see æfter

áfúl [] n (-es/-) a fault

áfúlian [] wv/i2 to become foul, putrefy, rot, be corrupt, be defiled

afulic [] adj perverse

áfulliend [] m (-es/-) fuller

áfunde rare wk. pret. 1st,3rd sing of áfindan

áfunden [] adj found, discovered; ptp of áfindan

áfundennes [] f (-se/-sa) invention, device, discovery, experiment

áfýlan [] wv/t1b to foul, stain, defile, corrupt, pollute, to make filthy

áfylgan [] wv/t1b to pursue (+ dat.)

áfyllan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áfylð past áfylde ptp áfylled  1. w.g, w.d. to fill, fill up, replenish, satisfy; complete, fulfill; 2. to cause to fall, fell, beat down, overturn, subvert, demolish, lay low, abolish; slay, kill

áfyndan see áfindan

áfyr- see áfierr-, áfeor-

áfýran [] wv/t1b to emasculate; áfýred, áfýrd ptp as sb. eunich

áfyred [] m (-es/-as) a eunich, a castrated animal, servant, courtier

áfyrhtan [] wv/t1b to frighten, terrify, affright

áfýrida see áfýred

áfyrran see áfierran

áfyrsian see áfeorsian

áfyrðan [] wv/t1b to remove

áfýsan [] wv/i1b to hasten; inspire with longing (? + dat person); wv/t1b to urge, hasten away, impel, accelerate, incite, excite; drive, drive away [fús]

ag [] n? (-es/-u) wickedness

ága [] m (-n/-n) proprietor, owner

ágalan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ágælð past ágól/on ptp ágalen to sound forth, sing, chant

ágald see ágeald, pret 3rd sing of ágieldan

ágálian [] wv/i2 to become slack

ágan [] 1. irreg v/t 3rd pres áh/ágon past áhte ptp geágen to own, possess, have, obtain; have control over, take charge of; to make another to own or possess give, give up, deliver, restore; have to pay, owe; have to do; ~ út find out, discover; ~ wælstówe geweald to obtain possession of the battlefield, conquer; 2. pret 3rd sing of onginnan

ágán [] irreg v/i to go, go by, pass (of time); pass into possession (of inherited property); occur, befall, come to pass, happen; come forth, grow; approach to any one to solicit him; lose strength; of ~ go away

ágangan see ágán

ágánian [] wv/t2 to gape

ágǽlan [] wv/t1b to hinder, occupy, keep back, preoccupy, detain, hold back, retard, delay; neglect; profane; wv/i1b to hesitate, be careless

ágælwan [] wv/t1b to terrify, astonish, stupefy

áge [] f (-an/-an) possessions, property [ON eiga]

agéan see ongéan

ágehwǽr see ǽghwǽr

ágeldan [] wv/t1b 1. 2 to punish; 2. see ágieldan

ágelwan see ágælwan

ágéman see ágýman

agen [] ? (-?/-?) ear of grain

ágen1 [] 1. adj own, proper, peculiar; proper (gram); ~ cyre freewill; ágnes þonces voluntarily, spontaneously; 2. n (ágnes/-) property, the property owned, one’s own property; own country; 3. ptp of ágan

ágén see ongéan

ágénbewendan [] wv/t1b to return, turn again

ágéncuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres ágéncymð past ágéncóm/on ptp is ágéncumen to return, come again

ágend [] m (-es/-) owner, possessor, master, lord; se ~ the Lord

ágendfréa [] 1. m (-n/-n) lord, owner, owning lord, possessor; 2. f (-n/-n) mistress?

ágendlíce [] adv properly, as one’s own; imperiously; correctly

ágenfréo see ágendfréa

ágenfriga see ágendfréa

ágenfrige see ágendfréa

ágéngecierran [] wv/t1a to turn again, recur

ágéngehweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ágéngehwierfð past ágéngehwearf/ágéngehwurfon ptp is ágéngehworfen to return, change again

ágénhwyrfan [] wv/t1b to return, turn again

ágéniernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ágéniernð past ágénarn/ágénurnon ptp is ágénurnen to run against, meet, meet with

ágenland [] n (-es/-) land held in absolute possession?

ágénlǽdan [] wv/t1b to lead back

ágenlic [] adj own; owed, due

ágennama [] m (-n/-n) proper name, one’s own name

ágennes [] f (-se/-sa) property, a possession, an owning

ágénsendan [] wv/t1b to send back, send again

ágenslaga [] m (-n/-n) slayer of oneself, suicide, self-slayer, self-murderer

ágensprǽc [] f (-e/-a) one’s own tongue, an idiom, the peculiarity of a language

ágénstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ágénstendeð past ágénstód/on ptp ágénstanden to stand against, press, urge, insist upon

ágenung see ágnung

ágéode see áéode, pret 3rd sing of ágán

ágeolwan [] wv/i2 to become yellow, to make to glitter as gold

ágéomrian [] wv/t2 to mourn, grieve

ágeornan [] wv/t1b to desire, be eager for

ágéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ágíeteð past ágéat/águton ptp águten to pour out, pour forth, shed, strew, spill; melt, found (of images); destroy, deprive (of); sv/i2 to pour forth

ágétan see ágítan

ágiefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ágiefð past ágeaf/ágéafon ptp ágiefen to give, impart, deliver, give up, yield, relinquish, render; restore, give back, give up, leave, return, repay, pay; eft ~ give back, return; feorh ~ to die; on hand ~ tó to hand over (to)

ágieldan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ágieldeð past ágeald/águldon ptp ágolden to pay, repay, render, compensate, yield, restore, reward, requite; offer oneself, offer up (as a sacrifice); perform (an office); permit, allow; to punish?

ágielpan [] sv/t3 w.d. 3rd pres ágielpð past ágealp/águlpon ptp ágolpen to exult in

ágíeman [] wv/t1b to regard; heal, cure

ágíemeléasian [] wv/t2 to neglect, despise; ágímeléasod neglectful, careless

ágíeta see ágíta

ágietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ágieteð past ágeat/ágéaton ptp ágieten to destroy, abolish, subvert; to discover, know, understand, consider

ágifan see ágiefan

ágifian [] wv/t2 to bestow, grant

ágift see ǽgift

ágildan see ágieldan

ágilde see ǽgilde

ágiltan see ágyltan

ágímeléasian see ágíemeléasian

ágímeléasod [] adj neglectful, careless

ágimmed [] adj prodigal, spendthrift; participle gemmed, set with gems (participle of gimmian)

áginnan see onginnan

ágíta [] m (-n/-n) prodigal, spendthrift

ágitan [] wv/t1b to find, find out; to discover, know, understand, consider

ágítan [] wv/t1b to waste, destroy, seize, take away

áglác2 [] n (-es/-) trouble, distress, vexation, oppression, misery, grief, torment, sorrow

ágláchád [] m (-a/-a) state of misery, misery-hood

áglǽc2 [] n (-es/-) trouble, distress, vexation, oppression, misery, grief, torment, sorrow

áglǽca2 [] m (-n/-n) wretch, miscreant, monster, demon, fierce enemy, fierce combatant, miserable being

áglǽccræft [] m (-es/-as) evil art

áglǽcwíf [] n (-es/-) female monster, a wretch of a woman, vile crone

áglǽdan? [] wv/t1b to cause to slip

ágléca see áglǽca

áglídan [] sv/i1 3rd pres áglídeð past áglád/áglidon ptp is ágliden to glide, slip, stumble

ágn- see angn-

ágnere [] m (-s/-as) owner

ágnes see ágenes, genitive masculine and neuter of ágan adj

ágnes [] f (-se/-sa) sorrow, affliction

ágnett [] n (-es/-u) interest, usury; (or ágnettung)

ágnettan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ágnetteð past ágnettde ptp ágnetted to appropriate funds

ágnian1 [] wv/t2 to own, possess; claim; appropriate, to appropriate to himself, usurp, to prove or claim as one’s own; make over (to); dedicate, adopt;

ágnídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ágnídeð past ágnád/ágdnidon ptp ágniden to rub off

ágniden [] adj used, threadbare

ágniend [] m (-es/-) owner, possessor

ágniendlic1 [] adj possessive, pertaining to possession or owning, genitive (case)

ágnung [] f (-e/-a) an owning, ownership, a possessing, possession, claiming as one’s own, power or dominion over anything; claim, declaration or proof of ownership; ge~ acquisition

ágotenes [] f (-se/-sa) effusion, shedding, pouring or shedding forth, out, or abroad

ágrafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ágræfð past ágróf/on ptp ágrafen to carve, hew, sculpture; engrave, inscribe

ágrafenlic [] adj sculptured

ágrafenlíc [] n (-es/-) that which is carved, a carved image

ágrápian [] wv/t2 3rd pres ágrápeð past ágrápode ptp ágrápod to grasp tightly

ágrétan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ágréteð past ágrétte ptp ágréted to attack

agrimonia [] m (-n/-n) agrimony; the native name was gárclife

ágrindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ágrindeð past ágrand/ágrundon ptp ágrunden to ground, descend to the earth

ágrísan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ágríseð past ágrás/ágrison ptp ágrisen to quake, fear; dread, fear greatly, shudder

ágrisenlic [] adj horrible

ágrówan [] sv/i7 3rd pres ágréwð past ágréow/on ptp is ágrówen to grow under, cover

ágrówen [] adj overgrown

ágrymetian [] wv/t2 3rd pres ágrymeteð past ágrymetode ptp ágrymetod to rage

ágrýndan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ágrýndeð past ágrýndede ptp ágrýnded to descend

ágrýsan see ágrísan

agu [] f (-e/-a) magpie

Agustin [] m (-es/-as) St. Augustine, the missionary sent by Pope Gregory to England, 597 AD

Agustínus [] m (-es/-as) St. Augustine, the missionary sent by Pope Gregory to England, 597 AD; [pl mainly -i]

Agustus [] m (-es/-as) 1. Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, reigned from 30 BC to 14 AD; 2. the month of August, August; [gen Agustuses; dat Agustuse]

ágyf- see ágief-

ágyld- see ágield-, ǽgild-

ágyltan [] wv/t1b to offend, sin, sin against, do wrong, fail, fail in duty, to commit, become guilty

ágyltend [] m (-es/-) debtor

ágylting [] f (-e/-a) guilt, offence

ágyltnes [] f (-se/-sa) guilt

ágýman see ágíeman

ágýmeléasian see ágíemeléasian

ágymmend see ágimmend

agynnan see onginnan

ágytan see ágitan

ah see ac (conj, adv)

áh present 3rd sing of ágan

áh- see ág-

áhabban [] wv/t3 3rd pres áhæfð past áhæfde ptp áhæfd to restrain (fram w.d.); refl. abstain (fram w.d.); support

áhaccian [] wv/t2 to pick out

áhafen [] adj lifted up, raised, exalted

áhafennes [] f (-se/-sa) rising, lifting up, elevation, elation, pride

áhalsian [] wv/t2 to implore

áhangian [] wv/i2 to hang

áhátan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áhǽteð past áhét/on, áheht/on ptp áháten to name; passive past áhátte to be named

áhátian [] wv/i2 to become hot

áhæbban see áhebban

áhældan see áhildan

áhealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áhieldeð past áhéold/on ptp áhealden to hold, keep; (see on~)

áhealtian [] wv/t2 to limp, crawl

áheardian [] wv/i2 to be or become hard, grow hard or inured, become inured to anything; last, hold out, endure (on w.d.)

áheardung [] f (-e/-a) hardening

áhéawan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áhíewð past áhéow/on ptp áhéawen to hew or cut off, out, or down, hew down, prepare by cutting; make smooth, plane; cut wood into planks

áhebban [] sv/t6 3rd pres áhefeð past áhóf/on ptp áhafen (often with úp) to heave up, lift up, stir up, raise, exalt, erect; take away, remove; support, uphold; leaven, ferment (occasionally weak past áhefde ptp áhefed)

áhebbian see áebbian

áhefednes see áhafennes

áhefegian [] wv/t2 to make heavy, sad, oppress, weigh down, burden; become heavy

áheld see áhild ptp of áhildan

áhellian? [] wv/t2 to cover over, conceal, hide

áhelpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áhilpð past áhealp/áhulpon ptp áholpen to help, assist, support

áhénan [] wv/t1b to humble, abase, tread down or under foot; accuse

áheolorian [] wv/t2 to weigh, balance, consider [wv/t1a?]

aheordan? [] wv/t1b to set free (from captivity), set free from a guardian

áhéran see áhýran

áherian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áhereð past áherede ptp áhered to praise

áhérian see áhýrian

áherstan see áhyrstan

áheten past pl of áhatan

áhicgan see áhycgan

áhíenan see áhénan

áhierdan [] wv/t1b to make hard, harden; encourage, animate

áhierding [] f (-e/-a) hardening

áhíeðan see áhýðan

áhildan [] wv/t1b to bend, incline, recline; decline; rest, lay down, recline (tr and intr); turn away, avert, avert from, decline; cast down, destroy

áhildnes [] f (-se/-sa) declinatio

áhirdan see áhierdan

áhiscan [] wv/t1b to kiss at, mock

áhíðan see áhýðan

áhíðend [] m (-es/-) a ravager

áhladan [] sv/t6 3rd pres áhlædeð past áhlód/on ptp áhladen to draw out, lead out, draw forth; exclude

áhlǽca see áglǽca

áhlǽnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áhlǽneð past áhlǽnde ptp áhlǽned to set oneself up

áhlǽnsian [] wv/i2 to soak, steep, become lean

áhléapan [] sv/i7 3rd pres áhlíepð past áhléop/on ptp is áhléapen to leap, leap up, spring up

áhléfan [] wv/t1b to pull out

áhléoðrian [] wv/i2 to sound, resound

áhliehhan2 [] sv/t6 3rd pres áhliehheð past áhlóg/on ptp áhlahhen to laugh at, deride; exult, laugh

áhlinian see álynnan

áhlinnan see álynnan

áhlocian [] wv/t2 to dig out

áhlówan [] wv/t1b to low, bellow again, roar again

áhlúttred [] adj purified; past participle of áhlúttrian

áhlúttrian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áhlúttreð past áhlúttrede ptp áhlúttred to cleanse, purify, scum, refine

áhlyhhan see áhliehhan

áhlýttrian see áhlúttrian

áhn- see ágn-

áhnéapan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áhníepð past áhnéop/on ptp áhnéapen to pluck off

áhnescian [] wv/i2 to become soft or effeminate; weaken [hnesce]

áhnígan [] sv/i1 3rd pres áhnígeð past áhnág/áhnigon ptp is áhnigen to fall down; bow down; empty oneself

áhnyscan [] wv/t1b see áhiscan; 3rd pres áhnysceð past áhnyscte ptp áhnysct

áhogian [] wv/t2 to think out, be anxious about

áholan see áholian

áholian [] wv/t2 to hollow, scoop out, dig; út ~ to root out, pluck out; engrave, emboss

áhón [] sv/t7 3rd pres áhéhð past áhéng/on ptp áhangen to hang, suspend, crucify

áhopian [] wv/t2 to hope for (tó + dat)

áhrǽcan [] wv/t1b to spit out

áhræscian [] wv/t2 to shake off?

áhreddan [] wv/t1a to set free, save, rescue, recapture, rid, liberate, deliver

áhredding [] f (-e/-a) salvation, deliverance

áhréofian [] wv/i2 to become leprous

áhréofod [] adj leprous; past participle of áhréofian

áhréosan [] sv/i2 3rd pres áhríesð past áhréas/áhruron ptp is áhroren to rush; fall, fall down; be destroyed

áhrepian [] wv/t2 to treat, touch

áhréran [] wv/t1b to move, shake, make to tremble

áhrínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áhrínð past áhrán/áhrinon ptp áhrinen to touch, handle

áhrisian [] wv/t2 to shake, stir up; shake off; shake violently

áhrýnan see áhrínan

áhrýran [] wv/t1b to cause to fall, destroy

áhrysian see áhrisian

ahse see asce

áhsian see áscian

aht / áht see eaht

áht [] n (-es/-) aught, anything, something; see áwiht

ahta see eahta

áhte/on past sing/pl of ágan

áhtes [] adv of any account or value (gen of áht)

áhtlíce [] adv stoutly, manfully, courageously, triumphantly

áhúðan [] sv/t2 3rd pres áhýðeð past áhéað/áhudon ptp áhoden to spoil, rob, plunder

áhwá [] pron any one; gen áhwæs; dat áhwǽm; acc áhwone

áhwanon see áhwonan

áhwár see áhwǽr

áhwǽnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áhwǽnð past áhwǽnede ptp áhwǽned to vex, grieve, afflict

áhwænne [] adv when, whenever; at some time, some time; at all times

áhwǽr [] adv anywhere, somewhere, everywhere; at any time, in any way

áhwærgen see áhwergen

áhwæt [] n anything; gen áhwæs; dat áhwǽm; acc áhwæt

áhwæðer [] 1. pron some one, something; any one; anything; 2. adv and conj either; áðer...oððe either...or

áhwelfan see áhwylfan

áhwénan see áwénan

áhweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áhwierfð past áhwearf/áhwurfon ptp áhworfen to turn, turn away, convert; sv/i3 to turn aside, turn away, turn, move; avert

áhwér see áhwǽr

áhwerfan see áhwierfan

áhwergen [] adv anywhere; in any case

áhwettan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áhweteð past áwette ptp áhwetted to drive away with a curse, cast away; to whet, excite, kindle; hold out to, provide; reject, drive away, cast away

áhwider [] adv in any direction, from any source, on every side

áhwierfan [] wv/t1b to turn away, turn from, avert

áhwistlian see áwistlian

áhwítian [] wv/t2 to whiten

ahwlic [] adj terrible

áhwonan [] adv from what place, whence, somewhere, from any source, anywhere

áhwonne see áhwænne

áhworfen [] adj moved; past participle of áhweorfan

áhwyder see áhwider

áhwylfan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áhwylfeð past áhwylfde ptp áhwylfed to cover over, overwhelm, cast down, submerge, subvert; roll to; up ~ pull up, loosen

áhwyrfan see áhwierfan

áhycgan2 [] wv/t3 3rd pres áhogað past áhogode ptp áhogod to think out, devise, search, invent

áhýdan [] wv/t1b to hide, conceal

áhyldan see áhildan

áhyldendlic [] adj enclitic [áhildan]

áhyltan [] wv/t1b to trip up, take support away, supplant

áhýran [] wv/t1b to hire

áhyrd- see áhierd-

áhyrsian see áhrisian

áhyrstan [] wv/t1b to roast, fry

áhyspan [] wv/t1b to reproach

áhýðan [] wv/t1b to plunder, rob, destroy, devour, lay waste, despoil [húð]

áhýðend [] m (-es/-) robber, extortioner

áídan [] wv/t1b to turn out of doors [eliminare]

áídlian [] wv/i2 to be or make useless, frustrate, empty, annul; wv/t2 profane; wv/i2 become idol, free from; be free from; deprive (of)

áídlan [] wv/t1b see áídlian

áídelian [] wv/t2 see áídlian

áiernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres áiernð past áarn/áurnon ptp is áurnen to run away, run out, go over; pass by, go

áíeðan [] wv/t1b to lay low, demolish, destroy, cast out

al see eall, æl

ál [] n (-es/-) fire, burning [ǽlan]

áládian [] wv/t2 to excuse, make excuse for; áládiendra excussorum (excussatorum)

alan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ælð past ól/on ptp gealen to nourish, grow, produce; to appear [Goth alan]

álangian [] wv/t2 to affect with longing, to long for, to last too long (impersonal)

álatian [] wv/t2 to grow sluggish or dull

alað see ealoð

áláðian [] wv/i2 to be or become hateful; hate; threaten (listed sv/t1)

álæccan [] irreg wv/t1b to catch, take

álǽdan [] wv/t1b to lead, lead away, carry off, withdraw, conduct, bring; wv/i1b to be produced, grow, come forth

álǽnan [] wv/t1b to lend; grant, lease

álǽnian [] wv/t2 to make lean, soak

álær see alor

álǽran [] wv/t1b to teach

álǽson past pl of álesan

álǽtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres álǽteð past álét/on, áleort/on ptp álǽten to let go, lay down, give up, leave, lose, renounce, resign, lay aside; let, allow; release, remit, pardon, forgive; deliver

álǽtlic [] adj pardonable

álǽtnes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation; loss; remission (of sins)

albe [] f (-an/-an) white garment, alb [L]

ald see eald

áld see ádl

aldaht see ealdoð

Aldfrið [] m (-es/-as) Alfred the wise, king of Northumbria, 685 AD; [Ald = eald, old; frið peace]

aldgeddung [] f (-e/-a) an old saying

Aldhelm [] m (-es/-as) Aldhelm, bishop of Sherborne; [Ald = eald, old; helm, helmet]

álecgan [] wv/t1b to put, place, lay down, lay aside, throw down, give up, cease from, abandon; put down, allay, suppress, abolish, conquer, destroy, overcome, refute; lay upon, inflict, impose upon (on w.d. pers.); diminish, take away, refuse, lessen, withhold; álecgende/álecgendlic word deponent verb (a verb in Latin which keeps its passive inflections, but not its passive meanings); unriht ~ to suppress injustice

áléd [] 1. ptp of álecgan; 2. ptp of álǽdan

áléfan see álíefan

áléfednes [] f (-se/-sa) infirmity

áléfian [] wv/t2 to injure, maim; enfeeble, become weak, feeble; ptp ill; [léf]

alefne [] ? (-?/-?) alum

álendan [] wv/t1b to lease

álenian see álynnan

áléodan2 [] sv/t2 3rd pres álíedeð past áléad/áludon ptp áloden to spring up, grow

áleofian see álifian, álibban

áléogan [] sv/t2 3rd pres álíegð past áléag/álugon ptp álogen to lie, tell lies, belie, deny, deceive, be false to, leave unfullfiled

áléon [] sv/t1 3rd pres álíehð past áláh/áligon ptp áligen to lend, give up

áleonian see álynnan

áléoran [] wv/i1b to depart, flee away; pass away

áleoðian see áliðian

aler [] m (alres/alras) alder

aler see alor

ales- see álíes-

álesan [] sv/t5 3rd pres áleseð past álæs/álǽson ptp álesen to pick out, choose

álet see ǽled

álétan see álǽtan

áléðran see álýðran

alewe [] f (-an/-an) aloe, the aloe, bitter spice, in pl aloes

áléwed [] adj feeble, weak, ill

alexandre [] f (-an/-an) horse-parsley

Alexandrinesc [] adj Alexandrian

alfæle see ealfelo

álfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) cooking vessel, cauldron

Alfhun [] m (-es/-as) Alfhun, a bishop who died at Sudbury and was buried at Dunwich, and was succeeded by Tidfrith

Alfrið [] m (-es/-as) Alfred the wise, king of Northumbria, died 705 AD; [al = eall all; frið peace]; var of Ælfred

álgeweorc [] n (-es/-u) fire-making, tinder, touchwood, a fire-steel

álibban [] wv/t3 3rd pres áleofað past álifde ptp álifd to live, live after, survive, pass one’s life

álibbend [] m (-es/-) a survivor, one who lives after

álicgan [] sv/i5 3rd pres áligeð past álæg/álǽgon ptp is álegen to lie, fail, confine, perish, be subdued, cease, yield

álíefan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres álíefð past álíefde ptp álíefed to allow, give leave to, permit, grant; and over, yield up

álíefedlic [] adj lawful, permissible, allowable; adv ~líce lawfully, allowably

álíefednes [] f (-se/-sa) permission, leave, grant

álíesan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres álíeseð past álíesde ptp álíesed to loosen, let lose, free, deliver, liberate, pay for loosing, pay, redeem, release, ransom, absolve,

álíesednes [] f (-se/-sa) redemption, ransom; remission (of sins)

álíesend [] m (-es/-) liberator, deliverer, Redeemer

álíesendlic [] adj loosing, liberating

álíesendnes see álíesednes

álíesenes [] f (-se/-sa) redemption, ransom; remission (of sins)

álíesing see álíesednes

álíesing [] f (-e/-a) redemption

álíesnes [] f (-se/-sa) redemption, ransom; remission (of sins)

álíesnes see álíesednes

álíeðran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres álíeðreð past álíeðrede ptp álíeðred to lather [léaðor]

álíf see ǽlíf

álífan see álíefan

álifian see álibban

álíh [] imperative sing of áléon

álíhtan [] wv/t1b 1. to lighten, relieve, alleviate, take off, take away; alight; 2. to light up, enlighten (see onlihtan)

álíhtung [] f (-e/-a) enlightening

álimpan2 [] sv/i3 3rd pres álimpð past álamp/álumpon ptp is álumpen to occur, happen, befall

álinnan see álynnan

álinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres álinð past álann/álunnon ptp álunnen to deliver, free from, release

álísend see álíesend

áliðian [] wv/t2 to dismember, detach, separate; set free

all see eal, eall

allefne [] adj, adv quite equal, or universally

Alleluia [] m (-n/-n) the Alleluia

Allwalda [] m (-n/-n) All-ruler, the Almighty; [all = eall all; wealda ruler]

almes- see ælmes-

aln- see ealn-

alo- see ealu-

áloccian [] wv/t2 to entice

alor [] m (alres/alras) alder, an alder-tree, called eller and aller; The alder, or rather aler, is an inhabitant of swamps and meadows in all Europe, the north of Africa and Asia, and North America.  Its favorite station is by the side of rivulets, or in the elevated parts of marshy land where the soil is drained.  Its juice contains a great abundance of tannin, which renders the bark valuable for tanning, and the young shoots for dyeing.  Its foliage being large, and of a deep handsome green, the alder is rather an ornamental tree

alorbedd [] n (-es/-) alder bed

alordrenc [] m (-es/-as) drink made of alder sap?

alorholt [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) alder-wood

alorrind [] m (-es/-as) alder-bark, adler-rind

áloten [] adj submissive, prone, bent down; [pptc of álútan]

aloð see ealu

alr [] m (-es/-as) alder; see alor

Alríca [] m (-n/-n) Alaric, king of the Visigoths, who sacked Rome in 396; [al = eall, all; ríca ruler]

alswá see ealswá

altar [] m (-es/-as) altar [L]

altare [] m (-es/-as) altar [L]

alter [] m (-es/-as) altar [L]

altre [] m (-es/-as) altar [L]

álúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres álýcð past áléac/álucon ptp álocen to pluck up, pull out, separate, take or pluck away, withdraw

álútan [] sv/t2 3rd pres álýteð past áléat/áluton ptp áloten to bend, incline, bend or bow down; áloten pptc submissive

aluwe see alewe

alwald- see ealweald-, eallweald-

alwe see alewe

álybban see álibban

álýfan see álíefan

álýfed [] 1. see álíefed, ptp of álíefan; 2. see áléfed, ptp of áléfian; álýfed- see alíefed-

álýfednes? [] f (-se/-sa) granting

álýht- see onlíht-

ályhtan see álihtan

álýman [] wv/t1b to come forth; show forth

álynian [] wv/t2 to liberate, deliver, free from, let go, release, loosen; cease, stop

álynnan [] wv/t1a to liberate, deliver, free from, let go, release, loosen; cease, stop

álýs- see álíes-

álystan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres álysteþ past álystede ptp álysted to list, wish, desire

álýðran [] wv/t1b to lather [léaðor]

am see eom

am- see an-; as prefix, see em- even, equal

ám [] m (-es/-as) the reed or slay of a weaver’s loom?

ámagian? [] wv/t2 to revive, be restored to health (hamacgian)

áman see onman

ámang [] prep w.d. among, amongst; while, whilst, during; ~ þám/þissum meanwhile [see gemang]

ámanian [] wv/t2 to demand, exact, require

ámanigan see ámanian

ámánsian see ámánsumian

ámánsod [] adj excommunicated

ámánsung see ámánsumung

ámánsumian [] wv/t2 to excommunicate, anathematize, curse, proscribe, outlaw; [á- out; mǽn = gemǽne, common; sumian = samnian congregate]

ámánsumod [] adj excommunicated

ámánsumung [] f (-e/-a) excommunication, curse; Hermon

ámánsumnung [] f (-e/-a) excommunication, curse; Hermon

ámarian [] wv/t1a to disturb, trouble, confound [see ámierran]

ámasian [] wv/t2 to amaze, confound

ámáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ámǽwþ past áméow/on ptp ámáwen to mow, cut off, cut down

ámællian see ámeallian

ámǽnsumian see ámánsumian

ámǽran [] wv/t1b 1. to extol; 2. to exterminate (usu. útámǽran, útámǽrian)

ámæstan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ámæsteþ past ámæstede ptp ámæsted to feed with mast, fatten, feed up

ámæst [] adj fat, fattened

ámb see ám

ambeht see ambiht

amber [] m (ambres/ambras), n (ambres/-), f (ambre/ambra) vessel, vessel with one handle, pail, cask, pitcher, tankard; dry or liquid measure of four bushels

ambiht [] 1. n (-es/-u) office, ministry, service; commission, command, message; 2. m (-es/-as) servant, attendant, messenger, officer;

ambihtan see geambihtan

ambihtere [] m (-es/-as) servant

ambihthéra [] m (-n/-n) obedient servant, obedient minister

ambihthús [] n (-es/-) workshop, laboratory, manufactory; In partic., in econom. lang. = ornithon, a place where fowls are kept, in order to lay their eggs and hatch their young, a poultry-house or yard [officina]

ambihtmann [] m (-es/-menn) manservant, servant-man, servant-woman, attendant, servant, minister

ambihtmæcg [] m (-es/-as) a servant-man, servant, minister

ambihtmecg2 [] m (-es/-as) servant

ambihtnes [] f (-se/-sa) service

ambihtscealc2 [] m (-es/-as) functionary, retainer, official servant

ambihtsecg [] m (-es/-as) minister, an official man, messenger, ambassador

ambihtsmið [] m (-es/-as) court smith or carpenter, official smith or carpenter

ambihtsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) service

ambihtþegn2 [] m (-es/-as) attendant, servant, attendant-thane

ambrósie [] f (-an/-an) ambrosia

ambyht see ambiht

ambyre [] adj unfavorable?; favorable, fair

ambyrian see onbyrgan 2

ámeallian [] wv/i2 to become insipid

ámeallod [] adj emptied out, brought to naught; ptp of ámeallian

ámearcian [] wv/t2 to mark out, delineate, define, describe, determine; destine, assign, appoint

amel [] m (amles/amlas) sacred vessel, vessel for holy water [L amula]

ámelcan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ámilcð past ámealc/ámulcon ptp ámolcen to milk

ámeldian [] wv/t2 to let out, make known, betray

ámeltan see ámolten

ameos [] m? (-es/-as)? bishop-weed [Greek]

ámerian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ámereð past ámerede ptp ámered to test, examine; purify, refine

ámerran see ámierran

ámetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ámeteð past ámæt/ámǽton ptp ámeten to measure, estimate; mete, mete out, measure; measure out to anyone, allot, assign, grant, bestow; measure out, plan, form, make

ámétan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áméteð past ámétte ptp ámétt to paint, depict; adorn

ámetendlic [] adj compendious, measurable, limited; adv ~líce

ámethwíl see ǽmethwíl

ámetsian [] wv/t2 to provision

ámiddan see onmiddan

ámidian [] wv/i2 to be foolish

ámídlian [] wv/t2 to bridle

ámierran [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ámiereð past ámierede ptp ámiered to hinder, impede, obstruct, prevent, delay; mar, injure, check, disturb, scatter, consume, waste, spoil, destroy; lose; dissipate, spend, distract, defile, mar, corrupt, spoil, destroy

ámigdal [] m (-es/-as) almond

ammi [] m (ameos/ameas) Ammi,  an African umbelliferous plant

ámód see ǽmód

ámolcen ptp of ámelcan

ámolsnian [] wv/t2 to decay, weaken; corrupt, putrefy

ámolten [] adj molten

amore see omer

Amorreas [] m pl the Amorites

ampelle [] f (-an/-an) flask, bottle, vial, flagon, vessel [L]

ampre [] 1. f (-an/-an) a dilated vein, varix, esp. in the thighs [varix], tumor, swelling; 2. f (-an/-an) dock, sorrel

ámunan [] irreg v/t 3rd pres áman/ámunon past ámunde ptp ámunen to think of, mind, consider, be mindful of, have a care for

ámundian [] wv/t2 3rd pres ámundað past ámundode ptp ámundod to protect, defend

ámyltan [] wv/t1b to melt

ámyrdrian see ámyrðrian

ámyrgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ámyrgð past ámyrgde ptp ámyrged to delight, cheer, make merry, gladden

ámyrian see ámerian

ámyrran [] 1. see ámierran; 2. see ámyrðran

ámyrðran [] wv/t1b to murder, kill

ámyrðrian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres ámyrðreð past ámyrðrede ptp ámyrðred to murder, kill

an [] 1. adv, prep see on; 2. pres 1st sing of unnan

an- [] 1. see and-; against, in return; 2. see un-; denoting privation; 3. see in-; in, to; 4. see on-; in, to;

an [] verb infinitive suffix the termination of most Anglo-Saxon verbs is in -an; but -án is also found, which seems to be contracted from  aa, agan, ahan, as in gán to go, from gaan; smeán to consider from smeagan; sleán to slay, from sleahan, etc.  The termination of verbs in -ón, appears to be a contraction from ahan, ohan, as fón, to take, from fahan; gefeón, to rejoice, from gefeohan; teón to draw, from teohan, etc.

án [] 1. adj one; pl each, every one, all; ~ and (æfter) ~ one by one; ~es hwæt some single thing, a part; a, an; alone, one, sole, single, solitary, only, another (in this sense it is used also in the weak form sé ána, hé ána, and with a pl.); lonely?; singular, unique; single, each, every one, all (gen pl ánra); any; sole, alone of its kind, singular, unique, without an equal; a certain one, some one; one, other; ~ æfter ~um one after another; tó ~um tó ~um from one to another; þæt ~, for ~ this one thing, for one thing, only; ~es hwæt anything, literally anything of all; 2. adv continually, continuously, ever, in one, once for all, immediately; only; þæt ~ only that; ~ and ~ one by one; on ~ in one, continually, ever; 3. indef art sometimes, though rarely, án may be used as the English article a/an;  It does not, however, appear to be generally used as an indefinite article, but more like the Moes, ain, or Latin unus.  When a noun was used indefinitely by the Saxons, it was without an article prefixed; 4. ~a def numerical adjective one, sole, single, solitary

ana see heonu

ána see án

ánad2 [] n (ándes/-) waste, desert, solitude [Ger einöde]

ananbeam [] m (-es/-as) spindle tree

anawyrm [] m (-es/-as) intestinal worm

ánæd2 [] n (ándes/-) waste, desert, solitude [Ger einöde]

ánægled [] adj nailed down

anǽl- see onǽl-

anæðelian see unæðelian

anbærnes see onbærnes

anbesettan [] wv/t1a to inflict

anbestingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres anbestingeð past anbestang/anbestungon ptp anbestungen to thrust in, insert

anbeweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres anbewierpð past anbewearp/anbewurpon ptp anbeworpen to cast into

anbid [] n (-es/-) waiting, expectation, hope; interval

anbidian1 [] wv/i2 to wait, abide, stay; wv/t2 to wait for, expect (+ gen)

anbidstów [] f (-e/-a) place of meeting

anbidung1 [] f (-e/-a) waiting for, expectation, an abiding, tarrying, awaiting; delay

anbiht see ambiht

anbindan see onbindan

anbiscopod see unbiscopod

ánboren2 [] adj only-born, only-begotten [pptc]

anbringelle see onbringelle

anbróce see unbrǽce?

anbróce [] f (-an/-an) material, wood, timber

anbrucol [] adj rugged

anbryrd- see onbryrd-

ánbúend [] m (-es/-) hermit, anchorite

ánbúende [] adj living alone

anbúgan see onbúgan

anburge [] ? pl? sureties

anbyhtscealc see ambihtscealc

ánbýme [] adj made of one trunk, dug-out (ship)

anbyrdnes  [] f (-se/-sa) resistance

anbyrignes [] f (-se/-sa) tasting, taste

áncend [] adj only-begotten

áncenned [] adj only-begotten

ancer see ancor

ancléow [] n (-cleowes/-) ankle

ancléowe [] f (-an/-an) ankle

ancnáwan see oncnáwan

ancor [] m (ancres/ancras) anchor [L from Greek]; ballast; on ancre rídan to ride at anchor

áncor [] m (áncres/áncras) anchorite, hermit

áncora [] m (-n/-n) anchorite, hermit

ancorbend [] m (-es/-as) cable, anchor-band or cord or rope

áncorlic [] adj like a hermit, anchoretic

áncorlíf [] n (-es/-) solitary life, an anchorite’s or hermit’s life

ancormann [] m (-es/-menn) an anchor-man, man in charge of the anchor

ancorráp [] m (-es/-as) anchor-rope, cable

ancorsetl [] n (-es/-, -u) prow of a ship, anchor-seat, the fore-castle of a ship

áncorsetl [] n (-es/-, -u) hermitage, an anchorite’s cell

áncorsetla [] m (-n/-n) hermit

áncorstów [] f (-e/-a) solitary place, an anchorite’s or hermit’s cell

ancorstreng [] m (-es/-as) cable, anchor-string

ancra see ancor

áncra [] m (-n/-n) anchorite, hermit, monk

ancre [] f (-an/-an) radish

ancsum see angsum

ancuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres ancymð past ancóm/on ptp is ancumen to arrive, come

áncummum [] adv one by one, singly

áncyn [] adj only; gen ~nes

and [] 1. prep w.d. with; emb eahta niht and féowerum after 8 nights with 4 [12 nights]; ymb 20 and 5 nihtum after 20 with 5 nights; 2. prep w.a. against, before, on, into

and [] conj and; but; or; gelíce ~… like as if…; gescéop God heofenan and eorðan.

and- see an-, on-, ond- (opposition, negation; Ger ent-) occasionally a-

and- [] prefix against, without; in composition denotes opposition: andsaca, andswaru

anda [] m (-n/-n) emotion of mind, grudge, enmity, malice, envy, hatred, anger, zeal, annoyance, vexation; zeal; injury, mischief; fear, horror; on ~n in hatred; ~n witan to dislike

ándaga [] m (-n/-n) appointed day, a fixed day, a time appointed, a day or term appointed for hearing a cause

ándagian1 [] wv/t2 to fix a day for appearance, to appoint a day or term, to cite; adjourn

ándæge2 [] adv for one day, lasting a day

andæt- see andet-

andb- see anb-, onb-

andbeorma [] m (-n/-n) that which is without barm, unleavened, unleavened bread, the feast of unleavened bread

andbícnian [] wv/t2 to make signs to

andbidian see anbídian

andbidung see anbidung

andbita [] m (-n/-n) the feast (of unleavened bread), that which is unleavened, unleavened bread

andcléow see ancléow

andcweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres andcwiðeð past andcwæð/andcwǽdon ptp andcweden; to deceive, disappoint, trick, elude, frustrate [contradicere, frustrari]

andcwiss [] f (-e/-a) answer

andcýðnes [] f (-se/-sa) evidence

andd- see and-, ond-

ande see ende

andéages [] adv eye to eye, openly? [deleted]

andéaw [] adj arrogant, ostentatious, presumptuous, proud

andefen [] f (-e/-a) measure, quantity, amount, an equality, proportion; capacity, nature

Andefera [] m (-n/-n) Andover, a market town in the northwest of Hampshire built on the east bank of the river Ande or Anton; Simon Durham writes it Andeafara, = Ande-éa-fara, a farer over the river Ande, on the bank of which Andover is built; From about 1395, from the present name Andover, = Ande-ófer, Ande the river Ande, and ófer, a margin, bank, that is a town on the bank of the river Ande

andefn [] f (-e/-a) measure, quantity, amount, an equality, proportion; capacity, nature

andelbær [] adj reversed

andelbǽre [] adj reversed

anderglide [] adv in repayment, in compensation

andet- see andett-

andetla [] m (-n/-n) declaration, confession

andetnes1 [] f (-se/-sa) confession, acknowledgement, profession; thanksgiving, praise, giving of thanks or praise, praise, honor, glory

andett [] f (-e/-a) confession, praise, honor, glory

andetta [] m (-n/-n) one who confesses, confessor, acknowledger; ~ béon acknowledge

andettan1 [] wv/t1b to confess, acknowledge; give thanks or praise; promise, vow [and, hátan]

andettere [] m (-es/-as) one who confesses, confessor

andettian see andettan

andettung [] f (-e/-a) confession, profession

andfang [] n (-es/-) acceptance

andfangol [] m (-es/-fangelas) One who undertakes any thing, an undertaker, contractor; A receiver, collector of taxes, etc.; One who takes into his house or harbors thieves, gamesters, etc., a receiver, gaming-house keeper; A guardian, protector [susceptor]

andfealdlíce see ánfealdlíce

andfeax [] adj bald

andfeng [] m (-es/-as) seizing, receiving, taking, taking to one’s self, taking up; defense; defender; attack, assault; revenue, means; illegal occupation (of land)

andfenga [] m (-n/-n) receiver, defender, undertaker

andfenge [] 1. adj acceptable, that which can be received, agreeable, approved, fit, suitable; that can receive; taken; 2. m (-es/-as) undertaker, helper; receptacle

andfengend [] m (-es/-) helper, defender, undertaker; receiver; gafoles ~ tax collector

andfengnes [] f (-se/-sa) acceptance, receiving, reception; receptacle, a place for receiving; acceptableness

andfengstów [] f (-e/-a) receptacle

andfex see andfeax

andfindende [] adj finding, getting

andfylstan [] wv/t1b to aid

andgelóman see andlóman

andget see andgit

andgete [] adj plain, manifest [andgiete]

andgiet [] n (-es/-u) understanding, intellect; knowledge, cognizance, perception; sense, meaning; one of the five senses, (gesihð, hlyst, swæcc, stenc, hrepung); plan, purpose

andgietan see ongietan

andgiete [] 1. f (-an/-an) understanding, intellect; knowledge, cognizance, perception; sense, meaning; one of the five senses, (gesihð, hlyst, swæcc, stenc, hrepung); plan, purpose; 2. adj manifest

andgietful [] adj intelligent, sensible, discerning, knowing

andgietfullic [] adj intelligible, clear, fully or clearly understood; antonym: gemenged; adv ~líce sensibly, clearly, plainly, distinctly, intelligibly; cmp ~or; spl ~ost

andgietléas [] adj foolish, senseless, doltish

andgietléast [] f (-e/-a) want of understanding

andgietlic  [] adj intelligible, clear, sensible; adv ~líce clearly

andgiettácen [] n (-tácnes/-) sensible token, sign

andgit see andgiet

andgitol [] adj intelligent, sensible, understanding

andhéafod [] n (-héafdes/-u) heading, unploughed headland of a field

andhetan see andettan

andhettan see andettan

andhweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres andhwierfeð past andhwearf/andhwurfon ptp andhworfen to move against, blow against

andian [] wv/i2 to be envious or jealous, envy

andiendlíce [] adv enviously

andig [] adj envious, jealous

andigende [] adj envying

andláman see andlóman

andlang [] 1. adj entire, continuous, extended, all-along, throughout; related?; ~ne dæg/niht all day/night long; 2. prep w.g. along, on length, by the side of, by his side?; ~ díces along the dike;

andlangcempa [] m (-n/-n) soldier fighting in line

andlanges [] adv prep along

andlata see andwlita

andléan2 [] n (-es/-) retribution, retaliation

andleofa [] m (-n/-n) nourishment, pottage, food, living, sustenance; money, wages, alms, that by which food is procured [libban]

andleofen [] f (-ne/-na) nourishment, pottage, food, living, sustenance; money, wages, alms, that by which food is procured [libban]

andlícnes see onlícnes

andliefen see andleofen

andlifen see andleofen

andlóman [] m pl utensils, implements, tools, vessels

andlong see andlang

andlyfen see andleofen

andmitta see anmitta

andrǽdan see ondrǽdan

andrǽdlíce see undrǽdlíce

Andréas [] m (-/-) Andreas, Andrew; indecl, but gen, dat. Andreæ/Andrea; Andreas, Simones bróðer Petres Andreas, brother of Simon Peter

Andréasmæsse [] f (-an/-an) St. Andrew’s day (Nov. 30th)

andreccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres andreceð past andreahte ptp andreaht to relate (a tale)

Andred [] m (-es/-as) the name of a large wood in Kent, also the city of Andred or Andrida

Andredes ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) the Roman station or city of Andred, Pevensey, or Pemsey Castle, Sussex

Andredes léag [] f (-e/-a) Andredsley

Andredes weald [] m (-es/-as) Andred’s Weald, a large wood in Kent, extending into Sussex

ándrencefæt [] n (-es/-fatu) a cup emptied at one swallow

andribb [] n (-es/-) a little breast [pectusculum], breast

andriesne see ondrysne

andrysen- see ondrysn-, ondrysen-

andrysn- see ondrysn-, ondrysen-

andsaca2 [] m (-n/-n) adversary, enemy; denier, renouncer, apostate, opposer, enemy

andsacian [] wv/t2 to strive against, dispute, deny, refuse, gainsay, forsake, abjure

andsæc [] m (-es/-sacas) denial, oath of purgation; refusal; strife, resistance, contention

andsǽte [] adj hateful, odious, abominable, repugnant; hostile

andslyht2 [] m (-es/-as) blow

andspurnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres andspyrnð past andspearn/andspurnon ptp andspornen to stumble against

andspurnes [] f (-se/-sa) offence

andstandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres andstendeð past andstód/on ptp andstanden to sustain, abide, stand by, bear

ándstreces see ánstreces

andsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) purity, chastity, virginity

andsundnes [] f (-se/-sa) purity, chastity, virginity

andswarian1 [] wv/t2 to answer, respond, give an answer

andswaru [] f (-e/-a) answer

andswerian see andswarian

andsworian see andswarian

andsýn see ansíen

andtimber see ontimber

andþr- see onþr-

andþwǽre [] adj perverse, froward, athwart, cross; [and- against; þwǽre quiet]

andung [] f (-e/-a) jealousy

andústrian [] wv/t2 to deny (with oaths)

andústrung [] f (-e/-a) an abominating, an abomination [abominatio]

andwǽscan see ádwǽscan

andward- see andweard-

andweal- see onweal-

andweard1 [] adj present, actual, existing; opposite to

andweardian1 [] wv/t2 to present, bring before one; [ge~ = andwyrdian]

andweardlic [] adj present, actual; adv ~líce presentially, in the presence of, present

andweardnes [] f (-se/-sa) presence, presentness; present time; dispensation

andwendednes see onwendednes

andweorc [] n (-es/-) matter, substance, material, metal; cause, a cause of anything

andwerd see andweard, andwyrd

andwíg [] m (-es/-as) resistance

andwille see ánwille

andwirdan see andwyrdan

andwís [] adj expert, skillful; w.g. ~ expert in noun

andwísnes [] f (-se/-sa) experience, skillfulness

andwist [] f (-e/-e) support

andwlata see andwlita

andwlita [] m (-n/-n) face, forehead, countenance, personal appearance, form, surface

andwlítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres andwlíteð past andwlát/andwliton ptp andwliten to look upon

andwlite [] n (-es/-u) see andwlita

andwliteful [] adj of an expressive countenance, full of expression, full of airs or grimaces, grimacing, affected; with grim look [vultuosus]

andwráð [] adj hostile, enraged; w.d. hostile to

andwreðian [] wv/t2 to support

andwurd see andweard

andwyrd see andweard

andwyrdan1 [] wv/t1b to answer

andwyrdian1 [] wv/t2 to answer

andwyrde [] n (-es/-u) answer

andwyrding [] f (-e/-a) a consent, an agreement, a conspiring, conspiracy

andyde [] past of andón (ondón)

andytt- see andett-

áne [] 1. see ǽne; 2. see heonu

ánéage [] adj one-eyed, blind of one eye

ánégede [] adj one-eyed, blind of one eye

ánéagede [] adj one-eyed, blind of one eye

ánecge [] adj having one edge, one-edged

ánége see ánéage

ánégede see ánéage

ánéhst see áníhst

ánemnan [] wv/t1b to announce, declare

ánerian [] wv/t1a to deliver, rescue

ánes see ǽnes

ánes [] genitive num of án; of one; ~ wana wanting of one; ~ wana twentig nineteen

ánescian see áhnescian

ánetnes [] f (-se/-sa) solitude, seclusion

ánett [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) solitude, seclusion

anf- see onf-

ánfáh [] adj of one color

ánfald [] adj single, one-fold, simple, single, one alone, unmixed, singular, unique, peculiar, matchless, superior; simple, modest, honest, sincere; fixed, invariable; singular (gram.); ~ áð a simple oath; ~ gerecednes/sprǽc prose; ~ getæl the singular number; adv ~líce

ánfeald  [] adj single, one-fold, simple, single, one alone, unmixed, singular, unique, peculiar, matchless, superior; simple, modest, honest, sincere; fixed, invariable; singular (gram.); ~ áð a simple oath; ~ gerecednes/sprǽc prose; ~ getæl the singular number; adv ~líce

ánfealdlic [] adj single, one-fold, simple, single, one alone, unmixed, singular, unique, peculiar, matchless, superior; simple, modest, honest, sincere; fixed, invariable; singular (gram.); ~ áð a simple oath; ~ gerecednes/sprǽc prose; ~ getæl the singular number; adv ~líce

ánfealdnes [] f (-se/-sa) unity, concord; simplicity

anfealt [] f (-e/-a) anvil

anfeng see andfeng

ánféte [] adv one-footed

anfilt [] n (-es/-) anvil

anfilte [] n (-es/-u) anvil

anfindan see onfindan

ánfloga [] m (-n/-n) lonely flier; lonely flying

anfón see onfón

anforht [] adj fearful, timid

anforlǽtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres anforlǽteð past anforlét/on, anforleort/on ptp anforlǽten to let go, leave alone, lose, forsake, relinquish, abandon, surrender; omit, neglect

anforlǽtnes [] f (-se/-sa) loss, desertion; intermission

anforngean [] prep w.d.a.? in front of

ang- [] prefix narrow, vexed; from ange

anga [] m (-n/-n) stimulus, sting, goad

ánga2 [] adj sole, only, single, singular, one and no more; solitary; any, every one, all (in this sense, it admits a plural)

angbréost [] n (-es/-) tightness of the chest, asthma, breast-anguish, difficulty of breathing

ange see enge

angeald [] past 3rd sing of angildan

angéan see ongéan

angel [] 1. m (angles/anglas) angle, hook, fish-hook, fishing hook; 2. m see engel

Angel [] n (Angles/-) Anglen, a district in Schleswig, from which the Angles came into Britain; Anglen in Denmark, the counry between Flensburg and the Schley from which the Angles came into Britain

Angel [] f (Angle/Angla) Anglen in Denmark, the counry between Flensburg and the Schley from which the Angles came into Britain

Angel- [] prefix English

Angelcyning [] m (-es/-as) an Angle or English king

Angelcynn [] n (-es/-) the English people; England

ángeld see ángilde

Angelfolc [] n (-es/-) the English people; the Angle or English race

angelíc [] adj like, similar

angeltwicce [] f (-an/-an), m (-es/-as) a certain worm used as bait, a red worm used for a bait in angling or fishing, earthworm?

Angelþéod [] f (-e/-a) the English people; England

Angelwitan [] m pl English councilors

ángenga [] 1. adj solitary, isolated; 2. m (-n/-n) solitary goer, isolated one, a lone goer, a solitary

angerǽd see ungerád

ángetrum [] n (-es/-u) illustrious company, a singular company

angeweald see onweald

angian1 [] wv/i2 to be in anguish

angien see anginn

angil see angel 1

ángild see ángilde

angildan see ongieldan

ángilde [] 1. n (-es/-u) single payment or rate of compensation for damage, the single value of property claimed or in dispute – a rate fixed by law, at which certain injuries, either to person or property, were to be paid for; the fixed price or rate at which cattle and other goods were received as currency; 2. adj to be compensated for; 3. adv simply, only

ángildes see ángilde 3

anginn [] n (-es/-) beginning, attempt, resolve; intention, purpose, design, enterprise, undertaking, opportunity; action, onset, attack; rising (of sun); tip (of finger)

anginnan see onginnan

angitan see ongietan

angitful see andgietful

Angle [] m pl the Angles or English, who came from Anglen in Denmark, and occupied the greater part of England, from Suffolk to the Frith of Forth, including Mercia

Angles íeg [] f (-e/-a) Anglesey, so called after it was conquered by the English: it was anciently called Mona

angmód [] adj sad, sorrowful, vexed in mind, anxious

angmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) sadness, sorrow, sorrowfulness

angnægl [] m (-es/-as) corn, agnail or angnail, a whitlow, a sore under the nail

angnere [] m (-es/-as) corner of the eye

angnes [] f (-se/-sa) anxiety, distress, sorrow, trouble, anguish, pain, fear, narrowness

angol- see angel-

angrisla [] m (-n/-n) terror

angrislic [] adj grisly, terrible, horrible, dreadful, horrid; adv ~líce, ~enlíce

angset [] m (-n/-n) eruption, pustule, carbuncle, pimple, a disease with eruptions, St. Anthony’s fire

angseta [] m (-n/-n) eruption, pustule, carbuncle, pimple, a disease with eruptions, St. Anthony’s fire

angsum [] adj narrow, strait, troublesome, hard, difficult; adv ~e

angsumian1 [] wv/t2 to vex, afflict, to be solicitous

angsumlic [] adj troublesome, painful, anxious; adv ~líce sorrowfully

angsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) pain, anxiety, anguish; sorrow, trouble, troublesomeness; difficulty, perplexity

ángum see ǽnigum, dat of ǽnig

ángyld see ángilde

ángylde see ángilde

angyn see anginn

angytan see ongietan

anh- see onh-

ánhaga2 [] m (-n/-n) solitary being, lone dweller, recluse, one dwelling alone

ánhealfrúh [] adj having one side rough

anhende [] adj on hand, requiring attention

ánhende [] adj one-handed, lame, imperfect, weak

ánhíwe [] adj having only one shape or form, uniform [uniformis]

anhoga see ánhaga

ánhoga see ánhaga

ánhorn [] m (-es/-as) unicorn

ánhorna [] m (-n/-n) unicorn

ánhrǽdlíce see ánrǽdlíce

ánhundwintre [] adj a hundred years old

ánhýdig2 [] adj resolute, steadfast, firm, constant, stubborn, self-willed, brave, one- or single-minded

ánhyrne [] 1. m (-es/-as) unicorn; 2. see ánhyrned

ánhyrned [] adj having one horn, one-horned

ánhyrnede [] adj having one horn, one-horned

ánhyrnende [] adj having one horn, one-horned

áníedan [] wv/t1b to restrain, repel; force; út ~ expel, drive out [níed]

ánig see ǽnig

áníge see ánéage

ánigge see ánéage

aníehst [] adj last, at last, in the last place

ániman [] sv/t4 3rd pres ánimð past ánam/ánámon, ánóm/on ptp ánumen to take; take away or from, deprive of

áninga see ánunga

ániðrian [] wv/t2 to cast down

anl- see andl-, onl-

ánlaga [] adv acting alone

anlang- see andlang-

ánláp- see ánlíp-

anlǽc see anléc

ánlǽcan1 [] wv/t1b to unite; collect

anléc [] m (-es/-as) respect, regard

ánlegere [] adj consorting with one man

ánlép- see ánlíp-, ánlíep-

ánlic [] adj only, unique; solitary; catholic; beautiful [see ǽnlic]

ánlíepig [] 1. adj each, single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special; 2. adv alone, only, severally

ánlípig [] 1. adj each, single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special; 2. adv alone, only, severally

ánlípe [] 1. adj each, single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special; 2. adv alone, only, severally

ánlípie [] 1. adj each, single, separate, solitary, private, individual, special; 2. adv alone, only, severally

ánlípnes [] f (-se/-sa) loneliness

ánlípum [] adv singly

ánlýp- see ánlíep-, ánlíp-

ánméde [] n (-es/-u) unanimity, concord

ánmédla [] m (-n/-n) pomp, glory; pride, presumption, arrogance; courage [méd]

anmitta [] m (-n/-n) weight, balance, scales [and, mitta]

ánmód [] adj of one mind, unanimous; steadfast, resolute, eager, bold, brave, fierce, proud; adv ~líce

ánmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) unity, unanimity; steadfastness, resolution

ann [] past 3rd of unnan

anna see heonu

ánne see án

ánnes [] f (-se/-sa) oneness, unity; agreement, covenant; solitude

ánnihte [] adv one day old

anoða see anda

ánpæð2 [] m (-es/-paðas) narrow path

anpolle [] f (-an/-an) see ampella

anr- see onr-

ánrǽd [] adj of one mind, unanimous; constant, firm, persevering, resolute; also ~e

ánrǽdlic [] adj constant, resolute; undoubting; adv ~líce unanimously; resolutely, persistently, constantly, earnestly; definitely, decidedly

ánrǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) unanimity, agreement; constancy, firmness, diligence

ánreces see ánstreces

ánréd see ánrǽd-

anribb see andribb

ans- see ands-, ons-, uns-

anscéatan see onscéotan

anscéotan see onscéotan

ánseld [] n (-es/-) lonely dwelling, hermitage

ánsetl [] n (-es/-, -u) hermitage

ánsetla [] m (-n/-n) anchorite, hermit

ansíen [] 1. f (-e/-e), n (-es/-) countenance, face; form, figure, presence; view, aspect, sight, thing seen; surface; 2. 2 f (-e/-a) lack, want

ansíene2 [] adj visible

anspel [] n (-es/-u) conjecture [deleted]

anspilde [] adj salutary

ánsprǽce [] adv speaking as one

ánstandende [] adj standing alone; noun hermit [pres participle]

ánstapa [] m (-n/-n) lonely wanderer

ánstelede [] adj one-stalked, having one stem

ánstíg [] f (-e/-a) narrow path?, path up a hill?

ánstonde see ánstandende

anstór [] n? (-es/-) incense

ánstræc [] adj resolute, determined

ánstreces [] adv at one stretch, continuously, continually

ansumnes [] f (-se/-sa) soundness, wholeness, integrity (2)

ansund [] adj sound, whole, entire, perfect, healthy; solid

ansundnes [] f (-se/-sa) soundness, wholeness, integrity (1)

ánswége [] adj harmonious, accordant

ansý see ansíen

ant- see and-, ont-, unt-

Antecrist [] m (-es/-as) Antichrist [L]

antefn [] m (-es/-as) antiphon, anthem

antefnere [] m (-es/-as) book of antiphons

antemnere [] m (-es/-as) book of antiphons

ántíd [] f (-e/-e) similar time? (i.e. the corresponding time of a following day), appropriate day?

antifon see antefn

antre [] f (-an/-an) radish

ánum [] adv alone, solely, by this alone

anunder see onunder

anung [] f (-e/-a) zeal; see andung?

ánunga [] adv at once, forthwith; quickly, shortly; entirely, altogether, throughout, by all means, uninterruptedly; necessarily, certainly

anw- see andw-, onw-, unw-

ánwald [] m (-es/-as) monarchy

ánwalda [] m (-n/-n) lone ruler

anwedd [] n (-es/-) security, pledge

ánwíg [] n (-es/-) single combat, duel

ánwíglíce [] adv in single combat

ánwiht see áwiht

ánwille [] 1. adj willful, obstinate; 2. adv willfully, obstinately

áwillíce [] adv obstinately

ánwilnes [] f (-se/-sa) self-will, obstinacy, persistence; mid ~se wantonly, willfully

ánwintre [] adj one year old, yearling

ánwintrecyning [] m (-es/-as) a king or ruler for one winter or year, a consul

ánwíte [] n (-es/-u) single fine

anwlóh see onwealg?

ánwuht see áwiht

ánwunung [] f (-e/-a) solitary abode

ánwylnes see ánwilnes

anxsum- see angsum-

ánýdan see ánídan

anýhst see aníhst

ányman see ániman

anýwan see onýwan

apa [] m (-n/-n) ape

áparian [] wv/t1a to discover, apprehend

ápǽcan [] wv/t1b to seduce, lead astray

apelder- see apuldor-

ápinsian [] wv/t1b to weigh, estimate, ponder, recount [L pensare]

ápinsung [] f (-e/-a) weighing

apl see appel

áplantian [] wv/t2 to plant

áplatod [] adj beaten into (metal) plates

ápluccian [] wv/t1b to pluck, gather

apostata [] m (-n/-n) apostate

apostel [] m (apostles/apostlas) messenger; apostle; disciple [L  from Greek]

apostol [] m (-es/-as) messenger; apostle; disciple [L  from Greek]

apostolhád2 [] m (-a/-a) apostleship

apostolic [] adj apostolic

appel see æppel

apple see æppel

Aprelis [] m (-es/-as) April

ápriccan [] wv/t1a to prick

Aprilis see Aprelis

aprotane [] f (-an/-an) southernwood, wormwood; [L abrotonum, from Gk]

apulder [] f (apuldre/apuldra), m (apuldres/apuldras) apple-tree

apuldor [] f (apuldre/apuldra), m (apuldres/apuldras) apple-tree

apuldorrind [] f (-e/-a) bark of apple-tree

apuldortún [] m (-es/-as) apple-orchard

apuldre see apulder

apuldur see apulder

ápullian [] wv/t2 to pull

ápundrian? [] wv/t2 to measure out, requite?; estimate?

ápyffan [] wv/t1a to exhale, breathe out

ápyndrian [] wv/t1a to weigh

ápýtan [] wv/t1b to put out (eyes)

ár [] 1.2 m (-es/-as) messenger, servant, herald, apostle, angel [Goth. airus]; 2. f (-e/-a) oar; 3. f (-e/-a) honor, worth, dignity, glory, respect, reverence; grace, favor, prosperity, benefit, help; mercy, pity; landed property, possessions, revenue; ecclesiastical living, benefits; ownership; privilege; 4. n (-es/-) ore, brass, copper; 5. see ǽr

Arabisc [] adj Arabian

áracsian see árasian

áráfian [] wv/t2 to unravel, disentangle

árásian [] wv/t2 3rd pres árásað past árásode ptp árásod to lay open, search out, test, detect, discover; reprove, correct; suspect; árásod skilled

árásod [] adj skilled [past part of árásian]

árǽcan [] wv/t1b to reach, get at; hold forth, reach out; get (a thing for a person)

árǽd [] 1. m (-es/-as) welfare; 2. adj prepared, resolute, determined

aræda see aroda?, variant of arod

árǽdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres árǽdeð past áreord/on, áréd/on ptp árǽden to appoint, prepare; arrange, settle, decide; guess, prophesy, interpret, utter; read, read out, read to (any one) [listed as sv/t1, usually weak]

árǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) condition, stipulation

árǽfan [] wv/t1b to set free, unwrap

árǽnan [] wv/t1b to carry out, accomplish; endure, suffer; keep in mind, ponder [æfnan]

árǽfian [] wv/t2 to carry out, accomplish; endure, suffer; keep in mind, ponder [æfnan]

áræfniendlic [] adj endurable, possible

áræfsan [] wv/t1b to intercept

árǽman [] wv/t1b to raise, elevate (oneself); 2 rise, stand up

áræpsan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áræpseð past áræpsede ptp áræpsed to intercept

árǽran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres árǽreð past árǽrde ptp árǽred to lift up, raise, set up, create, establish; build, erect; rear (swine); spread, disseminate; disturb, upset; úp ~ bring up, raise up, exalt

árǽrend [] m (-es/-) one who arouses

árǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) raising, elevation

árǽsan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres árǽseð past árǽsde ptp árǽsed to rush

árblæd [] n (-es/-bladu) oar-blade

arblast [] m (-es/-as) cross-bow [O.Fr. arbaleste]

arc [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) ark, coffer, chest, box [L arca]

arce [] 1. m (-es/-as) archiepiscopal pallium; 2. f see arc

arcebiscop [] m (-es/-as) archbishop

arcebiscopdóm [] m (-es/-as) post of archbishop

arcebiscophád [] m (-a/-a) post of archbishop

arcebiscopríce [] n (-es/-u) archbishopric

arcebiscopstól [] m (-es/-as) archiepiscopal see

arcedíacon [] m (-es/-as) archdeacon

arcehád [] m (-a/-a) archhood, post of archbishop, an archbishop’s pall, his dignity, of which the pall was a sign

arceríce [] n (-es/-u) archbishopric

arcestól [] m (-es/-as) archiepiscopal see

árcræftig [] adj respected, honorable

árdǽde [] adj merciful

árdagas [] m pl festival days

ardlic see arodlic

áre [] f see ár 3

áréafian [] wv/t2 to separate, divide

áreccan [] irreg wv/t1b to spread out, put forth, stretch out; lift up, erect, build up; say, relate, declare, speak out, explain, expound, translate; astonish; adorn?, deck?

áréceléasian [] wv/i2 to be negligent, neglect

ared see arod

áréd see árǽd

áreddan see áhreddan

áredian [] wv/t2 to make ready, devise, provide, arrange, carry out; find, find one’s way, reach; find out, understand [rǽde]

árédnes [] f (-se/-sa) a degree, condition, covenant

árédod [] adj furnished

áréfnan see árǽfnan

árendan [] wv/t1b to tear off

árengan [] wv/t1b to make proud, exalt [arencan?]

áréodian [] wv/t2 to redden, blush, become red; put to shame

áréosan see áhréosan

áréran see árǽran

árétan [] wv/t1b to cheer, gladden [rot]

arewe see arwe

árfæst [] adj respected, honest, pious, virtuous; merciful, gracious, compassionate; respectful

árfæstan [] wv/t1b to show mercy

árfæstian [] wv/t2 to show mercy

árfæstlic [] adj pious; adv ~líce

árfæstnes [] f (-se/-sa) virtue, honor, grace, goodness, piety; pity, mercy

árfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) brazen vessel

árfest see árfæst

árful [] adj respected, venerable; favorable, kind, merciful; respectful; adv ~líce graciously

arg see earg

argang see earsgang

árgeblond see éargebland

argentille [] f (-an/-an) argentilla (plant) [L]

árgéotere [] m (-es/-as) brass-founder

árgesweorf [] n (-es/-) brass filings

árgeweorc [] n (-es/-) brass-work

árgiefa [] m (-n/-n) giver of benefits

arhlíce see earglíce

árhwæt [] adj eager for glory

árian1 [a:r·yan] wv/t2 to honor, respect; endow; regard, care for, favor, be merciful to, spare, pardon

Arianisc [] adj Arian, belonging to Arius, an Alexandrian, who lived in the 4th century

árídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres árídeð past árád/ádridon ptp ádriden to ride

áriddan see áhreddan

áriend [] m (-es/-), f (-?/-?) benefactor, benefactress

árigend [] m (-es/-), f (-?/-?) benefactor, benefactress

áriht [] adj aright, properly

áríman [] wv/t1b to number, count, enumerate; relate

árinnan [] sv/i3 3rd pres árinð past árann/árunnon ptp is árunnen to run out, pass away

árísan [] 1. sv/i1 3rd pres áríseð past árás/árison ptp is árisen to arise, get up; rise; spring from, originate; spring up, ascend; 2. see gerísan 1

árist see ǽrist

árléas [] adj dishonorable, base, impious, wicked; cruel; [Ger ehrlos]; adv ~líce

árléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness

árléast [] f (-e/-a) disgraceful deed

árlic [] adj 1. honorable; fitting, agreeable, proper; delicious; 2. see ǽrlic

árlíce [] adv 1. honorably, becomingly, graciously, kindly, pleasantly, mercifully; 2. see ǽrlíce

árloc [] n (-es/-u) oarlock, rowlock

arm see earm

armelu [] ? (-?/-?) harmala, wild rue

ármorgen see ǽrmorgen

arn [] past 3rd sing of iernan

arn- see earn-

arod [] adj quick, bold, ready; (wk aroda)

árod [] past participle of árian

arodlic [] adj quick; adv ~líce quickly; vigorously

arodnes [] f (-se/-sa) spirit, boldness

arodscipe [] m (-es/-as) energy, dexterity

áróm? [] ? (-?/-?) copperas

aron [] alternate pres pl of wesan

Arrianisc [] adj Arian, belonging to Arius, an Alexandrian, who lived in the 4th century

ársápe [] f (-an/-an) verdigris [sápe]

árscamu [] f (-e/-a) shame, modesty [deleted]

ársmið [] m (-es/-as) coppersmith

árstæf2 [] m (-es/-stafas) support, assistance, kindness, benefit, grace (often in pl)

art see eart, pres 2nd sing of wesan

arð see eart, pres 2nd sing of wesan

árþegn [] m (-es/-as) servant

árþing [] n (-es/-) a thing of value

arud see arod

árung [] f (-e/-a) honor, respect, reverence; pardon

árunnen see áurnen, past part of árinnen

arwe [] f (-an/-an) arrow

árwela see éarwela

árweorð [] adj honorable, venerable, revering, pious; adv ~e

árweorðe [] adj honorable, venerable, revering, pious; adv ~e

árweorðful [] adj honorable

árweorðian1 [] wv/t2 to honor, reverence, worship, extol

árweorðlic [] adj venerable, honorable; adv ~líce reverentially, solemnly, kindly

árweorðnes [] f (-se/-sa) reverence, honor

árweorðung [] f (-e/-a) honor

árwesa [] adj? respected

árwierðe see árweorð

árwiððe [] f (-an/-an) oar-thong, rowlock

arwunga see earwunga

arwunge see earwunga

árwurð see árweorð

árwyrð see árweorð

áryddan [] wv/t1a to strip, plunder

áryddran [] wv/t1a to strip, plunder

árydtran [] wv/t1b to strip, plunder

áryderian [] wv/i2 to blush, be ashamed

árýpan [] wv/t1b to tear off, strip

árýð see éarýð

ásadian [] wv/t2 to satiate, surfeit

asal see esol

asald see esol

ásánian [] wv/t2 to droop, flag

ásáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres ásǽwð past áséow/on ptp ásáwen to sow, sow with

ásæcgan see ásecgan

ásægdnes see onsægednes

ásǽlan2 [] wv/t1b to bind, fetter, ensnare

ásændan see ásendan

asca [] m (-n/-n) see asce

áscacan [a*shak*an] sv/t6 3rd pres áscæcð past áscóc/on ptp áscacen to shake off, remove; depart, flee, desert, forsake; shake, brandish [áscádan (áscǽdeð), áscéd/on, áscáden]

áscádan see áscéadan

áscafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres áscæfeð past áscóf/on ptp ásceafen to shave off [áscafan (áscæfð), áscof/on, áscafen]

áscamelic [] adj shameful

áscamian [] wv/t2 to feel shame

ascas [] nom, acc pl of æsc

áscæcan see áscacan

áscæfen [] past participle of ásceafan

ascbacen [] adj baked on ashes

asce [] f (-an/-an) (burnt) ash; dust (of the ground)

ásceacan see áscacan

áscéadan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áscǽdeð past áscéd/on ptp áscéaden to separate, hold aloof or asunder, exclude; make clear, cleanse, purify [áscádan (áscǽdeð), áscéd/on, áscáden]

áscealian [] wv/t2 to peel off

ásceaman [] wv/i1b to be ashamed

áscearpan see áscirpan

áscellan see áscillan, áscillian

áscéofan see áscúfan

ásceon- see onscun-

ásceortian see ascortian

áscéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres áscíeteð past áscéat/áscuton ptp áscoten to shoot, shoot out; drop out, fall; lance (surgery); eviscerate

ásceppan see áscieppan

áscer- see áscir-

áscian [] wv/t2 to ask, inquire, seek for, demand; call, summon; examine, observe; ge~ learn by inquiry, discover, hear of; 2 announce

ásciendlic [] adj interrogative

áscieppan [] sv/t6 3rd pres ásciepð past áscóp/on ptp áscapen to make, create; appoint, determine, assign

áscihtan [] wv/t1b to drive away

áscildan [] wv/t1b to protect

áscilian [] wv/t2 to separate, divide

áscímian [] wv/t2 to shine

áscínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áscínð past áscán/áscinon ptp áscinen to flash or shine forth, beam, radiate, be clear

áscieran [] sv/t4 3rd pres áscierð past áscear/áscéaron ptp áscoren to cut off, cut away

áscirian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áscireð past áscirede ptp áscired to cut off, separate, divide, remove; set free, deprive off; arrange, destine

áscirigendlic [] adj disjunctive

áscirpan [] wv/t1b to sharpen, make acute

áscortian [] wv/i2 to become short, fail; pass away, elapse

áscréadian [] wv/t2 to prune, lop

áscrencan [] wv/t1b to displace, trip up, cause to stumble

áscrepan [] sv/t5 3rd pres áscripð past áscræp/áscrǽpon ptp áscrepen to scrape, clear away

áscrífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áscrífeð past áscráf/áscrifon ptp áscrifen to describe

áscrútnian [] wv/t2 to investigate, examine

áscúfan [] sv/t2 3rd pres áscýfð past áscéaf/áscufon ptp áscofen to drive out, remove, expel, banish; push (away)

áscun- see onscun-

áscung1 [] f (-e/-a) asking, questioning, inquiring, question, inquiry, inquisition, interrogation, that which is inquired about, information

áscyhhan [] wv/t1b to scare away, reject

áscyled [] adj made manifest

áscylfan [] wv/t1b to destroy

áscylian see áscilian

áscyllan see áscilian

áscyndan [] wv/t1b to separate, part (from); drive away (from); take away

áscyr- see áscir-

áscýran [] wv/t1b to make clear [scír]

ásealcan see áseolcan

áséarian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áséareð past áséarede ptp áséared to wither, dry up

ásécan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres ásécð past ásóhte ptp ásóht to seek out, select; search out, examine, explore; seek for, require, ask; search through, penetrate

ásécendlic [] adj to be sought

ásecgan [] 1. wv/t3 3rd pres ásægð past ásǽde ptp ásǽd to say out, express, tell, narrate, explain, announce; 2. see onsecgan

ásecgendlic [] adj utterable

ásédan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ásédeð past ásédde ptp áséded to satiate [sæd]

ásegendnes [] f (-se/-sa) an offering

ásellan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres áselð past ásealde ptp áseald to give up, hand over, deliver; expel, banish

ásencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ásencð past ásencte ptp ásenced to sink, immerse

ásendan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres ásendeð past ásende ptp ásend to send away, send forth, send, give up

ásengan see ásecgan

áseolcan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ásielcð past ásealc/ásulcon ptp ásolcen to become slack, remiss, relaxed, weak

áséon [] 1. sv/t5 3rd pres ásiehð past áseah/ásáwon ptp ásewen to look upon, behold; 2. sv/t1 3rd pres ásíehð past ásáh/ásigon ptp ásigen to strain

áseonod [] adj relaxed

áséoðan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ásíeðð past áséað/ásudon ptp ásoden to seethe, boil; refine, purify; examine

áséowan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áséoweð past áséowede  ptp áséowed to sew

ásetnes [] f (-se/-sa) institute, law

asettan see onsettan

ásettan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áseteð past ásette ptp áseted/áset/ásett to set, put, place; store up; fix, establish, appoint, set up or in, erect, build, plant; apply; transport oneself over, cross (the sea, etc); take away; síð(as) ~ to perform a journey, travel

áséðan [] wv/t1b to affirm, confirm [sóð]

ásícan [] 1. sv/t1 3rd pres ásícð past ásác/ásicon ptp ásicen to sigh; 2. to wean

ásiftan [] wv/t1b to sift

ásígan [] sv/i1 3rd pres ásígð past ásáh/ásigon ptp ásigen to sink, sink down, decline, fall down

ásincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ásincð past ásanc/ásuncon ptp ásuncen to sink down, fall to pieces

ásingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ásingð past ásang/ásungon ptp ásungen to sing out, sing, deliver (a speech), compose (verse)

ásittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres ásitteð past ásæt/ásǽton ptp áseten to dwell together, settle; apprehend, fear; run aground; út ~ starve out

áslacian [] wv/i2 to become slack, decline, diminish; grow tired; make slack, loosen, relax, dissolve

áslacigendlic [] adj remissive

áslápan see áslǽpan

ásláwian [] wv/i2 to become sluggish, be torpid [sláw]

áslæccan [] wv/t1a to slacken, loosen

áslæcian see áslacian

áslǽpan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áslǽpeð past áslép/on ptp áslǽpen to slumber, dream; be paralyzed, be benumbed

áslǽwan [] wv/t1b  to blunt, make dull

áslíding [] f (-e/-a) a slip of the tongue

áslítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áslíteð past áslát/ásliton ptp ásliten to slit, cleave, cut off, destroy

áslúpan [] sv/t2 3rd pres áslýpð past ásléap/áslupon ptp áslopen to slip off, escape, disappear (of + dat)

áslýtan see áslítan

ásméagan [] wv/t1b to consider, examine, investigate, devise, elicit, treat of, think; look for demand

ásméagung [] f (-e/-a) scrutiny, consideration

ásméan see ásméagan

ásmirian1 [] wv/t2 to smear, anoint

ásmirwan1 [] wv/t1b to smear, anoint

ásmiðian [] wv/t2 to do smith’s work, fashion, forge, fabricate

ásmorian [] wv/t2 to smother, strangle

ásmorung [] f (-e/-a) choking, suffocation

ásmúgan see ásméagan

ásnǽsan [] wv/t1b to spit, impale, stab

ásníðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ásníðeð past ásnáð/ásnidon ptp ásniden to cut off

ásoden [] past participle of áséoðan

ásogen [] past participle of ásúgan

ásolcen [] adj sluggish, idle, indifferent, dissolute [past part of áseolcan]

ásolcennes [] f (-se/-sa) sleepiness, sloth, laziness

ásolian [] wv/i2 to become dirty

áspanan [] sv/t6 3rd pres áspenð past áspón/on ptp áspanen to allure, seduce, persuade, urge, insinuate

áspannan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áspenð past áspéon/on ptp áspannen to unbind, unclasp

ásparian [] wv/t2 to preserve

áspatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áspæteð past áspeoft/on ptp áspaten to spit out

áspeaft see áspeoft

áspédan [] wv/t1b to survive, escape

áspelian [] wv/t2 to be substitute for, represent, take the place of; ~ of be exempt from

áspendan [] wv/t1b to spend, expend, distribute, squander, consume

áspeoft [] past 3rd sing spit out of áspatan?

ásperian see áspyrian

aspide [] m (-es/-as) asp, adder, serpent

áspillan [] wv/t1a to destroy

áspinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áspinð past áspann/áspunnon ptp áspunnen to spin

áspirian see áspyrian

áspíwan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áspíwð past áspáw/áspiwon ptp áspiwen to spew up, vomit

ásplǽtan? [] wv/t1b to split

áspornan [] wv/t1b to cast down

áspréadan [] wv/t1b to stretch out, extend

ásprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres áspricð past áspræc/ásprǽcon ptp ásprocen to speak out, speak

ásprengan [] wv/t1b to cause to spring, fling out

ásprettan see áspryttan

ásprindlad [] adj ripped up

áspringan [] sv/i3 3rd pres áspringð past ásprang/ásprungon  ptp is ásprungen to spring up or forth, break forth, spread; arise, originate, be born; dwindle, diminish, fail, cease; ásprungen dead

áspringung [] f (-e/-a) failing

áspritan see áspryttan

ásproten [] past participle of ásprútan

ásprungen [] adj dead

ásprungennes [] f (-se/-sa) failing, exhaustion, death; eclipse

ásprungnes [] f (-se/-sa) failing, exhaustion, death; eclipse

ásprútan [] sv/i2 3rd pres ásprýteð past áspréat/áspruton ptp is ásproten to sprout forth

áspryngan see áspringan

áspryttan [] wv/t1a to sprout out, bring forth

áspylian [] wv/t2 to wash oneself

áspyrgend [] m (-es/-) investigator

áspyrging [] m (-es/-as) an invention [adinventio]

áspyrian [] wv/t1a to track, trace out, investigate, study, explore, discover

áspýwan see áspíwan

assa [] m (-n/-n) he-ass

assedun [] adj dun-colored like an ass

assen [] f (-ne/-na) she-ass

Assirisc [] adj Assyrian

assmyre [] f (-an/-an) she-ass

ást [] f (-e/-a) kiln

ástandan [] sv/i6 3rd pres ástendeð past ástód/on ptp is ástanden to stand up, stand forth, rise up, rise; continue, endure

ástandennes [] f (-se/-sa) perserverance; existence, subsistence

ástǽgan [] wv/t1b to go up, embark

ástǽlan [] wv/t1b to lay at one’s charge

ástǽnan [] wv/t1b to adorn with precious stones [listed as sv/t1]

ástæppan [] wv/t1a to imprint (a footstep)

ástærfan see ástyrfan

ástéapan see ástýpan

ástellan [] wv/t1a 1. to set forth, set, put, afford, supply, display, appoint; set up, establish, confirm, institute, ordain, undertake, start; undergo; 2. to fly off, rush

ástemnian [] wv/t2 to found, build

ástemped [] adj engraved, stamped

ástencan [] wv/t1b to scatter

ástéop- see ástýp-

ásteorfan [] sv/i3 3rd pres ástierfð past ástearf/ásturfon ptp is ástorfen to die

ástép- see ástýp-

áster- see ástyr-

asterion [] ? (-?/-?) asterion, pellitory

ástífian [] wv/i2 to become stiff

ástífician see ástýfecian

ástígan [] sv/i1 3rd pres ástígeð past ástág/ástigon ptp is ástigen to proceed, go; (usu with úp, níðer, etc.) rise, mount, ascend, descend; be puffed up

ástígend [] m (-es/-) rider

ástigian [] wv/t2 to ascend, mount

ástígnes [] f (-se/-sa) ascent

ástihtan [] wv/t1b to determine on, decree

ástihting see átyhting

ástillian [] wv/t2 to still, quiet

ástingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ástingeð past ástang/ástungon ptp ástungen to bore out, pierce out; stab

ástintan see ástyntan

ástirian see ástyrian

ástíðian [] wv/i2 to become hard, dry up, wither; grow up?, become powerful?

ástondnes see ástandennes

ástǽlian [] wv/t1b to cast forth, hurl

ástreccan [] irreg wv/t1b to stretch out, stretch forth, extend, lay low; prostrate oneself, bow down

ástregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres ástrigdeð past ástrægd/ástrugdon ptp ástrogden to sprinkle

ástregdnes? [] f (-se/-sa) sprinkling

ástrenged [] adj (made strong), malleable

ástrícan [] sv/t1 3rd pres ástrícð past ástrác/ástricon ptp ástricen to strike severely

ástríenan2 [] wv/t1b to beget

ástrogden [] past participle of ástregdan

ástrogdnis [] f (-se/-sa) sprinkling (or ástregdnes)

ástrowenes [] f (-se/-sa) length, spread?

ástrýnan see ástríenan

ástundian [] wv/t2 to take upon oneself

ástýfecian [] wv/t2 to suppress, eradicate

ástyllan see ástellan

ástyltan [] wv/i1b to be astonished

ástyntan [] wv/t1b to blunt, repress, restrain, stop, overcome

ástýpan [] wv/t1b to deprive, bereave; ástýpte orphans [stéop]

ástýpednes [] f (-se/-sa) privation, bereavement

ástýpnes [] f (-se/-sa) privation, bereavement

ástýpte [] m, f pl orphans

ástýran [] wv/t1b to guide, control

ástýrfan [] wv/t1b to kill, destroy

ástýrian [] wv/t1a to stir up, excite, move, move forward, raise; be roused, become angry; ástýred weorðan to be or become anxious

ástyriendlic see un~

ástyrigend [] m (-es/-) a stirrer-up

ástyrred [] adj starry

ástyrung [] f (-e/-a) motion

ásúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ásýcð past áséac/ásucon ptp ásocen to suck, suck out, drain; consume (ósogen)

ásúgan [] sv/t2 3rd pres ásýgð past áséag/ásugon ptp ásogen to suck, suck out, drain; consume (ósogen)

ásundran see onsundran

ásundron see onsundran

ásundrian see ásyndrian

ásúrian [] wv/i2 to be or become sour

áswámian [] wv/i2 to die away; cease

áswápan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áswǽpð past áswéop/on ptp áswópen to sweep away, remove, clean [irreg past part]

áswárcan [] wv/t1b to languish

áswárnian [] wv/i2 to be confounded

áswárnung [] f (-se/-sa) shame, confusion

áswaðian [] wv/t2 to investigate

áswǽman [] wv/i1b to roam, wander about; pine, grieve; be ashamed

áswǽrn- see áswarn-

áswǽtan [] wv/t1b to burst out in perspiration

ásweartian [] wv/t2 to turn livid, become ashy or black

áswebban2 [] wv/t1a 3rd pres áswefeð past áswefede ptp áswefed to lull, soothe, set at rest; put to death, destroy

áswefecian [] wv/t2 to extirpate

áswellan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áswilð past ásweall/áswullon ptp áswollen to swell

ásweltan [] sv/i3 3rd pres áswilteð past áswealt/áswulton ptp is áswolten to die

áswencan [] wv/t1b to afflict

áswengan [] wv/t1b to swing off, shake off, cast forth; ~ on cast upon

ásweorcan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áswiercð past áswearc/áswurcon ptp ásworcen to droop

ásweorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áswierfð past áswearf/áswurfon ptp ásworfen to file off, polish

áswépa see ǽswǽpa

áswerian [] sv/t6 3rd pres áswereð past áswór/on ptp ásworen to swear

áswic- see ǽswic-

áswícan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áswícð past áswác/áswicon ptp áswicen to desert, abandon, betray, deceive; offend, irritate, provoke

áswífan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áswífeð past áswáf/áswifon ptp áswifen to wander, stray

áswind see ǽswind

áswindan [] sv/i3 3rd pres áswindeð past áswand/áswundon ptp is áswunden to become weak, shrink, fade away, perish, decay, dissolve

áswingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áswingeð past áswang/áswungon ptp áswungen to scourge

áswógan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áswégð past áswéog/on ptp áswógen to cover over, choke

ásworettan [] wv/i1b to sigh, grieve

áswornian see áswarnian

áswundennes [] f (-se/-sa) idleness

ásynderlic [] adj remote

ásyndran1 [] wv/t1b to separate, divide, disjoin, sever; distinguish, except

ásyndrian1 [] wv/t2 to separate, divide, disjoin, sever; distinguish, except

ásyndrung [] f (-e/-a) division

ásyngian [] wv/t2 to sin

at see æt

átǽfran see átíefran

átǽsan [] wv/t1b to wear out, injure, strike, smite; wound

atáwian see ætíewan

áte [] f (-an/-an) oats; wild oats, tares

áteallan see átellan

átéfran see átíefran

ategár see ætgár

atel see atol

átellan [] irreg wv/t1b to reckon up, count; ~ wíð balance against; tell, enumerate; explain, interpret

átemian [] wv/t2 to tame, subdue, render quiet

átendan [] wv/t1b to set on fire, kindle, inflame; trouble, perplex

átending [] f (-e/-a) incentive

átéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres átíehð past átéah/átugon ptp átogen to draw up, out, off, or from, remove, pull out, ead out, draw; úp ~ draw up, move away; protract; move, journey, roam; deal with, dispose of, apply, use

átéorian [] wv/t2 to fail, become exhausted, weary, cease; be defective

átéoriendlic [] adj transitory, perishable; failing; defective

átéorigendlic [] adj transitory, perishable; failing; defective

átéorodnes [] f (-se/-sa) cessation, exhaustion

átéorung [] f (-e/-a) failing, weariness

átéowan see óþíewan

áter see átor

áteran [] sv/t4 3rd pres átirð past átær/átǽron ptp átoren to tear away

áteriendlic see áteoriendlic

áterima [] m (-n/-n) oat-bran

átertánum [] dative pl adv with poisoned twigs or poison-stripes? (or ? –téarum with poison-drops)

áteshwón [] adv at all [áwiht]

athéd see æthýd

átendnes [] f (-se/-sa) incentive

Athlans [] m (-es/-as) Mount Atlas, in West Africa

Athénisc [] adj Athenian

átídrian [] wv/i2 to grow weak

átíefran [] wv/t1b to draw, depict

atíewan see óþíewan

átiht- see átyht-

átillan [] wv/t1a to touch, reach

átimbran [] wv/t1b to erect, build

átimbrian [] wv/t2 to erect, build

átimplian [] wv/t2 to provide with spikes

átíwan see óþíewan

átland [] n (-es/-) oat-land

átléag [] m (-es/-as) oat-field

atol [] 1. adj dire, terrible, ugly, deformed, repulsive, unchaste; 2. 2 n (-es/-u) horror, evil

atolian [] wv/t2 to disfigure

atolic [] adj dire, terrible, deformed, repulsive; adv ~líce (1)

atollic [] adj dire, terrible, deformed, repulsive; adv ~líce (2)

átor [] n (átres/-) poison, venom; gall

átr [] n (-es/-) poison, venom; gall

áttor [] n (áttres/áttru) poison, venom; gall

átorbǽre [] adj poisonous

átorberende [] adj poisonous, venomous

átorcoppe [] f (-an/-an) spider

átorcræft [] m (-es/-as) art of poisoning

átorcynn [] n (-es/-) poison

átordrinca [] m (-n/-n) poisonous draught [deleted]

átorgeblǽd [] n (-es/-) abscess, swelling caused by poison

átorláðe [] f (-an/-an) plant used as antidote to poison, betonica?

átorlic [] adj poison-like, bitter

átorsceaða2 [] m (-n/-n) poisonous enemy

átorspere [] n (-es/-u) poisoned spear

átorþigen [] f (-e/-a) taking of poison

átr see átor

átr- see ádr-

átrahtnian [] wv/t2 to treat, discuss

átredan [] sv/t5 3rd pres átritt, átrideð past átræd/átrǽdon ptp átreden to extract, extort

átreddan [] wv/t1a to search out, examine

átrendlian [] wv/t2 to roll

átres [] gen sing of átor

atrum [] n (-es/-) ink [L atramentum]

átter see átor

áttor see átor

attrum see atrum

atul see atol

átur see átor

átwéonian [] wv/t2 to cause doubt

átwiccian [] wv/t2 to excerpt

átyddrian see átídrian

átýdran [] wv/t1b to beget, create [túdor]

átýfran see átíefran

átyhtan [] wv/t1b to entice, allure, incite; be attentive; produce; stretch, extend, turn

átyhting [] f (-e/-a) intention, aim; instigation

átymbran see átimbran

átýnan [] wv/t1b 1. to shut off, exclude; 2. see ontýnan

átyndan see átendan

átýrian see átéorian

átýwan see oþíewan

áð [] m (-es/-as) oath, (judicial) swearing; fine for an unsuccessful oath; ~ sellan1 to make oath, swear; ungecoren ~ oath taken by a body of persons generally (as opposed to cyreáð); cyre~ oath sworn by an accused man and by other chosen persons

áð- see óð-

aðamans [] m (-es/-as) adamant [L]

áðbryce [] m (-es/-as) perjury

áþecgan [] wv/t1b to take food, consume?; oppress?

áðegehát see áðgehát

áþegen [] adj distended (with food)

áþencan [] irreg wv/t1b to think out, devise, contrive, invent; intend

áþenenes [] f (-se/-sa) extension

áþenian [] wv/t2 to stretch out, extend, draw out, expand; apply (the mind); prostrate (2)

áþennan [] wv/t1a to stretch out, extend, draw out, expand; apply (the mind); prostrate (1)

áþenung [] f (-e/-a) stretching out, distension; stratum

áþéodan see áþíedan

áþéostrian [] wv/i2 to become dark, obscured, ecllipsed

áðer see áhwæðer

áþerscan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áþirscð past áþærsc/áþurscon ptp áþorscen to thresh out

áþéstrian see áðéostrian

áþéwan see áðýwan

áðexe [] f (-an/-an) lizard

áðfultum [] m (-es/-as) confirmation (confirmers) of an oath

áðgehát [] n (-es/-) promise on oath, oath

áþiddan [] wv/t1a to thrust, push

áþíedan [] wv/t1b to separate

áþierran [] wv/t1a to clean

áþíestrian see áþéostrian

áþindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áþindeð past áþand/áþundon ptp áþunden to swell, puff up, inflate, increase; melt, pass away [see þindan]

áþindung [] f (-e/-a) swelling

áþístrian see áþéostrian

áþísðrigan see áþéostrian

áðl see ádl

áðloga [] m (-n/-n) perjurer

áþol see ádl

áþolian [] wv/t2 to hold out, endure, suffer

áðolware [] m pl citizens

áðor see áhwæðer

áþracian [] wv/t2 to dread; frighten [see onþracian]

áþráwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áþrǽwð past áþréow/on ptp áþráwen to throw forth spill; to curl, twist, wreath, twine

áþrǽstan [] wv/t1b to twist out, wrest out

áþréatian [] wv/t2 to dissuade from; chide, rebuke

áþréotan [] sv/t2 pers, impers 3rd pres áþríeteð past áþréat/áþruton ptp áþroten to tire of, weary, be tiresome to, displease, disgust

áþrescan see áþerscan

áþríetan [] wv/t1b to weary

áþringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áþringeð past áþrang/áþrungon ptp áþrungen to crowd or press out; rush forth, break out; út ~ emboss

áþríostrian see áþéostrian

áþrístian [] wv/i2 to be bold, presume

áþrotennes [] f (-se/-sa) wearisomeness

áþrotsum [] adj irksome

áþrówian [] wv/t2 to suffer

áþroxen [] past part of áþerscan

áþrunten [] adj swollen [past part of áðrintan]

áþrúten? [] adj swollen [past part of áðrútan]

áþryccan [] wv/t1a to press, oppress

áþrýn [] wv/t1b 3rd pres áðrýð past áðrýde ptp áðrýd to rob?, drive out?

áþrysemian [] wv/t2 to suffocate, smother

áþrysman [] wv/t1b to suffocate, smother

áðstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) oath

áðswaru [] f (-e/-a) oath-swearing, oath

áðswerian? [] sv/t6 3rd pres áðswereð past áðswór/on ptp áðsworen to vow with an oath

áðswerung [] f (-e/-a) oath-swearing

áðswyrd [] n (-es/-) oath-swearing

áðum [] m (áðmes/áðmas) son-in-law; brother-in-law

áðumswerian [] m pl son-in-law and father-in-law

áðundennes [] f (-se/-sa) swelling, tumor; contumacy

áþwǽnan [] wv/t1b to diminish, soften

áþwéan [] sv/t6 3rd pres áþwíehð past áþwóg/on ptp áþwagen to wash, wash off, cleanse, baptize, anoint

áðwedd [] n (-es/-) promise on oath

áþweran [] sv/t4 3rd pres áþwirð past áþwær/áþwǽron ptp áþworen to stir up, churn

áþwínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áþwínð past áþwán/áþwinon ptp áþwinen to vanish

áþwítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áþwíteð past áþwát/áþwiton ptp áþwiten to disappoint

áðwyrðe [] adj worthy of credit

áþýan see áþýwan

áþýdan see áþíedan

áþylgian [] wv/t2 to bear up

áþýn see áþýwan

áþynnian [] wv/t2 to make thin, reduce

áþýstrian see áþéostrian

áþýtan [] wv/t1b 1. to sound, blow ( a horn);

áþýwan [] wv/t1b to drive away; press out or into, squeeze out

áuht see áwiht

áuðer see áhwæðer

áw see ǽ

áwa see á

áwacan [] sv/i6 3rd pres áwæcð past áwóc/on ptp is áwacen to awake; arise, originate, spring forth, be born

áwacian [] wv/t2 to awake

áwácian [] wv/t2 to grow weak, decline, fall, belittle; fall away, lapse, desist from, abstain; mollify, appease

áwacnian see áwæcnian

áwandian [] wv/t2 to fear, hesitate

áwanian [] wv/t2 to diminish, lessen

áwannian [] wv/i2 to become livid or black and blue

áwansian [] wv/t2 to diminish

áwár see áhwǽr

áwárnian [] wv/i2 to be confounded [same as áswarnian]

áwascan [] sv/t6 3rd pres áwæscð past áwósc/on ptp áwacen to wash, bathe, immerse

áwæc- see áwec-

áwǽcan [] wv/t1b to weaken

áwæcnan [] wv/t1b to awaken, revive; arise, originate, spring from

áwæcnian [] wv/t2 to awaken, revive; arise, originate, spring from

áwǽgan [] wv/t1b to deceive; destroy, annul, make nugatory

áwǽgnian [] wv/t2 to fail to perform, annul

áwǽlan [] wv/t1b to harass, afflict

áwæled [] past part. of áwilwan

áwæltan see áwyltan

áwæmmian see áwemman

áwænd- see áwend-, onwend-

áwænian see áwenian

áwærd [] past part. of áwierdan

áwærged see áwierged

áwærian [] wv/t2 to avoid

áwæscan see áwascan

áwǽstan see áwéstan

áweallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres áwielð past áwéoll/on ptp áweallen to well up, flow out, break forth, issue, swarm; be hot, burn

áweardian [] wv/t2 to guard, defend

áweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres áwiexð past áwéox/on ptp is áweaxen to grow, grow up, arise, come forth

áweb see óweb

áwec- see áwæc-

áweccan [] wv/t1a to awake, rouse, incite, excite; raise up, beget

áwecenes [] f (-se/-sa) incitement

áwecgan [] wv/t1b to undermine, shake, move

áwédan [] wv/t1b to be or become mad, rage; [wód]

áwefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres áwifð past áwæf/áwǽfon ptp áwefen to weave, weave together

áweg [] adv away, forth, out

áwegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres áwigð past áwæg/áwǽgon ptp áwegen to lift up, carry away; weigh, weigh out; estimate, consider; distinguish

áwegáworpnes [] f (-se/-sa) abortion

áwegcuman [] sv/t4 3rd pres áwegcymð past áwegcóm/on ptp áwegcumen to escape

áwegéade [] adj went away [áweg, éode]

áwegfléon [] sv/i2 3rd pres áwegflíehð past áwegfléah/áwegflugon ptp is áwegflogen to fly or flee away

áweggán [] irreg v/i to go away

áweggewítan [] sv/i1 3rd pres áweggewíteð past áweggewát/áweggewiton ptp is áweggewiten to depart

áweggewitenes [] f (-se/-sa) departure; aberration (of mind)

áwegweard [] adj coming to a close

áwehtnes [] f (-se/-sa) arousing

awel [] m (awles/awlas) hook, fork

áwelian see áwillan

áwemman [] wv/t1a to disfigure, corrupt

áwemmendnes [] f (-se/-sa) corruption

áwénan [] wv/t1b to consider [áhw~]

áwend [] adj turned, translated

áwendan [] wv/t1b to avert, turn aside, remove, upset; change, exchange, alter, perfert; translate; turn from, go, depart; return; subdue

áwended- see áwendend-

áwendendlic [] adj that can be changed, changeable

áwendendlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) mutability

áwendednes [] f (-se/-sa) change, alteration (1)

áwendendnes [] f (-se/-sa) change, alteration (2)

áwendennes [] f (-se/-sa) change

áwending [] f (-e/-a) subversion, change

áwenian [] wv/t2 to disaccustom, wean

áwéodian [] wv/t2 to root out, extirpate

áweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áwierpð past áwearp/áwurpon ptp áworpen to throw, throw away, cast down, cast out, cast aside, degrade, depose; áworpen divorced, rejected, destroyed, apostate; of, út ~ to throw out

áweorpnes see áworpennes

áweorðan [] sv/i3 3rd pres áwierð past áwearð/áwurdon ptp is áworden to pass away, vanish, become worthless; see geweorðan

áweosung [] f (-e/-a) the substance, reality [subsistentia]

áwer see áhwǽr

áwerdan see áwierdan

áwerde [] m (-es/-as) worthless fellow

áwerg- see áwierg-, áweri-, áwyrig-

áwerian [] wv/t2 1. to defend; hinder, restrain; protect, cover, surround, enclose; ward off from oneself, spurn from oneself; 2. to wear, wear out (clothes)

áwerpan see áweorpan

áwescnes see ǽwiscnes

áwesnis [] f? (-se/-sa) essense

áwéstan [] wv/t1b to lay waste, destroy

áwéstednes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation, destruction (1)

áwéstnes [] f (-se/-sa) desolation, destruction (2)

áwéstend [] m (-es/-) devastator

áwexen see áweaxen, past part of áweaxan

áwídlian [] wv/t2 to profane, defile

áwierdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres past ptp áwærd to spoil, injure, hurt, corrupt, seduce, destroy, kill

áwierding [] f (-e/-a) corruption, blemish

áwierdnes [] f (-se/-sa) hurt, harm, destruction; defilement

áwiergan [] wv/t1b 1. to curse, damn, denounce, outlaw; sé áwier(ge)da fiend, devil; 2. to strangle, suffocate

áwiergedlic [] adj detestable, shameful, abominable

áwiergednes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness; curse, cursing [wearg]

áwiergendlic see áwiergedlic

áwiergian [] wv/t2 1. to curse, damn, denounce, outlaw; sé áwier(ge)da fiend, devil; 2. to strangle, suffocate

áwierigende [] adj accursed

áwierigung [] f (-e/-a) a curse

áwierpan [] wv/t1b to recover (from illness)

áwiht [] 1. n (-es/-u) aught, anything, something; 2. adv at all, by any means; tó áhte at all; 3. adj good, of value

áwildian [] wv/i2 to become wild

áwillan [] irreg v/t to bring into commotion, boil

áwille see ánwille 2

áwilnian [] wv/t2 to wish for

awilwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres past ptp áwæled to roll

awilwian [] wv/t2 3rd pres past ptp áwilwod to roll

áwinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áwinð past áwann/áwunnon ptp áwunnen to labor, strive; gain, overcome, endure

áwirgan see áwiergan

áwirgnes see áwyrgednes

áwisc- see ǽwisc-

áwisnian [] wv/i2 to become dry, wither

áwistlian [] wv/i2 to hiss [hwistlian]

áwítegian [] wv/t2 to prophesy

áwlacian [] wv/i2 to be or become lukewarm

áwlancian [] wv/t2 to exult, to be proud

áwlǽtan [] wv/t1b to befoul, make loathsome

áwlencan [] wv/t1b to make proud, enrich

áwlyspian [] wv/i2 to lisp

áwo see á, áwa

áwoffian [] wv/i2 3rd pres áwoffað past áwoffode ptp áwoffod to become proud, insolent; rave, be delirious, insane

áwógian [] wv/t2 to woo

áwóh [] adv (crookedly), wrongfully, unjustly

áwol see áwel

áwolfigan see áwoffian

áwonian see áwanian

áwor see áfor

áwordennes [] f (-se/-sa) degeneration

áworpednes see áworpennes

áworpen [] adj divorced, rejected, destroyed, apostate

áworpenlic [] adj worthy of condemnation; adv ~líce vilely

áworpennes [] f (-se/-sa) rejection, what is cast away; exposure (of children); a casting out

áworpnes [] f (-se/-sa) rejection, what is cast away; exposure (of children); a casting out

áwrǽnan [] wv/t1b to make wanton

áwrǽnsian [] wv/t2 to wax wanton

áwrǽstan [] wv/t1b to wrest from, extort

áwrecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres áwricð past áwræc/áwrǽcon ptp áwrecen to thrust out, drive away; strike, pierce; utter, sing, relate, recite; punish, avenge

áwreccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres áwrecð past áwreahte ptp áwreaht to arouse, awake

áwregennes see onwrigenes

áwréon [] sv/t1 3rd pres áwríehð past áwráh/áwrigon ptp áwrigen, sv/t2 3rd pres áwríehð past áwréah/áwrugon  ptp áwrogen to disclose, discover, reveal; cover

áwreðian [] wv/t2 to support, uphold

áwrídian [] wv/t2 to originate, spring from

áwrigenes see onwrigennes

áwringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres áwringeð past áwrang/áwrungon ptp áwrungen to wring, squeeze out; express

áwrit [] n (-es/-u) a writing

áwrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres áwríteð past áwrát/áwriton ptp áwriten to write, write down, describe, compose; mark, inscribe, draw, carve, copy

áwríðan [] 1. sv/t1 3rd pres áwríðeð past áwráð/áwriðon ptp áwriðen to turn, wind, bind up, bind, wreathe; 2. see onwríðan

áwrygenes see onwrigenes

áwðer see áhwæðer

áwðor see áhwæðer

áwuht see áwiht

áwul see áwel

áwuldrian [] wv/t2 to glorify

áwundrian [] wv/t2 to wonder, wonder at, admire

áwunian [] wv/t2 to remain, continue

áwunigende [] adj continual [pptc]

áwurtwalian see áwyrtwalian

áwurtwarian see áwyrtwalian

áwurðan see áweorðan

áwyht see áwiht

áwylian see áwilwian

áwyllan see áwillan

áwylm see ǽwielm

áwyltan [] wv/t1b to roll, roll away; harass

áwyndwian see áwindwian

áwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres áwyrcð past áworhte ptp áworht to do

áwyrd- see áwierd-

áwyrdla see æfwyrdla

áwyrg- see áwierg-, áwyrig-

áwyrgedlic see áwiergedlic

áwyrgednes see áwiergednes [wearg]

áwyrigende see áwierigende

áwyrigung see áwierigung

áwyrn see áhwergen

áwyrpan see áwierpan

áwyrtlian see áwyrtwalian

áwyrttrumian [] wv/t2 to root out

áwyrtwalian [] wv/t2 to root out

áwyrðung [] f (-e/-a) stain, aspersion

ax see asc-, ox-

áx- see ásc-

axe see æcs

Axa [] m (-n/-n) the river Axe

áýdan see áídan

áýdlian see áídlian

áyppan [] wv/t1b to be put to the test, to be tried, proven, tested, experienced, endured; to be made trial of, in a hostile sense, to be measured strength with, to be contended with; to be undertaken, to be attempted, to be made trial of, to be undergone, to be experienced; jurid. t. t., to be tried or tested by law, to be gone to law [experiri (aperire?)]

áyrnan see áiernan

áýtan [] wv/t1b to drive out